Current Journal

Ascended and Free provides a Sacred Template, an outline for group and individual Lightservice.  By energizing and anchoring the Theme of each month, we unify into a global service.  We create an Ascending Forcefield, lifting this Sweet Earth into eternal Spiritual Freedom.                                

Dec 1, 2018



I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



In meditation ...see, feel, know and experience the Cause of Spiritual Freedom within the Seventh Ray / Cosmic Violet Fire. Then in daily living, experience and live the effects of this Seventh Ray of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, Transformation / Transmutation, Celestial Rhythm and Divine Ceremony. For all of these Qualities define the New of Age Spiritual Freedom ...what it looks like and feels like ...the daily experience of living the New Age!


(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the
Eternal Flame of Spiritual Freedom!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the
Eternal Flame of Spiritual Freedom!


I AM empty of self.
I AM empty of human ego and spiritual pride.
I AM empty of persons, places, conditions and things.
I AM empty of condemnation, criticism and
judgment of those things.
I Love all Life!

I AM an empty vessel.
I AM purely an Eternal Flame.
I AM the Source of Energy, Vibration
and Consciousness from Father / Mother
God the Sun and Central Sun.

I AM Flame's Infinite Radiant Light, radiating
Divine Energy, Matter and Intelligence
into the co-creation of daily life,
through my Seven Chakras.

Here, I AM creating the life I desire!
I AM creating a life of Sacred Fire!
I AM Ascended and Free!

I AM empty of self, time and space.
I AM an Eternal Flame and its Radiant Light.
I AM my Seven Chakra Suns in Divine Alignment.
These Suns are the source of the Sacred River of Kundalini
Fire, ascending the spine of my Solar Christ Self.
My Kundalini Fire raises up all my embodied energies into
the Three-fold Flame of Harmony and Balance, which I AM!
I live, move and breathe and have my being within this
Eternal Flame!

I stand in a Pillar of Cosmic Violet Fire
I AM transmuting all human ego and spiritual pride.
I AM transmuting all condemnation, criticism and judgment.
I AM the Divine Purity of thought, feeling, word and deed!

I AM only the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!


Beloved Cells in the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, throughout history many Great Beings and Enlightened Ones have come to this Earth and made great efforts to raise the consciousness of humanity improve the destiny of Humanity. However, even with tremendous dedication and consecration to the Cause, forward progress has never yet been permanent. Cosmic Law allows only so much can be done for Humanity (rather than by Humanity) ...and, human recalcitrance was more persistent than ever imagined. Thus, evolution continued slowly for thousands of years ...with some clear progress from the darkest times ...yet nothing close to return to the Divine Plan.

Until 1952! This was the year (in the Roman Calendar) when a surprising but welcomed Edict from Father / Mother God came forth. Even for the Spiritual Hierarchy, this was a lightning flash of change, a transformation of plans for Light Service so great that every Ascended Master Retreat and Brotherhood / Sisterhood held great councils to transpose their Light Service to fit this New Edict. It was now Cosmic Law that the time had come for the Universe, including our Solar System within this Galaxy, to advance to a Higher Sphere of Cosmic Evolution. This Edict included all chains of planets that qualify for this advancement ...and, at the same time, created lower evolutionary paths for planets (or races of beings) that do not yet qualify or, are otherwise found deficient.

Of all the planets involved under Alpha and Omega, the Earth was the only one that was unable to take advantage of this opportunity ...which only happens once in Great Cosmic Cycles. Because of this deficiency, a short period was granted for Humanity to improve herself. And if the Earth was not in tune with the Cosmic Edict at the end of that assessment period, other ‘lower evolutionary pathways' would be arranged.

For Light Service of the Spiritual Hierarchy, whose efforts over millions of years to improve recalcitrant humanity had resulted in little progress, these few short years seemed just a small drop in an immense ocean. And foreseeing an unfortunate outcome ...and seeing that adequate assistance might not arise from within Humanity ...the Spiritual Hierarchy directed their Invocations upwards, in a fervent appeal for Cosmic Assistance.

