Current Journal

Ascended and Free provides a Sacred Template, an outline for group and individual Lightservice.  By energizing and anchoring the Theme of each month, we unify into a global service.  We create an Ascending Forcefield, lifting this Sweet Earth into eternal Spiritual Freedom.                                

May 1, 2022



I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Celestial Mysteries
and Divine Realities within the Flame of Immortality!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Celestial Mysteries
and Divine Realities within the Flame of Immortality!


I AM the Spirit of the Mystic Month of May!
I AM the Spiritual Ascent of Humanity!
I AM her Ascension into the Light!
I AM her Solar Consciousness,
together standing in the Light!

I AM free of dogma ...and fully open and receptive to
the dawning of a New Age the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM empty of self and the karma of self ...and I AM Flame!
And together, standing in its Light, the Eternal Flame
continuously transmutes the karma of self
...until I AM only my Holy Christ Self.

I AM empty of the world and the karma of the world, and
I AM a global Focus of Sacred Fire, a global Presence
constantly transmuting the karma of the world
...which is surfacing now to be set free!

I AM empty of time / space and the karma of the time /space.
And I AM an Eternal Global Flame ...a Forcefield of all
the goodness in the world, now prophetic in daily life!

I AM the Immaculate Concept of Divine Self...and
of Divine Humanity ...all within the Flame of Immortality!

I AM the Immaculate Concept of our sweet Earth,
Ascended and Free in her Orbit of Divine Love!

I AM Eternally Flame, constantly conducting
its Perfection Patterns into daily life.

Empty of self, time and space and only an Eternal Flame,
I AM all Perfection Patterns ...of all Sacred Fire, in
the vast interconnectedness of Universal I AM.

And I welcome, I welcome, I welcome it all!
I AM open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM open and receptive to:
the Next Wave of Spiritual Freedom Coming!
the Next Wave of Sixth and Seventh Root Races Coming!
the Next Wave of Feminine Ray Harmony and Balance Coming!
the Next Wave of the Great Cosmic Inbreath Coming!

I AM in Service to the Light.
I AM in Service only to the Light!



Beloved Ones, let us begin all Light Service this Solar Year within Lord Michael's Sword of Cosmic Blue Lightning, wrapped in that Cloak of Invisibility and Invincibility, surrounded by Legions of Cosmic Seraphim in Victory Formation. And from this Ascended and Free State of Power, Protection and Invisibility to any forces less than the Light, we move forward in the Ascension Currents within the Flame of Immortality and the Infinite Perfection Patterns of its Radiant Light. Here I AM the Cosmic Christ in action. From this position of full Power and Authority do we offer our Solar Year Light Service. And SO IT IS!

Let us begin this month understanding and visualizing a fundamental aspect of Solar Consciousness ...the Unity of all life! Let us become enlightened to its multi-dimensional nature, that typically is beyond the ego-mind's capacity to grasp. Take for example the connectome of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. Not only does every Eternal Flame within Humanity (from the tiniest spark to a blazing Presence) connect with every other Flame within Humanity ...but also much more expansively on many Higher Frequency Planes of Divine Reality (realized or unrealized by the embodied person). This is inclusive of all Humanity ...every person's Solar Christ Self, Mighty I AM Presence, Causal Body and White Fire Being is also fully connected with each other on these Higher Planes ...expressed as 'Flame within Flame, within Flame ...into Eternity'. This is the expression of all Suns in Divine Alignment, as it is throughout Universal I AM!

Let us visualize, invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project such a Multi-dimensional Forcefield of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness! Let us reveal the full Spiritual Development of Humanity ...her Divine Plan. And, if we then expand this matrix to the Unity of Angels, Elementals and Humanity ...then this connectome includes every Elemental Being and every Angel of all graded Orders, who serve Humanity on all her Planes of Existence ...all assisting our sweet Earth. This is our Divine Potential of Multi-dimensional Light Service ...seen through Crystal Vision!

