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Feb 28, 2018



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



Together, standing in the Light of the Great Solar Disc:
I AM the tone, rhythm, melody, pulse, and cadence of the
Resurrection and the Life of Ascended and Free Humanity!



(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing Resurrection's Flame,
of the Eternal Restoration of Divine Potential within the Light!

I AM Expanding / Projecting Resurrection's Flame,
of the Eternal Restoration of Divine Potential within the Light!


I AM Ascended and Free: together, standing in the Light!
I AM an Infinite Circle of Light, inclusive
of all life living in the Light!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity union
with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all life in her Ascended State!

I AM the Resurrection and the Life!
I AM a Temple of the Sacred Fire!
I AM the Altar for the Flame!
I AM the Sacred Flame!
I AM that I AM!

Within the Great Solar Disc:

I AM seeing only the Vision of the Great I AM!
I AM hearing only the Voice of the Great I AM!
I AM feeling only the Caress of the Great I AM!
I AM smelling only the Scent of the Great I AM!
I AM tasting only the Essence of the Great I AM!
I AM touching only the Fabric of the Great I AM!
I AM moving only in a Rhythm of the Great I AM!
I AM living only the full Reality of the Great I AM!

I AM the Solar Christ Self, setting the tone and frequency
of my feelings the Divine Love of Holy Spirit.

I AM the Solar Christ Self, setting the tone and frequency
of my thoughts ...with the Perfection of the Mind of God.

I AM the Solar Christ Self, setting the tone and frequency
of my memories ...with that of my Celestial Remembrance.

I AM the Solar Christ Self, setting the tone and frequency
of my physical body at Divine Health and Wellness.

I AM the Universal Forcefield of Ascended and Free: the
Original State of Being or True Identity of all creation
...when functioning in their Divine Potential their Ascended and Free State.

I AM present to reveal Divine Potential:
free of self, time and space and functioning as the
Solar Christ Self, one with the Mighty I AM Presence!
I AM continuously revealing Divine Self; revealing Divine
Consciousness; and revealing an Eternal Life in the Light.

This is the Resurrection and the Life!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life!
I AM its Spiritual Freedom!

I AM Humanity accelerating into Seventh Ray Spiritual Freedom,
spiraling upward in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into
Holy Spirit. In Peace Divine, I see this acceleration as
karmic energies quickly arising to be purified,
as we currently see on the screen of life.

I AM empty of self and I AM the Cosmic Violet Flame[1],
all that is necessary for the Spiritual Freedom of all
Energy and Matter associated with Earth!

I AM empty of time and I AM the eternal Violet Flame,
continuously blazing until the full Resurrection and
the Life of Ascended and Free Earth is complete!
I AM empty of space and I AM the Violet Fire's
Infinite Radiant Light of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness filling the entire world which is now within me, within the
Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...that I AM!

I enter every situation in daily life within the Great Solar Disc. Here I ‘stand in' for every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being.
Here I bring the Sacred Fire of Divine Alchemy, Order and
Alignment, into every person, place, condition and
thing I encounter in my daily life on Earth!

Within the Great Solar Disc, I function beyond self, time and space, bringing Transformation, Comfort and Compassion
into the cause, core, effect, record and memory
of the entire global human condition.

Within the Great Solar Disc, I AM a Forcefield of the Resurrection:                  I AM a Forcefield of an Eternal Life in the Light:
I AM a Forcefield of the Ascension:
...of all life on Earth!


[1] Or Wisdom Flame, Love Flame, Truth Flame, Peace Flame, etc


Beloved Co-servers, for this monthly cycle let us focus on preparation for Easter and the Resurrection and the Life of Ascended and Free Humanity. This requires setting a Higher Frequency for Humanity ...continuously setting a Sacred Tone or Frequency as a pacemaker cell within the Heart of New Humanity. Together, standing in the Light, we are (I AM!) setting the tone, rhythm, melody, pulse, cadence and progression of New Humanity. As we each contemplate our Light Service this month, let us feel we serve with the Solar Christ Self of all Humanity doing the same, bathing the globe in an accelerating Ascended and Free tone, rhythm, melody, pulse, and cadence!