Divine Love, being the Cohesive Power of the Universe, produced a magnificent response from Cosmic Beings of all Suns and Planets under Alpha and Omega (and beyond!). The Invocation of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy brought such an offering of Cosmic Light, Celestial Energy and all the Sacred Fires of Love in a great collective endeavor to save the Earth she may be included in the Great Cosmic Inbreath. This put into action one of the greatest movements of spiritual advancement that has ever been attempted on any planet.

From the depths of centuries of darkness, planet Earth and all humanity today are on the threshold of a New Cosmic Day. Thanks to Ascended and Free Humanity (Light Servers from various backgrounds around the globe) having answered the call in our hearts, offering our Ascending Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...the movement of Spiritual Advancement initiated millions of years ago has finally come to its Divine Fruition. At the close of the limited period for advancement, enough progress had been made (of karmic forces revealed and actively transmuted) that the endeavor continued in its expansion of Light Service. And today we are ready emit the Earth's Sacred Keynote Tone, required in the Great Symphony of our Father-Mother Creator.

From the North to the South Pole and throughout this Earth, a collective attunement is taking place ...where millions of beings ... each united in their own way with the Great Light Brotherhood ...are in mindful meditation, each one specifically projecting their Light into this Gathering. And even more inclusive, the Heart Flame of all Humanity is aligned with the radiating Power of Sacred Fire ...known or unknown to the outer personality ...further creating the Quantum Leap in Consciousness that our Earth requires to take its rightful place in the Universe.

Today, united as ONE I AM RACE, we raise the Banner of Victory intensifying the Radiation of our Eternal Flame... shining our Light from ‘On High' order to ‘glorify our Father-Mother who is in Heaven'. From the depths of our hearts we greet all the Cosmic, Enlightened and Divine Presences of this Sun and beyond this Sun... as well as all Radiant Suns in all creation. Today, we continuously accelerate our Consciousness, allowing us to be very present in this Cosmic Moment respond to the requirements of the Divine Edict given by Father / Mother God ...that our sweet Earth now advance its Ascension, emitting its own Sacred Keynote Tone, and radiating its own necessary Light into the Cosmos, as was intended in the beginning!

Beloved Planet Earth: I bless you and thank you for your service to Evolution! And today, by the Power invested in my Three-fold Flame as a Cosmic Being, Ascended and Free, Sun of the Sun within the Great Universal I AM ...I declare you and all your Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals: Free in the Light!

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity now manifests in Divine Consciousness ...and, anchors into daily life ...Freedom's Holy Star its New Orbit of Divine Love ...inaugurating a new and permanent Golden Age!

Be Blessed! And SO IT IS, BLOVED I AM!



Beloved Ones; we are co-creating an Age of Spiritual Freedom ...and nothing less ...everyone and everything reaching its Divine Potential. We call for all the Seven Mighty Elohim to bless us with the Clarity of their Divine Vision and Constancy, to fulfill this co-creation! We serve together, standing in the Light, from the Realms of Cause. But we know with certainty that when the Divine Cause goes forth in God's Most Holy Name I AM, then the ‘correct effects', or manifestation of Divine Potential, will ensue! It is Cosmic Law!

Each of the Light Servers were chosen for this embodiment under Beloved Saint Germain's banner of Spiritual Freedom. You were each chosen precisely because you have been Masters of Divine Invocation and Precipitation in the past. You each have a Momentum of this Divine Capacity pulsating within your Causal Body. You have served with competence as Guardian Spirits of Spiritual Freedom in previous lives. Let us consecrate our Light Service to allowing this Cosmic Momentum to flow into daily life, free of imbalance from ego. Let us begin each day with a meditation of Consecration to this True Identity daily life as our Divine Instrument ...empty of self, time and space!

Our dedication to the Light is to see, feel, know and experience the Cause of Spiritual Freedom! This Forcefield lives within the Seventh Ray / Cosmic Violet Fire. It is ours then to experience and live this Seventh Ray of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, Transformation / Transmutation, Celestial Rhythm and Divine Ceremony daily living. For within the Forcefield of the Violet Fire is what the New Age Spiritual Freedom is ...what it looks like, feels like well as the daily experience of living in a New Age!

