Past Journals

May 1, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



This Bridge of Consciousness gives freedom from the world of illusion and, freedom into True Love, Wisdom and Power our daily life and in all life. We build the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom so that Humanity may cross into Divine Self ...into Divine Consciousness and into an Eternal Life in the Light!




I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Original Grace of Father / Mother God, when first designing our Star of Spiritual Freedom.

I AM Expanding / Projecting the Original Grace of Father / Mother God, when first designing our Star of Spiritual Freedom.


I AM that I AM!
I AM Eternal Flame and
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM the Holy Spirit of Divine Grace.
I AM the Higher Frequency Divine Love of Holy Spirit.
I AM the Divine Comfort, Peace and Tranquility of Holy Spirit.

There is no greater Peace than accepting I AM Eternal Flame.
There is no greater Comfort than knowing I AM Eternal Flame.
There is no greater Serenity than believing I AM Eternal Flame.
There is no greater Bliss and Harmony than being Eternal Flame.
There is no greater Tranquility than understanding Eternal Flame.

I AM the Holy Spirit of a Higher Frequency Divine Love,
evolved over eons on Venus, as an example of the
Supreme Love of Beloved Krishna and Sophia!

The Holy Spirit that I AM is a Vibrational Realm, which Earth now Ascends into. The Holy Spirit that I AM is the same Divine
Love Nature of Beloved Jesus, when he used this Power
of Resurrection to heal the sick and raise the dead.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of New Earth! (X3)

The Rose-petaled, Pink Pulsating Sun I abide within is this Holy Spirit from Sanat Kumara and his Guru, Beloved Krishna and Sophia. In this Solar Year Thoughtform, I abide within every vibrational Reality Humanity has ever called
Heaven. It is all within me and now!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...together, standing in the Light ...within the Solar Year Thoughtform. I AM building
the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, so that all Humanity
may now freely enter this Kingdom of Heaven.

Holy Spirit is Love made manifest on Earth, as it is in Heaven, the ‘Heaven of Love' of the I AM Race on Venus!
This is the Orbital Vibration our sweet Earth ascends
into, within the present Great Cosmic Inbreath.

I AM Father / Mother God in action!
I AM Eternal Flame radiating its Infinite Light
of Energy, Matter and Intelligence across the Universe,
creating Perfection Patterns ...manifesting everywhere present!

Together, standing in the Light ...

I AM Building Divine Self!
I AM Building Divine Consciousness!
I AM Building an Eternal Life in the Light!
I AM Building a Bridge to Spiritual Freedom!
I AM Building our Beloved Star of Spiritual Freedom!





I believe that the foundation of Reality is Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. I believe that what I think and feel, I bring into form. I believe what my attention is upon, that I become. I believe that where my attention goes, my energy flows and my energy is my life! I believe that, together standing in the Light, Ascended and Free Humanity is right here and now building a New Earth through these principles. I believe that collectively, I AM a Divine Instrument through which these Creative Principles function. I believe that this Divine Instrument is created through Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. I believe that all Sacred Fire desires to pass through my Divine Instrument into the world, continuously desiring to bless this world. I believe that the Power of Invocation is the open door to these Sacred Fires of Father / Mother God flowing through me. I believe that continuous Gratitude keeps this ‘Sacred Door' open.

I believe that I AM part of a far greater whole ...the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM. I believe that the totality of this Universal Wholeness desires to express through me me! I believe that this is what I AM! I believe that our Solar Year Thoughtform offers a perfect opportunity for the Building of Divine Consciousness; the Building of Divine Self; and, the Building of an Eternal Life in the Light! I believe that I dwell on the Star of Spiritual Freedom ...Ascended and Free Humanity living on her Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit. I believe that I AM endowed with the Consecration to focus only this this Truth ...with the same intensity that Beloved Jesus focused only on the Cosmic Christ "Father within" during his Ministry. And thus, I believe that the same miracles of Revelation may function through our global Divine Instrument of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...right here and now!

I believe that I may live within form but remain peacefully detached from illusion of ego / personality ...that of my own making or of others ...and focus only upon the Divine Truth of all that I AM ...all that have Faith in! I believe that there is no greater Comfort than living Holy Spirit ...than knowing, living, being my Eternal Flame! I believe that the Truth always, always, always becomes revealed. I strongly believe that the Forces of Sacred Fire ...the Cosmic Forcefields of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness we direct here on Earth ...are far greater than any forces of imbalance trying to create a lesser future of Earth. I believe this with all the Power of my Heart and Soul! For I stand with all the Light that ever was, is now and ever will be. And, in this grand endeavor of the Ages, Victory is ours! ...Victory is ours! ...Victory is ours! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!

