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Jun 30, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac...






I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Experience
of Cosmic Consciousness in my daily Light Service.

I AM Expanding / Projecting the Experience
of Cosmic Consciousness in all planetary Light Service.


I AM Flame!
I AM Eternal Flame!
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM the experience of Cosmic Consciousness!
I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Cosmic Consciousness!

I AM Eternal Flame.
I AM Infinite in my Cosmic Expression.
I AM Eternal Flame expressing across limitless Dimensions!
I AM Eternal Flame existing within limitless Realms of Light.
I AM Eternal Flame existing within limitless Spheres of Influence.

I AM Ascended and Free across limitless Dimensions of Divinity.
I AM Ascended and Free across limitless Spheres of Influence.
I AM Ascended and Free across limitless Realms of Light.

I AM empty of self ...and I AM Limitless Perfection!
I AM empty of self and I AM a Vision of the Solar Year!
I AM empty of self and I AM the Flame of this Solar Year!
I AM empty of time and space, and I AM the Infinite Radiant Light of this Forcefield, anchored into the daily life of Humanity!

In my daily life, I AM a Cosmic Being directing Divine Light
across limitless Dimensions of Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness ...because, I AM Eternal Flame
and I AM its Cosmic Consciousness!
Collectively, I AM a Cosmic Being,
the Flame of Ascended and Free Humanity!
Globally, I AM empty of self, time and space and
I AM the Eternal Flame of Ascended and Free Humanity!
I AM her Infinite Radiant Light across the unlimited
Spheres of Influence that constitute daily life!

I AM my True Identity & Immaculate Concept!
I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM an Eternal Flame that has come to Illumine the world.
I AM empty of self, time and space and thus, my Divine
Light fills all sub-atomic space as well as all ‘outer'
space until I have shone my Light to fill all life!

I AM living my Cosmic Consciousness!

I AM Light receiving Light!
I AM Flame receiving Flame!
I AM Infinity receiving Infinity!
I AM Eternity receiving Eternity!

I AM living my Cosmic Consciousness!

I AM Builders of Divine Self!
I AM Builders of Divine Consciousness!
I AM Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light!



Revelations begins the Bible, where it states: "You (Christ) brought people out of every tribe and tongue and nation ...and you made them to be a Kingdom, as well as Priests / Priestesses of our God ...and they are to rule as kings (spiritual benefactors) over the Earth" (Revelations 5:9,10). This ancient prophecy predicted our Gathering of Ascended Humanity a global Forcefield; acting as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire; representing Father / Mother God; and ...together, standing in the Light ...become the Forcefield of the Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation of New Earth (as Kings or Queens may create ‘kingdoms' and rule over them with Divine Right and in Divine Light (i.e. govern life through the Cosmic Laws of Life).

Revelations goes on to say: "Look! The House of God is with Humanity (embodied within Humanity) and he (Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness) will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:3, 4). This prophecy reveals Ascended and Free Humanity, on her Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit / Frequency. This is the Star of Spiritual Freedom! And SO IT IS!

Our current Ascended and Free Light Service and its Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation of a New World was predicted and known all along. This Divine Plan but requires our true Ascended and Free Self and its Cosmic Consciousness to flourish in daily life. Outwardly we remain anonymous and unassuming in daily life, yet serving in our True Identity as Eternal Flame. Within this Cosmic Consciousness, we govern and utilize limitless Dimensions of Reality in our Light Service. From Ascended Master Teachings, we know instinctively that the unformed Realms of Electronic Perfection Patterns contain Infinite Dimensions of Divine Reality. This includes the limitless Spheres of Influence within sub-atomic realms (inwardly) well as those countless Realms of Light beyond daily life ...into the Sun of Father / Mother God ...the Central Sun and even Great Central Sun! All of this is what I AM!

We have also come to understand the many dimensions of karmic reality and how complex this is for the outer mind. Yet the Divine Light we abide within contains the Energy, Matter and Intelligence necessary to transform these karmic realms and dimensions within daily life. This Revelation shall manifest when the Infinite Radiant Light of our Eternal Flame is invoked, directed and allowed free access to these lower dimensions through our Light Service Divine Directors of Sacred Fire!