Within the Flame of Spiritual Freedom is Beloved Saint Germain's Celestial Feeling Nature ...of Divine Love; of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness; of Healing; of Opulence; of Celestial Rhythm and Ceremony; of inner Youth and Beauty; and, of Victory in the Light! Let us inbreathe, absorb, expand and project His Divine Feeling Nature. This is a unique Blessing within Holy Spirit. This devoted benefactor of Spiritual Freedom has the clearest vision and determination to see all life Ascended and Free! As we stand with our own White Fire Being within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire, we then may inherit Beloved Saint Germain's Divine Feeling Nature to understand and experience the fullness of Spiritual Freedom ...Ascended and Free, together, standing in the Light!

The Crystal Vision of Spiritual Freedom is the pristine story of Divine Life on Earth ...the ultimate Great God Self, expressing on Earth ‘as it is in Heaven'. Outside of time and space restrictions, this is already Cosmic Truth and has been eternally. The Light Servers already know this Truth ...from meditations on becoming the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. But within time and space, within daily life on Earth, Spiritual Freedom may express along ‘a spectrum' ...or, as levels of freedom along a continuity of freedom, with the ultimate being full Spiritual Freedom expressing on Earth!

But after the 'great fall', there became more basic freedoms that needed to be met. And this remains the ongoing ‘Great Redemption' of Humanity. For example, there is the freedom of basic needs being met, in order to sustain physical embodiment (clean air, pure water, nourishing food, etc.). Then, as consciousness slowly ascended, there became increasing levels of ‘consciousness freedom' ...such as financial freedom to meet needs / desires for happiness; political freedom to live a life in pursuit of happiness and freedom of spiritual growth ...unfettered by oppression, while contributing one's part to society; other forms of social freedom (such as racial, gender, cultural, religious freedoms) ...progressing steadily to freedom from (personal and global) karmic imbalance (through applied Sacred Fire) ...through to true Spiritual Freedom ...expressing one's True Identity as our Divine Instrument ...‘God in Action' in this world of form ...‘As it is in Heaven'! Here: ‘I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light' I AM before embodiment I AM during embodiment ...and as I AM after embodiment!

If we were to see this as a pyramid of Spiritual Freedom ( the Grand Triangle of Three Fire Signs!), then it is required that the various levels of the pyramid are populated by members of Humanity specifically serving to fulfill these levels of freedom. And we see these brave souls (Friends of Freedom) in every walk of life. As well however, the very capstone of the pyramid needs to be populated by consecrated Light Servers fulfilling their full Spiritual Freedom as God in Action on Earth their True Identity and as their Divine Instrument, fully expressing itself in this world of form! This is what the great Teachers / Gurus / Avatars have always done ...maintain the capstone on the Grand Triangle of Spiritual Freedom on Earth! This is now occupied by the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! Let us contemplate our singular True Purpose in this embodiment!

Spiritual Freedom is a Multi-dimensional Matrix of Divine Order. The primary principle within this Divine Order is in striving to fulfill all the levels of freedom, culminating in Spiritual Freedom. In the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year, we visualize the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves1...inclusive of all life (evolving on Earth) living free in the Light! There are, of course, multiple dimensions of many lifeforms that interact within this Grand Pagoda ...forming a ‘Oneness Consciousness' of all life evolving on Earth. What is required within this Pagoda are Radiating Centers that with great sincerity, desire to release life from bondage of ego restrictions ...and not only for themselves, but for all life around them ...and eventually, all life on all levels of the Pagoda.

You are these Radiating Centers! And as an Elohim, I reaffirm to you that it is your Divine Right (as a Co-creator with Father / Mother God) to command of Universal I AM and its Cosmic Laws all that is necessary to fulfill Spiritual Freedom ...everywhere present! All the Seven Elohim were present when the original Perfection Patterns were sent forth for this sweet Earth. And we offer you our Forcefield of co-creation in your daily Light Service, to this end. And to more fully accept our Forcefield, meditate on your Seven Chakra Suns and their combined Sacred River of Kundalini Fire spiraling up your spine, forming the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim at the forehead. Here you will find the Cosmic Momentum of all Seven Elohim awaiting your call to co-create Spiritual Freedom. And SO IT IS!

