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Feb 1, 2018



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


...a Major Force in our return to the Great Silence the
Original Innocence and Purity of First Creation!

Representing the Twelve Solar Archangels as
Teachers of the Path to Solar Consciousness

Teacher, Mentor, Guru, Mystic ...of the
Celestial Alchemy within the Great Solar Disc!



I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Eternal Transformation within the Sacred Fires of the Great Solar Disc!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Eternal Transformation
within the Sacred Fires of the Great Solar Disc!


I AM Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light.
I AM every Flame, aligned with every other Flame.
I AM my Light, One with all other Divine Light!

As a Sun of the Sun, I AM a Great Solar Disc!
I AM the Divine Alignment of all Cosmic
Suns under Father / Mother God,
here and now ...on Earth!

The Great Solar Disc occupies my emotional vehicle.
And I AM Humanity experiencing the Quantum
State emotions of Cosmic Holy Spirit!

The Great Solar Disc occupies my mental vehicle.
I AM Humanity experiencing the Mind of
God and the Divine Multi-dimensional
concepts of Universal I AM.

The Great Solar Disc occupies my etheric vehicle,
I AM Humanity experiencing all the Celestial
Memories of her Causal Body, her Spiritual
Momentum developed through Eternity.

The Great Solar Disc occupies my physical vehicle.
I AM experiencing Eternal Youth and Beauty;
Health and Wellness; Strength and Stamina
...of our Ascended and Free State!
I AM the Cosmic Consciousness of the Great Solar Disc.
I AM forever this Divine Truth: before embodiment;
during embodiment; and after embodiment!
I AM the Flame of my Flame!
I AM Sun of the Sun!

The Central Sun of Alpha and Omega is a Great Solar Disc.
I AM the Flame of that Flame!
The Sun of Helios and Vesta is a Great Solar Disc.
I AM the Flame of that Flame!
The Sun of Earth is a Great Solar Disc.
I AM the Flame of that Flame!

The Central Sun stands in her Three-fold Flame!
The Sun of Earth radiates her Eternal Flame!
I stand in my Three-fold Flame!
The Solar Christ Self;
Sun of the Sun!

I abide within the Great Solar Disc!
I exist in an ever-expanding Temple of the Sun,
forever sealing all life in Oneness Consciousness.
I AM every Sun, aligned with every other Sun,
on all the Infinite Levels of Eternal Life.

When centered in the Great Solar Disc,
I see with the Crystal Vision of the Elohim:
I envision the Immaculate Concept of New Earth:
Humanity rushing forward into this Glorious Sun
...yet moving nowhere in time and space; only
moving ever onward past time and space,
into the Cosmic Consciousness of Holy
Spirit ...accelerating into its
Celestial Love Nature!

Humanity is empty of ‘self'.
Humanity becomes her Flame!
Humanity is empty of time and,
Humanity becomes her Eternal Flame!
Humanity is empty of space and Humanity
lives eternally, within her Flame's Radiant Light!
Within the Great Solar Disc, I AM Ascended and
Free Humanity, living on her Star of Spiritual Freedom!

I AM that I AM!
I AM Sun of the Sun!
I AM inheriting the entire
Love ...Wisdom ...and Power
that goes with being a Sun of the Sun,
or a Central Sun; or even a Great Central Sun!

Living within the Great Solar Disc:

I AM now experiencing the full
Love, Wisdom and Power of the Great Solar Disc:
physically, etherically, mentally and emotionally Solar Christ expressing in daily life!

Abiding within the Great Solar Disc, I abide within
the Cloak of Invisibility ...unseen and undetected
by any ego-imbalance ...or any spiritual pride.

The Great Solar Disc surrounds me as Multi-Dimensional Spheres of Light: from above and below me; in front and behind me;
and on all sides of me. And thus, I AM the great Divine
Director of my Ascended and Free embodiment.

I AM empty of self, time and space, and
I AM the Forcefield of the Great Solar Disc!
I AM the ONE ...that becomes the THREE ...that
becomes the SEVEN ...that becomes the TWELVE!

I AM the One Universal I AM!
I AM the Three-fold Flame of Creation!
I AM the Seven-fold Flame of Precipitation, and Co-creation
I AM the Twelve Houses of the Central Sun.
I AM the One I AM!



