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Sep 1, 2020



I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:








(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Eternal Flame of the Cosmic Christ it ‘embodies into Perfect Light Service' to Humanity.

I AM Expanding / Projecting the Eternal Flame of the Cosmic Christ it ‘embodies into Perfect Light Service' to Humanity.


I AM that I AM ...that I AM!
I began as Eternal Flame and I remain Eternal Flame!
I AM forever an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM complete as a Solar Christ Being ...but I AM also
one cell of the Wholeness of the Cosmic Christ!

I pass into the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light
as I practice my daily Light Service to Humanity.

I AM in Oneness Consciousness with Humanity, as well as 
the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals.

The Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ
streams through my Lifestream, and into and through the
Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...the
entire Lifeforce of our sweet Earth!

I AM the Code of Conduct of the Cosmic Christ pouring
through my personal Christ Self, to ensure Victory
of the Transformational Events in Consciousness 
now occurring on ‘micro and macro domains' 
...on all levels of the Pagoda of Seven 
White Ascension Doves.

I AM the Cosmic Christ in action through me!
I AM the Cosmic Christ in action through me!
I AM the Cosmic Christ in action through me!

I AM a Disciple of Holy Spirit within daily life!
I AM a Disciple of Holy Spirit within daily life!
I AM a Disciple of Holy Spirit within daily life!



Beloved Cells of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity; in a world that seems to be falling apart, we sometimes wonder how to behave or what to think and feel.  But the ‘calling' of Light Service is strong and more forceful than all the illusion of negativity and imbalance.  So, let us simply decide in the simplest terms, that even in these difficult times, to present ourselves as the Purest Form of Light service possible for this Cosmic Moment.  Let us remember the Cosmic Assistance we receive ...and honor that. For think of it ...if we attended an Ascended Master Retreat and especially if we were ‘to meet the Master', we would cleanse and purify heart, mind, and body for such an opportunity. So, with similar purpose, we prepare for each day of current Light service in this fashion ...for in fact, we do meet the Master at the Higher Frequencies of Consciousness. A conscious visitation to an Ascended Master Retreat would be personally enlightening and spiritually rewarding. Yet there is a much more vital purpose in our united Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...together, standing in the Light on this present Cosmic Moment.

We are very aware of the Transformational Events in Consciousness occurring on tangible levels of daily life ...such as public health, political and economic issues.  But there is a much deeper, broader, and more profound ‘Multi-dimensional Transformation' taking place, than simply ‘the obvious'.  Some examples are hidden in nature, where science has now found evidence of sub-atomic particles that previously remained unseen, undetected, or unquantifiable.  But now they are seen and detected which changes the face of this science. The entire Elemental Kingdom is transforming as evidenced by unexpected changes in plant, animal, and mineral life across the globe.  Some events are microscopic (sub-atomic particle discoveries) and others are macroscopic, as for example the magnetic ‘flipping of the poles' north and south is occurring at a much faster rate than scientific models would have ever suggested.  This is the Age of ‘Feminine Ray rebalancing' of the previous Masculine Ray predominance ...all part of the Next Life Wave Coming!

So, what Light Servers have dreamed of and hoped for is here and is happening.  But the further we get into this Transformation along the Great Cosmic Inbreath, the more important it becomes that it is guided and directed by the ‘Light of Sacred Fire' of embodied beings manifesting the Cosmic Christ (...rather than through the singular efforts of the Spiritual Hierarchy only).  Every Office of the Spiritual Hierarchy and of the Great Light Brotherhood offers more and more assistance ...but only as it pertains to the streaming of the Next Life Wave Coming through the Gathering of Ascended Humanity.  This includes ‘all the goodness of the world' being the format of such streaming ...yet centered and directed through conscious Light Servers, living daily life.  The Spiritual Hierarchy was always to be externalized ...and so NOW IT IS!

Imagine we, as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, are the conductor of an exceptionally large orchestra.  We are one Being guiding the program ...and like a conductor, we can see the entire score of the program being performed. But the orchestra itself is all ‘the goodness in the world' through every person, place, condition and thing that currently creates goodness and streams it into the world ...anywhere globally.  This is our position within the Spiritual Hierarchy.  The Great Ones support our efforts from Cosmic Levels through the formation of Celestial Forcefields which we then Invoke and ‘stream' into the world.

Then imagine the ‘original composer' of the ‘program being performed' is ‘just back of us' as the conductor...the Spiritual Hierarchy just on the other side of the veil ...prompting us as to how to ‘play the program' just as it was originally written! Imagine! They do so via ‘signals of intuition' of Higher Frequency thoughts and feelings.  The original Composer also prompts us (as the conductor) through ‘Celestial allies' in this endeavor ...sending Angelic Messengers at ‘every passage in the score' (of this Symphony of a New Age) ...and through the Gathering of Ascended Humanity (as the conductor) to all sections of the orchestra ...all the ‘goodness of the world' that we all ‘play it perfectly' in daily life.  The Angels, Elohim and Ascended Masters all engage Humanity through us via Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...but we do the directing ...and Humanity does the ‘playing of the instruments' the world of form.

The Next Life Wave Coming is the Cosmic Tone, Performance or Keynote we have all ‘tuned our Divine Instrument' to during this embodiment well as leading up to this embodiment. This is just like the entire orchestra tunes with the Concert Master to ‘middle C' just before the performance.  The Ascended Masters see ahead into the future the Conductor knows which passage is coming next in the musical score ...and is preparing for that change even as the present passage is being played. And the Gathering of Ascended Humanity plays our instruments ...even as we also attune to the Conductor on High see the Next Life Wave Coming!

In order to assist the Gathering of Ascended Humanity in attuning to the Divine Conductor and Composer, Ascended and Free now presents earlier Ascended Master Teachings from across time, cultures and religions that have been offered to accomplish this ‘Attunement with the Divine' for all of the various stages of Human development (see A, B, C, and D). We present this in the spirit of the orchestra and the conductor, attuning all our Divine Instruments in the same Key, Tone, Vibration and Energy Level of all the Sacred Fire Forcefields now in action this Solar Year. Consider this the encouragement of daily conduct of our Creative Faculties if we were in training in Ascended Master Temples.  Much of this will be familiar to the Light Servers ...but some may be ‘just the needed direction' to supplement the years of Ascended and Free Teachings ...which have generally been conceptual, rather than clearly directive.  Enjoy!


