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Dec 31, 2017



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Solar Year 2018:




[1] The Thoughtform of a Solar Year has many dimensions that express across multiple Spheres and Realms of Light. It is not easily drawn on a two dimensional page or even captured in a three dimensional image. It functions beyond the restrictions of time and space. If the outer mind struggles to see the Thoughtform in ‘one picture', it is precisely because it expresses across various Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Divine Life ...something our Consciousness is EXPANDING into. Here we invoke the Multi-dimensional Crystal Vision of the Elohim. During this process, it may be best to focus on one or two aspects of the Thoughtform, until it flows into continuous oneness within the Light Server's Consciousness. We visualize it most completely by feeling we abide at its center and it functions within, through and around us well as seeing and feeling ourselves as every single aspect of the Thoughtform ...until our Consciousness captures its multi-dimensional fullness. Each month we will explore the multi-dimensionality of each aspect of the Thoughtform for greater understanding.

The Great Solar Disc represents the Divine Alignment of every Sun: from the Permanent Atom of all creation on an atomic level every Sun of the Sun / Solar Christ Self on an individual level the Sun of Earth / Star of Spiritual Freedom on a planetary level the Sun of our Solar System, Helios and Vesta the Central Sun of this Galaxy, Alpha and Omega ...and further onto the Great Central Sun Elohae and Eloha! This Divine Alignment brings Divine Order ...preparing for the Great Cosmic Inbreath of all life closer to its Source!


...becomes the THREE
...then becomes the SEVEN
...further becomes the TWELVE
...becoming the GREAT SOLAR DISC

I AM the One Eternal Flame!
expressing through the Three-fold Flame;
expressing through the Seven Cosmic Rays;
expressing through the Twelve Aspects of Deity;
manifesting as the Star of Spiritual Freedom;
manifesting the Ascension of Humanity;
manifesting the Great Solar Disc!

The ONE (Universal I AM) ...becomes the THREE (Three-fold Flame of Creation, the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa) ...becomes the SEVEN (Seven Suns of Alpha and Omega, the Seven Rays of the Mighty I AM Presence, the Seven Chakras of Divine Humanity, the Holy Christ Self) ...becomes the TWELVE (the Twelve Aspects of the Deity, the Twelve Houses of the Sun, the Twelve Solar Logi, the Twelve-fold Solar DNA of the White Fire Being anchored through Ascended and Free Humanity as the twelve Chakras of the Solar Christ Self) ...becomes the ONE Great Solar Disc ...the Star of Spiritual Freedom ...Ascended and Free Humanity on her Ascended and Free Earth!


The Three-fold Flame of Creation and its Forcefield of constant Ascension and Divine co-creation ...for all life existing ‘in form' within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. This remains supported by the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire and its Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom well as our Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation ...a Forcefield of Cause from which our personal Temples operate Light Servers embodied to change the world!


All Cosmic Momentum sustained over the past several years:

Every aspect of recent Solar Year Thoughtforms manifesting their Higher Frequency, as Multi-Dimensional Spheres and Realms of Light ...interwoven circular activities, spinning vertically and horizontally, expanding outward and folding inward ...across many Dimensions ...all within the Great Solar Disc.


The Vehicle of the Manu, and the transition of the Root Races expressing as the Holy Breath of the Great Solar Disc.

As the Cosmic Forcefield of the Great Solar Disc breathes in, the Fourth and Fifth Root Races are absorbed closer to their Source (Beloved Manus Himalaya and Vaisasvatu), returning to Oneness Consciousness within the Causal Body Spheres of Earth's Silent Watcher, Beloved Lady Immaculata.

When the Great Solar Disc breathes out, the Sixth and Seventh Root Races project farther outward, manifesting more of their Glory on New Earth, expanding the influence of their Manus into daily life, as the Frequencies of Spiritual Freedom: Beloved God Meru, Hierarch of the Major Focus of God Illumination for this New Age, (where lies a beautiful expression of the Great Solar Disc under Lake Titicaca's protective waters) and Beloved Lord Saithru, the Great Divine Director!


The Mystic Ring of Violet Fire and the Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation

The Mystic Ring of Violet Fire anchors and expands our Celestial Nature of the Central Sun, from whence our Original Innocence and Beauty came ...through our White Fire Being's Celestial Presence there expanding through every Solar Christ Self within Humanity. The White Fire Being is now situated within the Twelve Houses of the Sun around the periphery of the Great Solar Disc. The Ascended and Free Realms (housing our personal Temples of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation) now manifest in the Circles and Spheres of the Seven Rays within the Great Solar Disc.