As God in Action on Earth, let us initiate and prepare our responsibilities for such a Multi-dimensional Unity. On a personal level, our focus is within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...and how all Lifeforce is Ascending with us along our Solar I AM representing Father / Mother God embodied. Further, let us now focus particularly on the Elemental Kingdom within the Pagoda. We have great opportunity to assist these dear Beings in preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. For the Sponsors of this Solar Year include the Mighty Seraphim who specifically desire to work with Humanity, in developing Forcefields that directly effect and accelerate this Ascension Process for the Elemental Kingdom.

In the Etheric Spheres of Light around Earth, there have always been Rivers of Sacred Fire that bathe the Elemental Kingdom between their cycles of manifestation, immersing them in Forcefields of Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Comfort. This is the same process done for Humanity after she passes from embodiment, to relieve the effects of imbalance from the recent life experiences. Then individual souls and elementals may gently assimilate the experience of 'living again in spirit'. Initially for Humanity, this begins with feeling 'as if still living in a body' (like the one they just left) ...but with no requirement of eating or sleeping, as the energy and restoration of this etheric vehicle is now from a constant Heavenly Light that is everywhere present.

This Light Service is an example of becoming the Mystic, within the Mystic Month of May! So, let us visualize Rivers of Sacred Fire bathing small, individual Elemental Beings. This scene then expands to large gatherings of Elementals, all governed by a single magnificent Group Deva ...then expanding further to planetary gatherings of all four Elemental Kingdoms (earth, air fire and water) that produce worldwide events. Think of it ...the Gathering of Ascending Humanity may co-create such Forcefields ...invoked and expanded with enthusiasm and purpose ...and brought forth into action through the assistance of the Mighty Seraphim.

The intent of this Light Service is undoing the long story of trauma to the Elemental Kingdom, through the misuse of primal Light by ego forces within Humanity. As you know, the Elemental Kingdom agreed at the Origins of Creation to outpicture Humanity's Consciousness in her co-creation of the Divine Potential of our sweet Earth. Their singular purpose was to outpicture Heaven on Earth.

But then the ‘great fall' occurred and now there is a great karmic debt held by the Elemental Kingdom from the imbalance Humanity placed upon them. Such imbalance remains in nature's collective consciousness and may manifest as climate imbalance or extreme events of nature. But imagine now that in our Light Service, we anchor the Cosmic Forcefields of the Mighty Seraphim and combine this with Humanity's own progress towards Reverence for all Life ...and together, we see the Power of the Flame of Immortality. This ability is the invincible Love, Wisdom and Power which abides at our core ...our True Identity within our Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame transform the inner workings of this planet!

This is becoming the Mystic, during the Mystic Month of May. We may now assist this Service with the Power and Authority of our Flame of Immortality ...using the Forcefield of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. This Ascension process unfolds within us, in revealing a physical planet of accelerated earth, air, fire and water elementals, so that all Humanity also has an accelerated opportunity of Ascending into her own Light Bodies. This then manifests the original Divine Plan of Earth!

These Cosmic Currents of Sacred Fire we invoke are all within the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year. They may be visualized as scintillating Higher Frequency Rays, called forth from elevated Dimensions of Light by the Mighty Seraphim. Such Forces are experienced as dancing Sacred Flames and comforting to the senses and bringing the full Comfort of Holy Spirit to Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. They release sensations of joy and tranquility to every Elemental bathed in such Energies. This would include the great Devas of Mighty Forces within nature ...those that direct massive air currents within the atmosphere, the great ocean currents, the stupendous earth forces within and between continents and the immense Devas who generate all warmth, heat, energy and motion necessary for daily life.

But it also includes all tiniest Elementals that are fundamental to life on Earth ...all the undines of the water, sylphs of the air, gnomes of the earth and salamanders of fire element. When we place Humanity into the Sacred Fire, it is to become empty of ego-self the mind (condemnation, criticism and judgment) the emotions (imbalanced negative feelings) ...and in the memory (of loss and trauma), to outpicture their Light Body of Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty, Simplicity and Symmetry. Together, standing in the Light, we invite and invoke, focus and concentrate, all Elemental Beings to now step into these Sacred Forcefields ...and find release from the negativity imposed on them by Humanity. Then, empty of their own trauma story, they too will outpicture their Divine Potential the Beauty, Harmony and Balance within nature ...and in the elemental vehicles of Ascending and Free Humanity.

