Past Journals

Apr 1, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


Ascended and Free Humanity as Solar Logos,
a manifest expression of the unformed Absolute Principle.

This is our reflection of Universal I AM,
each an individual Solar Foci of Eternal Flame
...the Infinite revealing itself within the finite.

A Sacred Forcefield of Cause ...the Voice of the Great I AM, spoken in the language of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...yet purposely anchored within the outer realm of daily life.

A Sacred Focus of Divine Gratitude
for understanding our True Identity
Gratitude is the open door to all further Blessings!



I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Absolute Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM ...into daily life.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Absolute Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM ...into daily life.


I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM empty of self and everything associated with self ...
persons, places, conditions and things, as well as roles
and responsibilities of self ...and I AM Flame!

I AM empty of time and space and all limitation of
that realm ...and therefore, I AM Eternal Flame
and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

My Divine Instrument True Identity that I AM Flame!

When I desire to radiate Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness
and the Royalty of the Seventh Ray ...I AM Violet Flame!

When I desire to ‘raise up all life as I AM raised up',
then I AM Crystalline Shimmering Diamond Ascension Flame.

When I desire to be a Source of God Illumination to all life,
Then I AM the Golden Robe Aura of the Wisdom Flame!

When I desire to be God in Action in all matters, then
I AM my own Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I abide within all Flames, radiating every Realm of Light,
all the time ...from beyond time ...when I abide within
my own Flame. And with every Holy Breath I take,
I AM fanning this Flame of Eternal Life!
I AM Solar Logos!

I AM a transformative experience of Spiritual Enlightenment!
I AM continuous Spiritual Freedom, even in routine daily life!

I AM Earth becoming her Ascended and Free Planet.
I AM the Planet discovering her Ascended and Free Orbit.
I AM Humanity realizing her Ascended and Free Community.


I AM new Consciousness, new Transformation, new Knowledge, and one Truth ...I AM New Awakening! I AM full of Glorious Gratitude for this opportunity, a New Heaven in the life of all Humanity; new Light for our New Eyes; new Spiritual Reality with deep Thankfulness. I feel this gratitude everywhere, in all that exists! Thank you Father-Mother God. I bless you and all creation: thank you Divine Presence I AM; thank you Absolute Oneness; thank you for developed Awakening; thank you for being these cells in the Body of the Cosmic Christ that vibrate in Gratitude with me; thank you for this Infinite Sea of Divine Love that you are and that I AM; thank you for the Law of Coherence, that I AM in Thee as you are in me; thank you for Ascended and Free Reality ...where form ceases to exist, and separation has no hold, where all manifestation is but waves on your endless Ocean of unbroken, flowing Wholeness.

In this Consciousness of Gratitude, I expand, expand and forever expand my True Being! I AM in all the Light that is now and ever was ...and, all the Light that ever was and is now is within me! I manifest Truth ...the Word, the Highest Energy, Vibration and Consciousness streaming out of the Great Silence! I AM Solar Logos. This Divine Light expresses in every fibre of my being and that of Beloved Mother Earth. This One Light expresses through Humanity and her physical platform of expression ...our Elemental Vehicles and that of Nature. The Essence of my Light is the same Light that runs through Blessed Mother Earth: her trees, her plants, her waters, her mountains, and all her Kingdoms on every level of life ...our Elemental Oneness.

I now manifest myself as my Divine Father-Mother has created me Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light! I AM Truth and I AM Light! I see this same Truth and Light in all Humanity; in all Races; in all peoples, in all cultures, in all cities, states and nations. I AM in every heartbeat and breath, I pulsate through all life and thus I AM every level of life opening into New Consciousness ...into its Divine Potential. I AM Ascended and Free Humanity observing this Transformation. And as I observe what I AM co-creating, I sense great Peace and Tranquility ...for I AM Illumined! And in Gratitude to Father-Mother Creator, creators of all, I invoke this Divine Light to continuously expand throughout every level of life until all life is Ascended and Free!

As I AM reflecting on Divine Self within my Buddhic Nature, I observe the outer dream is ending ...and I AM awakening! In this Great Silence, I observe the Activity of the Lord of the World and the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love in action ...guiding all outer events towards this same Awakening now occurring in the whole of humanity ...until there is the unbroken, flowing Wholeness of the One I AM Race, flourishing on her Ascended and Free Earth! And SO IT IS!

