Past Journals

Oct 1, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



A direct Inner Experience of Higher Frequency Divine Love,
now accessible to all Humanity the Sacred Solace
to the evident suffering of karmic illusion.

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity revealing herself within Humanity Forcefields of Inter-Dimensional Sacred Fire,
which indeed, holds Humanity in the ‘arms of the Angels'.



I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the penetrating Flame of
Sacred Solace ...the Higher Frequency Divine Love of Holy Spirit!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the penetrating Flame of
Sacred Solace ...the Higher Frequency Divine Love of Holy Spirit!


I AM empty of self and I AM
an Eternal Flame ...Eternally Flame!
I AM empty of time and space and I AM an
Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

In the Name of the Three-fold Flame vested in me,
I AM an Eternal Flame calling forth every
Eternal Flame within Humanity!

In the Name of the Three-fold Flame vested in me,
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light calling forth all
Infinite Radiant Light within Humanity!


I AM Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light on both
sides of the veil. This is my inter-dimensional Oneness Consciousness! That which in Heaven, so I AM
on Earth! I AM Holy Spirit in action in daily life!
I AM a penetrating Forcefield of Divine Solace!

Within my Inter-Dimensional Oneness Consciousness and by the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless this moment back to the Great Central Sun for repolarization, re-alignment and rebalancing ...never again having to serve human creation! Such is the Innate Power andGrace of my Eternal Flame!

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless this specific (name of person, place, condition or thing) back to the Great Central Sun for re-polarization, re-alignment and rebalancing, never again having to serve human creation!

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless this day, this week, this year, this moment of history ...back to the Great Central Sun for repolarization, re-alignment and rebalancing ...never again having to serve human creation.

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless all karma within me generated during the Fourth and Fifth Root
Race dispensations ...back to the Great Central Sun
for repolarization, re-alignment and rebalancing
...never again having to serve human creation!

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me,
I bless this sweet Earth back to the Great Central Sun
for re-polarization, re-alignment and rebalancing ...
never again having to serve human creation!

By the Power of the Three-fold Flame collectively vested in us, as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, our global Oneness Consciousness now blesses this sweet Earth back into her Orbit of Divine Love from which she was born, never again having to serve human creation!

I AM alive, alert and conscious to my Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim upon my forehead! By the Power of this Eternal
Flame vested in me, I AM the Eternal Power of
Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation ...
Universal I AM active within daily life,
Co-creating Spiritual Freedom!

As the Seven Root Races coalesce into Oneness Consciousness
in the Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation,
Causation and Co-creation also does my
Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim
now come into perfect form
and function upon
my forehead!

I AM alive, alert and conscious to my Seven-fold Flame!
I AM creating Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty!
I AM the Perfection Patterns of this Eternal Flame,
both sustaining my perfect Light Service and,
returning Divine Solace into the world!

Empty of self, I AM free of patterns of disease and distress.
Rather, I AM co-creating an experience of Eternal Flame,
especially in the routine activities of my daily life.
I AM an embodied Inter-dimensional
Sacred Fire on New Earth!

Here, I AM creating Peace Divine ...Perfect Tranquility!
Here, I AM a Forcefield of Divine Solace! Living now as
Inter-Dimensional Oneness Consciousness, I AM living the
Unity of the Seven Root Races and the Revelation of the
Cosmic Christ this creates! The Seven-fold I AM Race
now functions according to the Divine Plan, as we
enter full Spiritual Freedom upon New Earth!

On New Earth, I AM an Eternal Flame ...who has chosen by free will to embody in vehicles of expression. As of here and now, these vehicles operate from the Perfection Patterns of Flame's Radiant Light ...rather than from karmic patterns created during the Fourth / Fifth Root Races.

On New Earth, I hold the Immaculate Concept of the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond within the Solar Year Thoughtform
...the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves.

