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Sep 1, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Flame of Initiation, Awakening, Revelation and God Illumination!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Flame of Initiation, Awakening, Revelation and God Illumination!


In the Name of the Beloved Presence of God I AM
and, as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity:

We implore the Karmic Board to steadily lift
the veil of maya, gently removing the Bands of Forgetfulness,
until Humanity sees her full Glory as Children of Father / Mother God ...the original Perfection Patterns of the Fourth and
Fifth Root Races ...and the emerging new Glory
of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races.

Then truly, I AM together standing in the Light in Oneness Consciousness the full Glory of the I AM Race, the
full Seven-fold Flame of Co-creation as a people!

I AM the dawn's glowing Light of the Age of Spiritual Freedom!
I stand within the Flaming Spirit of the Seventh Ray,
Beloved Lady Holy Amethyst! I AM a beaming
beacon of the Cosmic Violet Fire!

Through my Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light,
I AM channeling the Light of a Thousand Suns! In my
embodied Light Service, I AM a Cosmic Beacon
of a New Light on a New Earth!

I AM channeling the Light of a Thousand Suns in my
daily life ...through my Creative Faculties
...Building Divine Consciousness!

Empty of self, time and space, I AM building our Solar Year Thoughtform. Thus, our Solar Year Thoughtform is empty of self and impervious to ego influences! Our Solar Year Thoughtform is empty of time and thus has ‘no time frame' only here and now! Our Solar Year Thoughtform is empty of space
and is thus here, there, everywhere present.
I AM the Divine Plan manifesting!

As Builders of Divine Consciousness:

I AM an Eternal Flame invoking, imploring,
calling forth every Eternal Flame within Humanity!

I AM an Eternal Flame invoking, imploring, calling forth
the Karmic Board to gently remove the veil of maya!

I AM an Infinite Radiant Light ...invoking, imploring,
calling forth all Infinite Radiant Light within Humanity!

Hear our call, Oh Great Karmic Board! I AM the I AM Race ...calling forth Humanity's Divine Plan made manifest!



The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom we are building ‘in Consciousness' is anchored on one side by the I AM Race, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, on New Earth ...and on the other side, by the I AM Race on Venus. The infrastructure of this magnificent Bridge is secured by the (individual and collective) Ascended and Free Consciousness on both sides of the Bridge. We know that for eons our Ascended Sister Planet has been prepared for this potential ...and it came to actual fruition when Beloved Sanat Kumara chose to take it upon himself, his family of Kumaras and the entire I AM Race of Venus become the True Liberator of Earth and Humanity ...and saving her from being dissolved as a planet, thus creating more planetary orphans, just as Earth had agreed to accept such laggards in the first place.

So, let us further contemplate how this infrastructure is being built from Earth's side of the Spiritual Bridge. Much of it is constructed by daily Light Service dedicated to the Solar Year Thoughtform ...and to the Cosmic Directors of Sacred Fire. But how does the Spiritual Hierarchy involve all Humanity? Consider this. The world of ego-illusion has increasingly and more blatantly placed itself in front of Humanity, on many fronts of daily life. On the one hand, Light Servers have always known that ‘karmic effluvia' will come to the surface of life to be transmuted by the Cosmic Violet Fire. We knew this before we embodied. Yet, another of the ‘silver linings' of this phenomena is that it makes it more important to all Humanity to see through such ego illusion and see it as illusion ...developing discernment. The immediate need for such clarity makes it more likely Humanity sees past this veil of maya ...and into that which is greater, higher, more truthful.

And, because there is a Cosmic Momentum attending the current Ascension Process, it is the Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy (and thus as well, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity) that Humanity use this moment to now elevate her vision well past the veil (of ego and any of the old hardened karmic patterns) ...and all the way into the full Glory of her Solar Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence ...and into the Divine Plan of Earth! The Plan is to assist Humanity past her spiritual inertia and move forward into the Light! It is time for the Perfection Patterns of Universal I AM to manifest upon the surface of expression! We are in a certain part of the Cosmic Cycle the wave that builds and then crests into its fullness ...before collapsing back into the ocean ...completing its temporary expression upon the ocean's surface.