I AM Alpha and Omega. I AM ‘Sun of the Sun' in my own True Identity! And I welcome the ‘Suns of the Sun' of Ascended and Free Humanity ...who have arisen ...and now gather to greet me for this Solar Year ...Together, standing in the Light! Together, I AM an Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant SUN! All Solar Christ Selves now appear before me as Sun Temples anchored on Earth in the Ancient and Noble example of Beloved Kenich Ahan, Hierarch of the Temple of the Sun!

Our 2018 Keynote is simplicity ...a simple concept of a living, breathing, functioning PORTAL into Humanity's higher Understanding and Illumination ...a living Wisdom, of Divine Love and its God Power raise Humanity into her Divine Potential! The Great Solar Disc represents the ancient power of Humanity to see through human-ego illusion ...and well past it into the Higher Frequency Realms of Light ...into the Glory of our True Identity. This God Illumination and Empowerment is invoked forth from Humanity through her inherent, innate, essential nature of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness focused on the very karmic illusion that empowers her to ‘see higher' & ‘seek higher'.

During this Solar Year of Divine Opportunity, our spiritual practice will include the Wisdom that it is ego whose little voice tells us what is wrong and imbalanced ...whereas it is the Solar Christ Self that tells us, with the vibrant Voice of the Great I AM, of our innocence, our beauty, and our tremendous ability to love life free ...both of ourselves (our personal Ascension) and of the entire world (the Ascension of the world).  Therefore, as we transmute ego, let us listen for the clear Voice of Harmony and Balance ...and nothing less. This is our spiritual discipline. We truly become empty of self ...and thus, free of the imbalanced, negative feelings of ancient ego-illusion, in its ‘last throws of influence'.

This spiritual practice is a natural Invocation of Compassion, which comes with the full force of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. Our merciful prayer is for the injured, innocent Divine Light of creation trapped within karmic illusion. This Solar Year Light Service opens the portal for a clear vision of Humanity's True Identity as the I AM Race well as a clear, tangible experience of the thoughts, feelings and memories of our own Divine, Multi-Dimensional Reality! This Truth opens in a unique way for each one; each culture; each race; each religion. Our expanding ‘global practice of Sacred Fire' brings forth an ongoing Initiation of Humanity. For the Great Solar Disc is a Portal for Humanity's Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and will Initiate the manifestation of the Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom for Earth! It has been decreed and SO IT IS!

Envisioning the Great Solar Disc, we see a pulsating, thriving, living, breathing, spiraling, rotating, circular, spherical Forcefield! We experience it tangibly, with all our Higher Frequency senses. It is multi-colored, including all the Cosmic Hues; multi-musical, capturing all the Celestial Keynotes of all levels of Cosmic Suns it represents; multi-fragrant, weaving into itself all the Divine Fragrances of the Celestial Beings it represents; multi-sensory in its Sacred Influence of Humanity's inner nature ...towards fully understanding and experiencing her True Celestial Identity.

The Great Solar Disc is iridescent White Light at its center core ...surrounded by a spiraling / circular helix of the Three-fold Flame of Shamballa's God Authority ...surrounded by a Circle or Sun of Seven Rays (expressing in many ways, including as the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim; the Seven Chakras of embodied Holy Christ Self; and Ascended and Free Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation) ...and the outer circles / spheres of Twelve-fold Flame; seen as Twelve Suns at the periphery of the Great Solar Disc ...representing the Twelve Zodiac Temples / Qualities / Chakras of the Central Sun ...beyond which is the One Light of Universal I AM!

The Great Solar Disc is our True Identity ...our personal Sun of the Sun in Divine Order and in Divine Alignment with every other Sun of the Sun ever-Higher Frequencies ...into Infinity. The Great Cosmic Inbreath requires Divine Order, an alignment of all aspects of Cosmic Reality, represented along the spectrum of the Cosmos. Thus, as an individual Sun of the Sun within the I AM Race on Earth, we also become the Sun of Earth with its seven Root Races (Seven Chakras); we become Helios and Vesta and their Seven Planets; we become the Central Sun Alpha and Omega and their Seven Suns; and finally, we become the Great Central Sun of Elohae and Eloha and their Seven Central Suns.

