April, 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
in union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Permanent Atom
of the globally enfolding Temple of Ascended and Free!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Permanent Atom
of the globally enfolding Temple of Ascended and Free!


I AM one Permanent Atom of the
Temple of Ascended and Free Humanity!

I AM Building Divine Self, Building Divine
Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!
I AM Building the Permanency of Ascended and Free Earth!

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Flame of Immortality!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Alpha & Omega Flame!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Spiritual Freedom on Earth!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my Divine Instrument!
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my True Identity!

I AM an Acolyte at the Altar of Father / Mother God!
I AM in Adoration of the Alpha & Omega Flame.
I AM its Temple of Cosmic Holy Spirit!

I AM the Eternal Flame of Life, a White Fire Being
from out the Heart of the Almighty!

I dwell within my Golden Ray from the Great Central Sun
...crowned with the Diamond Rays of Attainment!

I abide upon my Sacred Lotus Throne of Light
…letting my Love flow out to all creation.

I AM a Sun in the Infinite Palace of Light,
my world the Altar of Infinite space, my
Radiance the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet!

I AM the undying Flame of Life everywhere, the
Great Eternal Joy, Glory and Perfection of existence!

I AM …I AM …I AM …Twelve times Twelve, I AM!

I wear pure golden sandals with ribbons of Light,
a Crown made of Sun Rays, a cloak of God's Might!
I carry a Scepter, my Focus of Power. I pour forth
Cosmic Christ Light, each moment, each hour!

I AM the Flame of Alpha and Omega,
on the Altar of the Cosmic Christ, in
the Temple of Cosmic Holy Spirit!




Beloved Ones, it is said that the Heart has two purposes: to Love and to Forgive.  This simplifies our understanding of the Heart of Spiritual Freedom …to Radiate the Cohesive Power of Divine Love that brings Spiritual Freedom, uniting all life in her Ascended State …and to assimilate into the Violet Fire everything less than Divine Love …through the Heart of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness towards all imbalance and discord, transmuting this energy back to its Original Innocent Perfection, never again having to serve human creation.

In Taoist terms, we become 'empty of self'. We empty our mind of lower brain consciousness based on survival and fear, raising these patterns up to Ascended and Free Consciousness …based on these two principles of Love and Forgiveness.  'Let go and let God' is a well-known affirmation …but now 'God' is the Alpha and Omega Flame within us and 'letting go' comes through the Transmutation / Transformation Activity of the Cosmic Violet Fire.

On behalf of Humanity, Angels and Elementals, we are here to build a Global Temple of Ascended and Free …composed entirely of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.  Our tool in creating this Perfection Pattern is our Divine Instrument …each one as unique as a snowflake …yet taken together, form a planetary enfolding Matrix …building a Temple of Spiritual Freedom for all Life.

Sincere Light Servers share the common bonds of selflessness and harmlessness …while using all their Creative Faculties for First CauseBuilders of the Divine on Earth.  What we are (what I AM!) speaks louder than 'what we say' …for True Identity is the authentic Voice of the Great I AM …being the Christ in Action! This Voice of the Great I AM projects Perfection Patterns into the world.  It seeds daily life with Higher Frequency thoughts, feelings, words and deeds at the level of the Cosmic Christ.  This defines Disciples of Holy Spirit, in action in daily life …Love Made Manifest …as Perfection Patterns of Divine Consciousness!

Building a global Temple of Sacred Fire within daily life seems a massive undertaking …if conceived within time and space restrictions.  But we dare to conceive of this Co-creation from within Solar Consciousness …beyond self, time and space restrictions.  To know, to dare, to do, and to be silent is the motto of the Great Light Brotherhood. The 'knowing, the daring and the doing' is our inner training and expertise in the action of Sacred Fire …which we as Disciples of Holy Spirit may then Invoke, Focus, Concentrate, Direct, Expand and Project …into daily life! The 'being silent' is becoming 'empty of self' and One with the Way …the Great, Great Silence (and thus anonymity) of True Light Service!