We have stood before the Karmic Board and invoked petitions for the release of all imbalances harbored by the Elemental Kingdom. Now is our opportunity in Light Service to anchor the Forcefields we have invoked work with the Mighty Seraphim and their 'Forces of Light and Sacred Fire', to finally complete this mission. This is part of co-creating an 'Ending and New Beginning'. And because Humanity is globally practicing greater Reverence for all Life, together we improve the 'etheric, mental and emotional climate' of Earth. Imagine the 'inner atmosphere' of Earth as an Adoration for all Lifeforce through Reverence for all Life. Then the physical climate will outpicture this with Harmony and Balance.

Within the Plan of Creation is a climate of a gentle semi-tropical paradise across the globe. This is part of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. But before the outer climate can be transformed, the 'inner climate' of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds by Humanity must be transformed. One is cause (humanity's consciousness) and the other effect (elemental manifestation). This is Original Intent and the Plan of Creation ...the Divine Potential of our sweet Earth ...that Humanity was gifted with free will and thus the responsibility to Co-creation Heaven on Earth! The Elementals simply comply!

Let us decree with full God Authority our intention in Light Service, for the immediate expression of First Cause within the 'inner and outer' climate of our sweet Earth:

On behalf of the Elemental Kingdom, I AM empty of the karma projected upon Elementals from within Humanity.

I AM the intended Forcefield of Simplicity and Symmetry, Harmony, Balance and Beauty as the expression of
Nature within the Plan of Creation!

I AM the Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light, here, there and everywhere present ...within the Elemental Kingdom!
In becoming empty of the karma of self, I AM
the spiritual transformation initiating
this global New Age ...within me!

I AM empty of the world and the karma of the world.
I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity standing in the Light of all the goodness of the world! Here I AM the rapid spiritual transformation of the world, globally initiating the
New Age of Spiritual Freedom for Earth.


Our greatest advantage now is understanding and sustaining the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...and having transposed this Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame into the core of the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world. This is a Forcefield within Humanity's daily life and has been Co-created by the mass Consciousness of Humanity! Think of it! Within the Pagoda of Seven Ascension Patterns, 'mass consciousness' is Ascending! All the goodness in the world is the collection of hopeful, merciful, happy thoughts, feelings, words and deeds that is held in the heart of Humanity. And we know this is most of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness on the planet, even if it does not receive much outer attention. Like our Light Service, it appears anonymous ...but still powerful. Anchoring the Flame of Immortality within it now makes this global Forcefield Eternal and Ever Expanding ...and One with the Universe!

The forces of separation / division are present within society, within families, as well as within individuals. But whatever the issue, Humanity will find common ground in a New Spiritual Reformation within Humanity ...where outer issues that 'appear to separate us' fall away, and a New 'Oneness Consciousness' based on spiritual growth within the global Consciousness, then takes hold. These are marked by all events along the planet's Ascension Path ...the 'Transformational Events in Consciousness'. Such Forces acting towards Oneness Consciousness are already within the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world.

And the Gathering of Ascending Humanity assists this process, seeing it to its final Victory. Our allies are the Mighty Legions of Seraphim and Cherubim ...and the restored Harmony and Balance within the Elemental Kingdom! This is our Purpose of Light Service the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!




Beloved Ones ...we come as a Forcefield of Light and Sacred Fire ...singing the Victory Keynote of Father / Mother God ...traveling at the speed of Light as is our nature ...arriving at our sweet Earth ...and then dwelling amongst the Gathering of Ascending Humanity! We stand within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...standing with your White Fire Being from the Central Sun. We bring the Next Life Wave Coming. We come in service to the Great Kumaras! We fly the Royal Standard of Beloved Sanat Kumara, with its deep purple background, centered by the Great Golden Love Star, with a blazing White Fire at its core ...which is our Home.

We come to give Cosmic perspective on Light Service. We come 'empty of space' to undo all sense of physical, etheric, mental and emotional 'distance' between the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and our Seraphic Presence well as any estrangement within Humanity ...and then transforming all sense of separation between all levels of Lifeforce on Earth. We hold Reverence for all Life. We affirm (with you): "I AM an Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light. My Light blazes forth in every direction, across all Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Existence ...on Earth ...and beyond Earth. I AM this Cosmic perspective of Multi-dimensional Light Service now functioning on Earth!