This month we anchor an acceleration of the Seventh Ray Activity of Spiritual Freedom, in affiliation with the Governing God Intelligence of the Light ...of becoming transformational ‘Suns of the Sun' ...all with the assistance of the Sun Temple (Uxmal) where this Divine Guidance is awaiting Humanity.

Since the ‘great fall', there have been periodic ‘points of departure' from the normal pace of human development ...‘quantum jumps' of evolution. Like inventing the wheel, or the ‘age of enlightenment', or ‘social media' ...there are points in history where it is ‘never the same again'. The current Light Service and especially the Divine Alchemy of the Violet Fire and the Forcefields within the Great Solar Disc ...represent Divine Potentials of such major points of departure from a trajectory of human suffering and dis-ease ...and, into an entirely other realm ...Ascended and Free in an Eternal Life in the Light!

One may wonder: How is this accomplished through our Light Service? ‘Ask and ye shall receive'. The Great Solar Disc is a Forcefield of Sacred Energy designed specifically for this ‘quantum jump'. It contains the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that accelerates Humanity towards one mind and one heart ...such that our work ‘in consciousness' (‘in Cause') will instantly affect the entire world, touching everyone's consciousness with an accelerating vibration that cannot be denied. The Great Solar Disc is a steadily ascending ‘pull towards the Divine' ...a pull that has drawn Humanity upwards in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness since the ‘great fall'. This magnetic draw towards the Divine has expressed itself in many spiritual, philosophical and political avenues over the centuries.

Social media technology is a current expression of linking hearts and minds. It links Humanity on various ‘vibratory levels' across many domains of daily life, mostly centered at the level of mass consciousness. Human ego has corrupted the process, allowing for imbalance to spread, as well as goodness. But our use of Sacred Fire in expanding Oneness Consciousness cannot be misused! Our Ascended and Free Light Service centered in the Great Solar Disc reaches every single Consciousness on the planet (and those between embodiments) as well as all Elemental life ...down to the sub-atomic levels ...inclusive of ‘all life existing in form'.

The quantum jump designed within this Forcefield is that every individual will be raised up ‘just enough' in vibration so that their Solar Christ Self is once again the Divine Director of outer daily life ...of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This phenomenon of linking hearts and minds while standing together in the Light, will be far beyond social media in its reach and impact, even beyond telepathy and ...have no possibility of being misused. Yet its origins will remain imperceptible and anonymous if ‘coming from within' ...with no apparent external source. This is a very important aspect of the ‘way forward'. It simply represents Cause coming to fruition. It will allow Humanity to simply, naturally, effortlessly operate at a Higher Frequency on all levels of their daily life ...opening doors towards the Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of the Seventh Ray well as the Inclusiveness and Unity of the Divine Feminine Ray.

Again: ‘together, standing in the Light' assures Divine Consciousness cannot be misused. Our Ascended and Free Light Service directed through Forcefields of Sacred Fire is at a sufficiently High Frequency that negativity cannot see or attach to it! And, ...the only instrument necessary for ‘downloading' this Sacred Energy, Matter and Intelligence is consciousness itself matter the current state of that consciousness! It is like we all have a computer, the Violet Fire cleanses it ...and thus Humanity ‘downloads' only Higher Frequency God Illumination through that instrument (rather than ego illusion and imbalance).

Within the Great Solar Disc, the Cosmic Violet Fire is this agent of Transformation. Just as heat transforms water into steam on the physical level, the Violet Fire transforms all energy, vibration and consciousness back to zero; that is, back to its Original State of Innocence and Purity. It resets the frequency of all Energy, Matter and Intelligence within the Light that was originally invoked forth into creation (but tainted by human mis-creation). It brings a re-start; a rebirth; a new beginning for that Original Light the very moment of its application by a God Intelligence ...directed by the God Authority within the Flame of the Light Server!

The Cosmic Violet Fire brings us back to the primordial quiet of the Great, Great Silence. Before there was form, there was only the formless Realms of Light ...where Spirit prevailed and Spiritual Freedom was the norm in that Realm of Pure Energy and Intelligence. When the focus of Father / Mother God became the expansion of Universal I AM to include a ‘world of form', then their Light also expanded to contain Energy, Intelligence and Matter ...all contained in the particle of Light we know as ‘the photon'.

So in our Light Service using the Sacred Fire, in any ‘moment of time' we may return the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of a particular person, place, condition and thing to its Original State of Innocence and Purity. Since everyone has free will, they may choose to return to ‘ego frequency' ...but the more they see (or ‘sense') an option to that imbalance, the more they will then choose to sustain a Consciousness of Love and Light! And hence we build a Cosmic Momentum that cannot be denied.