We are each a foundational pillar of Divine Light, building and sustaining the Temple of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity. Each Column of Light represents the Resurrection and the Life of another brother or sister within Humanity ...until this Temple to the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is global ...and houses all Humanity ...inclusive of all life living Free in the Light! Together we are (I AM!) the constant pulsation of Sacred Energy, Matter and Intelligence that creates this Temple to the Sun the Sun of New Earth and her Ascended and Free Humanity! I AM the Star of Spiritual Freedom!

In astronomy, it is ‘pulsar stars' that rhythmically set a tone and wave-frequency ...deep from within the heart of the cosmos. Their pulsations can be seen, heard and felt across the Galaxy. Similarly, a group of cells (pacemaker cells) in the physical heart create rhythmic electrical impulses that sustain the beating rhythm of the heart ...and thus the constant flow of life giving nurturance to the rest of the body ...including the brain, which then sustains Consciousness. In the Great Solar Disc we operate at both the ‘cosmic level' (a pulsar star) and the ‘physical level' (pacemaker cells) ...for we represent the Cosmic Christ ...the great mediator between ‘man and God' a constant pulsation of Ascended and Free Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within daily life. This is our Light Service in its simplest terms.

But serving together, we create the Light of a Thousand Suns ...a Billion Suns ...a united Oneness Consciousness. We are (I AM!) Builders of a planet of Great Light Builders ...building an Eternal Life in the Light ...the New Sun of Earth ...the Star of Spiritual Freedom! Together, standing in the Light: I AM the Solar Infrastructure of New Earth! Here we become (here I AM!) the Resurrection and the Life of the Mighty I AM Presence and its Cosmic Causal Body in the world ...all the Perfection Patterns and Divine Momentum of Celestial Qualities we have generated through our Eternal Journey in the Light. Here we Resurrect this total ‘sum of Light' (‘Sun of Light') into daily life ...from out the tomb of human creation that has hidden it. And here we set the Tone for this Resurrection and the Life for all Humanity their pacemaker cells in the Heart of their I AM Race!

Pacemaker cells in the physical heart create electrical activity, which contains the necessary intelligence of correct rhythm and vibration. These cells receive ‘their intelligence' from electronic sources ...within the Higher Frequency Light cascading in along the Silver Cord from the Mighty I AM Presence. In science this would be explained as the photon expressing ‘as its wave' (full of intelligence / God Illumination) ...transmitted into photon expressing ‘as particle' ...full of the same God Illumination but now on the physical plane, producing ‘intelligent electric activity' with the heart. This allows physical life to go on! In spiritual terms, the Silver Cord of Electronic Light from the Mighty I AM Presence becomes ‘atomic light / electricity' operating in form. Hence the source of the intelligence is pure and creates the proper rhythm for natural health (unless ego interferes and produces dis-ease). The Gathering of Ascended Humanity becomes ‘pulsar stars / pacemaker cells' during this gestation of the I AM Race ...soon to experience its full re-birth on Earth!

In this description of our Light Service, let us remember that it is vital that the pacemaker cells receive only the One Pure Electronic Message so that ‘the heart beats in unison' (and not in a confused or erratic way). For it is sustaining the rest of the body of the I AM Race. Thus it is so important to ensure the Gathering of Ascended Humanity receives only Divine Intelligence from a Higher Source (from our Mighty I AM Presence or other Perfected Beings) ...rather than from parallel (or lower) mass Consciousness.   Many voices are speaking to us in this time. Ascended Master Teaching has always been to turn to the Great God Self within as the only Master!  Even in Ascended and Free Light Service, the only Source for Truth is validation from the Great God Self through meditation. So, when we receive the Journal of Ascended and Free, we affirm its Truth from within! We are (I AM!) always free to accept or reject any portion of teachings / writings not in accord with our Great God Self. So ...with this Spiritual Freedom in mind, let us proceed.

Scientists speak of the ‘fabric' of time/space if we are wrapped in a fabric or framework ...which science itself understands to be ‘limiting' to our ‘scope of reality'.  What throws off this ‘blanket' of restriction is the Pure Frequency of Being ...empowering its Energy, Vibration and Consciousness through means that we know of as meditation ...and, actively applying and directing Sacred Fire ...the gateway to Spiritual Freedom.  But Sacred Fire is like electricity ...we cannot normally see it but we know it's there! Similar to electricity, Sacred Fire requires a mechanism to constructively make use of it instrument through which it flows well as a ‘plug in' to access its source.