As we develop our Cosmic Consciousness, let us review the Universal Cycles of Harmony and Balance that are at play at this Cosmic Moment. The Masculine Ray and Feminine Ray form the spiritual poles of Earth well as of society well as every cell, atom and electron of our Being.  In visualization, let us see these two balancing Forcefields as two poles on a continuum.  The Masculine Ray is anchored through the Himalayan Mountains. This is representative of the northern hemisphere; of the air element (mind); of forces projecting outward and thrusting upwards (and difficult to climb).  Balancing this representation, the Feminine Ray is anchored through a lake (Titicaca)[1] in the Southern Hemisphere ...a very large lake; open; inviting; accepting; inclusive; and somewhat easier to access. The dawning of this New Age Spiritual Freedom focuses on the full opening of the Feminine Ray, and the ensuing Harmony and Balance this brings into daily life.

[1] Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world. In Andean belief, Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun. According to legend, the first two Incas who ever existed came out from the Titicaca Lake, sent by the Father and Creator, the Sun (Inti).

Like its physical representation, the Feminine Ray (within Universal I AM) is open and receptive to revelation, transformation and acceleration of consciousness. Even though such advancement may cause consternation in individuals, families, communities, nations, races, religions and cultures that are comfortable with the old ways, nevertheless it proceeds with the Cosmic Cycles of Harmony and Balance.  Ascended and Free Humanity are trained to understand and anchor the Immaculate Concept of the Masculine Ray ...but now balanced by the opening of the Feminine Ray. We understand this from within our Cosmic Consciousness, at the level of Cause ...and, as to the effects that such change brings, we also hold the Immaculate Concept for soon expressing this Harmony and Balance within daily life.

The nature of ‘Revelation' under the influence of the Feminine Ray is through further understanding and anchoring the Cause of Multi-Dimensional Reality (...even if we see it bring uncomfortable change to the world).  But we spearhead the development of Cosmic Consciousness within Humanity. The present Cosmic Moment is to be a Revelation under the Divine Direction of the Feminine Ray! Its Mighty Anchorage is through Beloved God and Goddess Meru (at Lake Titicaca) ...and the Divine Director himself, Beloved Lord Saithru and his Divine Twin, Beloved Lady Mercedes (close by Titicaca at Machu Picchu).

Multi-dimensional inclusiveness, a Divine Quality within the Feminine Ray, leads Humanity towards Cosmic Consciousness. It is represented by our affirmation which begins Ascended and Free Light Service: An Infinite Circle of Light, inclusive of all life living free in the Light!  Multi-dimensional inclusiveness is being aware of the many dimensions of life occurring simultaneously ...outside of time and space restraints.  It is not intended as a mental activity (of ‘keeping track' of it all). But rather, it is in developing an open and receptive heart ...that in living our Flame (Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light) I AM constantly open and receptive to receiving a blessing from every other dimension in that moment ...and, to giving a blessing to every other aspect of life in that moment. This is the Sacred Inbreath / Outbreath Activity of Holy Spirit ...and a foundation of Cosmic Consciousness!

Other examples of dimensions that we are in constant Divine Alignment with in Cosmic Consciousness would be the Elemental life. From the four physical elements of earth, air, fire and water the Elemental Spirits, Devas, Silent Watchers and Elohim governing these lovely beings and all the manifestation of form. As well, we are constantly aligned with the Angels of all graded Orders ...from the tiniest Angel holding a momentary Immaculate Concept for a fleeting bit of reality Mighty Archangels during their Cosmic Service for our sweet Earth ...especially within the Spirit Kingdom.

This attunement to Multi-Dimensional Reality certainly includes the Elementals in our vehicles (Gratitude and Adoration) ...and their Divine Director, our Beloved Body Elemental, a majestic Deva in her own right.  This Feminine Ray practice includes alignment and attunement with the very cells, atoms and electrons that compose our being ...and the life force taking place at that level, teeming with limitless Divine Potential.

Again, it is not a mental activity in remembering and keeping track ...but in allowing our Flame to open like a flower, needing to go nowhere in time and space, just being in the moment.  Our Eternal Flame has the Radiation of God in action all around it! Then, the Light of God is everywhere present, enfolding all life in that moment.  This Silver Cord of Divine Light from the Mighty I AM Presence will do this perfectly if not interfered with by ego, or time and space.  For it lives its existence within its own Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love. And we are but the channel for this Divine Reality ...for this Blessing streaming into the world.

"Multi-dimensional inclusiveness" is based on the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love, our Three-fold Flame in action.  This is also conceived of as the Governing God Illumination of Divine Love ...or, the Omnipotent God Illumination of Divine Love, or the Governing Omniscience of Divine Love ...or ultimately, the Omnipotent Omniscience of Omnipresence! This is the definition of Father / Mother God, as Divine Love is everywhere present is the Infinite Radiant Light of our Flame.