In the developmental path of the Angelic Kingdom, our Wings of Sacred Fire are created through Adoration and Determination in service to the One Light and the One Law ...the First Cause of Divine Love. We assimilate and project the Qualities of Sacred Fire into creation, serving the Cause of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. We learn to remain centered within the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...just as you do now. Then all is possible, from that Eternal Reference Point of Light at the Center.

For the True Center is the Sun of God! As one becomes a Sun of the Sun (Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light) ...they earn their wings as a True Child of Father / Mother God! And from there, Humanity inherits all the rights and responsibilities of Father / Mother God. From this Eternal Flame proceeds all the Love, Wisdom and Power necessary to fulfill the Divine Plan of one's Service to Life. The Great Masters only seek this Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light! This is also the Purpose we Seraphim serve and the Forcefield we bring to our Service to Earth.

This Eternal Flame is the magnet of all good and perfect things and thus is the magnetic center for all the goodness in the world ...the Forcefield building within Humanity that now overcomes all the imbalance of the outer world. As Angelic Beings, we serve to build, maintain and sustain this Forcefield. We infuse it with all the Divine Qualities of the Seven Rays ...and all Twelve Houses of the Sun! We present ourselves as Energy, Vibration and Consciousness to the Inner Creative Faculties of Humanity ...slowly guiding their instincts of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds towards the Light!

In your daily life, look to us as the Energies of Goodness and Love that arise in unexpected times or in surprising ways ...for there we are ...there I AM! This takes your mind off the karma of the world and onto the Great and Glorious Light within every Soul. This is Adoration to the Light ...and Determination to see and serve only the Light. This creates the Wings of the Soul that then allow for Eternal Ascension into the Realms of Light ...even while maintaining elemental vehicles for continued Service on Earth.

The Mighty Seraphim are aware of the cyclical release of exponentially greater Light from the Great Love Star of Venus. Just preceding such great release, there is both human and elemental unrest, to cleanse the world of certain imbalance preparation for the luminous expansion of the Love Frequency. It affects the atomic makeup of Elementals within nature ...producing nature's own rebalancing. As well, it produces equally cataclysmic changes in thoughts, feelings, words and deeds within Humanity's Consciousness. This is all part of the Atomic Accelerator Activity on the planet ...her Ascension Process. Affirm:

I AM empty of self and the karma of the world,
And I AM open and receptive to the Mighty Seraphim!

And together, standing in the Light ...we affirm:

The Cohesive Power of Divine Love is more powerful than
the separation / exclusionary forces of ego. Together in
Oneness Consciousness is the theme of
all life on Earth Ascending!

In Unity with the Mighty Seraphim, I AM the Eternal
Flame of Gratitude ...with gratitude opening all
other doors to the Next Life Wave Coming.

Dear Keepers of the Flame, we come in the name of our Beloved Lead Seraphim, Mighty Serapis Bey. It is his service to bring forth the Mysteries of every Eternal Flame and to transpose a tangible Blessing into daily life. The disciplines of his Ascension Focus are geared towards allowing one's own Light to bring forth the Divine Potential of others, much as in the same service of all Ascended Masters of Divine Love. Our service as a great planetary Forcefield of Seraphim, is to accelerate the Flame of Immortality within awakened Light Servers, so that your Light now accelerates the Divine Potential of all Humanity ...all at the speed of Light!

Historically, training with the Ascension Temple has been in smaller groupings, often in groups of seven ...each one a different Ray type. This allows for overcoming any natural differences between individuals, while yet achieving the Ascension! This is exactly what is needed now within Humanity. Now this Ascension training expands, accelerating to a global scale, affecting all within the 'Temple of Humanity'. This is using our Eternal Flame and all its Cosmic Momentum, to Love one another ...thus, to Love other life Free ...into their Divine Plan and their Divine Purpose.

