Current Journal

Ascended and Free provides a Sacred Template, an outline for group and individual Lightservice.  By energizing and anchoring the Theme of each month, we unify into a global service.  We create an Ascending Forcefield, lifting this Sweet Earth into eternal Spiritual Freedom.                                

Aug 15, 2018



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



as the ONE, the THREE, the SEVEN, the TWELVE:
again manifesting the ONE Perfection of Universal I AM!

I AM fulfilling the Divine Potential of Spiritual Freedom,
brought to this sweet Earth by Beloved Saint Germain,
from the Spheres of Light within the Central Sun!

As an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light within daily life ...I AM in Oneness Consciousness with the Divine Potential of Spiritual Freedom ...and ...with the world.
And therefore, as I AM living Spiritual Freedom,
so too the world becomes Spiritually Free!


(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Seventh Ray/
Feminine Ray Gift of Spiritual Freedom!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Seventh Ray/
Feminine Ray Gift of Spiritual Freedom!


I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!
The Eternal Flame is Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.
Its Light is the Energy, Matter and Intelligence with which I AM
Building Divine Self, and Building a global Divine Consciousness!

As an Eternal Flame,
I live eternally in its Light.
I love the Light & Bless the Light.
My Light invokes Perfection Patterns.
My Light reveals all Perfection Patterns.
My Light manifests all Perfection Patterns.
I Love the Light, I Bless the Light and
I live eternally in the Light!

My Light invokes my Divine Plan.
My Light reveals my Divine Plan.
My Light manifests my Divine Plan.

The Light of my Eternal Flame
Concentrates me on my Divine Plan!
The Light Consecrates me to my Light Service.
The Light Purifies and Illumines my Way.
The Light reveals my Awakening.
The Light is my Holy Presence.

I AM the living Light of my Eternal Flame!
My Light clears a ‘most perfect Way'.
My Light clears the Way for Protection.
My Light clears the Way of the Violet Fire.
My Light clears the Way of my Divine Peace.
My Light clears the Way for my God Illumination.
My Light clears the Way for my Health and Wellness.
My Light clears the Way for my Harmony and Balance.

My Light allows my Divine Crystal Vision ...seeing
Ascended Humanity as an Infinite Circle of Light!
It is inclusive of all life living free in its Light.
I tangibly feel every Solar Christ Self within
Global Ascended and Free Light Service,
creating this Circle of Light with me.

Together, standing in the Light, I AM holding
the Immaculate Concept for all Humanity ...and
the Elemental Kingdom free in the Light!
I then affirm: I AM filling this Circle of Light with
all the Spiritual Freedom I have attained and the full
Momentum of my Cosmic Causal Body! I now grant this
gift to Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom ...for as
I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!




The Great Solar Disc is a Forcefield of the life-giving creative Forces of the Mother God Principle, from which Humanity is born again spiritually ...into our True Solar Identity. Therefore, as we begin our New Solar Year, let us experience being ‘born again' into the Divine Instrument of embodied Ascended Mastery this present moment. Let us find our Center ...within our Eternal Flame. Let us remember and acknowledge that we began as an empty Circle of Light ...both the beginning of every moment of every day well as the very beginning of our Universal Existence as a White Fire Being. Let us pause here ...and allow this Crystal Vision of our Divine Instrument and our True Identity, to become our only focus!

Here I AM completely ‘empty' ...being only pure essence, pure existence ...a shimmering emptiness. Here is Peace Divine with the Great, Great Silence. Here there is no self ...of persons, places, conditions and things. Here there is no time ...the restrictions of past, present and future; of waiting, aging and frustration. Here there is no space ...the restrictions of ‘distance' and ‘separation'. Here there is only Buddha's Heart Sutra: gone, gone, gone beyond ...gone altogether beyond! Oh, what an awakening! All Hail!

Then within this Great Silence, we realize we may experience Nirvana ...and simulataneously, we may also bless the world. We innately know the Law of Harmony and Balance ...that as we receive, so we also give in equal measure. There is an affirmation arising from deep in this Great Silence: ‘As I AM blessed, so may I now bless life around me'. Thus we now see this empty Circle of Light filled with all Divine Potential. This Crystal Vision still carries no form or picture with it ...only that of our potential for Divine Service ...which we then choose to manifest through our Creative Faculties.