PRAYER FOR PEACE ...through Holy Spirit

Let us begin by centering ourselves in our Heart Chakra of Love ...our own Rose-petaled, Pink Pulsating Sun of Love Divine. I AM breathing deeply; being present here and now; elevating my consciousness more and more, until I AM Present in my Mighty I AM Presence! Here we express ourselves in the name of Love and Liberation; in the name of the Cosmic Moment that we are privileged to experience the name of the Lord of the World, the Cosmic Christ, the Planetary Buddha and the World Teacher ...and in the name of our Father-Mother God! Here I AM an Instrument of Peace, Light and Harmony ...for every level of life evolving on this blessed Star of Spiritual Freedom. Here I pause and breathe deeply, inhaling this Divine Light and Prana of Holy Spirit. I then expand and project it ...permeating every cell and atom of my being. It relaxes all my vehicles. I AM at peace!

I AM the Flame of Cosmic Peace, radiating a beacon of Light from my heart and mind; from each chakra, opening all life to the Higher Frequency Love that I anchor! I AM feeling this Divine Light in every cell and atom ...of myself and of all creation. And because my Light is here, there, everywhere present, I AM uniting my consciousness with global Humanity. I AM my Eternal Flame pulsating in every man, woman and child all peoples and nations of this blessed planet. And through the presence of my Eternal Flame, the Cosmic Flame of Peace passes into the world!

Here I specifically invoke the Lord of the World fill this Activity with your Celestial Love, Wisdom and Power ...governing the outcome of daily life on Earth. I AM uniting the Light in my heart with the Light of all Humanity. And together, we unite ourselves to the Heart of the Lord of the World. Here we form one Forcefield of Love, from all Rays of Light uniting in One Being. Here we feel Unity with the Heart of our Cosmic Mother. In the name of all her Cosmic Children, we invoke her radiating Mantle of Love. We also connect to the Directors of all Cosmic Rays ...the Great Light Brotherhood ...the Spiritual Hierarchy ...all Angels and Elementals ...uniting with each of you in Indivisible Flowing Wholeness.

We specifically invoke Beloved Archangel Michael and the Power of the Sword of Blue Flame. Here we elevate our Presence into your Cosmic Forcefield. Together, we cut free ...cut free ...cut free ...all imbalanced energies that disturb the Ascension process of Humanity. We replace it with Cosmic Peace ...the Divine Birthright of all life everywhere! We invoke Multi-dimensional Legions of Light to enfold Humanity, as well as all Elemental Life, with Love and Reverence for all Life. We continuously elevate our Energy, Vibration and Consciousness to our Higher Self, uniting with all life ...until: as I AM raised up, so is all Life is raised up with me! Standing in the Light, we elevate all physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies on the planet, across all multi-dimensional aspects of life. We feel Divine Peace now governing the mind and feelings of all Humanity. We abide with all life, as we greet them in Peace, raising them into the Light!

We are transmitters of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Through becoming a Crystalline Shimmering Prism, the Flames of the Seven Rays disperse through our Creative Faculties, shining brightly as New Heaven on Earth. From within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire in the Solar Year Thoughtform, we are radiating the full Spiritual Freedom of the White Fire Being, directly from the Central Sun. We breathe this Sacred Reality into our Holy Breath... knowing that it is our mission of embodiment to maintain ‘Alliances with Heaven' ...from the Highest Spheres. This includes the Cosmic Momentum of our own Causal Body, which we now direct forth into the world, in our meditations and Light Service.

In the full Protection of the Sword of Blue Flame, we consciously connect with the collective will of Humanity into which we radiate the Divine Will of Father / Mother God. We connect with the mind of Humanity, where we expand the Radiance of our Golden Robe ...anchoring this Shimmering Light into the mental body of Humanity. We connect with the emotional body of Humanity, radiating the Divine Love of the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun of Holy Spirit. We gather with the physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles of Humanity and together, standing in the Light, we affirm:

Be still still still ...and know that I AM God!
Be still still still ...and know that I AM God!
Be still still still ...and know that I AM God!

