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May 31, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


The Causal Momentum of all Seven Root Races
In Oneness Consciousness ...
One Causal Body!

The Peace of completeness:
Serenity ...Contentment ...Tranquility.
In this Oneness Consciousness, I AM Home!

The Divine Peace of Certainty, Affirmation and Faith, that
with Humanity, I AM tangibly crossing into Spiritual Freedom!




I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the
Feminine Ray - First Ray Flame of Cosmic Certainty!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the
Feminine Ray - First Ray Flame of Cosmic Certainty!


I AM that I AM!
I AM Eternally Flame!
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM an Eternal Flame. I AM but one spark, one flash of
Sacred Fire at the center of New Earth. I visualize my Being radiating its Light across many dimensions, within daily life and across all Cosmic Spheres of Light. I AM a photon of Light at
the center of the Solar Year Thoughtform. I AM one Eternal
Spark at the center of a great Cosmic Eternal Flame!

I AM also that Cosmic Flame, wherein the New Earth, the Sun and Central Sun, are but sparks of Light within my Heart Center.
Here I AM Universal I AM and all life evolves within me.
Here I AM all levels of life on Earth ...and the same
levels of life on Ascended Planets everywhere,
across all their countless Dimensions.

I AM the Flame of Cosmic Certainty!
I AM present within daily life so as to Initiate the
Truth of the Immaculate Concept of every level of life;
from cells, atoms and electrons, through to the
global Consciousness of Humanity.

I believe in the Power to Initiate a New Age!
I AM certain that the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is
a Divine Instrument for the Building of Divine Self; Building of Divine Consciousness and Building of an Eternal Life in the Light!
I AM certain that the Spiritual Hierarchy works its Cosmic Momentum through this Divine Instrument. I AM also certain that the Gathering of Ascended Humanity herself has the Power of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation, such that we
may set the Divine Direction of the immediate
future of our sweet Earth.

I AM Eternal Flame obeying the Laws of Attraction.
My True Identity as Eternal Flame continually draws to itself everything necessary for its Immaculate Concept ...everything desired for its Divine Plan fulfilled in the world. My Eternal
Flame also is invisible to any force or energy that may
interfere with its Divine Potential. I AM Eternal
Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM Eternal Flame across 10,000 Realms of Light!
I AM Divine Cause directing 10,000 Spheres of Influence!
I AM Ascended and Free across 10,000 Dimensions of Being!



Last month we focused on crossing the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom with Humanity ...escorting her in Consciousness into the waiting arms of Holy Spirit. This month we intensify this Activity through the Power of affirmation and degree, based on Faith ...humbly confident in what we believe, what we know and what we trust. Our Creative Faculties of thought, feeling and deed are brought into manifestation through the Power Center of the Voice ...communicating and commanding the Voice of the Great I AM ...within the world! Voice transforms the vibration of the ethers, either physically within the realm of form and matter ...or, the Voice of the Great I AM through the creative application of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness Divine Directors of Sacred Fire, through our own Creative Faculties!

It is said that success depends on ‘good timing'. Here we are as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity moving beyond time and space. Yet in our Light Service within form, the timing of things is a study of quantum physics, where certain events ‘occur or not', based on other events having ‘occurred or not'. Translated to spiritual terms, this is the Law of Free Will do or not do, to say or not say, etc. It all affects the outcome of co-creation on a personal and global scale. This also describes the Law of Karma in action, where all persons, places, conditions and things are in Oneness Consciousness and continually affect each other ...both subtly or more obviously ...for the better or for worse. We live in Indivisible Flowing Wholeness on every level ...recognized or not.

When Eternal Flame enters the world of form, it was endowed with mastery over the domains of time and space ...the dimensions where these laws of physics and karma most tangibly have their effects. Sacred Fire is from beyond time and space restraints, and therefore its application may appear as ‘miracles' within time and space. First Ray Light Service is in the introduction of Sacred Fire tools into the Consciousness of Humanity continually initiate acceleration in the development of Consciousness. This is the Will of God that all life has opportunity to dwell in ever-higher Realms of Expression.