In Gratitude, I AM expanding the motto of the Great Light Brotherhood through all levels of life and especially the mass Consciousness of Humanity: to know, to dare, to do and to be silent! In the midst of outer imbalance, Humanity now steps forward into the Illumination to know; the Will to dare; the Conviction to do; and the Grace to be silent! In Gratitude, I AM New Humanity co-creating a new course, with our collective mind connected directly with the Universal Mind and the Creation of Life, Harmony, Health, Abundance total, the Will of Father / Mother God! In Gratitude, in one Great Invocation that this is now the determination of Humanity, I AM One Love, One Wisdom and One Power.

In Gratitude, I AM Consciousness fully awakened! I AM grateful that as my Eternal Flame expands to touch the Mantle of Light of my Mighty I AM Presence, I AM Transfigured in the Light! I AM grateful that humanity now awakens a new Consciousness, a New Dawn, a New Earth, ...where all levels of life evolving on Earth awaken to their Divine Potential! As I evolve within the Thoughtform of this Solar Year, I AM this same awakening for all Humanity! I so decree it, as God in Action! And for this Divine Opportunity, I AM deeply grateful. Thank you Father / Mother God for expanding my Reality of who I AM! As I AM embracing all your creation, I AM grateful that I AM loving free all of Humanity's creation!

In my Oneness Consciousness, I embrace all the Planets, Stars, Suns, and Galaxies ...thank you all for your loving assistance for Earth's Ascension in the Light! I AM Grateful that I may now open the eyes of my Soul to this New Dawn! In loving gratitude to all the Ascended Masters, to all Cosmic Beings, Angels, Archangels and the Mighty Elohim ...we see Your Vision! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ...Oh Universal I AM! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


Beloved Ones, let us reflect further on the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year. We express a Three-fold Flame ...firstly as our own Divine Instrument ...a Sun of the Sun! Then, in meditation on the Solar Year Thoughtform, we express the Three-fold Flame as New Earth ...the Sun of Earth. The Blue Flame centers the Thoughtform, with the soft Shimmering Light of the Golden Robe enfolding our Cosmic Christ Diamond in the Wisdom Flame ...all then enfolded by the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun of Holy Spirit and its Higher Frequency Divine Love pouring in from the Cosmos.

Immediately around this Three-fold Flame is the Seventh Ray Spiritual Freedom, expressing as the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. From one view, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire spins around New Earth as a circle the ‘rings of Saturn'. But a higher perspective, this Mystic Ring is actually a Sphere of Light ...containing many Spheres of Influence. For it is Multi-dimensional and rotates across, around and through many dimensions all at once. In this action, it may (when invoked) penetrate karmic dimensions and infuse them with the Divine Alchemy of Spiritual Dimensions, setting them eternally free!

This Violet Fire Transmutation Activity is scientifically the lesser, temporary karmic laws (or states) giving way to Higher Laws and permanent States of Divine Potential. When such invocation is synchronized rhythmically and with deep faith and conviction, then the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire lives, moves, breathes and has its being within our world, affairs and finances; within the persons, places, conditions and things of daily life and within our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles. The Violet Fire then further transmutes the restrictions of self, time and space, so that we may ‘multi-dimensionally see, live, move, breathe and have our Being' within Spiritual Freedom, across these Spheres, Realms and Dimensions of Light! Then we live Eternal Life in the Light!

And surrounding the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire are our Ascended and Free Realms ...and the Temples of Ascended and Free Humanity. Here we collectively Precipitate, Co-create and Cause Earth's Divine Potential. We not only abide in these Realms of Light as the Solar Christ Self and the Mighty I AM Presence ...but this Reality is also anchored in our Etheric body as the Seven-fold Flame at the forehead. This is the Elohim's Flame of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation granted to all the Children of Father-Mother God. It is also the Flame of the Seven Root Races ...and represents the completion of the I AM Race!