(from original, ancient Vedic documents)


"To Children of God who walk the Path of Life and in that Journey seek the purpose for their being ...Greetings!

Service is the Law of Life. From the moment individualization takes place, the Flame begins to accept the responsibility to give a balance to the Universe for the privilege of drawing breath, using Life and sustaining a separate existence, through which understanding and illumination bring freedom to the consciousness.

As the Law of one's Being is Service, the experience-life will constantly make it necessary for the individual in some manner to serve his community, his nation, his fellow man. Individuals who do not choose to serve are temporarily taken out of the race of Life (a longer pause between embodiments) until they will accept again their responsibility to be conscious servants on Life's Path. Yet all the heartache, disappointment, disillusion, and failure of embodiment that comes, is because the natural drive within the Lifestream to serve has not been illumined to a point where the individual knows that ‘service to the Godhead alone' is the Law of Being ...and the ultimate purpose for creation and sustained Life.

When a person serves individuals, as for example serving a nation, a monarch, the presiding head of a country, he/she serves ‘form' ...and  the  return  will always contain the imperfection which such ‘externalized form' finds at the heart centre of its being. When man serves God, his service will take him into the presence of individuals, nations, or monarchs, and he will greatly benefit them all ...yet knowing that neither his reward nor his ultimate goal will come from these beneficiaries. People who now serve through duty or moral exactitude, one day will understand ‘First Cause' ...and serve God through Love, as their only desire.

The physical Sun is shining in your Heaven. Humanity is the beneficiary of its light, but the Sun shines for the Glory of God. Helios (Whose aura is the Sun to the Earth) is not cognizant of the many who benefit by His Presence ...nor of those who curse the heat that parches the fields or possibly the light that illumines the ‘dark doings' which prefer the shadow . His service is to shine for the Glory of God and then He knows no disappointment ...because there is One unfailing Source of Gratitude and Love and Constancy ...and that is the Universal First Cause.

To serve God does not mean to disassociate oneself from one's fellow man, nor cast off the obligations that experience-life has called the soul to accept (daily care of self and others). But it is the motive of your life, action and being, that sets the desire to serve the Universal First Cause of Good. Whenever you meet goodness, then enrich the Cause of Good! But not to the point where you expect return from the object which happens to benefit by your Love of God. For your ‘higher return' will always come from the Sun of your own Being.

How many brave beings have missed the mark in life by misunderstanding the Law of Service? In each Nation today, there are many serving their own desire for authority in the creation of form ...through thought and feeling ...and they must again dedicate their ‘soul nature' to Service of the God-purpose, as the Sun does, before they shall come again to peace.

Service is the expansion of the Three-fold Flame of one's Being ...expanding its Love, Wisdom and Power. It is the externalization of (higher frequency) energy waves. The Sacred Flame will bring on its ‘return current' the vibration of that which is served. Two individuals standing on the same spot, performing exactly the same physical acts, can receive an entirely different return current, determined by the motive which they have decided to serve, preceding the actual activity.

The one dedicated to serving God's Cause in bringing happiness to life, can render the same physical ministration and yet be utterly relieved of any feeling that a recompense shall come from the object so benefited. Another, with equal sincerity, seeing a need for ministration, desiring to relieve some apparent need as the externalized objective, but does not center his service and dedicate it Godward ...but rather rushes forward, fills the need, then, having served ‘the limited', receives back into himself only the gift that the imperfect can offer ...and if he receives none, is embittered in his service.

I have come and remained in your civilization because My Love of the Father of Light and the Mother of Love is great enough that I would bring to your race the Gift of Their Presence. And when my work is done, I shall leave. But neither your race, nor your time, nor your failures, nor your successes, shall enter into the quality of My Service. If there be one or one million that benefit, it is no matter, and one day when you feel likewise, you will know Peace. For Peace comes only when, to the best of your ability, you are endeavoring to serve the Cause of Good ...externalize it ...and have no concern with any external activity, in relation to its effects upon your Service."

Lord Krishna


...On "individual application" and what it implies,
from the Lord Maha Chohan ...Teacher and Mentor to the Chohans of the Seven Rays ...and Representative of Holy Spirit to Earth. 
His Teacher / Mentor is Holy Aeolus, representative of
Holy Spirit to our Solar System

1. Be conscious ever that you aspire to the fullest expression of God and devote all your being and service to that end, as expressed so ably in the First Commandment.

2. Learn the lesson of harmlessness; neither by word nor thought, nor feeling, inflict imbalance upon any part of Life. Know that improper action and physical violence are but the lesser part of the sin of harmful expression. Guard against criticism, condemnation, and judgment.

3. Stir not another's sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately.  Know that the storm in which you place his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the banks of your own Lifestream.  Rather, bring tranquility to life, and be as the Psalmist so ably puts it "oil on the troubled waters".

4. Disassociate yourself from the personal delusion. Do not allow self-justification to reveal that you love ‘self' more than the Harmony of the Universe. If you are right, there is no need to acclaim it; if you are wrong, pray for forgiveness. Being mindful of ‘self', you will find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of Right, called "self-righteousness". Guard against spiritual pride.

5. Walk gently through the Universe, knowing that the body is a Temple in which dwells the Holy Spirit ...that brings peace and illumination to life everywhere. Keep your Temple always in a respectful and cleanly manner, as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Truth. Respect and honor in gentle dignity all other Temples, knowing that often within a crude exterior burns a greater Light.

6. In the presence of Nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of Her Kingdom in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her innocence with imbalanced thoughts or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil Her virgin beauty.

7. Do not form or offer opinions unless invited to do so ...and then only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance. Again, guard against criticism, condemnation, and judgment in the mind.

8. Speak when the Mighty God Presence within chooses to say something through you. At other times, remain peacefully silent ...detached like a Buddha.