With global application of Sacred Fire through the Priesthood and Initiates, there has been many ‘quantum jumps' in the development of Consciousness through the history of Humanity. This is the exact Cosmic Moment we are in ...a quantum jump in Consciousness! And for Victory in this endeavor, it requires a global momentum of consciousness acceleration we are currently building. This service does not depend on numbers ...but rather on the force of Cosmic Momentum streaming through embodied Creative Faculties. Historically, there have been many points in the development of consciousness on Earth where there were only a handful of embodied souls streaming this Cosmic Momentum. But now, the Light of a Thousand Suns refers to the Gathering of Ascended Humanity's Cosmic Momentum at this very moment.

The Spiritual Hierarchy sees this Victory as the Divine Potential for the final permanent quantum jump in Consciousness for Humanity! This great Hope is based on Cosmic Laws and thus in certainty! This certainty of Victory is based on it being Initiated and Co-created from within Humanity, on a global scale ...rather than being initiated by the Spiritual Hierarchy on behalf of Humanity (and then hoped to be maintained through the subsequent training of Humanity to sustain it). This was why such glorious Golden Ages as Atlantis and Lemuria were not permanent and came to such an unfortunate ending.

Now we reverse this through the power of the Spiritual Hierarchy embodied through Humanity ...the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! It was Beloved Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, who embodied through Beloved Jesus Christ ("the Father within"), and so it is with us, with our Ascended Master Gurus and Angelic Guides not only working through us (the Gathering of Ascended Humanity) ...but our own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light revealing developing Ascended Masters in our own right the world!

To tangibly feel our working unity with the Spiritual Hierarchy, let us focus on the fundamentals of our Ascended and Free Light Service. Let us focus on our Breathing Statements of the Flame. Let us visualize that we inbreathe and absorb Sacred Fire, it is as if we have ingested Liquid Light. We ingest and assimilate Sacred Fire and make it part of us we might the food we eat or the quality of the air we breathe. The physical attributes we assimilate slowly transform us. But our Breathing Statement floods our entire physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles with Sacred Fire ...with the potential to immediately transform us! And this spiritual practice, we continually make our Ascension into Cosmic Consciousness!

The Sacred Fire we inbreathe, absorb, and assimilate has the immediate effect of an Atomic Accelerator! Then on the expansion and projection of the Outbreath, we immediately transform the world around us ...whatever persons, places, conditions and things we direct the Sacred Fire towards. The nature of Spiritual Transformation is direct experience with Sacred Fire! Contemplate this! We are aware of rapid transformation within nature. One moment a little Elemental being knows itself as a caterpillar and the next moment as a glorious butterfly.  So we hold the Immaculate Concept of an Ascended and Free Humanity ...clearing the way for this Transformation, this ‘quantum jump' Builders of Divine Self; Builders of Divine Consciousness; and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light! This is our chosen spiritual avocation and much training has gone into the certainty of our success.

And as we do our chosen Light Service, it creates our own ‘Becoming' ...assuming our own True Identity as our Solar Christ Self. We leave time and space restraints (of waiting, aging) and become Eternal Flame assimilating Flame ...becoming Flame ...and the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of its Infinite Radiant Light. In this manner, it is said that the Oracle (a source of Higher Knowledge) neither declares nor conceals ...but simply presents a sign. It is up to the traveller, the Light-server on the Journey, to find the signs, read the signs discover, to reveal and become the Truth ...illuminating the Way ...for herself and for the world!

In Ascended and Free Light Service, once empty of self (and the Spiritual Freedom this brings) ...then becoming empty of time and space occurs easily. Thereafter, we apply Sacred Fire with increasingly greater success! This means however that the greater part of our spiritual discipline is in becoming ‘empty of self'. This is a daily exercise of focus, devotion and loyalty to new habits of Higher Frequency thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. It is practicing loyalty to the Solar Christ Self and its focus on Divine Love in all things.

Yet, as we practice such discipline, there are rewards. Peace Divine steadily sets the tone of our life all disturbance of peace comes from ego. This spiritual discipline also brings Revelation ...including the Realms of Angels and Elementals, unifying with us in a tangible fashion. Imagine a conversation with a Seraph that takes place only through the Transmission of Light to the other. In a flash, all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of a Divine Visitation is delivered and our development of Consciousness is further accelerated. These are the experiences of Spiritual Freedom, if we can ‘read the signs'.