All of this Divine Order is natural expression of our Eternal Flame, and its Infinite Radiant Light ...currently expressing through our Seven Chakras in this embodiment. This Sacred Reality of Humanity is continually strengthened within this Great Solar Forcefield ...steadily coming to the fore. Together, standing in the Light, we collectively become the Sun of Earth, the Light of a Thousand Suns. Individually, I AM the evolving Cosmos ...Universal I AM unfolding perfectly, in its Divine Order and Alignment ...right here and now through me, on Earth!

Within the Great Solar Disc, collectively all ‘formed life' achieves greater alignment with the Universal I AM ...allowing each one greater alignment with her own Mighty I AM Presence personally. Rather than living ‘at cross purposes' with the Divine, Humanity now allows the natural Divine Order and Purpose of the Mighty I AM Presence into daily life ...through her unfolding Solar Christ Self. This manifests as Higher Frequency thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. And with this, Humanity now gains greater alignment with each other, locally and globally. Look for this New Reality ...beyond the ‘veil of illusion' that continually seeks the attention.

Each of the Flames within the Great Solar Disc ...the One, the Three, the Seven and the Twelve within us us! The Three-fold Flame is our personal ‘Eternal Flame'. It may express as various geometric designs, but for the purposes of the Great Solar Disc, it is most often seen as the circular triple-helix of Love, Wisdom and Power. Around it unfolds the Seven-fold Flame, our Holy Christ Self expressing through our seven planetary Chakras and, as the Flame of the Elohim on the forehead. Then, the Twelve-fold Flame is the Higher Frequency levels of the Central Sun and Great Central Sun ...finally reaching daily life on Earth through our True Identity. We understand and affirm: ‘All Realms of Light of Universal I AM well as the world of form takes place within me. I AM the Light of the world!' And SO IT IS!



who all now align with every Solar Christ Self / Suns of the Sun,
on New Earth drawing all into Divine Order and Alignment!


The Great Solar Disc is held in the Aura of Twelve Golden Suns, representing the Twelve Solar Logi. Radiating through these Suns are Twelve Solar Archangels ...Celestial Guardians specific to this next phase of Humanity's evolution, our ‘Path to Solar Consciousness'.



Every Sun, on all levels of Divine Expression, now in Divine Alignment ...for the Purpose of Earth's Freedom in the Light!



In this Solar Year Thoughtform, the Divine Axis of Earth becomes a triple helix rod of Love, Wisdom and Power. This Shaft of Radiant Three-fold Flame breathes ...expanding Love, Wisdom and Power out to all life ...while simultaneously magnetizing Humanity closer to her Heart Flame. This is the Holy Breath of Father / Mother God at the core of Great Solar Disc. From this Reality, all is in Divine Order!




Holy Spirit is Love made manifest! This includes the Love Nature of Beloved Krishna and Sophia, evolved over eons, transposed through the I AM Race on our sister Ascended Planet Venus, and especially our Beloved Sanat Kumara (the True Savior of Earth) ...who together have prepared an orbit / frequency of this Cohesive Power of Divine Love for our sweet Earth. This Rose-petaled Pulsating Pink Sun continues expanding and projecting itself into every aspect of daily life ...until all Humanity become Disciples of Holy Spirit and true Candidates for the Ascension!

As well, the Beloved Elohim of Love, Orion and Lady Angelica, act as the Sponsors of this Divine Love Forcefield. They are a Sun and now ensure that the Permanent Atom within ‘all formed life' on Earth is perfectly aligned with the Elohimic Divine Love that created Earth in the beginning ...ensuring all Suns, on all levels, now arrange themselves in Divine Alignment, Divine Order and Divine Affiliation ...all of which is the Co-Creative Power of Love!


The Great Solar Disc breathes its Solar Breath ...the Fourth and Fifth Root Races inbreathed / absorbed closer to their Source ...the Sixth and Seventh Root Races expanded / projected further into manifestation. All concepts and limitations derived during the Fourth and Fifth Root Races now steadily leave daily life and the Harmony, Balance and Feminine Ray God Illumination of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races now enter all aspects of daily life.



The Spirit of the Twelve Solar Houses around the Great Solar Disc

She continues to represent the Synergy of the Feminine Ray and the Seventh Ray ...a Forcefield of Divine Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness liberating Humanity from karmic illusion, while simultaneously drawing Humanity into her Higher Frequencies of Divine Expression ...liberating her into the Light!


Including every Solar Christ Self of Humanity now gathered within the Great Solar Disc ...aligned with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Light Brotherhood. This is a Mighty Gathering of Ascended Humanity, together, standing in the Light! This Gathering ensures the Victory of all life on Earth ...passing over the ‘abyss of ego-illusion' across our Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. This Truth is our Spiritual Confidence and Happiness we awaken to, every day of this New Solar Year.