9. God's rules so unobtrusive that no one shall know that you aspire to Godliness ...lest the force of his outer will might be pitted against you ...and, so as not to allow your service to become impinged with pride.

10. Let your heart be a Song of Gratitude ...that the Most High has given into your keeping the Spirit of Life ...which through you, chooses to widen the Borders of Perfection.

11. Be alert always to use your Creative Faculties and the Electronic Light loaned to you by the Father of all Life, in a manner to extend His Kingdom.

12. Claim nothing for yourself, neither powers nor principalities, any more than you claim the air you breathe or the Sun; using them freely but knowing it is all Universal I AM revealing herself.
13. In speech and action, be gentle ...but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the Living God within the Temple.

14. Constantly place all the faculties of your Being, and all the Inner unfoldment of your Divine Nature, at the feet of the God Power within ...especially when endeavoring to manifest perfection through one in distress.

15. Let your watchwords be gentleness, humility, and loving service. But do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy. The servant of Father / Mother God, like the Sun in the Heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly outpouring the gifts which are in his/her particular keeping.

Blessings and Love, Maha Chohan

C. The EIGHT-FOLD PATH OF THE BUDDHA (one of the Four Noble Truths)

1. Right understanding ...of our own Ascension Path and of the present Cosmic Moment for our sweet Earth. 
2. Right thought ...knowing the mind guides the feelings, which is the real power. Taken together, they form creation ...for, ‘what you think and feel you bring into form'!
3. Right speech ...speaking with the Voice of the Great I AM ...both inwardly to self ...and outwardly to others.
4. Right action ...that our deeds and action are in alignment with the Divine Purpose of our Light Service.  
5. Right livelihood ...that the mundane aspects of daily life, in providing the necessities of embodiment and in the caring of others, is balanced and harmonious.
6. Right effort ...that all endeavors of thought, feeling, word and deed are given over to the Mighty God Presence within. Effort at this!
7. Right mindfulness ...of the Purity of the Electronic Light pouring in from the Mighty I AM Presence ...and its purpose of revealing its Perfection Patterns in daily life.
8. Right concentration ...focused on the Truth that ‘I AM a Divine Instrument' an ‘Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light' ...and that ‘I claim this True Identity' every moment of this embodiment!   Concentrate on this Truth!

D. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (re-stated in the affirmative of Ascended and Free Concepts of Light Service)

1. (You shall have no other gods before Me.) "Remain loyal only to the Mighty I AM Presence and its Electronic Stream of Divine Light anchoring in the Heart Flame, to sustain Consciousness in the brain and help co-create  Heaven on Earth ...through the Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.
2. (You shall make no idols). See God in all others their Sacred Fire and Infinite Radiant Light. See the material world only as a means of serving God, who is everywhere present.
3. (You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.) The Holiest Name of God is I AM! The Creative Sacred Word I AM is to be followed only by an affirmation of perfection for some part of life.
4. (Keep the Sabbath day holy.) "Every moment becomes the Eternal Moment of Now and is kept Holy a Realm of Light unto itself, beyond self, time and space." 
5. (Honor your father and your mother). "I AM Honoring all who have come before and have assisted me in achieving "Candidate for the Ascension" status ...and in allowing for, and preparing for, this glorious ‘embodied opportunity' of Light Service for this present Cosmic Moment."
6. (You shall not murder). "I AM focused only on the upliftment of all life towards an Eternal Life in the Light ...and I shall strive to not ‘take a life' downwards into any negativity."
7. (You shall not commit adultery). "I AM committed to absolute trust in every relationship I enter into on my Ascension Journey."
8. (You shall not steal). "I AM committed to using God's Light for only Harmony and Balance and not usurping any part of Life for personal gain."
9. (You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.) "I AM the Spirit of Truth, seen with the Crystal Vision of the Elohim ...and I live my Truth in daily life". 
10. (You shall not covet). "I AM empty of self and the things of self. I AM giving freely of my Energy, Vibration and Consciousness to all life. I AM the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State! To achieve this, I yearn for nothing less than this Perfection" 



Beloved Ones, at any new beginning, it is ‘as if we have landed on a new world' and ‘we gather to get our bearings'.  We trust in each other as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...and trust in the process of our United Light Service, beyond self, time, and space. Only then do we get our Celestial bearings! Individually, we trust in our Mighty I AM Presence and communicate with our Higher Self for direction the Rhythmic Ceremony of Holy Communion.  This is a subtle, electronic, 'wave-form' communication ...spirit to spirit ...not only in meditation, but in the mindfulness of daily life. Such communication may be ‘coded', meant only for the person involved.  If one is not steadfastly mindful of the Mighty God Presence, such Holy Communion may be missed ...or even dismissed. It is intended for a brain consciousness that has been elevated into the subtler, Higher Frequency Etheric Realms ...through constant Baptism with Sacred Fire. 

At this Higher Frequency, intuition is the format of choice.  Such messages are not always verbal.  Listen well with all your senses and intuition.  Universal I AM ...through the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and Great Light Brotherhood very aware of your Light Service and desires to be in Holy Communion with you. But Light Servers must prepare the ‘contact' ...and then actively listen.  In contrast, the ‘outer world' will communicate in obvious ways. But in our personal world, in the smaller confines of daily spiritual practice, we must first prepare our vehicle ...and then listen for subtle, intuitive communication of the Eternal Flame ...and finally, learn to trust in this Holy Communion.

Although not always obvious, the Spiritual Hierarchy has been training and preparing Humanity at all levels of consciousness, for the present Cosmic Moment ...but especially the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, for you have been actively listening. Over eons of time and ages, Humanity has been repeatedly exposed to the recurring Cycles of the Seven Rays. This was to steadily develop the planetary Holy Christ Self as the embodied Divine Instrument. As well, all the momentum of this training under each of the Seven Rays would also be ‘downloaded' into the planetary Causal Body of each one, for easy access for all Eternity. All this training would eventually culminate in the Ascension.  This is still the Divine Plan.