I AM the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves!
I AM every level of life expressing in form ...right here in
my vehicles. I contain sub-atomic particles; single cell lifeforms; complex biological life-forms; Humanity's mass consciousness; the elevated consciousness within Humanity; the committed spiritual practice of Humanity ...and finally, the Ascended and Free Consciousness from the Realms of Light. I AM all of this, while holding the Immaculate Concept of the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond within me ...and thus:



Beloved Ones: our Eternal Flame is our Divine Potential. When this potential is fulfilled, it manifests as a Cosmic Being of Great Light. When Divine Potential is quiet, rejuvenating in the Great, Great Silence, it remains One with the Infinite Ocean of Divine Potential ...known as Universal I AM. As the physicists say; we are but a ‘wave upon the ocean' of infinite potential ...and at some point, the potential manifests itself on the surface of this ocean as a ‘wave in motion' (a certain movement of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness). Then, after a certain cycle of manifestation, it settles back into the Ocean of Infinite Potential. This might describe ‘an embodiment' (a wave that manifests itself, then returns to Oneness) ...but it also describes any event, even the smallest detail of daily life ...only a potential (Divine or karmic) ...then a manifestation ...then back to boundless potential.

Working in the Realms of Cause, our Light Service remains at the level of ‘potential'. Our Divine Instrument for this service is our own Being of Inter-Dimensional Sacred Fire! We are here to assimilate into Oneness Consciousness that which no longer needs to manifest ...and to expand and project from Universal I AM that which is ordained to manifest within this Cosmic Cycle. This is the service of the Lord of the World and our Light Service is given in His Holy Name! This turn of Cosmic Cycles is the Harmony and Balance of Universal I AM manifesting itself ...and then, un-manifesting itself!

‘Divine' Potential (versus karmic or ego potential) is unique in that the potential manifesting itself is a ‘Perfection Pattern' aligned with First Cause or God's Will. Karmic potential is just that, a karmic event that arose from a potential based on a karmic event ...into manifesting that particular karmic thing or event ...then, back into the sea of karmic patterns. Our Light Service is to use ‘our Divine Potential' (Inter-Dimensional Sacred Fire) to reduce and then dissolve any potential less than absolute Divine Potential. We understand the Laws of Co-creation, of how a thing or event (tiny or global) manifests itself ...and, how to ensure only Divine Potential reaches manifestation ...sublimating / transmuting karmic patterns through the application of Sacred Fire ...specifically the Violet Transmuting Flame!

Let us contemplate that the Divine Potential of Humanity, and all ‘formed life' on Earth, is within the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond in our Solar Year Thoughtform. This glistening Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves holds the Immaculate Concept for the seven levels of formed life. Each level expresses a Celestial Domain of Holy Spirit, each with a White Ascension Dove holding its Immaculate Concept. So, let us envision every level of ‘formed' life now reaching its own Divine Potential. Yet let us realize it still remains ‘that level of formed life' but in its higher potential of manifestation. Single cell life will still be single cell life ...but in an elevated level of manifestation with different properties. The mass consciousness of Humanity will still be the mass consciousness of Humanity ...but much less aligned with karmic illusion and much more aligned with its own forward spiritual progress. Spiritually committed Humanity will still be spiritually committed Humanity ...yet again at an even Higher Frequency of God Illumination.

Each level of life reaching its unique Divine Potential (and not something else's Divine Potential) ...will manifest the current Ascension we long for! The next two thousand year Cycle of Spiritual Freedom will allow for all life to become fully Ascended and Free ...over this well planned out Major Cycle! We still see seven levels of life, but each level in its next Higher Frequency form and function ...each with its own Ascension Properties ...that which is ‘just necessary' for the Victory of the current Great Cosmic Inbreath to include all life on Earth ...the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of the Ascension of all life on Earth!

Our Light Service is in restoring the necessary Higher Frequency of any person, place, condition or thing by directing into it the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Flame. We affirm: "By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless this aspect of life back to the Great Central Sun for repolarization, never again having to serve human creation!" Then, within this Forcefield of the Great Central Sun, all creation is allowed to re-align, re-set, re-establish its present forcefield (of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...however imbalanced) with the Perfection Patterns of its own Divine Potential. This is truly ‘loving life free'! This is our service to life! This is living our Ascended Mastery Ascended and Free! We continue to align every level of life with its Divine Potential through the application of Sacred Fire!

Our Ascended Master Light Service is an Inter-Dimensional Activity, free of any restraints of self, time and space. It requires no time and therefore, no travel or distance is involved. The process is instantaneous and present ...Divine Alchemy in action! Let us deeply understand that our Eternal Flame is inter-dimensional and this activity of Divine Alchemy is only possible through our Eternal Flame ...our Divine Instrument ...US! It is initiated through an affirmation of Divine Intent ...and then, occurs instantaneously in the Realms of Cause ...right here and now! Manifestation always follows Cause ...the Law of Cause and Effect!