I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the complete
Cosmic Consciousness within the Great Solar Disc!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the complete
Cosmic Consciousness within the Great Solar Disc!


I AM empty of self ...of persons, places, conditions
and things associated with self ...and I AM Pure Flame!

I AM empty of time and all restrictions based in time.
I AM an Eternal Flame ... before, after, as well as during embodiment! I AM my True Identity into Eternity.

I AM empty of space and its limitations.
I AM here, there and everywhere present, as
Eternal Flame and its Radiant Light. I AM a Sun of the Sun!
I AM Infinity expressing itself here and now on Earth.
I AM liberated into Oneness Consciousness!

Within the Great Solar Disc, I AM Infinity embodied;
I AM Eternity embodied; I AM a Sun of the Sun!
I AM liberated from separation!
I AM that I AM!

Within the Spiraling Circles of Eternal Flame and the
Vibrating Spheres of Radiant Light of the Great Solar
Disc, I AM a Forcefield of Divine Alignment!
I AM a Forcefield of Divine Order!

I AM that Forcefield of Divine Order and Alignment
of all Suns everywhere present ...from every shining atom of Light that created the world of form every Sun of the Sun on New Earth ... to all Seven Ascended Planets evolving a Solar System around each of the Seven Suns under the guidance
of the Central Sun, Alpha and Omega ...and all Seven
Central Suns evolving a Galaxy under the guidance
of the Great Central Sun, Elohae and Eloha.
This is my True Solar Identity!
I AM all of my Cosmic Origins!

I AM the Three-fold Flame of Creation, the
Holy Triumvirate of Love, Wisdom and Power,
from which all Spiritual Co-Creation emerges.
I AM the Triple-Helix Axis of New Earth!

I AM the Seven-fold Flame of Precipitation, Causation and
Co-creation ...the Mighty Elohim of the Seven Rays in action
in the world of form ...continually co-creating this Solar System.
I AM the Seven Chakras of the Holy Christ Self, mediating the self and the Mighty I AM Presence in Oneness Consciousness ...all here and now within daily life. I AM Builders of Divine Self; Builders of Divine Consciousness; and Builders
of an Eternal Life in the Light!

Then I AM the Twelve-fold Flame ...the Twelve Solar Logi; the Twelve Houses of the Sun; the Twelve Chakras of the Solar Christ Self: a full Representative of the Sun on Earth as the embodied I AM Race: Ascended and Free!

I AM an Inter-Dimensional Sacred Fire expressing as the Great Solar Disc. I AM Humanity's Inter-Dimensional Oneness Consciousness. I AM living all facets of this Immaculate Concept ...right here and now ...all simultaneously!

Oh Father / Mother God, hear my Invocation: I AM now
enfolding every person, place, condition and thing; all Nations, Races, Religions and Creeds; and all the world's affairs and finances in the Great Solar Disc. I AM enfolding the entire Earth; this Solar System and this Galaxy, in my expression of the Great Solar Disc!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity breathing together:
as one thought; one feeling; one voice; one heartbeat; one
Activity of Light Service ...the one Consciousness
of Spiritual Freedom; one planetary Ascension
into our next level of Divine Potential.

And within my expression of the Great Solar Disc:
My Eternal Flame contains the Eternity of all Sacred Fire!
My Eternal Flame contains the Flame of Happiness and Serenity!
My Eternal Flame contains the Flame of Harmony and Balance!
My Eternal Flame contains the Flame of Strength and Stamina!
My Eternal Flame contains the Flame of Youth and Beauty!
My Eternal Flame contains the Three-fold Flame
of Creation ...of Love, Wisdom and Power!
My Eternal Flame is all Eternal Flame!

This is what I AM!
And I AM that I AM!


OF 2018

The Great Solar Disc is all life accelerating rapidly, rushing forward into Cosmic Holy Spirit ...into her Solar Consciousness! This includes the entire life-force in, through and around our sweet Earth ...Angels and Elementals and Humanity. Every level of life currently existing in its ‘form-state' ...from the sub-atomic particles; through single cell life-forms; to complex plant and animal life; and all levels of Humanity's Consciousness ...all life is now spiraling upwards in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

This entire process is now occurring outside the constraints of time and space. The Great Solar Disc is an inner change / an inner transformation / an inner Ascension of Consciousness! And I hold all life within the transformative Sacred Fires of the Great Solar Disc to ensure this Victory! Once the ‘realm of cause' is in Divine Order and Divine Alignment, the ‘world of effects' on the ‘outer screen of life' then follows!