We know the Laws of Life: what we put our attention on, that which we think and feel ...will determine the outcome of our potential. Our Spiritual Practice is to place our attention on our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...and, to refrain from attention to the limitations of self, time and space. This is our journey to Spiritual Freedom! This is ‘the Way' of our Ascension be lived within daily life!

Previously, Beloved Saint Germain has suggested that we will see our Star of Spiritual Freedom slowly emerging from the old earth. It may appear as ‘a separation', but it is in fact the free will choice between two realities ...ego or the Divine. As Light Servers, our deepest desire, rooted in Oneness Consciousness, is that all life choose Spiritual Freedom! Yet there is a constant Peace in knowing that in all Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Light, that all life is already Eternally Free, in the Light of its own Divine Potential! So we remain serene in that Cosmic Truth. It is only the temporary illusion manifesting on Earth that is anything less than that this Truth!

And, as representative of Father / Mother God, we honor the Law of free will! It is as fundamental a Law as that of Original Perfection. Free will allows for Infinite Diversity within Universal I AM. However it also allows for those embodied on Earth who continue to actively choose ego, to choose not to abide on the emerging Star of Spiritual Freedom. And Father / Mother God, in full understanding and compassion of their choice, will then continue developing a planet of lower frequency, with a slower vibratory rate ...just for them. Our Light Service is to hold the Immaculate Concept for the Star of Spiritual Freedom ...seeing Ascended and Free Humanity on her New Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbital Frequency that all life see and know this Divine possibility of their spiritual potential.

We see evidence of this steady departure of realities in daily life if life on Earth is already differing realities if on different planets. It all depends on the use of free will ...and choosing to include ourselves in this Infinite Circle of Light, inclusive of all life living free in the Light ...or not. Religious descriptions of this ‘departure' have included the Rapture, the mass Ascension and other symbols of having ‘chosen a direction'. This choice is sometimes ‘framed in fear' by ego, as in the fear of ‘eternal damnation'. But rather, we hold the ‘Love of the Light' as the motivational force for a positive choice. And where ego is concerned, it is often difficult ‘to reason' with free will choice. Thus we return to the practice of the Ages as taught by Ascended Masters and Gurus ...the practice of becoming being empty of ego and all its trappings ...where a powerful Love of the Light is gently but steadily revealed through a graceful, simple life.

Again Beloved Ones, the principle of free will is within all Divine Potential. It is there from the beginning, an innate gift from Father / Mother God. In the Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Light, ‘free will' refers to how a God Intelligence chooses to co-create Perfection Patterns. The choice of co-creation other than at the Divine Frequency is a story that far pre-dates the creation of Earth (and her original Divine Plan within the Crystal Vision of Beloved Helios and Vesta). And as we are aware from the Plan of Creation, the Earth was identified as ‘the perfect fit' for a certain ‘denseness of vibration' required for the rehabilitation of ‘the laggards' ...those who would not / could not progress with their own planetary evolution in another Solar System and thus needed a slower evolution to rebegin their Ascension journey. This further reveals that the Ascension journey always remains the goal for all life on any evolutionary path. This service to the laggards is the greatest known sacrifice within Universal I AM! Contemplate this!

But then as we also know that the ‘great fall' in Consciousness occurred and ego took hold on Earth. And ever since, the Spiritual Hierarchy has devised ways to free Humanity from this fall actively choose the Light. And with boundless efforts of Great Teachers and with much progress in cooperative Light Service by many volunteers, we now come to the Cosmic Moment of allowing our sweet Earth ...the Child of Beloved Helios and Vesta regain her Higher Frequency orbit within her Solar System and become again the Star of Spiritual Freedom.

From the Ascended Master perspective, we see that ‘the outer world' of effects is illusionary, with no promise of ‘the answer to Humanity's struggle'. Hence, spiritual training always turns the individual's attention inwards discover there all the Sacred Resources of the Soul necessary for its Spiritual Freedom, and that of the world. Here we remember that we are here to bless the world ...rather than to escape that world. But in doing so, we discover our Spiritual Freedom. We bring the ‘World of Spirit' into the ‘world of form' ...the Holiest Spirit of Sacred Fire. We are here to expand the Borders of Perfection into the densest manifestation known in Universal I AM. We are here to reveal our Original Eternal Flame as the Light of this World!