Together, standing in the Light …such Sacred Sacrifice (just as Beloved Jesus sacrificed) becomes the New Group of World Servers …the Group Avatar of this New Age …all the Good of the World coordinated, synchronized and aligned …the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way! And eventually this Gathering of Ascending Humanity becomes the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …the Spiritual Hierarchy reflected within daily life …living Ascended and Free! And then the Seven Root Races again form the ONE 'I AM Race' …and the Divine Plan is restored!

For the Gathering of Ascended Humanity on a global scale, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire becomes our Infinite Circle of Light …when together, we serve standing in the Light at the Apex Jewel atop the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves!  Here, I AM the Light of a Thousand Suns …those 'Suns of the Sun' embodied as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …thousands of Eternal Flames and their Infinite Radiant Light shining within daily life as Temples of Alpha and Omega …which then raises up the entire Gathering of Ascending Humanity, Angels and Elementals …the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves!

It is through our Ascending Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns that we experience our Quantum Matter, our Etheric Bodies of Light …where we may meld our 'wave-function Aspect' with that of the Angels and the Devic Spirits.  All Hail our Quantum Body of Etheric Light …the Resurrection and the Life …the Holy Christ Self walking our sweet Earth in full attainment.  The 'rock' (of time and space restriction) has been 'rolled away from the tomb' and we stand revealed as the Cosmic Christ returned.  This ancient Promise continuously re-occurs …whenever an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light functions through its embodied Creative Faculties. This is our Divine Instrument expressed on Earth!

Beloved Ones, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity aims to be continuously upright in the Light …with our Solar Spine in Divine Alignment with Polaris and Magnus …and thus in alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun.  Beloved Polaris and Magnus set the Axis of Universal I AM, as well as the Axis of our Solar System and of Earth. Thus, the Axis of our own Divine Instrument must now be in Divine Alignment with this Great Cosmic Axis. Consider that together, 'standing in the Light' is also together, standing upright in the Light …along our Solar Spine of Seven Chakra Suns …our Divine Axis …each aligned with the other!

Our Divine Instrument is instantly manifest when, in Silence, we see, feel and deeply accept the One (Ray of Light of the Mighty I AM Presence anchored on Earth as this embodiment); the Three (Three-fold Flame of Immortality); the Seven (Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns …our Solar Spine); the Twelve (Aspects of Deity forming the Aura around our developing Solar Consciousness …Infinite Circles of Light around us (top to bottom, sided to side and as a circumference around us), forming our Infinite Sphere of Light) …and then again the ONE …Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM …all in Divine Alignment with all other life, and with Universal I AM!

All of this is our Divine Instrument …being prepared for tremendous Light Service as the Great Cosmic Inbreath unfolds …and in anchoring the Next Life Wave Coming!




To our Beloved Gathering of Ascended Humanity, allow me to expand your Third Eye into its Frequency of Cosmic Consciousness …its Crystal Vision …the Gift within the Eye of Divine Liberty.

In the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, the tool for living Ascended and Free is in understanding the fundamental Forces to Master. These Fundamental Forces are Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …which are synonymous with the Holy Trinity, the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa …as well as the Three-fold Flame, the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love throughout Universal I AM.  Let us study these principles of Ascended Mastery!

The Eternal Flame is the central, essential gift of individualization …on any plane of existence.  On Earth, the Eternal Flame grants Humanity consciousness in the world of form. Think on this …as without Consciousness you have inert elemental life. The Eternal Flame is the anchorage of the One Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence. This Anchorage of Divine Light is our Silver Cord, settling into the world of form. This Ray grants us Eternal Divine Energy and Consciousness …transposing Tones or Frequencies from Realms of Light into physical cells, atoms and electrons (the building blocks of matter and substance) …'wave-function' transcribed into 'particle-function' …thus allowing for Co-creation 'in form' to operate.