The reason the Cosmic Violet Fire is also called The Magic Fire, is because it pierces across dimensional planes of karma ...and, at the command of Divine Consciousness, dissolves and transmutes those lesser patterns. Karma has been a difficult issue to appreciate for Humanity because the cause, core, effect, record and memory of karmic patterns ‘hides' inter-dimensionally! The Violet Fire is instantly there, seeking it out, finding it ...doing its perfect work. The outer mind does not have to grasp the scientific details of this. In fact, it is best if the outer mind is ‘empty' ...and that our Eternal Flame is itself directing and commanding Inter-Dimensional Sacred Fire to do its perfect work! It is just for us to know that it is ...that I AM the Law of Love in action. It is for us to know, to dare, to do and to be silent! And because the Violet Fire is from the Central Sun (a gift of Beloved Saint Germain), this Divine Activity re-aligns and repolarizes all hidden, trapped karmic energy, freeing it to soar into its Divine Potential ...its Divine Plan. Again, I AM loving life free!

Using the Sacred Fire also opens up inter-dimensional life to the aspiring Light Server ...who follows the Path of his/her Eternal Flame. This ‘field of learning' had been closed off to Humanity because of the dangers of psychic and astral effluvia. But the New Age of Spiritual Freedom is to open up this inter-dimensional reality to Humanity under the Protection of the First Ray and reveal the Glory of Angels, Elementals and Cosmic Beings ...and their Eternal Realms of Light. This is principally the Omnipotent Light Service of Lord Michael the Archangel ...and his Circle and Sword of Blue Flame ...central to our Solar Year Thoughtform.

Let us visualize the interdimensional Realities of Flame. This requires letting go of the restrictions of time and space and gravity attaining in meditation our True Identity as Eternal Flame. Here I AM timeless, selfless, weightless, effortless, and endless ...everywhere present ...only Energy, Vibration and Consciousness at its level of its Divine Potential of Perfection Patterns!

Here I AM a representation of the Laws of Life. Here I AM the Highest Frequency expression of the One God Principle ...Universal I AM. Here I AM ‘the wave' that has emerged from the Ocean of all Energy, Vibration and Consciousness manifest as a Perfection Pattern of Divine Potential ...eventually then to surrender myself back into the Oneness Consciousness of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. I see within myself the turning of the Cosmic Cycles of Universal I AM ...even as I see it in our sweet Earth surrendering herself into the Star of Spiritual Freedom!

Here I understand that there have been moments on Earth where one Eternal Flame, allowed into full Consciousness in embodiment, was all that sustained the Light for the entire Earth at that moment. These were the Gurus and Avatars (known and unknown) that have assisted our sweet Earth through her darkest moments ...holding the Light! Now I see we have thousands of Eternal Flames coming into full Consciousness ...and allowing the Energy, Vibration and Divinity of each Flame to unleash its full Love, Wisdom and Power into the world ...into the Ascension of this planet! This affects many dimensions of karmic release ...and spiritual unfoldment ...which the outer mind does not see. But in the Enlightenment of my Flame, I know it is so!

The great Avatars and Ascended Masters have set examples of manifesting inter-dimensional reality in daily life. They have always taught to develop the solid reality of one's own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light in the physical realm ...through our continuous attention upon that Source ...then allowing the miracle-working Radiance of that Flame to expand into daily life through our Creative Faculties (heart, throat, head and hands). For the purposes of our own Ascension, the Light from our own manifesting Flame eventually reaches the ‘hem of the garment' of the Mighty I AM Presence (its Mantle of Light) operating at Higher Frequency around which point, we have revealed and manifested the Transfiguration Flame. Then Divine Reality enters the physical realm within and through us. And now there are thousands of such Transfiguration Flames in Action! The Law of Spiritual Freedom is now evident in daily life! And because of Seventh Ray / Feminine Ray synergy, such Spiritual Freedom is now intended for all Humanity, on a massive scale (rather than individuals ascending singularly) ...eventually to include all Humanity Ascending!