These Ascended and Free Realms within our Thoughtform contain the Temples of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Light Brotherhood. Importantly, this includes the Temples and Foci of the First, Second and Third Root Races and their Manus and Guardians. Many eons ago these Majestic Beings ascended according to the Divine Plan. Their Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light also contains the Temples and Foci of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races ...and their Manus and Guardians. These Majestic Beings wait in all their Cosmic Glory for their opportunity of embodiment on a Spiritually Free Earth. The Fourth and Fifth Root Race now move steadily forward in their Ascension process, so that the Temples of Ascended Humanity are once again initiated in these Realms of Light. Therefore, these Ascended and Free Realms finally realize their Divine Potential ...synchronizing all Seven Root Races into One Forcefield of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation.

All the Thoughtform moves, breathes and has its very existence within us ...and, us within it! To fully accept this is vital, as then we represent the Law of Coherence ...and thus, the Thoughtform functioning within all Humanity ...and, all Humanity functioning within this Solar Thoughtform! Again, the Three-fold Flame centers all Realms of Father / Mother God! On Earth this represents the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa and their Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love governing our sweet Earth. As well, the Solar Year Thoughtform is sustained by every aspect of our Divine Instrument, for our Solar Christ Self / Mighty I AM Presence abides as the Hierarch in our Ascended and Free Temple and our White Fire Being is active as a Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire.

Our Causal Body composes the Ascended and Free Realms of Light and the collective White Fire Beings of all Seven Root Races compose the Synergy of the Feminine Ray / Seventh Ray within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire! Every aspect of our Divine Being is active in this Great Cosmic Cause! And, given the immense assistance of many Cosmic Beings, the Thoughtform involves the entirety of this Solar System and of Universal I AM. We affirm: 

I AM every Energy, Vibration and Consciousness necessary for the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. I embody this Wholeness as the Solar Year Thoughtform! And SO IT IS!

And further fulfilling the Law of Coherence, the Angels and Elementals serve within every activity of this Multi-dimensional Thoughtform. This Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity sustains an abiding Reverence for all Life! Angels and Elemental Devas normally ‘dance around the edges of time and space'. They may go unnoticed in daily life (within time and space). Therefore we practice knowing their Presence through cultivating our Creative Faculties to attune to their Kingdom of Light. Here we detect their fragrance, their color, their aura and the outline of their Etheric Light Bodies. The more we exist in Higher Frequency Realms of Light ourselves meditation and mindful living ...the more our elevated senses see, feel and hear the Angels and Elementals. They in turn are very familiar with our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light our Divine Instrument exists in their Realms of Light!

Let us fully co-create and abide within our Solar Year Thoughtform and take advantage of this Divine Opportunity. And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



On the Solar Year Thoughtform being the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure


Beloved Ones, you are familiar with the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the center of Earth. This Three-fold Flame Forcefield is the center of Harmony and Balance for all formed life ...all expression of the unformed Absolute Principle into its tangible manifestation. The Eternal Sun of Even Pressure is the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love for the Elemental Kingdom. The Mighty Directors of the Elemental Kingdoms are the Hierarchs of this Forcefield. And the Earth, Water, Air and Fire elementals (and their supervising Devas) always respond to this Forcefield. It was originally intended that there be a Oneness Consciousness of the Elemental, Angelic and Human Kingdom. For this represents the Divine Plan of a Spiritually Free Earth, where Reverence for all Life is central.

The Angelic Kingdom has kept its Oneness Consciousness with the Elemental Kingdom ...but Humanity slipped away into its ‘separated karmic dream' long ago. However, Humanity is well on her way back, awakening to rejoin this Union of the Royal Kingdoms you so declare in our Ascended and Free Affirmation: ‘In Union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals'. The Angels have constantly attended the Elementals even in their states of periodic imbalance they have also done for Humanity. These Elemental imbalanced states occur due to their ‘original promise' to outpicture Humanity's Consciousness (a promise given before Father / Mother God and the Mighty Elemental Directors) ...never guessing Humanity would become so imbalanced during the ‘great fall' in consciousness. But outpicture this imbalance they did, a sacrifice of their own suffering. This now ends in Earth's awakening Spiritual Freedom!