This ‘instrument' and ‘access' turns out to be a focused Consciousness.  The science of Light Service is to acknowledge and accept the existence of Sacred Fire ...then focus, concentrate and condense its Sacred Presence into us ...then anchor and assimilate it within our embodied presence ...then eventually direct and expand its influence into other persons, places, conditions and things ...eventually influencing / transforming the entire world.  This is the Path of Ascended Mastery! In this way, ‘I AM a Divine Director and Co-creator of the World'. We were all originally designed for this simply an ‘out post' of what our Mighty I AM Presence continuously does in the Cosmic Realms (where the electron functions in its ‘electronic wave mode') ...but for us to replicate in the ‘world of form' (electron as particle) daily life on Earth.

For embodiment, we are given an ‘Altar of Sacred Fire' during gestation, the Three-fold Flame projected into our physical heart, which anchors our Silver Cord, our stream of the ‘Electronic Light of Creation' from the Mighty I AM Presence. The Three-fold Flame at the Heart then relays this Life Force to the brain, in order to create and sustain consciousness on the physical plane. Physical embodiment was intended to expand the borders of Perfection within that Divine Light ...into time and space!

Originally we were to evolve slowly out of this ‘fabric of time and space' and ‘ascend' back into ‘timeless / spaceless eternity' in the Ascended Master Realms of Light.  This was to take 14,000 years (approximately), with seven cycles of 2000 years ...each cycle under the directing influence of one of the Seven Major Rays. This ‘arc of development' went according to Divine Plan for the first three Root Races. But it became far more complicated when (during the third sub-race of the Fourth Root Race), in an act of unparalleled compassion, Humanity accepted the laggards into her family of Root Race's ...after which the introduction of ego usurped the ‘throne of creation' (process of creation) and redirected evolution downward in frequency (devolving), rather than upwards in frequency, evolving towards the Ascension. This gives us historical context for our Light Service of the moment.

Basic science reveals that light is composed of photons, which are particles with no mass, but composed of energy and information.  Photons are vessels of Light ...and function as both particle and wave all the time! Their purpose on a sub-atomic level seems to be to allow the interaction of other particles, included in which are electrons, protons and neutrons that create the basic atoms of ‘form'. This reveals photons of Light as a kind of cohesive power of Oneness Consciousness ...from the most basic sub-atomic level well as on every ascending level thereafter ...every level of our Pagoda of Seven white Ascension Doves ...through to Ascended and Free Divine Consciousness. It is the nature of Divine Light to continually Ascend!

‘Within time', the known ‘physical' universe began with just sub-atomic particles. And ‘eventually' (which is a length of ‘time') we evolved through the levels of life on Earth (the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves), up to its apex in Ascended and Free Consciousness.  This would be called ‘Darwinian evolution'. However, outside of time every level has always existed ...from the soupy mix of particles from which life evolved, through to plant and animal life, through to ‘mass consciousness' and the many levels of ‘evolving Consciousness' of Humanity ...through to Ascended Master Consciousness!  Within ‘time', it had taken billions of years to evolve towards God Reality.  This is the science taught in schools and is ‘experimentally evident'.  But Consciousness extends beyond that which is currently validated by experimentation and measured by instruments ...because there is no instrument beyond consciousness that can measure consciousness. Consciousness is only validated by experiencing it ...striving to become it ...on any level of life!

Hence the importance of taking advantage of our ‘Divine Instrument of Consciousness' outside of time and space ...where we may see ‘all life all at once' and thus choose our level of existence ...our Spiritual Freedom! We may choose what level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves to ‘abide in' any given moment.  And, we may hold the entire Pagoda within us ...Ascending all life with us! I AM the Resurrection and the Life of all life! And SO IT IS!

A ‘pagoda' in Japanese culture is built to contain relics of great people who have come before us. Relics are important in many religious or cultural perspectives.  In Ascended and Free Consciousness we understand these ‘relics' to be the ‘Ascended Master Teachings' ...the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Ascended Masters who have come before us ...that have been left for us at each level, allowing us to evolve from one level of the pagoda to the next ...until we reach the apex.  Now is the Cosmic Moment to do exactly this ...not only individually, but also with all Humanity ...through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love within the Feminine Ray.