All Humanity is in training to understand and master their own use of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...even if other terms of reference are used to understand this. Our service is in the discipline to not react to the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of others but to pursue one-pointedly the Light that allows others to pursue their own Ascension Path ...Victoriously! This is what the Gathering of Ascending Humanity now does for great swaths of the population, as we prepare for the Next Life Wave Coming. Just as early pioneers prepared the land for others to follow and thus build nations and civilizations too does current Light Service prepare the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Humanity, to allow for the great civilizations of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

Following in the Teachings of the Ascension Love Flame, it is our honor to assist the Light Servers to feel their roots of connection deep into the Fabric of Divinity, deep into the Cosmic Momentum of Perfection Patterns in their own Causal Body anchored in their own Eternal Flame! Here we assist in withdrawing the sense of loyalty or connection to the shifting sands of temporary outer appearance, constantly returning it to the Eternal Flame. We ask you to ask yourself ...that given an experience with any person, place, condition or thing ...'will this be of much importance a century from now'? Rather, place your attention on that which is clearly building the eternal future Humanity desires ...Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light ...preparing the way for a New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

Let us affirm: "One with God is a majority"! For if one has their roots deeply in the Love Nature of Father / Mother God, as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...then others around you will flourish in their Divine Potential ...fulfilling the prophecy of Beloved Jesus, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else shall follow unto thee". And as a Forcefield of Seraphic Energies, we are here now to assist and guide this Ascension Process for you, so that you may then assist and guide the Ascension Process for a planet and its entire Race!

Call to us and see us in our Majestic Victory Formation around you ...or the persons, places, conditions and things that you desire to serve. And instantaneously, there I AM! This is our Service to Life assist in your Service to the speed of Light! This is the Divine Nature of all Angels and our Joy to do so!



Concerning the Forcefields of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races and their New Day of Spiritual Freedom on Earth

Welcome Beloved Ones into the Temples of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races. In all our activities, the Twelve Houses of the Sun define our Eternal Character ...the Divine Nature of these New Age Root Races. It is the essence of Solar Consciousness that our Celestial Qualities or Characteristics originate within the Twelve Houses of the Sun! We desire that the Gathering of Ascending Humanity join us in such Celestial Temple Activities and thus anticipate the Glorious Momentum that comes with the Advent of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races on Earth. Welcome into the Great Solar Disc!

Let us review the Celestial Ancestry of the Sixth and Seventh Root Race 'Children of the Light'. They embody with an ability to raise up the atomic nature of form, closer towards the Higher Frequency Realms of Spirit ...all done through their Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. They embody all the Twelve Houses of the Sun ...whose Divine Alchemy may transform imbalance within Consciousness and Energy, building Perfection Patterns of Inner Harmony and Balance. With this accomplished first 'on the inner'...only then may outer aspects of daily life fall into their right and perfect place within the Divine Plan.

Within our Meru Temples, there are continuous Invocations to the Mighty Beings serving the Seventh Ray Dispensation! These Magnificent Presences manifest their Forcefield within the Eye of Divine Liberty. These Eternal Flames then project their Infinite Radiant Light into our Temple, seen as a Violet Fire Sun Disc, spinning with the Frequency of Spiritual Freedom. These Forcefields invite all who gather with us into their Sacred Fire. They invoke us to represent this Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom in the world! This becomes the vow of all Sixth and Seventh Root Race Children of Light ...and we likewise invite all Light Servers to begin and end each day, immersed in a Violet Fire Sun Disc!

Our New Root Race Children are fueled from within ...through this Twelve-fold Sun Disc. Divine character is developed through the Violet Fire ...itself being active through all Twelve Houses of the Sun. Distinct tangible memory and experience of the Flame of Immortality is part of this ...individually to sustain personal God Illumination ...and collectively for an Illumined I AM Race. They hold the Immaculate Concept of Ascended and Free Earth ...and thus the Flame of Immortality for our sweet Earth, centering this Divine Plan.

And with recent Celestial Events, the coming of the Golden Love Star of Beloved Sanat Kumara accelerates this Activity of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races ...and of all Light Service ...through its Atomic Accelerator Activity! Individually and collectively, this building of Divine Character within spiritual development will become ever more tangible within daily life. Such activity is centered within our Meru Temple, in the Forcefield of the Great Solar Disc. Here the Sixth and Seventh Root Races are trained in living and manifesting the Ascension Frequencies beyond time and space restraints ...and how to live such Truth in the world, anchoring it with absolute constancy. Slowly but steadily Humanity's perception of the current view of time and space and its particularly narrow view of reality will dissolve, giving way to living Ascended and Free.