So now, even though we still see clear evidence of ego based suffering ...we also see the greatest release of Light Service and Ascending Consciousness the world has ever known. Our New Star of Spiritual Freedom is now emerging ‘like the phoenix rising from the ashes'. On behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy and especially our Beloved Saint Germain, we hold the Immaculate Concept for this complete planetary redemption. We affirm our Ascended and Free declaration and manifest it through our own Light: I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity; in union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals; through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love uniting all life in her Ascended State!

These are our Ascension Concepts!



Beloved Ones; in a world of social media and twenty-four hour news streaming globally, we live in ‘a moment' when we are aware of all the ego transgressions of the world. Contemplate this! It is the first time for this phenomenon since the last Golden Age. For example, if one were to have had an embodiment in the Middle Ages, you would have been aware of the persons, places, conditions and things for only a short distance around you and possibly some periodic news from afar via messenger. Now, we know everything about everything globally ...and it may appear that ego illusion simply blankets the world!

Yet since the ‘great fall' it always done so ...but secretly. And, imbalance operating secretly has the advantage. Now this changes, for now, all is revealed! And as part of this revelation, I AM here to affirm that there is also more Light Service and human goodness that ever before ...and, it too blankets the world. So we are at an extraordinary tipping point of choice there is nothing hidden and everything is exposed. And the Lord of the World knew we needed to reach this point. And so we have!

For now in resolving ego, it has nowhere to hide ...and when exposed, it gets the full attention of ‘the good of the world' ...and especially of Light Servers in actively invoking and directing Forcefields of Sacred Fire. Blatant ego rekindles the ‘forces of good' within Humanity ...into an intelligent, cohesive whole of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...which can then resolve such ego. It may appear that ego ‘seems to be continuous' ...but there is also one continuous expansion of the Light! This is what the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is building ...a world of Oneness Consciousness continuously expanding Light! Let us see our sweet Earth now enfolded by the Perfection Patterns of the Great Solar Disc and all its Powers of Sacred Fire. This emerges in daily life as a momentum of global goodness! Meanwhile the Sacred Fire is doing its perfect service of Purification, Resurrection and Ascension of all energies within Humanity at a causal level! And seeing and believing it (channelling it through our Creative Faculties) ...then SO IT IS!

Most religious or spiritual writings of the past are aimed at personal sublime awakenings ...periods of ecstasy when achieving Nirvana or Holy Spirit ...attained by individuals, often those we now know as Ascended Masters or Gurus. However, in the Seventh Ray New Age of the Feminine Ray and its Spiritual Freedom, we are (I AM!) becoming a collective Circle of Light ...inclusive of all life on Earth ...where this same Divine Potential of Spiritual Freedom emerges for all Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom ...together, standing in the Light!

Yet, this Spiritual Freedom for some may come in a different form ...where they need or even desire (for reasons another may not understand) a slower path for their journey. And given the Law of free will, it may be compassionate to allow them that slower path! So, as we observe (in detached Buddhic fashion) the current departure of New Earth from the ashes of ego, let us remember the primary qualities of the Seventh Ray ...of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness ...and that Divine Rhythm may unfold differently for some. This too is an aspect of universal Spiritual Freedom!

Meanwhile, we hold that the majority of outgoing (Fourth / Fifth) Root Race peoples choose the path towards Ascended and Free Consciousness, so as to join their Manu in Realms of Light at the close of this current embodiment. This gradually leaves an Ascended and Free Earth for the ‘in-coming' Sixth and Seventh Root Races, to reveal their immense Glory on Ascended and Free Earth! With this Transfiguration, the Earth Resurrects her vibrational orbit in the intended Plan of Creation ...and Ascends to her rightful place amongst the Planets! Meanwhile, with the eternal patience of Love Divine, we hold this same Immaculate Concept for those who temporarily choose a slower path at present! Contemplate this aspect of the Seventh Ray and its Spiritual Freedom.

In Ascended and Free Light Service, we steadily Ascend personally ...while simultaneously holding this same Immaculate Concept for others. We do so by becoming our own empty Circles of Light, inclusive of all life living free in the Light. We achieve our own Heart Sutra of ‘gone, gone, gone beyond' the restrictions of self, time and space, attaining our own Harmony and Balance within our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. We are then in our Ascended and Free State in embodiment! As well, our expanded desire is to do so collectively, in union with all others choosing their Ascended and Free State as well ...and in union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals ...and, continuously present the same possibility ...the same Divine Potential ...for all Humanity! We offer them the best possible choice of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness in their own use of free will.