In Cosmic Consciousness, this Divine Light allows us to be under its Divine Influence always ...and therefore be in the right and perfect place, at the right and perfect time, doing the right and perfect thing ...all with no requirements of time and space.  It seems miraculous to the outer mind. But here in Cosmic Realization, ego is dissolved into Oneness Consciousness.  And this is the discipline of our Ascension process under the Feminine Ray.

In developing a Cosmic Understanding of our Eternal Flame, we see it allows us to be a magnificent example of the Feminine Ray ...of the Love Ray ...of the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love!  Our Infinite Radiant Light allows us to manifest this Cosmic Consciousness through the Immaculate Concept of the Masculine Ray ...of Illumined Power under the Divine Direction of Cosmic Love.  And also we need to practice this Illumined Power of the Masculine Ray, to ensure the Victory of Ascended Humanity!

All this is the Ceremonial Ray of the Violet Fire inner ceremony guided by our own Divine Direction, our Eternal Flame living the Mighty I AM Presence as the Solar Christ Self in daily life. And this is truly the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...our True Identity on a global level! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


THE ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHITE FIRE BEINGS ...from the Great Central Sun, currently projected into the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire in our Solar Year Thoughtform

I AM the Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness from the Great Central Sun. I represent the Highest Divine Potential of all Humanity, come to Earth now at the invocation of Beloved Saint Germain, in the fulfillment of the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. This means I focus my Cosmic Attention on that single Ray of myself embodied in physical form. For truly, I AM in Light Service across Infinite Dimensions of Being from the Great Central Sun, and yet here I AM particularly focused on one of these. Your Mighty I AM Presence is but one of the Light Rays of my Being manifesting ...and you are but one Light Ray of your Mighty I AM Presence manifesting this case within the realm of form, in daily service to our sweet Earth.

The Crystalline Shimmering Diamond within the Solar Year Thoughtform represents that which we have come to transform and govern through Sacred Fire. This Diamond represents the relatively narrow span of life that manifests in form ...the electron expressing as particle. All Realms of Light and Life above and below this narrow spectrum (the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond) are the Eternal Realms of Light manifesting in Spirit / the electron in its wave function.

In our Solar Year Thoughtform, Ascended and Free Humanity ‘holds all the world of form' within her Three-fold Flame. This Immaculate Concept is the Divine Plan of Earth directly from Beloved Father / Mother God (Helios and Vesta) as it was originally presented to the Mighty Elohim. Holding the Immaculate Concept is the service of the Feminine Ray.

Together, standing in the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire, let us empty ourselves of ego restrictions and offer them into the Sacred Fire. Standing at the Altar of Transmutation, let us offer up that which yet binds us to time and space, and therefore the psychic / astral realms of imbalance. Most of these are human ego qualities such as pride, greed, sloth, etc. The ‘saints' have always sought ways to free themselves of these unwanted traits that developed over the Fourth and Fifth Root Race dispensations on Earth. Now the Gathering of Ascended Humanity finally frees ourselves of anything less that the Light of our Solar Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence.

When we affirm: ‘I AM empty of self,' we are directing our focus towards these karmic traits. Let us use the same decrees to clear specific qualities that we desire to be free of. Ascended Master Teachings through many millennia have taught us to be especially careful of human ego and spiritual pride. Self-reflection in meditation will alert each one to their specific need for transmutation. As example, affirm:

I AM standing in the Cosmic Violet Fire, with my
White Fire Being, within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire!

I AM empty of pride and I AM Eternal Flame.
I AM empty of greed and I AM Eternal Flame.
I AM empty of envy and I AM Eternal Flame.

[2] Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. —  Zen Proverb

We leave these karmic traits in the Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of the Cosmic Violet Fire. When Beloved Jesus said: "It is the Father within that does the works", he was referring to his Guru Beloved Lord Maitreya, but also his own Mighty I AM Presence. Now we may state: "As an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, it is the Father / Mother God within that performs this Blessing ...the Solar Christ Self, the Mighty I AM Presence and now the White Fire Being ...all in action in daily life through our Eternal Flame ...for our own Ascension and that of the world!"

Each level of our Ascended and Free Being (White Fire Being, Mighty I AM Presence, Solar Christ Self) may perform miracles the Sacred Fire overcomes the lesser laws of karma, transforming self, time and space wherein karma operates. This is where one can state in Truth ...I AM an Ascended and Free Being across limitless Dimensions of Existence!