DIVINE CEREMONY: let us visualize an Initiation of the Seventh Ray, specifically for this current ‘cycle of service'. It includes the full force of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity in its Higher Frequency Service within the Great Solar Disc. It includes Divine Ceremony for us to join into, through our meditations and projected Consciousness. Light Beings from Worlds and Galaxies beyond our imagination are in attendance ...a gathering not of this importance and size since Sanat Kumara's decision to save the planet! Contemplate this!

The first ceremony focuses on the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. Here we feel the Presence of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Hosts who serve the Cause of Spiritual Freedom and Divine Liberty. They are all aligned with the twelve Solar Logi, the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac around the Great Solar Disc. The ceremony begins with an official ‘sealing' of the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...that this Forcefield is now fully anchored (the closing and sealing of a cycle). This completes a necessary aspect of Humanity's preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

The ‘Mystic Ring of Violet Fire' connects Humanity with the original intent of Beloved Saint Germain when he invoked the Great Central Sun for this gift of Cosmic Transformation for Humanity ...finishing the age of karma and beginning the Age of the Solar Christ Self; the Age of Spiritual Freedom. As a result of this anchoring, each individual is enveloped now in a gyroscope of the Seven Aspects of the Violet Fire (its service along each Ray), constantly active through their atomic structure and sustained by their Solar Christ Self.

During the finalization of this planetary phase, the Violet Fire has united all Seven Rays (of planetary Consciousness) under the direction of the Solar Christ Self of each one. This now represents the true Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...every Solar Christ Self on Earth fully functional through the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of daily life. This is a Unifying Victory! We partake in this Divine Ceremony in our own ‘Ascended Mastery' the Hierarch of our own Ascended and Free Temple in the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation. We now understand greater dimensions of Ascended and Free Humanity!

The second aspect of this Divine Ceremony is realized under the direction of the Great Divine Director, Lord Saithru ...and, the Temple of Eternal Light in Uxmal, with our Beloved Kenich Ahan (also spelled Ahau) presiding. This Initiation represents the new phase of the Seventh Ray Violet Fire. It constitutes a Solar Level of Initiation, accelerating Humanity's path to Solar Consciousness. Our Gathering of Ascended Humanity its Higher Frequency! Every Solar Christ Self is represented in this ceremony. The Mighty Kenich Ahan initiates the Gathering of Ascended Humanity. And through the Law of Coherence (Law of Attraction), Humanity is now vested with the Power of Celestial Awareness! During this Ceremony, the Twelve Solar Logi will simultaneously Initiate the Twelve-fold Chakras of Humanity ...signifying the Seven-fold planetary Holy Christ Self has ascended into the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self ... one with the Mighty I AM Presence!

The White Fire Being abiding within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ‘seals this ceremony' for each one individually. With this Initiation, the Causal Body now engages Humanity intensely! See and feel this on behalf of Humanity ...with Divine Qualities of Holy Spirit now expressing in all daily interactions. This will soon manifest all necessary conditions for Earth's Ascension within the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

The Great Solar Disc represents the ever-increasing Revelation of Higher Love within the Seventh Ray. Revelation is not so much ‘phenomenon,' but rather a permanent, steadily emerging consciousness of the Seventh Ray: Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness; as well as the Rhythm and Divine Ceremony of daily life ...all centering on thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of Divine Love. The Violet Fire is the most Powerful Activity of Divine Love ...a Divine Gift of a ‘return to Holy Innocence' if we have no history of ever having had an imbalanced thought, feeling, word or deed (wholly innocent ...Holy Innocence). The power to transmute leaves us with a brand new start, with no karmic history or momentum ...a state we may recreate ‘moment to moment'. It is like being born again, over and over, each time we use and use the Violet Fire. For, even the bible says: ‘Lest ye be born again...'. This is the Gift of the Seventh Ray! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



On The Great Solar Disc accelerating our Ascension

Beloved Ones evolving as Suns of the Sun: you fulfill the ancient prophesy of our Focus ...that the Sacred Promise of Humanity is of Great Beings of Light manifesting within an I AM Race. Welcome into our Retreat! Within this focus, the Great Solar Disc reveals the Truth: the One ...becomes the Three (Holy Triumvirate) ...becomes the Seven (Seven-fold I AM Flame / I AM Race) ...becomes the Twelve (...all Suns of the Sun / Twelve-fold Solar Christ Selves, the Twelve Logi / Houses of the Sun) manifesting within the One I AM Race ...all of which manifests the Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM, but now manifesting on Earth!