To further this Service of the Seventh Ray, let us contemplate our global Gathering of Ascended Humanity as an empty Circle of Light ...inclusive of all life living free in the Light ...even with each one in Humanity choosing their own unique path to their Spiritual Freedom! Let us understand, hold and reveal this Immaculate Concept, as we affirm our collective Revelation:

I AM the Light of God revealing ...the Truth of Angels and Elementals ...Angels of all graded Orders along all the Cosmic Rays; the Elemental Beings within all manifest substance and all expressions of life-forms on Earth, including every cell, atom and electron of the world of form ...all life within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves!

I AM the Light of God revealing ...the Divine Potential intended for all ...beyond all lesser potentials continually flooding Humanity in her daily life, by the forces of ego imbalance. I AM the Feminine Ray, holding this Immaculate Concept for all life!

I AM the Light of God revealing ...the natural Harmony and Balance of Mother Earth ...and, of the Electronic Realms of Light in the Heavens. This Harmony and Balance is now to be continuously revealed in all aspects of daily life well as in pursuing the Ascended and Free States of evolving Consciousness.

In our individual Ascended and Free State, we affirm:

By the Power of the Eternal Three-fold Flame vested in me ...I bless (this particular aspect of life) with the Divine Quality of ...(the Sacred Fire of our personal or group focus at the moment).

By the Power of the Eternal Three-fold Flame vested in me Light then reveals the Divine Potential of this person, place, condition or thing to all involved!
In our collective Ascended and Free State, we affirm:

By the Power of the Eternal Flame vested in the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...the Great Solar Disc ...the Light of a Thousand Suns ...we bless this (particular aspect of global imbalance) with the Divine Quality of ...(again, our choice but unified through the monthly Journal Template).

By the Power of the Eternal Flame vested in the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...I AM revealing the Divine Potential of those persons, places, conditions and things so involved.

By the Power of the Eternal Flame vested in the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...I AM invoking each one within Humanity a potential ‘Sun of the Sun' ordained to reveal itself on Earth: COME FORTH NOW and stand with us as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! Stand with us on Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbital Frequency! Stand with us in our free will choice! And together, standing in the Light, I AM opening the door for all Humanity: Come forth now into Cosmic Holy Spirit!

Beloved Friends of Freedom, let us understand the Great Solar Disc as the collective Ascension of Humanity. This Forcefield of Sacred Fire represents the one pulsating Consciousness of Spiritual Freedom; the one beating Heart of Divine Love; the one rhythmic Fire Breath of Holy Spirit; as well as the one Light Body of Ascended and Free Humanity. It is composed of every Holy Christ Self, now graduated from the tomb of ego into the Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light of the Solar Christ Self ...all united together in Oneness Consciousness the Great Solar Disc. This is the One Light; the Three-fold Flame; the Seven perfected planetary Chakras; and then the Twelve Aspects of the Deity ...of every Root Race in Divine Harmony and Balance ...expressing its collective Divine Potential as the I AM Race on Ascended and Free Earth!

The Great Solar Disc is the necessary and sufficient Forcefield for the collective Ascension of Humanity into the Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom ...occurring first in Cause, then manifesting in outer form. I AM its co-creation ...for: I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone!

All Eternal Flame is within Cosmic Holy Spirit and thus we affirm:

I AM a Temple of Holy Spirit ...a landed, physical, daily life Temple of Cosmic Holy Spirit! I bring Holy Communion of all persons, places, conditions and things around me with their Divine Potential. I AM the Revelation of Cosmic Holy Spirit on Earth ...through the greatest Momentum of the Cosmic Christ from within Humanity ever known! This is the emergence of the Age of Spiritual Freedom!

And, as Lord of the Seventh Ray, I AM here with you in this Service!


On becoming the Spirit of the Cosmic Ray
within our own Eternal Flame

Beloved Ones of Spiritual Freedom: I present myself as the Spirit of the Cosmic Violet Fire. I have held this Office for eons, both in this Solar System and in other Systems of Worlds. This service has always been in conjunction with my Beloved Lord Zadkiel serving as the Archangel of the Seventh Ray. I AM a teacher of Solar Identity, here to remind the Gathering of Ascended Humanity that each of us is to serve as the Spirit of our original Eternal Flame well the Hierarch of its Infinite Radiant Light. And so it is with every Child of Father / Mother God!