The Great Solar Disc expresses this Cosmic Dance / Ascension Ceremony within its moving Circles of Eternal Flame and Spheres of Radiant Light. This Forcefield continually spirals into its center and out from its center. Mighty Cosmic Rays traversing Universal I AM, now anchor here in the Great Solar Disc, through the Twelve Golden Suns, into our Sun of Earth ...our Star of Spiritual Freedom! Powerful Rays across the spectrum of Quantum State Divine Qualities ...of the One; the Three; the Seven; and the Twelve ...from all Spheres, Realms and Dimensions of Universal I AM ...are now anchored in this Solar Forcefield!

The Great Solar Disc expresses as brilliant colors, shapes, designs, configurations, formations and geometric Perfection Patterns. These Sacred Fires spin on the perfect Axis of Beloved Polaris and Magnus. This Thoughtform draws Earth and her life-force into her intended orbit, for inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath. We see Cosmic Rays spiraling into each other and out from each other ...across Multi-Dimensional Spheres of Light. The Great Solar Disc contains the tones, rhythms, melody and cadence of the Divine Sound Ray ...which ‘moves the emotional world' of Humanity into its original Love Nature of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. And finally, Celestial Fragrances representing the entire spectrum of Holy Spirit and all the sweetest smells of the Cosmos, fill our Consciousness with Celestial Memory!

The Governing God Intelligence within the Great Solar Disc will guide and direct every ‘level of formed life' into its necessary Spiritual advancement that the full inclusion of our sweet Earth in the Great Cosmic Inbreath is assured. Each level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves now proceeds to its next higher level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...everything necessary for Earth's inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath. This specific advancement is the primary purpose of this Solar Year!

The Great Solar Disc represents the Gathering of Ascended Humanity her Ascended and Free Light Service. Here, the I AM Race is empty of self, expressing at the level of a Global Flame; a Forcefield of Perfection Patterns anchored into daily life! Here, Ascended and Free Light Service is empty of time and is an eternal Multi-dimensional Forcefield representing the Spiritual Hierarchy ...yet operating within Humanity as the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love! Here, Ascended and Free Light Service is empty of space. Therefore, its Infinite Radiant Light reaches all areas and aspects of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. Here,  I AM all the world and, all the world is within me!

The Great Solar Disc is the Great Plan of Creation in a single Thoughtform a vision of a Multi-dimensional, multifaceted Forcefield. It represents the Twelve Planets of Alpha and Omega, seven of which chose to become Suns of a Solar System in their own right when Beloved Alpha and Omega became a Central Sun. The other five Ascended Planets (with their Root Races) remained in the Causal Body Spheres around Alpha and Omega. I AM these ‘manifest' Seven Suns, their Seven Ascended Planets and their Seven Root Races ...a unique I AM Race, each one!

The Great Solar Disc begins at its core with the clear, Infinite Light of Universal I AM. Here resides the Pure Light of our Permanent Atom. This ONE proceeds into the THREE ...the Three-fold Flame of Creation. The Three proceeds into the SEVEN ...a Sun with Seven Planets; the Seven Rays of the God Head; and the Seven Steps of Precipitation of this Solar System. The Seven become the TWELVE ...the origins of this Galaxy: a Sun with Twelve Planets and thus the Twelve Solar Logi of the Central Sun. These Twelve Aspects of Deity then becomes the ONE again in the clear Infinite Light of Universal I AM.

The Great Solar Disc contains the Forcefields of the TWELVE; the Forcefields of the SEVEN; the Forcefields of the THREE; and the Forcefields of the ONE one Thoughtform. Beloved Polaris and Magnus hold the Divine Axis of this Thoughtform: from the Great Central Sun; through the Central Sun (the Triple-Helix Axis of Alpha and Omega); through our local Sun (Helios and Vesta); and into our planetary Star of Spiritual Freedom and every Permanent Atom thereon. Beloved Principa, God of Divine Order holds this Harmony and Balance for all these Cosmic Levels of the Great Solar Disc. The Silent Watchers of the Galaxy, the Solar System and of our sweet Earth ...all have their Forcefields within the Great Solar Disc. Beloved Lady Circulata (Silent Watcher of this Solar System), Beloved Lady Immaculata (Silent Watcher of Earth) and their Legions, are our hosts in the Great Solar Disc.