Empty of self brings a powerful sense of our Multi-dimensional Reality as a Solar Christ Self. Here we affirm that I AM an Eternal Flame abiding in the world of form. Yet we also see and feel that I AM but one spark at the center of a great Cosmic Blaze of Sacred Fire at the Center of the Sun of Earth (within the Solar Year Thoughtform). So besides ‘being in the world', I also visualize my Being radiating its Light across many dimensions, within daily life and across all Cosmic Consciousness. We affirm and feel with certainty:

I AM Eternal Flame across 10,000 Realms of Light!
I AM Divine Cause directing 10,000 Spheres of Influence!
I AM Ascended and Free across 10,000 Dimensions of Being!

We pause and enjoy the immensity of Cosmic Consciousness! And as we enjoy this experience we remember the Law of Coherence ...As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!

In Cosmic Consciousness I see my own Divine Potential. I also see and know that I AM also Universal I AM ...wherein the New Sun of Earth, the Sun and Central Sun are but sparks of Light within my Heart Center. Here all life evolves within me, the same experience of Father / Mother God. Here I AM all levels of life ...the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond of the Seven White Ascension Doves, within the Solar Year Thoughtform. Within my Ascended and Free Being, all levels of life on Earth constantly accelerate their spiritual development, across all their countless dimensions. Here within me, all life comes to Peace ...knowing their true Divine Potential.

I AM the Light of Universal I AM!
I AM here ...there ...and everywhere present!
Wherever there is Light ...there I AM!
And, wherever I AM, there is Light!

Let us remember dear ones that when we affirm: I AM Eternal Flame ...we initiate the Law of Attraction. My True Identity as Eternal Flame continually draws to itself everything necessary for its Immaculate Concept ...everything desired for its Divine Plan fulfilled in the world. This Law of Attraction also brings us a Cosmic Reality of Peace ...and, a continual certainty in this Truth. Our Eternal Flame also is invisible to any force or energy that may interfere with this Divine Potential. Becoming Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light creates our Cloak of Invisibility. Feel the certainty of this Divine Protection ...for it is your Divine Birthright as a Light Server. ‘I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light' is our motto; our Truth; our Protection in the Light!

With our Inner Cosmic Momentum of training, let us consider ourselves as Initiates ...Divine Directors of Sacred Fire. This is part of the Divine Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy embodied within daily life. Consider that beyond ‘invoking the Sacred Fire from Cosmic Beings within the Spiritual Hierarchy', that we may equally apply our own Sacred Fire! We practice becoming empty of self and the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of self ...the persons, places, conditions and things associated with self ...and the roles and responsibilities of self. With ‘self' being removed even momentarily, we then see Eternal Flame as our only True Identity. Then in that moment, our own Flame may further transmute ‘self'. This is as effective as calling forth the Sacred Fire of another Ascended or Cosmic Being to do this similar service of purification.

We of course are always welcome to invoke any Sacred Fire or Light from any Divine Being we desire. But we also desire to develop our own spiritual self-reliance Divine Directors of Sacred Fire. It is the same training all Ascended Masters receive. Here we strive to become completely self-sufficient as a Light Being ...yet always with the support of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Then the Eternal Flame may not only transform self, but also establish a serene Peace as we become Divine Self. We affirm our Initiation by Father / Mother God:

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I now
bless this aspect of life (including our own ego-self)
back to the Great Central Sun for repolarization,
never again having to serve human creation!



Beloved Ones, I stand in the Flame of Cosmic Cause ...the Feminine Ray - First Ray service of bringing forth life in its Immaculate Concept. I stand in the Sword of Blue Flame with Lord Michael, in our endeavour to align Humanity's Consciousness with this Divine Cause ...Divine Will of Spiritual Freedom that a New Age may be tangibly manifest on Earth. I AM the Cause of Original Innocence ...the Quantum State of Divine Birth all life was conceived in, through the Consciousness and Sacred Fire of Father / Mother God. All else is illusion and temporary. We are all here serving Earth to end the rule of illusion and imbalance ...bringing forth the Age of the Solar Christ Self creating daily life ...the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Within the Sword of Blue Flame, I stand in my Faith in you ...that you are intently aligned with us in certainty! The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is our great Faith in Humanity ...that our First Ray Service is anchored in your certainty! When Beloved Jesus called forth Lazarus from the grave he did not have a questioning faith ...but a solid, structured Cosmic Faith ...a certainty that pours in from Higher Spheres of Light. He was already living this Truth in his Solar Christ Self on Earth. And you now have the same evolved Creative Faculties as he did to apply Sacred Fire, as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire be the same Solar Christ Self within daily life. This is your Ministry of creating global Spiritual Freedom!