Thus, our collective Light Service is to accelerate this Union of the Three Kingdoms, all within the Three-fold Flame. Each Sun of the Sun (Solar Christ Self) vibrates in alignment with the Sun of Earth ...and, with the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure ...all of which centers our Thoughtform for this Solar Year ...Blue Flame, to Golden Light, to Radiating Pink Sun! Wherever the Three-fold Flame manifests, there is an Eternal Sun of Even Pressure. This includes Humanity's Three-fold Flame, establishing Harmony and Balance within embodied vehicles. This Three-fold Flame releases the greatest Forcefield of Reverence for all Life which the entire Elemental Kingdom responds, by outpicturing Perfection Patterns rather than imbalance. This Solar Year Forcefield is designed to deliver Higher Frequency Harmony and Balance into all levels of life manifesting on Earth.

The Three-fold Flame we build within the Solar Year Thoughtform is the most profound way to assist the Elemental Kingdom in re-establishing her Harmony and Balance. Let us unite directly with each Director of the Elemental Kingdom ...Helios and Vesta (fire), Thor and Aries (air), Neptune and Lunara (water), Pelleur and Virgo (earth) together we sustain this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure specifically attuned to each element. Let us pause and meditate on each of the Directors of the Four Elements.

The full Divine Potential of each Elemental Kingdom's expression requires Humanity's co-creation in Oneness with the Angels and Devas of that particular Kingdom. And again, we best accomplish this from the Spheres of Majesty within the Solar Year Thoughtform. We best serve ‘the Original Promise' from the level of Cause ...and yet rejoice in that Humanity is steadily accelerating their tangible efforts at Reverence for all Life. More of Humanity is feeling this magnetic draw, expressing it in ways they comprehend, through direct physical caring for Elementals in plant or animal life. But our Light Service from the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation is the most Powerful working relationship with the Elemental Kingdom building an Eternal Life in the Light. This is our Cosmic Training and the Momentum of our Causal Body. It is why the Karmic Board granted us opportunity for Light Service in this embodiment.

To assist the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, Forcefields of Sacred Fire have been situated within the formed world. These Forcefields radiate best into the physical universe through crystals and precious gems and other transmitters of Sacred Essence. Also, inside the bodies of Humanity (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) are opportunities for Sacred Essence (the Prana of Sacred Fire) to be anchored, stored and transported. These are principally anchored in Suns of our Seven Chakras ...but also include the Solar Meridians on a subtle level and the Divine Potential for a crystalline structure and function within every cell.

It is when we accept all levels of life living in the Light within us with Reverence for all this Life ...that we move into our own Light Body. We then move closer to all life knowing Eternal Life in the Light! This is the Solar Year Thoughtform of manifesting the Crystalline Shimmering Ascension Diamond ...within the Three-fold Flame! We visualize and affirm: I AM standing within the Sword of Blue Flame ...around which is a Golden Light of God Illumination, spiraling throughout the Seven Levels of Life (each level a White Dove, which together form the Ascension Diamond) ...all surrounded by the Pink Pulsating Sun of Holy Spirit's Divine Love. For the global Gathering of Ascended Humanity, this is our Divine Instrument Builders of Divine Consciousness, Builders of Divine Self and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light!

Our Ascended Master Teaching affirms: we become our Crystalline Light Bodies when our embodied Flame grows to touch the hem of the Mantle of Light of the Mighty I AM Presence! This is the moment of our Transfiguration in the Light! Thus, this becomes our constant spiritual practice! Affirm:

I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!
My Eternal Flame inbreathes and absorbs all the levels
of life on Earth now existing within me ...seeking
its Eternal Life in the Light ...within me.

My Eternal Flame then expands with each Holy Breath and soon touches the Hem of the Mantle of Light of my Mighty I AM Presence ...and I stand forth Transfigured in the Light! is all life Transfigured in the Light within me.

The Vehicle of the Manu, the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond

As Directors of the Four Elements, our purpose is to assist in establishing the Vehicle of the Manu. The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is fundamental to this Vehicle ...especially in a harmonious relationship with the Elemental Kingdom. Let us therefore understand the relationship between the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure and the Vehicle of the Manu.