The Seven reflects the Realms of Precipitation, Causation and Co-creation, containing our personal Ascended and Free Temples, from which our planetary Light Service is sourced. Similarly, the Twelve represents the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire and our Twelve-fold White Fire Being expressing through us from august levels of Cosmic Consciousness. The Three represents the Three-fold Flame just as it did in the 2017 Thoughtform, with the Sword of Blue Flame; Golden Aura of the Golden Robe; and Rose-pedaled Pulsating Pink Sun transformed into the spiraling Triple Helix / Divine Axis.

The transformative power of the Great Solar Disc is to accelerate the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of each Three-fold Flame of Humanity ...and thus initiate all Seven Rays into Humanity's Consciousness upon her forehead, so that each individual fulfills their Seven-fold Holy Christ Self and thus instantly aligns with the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self ...and thus, One with the Mighty I AM Presence ...all anchored within daily life.

Within the Great Solar Disc stands Lady Liberty within her Eternal Flame. Standing with her are the Feminine Archangels (Archaii) of all Twelve Solar Logi, Teachers of the Path of Solar Consciousness, expressing through the Twelve Golden Suns around the Great Solar Disc. The Goddess of Liberty is the Spirit of these Twelve Solar Houses delivering Celestial Liberty ...with Humanity liberated into her Solar Christ Self. The Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light is the Land of Divine Liberty ...where we all find Divine Opportunity to become our True Identity and reveal the Infinite Splendor of its Radiant Light. Here, I AM truly Home in the Light! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



Beloved Presence of Light; Beloved Presence of Love that permeates all Creation; I know I AM One with You! As I AM expanding my True Identity within the Great Solar Disc, I AM opening the doors of my consciousness to the Glory of the Higher Dimensions! As the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, I AM likewise opening the doors for our sweet Earth, all within your Presence of Light!

I AM a Divine Instrument of your Presence; your Light; and your Love! I release the use of my mind, so that I become this Divine Instrument ...accessing your Divine Guidance and Direction. I release the use of my emotional body, so as to be the Celestial Presence of your Divine Energies and Attributes. I release the use of my etheric body, to reflect the Patterns of Perfection from your Higher Dimensions. I release the use of my physical body to be the Sacred Vessel through which all Divine Light may walk the Earth.

From the Great Silence, I AM now receptive to your Voice, the ever-expanding Voice of my Heart. I AM listening and attending, and what I hear fills me with Joy and Harmony ...the Peace that surpasses all understanding! As I AM walking this Earth, serving my fellows beings, I AM radiating your Energy! Your Vibration touches others with hands of Love, reaching the very center of their heart. As they feel your Presence, they elevate themselves into a Higher Frequency of existence. They arise as the Resurrected Christ. They remember that we all are moving forward with your Divine Plan ...the Cosmic Moment here and now for the Kingdom of Heaven made manifest on Earth! After so many eons we have reached a Cosmic Momentum allowing for Earth's permanent Ascension into her Orbit of Divine Love, within the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

For this to become tangible to Humanity, I AM becoming empty of self on behalf of Humanity ...empty of the deceptions of the ego plane; empty of the illusions that prevent Humanity from ‘a Vision' of what is REAL and TRUE. I AM releasing my illusions of self, time and space so as to have the TRUE AND REAL UNDERSTANDING OF MY BEING! I AM releasing personal wishes and desires of little self, so as to reach the Divine Desire to become more of my True Identity. I AM releasing my physical identity and all physical possessiveness. I AM releasing everything of self, so I can be truly empty of ‘me' and be filled with my Divine Self, Divine Consciousness and an Eternal Life in the Light!

As I release all, my Soul becomes joyful and filled with peace! For I now move forward with the Divine Plan! This Plan is Perfection in every Dimension and Octave of expression. Ascended Mastery is my True State of Being, as has been expressed by all Great Beings before. Following their Path, I AM now expressing my Ascending Mastery in daily life. I affirm with all the power of my Being: no matter the external circumstances, no matter the situations, no matter the outer appearances, no matter the clouds that momentarily block the sun in life... I AM ASCENDED AND FREE! As Beloved Jesus has said: "For this I was borne, and for this I have come to the World" bear witness of the Truth ...and the Truth is that Love... Love itself... a Love present in Me! I AM a Presence of Light and I AM here, there and everywhere present! Beloved Planet Earth, you are now Free in the Light!



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