I stand in the First Ray aspect of the Feminine Ray, which is the power of encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration and the drive to create something good ...something of God. The initiation of any endeavour is the belief in its innate goodness, its purpose and perfection. To initiate is to give power to a cause ...a power within Consciousness. For example when you give power to the idea or origin of the Mantle of Light (from the Mighty I AM Presence) enfolding you, you are then able to stand forth Transfigured in the Light within it ...but only then! First you give power generated from within your own Consciousness ...power granted through your attention, will, loyalty and devotion. This precedes every other activity of co-creation and why the First Ray is in fact first the application of our Creative Faculties. Then comes the co-creation of Divine Cause.

Let us visualize standing together in the Sword of Blue Flame, in the center of the Solar Year Thoughtform. First see the New Earth as very large ...and you are but ‘a spark' at its center ...yet holding its Immaculate Concept. Then see yourself standing in the Sword of Blue Flame but as a very large Light Being ...and the New Earth is a planet of Perfection Patterns spinning on its Ascended and Free Axis and Orbit within your Heart Center. Both are true! Both are statements of Divine Faith ...that you hold the Immaculate Concept for yourself and for Earth (on her behalf). The Feminine Ray does this for everything the Masculine Ray sends forth into manifestation. So now we do this for New Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit.

Our Faith is our Certainty! The story of science is ever changing with new discovery and new ‘truth' based on evidence. What was once ‘accepted truth' is replaced by ‘new truth', which one-day will be supplanted by even ‘higher truth'. And on and on this process evolves, into eternity. The same is true of the story of spirituality of the developing consciousness ...ever changing and evolving, on and on into eternity. This story of spirituality differs from religious dogma, where the story of spiritual development is ‘frozen in time', and does not change or evolve. It becomes rigid and ‘defended for its correctness'. Spirituality is akin to the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM. It is fluid and ever changing, ever expanding and always open to higher levels of truth at any moment. It is a science ...but with the added benefit of Experiencing the Divine!

In this way science and spiritual development are united ...and thus differ from dogma. This process of eternal unfolding is our Faith ...that a new spiritual story is evolving for Humanity and we are at the cusp of its true discovery ...its Revelation! And this new level or frequency of truth will be but an open door for many more levels or frequencies of truth through the entire Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom of Beloved Saint Germain. The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is the First Ray Instrument of the Spiritual Hierarchy in initiating this great Cause ...our ‘spiritual scientists' who deal in certainty in the application of Sacred Fire and its effects on Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. You are our Builders of Divine Self; Builders of Divine Consciousness; and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light!

You were all initiated in the Realms of Light before this embodiment as to become the initiators within the world for this Cause. This is when Lady Vesta, representing the Feminine Ray of Co-creation, vested you with the Power to Initiate within the restrictions of time and space ...using the gifts of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness as trained Chelas / Light Servers in embodiment. You agreed to observe, with detached compassion, the karmic patterns yet to come to the fore in order to be set free. You also agreed to simultaneously build the Foundation of Cause for Divine Life within the world. All the Ladies of the Feminine Ray were present at this Divine Ceremony. And this Forcefield of Initiation vibrates strongly within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...a Forcefield to attune to any moment you desire ...a foundation of your Spiritual Freedom radiating from your own White Fire Being!

We have all stepped out of the First Ray to stimulate life and its developing consciousness on Earth. Like the sun and water stimulates a plant to grow where it might not otherwise grow desert blooms we stimulate ‘Consciousness development' within daily life manifest its Divine Purpose within creation ...and nothing less than its Divine Potential! We shine the Infinite Radiant Light of our Eternal Flame in the same fashion the sun in the sky shines forth on Earth ...without judgement and with total inclusion. And the result is Divine Life stimulated in all life. Think of it and affirm: I AM the Cause of spiritual growth within all Humanity ...and within all levels of life on our sweet Earth.