This particular Cycle of the Great Cosmic Inbreath calls for the full operation of two important aspects of Ascended Master development. The first of these is completing the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim of New Earth. This occurs with the Seven Root Races returning to oneness in the Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation around New Earth. The Gathering of Ascended Humanity stands in for the Fourth and Fifth Root Races (through our Temples in the Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation) until all are Ascended and Free ...completing this Victory of Planetary, Seven-fold Co-creation.

The second of these Creative Faculties needed presently is the opening of the Third Eye of Crystal Vision. Together these Creative Faculties allow the lifting the Veil of Maya and the Bands of Forgetfulness. This is requisite, as we further create the Vehicle of the Manu and the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. We continue to become Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of Eternal Life in the Light. This way we always see, hear, feel, know and understand the Eternal Life in the Light ...raising Humanity into Divine Awakening, into her Cosmic Awareness.

In the Solar Year Thoughtform, the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame breaks down all crystalized karmic patterns. ...of ego, of corruption, of separation, etc. These old patterns are being released as the psychic and astral realms are being forever closed. But be of good cheer, for as the Bands of Forgetfulness are gently lifted, not only is psychic / astral imbalance seen more clearly by Humanity (giving the illusion we might again be in a dark age) ...but the veil keeps lifting and lifting and lifting ...until Humanity sees further and further ...eventually seeing directly into the Light!

Then Humanity sees the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...that she stands with ...together, standing in the Light! Then all Humanity feels the Cohesive Power of Divine Love ...uniting all life in her Ascended State! In this light, all current events are an aspect of Building the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. But Victory is only assured as we complete our Ascended and Free Light Service of laying down its embodied infrastructure in the Realm of Cause Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light!

As the Bands of Forgetfulness lift, Humanity first senses; then has awakening flashes; then sees the Mighty I AM Presence ...sometimes in an ‘epiphany'. Then there is an appreciation of ‘True Source' ...realizing and understanding the Silver Cord as limitless Electronic Light pouring from the I AM Presence into the Three-fold Flame in the Heart ...from whence it arises into the brain and sustains consciousness. Humanity then appreciates her Creative Faculties ...the Seven Chakras, as well as the power of the ‘heart, throat, head and hands' as avenues of Divine Blessing.

For Light Servers living their Eternal Flame, we realize there are no restrictions (self, time and space) to our current service. Our building of the infrastructure of our Solar Year Thoughtform is empty of self and thus invincible to ego temptations or taunts. Our Building of Divine Consciousness is empty of time and therefore ‘has no time frame' ...its Truth only in the ‘here and now'. Our establishment of Solar Year Thoughtform is also ‘empty of space' and is thus Omnipresent, there, and everywhere present!

So again, let us be of good cheer! For we sustain and maintain the Flame of Initiation, Awakening, Revelation and God Illumination ...observing the steady lifting of the Veil of Maya and the Bands of Forgetfulness ...until Humanity sees the Light and everything we envision in our Light Service. We have cleared the Way for this Revelation and now we accept it on behalf of Humanity! And, SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



Beloved Ones, you know of my Cosmic Nature let us speak of simplicity. What you think and feel you bring into form ...ideas and emotions create! Perfect your thoughts and feelings by going through life silently presenting into your Eternal Flame all persons, places, conditions and things revealing themselves. Just place them all there ...having Faith in the Power of that Eternal Flame. For it will dispense its Infinite Radiant Light into that situation Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Divine Love and all the necessary Blessings of Holy Spirit. Such simplicity allows the Light Server to pass through every situation in life with deep equanimity and calm you allow each experience to pass through you pass through your Eternal Flame for re-alignment with Divine Cause. And then, onto the next moment ...all in Peace Divine!

I observe from my Lotus Throne your Building of Divine Consciousness ...through anchoring the necessary infrastructure of integrated Thoughtforms! Such Light Service is filled with expectation and anchored within daily life by your present embodiment. Beloved Ones, building the complete Solar Year Thoughtform is building the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. In the same vein, so too our sweet Earth is the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond ...of all life expressing ‘in form'! For the most part, this would be the Human and Elemental Kingdoms. Angels have remained in their ‘wave-function' and thus remain perfect ...except if they too volunteered to join Humanity in a body for the sake of service. So, let us include these brave Souls as well.