But this present Cosmic Moment, with its Next Life Wave Coming, is a major crossroads ...with a graduation from the Seven-fold planetary Christ Consciousness ...into the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self, which gives entrance into Realms of Twelve-fold Divine Alchemy ...natural within Cosmic Consciousness.  This is the Magic Presence, with its Sacred Fire Divine Alchemy ...the Mighty I AM Presence governing daily life held in the Immaculate Concept of the ever-unfolding Divine Plan!

Let us review in more detail this Ascension Process of Humanity over the eons of repeated Dispensations of each of the Seven Rays. The purpose of exposure to each of the Seven Major Rays (each also having their Seven Minor Rays) over a period of time of approximately 2000 years (allowing for as many embodiments as needed for each Soul within a Root Race), was to steadily develop the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self.  This Ascension Process was a steady stream of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...beginning with basic spiritual knowledge. This process continued with embedding this knowledge comfortably within daily life, until each person became ‘spiritually oriented' in their life.  This Reality became accepted into the feelings as Faith.

Then, when such Faith is practiced, it becomes acceptance. And with further experience of practiced acceptance, the person attains ‘Heart Knowing', with a certainty of Truth. Then continuously living this experience of certainty becomes God Illumination or Enlightenment ...which finally leads to BEING that experience a Forcefield of that Wisdom...and a Guardian of that Flame ...and a Keeper of that Sacred Fire.  This is the Path of Ascended Mastery intended for all Humanity well as the story of our Ascended Master Gurus along the way, which we have all been assisted by.

But this is a Cosmic Moment ...entering Solar Christ Consciousness and the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity! There is a New Process begun. Here we enter Oneness and slowly experience the Wholeness of Solar Consciousness ...which represents Universal I AM.  Rather than learning the Twelve Aspects independent of each other (with colors, names, qualities, etc.), we learn, accept, Heart Know, become Illumined to, and then generate the Wisdom of Becoming ...ALL SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESS, ALL AT ONCE! Such is the quantum leap from planetary consciousness ...a leap even from full Seven-fold planetary Christ Consciousness ...into Cosmic or Solar (of the Sun) Consciousness. Such is the Next Life Wave Coming! And the Gathering of Ascended Humanity are its pioneers ...guiding Humanity into a New Age ...into a new ‘land' ...the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light! 

This Higher Frequency Ascension Process is the true essence of becoming a Divine Alchemist, in the synchronicity and rhythmic use of all Sacred Fire. Here we learn to attune every Aspect of Deity / Sacred Fire with every other Aspect of Deity / Sacred Fire, in setting life free into its Divine Potential. This is the goal of attaining Ascended Mastery.  At a certain moment of this development, each Candidate for the Ascension begins living only in the Eternal Moment of Now ...beyond self, time, and space. The entrance point to this spiritual level of development into Solar Consciousness is the Eye of Divine Liberty.  Its Guardian is Beloved Goddess of Liberty of the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity ...a Cosmic Keeper of the Flame within the Central Sun. Because the Goddess of Liberty is the entrance point, we know her well ...whereas the others who likewise represent one of the Twelve Aspects of Deity are not well known, except possibly in Sanskrit or by Intonation only. 

Beloved Goddess of Liberty has allowed that we do know her well.  She is the Mother of Spiritual Freedom and as well, my Cosmic Mother (the Celestial Mother of Beloved Saint Germain in the Cosmic Family of Keepers of the Flame of Spiritual Freedom).  It was she that allowed me to become a Keeper of the Flame of Spiritual Freedom, travel in projected consciousness to the Central Sun to embody such Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...and then represent this Flame as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray well as to champion the incoming Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom for our sweet Earth. Libra is known as the "Balance of the Scales" and thus the Goddess of Liberty is also the Guru of my Beloved Twin Ray, Lady Portia, the Goddess of Justice!  We enter her domain of the Zodiac during this monthly cycle (September 22) and this entrance into Libra signals beginning the ‘inner gestation period' for the incoming New Solar Year ...which then manifests itself in January (of the new calendar year). 

It is through the Eye of Divine Liberty that we see this present Cosmic Moment with Crystal Vision.  The two activities (Third Eye of God and the Ray of Spiritual Freedom) become One ...and we see Humanity's Gateway to Spiritual Liberty ...her Bridge to Spiritual Freedom ...through the Third Eye of the Elohim.  We all now effort to build a Cosmic Momentum of this Next Life Wave Coming that it is perceived by the ‘average developing consciousness' of Humanity. It is through this process that we strive to fill the void in Humanity's emotional nature during this process of ‘Completion and New Beginning'. In this present moment, Humanity awaits a ‘new normal' ...but awaits with a heavy heart of struggle. Transitions are often hard times.  But just as the Goddess of Liberty herself is a beacon of Hope for "the struggling masses yearning to be Free" too we offer Humanity a new Hope and Glory for a New Age.  And what Freedom she will know!

Love and Blessings,


Beloved Ones: continuing the Theme of this monthly Cycle: "back to basics" (at a time of ‘Completion and New Beginning'), we present the Blessing of our Cosmic Christ, Beloved Lord Maitreya ...published decades ago in the Bridge to Freedom Journal, when he was also known by another ‘Inner Name', Lord Divino.


Oh, Beloved Infinite Father of Light and Life, standing in the Presence of the Electronic stream of energy that flows into these hearts, I bow in gratitude for the Presence of God within them.

Consecrate, Oh Beloved Presence of God, their feeing worlds today. Just as the Sun conveys Light, let the feelings of these Beloved convey Faith, Hope, Confidence and Positive Assurance to Humanity.

Consecrate their minds Oh Presence of God! Purify them of all images of imperfection. Let them see the Vision of Perfection with sufficient clarity that the enthusiasm of the self joins with this Vision ...and brings God Manifestation NOW!

Consecrate these bodies Oh Infinite Power of Light, just as you consecrated Beloved Jesus on the banks of the Jordan! Consecrate these men and woman NOW as Legions of the Cosmic Christ ...carrying within their hearts the Presence of God. Give them this remembrance that every circumstance becomes ‘opportunity' invoke and externalize that Presence! Let not one of these ‘stand silent' before adversity ...when the Presence of God through them, can be Master!




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Dec 31, 2020


Nov 30, 2020
‘I AM Present' to initiate Oneness with the Angelic Kingdom!