This is our co-creation within the Sword of Blue Flame with Lord Michael the Solar Year Thoughtform! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



In a comfortable sitting position, let us close our eyes and begin to focus our attention on our breathing, gently, rhythmically, lovingly ...breathing ever slower and deeper. Eventually, as we release the air, let us release all the tensions in our body. Again, we take a deep breath, filling our lungs and again on the outbreath, releasing all the tensions, until our body is still Peace Divine. We continue to focus our attention on our breathing ...softly breathing, ever increasing our feelings of tangible Peace and Tranquility within our vehicles.

Now we focus our attention on our heart if nothing else but our Heart Chakra existed. There we see, feel and become the Spark of God; the Sun of the Sun; the Sacred Breath of Holy Spirit; our Solar Christ Self. As we breathe upon this Divine Spark, it expands to become a Sun ...shining in our personal Heaven. We see this Divine Spark ever expanding...more luminous with its own Infinite Radiant Light. With our inner vision, we see now the Divine Light of our Heart Flame is illuminating our entire body ...becoming our Light Body! We rejoice in our Transfiguration in the Light!

Now we focus on our Three-fold Flame if standing within the Eternal Flame, looking out from it. We see and feel its Three Plumes of Sacred Fire ...all existing in Oneness Consciousness. On the left side of our heart is the Blue Flame, receiving Divine Energy. This Energy becomes Divine Power through use. Here we know and manifest Faith, Will, and Divine Authority. Then, in the center of our heart we see the victorious Golden Yellow Flame ...containing all the Wisdom and Illumination for the Divine Application of Power. We see this Plume of Sacred Fire become a great blaze of Golden Aura ...a soft Golden Light as far as the eye can see. Next, we focus our attention on the right side of our Three-fold Flame where we see, know and feel the Pink Flame, representing ‘Love in action' ...Holy Spirit! This is our outgoing Energy, delivered through our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of Divine Love, containing the Love Activity of God in its highest degrees of manifestation in the world!

We stand forth in this Three-fold Flame as the Light Body of our Solar Christ Self. Our Flame is our Immaculate Concept, our Forcefield of the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love! We truly feel united with Father Mother God ...the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM. Again, a profound feeling of Peace assimilates us, as if embraced by an Ocean of Divine Love. Then, standing within the central Golden-Yellow Flame of the Arisen Christ, we direct the Blue Flame and the Pink Flame to intertwine, becoming a majestic Violet Flame, merging the Blue and Pink.

We then consciously direct this Sacred Violet Fire. We direct it through our Creative Faculties of visualization. It begins to rise through our throat, and continues to ascend to our forehead, embracing the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim at the Third Eye. The Violet Fire then fills our mind with the most powerful concepts and designs of Divine Love. It then begins to project outwardly and downward through our body ...arising again, wrapping our feet ...continuing to rise through our legs ... knees ...waist our hands, ascending to our shoulders covering our head ...and continuing to rise higher ...higher ...ever expanding around us.

Now we see the Violet Fire whirling around us, like a spiraling Forcefield, always turning in a clockwise direction. It becomes a whirlwind of Violet Light, a beautiful sensation that penetrates our body and purifies all our atoms ...absorbing everything that it is not the original perfection of our Immaculate Concept. It blazes though our feelings ...our thoughts ...cleansing and purifying ... always accelerating any energy, vibration and consciousness within these vehicles into their Divine Potential. This Violet Fire Energy is pure God ...of the Highest Frequency ...originating in the Great Central Sun!

It now continually expands outward, encompassing all time and space! There is no place or time that is not being transmuted, purified right here and now! The Sacred Violet Fire is absorbing and transforming everything that I AM directing it into, through the Divine Mind and Power of God that I AM! I AM a Divine Director, the Solar Christ Self in action! My own Consciousness expands, directing the Violet Fire north, east, south, and west ...then towards the Center of the Earth ...then towards the atmosphere, stratosphere and more! It continues to ever expand ...projecting into Universal I AM, where all Cosmic Beings await the Spiritual Freedom of our sweet Earth!