The Manus of the incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races seek a Vehicle of Divine Consciousness in form ...through which their entrance / revelation may take place successfully in Harmony and Balance. As well, the Manus of the outgoing Fourth and Fifth Root Races require a vehicle for the Ascension of these Races (or, if chosen by free will, onto a specially prepared platform for ongoing slower evolution without further interfering with Earth's Divine Plan). Both are accomplished through all life existing within the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond now leading all life into its next experience within the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

In the previous Solar Year, the Vehicle of the Manu was a foursquare Forcefield. With the present Solar Year Thoughtform, this Vehicle transforms into a Crystalline Shimmering Diamond, abiding within the Sun of Earth. It touches both upper and lower poles and, at its circumference, radiates to the equator. Its form encompasses a ‘Pagoda of Seven Doves' (smallest at the top, largest at the center and then its mirror image, again smallest at the bottom). This Diamond of White Ascension Doves represents Holy Spirit permeating every level of life on Earth, manifesting the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love ...uniting all life in her Ascended State! This Vehicle of the Manu emits a continuous Golden White Light, becoming the Presence of God Illumination within daily life a Golden Robe or Aura around each one of Humanity ...until it reveals Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom living Ascended and Free ...with Eternal Reverence for all Life! 

The Light Service of Beloved Lord Michael is fundamental to this Ascension Process. For this Mighty Angel Presence guided the First Root Race onto Earth ...and ever since has been responsible for ensuring each Root Race moves to its right and perfect existence ...according to Divine Will (Cycles), for that specific Cosmic Moment. And our greatest assistance to Lord Michael is to become Lord Michael we stand within his Sword of Blue Flame within this Thoughtform. In this Forcefield, he may work through us, as this is his Frequency of Cosmic Service ...standing in the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame! Then the rest of the Solar Year Thoughtform unfolds around this, allowing the Vehicle of the Manu to manifest ...sealed in the Violet Fire ...and finally in the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation!

Hence we who serve the Elemental Kingdom serve with Lord Michael ensure each Root Race now achieves its Divine Potential for this Cosmic Moment. This is our Light Service and the Gathering of Ascended Humanity's ‘reason for being' at this Cosmic Moment.  And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



Beloved Ones, there is a Divine Order to Ascended and Free Light Service. There is a Divine Order in becoming Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of Eternal Life in the Light. There is a Divine Order to becoming our True Identity as an Ascended and Free Being, within a Root Race on Earth. And there is a Divine Order to then becoming the full I AM Race ...expressing as the complete Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...together, standing in the Light!

Along the Seventh Ray, New Age Ritual and Ceremony are centered on the journey of becoming ...becoming empty of self, time and space ...and therefore, becoming Ascended and Free! An unfolding consciousness is always changing, always ‘becoming'. Becoming is the avenue through which all the Blessings of the Ascended and Free Spheres may enter into the lower vibrational realms of time and space on Earth ...and, transform it into the Perfection Patterns of Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Opulence and Supply ...becoming an Eternal Life in the Light!

There is a Divine Order to this. It begins with placing our attention on what we desire to become. This is our loyalty to our Mighty I AM Presence and its expression as our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. This is our Transformation into Spiritual Freedom and thereby, establishing Heaven on Earth. This is becoming Ascended and Free ...together with all levels of life standing in the Light! This Divine Order is represented by the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond of Light within us ...within the Thoughtform of this Solar Year.

Divine Order evolves ...and this involves new Wisdom and a new process of such Enlightenment anchoring into daily life. This is sometimes referenced as ‘New Wine and New Bottles'.[1] Divine Order includes both the content and process of Spiritual development, which now centers on becoming our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. The new Wisdom relates to our original Divine Identity ...each one a Child of the Light, born to Father / Mother God. Embodiment on Earth is but one chapter of our eternal journey of becoming ...becoming the full Divine Cause of Father / Mother God!

[1] From the parables of Beloved Jesus, of New Wine into Old Wineskins: Matthew 9:14–17, Mark 2:21–22, and Luke 5:33–39: ‘Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved’.

The New Divine Order also understands Sacred Fire ...allowing all the Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Universal I AM to be anchored within us! It truly reveals the Kingdom of Heaven within! The Flame expresses through us ...our Chakras and our Creative Faculties ...manifesting its Perfection Patterns as our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This is the Divine Plan. The Flame's Light contains the Energy, Matter and Intelligence necessary to build Divine Consciousness and Divine Self ...and, to co-create an Eternal Life in the Light. This is the New Order of Spiritual Freedom!