We abide in this Peace with all Humanity. Nothing of external appearances moves us; any illusion, any perception ...we just abide in Eternal Truth. In this moment, the Truth is all there is! We affirm and reassure Humanity that this Truth of Oneness Consciousness is Reality ...and all else is illusion. In our moment of Cosmic Peace, we allow Truth to manifest itself. We allow Faith to let us see beyond appearances. We allow Divine Love to be the Forcefield that guides our lives ...and that of all Humanity! I AM Truth manifesting on the planet!

I AM Liberating Humanity! I AM liberating her from illusion ...from space and time restrictions ...from ‘karma driven reality' to Love based Reality! We assist Humanity in letting go and letting God! We reveal to Humanity the Christ / Buddha / Divine Self within each one. Then, through this Higher Nature of all Humanity flows transforming Higher Frequencies of Peace, Tranquility, Faith, Harmony and Balance ...and every Quantum State Quality of Holy Spirit!

BE STILL Humanity! All is in the Light! Let go the past, for we enter New Earth! The Violet Fire now transforms all imbalance and disharmony ...dissolving it ...removing its effects from our mind, feelings, memories and bodies. We now see and feel that all is Peace Divine. The Crystalline Shimmering Ascension Diamond (representing all levels of life on Earth) shines ever brighter! Its dazzling Rays reach the Sun and Central Sun, until this planet now radiates only the Light of God. Our sweet Earth is Resurrected and now vibrates with Divine Power ...shimmering with Divine Wisdom ...radiating only Divine Love! All life is immersed in Oneness Consciousness and Reverence for all Life.

We greet the Earth in Peace Divine. We remember the Power vested in us by Father / Mother God ...our Three-fold Flame! I AM the power to balance all minds! Thus, all variations of thinking in Humanity are now in Equilibrium and Harmony. Likewise I AM the power to comfort all feelings with Cosmic Holy Spirit ...because
I AM the Love of the Three Fold Flame vested in me! And through the Law of Life (what I think and feel I bring into form), all Creation now expresses itself on its Higher Dimension. I AM the Solar Year Thoughtform, with New Earth radiating as a Three-fold Flame ...glowing with Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

We see, feel and become this Truth behind the illusion. I AM the Perfection I desire ...and therefore, I AM Humanity loving one another, continually practicing Reverence for all Life. This is our mission, our purpose lives as Ascended Beings in embodiment ...Divine Directors of Sacred Fire ...Priests and Priestesses of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom. I now live this embodiment within Oneness Consciousness with every mind, every emotional body, every etheric body and every physical presence. I AM One with all Creation and Earth herself!

I AM Peace.
I AM Freedom.
I AM Tranquility.
I AM Divine Equilibrium.




Beloved Priests / Priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel: welcome into the Mystic Month of May. It is said that Holy Spirit is Love made manifest. Therefore, this month highlights Holy Spirit becoming active and tangible within the Consciousness of Humanity ...made manifest and palpable! This mystic month is when Lord Gautama has a visitation with his Disciples (Wesak), where Mother Mary personally blesses all life with the Divine Mother Principle ...and now, where we tangibly cross the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom with all Humanity!

The Seventh Ray aspect of Holy Spirit offers freedom from the world of illusion ...a comfort most Humanity desires strongly at this moment. But more so, the Seventh Ray offers freedom into True Love, Wisdom and Power personal daily life and in the existence of all life. We have been busy Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light. So now we take Humanity on a journey of Consciousness into that which we have built for her ...showing her Multi-dimensional Reality ...the ‘Home with many rooms' the Cosmic Christ has prepared for her. There shall be Revelation occurring on every level of life, especially within the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of daily life. This is our journey with Humanity!

Revelation in the New Age of the Seventh Ray includes the point of Ascension when Angels and Elementals may come into the world and be sensed, ...that is, seen, heard, felt ...because we have created (built) an Ascended and Free Forcefield of beyond time and space for them ...yet within time and space. This is why Revelation has occurred through history, in any religious or spiritual experience ...precisely because an advanced Soul is present in embodiment and prepares the circumstances for Divine Reality to enter daily life. Together, standing in the Light, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity now affords the Angels and Elementals a natural environment for their natural activities within daily life, especially when invoked through Harmony, Balance, Simplicity and Grace ...that is, through Holy Spirit!