At the same time, the Violet Fire is directed ever deeper into all the multi-dimensional karmic realms of Humanity. It now permeates every person, place, condition and thing ...our daily life, our city and our nation ...flowing through hospitals, schools, and all communities. Spiraling clockwise, it infuses the entire Earth plane and every level of life that calls our sweet Earth home. Again, down to the Earth's center ...up into the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the ionosphere ...continually purifying the air Humanity breathes; the water Humanity drinks or uses to grow its food; and all the earth elemental that sustains our platform for embodiment. And we invoke the Sacred Fire to contain and direct the physical fire elemental that it no longer can be misused as the explosive power within weapons ...but only used constructively to heat our bodies, homes and food ...and gradually ascending into its Divine Potential as Sacred Fire.

As the Violet Fire accelerates and embraces the entire Earth, it has the effect of increasingly purifying ... taking everything that is not perfect a cleanser of all imbalance a ‘clearing-out whirlwind'. As this Violet Flame continues to do its service, there is not a single aspect of life that is not being relieved at this exact moment! We expand and project into each one of Humanity the same Divine Harmony we began this Activity with, sealing them in Peace Divine. The energy within daily life becoming less dense ...lighter ...clearer ...and we see how our planet Radiates a Divine Light ...a Crystalline Shimmering Diamond Light ...resplendent in her Robes of Glory.

And now from every country this Violet Flame continues to grow, covering all continents ...all the seas ...all rivers ...all mountains ...all deserts ...purifying and purifying ...igniting the Activity of the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure from the center of Earth. And now, as if seen from Higher Planes, we visualize our Planet in the middle of this Violet Flame ...Sacred Fire blazing, inside and out ...absorbing from our Planet all the confusion ...all the ignorance ...all the suffering. And now, with a deep breath, let us send this Violet Flame directly up to the Central Sun, and beyond! I AM the Cosmic Violet Fire for 10,000 Dimensions in every direction!

And the response of Father / Mother God in the Central Sun is for the Violet Flame to cleanse, purify, and transmute all innocent energy ever sent forth for co-creation be returned to us again in the form of every Blessing Father / Mother God desired for their Children in the first place! We affirm:

Beloved Presence of God I AM, take absolute control of my mind, body, emotions and memories. I AM the Law of Forgiveness
and I accept the action of the powerful Violet Transmuting
Flame to remove forever all karma, past and present, its
cause, core, effect, record and memory, for which any
part of Humanity on this Planet is yet responsible!

We return our Consciousness from the Great Central Sun to Earth ...on the same journey as Beloved Saint Germain, when he first invoked and received the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. Again, we see the Violet Flame completing its Transmutation of every imbalance on Earth. We see our Planet in an immense bright Flame ...cleansing ...purifying everything that is confusion, pain or ignorance ...from the very center of the Earth to her encompassing aura. We now see the Earth shining beautifully. We feel a great Adoration for this beloved Planet and for the inhabitants of all its Kingdoms. And with a very deep breath, again we send this Cosmic Flame towards the Central Sun. And while we wait its return upon the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity, we affirm:

Beloved Saint Germain: in the Name of the Beloved
Presence of God I AM, we invoke all the Cosmic Beings
of the Seventh Ray, as well as Angels / Devas of the Violet Fire,
to come forth now! ...come forth now! ...COME FORTH NOW!

We invoke you to sustain the Fires of Liberation ...awakening and igniting the Sacred Fires of Liberation in all Humanity ...awakening and igniting the Sacred Fires of Liberation for our sweet Earth! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!

Again, and for the last cycle of this Inbreath / Outbreath Activity, the Violet Flame returns to Earth. It embraces it totally ...while spiraling and spiraling ...transmuting everything that is not of the Light! It transforms this Planet into a beautiful star ...bright ...Freedom's Holy Star! And again, with a very deep breath, we complete the Outbreath by sending our Gratitude and Adoration to the Central Sun. And we declare:

"Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, as a member of your Order, I AM invoking you and all the legions of the Seventh Ray to keep this Service maintained and permanently ever-expanding on Planet Earth ...enveloping it with Our Light and our Cosmic Momentum of Spiritual Freedom. And SO IT IS!

And we see now the Violet Flame is returned to Earth to be self-sustained in action, permanently. Through our Love ...this most Powerful Activity of Divine Love, we shall rise above ...above the frequency of imbalance ...into the Higher Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of our Divine Potential Ascended and Free Humanity, on her Ascended and Free Earth!



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