Again; we turn to seeing the Crystal Vision of the Divine Plan ...and in turn, all life's Divine Potential! This is Reverence for all Life! In reverence, we look again with ‘more perfect eyes' the Solar Year Thoughtform. We now see single cell life-forms radiating their tiny but important Light, basic to all other function! We see Harmony and Balance within the nature Kingdom, through all complex plant and animal expressions. We see the ‘mass consciousness' of Humanity raised to a certain level of understanding and contentment ...within and between races, religions, creeds and nations, which sustains Peace on Earth. We visualize ‘elevated human Consciousness' now reaching into true spiritual understanding and then ‘spiritually committed Humanity' reaching their own unique Enlightenment ...together, standing in the Light! And we continue to see Ascended and Free Humanity maintaining Forcefields of Sacred Fire, the spiritual infra-structure sustaining this entire Ascension Process.

As we contemplate the transition of the Root Races, let us see and feel that this Immaculate Concept we hold will achieve the Orbit of Divine Love that our sister Ascended Planet Venus has held for us ...and is now ours, offered to us as a gift, when we are ready and prepared. And getting ready is our Service of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation of a New Age. This Activity correlates to the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim upon our forehead being activated. In this Initiation, we see (using our Seven-fold Flame) and feel strongly (using our Three-fold Flame) the First Three Root Races having achieved their Ascension on schedule and who now add their Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Power to our current Light Service. Their Flames are strong!

Then we see and feel the Sixth & Seventh Root Races adding their Divine Consciousness to this Service. This is through Transmission of the Flame ...but also through the dawn of their embodiment onto New Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit! And their Flames are strong in their Ascended and Free State, awaiting their opportunity for full embodiment ...completing the I AM Race on Earth! And with this Cosmic Assistance of all Seven Root Races in Oneness Consciousness, we strongly see and feel the currently embodied Fourth and Fifth Root Races taking their rightful place within the Seven-fold Flame. And when necessary, we stand in for them, until each level of life reaches its Divine Potential ...sufficient for this Cosmic Moment of the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

And while we are co-creating this Ascension Process, we also hold Humanity and the Nature Kingdom ‘in the arms of the Angels'. For we are (I AM!) the Holy Comforter ...holding in detached fashion all the suffering of Humanity, as does the Planetary Buddha and the Cosmic Christ. The Angelic Kingdom, in their Light Body of ‘wave-function electronic essence', responds to prayer force, invocation, decrees, chanting and meditation well as aided by music, fragrance, crystalline substance and other Sacred Objects. They answer our calls and invocations, bringing their Forcefields of Comfort, Transmutation, Hope and Solace to the temporary but intense karmic suffering of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. They but await our Invocation to do their service!

As we perform this Light Service, our own Golden Aura (becoming Brothers / Sisters of the Golden Robe) develops into an increasingly natural function of our daily life. More and more our own photons of Light, emanating from our Eternal Flame, light up our embodied Aura. And then this spiraling dance of Golden Light lights up even the darkest places within persons, places, conditions and things into which we direct our Forcefield of Light. This is our Ascended Mastery joining the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe! This is the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year made manifest! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!




Beloved Mighty Victory, stand with me I stand before all the Powers of Light: I present myself before the Karmic Board, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Father / Mother God. Hear me O' Universal I AM ...I AM empty of self and I AM Flame ...Sacred Flame. I AM empty of time and I AM an Eternal Flame, currently in embodiment on Earth during the Great Cosmic Inbreath. I AM empty of space and I AM Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light everywhere present, raising all levels of life on this sweet Earth into their Higher Frequency Divine Love. This Love Forcefield has been prepared by Beloved Krishna and Sophia, Beloved Sanat Kumara and the I AM Race on Venus ...and by the Mighty Elohim of Love, Beloved Orion and Angelica. This is the Rose-petaled Pulsating Pink Sun I stand within ...surrounded by the Golden Aura of the Golden Robe well as positioned within the Sword of Blue Flame of Lord Michael, representing the Will of God ... the Victory of the Transition of the Root Races.

Beloved Ones; this is all that I AM. I let go all other priorities except to maintain Harmony and Balance within my daily life ...blessing all suffering, I become aware of with the Light that I AM! For I AM a Sun of the Sun and my Light shines everywhere present! I hold all life in the ‘arms of the Angels'! Here my call, O Universal I AM! (pause):

Beloved Mighty Victory responds:
Our Victory is the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. The first to come to Earth, at the bidding of Beloved Sanat Kumara from the I AM Race of Venus, was the Great Being known to Earth as Lord Gautama Buddha. He taught of the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light. This refers to the Eternal Flame and its Boundless Splendor of Perfection Patterns, accessible directly from Father / Mother God. He also taught how to access the Infinite Light our Eternal Flame produces for Blessing the world ...while also living in the Divine Peace of that Light! He presented a Path to building that Eternal Life in the Light ...the Eight-fold Path of the Middle Way, where our meditation is always centered on its Divine Source ...with all things in our ‘inner and outer life' in Harmony and Balance.