Oct 31, 2020
Oct 1, 2020


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Flame of Cosmic Holy Spirit,

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Flame of Cosmic Holy Spirit, COME FORTH NOW INTO THE WORLD!


I AM a Temple of Holy Spirit! 
I AM a living Temple of the Divine!
I AM forever dwelling in the Holy of Holies!
And doing so, I AM assuring the Ascension of all life!


Cosmic Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence anchored in the Heart! 

the Three-fold Flame ...the Sacred Fire of Immortality 
manifesting in the world of form!

the Kundalini River of Chakra Suns, together creating 
‘the Sun of the Sun' ...The Holy Christ Self, expressed!

Twelve Aspects of Deity ...truly revealing the 
Solar Christ Self entering Cosmic Consciousness! 

now reabsorbing Earth, her Elemental Kingdom and Humanity back into the ‘vast interconnectedness' of ‘Universal I AM',
through the Activity of the Great Cosmic Inbreath!
I AM a Temple of the Divine. 
I AM a Temple of the Holy Spirit. 
I AM a Temple of the Eternal Flame.
I AM a Temple of its Infinite Radiant Light.  

I AM the Flame of Immortality embodied.
Empty of self, I AM its blazing ‘Sphere of Light'. 
Empty of time, I AM its ‘Eternal Flame of the Sun'.
Empty of space, I AM its ‘vast interconnectedness' 
...One with all life, everywhere present!

I AM in the Light and of the Light. 
I live, breathe and move through the Light.
I perceive with the Celestial Vision of the Light. 
I AM Voicing the Creative Sacred Word of the Light.

Every Holy Christ Self within Humanity, 
Every Solar Christ Self within Humanity, 
All the ‘innate goodness in the world', 


I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, in union 
with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, 
uniting all life in her Ascended State!

I hold the Immaculate Concept for Ascended and Free Humanity, 
on her Ascended and Free Earth, in its Ascended and Free Orbit!   

As I AM empty of time, now I become Eternity!
As I AM empty of space, now I become Infinity!
As I AM empty of self, now I become God in Action! 
Now I Become the Alpha and Omega of my True Being!



Beloved Ones: let us see more clearly the levels of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...all the levels of elemental expression, as well as human expression.  Let us meditate on our role within this Forcefield. We see so many levels of life where healing is needed! We welcome transformation, but sometimes such change comes through difficult situations or circumstances.  Our hearts go out to all the efforts of healing, as well as restoration of justice, equality and fairness, in every aspect of daily life. For we share a vast interconnectedness with all life on Earth and, functioning as a Silent Watcher, collectively we are (I AM) acutely aware of suffering ...and all constructive efforts to heal it.

Our Light Service is on a specific Frequency of Healing, because of our spiritual training as Directors of Sacred Fire.  We may feel a kinship with any other levels of healing and service to life the rescue and safety of animal life; to efforts at ending inequality or injustice; to feeding the hungry or to help the homeless. And by our own free will, we may well put our energies into any of these activities.  But at the top of the Pagoda is that level of spiritual effort to reach Higher Frequencies of Cosmic Forcefields ...with such service ensuring that every other level is raised up we Ascend into greater Realms of Light.  We also ‘feed the hungry' ...but on a Spiritual Level did our Beloved Jesus before us.

Only a small minority of Humanity is attuned to such Light Service. This is where the Laws of Reciprocity actually matter ...that, as we are raised up into Higher Frequency, so too is every level of Elemental or Human life raised up with us! As Disciples of Holy Spirit, we attune to the Flame of Cosmic Holy Spirit, the desire to Love Life Free, at the level we are trained for.  As an analogy, a Ph.D. in astrophysics could teach first grade math (which is helpful) ...but then the rest of the training is unused ...and could have affected the ‘good of the whole' in a much more profound way, if applied well ...rather than only a classroom of children (again, which is helpful).  

So let us, as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, invoke the full Divine Potential of our Inner Training be achieved now in this embodiment, for this Cosmic Moment!  Our anonymous Light Service comes from our meditations, visualizations, invocations, affirmations, and all Divine Ceremony from within our personal or group sanctuaries ...from the highest level of this Diamond Pagoda. But in doing so, we know with certainty that we elevate the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves, including all levels of life in Earth, upwards toward the Divine Potential of all! This is Holy Spirit in action!

Beloved Ones, in the monthly cycle of October, in the Zodiac cycle of Libra (approximately September 22 to October 22), we celebrate ‘the harvest' of this present Solar Year as we proceed to its ending ...and, begin the Inner Gestation of the next Solar Year ...which will reveal itself to the outer world by the new calendar year.  With this in mind, let us also contemplate all the various activities of Cosmic Holy Spirit that we represent in daily life ...her activities of completion and new beginnings. Let us see this with Crystal Vision!

Imagine a Sun of the Sun ...with circular waves of Light expanding at the ‘speed of light'.  This is our True Identity! It takes then but a second or two for such a Sun of the Sun to enfold the entire Earth with its Light and infuse all life thereon.  This is the Power of Light Service given ‘beyond time and space' restrictions ...through our Divine Instrument. Let us affirm this tremendous, expansive Divine Potential of our Light Service to Holy Spirit!

I AM empty of self, time and space ...and I AM 
the full flow of Universal Perfection Patterns through 
me, infusing every aspect of the world within seconds!

As an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light,
functioning as my Divine Instrument, in my True Identity:

I AM invoking Cosmic Violet Fire to anchor its 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM invoking Temples of Divine Healing to anchor this 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM invoking Feminine Ray of Justice to anchor its 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM invoking Buddha's God Illumination to anchor its 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM invoking Sixth / Seventh Root Races to anchor their 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM invoking Great Cosmic Inbreath to anchor its 
Eternal Flame through me and I AM Radiating it 
around and through all life within seconds! 
I AM enfolding the world with my Love!

I AM empty of self, time and space ...and I AM 
the full flow of Universal Perfection Patterns through 
me, infusing every aspect of the world within seconds!