VISUALIZATION: the Solar Christ Self becomes a Sun Temple!

Together, standing in the Light of the Great Solar Disc, I invoke every other Sacred Fire into my Eternal Flame! I stand in my Eternal Flame ...where it permeates my physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicle; my world, affairs and finances; as well as every person, place, condition and thing in my life. I AM the Solar Christ Self invoking through herself all the ‘blessings of the Universal I AM into one time and space moment current life on Earth! Within the Great Solar Disc, I AM every Sacred Fire ...radiating its unique Light ...all the time! For all Sacred Fire is a variation of the ONE ...or the THREE ...or the SEVEN ...or the TWELVE ...from a specific level of Cosmic Consciousness. Now I AM all of it ...all of God action ...everywhere present! I AM Sun of the Sun!

Standing as my Solar Christ Self, my Causal Body is my Celestial Aura of Light ...whose Spheres are now interwoven within the Great Solar Disc ...the Cosmic Aura of Father / Mother God ...of the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun! The Cosmic Christ affirms: "I and the Father are One"! My Causal Body is an undeniable Cosmic Forcefield that is Victorious over all lesser thoughtforms than that of Universal I AM! Then ...within my own Cosmic Causal Body and within the Great Solar Disc: ...I AM truly every Sacred Fire I desire. I AM Beloved Lady Holy Amethyst's Cosmic Violet Fire. I AM Beloved Lord Michael's Flame of Faith. I AM Beloved Kuthumi's Flame of Kindness and God Illumination. I AM Beloved Mother Mary's Flame of the Immaculate Concept. I AM all Flame and the entirety of its Infinite Radiant Light ...directed into daily life!

The One Flame is our Infinite Circle of Light, our Highest Aspect of White Fire Being. Beyond the Twelve Suns around the periphery of our Great Solar Disc is the one clear, crystalline Light of Universal I AM! Every activity of life on any level takes place within that Oneness Consciousness! This same clear crystalline Light is also the central core of the Great Solar Disc ...and at our center, the very heart of our own Permanent Atom. I AM the full infinite spectrum of Divine Light!

Within my own Sun Temple, I stand within the Great Solar Disc; and, at the frequency of my Solar Christ Self, I affirm:

My Mighty I AM Presence sets the tone and frequency
of my feelings the Divine Love of Holy Spirit.

My Mighty I AM Presence sets the tone and frequency
of my thoughts ...with the Perfection of the Mind of God.

My Mighty I AM Presence sets the tone and frequency
of my memories ...with my Causal Body Momentum.

My Mighty I AM Presence sets the tone and frequency
of my physical body Divine Health and Wellness.

Within the Great Solar Disc, I AM Transformed into my
True Identity, the Divine Instrument of the Cosmic Christ! Simultaneously, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity becomes
her True Identity: the established core of the I AM Race on Earth!

Beloved Ones; the Great Solar Disc has its own Harmony and Balance maintained by its own Holy Breath. Think on this. Let us visualize this Holy Breath. Imagine the Cosmic Three-fold Flame simultaneously pouring out from the Centre of our Great Solar Disc. It expands and projects around and above us ... around and throughout the world! Then, after this outbreath reaches its pinnacle, this Sacred Fire transforms from an expanding Flame into a triple helix of Love, Wisdom and Power ...and descends down the spine or axis of Earth, into the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the center (as well as individually through our Silver Cord and physical spine, through to our seven chakras and into the Permanent Atom of form)! This Inbreath Activity influences all Earth's Power Points well as our Creative Faculties arising from the Seven Chakras. Then, finishing its Inbreath down the Triple-Helix spiral to the center whence it began, it begins its next Outbreath, expanding out from the center of Earth and from the center of the Great Solar Disc.