Beloved Ones, the Perfection Patterns within Eternal Flame are limitless. In this Cosmic Moment however, we focus on manifesting the Perfection Patterns that directly affect personal experience of daily life, bringing Solace to suffering ...Perfection Patterns of Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty, Opulence and Supply and many others ...even though karmic patterns also yet abound. Again, the Victory is in living the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. Where your attention is, there you are! This is the Law of Life!

Then there is also the larger Perfection Pattern of Victory for this New Age of Spiritual Freedom. It contains Multi-Dimensional properties, all contained within the Cosmic Violet Fire. It allows for the transmutation of karmic patterns. In embodiment, electro-magnetic etheric patterns, eventually manifest as biological or psychological experiences that directly affect daily life ...whether karmically or Divinely. The Victory of living within Eternal Flame, in Buddha's Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, is that this process is understood and mastered ...revealing our Buddha Nature of Enlightenment and Peace Divine!

A clear Victory is when our Eternal Flame raises up in Consciousness to touch the Mantle of Light of our Mighty I AM Presence around us ...and we stand forth Transfigured in the Light. Victory is when Truth is firmly revealing its Sacred Reality from our God Source! Here we accept our Truth from the Inner Planes of our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...rather than from personality sources around us in daily life. Victory is being loyal to the Great God Presence within!

In this view, ‘Victory' is in Humanity seeing that the answer to karmic frustration is not found in ‘outside institutions', but rather from within ... the peace, stillness and mindfulness of allowing the Holy Christ Self to manifest as the Solar Christ Self within daily life with the Mighty I AM Presence from Realms of Light! Victory is in guiding Humanity's attention to this Truth, rather than on the ‘flurry of karmic illusion' upon the screen of life. All around you, it is revealed that trying to find ‘the answer' from ‘an outer source' only frustrates; whereas seeking Solace and Truth from ‘the only True Source within' ...this is the Victory of God Illumination!

I stand with you before the Karmic Board, the Spiritual Hierarchy and all the Hosts of Light in your quest for the final Victory of our sweet Earth ...firmly spinning in her Orbit of Spiritual Freedom!



On the Light within the Permanent Atom: the Perfection Patterns within all cells, atoms and electrons of form ...represented by the Crystalline Shimmering Diamond in the Solar Year Thoughtform ...the Pagoda of Purity

Beloved Children of Purity from the Central Sun: I see you as your White Fire Being ...your Pure True Identity born in the Image and Likeness of Father / Mother God, as an Infinite Circle of Light. I see the Power of Sacred Fire unmasking this Purity of Original Perfection ...the Immaculate Concept at the core of your present existence on Earth. I come to you this month with the full Power of the Fourth Ray ...knowing that all we accomplish together, standing in the Light, is permanent and a Jewel in the Crown of your Divine Accomplishment ...and that of our sweet Earth.

Let us contemplate the science of reality ...Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Forcefields are composed from these parameters and vary between dimensions and realms of existence. They begin with the Permanent Atom of any aspect of creation ...from a small detail in daily life through to the Forcefields around the Great Central Sun. All Forcefields intensify, with increasing complexity of Perfection Patterns, as we pour our attention and affection into them. This discipline defines our Light Service, both for embodied Humanity and for the Spiritual Hierarchy. For we are all Builders of Divine Consciousness, Builders of Divine Self and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light! But the necessary Victory at this Cosmic Moment is in the ‘embodied aspect' of this equation.

In visualizing Forcefields, the tendency may be to see them expand as we pour our attention into them. Actually, they may or may not get physically larger in terms of time and space this has little or no bearing on their Celestial Power. The Power of a Forcefield is in the Core of Purity within ...and the attunement with that Light by an elevated Consciousness! From my Cosmic Perspective, a tiny Permanent Atom within form may be as Powerful as Forcefields around the Central Sun. The same Cosmic Laws are in action! It only requires the application of an embodied Divine Consciousness through its Creative Faculties to bring that Power of Purity forth into realization, including daily life! This is the basis of ‘miracles'.