I also note in my meditations the lifting of Humanity's vision towards the Crystal Vision of Divinity. It is obvious to the ‘outer eye' how many lower or ego energy patterns compete for the attention of Humanity. Thus, it is vital that Light Servers expose Humanity's inner sight to the Crystal Vision of the Divine Plan ...and in turn, all life's Divine Potential! This is Reverence for all Life! The deeper each Light Server delves into the Crystal Vision, the further along Humanity perceives the Crystal Vision! This is the Law of Reciprocity. So, every effort in meditation to use and use one's own Crystal Vision helps all Humanity! This is the return current of your Light sent out from your Eternal Flame building your own Ascended Master Enlightenment and God Illumination ...and in building a limitless potential for Humanity!

Let us take the Crystal Vision of our Beloved White Fire Being projecting itself into the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire around New Earth well as into each one's Seventh Ray Realm in their own Causal Body, their personal ‘Mystic Ring of Violet Fire'. Let us visualize this Majestic White Fire Being as a Multi-dimensional Circle of Light. We might see it as a three-dimensional hologram composed of Crystalline, Shimmering, Liquid, Diamond Light. But your attention upon this Infinite Circle of Light reveals dimensions of its expression beyond time and (3D) space. This Divine Aspect of Highest Self is from the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light ...a place we all may live in meditation.

We open our mind to this Revelation and see sparkling multi-colored Light arising from the Circle a form of communication and God Illumination. Sacred Tones of Divine Music, Melody, Rhythm, Tempo and Cadence dance from it ...further communicating God Illumination and Crystal Vision Truth of Higher Frequency Reality. Each burst of color, tone and fragrance is filled with the photons of a particular Sacred Fire that releases unto us a precise Quantum State of Divine Emotion ...of joy, elation, thrill, happiness, tranquility, peace, contentment, stamina, strength, resilience, purity, resurrection, mysticism, holiness, enlightenment, etc. In meditation, these are tangibly experienced in our embodied vehicles. These are ‘essences of the Central Sun', transposed from the White Fire Being, through our Mighty I AM Presence and further through our Solar Christ Self ...into our Three-fold Flame, anchoring in our awakening embodied Consciousness.

In this Multi-dimensional, Infinite Circle of Light is the perfect Harmony and Balance of the Masculine Ray and the Feminine Ray. As we visualize the Circle, let us see multi-colored Light Rays spiraling into and out from the Circle ...always in perfect Harmony and Balance. The Quantum State Qualities of the Masculine Ray are necessary for co-creation and the expansion of the Realms of Light ...but always balanced by the Cohesive Power of Divine Love that holds the Immaculate Concept for all creation ...whether created by Father / Mother God or, an individual White Fire Being extending its Light into embodiment, through the Mighty I AM Presence and the Solar Christ Self.

Let us continually meditate on: I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light. My Light flows out as billions of photons, expressing as my Golden Aura of my Golden Robe. Each photon carries a blessing of my Causal Body and my Three-fold Flame ...that I direct into persons, places, conditions and things according to what I place my attention upon. I continuously bless all life. Then on the return current I receive all the information, understanding and God Illumination about Multi-dimensional Reality which my photons return with ...entering my Causal Body as my heritage of Enlightenment.

So Dear Ones, my simple offering is to meditate on the Truth you have been given ...leading Humanity into her Crystal Vision of an Eternal Life in the Light ...our Buddha Realms of the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


Let us put our attention on our breathing ...the Sacred Breath of Life. Here we unite ourselves with God's Love, Wisdom and Power, manifested here and now through our Holy Three Fold Flame in our heart. Here I AM the Flame of Life ...seeing only Flame, our True Identity! Our Eternal Flame projects its Radiant Light across many Dimensions and Octaves of expression. We see and feel our Crystal Vision ...that all that I AM is expanded and expanded and expanded! In this meditation, we realize that the Universe is our Light Body! We become aware of our Divine Presence present in all Creation!

In this moment, I AM uniting myself with the Eternal Flame in all Humanity ...for their Flame and our Flame is the same Eternal Flame! Abiding in this Unity, I AM calling the Divine Presence of all Lifestreams belonging to Earth ...Suns of the Sun each awaken now into this Cosmic Moment! By the Sacred Power vested in me as a Cosmic Being and, fully aware of the transcendence of this Evolutionary Moment, I call you to awake ...awake ...awake! Blaze the Light of your heart ...for your Light is needed now this Cosmic Moment! The I AM Race calls you forward into service, uniting the Light of all Humanity together!