This is all at the direction of our Higher God Self.  But it is up to our free will in embodiment at what vibration we set this Divine Energy … this Gift of Consciousness from the Eternal Flame.  This 'setting the frequency' of the Energy and Consciousness occurs through our Creative Faculties granted us in embodiment …our ability to generate thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This is our gift of free will, to freely Co-create in the world of form! This process was designed to facilitate the evolution of Three Kingdoms: Humanity, Angels and Elementals. Each of these Kingdoms were to facilitate the forward progress of the others.  It was all predicated on there being but one focus of attention …that of 'expanding the borders of Perfection in the world of form'. But this changed when 'the laggards' brought a different and lower focus of attention. Curiosity slowly captured Humanity's consciousness and the results changed dramatically …what you think and feel, you bring into form!

With this history in mind, we return to the innate Gifts of Father / Mother God for the Three Kingdoms …Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.  The Elemental Kingdom was also gifted consciousness …as we now know both plants and animals sense and respond to various frequencies of the energy around them. In any expression in nature, there is 'the flower' and then there is 'the Spirit of that flower', manifesting Beauty for the Glory of God. But that small Spirit begins as only the consciousness of that one flower and manifesting its unique beauty.  Then on a larger format, there is the Spirit of the Garden (wherein that flower grows) and that larger Spirit holds the Immaculate Concept for all life expressing therein.

Then there are the larger Landscape Devas, whose more developed Consciousness holds the Immaculate Concept for great swaths of land …until we get the Mighty Silent Watchers of the Great Mountains, Rivers and Oceans and all the life expressing therein.  And, on and on the Elemental Kingdom Consciousness evolves, into Infinity. And the Angels likewise evolve, from the tiniest Angel that holds the Momentum of Joy or Gratitude for only a few moments …then graduates to holding it for an entire embodiment for a certain Soul …and then for an entire family across generations …then for entire nations …and on up to the Great Archangels that hold the Divine Feeling Nature as a Cosmic Momentum for a Solar System!

The higher the evolutionary plane of an animal or plant, the more they are 'conscious of'. It is in this vein that Humanity was gifted the Divine Potential along her evolutionary path to enter Solar Consciousness, from within the physical realm.  The Elemental Kingdom may also achieve this when graduated beyond time and space and into the Realms of Devas, Builders of Form, Elohim and Silent Watchers.  On Earth they are here to express whatever Perfection Patterns dwell in the Consciousness of Humanity. But because the consciousness of Humanity 'fell', the manifestations within Nature 'also fell' to lower, imbalanced frequencies.  And all of this requires Redemption …and thus our United Light Service!

In the Plan of Creation, the Elementals assist Humanity in allowing the 'opportunity of embodiment', so that our Holy Spirit may dwell 'in Elemental form' and expand the Borders of the Kingdom of Heaven into the physical realm. This in turn allows the Ascension from within the density of form …a unique opportunity in all the Universe. Elementals give us this opportunity and in in return we were to give them our Eternal Respect and Loving Gratitude …revealed as Reverence for all Life.  In this original Plan of Creation, Elementals simply agreed to outpicture whatever was in our developing Consciousness, never thinking it would be less than Perfection Patterns.  Thus Humanity owes the Elemental Kingdom a great debt in the Restoration of this Divine Plan!

For the first three Root Races, this Divine Plan was perfect and manifested glorious Golden Ages. Then came the great sacrifice and the fostering of the 'laggards' into the Family of Humanity …to allow them an opportunity to rejoin a Race of Beings on their way to the Ascension …when they had lost that opportunity with their own planetary family.  Then came the ‘great fall’ and only then did distress, disease and death became the norm …whereas this was never a part of the original Divine Plan.  In the Divine Plan, the end of an embodiment was a conscious free will decision between the individual and their Mighty I AM Presence, as to 'an Ending and New Beginning' …after a time in the Realms of Light with the Ascended Masters and Angels…and then a new embodiment; a cycle of etherealization and precipitation all governed by Wisdom.