1 Let us review the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves (could be visualized as a seven story pyramid). The very bottom Dove represents all inanimate elemental life, the foundation of form in our quest for Mastery of Consciousness within form. This includes all minerals and elements within the periodic table, as well as the sub-atomic life within these atoms ...the level of cells, atoms and electrons. Next level of Dove represents all simple animal and plant life, from molecules to single cell creatures, through to all species of life operating through a Group Deva. Next Dove up is all complex plant and animal life, each one having attained a certain level of consciousness unto themselves. Here they have their own Deva or Spirit (e.g. ‘Spirit of the Tree' or ‘Spirit of the Dolphin, etc.) The central (middle) Dove represents the mass consciousness of Humanity as she currently exists ...including all imbalance that presently surfaces for its redemption ...and importantly includes the constant expansion of all innate goodness within Humanity. The upper three Doves of Holy Spirit represent the advancing spiritual development of Humanity ...from elevated mass Consciousness (progressing daily) an evolving commitment to advanced spiritual development (along a spiritual path) ...towards the very top where Ascended and Free Consciousness is the norm of daily life. All Orders of Angels and Elemental Devas attend every level of life within the Pagoda / Pyramid. Magnificent Hosts of Seraphim, Cherubim, Devas and ‘Great Builders of form' spiral around and through each level (or Sphere of Influence) within elemental and human life ...all encompassed now within the Great Solar Disc.

Our Elohim Forcefield is referred to as Universal First Cause. This is the Cosmic Forcefield of Light that flows forth from the Great Central Sun, through your White Fire Being, then to and through your Mighty I AM Presence and anchors in a majestic Light Ray as your Three-fold Flame embodied. Here it animates your embodied consciousness ...with the original intention of a constant experience of your Sacred Home within the Realms of Light. Then, after the 'great fall', we have attempted to remind Humanity of this original Forcefield she is attuned to ...if she but see and understand and re-attune to it! And here you are to once again reveal this Truth in daily life. The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is the Messenger from ‘on High'.

You will remember dear ones, that the Light flowing into every heart-beat of this embodiment contains all the Light that ever was or will be! It is all present here and now. It is the same Light ...filled with the same Energy, Matter and Intelligence of Father / Mother God ...which the Elohim called upon in the first co-creation of this Planet, Solar System and Universe to which you belong. This Light is now all yours create the planet and daily life you desire! This is the same Light from which Beloved Ascended Master Jesus performed his miracles ...and how everyone who has ever added their goodness to the world has derived their gift to Humanity!

I AM the Elohim of the Seventh Ray, so I will emphasize the Ceremonious, Rhythmic, Invocation of Spiritual Freedom ...into any and every aspect of life that requires release from present restrictions and limitation. The Seven Steps of Precipitation begin with Divine Will / Determination / Decision. It then moves to Divine Perception and onto Divine Love. Then Purity of the Divine Plan maintained is crucial, requiring the Divine Concentration / Consecration that follows. Then my Qualities of Ceremonious, Rhythmic, Invocation are needed ...and finally the entire co-creation is sealed in Divine Peace. And we do this together, as a global Forcefield of Co-creation ...together, standing in the Light! All of this is within the Great Solar Disc!

A constant Rhythm of Invocation is so important now, because of the layers of imbalance the 'great fall' created between a ‘call to the Light' and its tangible answer. In the first Three Root Races, the call was answered immediately, often by the Master or Angel appearing and walking / talking with the one invoking the assistance. Now you must pierce through dense layers of ego (individual and planetary) to be heard by the Spiritual Hierarchy and then, to perceive the response. A constant Rhythm of Invocation will get results. As well, the process of doing so (developing Spiritual discipline) will draw you into ever greater attunement with your own Great God Self.

We all know the importance of rhythm in daily life ...of rhythmically feeding the body properly; rhythmically achieving correct sleep; rhythmically following routines with family or work; and even rhythmic recreation / relaxation. Let us apply this same rhythm to our Light Service, in building substantial Forcefields of Spiritual Freedom ...Radiating Centers throughout all levels of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves! And Rhythm, Beloved ones, means not giving up, but sustaining the spiritual effort until Victory is ours! Meanwhile, we live Ascended and Free within our own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light do the Seven Mighty Elohim! Come forth now ...and be with us as Mighty Co-creators!