There is a Divine Order to Cosmic Holy Spirit and its function within the Thoughtform of this Solar Year. There is a Divine Order to the Higher Frequency Love from Venus (and their Sun, Beloved Krishna and Sophia) becoming the Cosmic Christ Nature of Love reign forever on New Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit. This is the Sacred Promise of all Ascended and Free Avatars and Gurus and it is our Divine Purpose of Light Service! An Eternal Life in Divine Love was perfected on Venus and is now offered as a free gift of Love to Humanity and her sweet Earth.

he Order of Spiritual Discipline of the present Cosmic Moment is to practice detachment from the world of karmic illusion ...loving it with Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, but completely unaffected by it ...and, practicing complete attachment, loyalty and fidelity to the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light our True Identity and our Divine Instrument of Ascended and Free Being! This is Being True to the Light and nothing less than the Light. The Sacred Fire of Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness flows through our Flame ...Flame passing through Flame ...with its Powerful Radiating Light Currents reaching all facets of life on Earth. For all life now abide within us, within the Thoughtform of this Solar Year. Let us visualize this New Divine Order:

I stand forth in my Three-fold Flame ...the Sword of Blue Flame, the Golden Robe / Aura of God Illumination and the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun of Higher Frequency Divine Love. I stand forth in the Seventh Ray Violet Fire ...Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. I stand forth in the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom ...the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation ...the Realm of all Seven Root Races, the full I AM Race! I stand forth in this full Perfection Pattern! And SO IT IS!

Remember dear ones, when in our True Identity (as Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light) ‘I AM standing before the High Altar in the main Flame Room in my Ascended and Free Temple' Divine Presence in the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation! From here I AM emitting powerful currents of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...a powerful signal of Love, Wisdom and Power that is picked up by the entire worldwide network of Consciousness! Each of Humanity has their individual Consciousness with which to access this signal! And, each one is part of a larger community that receives this message ...their cultural consciousness, religious consciousness, or national consciousness.

Therefore when we do our spiritual practice each day, let us do so ‘as if giving a major meditation before thousands of people' ...or all Humanity ...choosing the right and perfect purpose, music, focus of visualization and length that we reach thousands, perhaps millions of individual expressions of consciousness ...touching the soul of each at the level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness! This is the measure of our Love, Wisdom and Power ...the Divine Order of Light Service on Earth!

This Divine Order of Light Service allows us to become Solar Logos. We may choose our purpose. For example, we may choose to be a Solar Foci of Peace the Gods / Goddesses of Peace, the Elohim of Peace, the Solar Lords of Cosmic Peace. Our personal Eternal Flame becomes a Solar Flame of Cosmic Peace. Here we look only inside for Peace, rather than outside for a peace ‘brought to us' by others ...but instead a Peace that we collectively Precipitate, Co-create and Cause! We actively create our Sun of the Sun (Solar Christ Self) we become Solar Foci of the Divine Qualities of Holy Spirit ...Solar Logos in our own Flame!

Lord Michael has encouraged us to become leaders of letting go. The essence of this practice is letting go of self ...becoming empty of self: of persons, places, conditions and things ...roles and responsibilities of self. This allows Eternal Flame to transmute any remaining karma (expressed in relationships or finances or other aspects of daily life) that may come up for redemption at any moment. When empty of self, we see all this from an Ascended Master view beyond time and space. Hence our attention is on our only permanent Reality ...our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. ...ever becoming Solar Logos ...the Absolute Principle incarnate.

The Divine Order of the Seventh Ray involves Ceremony. Purple is the Royal Color and as Sun of the Sun you are each a Child of the Royal Family of Father / Mother God. This confers certain privileges. As the New Age of Spiritual Freedom more clearly unfolds, there will be a continuous Royal Investiture ...whereby every moment we embody True Identity ...Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...we are granted further Royal Powers.  It was always intended that Father / Mother God continuously re-invest in us ...a continuous investiture of their Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...their Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power! And this investiture expands greatly when empty of self, time and space. For our God Parents were careful not to give karmic creation any further power until we were Spiritually Free. And now I AM ...and thus, now is my Investiture!

To assist this Divine Ceremony, we practice becoming Father / Mother God ...and affirm to all life who yet needs assistance: ‘By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I Bless (this part of life) back to its Divine Potential ...never again having to serve human creation'. Here we enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Here we commune with Angels and Devas of the Elemental Kingdom, all of whom serve life at the level of Eternal Flame and its Radiant Light. And we know the Divine Order of Eternal Life in the Light!



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