I AM the instantaneous Perfection of the Mighty I AM Presence!
I AM Waves of Perfection Patterns radiating out from me with every heartbeat, breath, thought, feeling, word and deed!
I share a Vast Inner Connectedness with the world!
I AM Building an Eternal Life in the Light!

I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed! 
I AM the Sun of the Sun ...the Solar Christ Self!
I AM the Flame of Cosmic Holy Spirit in action!




Beloved Friends of Freedom let us sojourn together ...together, standing in the Light of Freedom's Flame, on the Altar of my Seventh Ray Temple!  Let us contemplate together what Spiritual Freedom means.  For the bulk of Humanity, it refers to freedom from the pain and suffering of injustice, inequality and oppression.  It certainly is all of that.  But on a Higher Spiritual Frequency, it is so much more.  So, let us contemplate that Spiritual Freedom refers not only to life beyond pain and suffering ...but also beyond all limiting restrictions of self, time and space.

We seek Freedom into Ascended and Free Consciousness.  While most of Humanity is preoccupied with freedom from suffering and pain, we focus on freedom from self, time and space restrictions ...and that through rhythmic visitation to our True Identity and  Divine Instrument in meditation ...such Spiritual Freedom will come to be known as tangibly as freedom from oppression and inequality in daily life! We seek Freedom into living our Divinity.  

Let us remember dear ones, that we originally began our Eternal Journey of existence within Universal I AM empty of time and space.  We were each a Spirit Spark from ‘That which is Eternal', and has no beginning and no end ...Alpha and Omega!  So, before this series of embodiments on Earth, we knew this Spiritual Freedom in the Realms of Light.  And, after our journey on Earth is done and we claim the Ascension, we permanently return to our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!  We are thus free into Nirvana ...the Realms and Spheres of Light that are Eternal and Infinite. 

And since I know each of you well, I know you have experienced some degree of this Spiritual Freedom in meditation, when empty of self, time and space ...becoming Spiritually Free into our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...our True Identity and our Divine Instrument. Imagine for a moment that there comes an epiphany when this ‘Spiritual Level of Freedom' might sweep across the planet ...just like freedom from oppression, inequality and injustice can sweep the planet ...creating a Great Cause!  

And we all serve Freedom's Holy Cause for this higher purpose. The Eternal Flame upon my Temple Altar blazes with this Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.  Let us all stand together in this Flame Room, embracing the same Eternal Flame of Freedoms Holy Cause that blazes in the Great Central Sun ...from whence I received it! We shall all assimilate this Sacred Fire together, standing in the Light! This Celestial Freedom Flame likewise blazes in the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...where our White Fire Being stands at the Altar of this Focus of Violet Fire Light!

And as we practice this Meditation Ceremony on a rhythmic basis, we also understand that for the outer world, ‘first things first'. Here the Law of Forgiveness must be enacted for karmic causes ...and only then the Joy of Higher Frequency Spiritual Freedom ensues.  The Seventh Ray within Holy Spirit is a Mighty Forcefield of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. And as the outer efforts regarding ‘freedom from oppression, inequality and injustice' continue on the screen of life, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity also continually provides a magnetic attraction for all these efforts towards this Higher Purpose of Spiritual Freedom for all!

As we gather in Meditative Ceremony at the Temple of Freedom's Holy Cause, I visualize each Light Server as providing a constant flow of Perfection Patterns into the world ...everything that is necessary and sufficient for the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity!  This is a tremendous Cosmic Activity. We visualize together this Forcefield now functioning at every level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves, through and around every aspect of life on Earth.  These Intelligent Perfection Patterns hold in their Light the Immaculate Concept for every person, place, condition and thing that requires assistance in their present Ascension process ...until, by their own free will, all may be included in the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

In this Ceremony of Freedom's Holy Cause, let us expand our Light Service into the global Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year. You no doubt know, but it bears repeating, that the Theme and Thoughtform is the symbol of all the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, in concert with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy for service to Earth in this Solar Year.  So much thought and planning has gone into the Thoughtform from the Spiritual Hierarchy, which we then hope embodied Light Servers amplify with their Consciousness ...from the realm needing the assistance.  This is why you embodied for Light Service. It is mandatory by Cosmic Law that we have your cooperation and why we desire to better assist each of you in managing your karmic debt, ...and thereby we hope, give greater Light Service.

Cause precedes effects! The Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform is ‘ahead of' or, ‘out front of' outer affairs (as they manifest on the screen of life). The Lord of the World can see karmic patterns unfold before they manifest in the outer world. Embodied Light Service is in the assistance of ‘preparing the way for managing Humanity's karmic debt' (with some semblance of Harmony and Balance) ...and at the same time, magnetically draw her closer to her Divine Potential. So, let us daily provide Rhythmic Ceremony on the Inbreath / Outbreath of the Theme and Thoughtform of the Solar Year.  This is similar to the Ceremony of the Transmission of the Flame.  The Inbreath is the Maltese Cross magnetizing into its center all the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness necessary and sufficient for redemption of our sweet Earth.  The Outbreath is the expansion of this Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom outwards the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...ever expanding to include all life everywhere! 

You can see the developmental stages of Humanity at the various levels of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. This reflects Nature. Consider the butterfly, where its life cycle goes through various unrecognizable stages before the magnificent butterfly reveals herself! So too does Humanity go through various stages, some of which look nothing like her Immaculate Concept. Yet once the stages of development occur, then the butterfly (the Solar Christ Self) reveals itself! Our service is to accelerate this development, given the Celestial Opportunities of this Cosmic Moment.

On reflection, one can see the stages of human Consciousness development from the early grades where some stubbornly do not yet understand the basics of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom ...through to the middle stages of actively ‘learning of the new' and breaking down the crystallized patterns of ‘the past' ever-increasing enlightenment ...and finally the graduate school of Ascended and Free Consciousness and Divine Directors of Sacred Fire.  Let us be detached from the various levels like an experienced teacher watches the development of children ...from preschool though to graduate level college studies ...and is pleased with any progress along the way.  