Thus, let us be ever mindful of the vibration and frequency we set for these gifts of Divine Energy and Consciousness we have been given.  This heightened awareness is fundamental to passing through the Eye of Divine Liberty …achieving the Crystal Vision of Cosmic Truth …of our own Divine Instrument and the Immaculate Concept of Humanity and her sweet Earth.  This is the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, which the Elohim and all Elementals express within Solar Consciousness.  But always remember that the Joy and Happiness of the Elemental Kingdom in the physical realm is simply to outpicture the Perfection Patterns streaming into your Eternal Flame and its Radiance of Infinite Light!

Consider the science of Crystal Vision …where physics now understands 'empty of space' (called by science 'quantum entanglement'). This vision sees the universe to be composed entirely of the bonds between things …and not so much 'the things' themselves.  These bonds are what we might call the Cohesive Power of Divine Love. Such 'vision' occurs outside of time and space restrictions …as if no time or space exists …as these connections (bonds) are instantaneous and eternal!

What your attention is upon, that you become is a Law of Life! This Law does not say 'where or when' such applied focus is done or 'how far away the other thing is', just that that the 'focus is applied' and 'that you become'.  When the focus of a Being's attention is applied (what we see with our imagination or what we meditate upon) we become One with that thing or state. This is most powerful when done through a common eye …such as the Eye of Divine Liberty in this Solar Year …our standing together in the Light, singularly focused upon Solar Consciousness!

This Law of Precipitation applies to any other Forcefield we see together ...the power of our aligned, synchronized attention …for this is all Suns in Divine Alignment! This is the Decree of Alpha and Omega for the Gathering of Ascended Humanity!  This is when the 'wave-function' Perfection Patterns transpose into manifestation …Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!




Beloved Ones: let us understand the Celestial Nature of Grace …which might now be defined along the Seventh Ray as Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness ...a Celestial Kindness that proceeds from within our own embodied Flame of Divine Consciousness. Such an embodied link becomes a genuine channel for the Cosmic Forcefield of Seventh Ray Grace ...that is, forgiving and releasing from karmic debt, with no sense of whether it is deserving ...an unconditional gift of Mercy and Compassion introduced into daily life. This Grace is within our Eternal Flame and we choose Grace through qualifying our Infinite Radiant Light …filling every photon of Light we send into the world with Feminine Ray Grace. This is the Essence of Spiritual Freedom …our own and that of others!

The Eternal Flame granted Humanity radiates its Infinite Light as single photons aligned in patterns, waves or rays. And depending on the wavelength of the photon, each of these 'force-carrier particles' may contain more or less energy and information …depending on its qualification by the Consciousness sending it forth. So, imagine we now send forth Light Waves of smiling photons from our Solar Consciousness, qualified with the yearly Theme and Thoughtform and its Cosmic Forcefields. Each such effort of Light Service would be a Cosmic Event, with unimaginable potential!

And as we do, we give gratitude to all the Cosmic Beings before us, who have drawn forth this same Violet Fire …at similar times of Endings and New Beginnings …across all Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies! Each such Invocation of the Seventh Ray magnified its Power and Influence over such a Cosmic Moments. This includes every member of the Spiritual Hierarchy and even our Beloved Sanat Kumara, who drew forth this Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness when first he came to set this sweet Earth free.

The Mastery of this Activity begins and ends with our own ability to see, feel and deeply accept our Eternal Flame. We develop this ability in order to fully accept this Original Gift of Father / Mother God. As the Flame expands and radiates its Divine Influence through the Power of our Attention, its individual photons communicate and align with each other in full synchronization, at frequencies beyond time and space restrictions.  This allows information from Realms of Light to be communicated into photons 'in the world of form' …and be anchored there as Divine Wisdom and God Illumination (as in 'seeing the Light!').  And this opportunity is available to anyone Mastering the qualification of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of their own Lifestream. And the Grace of the Seventh Ray New Age is that this is now accelerated within Humanity beyond that which has been earned …through the Grace of the rapid Ascension of the entire Lifeforce on Earth in preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. Meditate on this Cosmic Gift!