I AM at your call! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


On ‘God in Action'

Beloved Light Bearers in Ascended and Free Light Service: I Love you, each of you for your Group Service one majestic Forcefield of First Cause within daily life!

We often hear the phrase: God in Action! This is a First Ray Principle. The action of Universal I AM is to ‘unfold itself perfectly' without human ego interference. Action comes through the Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Action along the First Ray comes with determination. It requires the Love Ray along with it so that this determination is a soft, compassionate determination ...rather than an imbalanced, harsh or strident determination. As some of you know from the stories of Ascended Master Teachings, I required several embodiments with our Beloved Kuthumi to learn to balance my particular determination with Illumined Love and Divine Patience. But whether the determined action is through thoughts, feelings, words or deeds, it must be a determined action with clear intent.

Let us examine our Creative Faculties. God in Action through thoughts includes meditation, silent affirmations, and the inbreath / projection of Divine Ideas / Concepts. Here our mind accelerates into the Mind of God, expanding into Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Light. Here we are in the ‘non-action' action of Celestial Buddhas. Next, God in Action through feelings includes meditation with Holy Spirit ...especially to music and fragrance ...while enveloping the present situation to be served, or the desired outcome Love Divine. Here we unite with Cosmic Holy Spirit and great Seraphim, Cherubim and Angels of all Orders along the Seven Rays.

God in Action through words is invocation, affirmations, decrees, chants and songs ...all with a clear visualization of the desired outcome. Here we become the ‘Voice of the Great I AM'! Here we ‘shake the ethers' with the vibrations of our Solar Christ Self that Energy, Matter and Intelligence within the Light of all involved aligns with the Divine Order of Universal I AM. And finally, God in Action through deed is movement, physical action, and tangible service to those in need. Here we are Disciples of Holy Spirit and of the Cosmic Christ walking amongst Humanity in daily life. This is sometimes called a ‘walking or doing meditation'. Here we are radiating Centers of our own Temples of Light within the world of form ...walking and talking with Humanity, Nature and Angels.

Let us apply the First Ray Principle of ‘God in Action' to the Seventh Ray Cause of Spiritual Freedom. Firstly, when we say ‘we bow to God's Will' we mean we have ‘let go' (now free of) ego will ...and rather, we desire to attune to the natural unfolding of Universal I AM and the Cosmic Laws of Nature and Spiritual Enlightenment. This is the same whether in physical embodiment or, dwelling in any of the Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Light. So, just as a Taoist might desire to attune with Nature as ‘One with the Way' ...others may say ‘I AM following God's Will'. It is in the bowing gracefully but determinedly to the Divine Order of Universal I AM.

Spiritual Freedom is at the core of God's Will ...that all creation live in the full freedom of becoming their Divine Potential, without interference from any frequency less than the Original Intention of Father / Mother God. This includes the Angels and Elementals as well as our Beloved Humanity. All three Kingdoms co-discovering, co-creating their Divine Potential simultaneously defines ‘Heaven on Earth' ...Ascended and Free Humanity on her Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit. This is God's Will, or ‘Universal I AM unfolding perfectly'. And this is my determined will, to see this done. And I feel the same unwavering First Ray Forcefield within each of you. I AM especially attuned with that aspect of your Divinity this month ...and forever! Let us bring forth the First Ray Forcefield within our collective Light Service!

Being resolute about any desire is what brings results. It is within the Sacred Promise of Father / Mother God ...that when resolute about Spiritual Freedom (or any Divine Quality), with rhythmic application as God in Action and using all our Creative Faculties ...then Victory is ours! The Seven Steps of Precipitation begins with Divine Intent and the resoluteness to see it done sustain a continuous alignment with the perfect unfoldment of Universal I AM, free of ego. My own firm resoluteness came from overcoming my own ego when embodied ...a firmness to see only God in Action and not the lesser frequencies of ego (however well hidden). Here we are as clear in our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds as the Seven Mighty Elohim, in our determined co-creation of Divine Intent.