Such is Divine Love of Father / Mother God ...always patient and kind. As the Disciple Paul said: ‘Divine Love is not demanding. Love knows all, understands all. Divine Love never ends.' We are at a Cosmic Moment when certain ‘stages of spiritual development' will be accelerated and not necessarily proceed ‘according to a time frame'. For as the Feminine Ray reveals, Humanity is experiencing ‘as if two planets are unfolding in the same time and space continuum' ...knowing that one of these is going forward as Ascended and Free Earth!  This Planet is for the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! The other planet is for slower spiritual development, for those who could not or would not use their free will to choose Spiritual Freedom now.

Again, there are some Transformational Events in Consciousness that are both ‘necessary and sufficient' to meet the requirements of the Next Life Wave Coming. Chief amongst these is the rebalancing of the Masculine Ray with the incoming Feminine Ray.  There have been periods of history when the Feminine Ray was imbalanced (consider the downfall of Lemuria) and, when the Masculine Ray was previous imbalanced (think of the downfall of Atlantis).  But for far too long the Masculine Ray has been out of balance again and is one reason why the Christian Dispensation did not fulfill its full Divine Potential. The Next Life Wave Coming depends on this re-balancing of the Masculine Ray / Feminine Ray into their perfect Synchronicity and Harmony, for the Victory of the New Age!  

Even now, most of the ‘outer turmoil of daily life' revealing oppression, inequality and injustice can be traced back to this necessary activity of rebalancing of the Masculine Ray. So, while others perform ‘outer actions' to reveal and hopefully solve these problematic ‘effects', Light Servers ‘go inward' to reveal their Divine Instrument designed specifically to transform ‘the cause' of imbalance ...becoming God in Action on levels of pure Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!  The Solar Year Thoughtform contains the Forcefields that can and will transform the Masculine Ray into the perfect partner of co-creation with the Feminine Ray. All it requires is its complete Invocation by Light Servers ...invoked from the ‘realm needing the assistance' ...and then, Victory is ours!  Seeing the ‘outer effects' of this daily is our ‘call to action', initiating our Service of becoming Divine Directors of Sacred Fire!

This is why I refer to the Gathering of Ascended Humanity as Friends of Freedom ...the true Spiritual Freedom of a life beyond self, time and space.  Our Service along the Seventh Ray is the Building of Divine Consciousness, the Building of Divine Self and the Building of an Eternal Life in the Light! The Seventh Ray has the ‘necessary and sufficient' Transmutation Ray, so that karma can be dissipated before it can further act, manifest or longer be sustained. It also has the ‘necessary and sufficient' Ray of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness create the conditions for ‘letting go' the old ways and establishing a New Age. As well, it has the Divine Rhythm and Ceremony Ray to sustain this Victory into Eternity.  We all serve the Seventh Ray from the Realm of Cause! We all practice as much ‘Buddhic detachment' from the outer turmoil as we can ...and rather, focus our attention on Divinely Directing Sacred Fire ...into the cause, core, effect, record and memory of anything less than Spiritual Freedom!

Here we experience Eternity ...of becoming empty of time and the vast timelessness of an Eternal Life in the Light well as Infinity of becoming empty of space and the ‘vast interconnectedness' with all life everywhere present! And then empty of self, the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of the Alpha and Omega becomes our True Being.  This is what we bring to Humanity ...and offer her in place of the suffering she currently knows.  It is for this Cause that we clear the Way with the Violet Fire, in Service to the Light! 

Thank you, Beloved Friends of Freedom, for this tremendous service.  I Love and Adore you all ...for the creation of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is also a ‘necessary and sufficient condition' for the Victory of our New Age of Spiritual Freedom. 




I AM that Office in the Spiritual Hierarchy[1] who is responsible for development of the ‘vast interconnectedness' of the three Major Kingdoms of Earth ...Humanity, Angels and Elementals.  I AM assisted in this endeavor by the Lord Maha Chohan, as well as the Seven Chohans of the Seven Rays, in developing the Holy Christ Self.  I also work closely with the Seven Archangels / Archaii, as well as the Mighty Directors of the Elemental Kingdom. This Activity is sometimes referred to as the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity. And by Cosmic Law, it is also a necessary condition for the full Victory of this New Age.

[1] Cosmic Holy Spirit is the representative of Holy Spirit to this Solar System ...a High Office in the Cosmic Hierarchy working closely with Father / Mother God Helios and Vesta. The Planetary Maha Chohan is representative of Holy Spirit for Earth and ‘Revered Guru' of the Seven Chohans of each of the Seven Rays (or Seven Domains) of Humanity's planetary life. ‘Chohan' is Tibetan word for Revered Master; ‘Maha' is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Great'. So, the term "Maha Chohan" (Great Revered Master) is actually a Sanskrit-Tibetan combination from ancient texts, brought to the West with the writings of Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy.

More and more of Humanity see the need to work with the Elemental Kingdom in Harmony and Balance, rather than through ‘control and dominance'. Not only has much of Humanity known the abuse of oppression, inequality and injustice, but so has the Elemental Kingdom! For by Cosmic Law, they must outpicture Humanity's Consciousness!  Consider that tragic burden! Angels on the other hand have experienced more neglect from Humanity.  Angels strongly desire to assist Humanity with her ‘inner emotional life' this is her most powerful reality. For this they need acknowledgement and validation. They desire to guide her development towards the Divine Nature of Holy Spirit. And as current ‘Transformational Events in Consciousness' guide Humanity inwards in development, the Angels will be more prolific in their assistance they will become more emotionally present ...and less of a ‘mythology' from ancient texts.

I invite and invoke the Gathering of Ascended Humanity to unite with me in this service.  I AM represented at every level of life on Earth ...through the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. 

I AM each of those Cosmic Doves! Through each Dove I uniquely invoke, focus, concentrate, apply and direct one or several of the Seven Rays ‘as necessary', for the forward progress of that level of life ...from cells, atoms and electrons ...through to the entire Elemental Kingdom ...and on into Humanity's various levels of consciousness ...up to Ascended and Free Consciousness. 