Forcefields are a fascinating study. They are both the infrastructure of Universal I AM well sourced from Universal I AM! Contemplate this. This is the Alpha and Omega of Universal I AM beginning and no end. ‘Universal I AM' is continually creating its own necessary infrastructure from individual Beings within it, each expressing the individual nature of its collective Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. Scientists know that in the natural universe, the force known as gravity sets many of the known parameters of time and space. Ascended Masters understand the nature of Sacred Fire, that its Ascension Powers remove / undo / balance the influence of gravity, setting life free from restrictions of time and space restraints (and hence the pictures of Spiritual Teachers ‘rising off the ground' during the Ascension). Free of gravity (or ‘governing its influence' with enlightened Divine Consciousness), the multi-dimensional nature of time and space comes into better focus ...and thus how we may experience our reality comes under our mastery ...our Ascended Mastery!

Purity itself may be understood as the ‘state of unsullied' ...precious life-essence never having been changed from its original Divine Intent, Frequency or Vision. Biblically, the Mighty I AM Presence is described as: "Eyes too Pure to behold iniquity." It was the influence of the laggards during the ‘great fall' in Consciousness that necessitated the development of the Holy Christ Self mediate between ‘man and God', thus ensuring the Light of the Presence reached into the embodied soul. In the First Three Root Races, the Mighty I AM Presence communicated directly with the embodied, as there was no need for an ‘intermediary'.

We now develop into our Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self (vs. the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self) the Solar Christ Self is of the Sun, the true image and likeness of Father / Mother God! This Immaculate Concept is the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, continuously growing and developing through Eternity. The entire nature of spiritual development on Earth has accelerated up a spiral. Our sweet Earth still represents a unique school room, one only offered by this Solar System and specific to Earth ...the experience of existence in form (vs. spirit/wave). We master this experience and then Ascend back ‘out of form' into Electronic Light an Ascended Master ...with the Spiritual Freedom to choose either or both ...true Spiritual Freedom!

We are (I AM!) here to become Builders of Divine Infrastructure ...of Divine Consciousness, Divine Self and Eternal Life in the Light in form. In doing so, Humanity may then experience Revelation ...unmasking her Divine Truth ...and her full exposure to Divine experience ...even during the traverse of this Bridge to Spiritual Freedom we have built for her!

In the Eyes of Purity of the Mighty I AM Presence, ‘life' is a process of a single drop of Holy Water ...becoming an Ocean of Holy Water ...becoming the entire Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of everything ...becoming again the Ocean of Holy Water ...and then again, the single drop of Holy Water. This is the Inbreath / Outbreath of Life ...the manifest / un-manifest Cycle of Eternal Co-creation ...the Ascension Process of Eternally Becoming. This is a Statement of Purity as seen from the Archangel's perspective.

The Pure Vision of eternally Becoming in fact, Pure Joy! Once accepting True Identity as Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, then Spiritual Freedom manifests! Then I may choose my experience ...and create my daily reality! Therefore, I choose my Reality here and now! If I see a flower, I AM immersed in the Ascended State of Beauty; if I hear music, then I AM immersed in Divine Sound and Tone; if I AM loved, or loving ...then I AM immersed in Divine Love ...One with all Divine Love. And on and on, with infinite possibilities.

I AM Eternal Flame enjoying life in any dimension I choose to serve within! This choice has no limits and therefore I may experience the limitless Joy of any Dimension. Like the Buddha, I observe Humanity whom I AM here to serve, as nothing short of a Divine Opportunity, to simultaneously experience the Happiness of becoming empty of self, of time and space and the Joy of being Eternally Flame.  This same Divine Contentment I may find in any Higher Frequency Realms of Light. And I surrender into this Solace the arms of the Angels!

Surrounding you with Angels of Purity ...



Thou Eternal Christ Flame within my heart, help me to manifest all thou art. Teach me to see thyself in all, help me to show humanity
how to call: all of thy Glory from the Sun, till Earth's Great
Victory is won! I AM we love Thee, thou art our all.
I AM we love Thee: hear our call!

I hear thy call my children dear, I AM thy heart so never fear.
I AM your mind, your body too; I AM in every cell of you!
I AM thy earth and sea and sky; And not one soul shall I pass by! I AM in Thee; thou are in me; I AM, I AM, Earth's Victory!



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