More than you may realize, the Spirit of every Eternal Flame composing the present Gathering of Ascended Humanity was deemed vital to the Cause of Spiritual Freedom by the Karmic Board! Hence ...our present embodiment in Light Service opportunity of the Ages! So here we stand together through this Cycle ...Spirit of a Cosmic Flame, with Spirit of a Cosmic Flame an Infinite Circle of Light! This is the Gathering of Ascended Humanity!


One of the cardinal foundations of this Golden Age is the redemption in the use of Humanity's Creative Faculties. The original Divine Plan had granted these Divine Instruments solely to the Solar Christ Self. It is only since the ‘great fall' that they have been in the control of the little ego. Contemplating this restoration, let us see our Creative Faculties as Suns in Divine Alignment ...just as we might likewise see the Chakras as ‘Suns in Divine Alignment' we might see the various Cosmic Levels of Father / Mother God as ‘Suns in Divine Alignment'. And as we now understand, the Great Solar Disc represents all Suns in Divine Alignment!

This Principle of Divine Alignment applied to our Creative Faculties is necessary for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. The Great Solar Disc is an ancient Forcefield that has been brought to bear whenever a major redemption is necessary re-align the Universe in Harmony and Balance ...back to its original Divine Alignment. Let us remember that every Sun in every Solar System and Galaxy is focused on its alignment with the Cause of Spiritual Freedom for this sweet Earth! Contemplate this immense assistance to our sweet Earth!

Let us visualize our Creative Faculties ...the ‘centers of energy' we refer to as the heart, throat, head and hands. They represent the Laws of Co-creation ...what we think (head) and feel (heart), we bring into form ...what we invoke with the voice (throat) and radiate forth in action (hands), we create! We are (I AM!) a Divine Instrument of Universal I AM the co-creation of Limitless Perfection.

Let us place our hands together in prayer fashion ...either at the heart or if possible for a moment, above your head ...or more comfortably, gracefully cupping your navel (the level of the Violet Fire Chakra). Then, in visualization become only the heart, throat, head and hands centers, as if ‘four suns in a row' ...Suns in Divine Alignment. We settle then into a peaceful visualization ...empty of self, time and space ...filled with these four Suns in Divine Alignment. For the moment, nothing else exists and: I AM the original Centers of Co-creation, operating in perfect Divine Alignment!

Prayerfully, we see and feel our Creative Faculties functioning only at the Higher Frequency of the Solar Christ Self / Mighty I AM Presence! We affirm: I AM the Divine Manifestation of the Light flooding into the world originally intended. I AM the Divine Alignment of the Sacred Heart (Divine feelings of Holy Spirit); with the Throat Center (Divine Voice of the Great I AM!); with the Head Center (Divine thoughts of the Mind of God); with the hands (Divine action of Holy Spirit extension of the Heart). We see and feel this Divine Alignment ...and then practice this daily in our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This same service of co-creation is the practice of the Lord of the World at Shamballa ...for all the world! We each do so in the world of our own daily life well as in our Oneness Consciousness with the Lord of the World and with all life.

The Seventh Ray Spirit of Transmutation, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Compassion assist us in becoming empty of self, time and space. This then allows us a ‘fresh start', as if ‘born again' into the Light of our Divine Instrument. We apply this Sacred Fire of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness to all thoughts, feelings, words and deeds we have ever experienced ...and by extension, that Humanity has ever experienced. Let us affirm:

By the Power of the Cosmic Violet Fire,
I AM Purifying my Creative Faculties (X3):

I AM empty of every thought I have ever had,
less than Cosmic Christ Perfection.
I AM empty of every feeling I have ever had,
less than Cosmic Holy Spirit.
I AM empty of every memory I have ever had,
less than my Cosmic Causal Body.
I AM empty of every deed I have ever done,
less than the embodied Cosmic Christ!

I AM born again into Creative Faculties of
Cosmic Christ Perfection, within my Solar Christ Self!

I AM again the Mighty I AM Presence:
with its Creative Faculties as Spheres of Light,
each filled with the Divine Potential of that Light!