Here, I AM the Cosmic Baptism involved with the Next Life Wave Coming.  Holy Spirit has always been associated with Baptism, whether by Holy Water ...or, now by Sacred Fire!  I AM that Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that stands with the tiniest Elemental or Angel or any developing life-form ...until their auric energies begin to align with the Divine Potential of that Being any Kingdom.  My ‘energetic representation' as a Dove has meant to reflect that chaotic or mis-aligned energies are beginning to ‘take Divine shape' ...appearing more like the Dove of Cosmic Peace.  Then this Ethereal Dove is presented to the Cosmic Christ and declared ready for their Divine Potential the case of Humanity, becoming the ‘Christ in Action'.  This is the true Baptism!

More and more of Humanity approach such a Baptism.  Many more sensitive Lifestreams have an ‘developed inner attunement' which expresses Compassion for the Elemental Kingdom and an open validation of the Angelic / Spirit Kingdom.  This brings a ‘multi-dimensional richness' to life ...where there is no returning to the mundane materialism of current life. Ascending Humanity in ever greater numbers are opening to the Realms of Beauty and Joy as never experienced before.  And such experience can become a contagion much as anything negative can spread worldwide.   Think of it!  When average Humanity thinks of Heaven, they think of such Beauty and Awe, where all life lives in Harmony and Balance.  This is the New World we are building ...the New Earth separating herself from ‘karmic Earth of old laggard energies'.

Holy Spirit is revealed in the Holy Breath.  The name Aeolus means the Sacred Winds of the Divine.  Each of Humanity not only had their first breath in embodiment ...but also their First Breath when First Born from a Spirit Spark of Father / Mother God. Within the Twelve Houses of the Sun there are Divine Ceremonies of renewing the Breath of Harmony and Balance.  The Transmission of the Flame is such a Divine Ceremony, linking every Ascended Master Temple ...and now, every Three-fold Flame within Humanity!  

Now we utilize Holy Breath to unite the Heart Center of every Angel and Elemental with that of Humanity! Imagine such a Divine Ceremony involving every level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...transmitting ‘Light from above' through the Cosmic Dove of every level of life into its next level ...from Ascended and Free Humanity through to the mass consciousness of daily life ...through to cells, atoms and electrons of all three Kingdoms ...whether currently functioning in 'wave-function' or ‘particle-function'! Here, all life in One in the Light!

In our daily Light Service, let us each Breathe the Flame of Holy Spirit ...of the Highest Frequency of Divine Love ...through every level of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves.  We direct it from above the cap of the pyramid we stand within our Mighty I AM Presence and see Divine Potential unfold along our Ray of Light ...breathed through all life!  Each of us may become a Divine Director of this Holy Baptism.  Each of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity represents the Flame of Immortality aware of itself on Earth ...becoming the Doer, the Doing and the Deed of Holy Baptism ...even as Beloved Jesus did the same.  Affirm:

I AM the Divine Life Breath, now flowing through all form.
I AM releasing the Perfection Patterns of Holy Spirit to all life.
Holy Breath gives Divine Life to all the goodness in Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and all Angels serving our sweet Earth!
Holy Baptism now reveals the Light Body of Angels 
and Elementals ...and finally, all Humanity! 

Holy Breath now pulsates through all life, revealing the 
Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity!  
I AM the vast interconnectedness of Ascended 
and Free Angels, Elementals and Humanity! 

I AM clearing the Way for Victory of the Divine Plan!
I AM clearing the Way for Victory of the Divine Plan!
I AM clearing the Way for Victory of the Divine Plan!


Let us imagine that our daily life unfolds in the presence of Ascended and Free Angels ...all around and through every activity we pursue.  Let us see, feel and deeply accept that Higher Frequency Elemental Beings are our partners in every activity of life, including our body's Health and Wellness, as well as our world, affairs and finances.  Let us imagine that God Illumination and Crystal Vision passes along this matrix of vast interconnectedness that in daily life, we may see, feel, remember and think as Ascended and Free Angels and Elementals do. Feel this Reality! This presents aspects of Humanity's Multi-dimensional Universe she might not otherwise appreciate, as a gift of Higher Awareness from her Sister Kingdoms.

Let us feel the Joy and Gratitude of the smallest gnome, undine, sylph and salamander in our midst well as the grand and majestic Elemental Spirits / Silent Watchers of forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans ...or of the skies, the wind currents that circle the Earth ...and of the great animals of the Nature Kingdom.  Let us feel the constant flow of Divine Emotions of Higher Frequency Feelings ...from the tiniest Angel in training to great Angelic Hosts of Cherubim, Seraphim and the Archangels!


Let us practice the Transmission of the Flame on the Inbreath / Outbreath. First we become our Sun of the Sun Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light! Here our Light Waves traverse the Earth and every aspect of daily life at the speed of Light!  I AM the Flame of Immortality, which when embodied, establishes its Seven-fold River of Kundalini Fire. Into this Divine Instrument comes the Inbreath of everything necessary for Earth and Humanity within the Solar Year Thoughtform ...pouring in from the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity ...the Cosmic Maltese Cross focused inwards to the center of Earth. Then on the Outbreath, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire expanding outwards from the center of this Thoughtform to its periphery. This is the Holy Breath of this Cosmic Moment ...which then repeats endlessly.

I AM the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity.
I AM the collective Divine Potential of all Angelic Life 
associated with Earth; all Elemental Life composing 
and abiding upon Earth; and all of Humanity 
journeying through Earth experience.
As I AM raised up into my Divine Potential 
So is all life raised up with me!

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is 
the collective Fires of Immortality
creating the One I AM Race!

As I AM empty of time, I then become Eternity!
As I AM empty of space ...I then become Infinity!
As I AM empty of self, I then become God in Action! 
I AM becoming the Alpha and Omega of my True Being!

Dear Ones, as has been said, the Transformational Events in Consciousness are sometimes quite obvious, with major disruptions in daily life ...yet others are subtle ...occurring deep within the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms.  Let us remember that as Disciples of Holy Spirit, we clear the Way for all this Transformation, through Baptism by Sacred Fire ...just as did John the Baptist clear the Way for our Beloved Jesus, through Baptism with Holy Water. For the Cosmic Christ is to be revealed once more the Earth takes her rightful place amongst the Ascended Planets, in her accelerated Ascended and Free Orbit.



Sep 1, 2020