As this Holy Breath cycles in and out, the Activities within the Circles and Spheres of the Great Solar Disc are intensified. This includes the Activity of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. Now, a pagoda's original purpose was to house relics, which represents Celestial Reality and Sacred Knowledge. Within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves, each level has its teachers as well as students. So, the Teachers at the Higher Frequency levels will be Ascended and Free Teachers. The Teachers of Spiritually Committed Humanity will be Spiritually Committed Teachers. Teachers of the mass consciousness of Humanity will be from the mass consciousness. Once into the complex plant and animal Kingdom, the single-cell Kingdom, as well as the sub-atomic realms, then the Teachers are of the Angelic and Devic legions. Let us watch for these Teachers at every level, and rejoice ...for this is the Activity of the World Teacher and of the Cosmic Christ in action!

Earth is a schoolroom for Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. The Teachers in this school always guide the pupil towards the Mighty God Presence within. In this ‘school' there will be all variety of students. There will be higher functioning students if in post graduate levels; then college and high school level students within Humanity and Elemental Kingdoms ...with Teachers at that level ...then further to the less mature within these Kingdoms, the kindergarten and preschoolers down through to toddlers and newborns that have to be around their parent / teacher at all times, with careful supervision. These are all the Children of Father-Mother God, each with Divine Potential but each with different spiritual needs and levels of guidance. The Great Solar Disc accounts for this, yielding every Teacher needed.

In the Solar Year Thoughtform, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves now expresses as radiating circles of the Seven Rays across all ‘levels of life existing in form' ...from sub-atomic, molecules, to DNA ...through to all levels of nature and Humanity. This brings all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of the Seven Rays directly into ‘all formed life', on a continuous, cyclic Holy Breath of Sacred Fire Energy, Vibration and Consciousness the Solar Year proceeds around the Twelve Houses of the Sun.

One specific aspect of ‘student' is the Fourth and Fifth Root Races. Here the purpose is to raise them up into the embrace of their Manu. But even beyond these original Root Race peoples are all the laggards that embodied with them (as an act of Cosmic Compassion). Each laggard soul must find their way home to their original home planet, for all things to be in Divine Order for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. Think of it! And the original Fourth and Fifth Root Races need to find their Home with their Manu, in the arms of their Silent Watcher. All of this Activity is the Sacred Purpose of our present Light Service within the Great Solar Disc.

The Divine Potential of this service goes far beyond this immediate necessity of Redemption. Imagine for a moment well into the Age of Spiritual Freedom. The collective Causal Body of the I AM Race and the Sun of Earth (as an Ascended Planet) can at some point become a Galactic Sun in its own right (if it so chooses). By then, the I AM Race of Earth will have a sufficient Causal Momentum to sustain its own System of Worlds, with each planet under this New Sun having its own Divine Plan and its own Root Races of Divine Beings. We are setting in motion this Divine Potential, with our current Light Service of Sacred Fire within the Solar Year Thoughtform! Yet we are (I AM!) focused mostly on the immediate necessity of Redemption, so that Earth is fully included in the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

Within this present Solar Year Thoughtform, the Doves of Holy Spirit may release their ‘level of formed life' into any or all Spheres, Realms and Dimensions within the Great Solar Disc. Thus every level is transformed: sub-atomic particles are seen throughout the Sun of New Earth; single cell life is seen in all the Realms of Light; complex plant and animal life thrives and finds its Divine Potential in all the Spheres of Sacred Fire; the masses of Humanity now attend their basic Teachings in the Law of Life in any and all of the Temples of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity; elevated Humanity now delves into their Divine Plan in more profound ways; and finally ‘spiritually committed Humanity', along all of the Seven Rays, now graduates into Ascended and Free Humanity! Then we reach the Divine Potential of each level ...until the criteria needed for the Great Cosmic Inbreath are fulfilled!

As Light Servers in this Initiation, we discover our Divine Presence intended for New Earth ...our physical Light Body ...our etheric Light Body ...our mental Light Body (Golden Aura Golden Robe) and our emotional Light Body (Rose-petaled Pulsating Pink Sun) ...our True Identity as a Solar Christ Self / Sun of the Sun with Mighty I AM Presence! And thus, our personal Sun Temple of Light Service becomes strongly affiliated with the Twelve Houses of the Sun around the Great Solar Disc ...and specifically with the House representing our Major Ray Type. Contemplate this! The Great Solar Disc contains these Twelve Aspects of Deity and thus represents the Twelve-fold I AM Race ...containing all Seven Root Races having completed their Divine Plan, forming the I AM Race!

I leave you to contemplate such Cosmic Awareness!