The Violet Fire is designed to allow for Revelation of the Angels and Elementals. The Seventh Ray has assisted with this Divine Ceremony on other Ascended Planets. All mythology and fairy tales refer to this original state of the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Ascended and Free Humanity! The Seventh Ray of Spiritual Freedom is to restore this fundamental foundation of Spiritual Freedom. Our Light Service is to build the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom towards the manifestation of this eternal Brotherhood of Kingdoms! And SO IT IS!

In the Cycle of Creation / Precipitation, the Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power unfolds in Divine Order. The Third Ray of the Holy Triumvirate (Love) subsumes Rays Three through Seven ...thus creating the Seven-fold Flame ...the Seven Rays of Creation. As the present Three-fold Flame Cosmic Cycle approaches its completion, the Love Ray (ending with the Violet Seventh Ray) begins its Unity with the First Ray of Power (beginning the next Cycle) ...and (with Pink flowing into Blue) creates the Violet Fire. At this point of the Cycle we have the most Powerful Aspect of Divine Love. And this is the present Cosmic Moment we serve within ...the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom. We are truly blessed at this Cosmic Moment!

All of this Divine Alchemy is seen within the Solar Year Thoughtform. We begin at the center, within the Sword of Blue Flame. The Blue Power Ray calls forth everything not yet ready for the next Cycle that the Love Ray can literally ‘Love it Free' (the action of the Violet Fire). At the same time, the Sword of Blue Flame also protects us from that imbalance still seeking its Freedom in the Light that we may remain only agents of Sacred Fire ...completely detached from the imbalance revealing itself for transformation.

Regarding the process of Revelation, Sacred Fire is the mechanism for direct experience of the Divine. Whereas shamans may use ‘concoctions' to achieve this direct access to the origins of life, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity utilizes Forcefields of Sacred Fire ...such as our Solar Year Thoughtform ...which offer the only permanent access to Divine Life. In our present Solar Year Thoughtform, the Golden Robe is a Divine Instrument to remember for ourselves ...and thus live within ...the Divine Life we left in order to embody the Cause of Spiritual Freedom for our sweet Earth. Within its Golden Aura we rediscover our original Oneness with the Cosmos ...our Cosmic Consciousness. Here there are revealed to us many Crystal Visions of Divine Causes, occurring across many Spheres of Light, all currently in action.

Many of these Spheres of Light streaming in and around Humanity are various Realms of the Seventh Ray itself. So let us review the Dimensions of Light Service within the Seventh Ray ...and the meaning of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom. There are Quantum Forcefields in action that have not yet been introduced to our outer mind ...but nevertheless are powerful and part of the Divine Plan. To best understand this, let us see ourselves as Hierarchs of our personal Temples within the Ascended and Free Realms ...and feel deeply the Power of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation!

Here I AM connected to thousands of other Temples and Forcefields in a complex network of Cosmic Light Service. These include the primordial forces of Co-creation as wielded by the Mighty Elohim ...who invite our participation in this Co-creation. For we too now serve from the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation with the Spiritual Hierarchy! But we must deeply see, think and feel our part in this Forcefield of Cause ...before we may tangibly see or appreciate its manifestation.

The Seventh Ray (like all Major Rays) has seven sub-Rays active within it ...and therefore, each of the Seven Root Races active within it! This is where the Order of Zadkiel plays its part within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. I AM responsible for the cooperative Seven-fold service of all Seven Root Races acting in unison as the complete I AM Race! Then every Soul that has ever now ...or will ever call Earth her Ascended and Free Home, is now in action together ...together, standing in the Light ...our Ascended and Free affirmation!

Let us see our Mystic Ring of Violet Fire as Spheres of Violet Fire surrounding New Earth. Each Sphere of Light has its specific Causal Activity ...all doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time Light Service for Humanity. Our Mighty I AM Presence understands this perfectly, so we put the outer mind at Peace and just know it is so! And further, let us understand that to complement this synchronized Cosmic Inner Service, each Realm within the Violet Fire has specific embodied Light Servers ...each in their right and perfect place, doing their right and perfect Light Service, at the right and perfect time! Have absolute Faith in this. We serve in an immense Legion of Great Beings of Light ...most of whom serve anonymously, in or out of embodiment.