The White Fire Being is the full Harmony and Balance of the Masculine and Feminine Ray within us. When this is achieved on any level of expression, including daily life of the physical realm, then the Highest Frequency of DNA, of our Divine Origins in the Sun, is expanded and projected into that level. This represents our functioning Light Body on Ascended and Free Earth! The White Fire Being represents the Twin Rays in perfect union. And thus the Double Helix DNA of Humanity may now represent the Divine Union of the Masculine Ray / Feminine Ray the Harmony and Balance necessary for Cosmic co-creation! And again, as I AM becoming this Perfection Pattern so does all life with me! And thus Humanity affirms: I AM Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


...On Divine Alignment

Beloved Ones, we are building Celestial infrastructure ...a new level of connection and unity of Ascended and Free Consciousness across the planet. In daily life, the means of communication (telephone, TV, internet, social media) all require a level of infrastructure to support it. Likewise, Ascended and Free Consciousness requires an infrastructure. To that end, each level and aspect of the Solar Year Thoughtform is building this Celestial Infrastructure, created from the science of Divine Consciousness and the Laws of Precipitation.

The Divine Potential of Building an Eternal Life in the Light is within each Forcefield composing the Solar Year Thoughtform! Our service as embodied Ascended and Free Humanity is to anchor these Forcefields ...physically, etherically, mentally and emotionally into Humanity the level of the cells, atoms and electrons, including Humanity's DNA. As Builders of Divine Consciousness, first let us remember the nature of Light.

Photons are particles that have no mass and travel at the speed of light. But this only defines that they are in fact ‘being light' ...acting as Light does ...outside of time and space! That is our Consciousness based in Light ...together, standing in the Light! So in this Spirit (of Being Light!), let us further understand the Divine Alignment within each aspect of our Solar Thoughtform.

The Will of God is for the proper transitions of the Root Races, according to Cosmic Cycles. We begin our Solar Year Thoughtform standing in the Sword of Blue Flame of Lord Michael, assisting him in this magnificent effort. We deeply feel: I AM an Eternal Flame of Cosmic Blue Lightning upon an infinite Ocean of Light. I AM an expression of God's Will amongst the many lesser wills of ego. I stand within the Sword of Blue Flame with Lord Michael as the Will of God and the Transitions of the Root Races. Standing in the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame, I AM experiencing the many Dimensions and Realities of Perfection Patterns within this Forcefield!

I AM then standing in the Golden Aura of the Golden Robe, co-creating an Eternal Life in the Light from its Essence. This Golden Aura is a soft golden light-substance, lighter than air, so we appear to float in it. Yet our hands can manipulate it, co-creating with it ...for it contains Energy, Matter and Intelligence of Divine Mind. Within this Golden Aura, it is as if we stand in a massive room (or space) with no boundaries, no walls or floors or ceiling ...yet safe in a contained reality. To move in this Golden Aura, it only takes our thoughts (and no physical exertion) ...being here, there, everywhere present in this Light! Here, I AM in Divine Alignment with Universal I AM!

Then, I AM standing within the Rose-petaled Pulsating Pink Sun and I feel the Cohesive Power of Divine Love that binds together all life! Now I feel the Divine Alignment of ‘together, standing in the Light'! This is the great Unity Principle of our Beloved Sister Planet Venus and of its I AM Race ...operating in Oneness Consciousness. It sustains an Eternal Peace Divine! Here in in Perfect Alignment with the Cosmic Principle of Divine Love.

I stand within the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond composed of all life choosing to exist within form. Here I telepathically communicate with all life everywhere present ...all Ascended and Free Beings everywhere, all Humanity, all nature, all life within my cellular structure and all sub-atomic life within my very atoms. My DNA is now Divinely Aligned with that of my White Fire Being / Mighty
I AM Presence / Solar Christ Self. I AM Ascended and Free on Earth!

I affirm Divine Alignment:

I AM becoming all that I AM to be!
I AM Divinely Aligned on every level of my Being,
including daily life on Earth. As I ‘become', so all life
‘becomes' with me. As I become Ascended and Free,
so all life becomes Spiritually Free with me.

In the Solar Year Thoughtform there is an Ascension Ray, of a Cosmic White Dove of Holy Spirit, pulsating at each of the seven domains of life expressing in form. These Cosmic White Doves are a Forcefield of Divine Alignment. So, standing with this aspect of the Thoughtform within the glistening Light Body of these Cosmic Doves, let us feel the Divine Alignment of every aspect of life on Earth with its Divine Potential. We are building the Divine Infrastructure for this alignment and Victory is ours!