I AM circles; within circles; within circles!
Each circle is Multi-dimensional and only by becoming my
own Multi-dimensional Mighty God Presence own Infinite Circle of Light of the White Fire Being, do I see, know and become the Multi-dimensional nature of these Infinite Circles
of Light within the Great Solar Disc!

Beloved Ones: I AM the Silent Watcher Lady Circulata, who holds the Immaculate Concept for Humanity ...that she becomes the fullness of her Infinite Circle of Light, her White Fire Being! I hold the Oneness Consciousness of the Masculine and Feminine Ray in perfect Harmony and Balance. Within me is every White Fire Being of Humanity, who currently project their great Presence into the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...a Circle of Transmuting Transformation ...personal and global ...around New Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit.

The Great Solar Disc is like the Tree of Life ...its highest branches reach into the Higher Heavens and its roots run deep into the fabric of Humanity ...all of this held in the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. Every level of life aspires to achieve further into the Mysteries of Higher Frequency Realms of Light!

The Silent Watcher serves with the Elohim of Creation. So in this spirit, let us review the Laws of Creation: what you think and feel you bring into form. Humanity's etheric body is the aura of the physical body, but with the electron in its ‘wave-function' rather than in its ‘particle-function'. It is just a different frequency of expression of the same vehicle. Then we have our mental body composed of thought frequency. You can have thoughts or ideas with no particular feeling or emotion ...or any particular thought may have an array of feelings, but the two are separate. Then you have emotional frequency where you may have a particular feeling sometimes alone or other times associated with a particular thought or idea. But when you combine (unite in co-creation) the thought frequency and the feeling frequency this brings forth form frequency ...the emergence of a physical pattern of form. When you have perfect thinking and feeling you get Limitless Physical Perfection as the creation. When thoughts and feeling are less, you create less.

The physical body is the repository of what the other vehicles have created; at whatever frequency they have been operating. Within the Forcefield of the Great Solar Disc such creation takes place at Higher Frequency, thus producing a Divine Potential of an Eternal Life in the Light! So, as co-creators, let us invoke the Cosmic Flame of Spiritual Freedom to re-align and re-order our thought frequency; our feeling frequency; our etheric frequency and our physical frequency. Then we invoke the Cosmic Flames of Harmony and Balance, Youth and Beauty, etc. ...all the Perfection Patterns of Divine Consciousness and an Eternal Life in the Light! All of this is taking place within the Ceremonies of Sealing the Seventh Ray Spiritual Freedom ...with Violet Fire being the final Activity of Holy Spirit! And within the Great Solar Disc, Humanity is rushing forward in Consciousness into Holy Spirit!

Within the Creation Process, the Three-fold Flame presents itself in many geometric designs and arrangements. It may appear as the Flame on the Altar, with the clear Light of Universal I AM at its core. It may present as the circular Triple-Helix of Sacred Fire around the central core of clear Pure Light. It may appear as the Divine Axis, a horizontal rod of Triple-Helix Flame along the entire spine of the Solar Year Thoughtform. So, let us await our personal God Illumination ...our personal Revelation to what presentation it appears to us any given Meditation ...or any other moment in daily life!

As has been stated, the Great Solar Disc represents the ancient Power to see through human-ego illusion ...and well past it into the Glory of our True Identity. This comes from the original Teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy to the Fourth Root Race ...who, living in the Perfection Patterns of their Manu (Beloved Lord Himalaya), agreed to foster the laggards within their domain of Earth life. The Fourth Root Race were trained in ways to see through the karma the laggards would bring with them ...remaining focused on the Light of their Mighty I AM Presence and the Cosmic Momentum of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This Forcefield of True Vision yet remains powerfully pulsating within the Silent Watcher and awaits the Gathering of Ascended Humanity to inbreathe, absorb, expand and project into daily life!

The Great Solar Disc comprises all the recent Solar Year Thoughtforms into One Forcefield. During this current monthly cycle, it may appear as Golden with a Violet Radiance ...but will dance with whatever Divine Color is currently the focus of global Light Service. At some points, the Great Solar Disc will be experienced as a Higher Frequency substance, shining like molten gold, and tangibly experienced ...soft to the touch like liquid Light. It elevates the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of any person, place, condition or thing it touches ...or, is directed into by an Ascended and Free Being. A replica of the Great Solar Disc resides at the center of Lake Titicaca (Meru Gods), under its protective waters. But more importantly, it now will reproduce itself in every human heart every embodied Flame! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


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