I AM the White Fire Being as originally created,
an Infinite Sphere of Light, inclusive of
all life living free in the Light!
With this purification and re-birth in place, we may now turn our attention to unleashing the full Power of our Divine Spirit ...the Spirit of our own Eternal Flame ...into the world!

LET US AFFIRM: Our Revelation of all Seven Cosmic Rays:

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of
God's First Ray of Will, Power and Faith!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of
God's Second Ray of Illumination and Wisdom!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of
Holy Spirit's Third Ray of Adoration and Love!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of God's
Fourth Ray of Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of
God's Fifth Ray of Consecration to Cosmic Truth!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of God's
Sixth Ray of Peace, Tranquility and Sacred Ministration!

My Eternal Flame reveals its original Spirit of
God's Seventh Ray of the Cosmic Violet Fire!

Our response to Beloved Lady Holy Amethyst:

Beloved Archaii; teach us to be the Spirit of our own Flame, our True Solar Identity! Stand with us, within our Flame upon the Altar of our own Ascended and Free Temple the Hierarch of our own Ascended and Free Focus on Earth. This is our True Calling ...Lord / Lady of the Flame! Teach us the Holy Breath, to inbreathe and absorb its Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...then to expand and project the Energy, Matter and Intelligence within its Infinite Radiant Light. Teach us to allow our Light to reveal the Perfection Patterns emanating from our Creative Faculties in their Quantum States that our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds always represents our Eternal Flame ...our Solar Christ Self in action!

And, in the Victory of our Light Service on Earth,


A Blessing Of Encouragement

Beloved Solar Beings in embodiment, Suns of the Sun living Ascended and Free on Earth, I AM Krishna ...ever-present with you in this moment, as together we progress along the Path of Loving this sweet Earth free in the Light ...with Divine Consciousness restored for all Humanity!

As you know, I answered the call of Beloved Sanat Kumara and originally brought the Reality of Christ Consciousness to Humanity ...the eternal hope of an eternal connection to the Higher Dimensions ...after the ‘great fall' enveloped Humanity in a fog of imbalance. Through many Cycles since, this Cosmic Christ Momentum has been building ...and now has ‘grown to full stature' for this Cosmic Moment!

I AM here representing the Suns and Ascended Planets from Higher Frequency Solar Systems (of which I AM one!) ...all of whom are very attentive to the development of Earth's Ascension process. Collectively, we are aware of all that Ascended and Free Humanity has done to restore the Consciousness of Humanity ...through radiating the Higher Frequency Love of Holy Spirit, raising Earth to her rightful place among all members of her Cosmic Family. By Cosmic Law, every Planet / Star must proceed together ...standing in the Light ...for the full Victory of the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

The Essence of the Love Ray I represent is within all Seven Rays Love is the Cohesive Force that unites all. And now, with the Ascension from the Seven-fold Divine Human (Holy Christ Self) into the Twelve Aspects of the Deity (Solar Being), this Essence of Divine Love now shines ever-more brightly in Humanity. The Seven Rays have been the primary focus of Spiritual Teachings through the Fourth and Fifth Root Races. Now is the moment for all Humanity to proceed to their Twelve-fold Solar Frequencies ...radiating their Divine Reality as Cosmic Beings ...continually conscious of their True Identity ...while within Humanity's development on Earth!

We have been holding this Immaculate Concept for many millennium, anticipating the moment when our sweet Earth has enough conscious beings awakening to their Divine Responsibility ...sustaining this beautiful orb with enough Light to find her rightful place in this Multi-dimensional Solar System. This guided the same service of Light Servers from my Solar System, including Beloved Sanat Kumara, Beloved Lord Gautama, Beloved Lord Maitreya, Beloved Ascended Master Jesus and many others. And, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity has now created a sufficient momentum of this same Love Frequency to proceed forward with Father / Mother God's original Edict ...with all life moving forward in the Great Cosmic Inbreath.
Beloved Ones: from the Higher Spheres, we see your brilliant Flame radiating unprecedented Aspects of Divinity ...that you have understood, accepted and integrated into your Light Service! And my message to you today is one of Gratitude and Encouragement ...for I AM here to envelope each one of you in the Frequency of my Love and that of my Beloved (Sun Goddess) Sophia. For our Vibration of Cosmic Holy Spirit is already encoded within your own Eternal Flame ...and thus only awaits its full unveiling on Earth!