Then, standing in the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire with our White Fire Beings, we direct and project the Transformative Forcefields from in the Central Sun specifically intended for the transitions of Root Races. As the Fourth and Fifth Root Races ascend into their assigned Realms of Light, they will complete the Jewel of the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim upon the forehead of Humanity ...completing the infrastructure necessary for Causing Ascended and Free Humanity to express well as the Causation of our Star of Spiritual Freedom.

Which brings us to the Causal Body Realms of Light enfolding the entire Solar Year Thoughtform! These are the Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation! Here we feel the completeness of Divine Alignment, the full flow of Divine Creation through us, individually and, collectively the Gathering of Ascended Humanity.

Beloved Ones, there is an innate intelligence within the body on a biological level that will respond to Divine Alignment Sacred Fire. This is the nature of Divine Alchemy in the realm of Healing. Such biological intelligence organizes, repairs and drives life at the level of cells, atoms and electrons ...including our DNA, chromosomes and other life-giving molecules at the core of our biological reality. The Light we inbreathe into the core of our embodied being is also the God of this intelligent life. This innate ‘biological intelligence' has been waiting for eons to follow the Divine Direction of its Source (Divine Light) ...rather than the ego consciousness and its commands that have forced it to create disease, disintegration and eventual death. Divine Alignment with the Perfection Patterns within the Light will correct all such mis-alignment and ill health and return Humanity to her Light Body of indestructible Health, Wellness, strength and stamina ...where the body only ends an embodiment in perfect health at the Divine signal of the Mighty I AM Presence for its next experience in the Realms of Light ...and not because of the mis-creation of disease and aging of the human-ego.

Let the mantra of this Divine Alignment be: I AM open and receptive. I AM the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love and I AM its Multi-Dimensional Inclusiveness!  For just as Beloved Jesus went to the Focus of the Great Divine Director (during his journey of enlightenment across India) and came away with the mantra of his ministry (I AM the Resurrection and the Life!) this shall be ours! It opens the world to all the current Cosmic Assistance of this Great Cosmic Inbreath. In Divine Alignment, I AM a channel for Transformative Sacred Fire into the world!

We become Masters of Divine Alignment and Multi-Dimensional Inclusiveness when we serve within the Solar Year Thoughtform. In this, we become powerful Directors of Sacred Fire into the Fourth and Fifth Root Races, raising them up into their Divine Potential. This Ascension process includes original Fourth and Fifth Root Race peoples belonging to Earth's evolution. But separately, it includes all the laggards that embodied with them.  And think of it ...each laggard soul must find their way home to their original home planet.  And the intended Fourth and Fifth Root Races need to find their home in the Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation ...the Causal Body of New Earth.

This Cosmic Causal Body will be the collective Causal Body of the full Seven-fold I AM Race ...and thus the Causal Body of Ascended and Free Earth ...the Sun of Earth!  Then the New Earth can at some point become a Sun in its own right, if it so chooses.  By then, the I AM Race of Earth will have a sufficient Causal Body to sustain its own system of worlds, with each planet under this new Sun having its own Divine Plan and its own Races of Divine Beings.  We are accomplishing the Initiation of all of this with our current Divine Direction of Sacred Fire, and the Forcefield within the Solar Year Thoughtform ...building the global infrastructure of Ascended Consciousness.

In the Spirit of Divine Alignment, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire now contains the White Fire Being as the ultimate Energy, Vibration and Consciousness for Humanity! It however also contains the ultimate Higher Frequency for the Elemental Kingdom ... through the countless Devas, Deva Rajahs, Builders of form and Elohim also abiding here in preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. These Majestic Beings sustain the ultimate Perfection Patterns of Elemental Kingdom in form, according to the original Divine Plan given the Elohim and Builders of form by Father / Mother God. This is the ultimate DNA of the Elemental expression on New Earth, just as the White Fire Being now expands and projects its Higher Frequency DNA into every Solar Christ Self and thus into our vehicles of form.

In closing Beloved Ones, let us sustain this Immaculate Concept of Divine Alignment by remembering Eastern Teachings aimed at remaining in the moment. Like a Lotus, I AM rooted in (embodied) muddy waters. But like a Lotus, I AM a flower of Consciousness, open to the Sun of my Being and revealing its Divine Beauty and Loveliness right here in the world.



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