In Ascended Master Teachings, it has been said that the Seven Elohim created the Earth, following the blueprint of Father / Mother God. Originally, our sweet Earth was made from translucent crystalline substance, where the Flame of Life within the Earth (Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at its center) could be seen from the surface. The Elemental Kingdom expressed as Sacred Flame flowers well as other Perfection Patterns ‘made manifest'.  Our bodies were more etheric and radiated Youth and Beauty in an Aura of iridescent Light.  And we could consciously communicate with the spirit of all Elemental expressions (the Devic Realm) and the entire Angelic Hosts. This is captured in mythology but was reality in the first three Root Races ...all of who ascended back to their Manu ...according to the Divine Plan!

So ...this Ascended Master Teaching is True, just as it is taught.  This is Buddha's Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light well as our current Light Service as Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light! But this is one aspect of truth, one level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves, where every level always evolving into the next, towards their Divine Potential in the Light. The physical science we all ‘learned in school' is another aspect of truth ...where a sea of sub-atomic particles eventually evolving into single cell life forms, then into complex plant and animal species ...then into Humanity in all her diversity ...over billions of years.  In Spiritual Freedom, we choose our lens of reality ...and now, we choose the Ascended Master perspective!

Scientists have faith in the laws of the physical universe because of certain ‘constants', things one can always depend on ‘no matter what' matter if you believe in them or not.  Examples of ‘constants' are the laws of gravity; electrical charges of particles; and the speed of light. But the Spiritual Universe also has ‘constants' as well.  These are what we call the Laws of Life:  What you think and feel, you bring into form; what you meditate upon, that you become; where you attention goes your energy flows and your energy is your life!  These Laws are as constant as gravity.  And we believe that Spiritual Law supersedes physical laws, when one truly sees their Spiritual Freedom is theirs to choose! Even in pictures of the Ascension, we see a body lifting off the ground, defying the law of gravity, superseded by a Higher Law of Ascension.  (In reality the Ascension represents an ascending Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, rather than ascending within time and space coordinates).

The marriage of science and religion/philosophy/spirituality is based in the Truth that there are Seven Rays of Co-creation ...the Seven Steps of Precipitation. The Fifth Ray of precise, measurable science is but one of them ...and equally as important as the others ...but not more so.  Therefore, if a person believes something that science has not yet understood or experimentally validated, it does not necessarily mean they are ‘anti-science,' but rather taking into account another of the Seven Rays of Reality ...another path of discovery.  Our spiritual exploration is equally valid as scientific exploration and the future of Ascended and Free Humanity requires both ...and, for both to be at their cooperative best.

An example of this marriage is a quote from a famous astro-physicist: "We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out ...and we have only just begun".  This is ‘truth' to the scientist as well as the spiritual explorer. Scientific discovery is driven by the universality of physical laws governing the physical universe ...and spiritual discovery is driven by universality of Spiritual Laws governing the spiritual universe.  One is the electron expressing as a particle (creating form) ...and the other is the electron expressing its wave function in Spirit!  And just as the electron or photon is both its particle and wave function simultaneously, so is Humanity!  And so is the marriage of science and spirituality  ...both existing ...and, being the mirror of the other ...form and spirit!
Regarding the personal Ascension, the Ascended Masters have always stated that the main goal in daily life is the end to criticism, condemnation and judgment ...for these actions downgrade the Electronic Light of the Mighty I AM Presence to a lower human vibration more quickly than anything else. So, Harmony and Balance is the key ...the Middle Way of the Beloved Buddha. And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


On the Requirements of a Golden Age

*Soul recognition and soul acceptance ...that there is only ONE Power acting in the Universe, One Consciousness, One Energy, One Wisdom, One Will, One Love...

*A constant Radiation of Peace and Harmony ...achievable if the emotional body is in balance it is the vessel of Higher Divine Energies and the most powerful of our four embodied vehicles.

*A clear understanding that the physical world is a reflection of consciousness ...the outer ‘world of effects' reflects the inner spiritual ‘world of cause' ...the origins of which lay in Divine Consciousness.

*A constant Radiation of Love a cascading Aura of Light emanating in daily life.

*A clear Divine Understanding that we are our own liberators ...that Divine Salvation comes from within.

*A constant synchronicity and alignment with the Electronic Currents from our Divine Presence: "I and the Father are One!"

*A clear understanding that we are an impersonal Vessel of Light (no ego), designed to hold the planet and its evolutions in our Light ...deeply accepting that "I AM the Light of the World"!

*Accepting our individual Divine Plan exactly as it is... being open to the directions from our Higher Self and following its directions ...allowing for and surrendering to a Higher Will.