In order to tangibly see and feel this Reality, let us affirm:

I AM the 1st Ray of God's Will within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 2nd Ray of God's Wisdom within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 3rd Ray of Adoring Gratitude within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 4th Ray of Divine Purity within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 5th Ray of Illumined Truth within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 7th Ray of Rhythmic Invocation within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)
I AM the 6th Ray Flame of Peace within the Violet Fire.
(pause and reflect on this Reality)

Together, standing in the Light, we are (I AM!) the Seven Rays of Precipitation (hence the reversal of the 6th and 7th Rays) action through the Cosmic Violet Fire. Herein is the essence of the Order of Zadkiel and all the Great Cosmic Beings who have trained in these Legions. The Seven Chakras of the Holy Christ Self on Earth represent the Creative Faculties of expression for the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim ...blazing upon the forehead. This Eternal Flame represents Elohimic Co-creation and Precipitation! It holds the origins of the Universe ...of Creation! This Seven-fold Flame also represents all Seven Root Races abiding in Oneness Consciousness that in total we are (I AM!) the embodied I AM Race! We are (I AM!) a Focus of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation ...of the unbroken, flowing Wholeness of the I AM Race!

The Order of Zadkiel serves the Spiritual Hierarchy on many planets. On Earth, we specifically serve the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa. Let us envision the service of Lord of the World. Meditating on his Lotus Throne, Lord Gautama calls forth karmic forces on a global scale yet requiring its transmutation. Here he remains in complete tranquility within his Golden Robe of Illumined Love (as offered us in our Solar Year Thoughtform). His Faith is in the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light! Lord Maitreya (as Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha), Beloved Sanat Kumara (as Regent) and Beloved Kuthumi (as World Teacher) assist Him in every aspect of this service.

And we now understand that this Divine Governance of Earth's Forcefield is within the Solar Year Thoughtform. Beloved Sanat Kumara and the Cosmic Christ / Planetary Buddha are centered in the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun and the World Teacher steps forth within the Golden Aura of the Golden Robe ...along with all the Brothers / Sisters of the Golden Robe. Lord Michael stands at the center, within the dazzling Sword of Blue Flame, protecting us and cutting free all arising imbalance. The Gathering of Ascended Humanity stands with all Seven Root Races ...together, standing in the Light ...throughout the Sacred Thoughtform.

We stand Ascended and Free as Hierarchs of our Temples within the Causal Realms of Light enfolding the entire Solar Year Thoughtform. Here, I AM the functioning Causal Body of all Seven Root Races. I inbreathe, absorb, expand and project all this Cosmic Momentum of Perfection Patterns. I see them manifesting wherever they are directed. I AM a Divine Director of Sacred Fire, with the added advantage that I currently dwell in the realm most needing the assistance ...the daily life of Humanity. My Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light streams across, through and within all the multi-dimensional physical, etheric, mental and emotional realms on Earth. I AM a Divine Instrument for the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa ...I AM in Light Service within the Order of Zadkiel!

In the same vein, the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun is a representation of Universal I AM ...with Multi-dimensional Spheres of Light continuously unfolding, each petal a specific purpose of Light Service. Here the Order of Zadkiel stands with all the Forces of Holy Spirit and the Multi-dimensional Streams of Higher Frequency Divine Love pouring into Humanity. Each petal of the unfolding Mystic Rose of Love represents an aspect of the Star of Spiritual Freedom, all according to the Divine Plan.

Welcome, dear Friends of Freedom into the Order of Zadkiel within your daily Light Service! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



Beloved Ones serving the Light with such generosity ...welcome into the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond of Divine Purity. Herein, I AM the Guardian of the Immaculate Concept for this and many other Solar Systems! For now, I AM most focused on this small planet (our sweet Earth), so that our Great Cosmic Inbreath involving many Solar Systems, may proceed as ordained by Father / Mother God. Along with all the Forces of the Fourth Ray, we hold the Immaculate Concept for the Divine Design of all life. For when I see you, I see your Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. The Three-fold Flame is the Immaculate Concept ‘of self', expressed as the Sun of the Sun ...a Three-fold Flame manifesting as a Light Body and its Creative Faculties ...the Solar Christ Self!