In our Meru Temples, there is a consecrated co-creation of Forcefields ...or 'fields of Divine Energy in action'. One such Forcefield is an Electro-magnetic Forcefield dedicated to transforming the forces of separation / divisiveness within Humanity ...allowing for limitless potential in all expressions. This is one of the Forcefields the New Root Race Children train at ...and gradually deliver into the world. Other Forcefields they train in are those created expressly for this Cosmic Moment by Mighty Seventh Ray Beings and anchored through the Great Solar Disc, here in our Temple. And through our training of New Age Children, there is an endless potential of further Co-creation of Forcefields, meeting the needs of Humanity as she proceeds through her Ascension Process.

We work closely with the Feminine Elohim and Chohan of the First Ray, Beloved Lady Amazon, and Beloved Lady Miriam ...whose Temples of the Feminine Ray are in the Etheric Realms over the great Amazon rain forests of South America. Here the New Root Races, as well as current Light Servers, are trained in many Forcefields of required Activity for the Seventh Ray Dispensation. One of these is in understanding the Forcefield of all the goodness of the world ...all goodness that has ever been, will ever be and is now ...all in action here and now the full Momentum of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. This is the Feminine Ray of First Cause! This is our Victory in the Light! This is our training of New Age Root Races and of all Light Servers currently in embodiment!

TEMPLE GARDENS of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races

Our Meru training is also seen in the body well as the planet ...expressing as Temple Gardens. Solar Meridians are 'the Paths' into, through and around the gardens of the body, or of the globe ...with every Power Point along a Path being a flowering tree or bush, ocean or mountain or, an organ system within the body ...all of which originally intended the expression of Youth and Beauty, Strength and Stamina, Health and Wellness. Each Power Point has its Color, Tone, Fragrance and Forcefield of Perfection Patterns. For the Body of Mother Earth, it is the Crystal Grid System and its Power Points that bring forth these Divine Qualities into daily life, as portals for Celestial Forces. Such Power Points often attract Spiritual Gatherings and Ceremonies. And the Gathering of Ascending Humanity assimilates such Energies through its attunement to all the goodness in the world!

The Temple Gardens also manifest with every Disciple of Holy Spirit. Within these Gardens of the Gods is the Altar of the Cosmic Christ ...upon which is the Flame of Immortality! Such an Elemental Temple Garden is the Immaculate Concept of every individual. And the New Root Races will tangibly express this through the Atomic Accelerator Activity. As Humanity becomes her True Identity and manifests her Divine Instrument, then she becomes all three ...the Holy Triumvirate ...the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame, upon the Altar of the Cosmic Christ, within the Temple and Gardens of Holy Spirit! This is Ascended and Free Humanity, living on her Ascended and Free Earth, in its Ascended and Free Orbit! This is what you discover about your Higher Self within our Meru Temples.

Visualize the Temple Gardens as your own Elemental Vehicles. The Flame of Immortality may operate with full efficiency on the physical level, just as it does on Higher Frequencies. So, placing the physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles into the Flame of Immortality begins building this Temple Garden the Eternal Light Body. Then as a Divine Director of Sacred Fire, you may invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Flame's Divine Alchemy transform your cells, atoms and electrons into their Quantum States of Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Simplicity and Symmetry, Majesty and Stateliness.

Memories of such manifest magnificence are held in the mythology of various cultures, the remnants of previous Golden Ages ...of Gods / Goddesses that walked the Earth in their Ascended and Free States. We associate with these Great Ones now as our Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Light Brotherhood ...Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Archangels and Elohim. We hold them as our mentors / teachers / gurus. They hold us as 'those that follow the Path to these States of Glory within the world of form' ...the Ascension in the Light with our sweet Earth!

Come and train in the Meru Temples within the Great Solar Disc ...and come to enjoy our Temple Gardens. We Invite you here in projected Consciousness, during periods of sleep, as well as in your daily meditations. We welcome you!