*Realize and recognize the Divine Presence of Universal I AM everywhere! It is called ‘a Presence' because it is already here, there and everywhere present ... it is a Presence in all things!

*Consciously seeing our True Identity as our own Sacred Flame ...and its Infinite Radiant Light, everywhere present.

*A clear ‘Soul understanding' that there is only unity, cohesion and integration ...within all life everywhere.

*A clear ‘Soul acceptance' that there is only Light in the Universe, ...sustaining a clear loving adoration for that Light and a Divine desire to become more of that Light expressing its Perfection.

*A clear ‘Soul understanding' of our Divine Potential of Ascended Mastery ...that each embodiment is an opportunity for training in the invocation, attraction, molding, focusing and radiation of perfection patterns (as Energy, Vibration and Consciousness) that are already in the Electronic Spheres of Light around the Earth ...qualifying them with our own individual I AM pattern and Divine Tone as an individual Ascended Master Consciousness ...continuously ‘expanding the borders of perfection' of Father-Mother God.

I AM all of this! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



On liberating our ever-evolving True Identity within the Theme and Thoughtform of 2018

Beloved Expressions of Ascended and Free Light Service; come forth now and stand with me my Light; within my Sun of the Sun; within my Sun Temple in the Central Sun! For I stand within all of this Light of Liberty within the Great Solar Disc! During this Solar Year, while together, standing in this Light: I AM granting the Liberty for all Humanity to function at the frequency of their personal Great God Self! And SO IT IS! I now invite you to join me here in this Celestial Light Service!

In 2018, my service within the Great Solar Disc is for all Humanity to clearly envision their Spiritual Liberty ...unique to each one in their own cultural, religious, national or racial terms. I AM uniting with every Solar Christ Self in creating experiences of feeling Transformed into their True Identity ...specific to each one (for even a fleeting moment) ...of knowing the Divine Instrument they were created to be. As this endeavor expands globally, it simultaneously allows the Gathering of Ascended Humanity to further become its True Identity ...ever-expanding the established core of the I AM Race on Earth ...inclusive of all life living Free in the Light!

Spiritual Liberty is a powerful drive, experienced mostly as a feeling state ...a heart-level knowing! From within the Great Solar Disc, Holy Spirit reaches all Humanity on an ever more powerful feeling level her most potent level of acceptance. Many forces ‘tug at the feelings' of Humanity, but now an emotional Forcefield of Holy Spirit will overcome all others in a Revelation of Spiritual Liberty. The Temple of Holy Spirit is a focus that reaches all Humanity and is anchored by all functioning Disciples of Holy Spirit ...whatever their cultural or religious background. Holy Spirit liberates Humanity from the shackles of human ego mis-creation (karma) ...offering Sacred Holiness at a deep feeling level, an unspoken Spiritual Freedom of True Identity and Eternal Peace.

The Eternal Flame is always Spiritually Liberated and Spiritually Liberating ...the very essence of Transcendent Freedom. Thus, when empty of self and becoming the True Identity of being only Flame ...then ‘I AM Spiritually Free'! This Liberty is constantly present even if there are imbalances in daily life ...whether in relationships; finances; or the injustice of the outer world. The Resurrection and the Life into Spiritual Freedom is beyond all of these circumstances ...when knowing only Flame. Look at the outer circumstances of Beloved Jesus and other Ascended Master Teachers. Like them, we can serve these outer circumstances with our Light and always try to improve them ...but in the same moment, knowing it is only the Eternal Flame that carries the Love, Wisdom and Power to truly do so.

There is a continuity of Spiritual Freedom ...from before embodiment ...through embodiment ...and after embodiment. There is therefore a continuity of Spiritual Freedom from embodiment to embodiment. And as well, our personal Cosmic Momentum of Spiritual Freedom from Realms of Light far beyond this sweet Earth is also ours to claim ...through invocation, meditation and spiritual practice within daily life. Our Causal Body is a specific Forcefield of this Causal Momentum within and around our personal Temple of Ascended and Free ...within the Realms of Precipitation, Co-creation and Causation from which we all currently serve.

There is a Buddhist philosophy that proposes: ‘Do not take your life seriously, for then you find true spiritual liberation'. Our circumstances of this particular embodiment are just that ...persons, places, conditions and things specific to this embodiment and the karma needed to be worked out. We have had many different circumstances in previous embodiments (pleasant and difficult) and yet still, we have built a Cosmic Momentum of Spiritual Freedom in Light Service ...from whatever religious, cultural or political realities we knew in those previous embodiments.