I AM uniting the Divine Presence of all the Planet ...together, standing in the Light! I know this Unity is everywhere present I AM summoning the complete Power and Love of Father / Mother God and now Divine Instrument for the Transmission of this Light of Humanity! I AM opening our sweet Earth to the Light of a Thousand Suns ...all the Light from the Higher Cosmic Dimensions. I invoke this Cosmic Power to come forth now! Forces and Powers of Light ...Forces and Powers of Light ...Forces and Powers of Light ...come forth now!

As the Gathering of Ascended Humanity representing the Spiritual Hierarchy, I AM taking full responsibility for the necessary emanation of Light for our sweet Earth! This responsibility comes from our profound knowing that it is time now for embodied Ascended and Free Humanity to hold the balance of Light for Earth. This releases all Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings to be returned to their Home Planets and Stars in preparation for the completed Great Cosmic Inbreath. Their Love for Earth has and remains unconditional. We know that as we fulfill our Mission (our Soul Agreements taken before incarnation) and with the Great Cosmic Inbreath now in progress, the opportunity is here for us to elevate ourselves into mature Light Beings and embodied Ascended Masters, fulfilling our Divine Plan for this sweet Earth!

We understand that every civilization, every Race has to be responsible for their own Radiation of Light. And to balance with that Light, the gift of Enlightened Life that has been bestowed upon us. Ascended and Free Humanity is the Divine Instrument needed at this Cosmic Moment to transcend and elevate from our terrestrial level into that Cosmic Dimension and Identity that we have been longing for. We consciously know that there is no separation, that all illusions of the past have been dissolved and that in this Unity, our Beloved Masters and Cosmic Teachers will be always be there for us. And we are so grateful for all assistance done for us and through us we now do for others. We send a profound Ray of Gratitude from all of us. Receive this loving energy of Peace, of Gratitude, of Recognition, that we have become all that we needed to become! For, now we know we know we know!

We know a profound Service of Light given over centuries and millennium is gathered together here and now ...together, standing in the Light! All our Energy is working in perfect unison, elevating and restoring our dear Planet, fulfilling our Divine Plan. Meditating on our own Lotus Throne, we observe the Earth radiating her Great Light, with the I AM Race emanating its unique Light! All humanity now consciously feels the Light of the Father / Mother God, of the indwelling Christ and of the Holy Spirit. We invoke this experience into every cell and atom ...into the essence of every human being. I AM AWAKENING is the return message ...with all things being Illumined with the Light.

We see this Light penetrating our vehicles of expression ...our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies ...liberating and transmuting all karmic obstructions ...raising these bodies into the Higher Frequency Divine Love that we are now anchoring from the Higher Planes. I AM aligning our vehicles of expression with their Higher Frequency expressions ...our Solar Christ Self ...our Mighty I AM Presence ...our Causal Body ...and, our White Fire Being! We feel and sense the same for all Humanity, attracting, absorbing, focusing and projecting these Patterns of Perfection into daily life.   Mighty Forcefields now enfold our dear Planet, elevating her Frequency / Tone to its rightful place in the Universal Cosmic Symphony!

Our hearts and souls have become the Portal through which Universal Harmony and Unity now flows into Earth. We are (I AM!) that open door! The Twelve Solar Rays of Light from the Twelve Houses of the Sun seek this planetary door and now, find it wide open! And vibrating with this Great Solar Light, we proclaim:

I AM the open door on Earth!

I AM the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Light!

I AM a Solar Being from the Central Sun, a Sun of the Sun!

I AM a Cosmic Being of Infinite Light, radiating on this Earth!

I AM the Light of the Divine Potential of Humanity ...millions
and millions of Suns fulfilling their Divine Plan for
this Cosmic Moment! And SO IT IS!

And in Gratitude for this Truth, I touch the heart of dear Mother Earth... her Crystal Heart.  I AM here to sustain you, Beloved Mother of all form. I love you! I embrace you now with my Light, for I AM here for you purpose in this embodiment! We are in our Ascension Process and, as your children, we expand the Light of Love from our hearts to all our brother and sisters. And growing exponentially, this Light is now enlightening all Humanity!