In the Solar Year Thoughtform, my Legions (including the embodied Gathering of Ascended Humanity) hold the Immaculate Concept for every Forcefield therein. Together, standing in the Light, we hold the Immaculate Concept for Divine Power within the Sword of Blue Flame ...for God Illumination within the Golden Robe ...for Divine Love within the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun of Holy Spirit. The Immaculate Concept for every level of life is held within the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond of Purity. The Immaculate Concept for the Spiritual Freedom of Earth is held within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. And finally, the Immaculate Concept for the completed I AM Race is held within the Causal Body of all Seven Root Races ...the Causal Spheres of Light within our Ascended and Free Realms.

In religious writing, Purity has often been given a ‘heavy connotation'. Yet the Cosmic Flame of Purity radiates a delightful, clear, simple, beautiful, creative feeling of immense Divine Potential. Purity is a humble gift of simplicity bringing great relief ...a ‘back to basics' feeling of regaining focus and singular perspective. Let us together feel this Quantum State, now permeating every level of life. In the Solar Year Thoughtform, each level of life is infused in Purity from its White Ascension Dove ...all seven together forming the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond. Again we hold the Immaculate Concept for every aspect of life on Earth, so that all life ascends into Divine Potential.

The Fourth Ray of Hope stems from Purity ...the confidence that Eternal Flame is Eternal, whereas ego and its karmic results are always temporary. Beloved Gandhi stated that the Truth always, always, always prevails. And the Truth behind this affirmation is that Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light lie directly behind the illusion of ego. It only requires the Divine Alchemy of Sacred Fire to reveal Truth and its great Hope of Perfection Patterns manifesting in daily life. This is the Purity of the Immaculate Concept ...of Ascended and Free life returning to our sweet Earth!

You were born in the Central Sun as Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light. I know as I was there! Thus I know with certainty that the Cosmic Flame of Purity is at the center of every cell, atom and electron of your being (even of your karmic energies). Within the Presence of Father / Mother God, I placed it there as a Crystalline Shimmering Diamond. Thus I AM at the center of every level of life within the Diamond in the Solar Year Thoughtform. Here, the White Ascension Dove (at each level of life) may be as tiny as the center of the electron ...or, as large as enfolding the mass consciousness of Humanity and the planet.

We have asked the Gathering of Ascended Humanity to feel yourselves within this Ascension Diamond ...and living as this Ascension Diamond, representing all life! Within this Crystalline Diamond, you immediately enter and become the Atomic Accelerator! Every cell, atom and electron begins to accelerate its frequency towards its Divine Potential. Our Three-fold Flame commands this Atomic Accelerator! From within this Eternal Flame, we affirm: By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I accelerate my Elemental vehicle (or any aspect of life) back to its original Perfection Pattern, its Immaculate Concept. I command the Cosmic Flame of Purity to do its perfect Activity of Resurrection, restoring life back into its original Immaculate Concept. And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!

Our Consciousness has a vibration, so that just like a physical object, it can be accelerated. All aspects of the Solar Year Thoughtform perform this acceleration, beginning with the Sword of Blue Flame aligning our Consciousness with Divine Will ...then the Golden Aura of the Golden Robe uplifting the frequency towards the Mind of God ...then the Rose-petaled Pink Pulsating Sun anchoring our Consciousness in Higher Frequency Divine Love. Every level of life within the Diamond of Purity activates, ensuring all life arrives at its Divine Potential ...its Immaculate Concept! Each embodied soul has an atomic consciousness (particle / formed) well as Cosmic Consciousness (wave / spirit / unformed) of the Mighty I AM Presence enfolding that embodied soul. The Flame of Purity is most beneficial in cleansing the accumulation of imbalance within the atomic consciousness. Accomplishing this establishes the Keynote of Spiritual Freedom for a New Age! I ask that you see this flash of Purity within your visualization, as well as think and feel it in your meditation of this Sacred Activity. You have been trained for this service in the Temples, including the Temple of Purity within the Realms of the Solar Year Thoughtform.

The Spiritual Hierarchy now invokes your Cosmic training do this for yourselves ...and, for the larger mass of atomic consciousness of Humanity and the planet. Lord Michael the Archangel does this for the imbalance within the psychic and astral realms. Here he cuts free the connections to ancient imbalance and restores the Permanent Atom (of that aspect of life) ...that eternally abides within the Flame of Purity. Here we stand with Lord Michael in his Sword of Blue Flame our own Ascended State of Cosmic Purity ...humble, radiant and clear in our Light!



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