Liberty of Light Service comes from knowing our promise at the ‘gates of birth' ...that we are simply offered an embodiment of Light Service, whatever the outer circumstances! And we accepted this! Thus we do not allow the persons, places, conditions and things of this present embodiment to choose whether we think, feel and act Spiritually Free. Rather we choose only that we become Eternal Flame as our True Identity ...and living that, remain Spiritually Free in our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This is the Resurrection and the Life ...out of the tomb of circumstances and into the Infinite Radiant Light, of an Eternal Life in the Light!

Empty of self does not mean always free of problems ...but rather that we can be loyal to our Focus on Light Service and that the flow of Electronic Light through us remains pure (un-requalified), despite our daily life problems. This becomes easier once we accept the second part of that affirmation: empty of self and therefore I AM only Flame! Empty of self also implies that the ‘imbalance of self' is being steadily ‘cleared out' at the level of cells, atoms and electrons, as well as molecules, organs and meridians. This is where true healing occurs ...where cells, atoms and electrons return to their Original Innocence of natural Youth and Beauty, Harmony and Balance, Strength and Stamina ...manifesting an Eternally Peaceful Life in the Light!

Spiritual Liberty includes ‘archaeology of the true self' ...a phrase we might borrow to describe ‘discovering and transmuting the layers of ego from many embodiments'. This is a necessary process and it is accelerating see it all around you. It is preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. In Ascended and Free Light Service, the goal is to firstly observe it in our detached Buddha Nature, while maintaining a frequency of Harmony and Balance in the face of apparent difficulties. This is embodied Transcendent Freedom. The second goal is to simultaneously be the Divine Directors of Sacred Fire (Priests and Priestesses rhythmically invoking, concentrating and directing the Flame) ...forever setting this ‘innocent life' free!

Both of these aspects are seen as part of the process of the Ascension ...rather than ‘circumstances being something to simply endure'. It has been said that our most difficult times are also our greatest teacher. The difficult circumstance is illusion the sense that it is not permanent ...but nonetheless experienced as real in the moment. Again, this is but Original Innocence and Purity that was previously mis-qualified returning to be transmuted to its Divine Potential ...and re-qualified into originally intended Perfection Patterns. We are (I AM!) its source ...and it is simply coming home ... with ‘we' being the individual ...or, the collective (the Culture, the Nation, the Religion or the Race) involved with that karmic experience or circumstance.

Again, the Violet Fire (and its Higher Frequencies of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness) is the Keynote of such Divine Alchemy ...of transmuting this energy back to Harmony and Balance. So as we practice Harmony and Balance in the face of these circumstances, these qualities also become the very ‘receiving home' for these injured energies requiring a healing. These energies seek out their own Purification, Resurrection and Ascension return to their Ascended and Free State within the Spheres of Light of our Causal Body (individual or collective). Thus our True Identity is continuously ‘born again' ...from these energies returning home Victoriously!

By letting go persons, places, conditions and things ...empty of self, time and space ...leaving only Original Innocence and Purity ...we are (I AM!) born again into the Light of the Three-fold Flame ...the Light of the Seven-fold Solar Christ Self / Mighty I AM Presence ...and, the Light of the Twelve-fold Flame of the White Fire Being and all the Solar Deities within the Great Solar Disc. And in this Ascended State, here we gather in the Central Temple of Liberty ...together, standing in the Light of the Solar Archangels in the Great Solar Disc, on our evolving Path to Solar Consciousness. And, SO IT IS!

Some of you know my relationship with our Beloved Saint Germain ...that I AM his Cosmic Mother! Thus, let us invoke his Beloved Violet Fire into our service this month. Standing together with Him in the Light of Liberty's Flame, let us affirm:

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire
all cause and core not of Gods desire!
I AM a Being of Cause alone,
that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone!

(And now enveloped in a great pillar of Violet Fire ...)
Transmute me physically of all disease, distress and aging.
Transmute me etherically of all memories / triggers of the past.
Transmute me mentally of judgment, criticism and condemnation.
Transmute me emotionally of all anxiety, and depression and fear.

Now I AM the Eternal Flame and its Eternal Spiritual Liberty!


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