I have become the very Mission I came to fulfill escort this Planet into her New Dimension, Her New Orbit ...a shining Diamond in the Orbit of Higher Frequency Love. And I AM surrounding all Light Servers with an Electronic Mantle of Protection and Invincibility ...maintaining us only in the Light of the Father / Mother God ...the Light of Christ ...and the Light of Holy Spirit!

We dedicate this Service to the Awakening of all Humanity, levitating Mighty Columns of Light into each one. From our hearts we generate the Love, Harmony, Peace, Illumination, Faith, Certainty, Health and Opulence ...all that is good and perfect this Glorious Hour of our Evolution!

I AM transcending self, time and space ...becoming Master of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of my own Being. My Forcefield of Light is my greatest Protection. I now expand this Forcefield from my heart, directing it into the Solar Year Thoughtform and the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond representing Earth. I send my own Diamond Light, my Diamond Consciousness, to all beings everywhere ...on all Continents, in all Countries ...until each is its own Diamond of Light!

I greet all Servers of Light with my Love. Sweet volunteers of Love wherever you are, known or unknown, even to yourselves, it is your Love that takes away ignorance; your Love that releases and liberates ...crossing borders, transcending language, surmounting obstacles, breaking the limitations that have kept us separated. I AM uniting with you in consciousness, to tell you that the time is now ...that you are needed now... that we are to be together, united, serving as ONE! If we listen with our heart, we can hear the sound of trumpets announcing the advancement of the Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies moving forward ...together, standing in the Light the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

In this Light of our Unity, I AM greeting the Universe. Hear us oh Universal I AM ...all Cosmic Beings ...all Radiant Suns ...I AM greeting the Love that exists everywhere ...I AM greeting all brothers and sisters from Ascended Civilizations ...I AM greeting our Beloved I AM Race from Venus, the Kumaras ...thank you for your Light, for your service of Love! Thank you for patiently waiting for us to awaken. But now, here I AM! Here we are ...elevating all Humanity on the wings of Holy Spirit.

To all the Cosmic Rays and all their Angelic Kingdoms, whose subtle vibrations we constantly feel all Elementals ...all Archangels ...especially Beloved Archangel Michael, our Solar Year Protector and Guide in the Transition of the Root Races ...we Love you! We too are becoming protectors and guides in this Cosmic Service. We embrace you in our collective Light this magnificent dance of color, this New Level of Expression that we are now arising into. We now live in this Light ...the Light we breathe ...the Light we move in ...the Light we have our Being in ...and, the Light we commend our sweet Earth into! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


We are in the most important Cosmic Moment in the history of our evolution ...a moment anticipated for eons which we are fulfilling the Divine Fiat of the Resurrection and Ascension of this Sweet Earth into her Next Orbital Frequency. In our Ascended and Free State, we know this Higher Frequency NOW belongs to Earth she is now coming Home into her Divine Potential. In this Light, let us relax, conscious of our True Identity within the Harmony and Balance of our Divine Flame. We feel the Love of our Father Creator and our Divine Mother Goddess surround us.

We Inbreathe their Sacred Life through Holy Spirit's Breath. It enters our being ...all our cells, atoms and electrons ...soothing our bodies of expression with Divine Peace. Here we experience being God in Action an effortless expression of that Sacred Breath. We strongly sense a Divine Intelligence governing all action and non-action ...all decisions and non-decisions... all expressions of activity and rest ...raising the vibration and frequency of our Inbreath / Outbreath into the Realm of Divine Love ...a New Orbit; a New Dimension of Expression; a New Frequency of Love Divine for ourselves and for Humanity.

The Holy Breath is Prana, the Sacred Energy of the Cosmos ...its Life Force and Vital Principle. Prana pervades the rhythm of the Universe. All creation on all levels, octaves, realms and dimensions of Life, receives the same singular Divine Breath of Life. All life expression is either the Universe inhaling or exhaling Inbreath / Outbreath is one continuous flow of Energy. We affirm: I AM One with this Universal Flowing Wholeness, everywhere present. And from this conscious unification, this oceanic oneness, I AM calling forth the Divine Prana on Earth to manifest itself in every man, woman, and child, without distinction.