Let us trace back the Will of God to its origins, at least as it pertains to Humanity and our sweet Earth. Originally the Will of God was to allow a ‘spirit spark' ...derived from the Great Central Sun Flame become the White Fire Being. Then the Will of God was for the White Fire Being to evolve, choosing either to remain in that Celestial State in the Realms of the Great Central Sun ...or, become its Divine Feminine Ray and Masculine Ray Self ...two Mighty I AM Presences along the Masculine / Feminine spectrum, the Twin Rays. Then it was the Will of God that each Mighty I AM Presence either abide within the Realms of Father / Mother God along the Twelve Stations of a Central Sun ...or, evolve through the Seven Rays of a local Sun (of a Solar System).

And then the Will of God for Earth was that if the Mighty I AM Presence chose embodiment projected a Ray of its own Cosmic Light into Earth's atmosphere. And then the Will of God was for that embodied Light Ray to co-create Perfection Patterns within the world of form through its Creative Faculties ...a specific project of Father / Mother God to ‘expand the borders of perfection' on Earth. And then, after seven 2000 year cycles, of each of the Major Seven Rays, the embodied Soul had Mastered the world of form and Ascended back into his/her Electronic Light Body (I AM Presence). And this original Will of God went forth perfectly in the first Three Root Races.

For each and every Light Being, we must realize that every choice made along the way created our specific journey through Universal I AM. Each choice either brought freedom to simply enjoy the Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Light created by levels of Father / Mother God ...or, brought increasing levels of action and responsibility in Service to Life. Again, each choice made us who we are today ...and this is equally true for our Cosmic Journey as it is in our journey of daily life when embodied on Earth.

And since the 'great fall' (in the third sub-race of the Fourth Root Race), and the subsequent coming of Beloved Sanat Kumara, Humanity has been on a slow recovery back to the Will of God. It has cost our Solar System eons of delay. But finally we arrive at the Decree of Father / Mother God ...their determination that the Great Cosmic Inbreath will now proceed! And you, dear Light Servers, have embodied for this specific purpose. You are (I AM!) the Will of Father / Mother God tangibly expressing in the world of form!

And I AM here to serve you and your will in completing this Cosmic Service. And within the Great Solar Disc is the complete Will of God ...revealing all aspects of the Great God Self in this Grand Plan.

Beloved Ones, I present affirmations for your application as God in Action, expanding forever the Will of God with a determined Love:


I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life!
I AM the Transfiguration in the Light!
I AM the Ascension in that Light!

I AM is the Holy Name of God!
I AM the Holy Breath that enables me to speak I AM!
I AM the perfect sight which enables me to see
the Glory and Perfection of Thy Kingdom.
I AM the perfect hearing by which I may hear
God's Voice, when I become still enough.

I AM that I AM ...the Light that Illumines
every one that comes into the world of form.
I AM the Power of Sacred Fire, by which all life
shall return unto Father / Mother God - I AM!

I AM the Will of God - the all-encompassing Power of the Universe, creating and sustaining only Perfection Patterns.

I AM all of this and more!
I AM Life without end!
I AM Alpha and Omega!




The Will of God is Good.
The Will of God is Light.
The Will of God is Love.
The Will of God is Peace.
The Will of God is Purity.
The Will of God is Balance.
The Will of God is Kindness.
I AM the Will of God in action!\



I AM, I AM, I AM! the Ascended Master Law of Forgiveness, Forgetfulness and the Transmuting Flame ...of all inharmonious action and human consciousness; and any obstruction human ego has put in the way of Life's Perfection unfolding: ...cause, core, effect, record and memory; past or present; known or unknown; today and forever: ...before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained!

I AM the Power and Perfection of Sacred Fire! (X3) ...returning all Life to its Divine Potential ...sustained and expanded into infinity, until all life is Ascended and Free!




As we stand within its Mystic Power.
We Stand within our White Fire Being!

My world is a world of Violet Fire!
My world is the perfect world I desire!
My body is a Pillar of Violet Fire!
I AM the Perfection that God desires!
The Earth is a planet of Violet Fire!
The Earth is all that God desires!

By the Power of Mercy's Holy Ray!
We command this manifest today!
We command this manifest to stay!
We command this manifest God's Way!
Almighty I AM; Almighty I AM; Almighty I AM!



I AM Keeper of the Flame and Server of the Light!
I AM empty of self, time and space ...and therefore,
I AM an Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM a Sun, the Source of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.
I AM this Sun radiating its Energy, Matter and Intelligence
in the daily co-creation of Perfection Patterns on Earth!