By the Divine Power of ‘I AM' invested in me, I now quiet the ego: BE STILL and know that I AM God! Be still and know this moment of Ascension! Be still and know this moment of Spiritual Freedom!

I AM in that moment where the Energies of Light serving the Cosmic Christ are fully Present NOW! The Cosmic Christ transforms all energies into Frequencies of perfect Love. Together, I AM standing in the Light with our Beloved Cosmic Christ and all Light Beings from every point in the Universe who serve the Cause of Freedom. Let our Higher Divine Consciousness be united NOW for the opening of the Dimensional Door of Love for our Mother Earth, so she may tangibly express her Divine Potential.

We invoke the presence of our Beloved Archangel Michael to blend His energies with ours, as we are His representatives serving the Solar Year Thoughtform. I AM the Mighty Sword of Blue Flame ...cutting free, cutting free, cutting free everything blocking the vibratory Ascension this Sweet Earth desires towards the Light! We place all such imbalance in the Mighty Fire of Violet Light, to be transformed, transmuted into unmistakable Clarity, Peace, Understanding, Freedom, Wisdom and Balance for all Humanity!

In our Oneness Consciousness is a Power of Light so strong that it now lifts all cities, nations, countries and continents ...the entire biosphere, ionosphere and stratosphere of Earth ...into their Divine Potential. Each one feels themselves completely aligned with their Solar Christ Self. Each one receives a Revelation, experiencing our full Multi-Dimensional Reality. We embrace Earth with a Cosmic Love ...continuously placing our attention in the Transcendence of this Cosmic Moment!

In holding the Immaculate Concept for this Opening Portal into Cosmic Christ Love, let us visualize a descending triangle from the Heart Center of Father / Mother God ...sent to protect the Earth. In reciprocation from the Heart of New Earth is an ascending triangle rising now to merge and unite as a Six Pointed Star ...leaving the Earth in the center of the Star ...protected, sheltered, and surrounded in Love in its Highest Frequency. This Divine Love removes every shadow of egoism or discord ...finally liberated from ignorance. This is the Promise of Christ's Love returned and SO IT HAS, BELOVED I AM!

In the Name of the Cosmic Dream of Spiritual Freedom ...and the Cosmic Dream of First Cause, ...and the Cosmic Dream of my own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...I affirm: I AM OPENING THE DOOR INTO THE GOLDEN AGE (X3)! Beloved Cosmic Mother, Divine Goddess, let your arms of Love open this door NOW! Let all Humanity proceed through this Open Door of Consciousness now! We have invoked and the Door has opened to us! As anchored Flames of Light, embodying the Feminine Ray and the Seventh Ray ...and in Oneness Consciousness with all Humanity, the Angels and Elementals ...we elevate our voice to Universal I AM:




I AM sending Rays of Iridescent Love from every level of Humanity to all Planets, Galaxies and Constellations in the Universe. They now become unified as one Indivisible Flowing Wholeness, revealing the co-creation of New Earth to all Humanity. Earth now emanates her originally intended Solar Rays of Divine Love. This now ‘raises up' the entire Solar System into its complete readiness for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. The New Earth now plays her role in the Co-creation of this Solar System was first intended by Father / Mother God.

From Higher Octaves, we now see the Victorious Earth, as this Cosmic Portal opens wide to the Golden Age. Love and Light from New Universes flows into our Universe, re-establishing Interdimensional Pathways and Spiritual Bridges, to all the corners of Universal I AM! We observe the New Earth, like a Pink Gem emanating Rose Light ...opening powerfully as the Rose-pedaled Pulsating Pink Sun of our Solar Year Thoughtform. We see Temples of Light not only in the Ascended and Free Realms around New Earth ...but now on every continent, country, city, town and home! We see One Expression of Love ...the Universal Principle by which all Creation IS! And I AM that I AM!

Beloved Mother Earth, may this Cosmic Portal remain eternally opened to you, as you so faithfully serve all the Children of God who seek to express Perfection Patterns within the world of form. May all who currently abide within your confines be forever grateful for the opportunity of embodiment. We are honored to Ascend with you into the fullness of this Divine Plan.



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