Beloved Ones, the Feminine Ray Age anchors into the 'Higher Frequency centers' of Humanity …those governing Intuition, Crystal Vision, and the self-soothing, self-calming practice of the Cosmic Mother. This leads directly to Eternal Peace and God Illumination. This Practice is the Heart Sutra of the Buddha …which I taught in my latter embodiments in Asia …to Ascend along the Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns …developed within the Harmony and Balance of daily life …through the Buddha's Teachings (Eight-fold Path, Middle Way, Meditation on the Eternal Moment of Now) leading into Ascended and Free existence: “Gone, gone, gone beyond gone altogether beyond; Oh, what an awakening; all Hail”!

We remember again that the Heart (as a Higher Frequency Emotional Centers) was designed to Love and to Forgive.  You are already Powerful Directors of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love.  And this month we focus on the Resurrection and the Life of the Cosmic Forcefield of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.  It is forgiving others and ourselves …so that we move forward from the period of Masculine Ray imbalance, to the Divine Harmony of the 'Twin Rays' …the Masculine Ray / Feminine Ray in perfect Balance …within ourselves and within Humanity's daily life.

We must forgive the 'embodied remnants of the imbalanced Masculine Ray' …within people and institutions …that yet cling to inequality. We focus on transmuting such lower frequencies with the Violet Fire, so that Harmony and Balance may return. Such Ceremonies of Forgiveness and Transmutation may be done in little acts of personal kindness …but also in building a global Momentum of Sacred Fire, which now brings into action the Divine Directors of this Feminine Ray Age of Sacred Fire …the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! This is our collective act of Kindness, Mercy and Grace!

Here we focus on the process of Spiritual Freedom through the transformation of energies, rather than 'the content' of what remains unbalanced.  Let us remember that our Light Service is based within the Realms of Cause …and takes place wholly in the dimensions of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Dwelling on the effects of imbalance tends to separate …whereas focus on Healing through Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness tends to unite us in Harmony.

Let us affirm that our Light Service is the expression of this as seen in the Divine Plan:

I AM the Seventh Ray Transformation of all Masculine Ray
interaction with the Divine Qualities of the Feminine Ray,
allowing for a Higher Frequency of Harmony and Balance!

Spiritual Freedom itself can be defined as Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness along the Seventh Ray. We remember that Beloved Jesus took the 'weight of the world's sins' for his time, his Ministry …his Christian Dispensation. And now we do the same for our time, in our Light Service …fulfilling our Mission before Father / Mother God and the Seventh Ray of Spiritual Freedom. And we have been given the Scared Fire to do so …our Global Act of Mercy!

When we practice empty of self we may, in that same action, practice Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness towards self …those unwanted aspects 'we empty from ourselves' …and from the world. Contemplate this. It is not banishing those persons, places, conditions and things …but rather setting them Free in the Light. The same applies with 'empty of space', (separation and exclusion) …emptying separation and division from ourselves and from the world. And after the Flame of Mercy has done its Sacred Action, we then focus on First Cause …the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life at her Divine Potential …in her Ascended State!

Let us practice Compassion for ourselves and for all persons, places, conditions and things. For all the imbalanced energies of all the ages are now evident and revealed, so that they may now be transmuted.  This makes for a difficult moment. Different people will attune to various of these ancient energies that are now afoot and possibly be deeply affected by them, as if the original iniquity is current. This may express as differing 'realities' and thus a sense of separation.  Let us understand this and exert the Sacred Fire to Transmute such imbalanced energies, past and present, so that all may then see the united vision of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Let us understand the metaphysical science of this Light Service, as we develop our Ascension Path as Keepers of this Flame.  When we consider the blessings we have to offer this sweet Earth, let us think of single photons, each assimilating immense information from our Eternal Flame …and then transmitting this Wisdom to the persons, places, conditions and things they are directed to engage.  All the desires of our Light Service are encoded in each photon of light!

As we send forth streams of single, smiling, photons within our Rays of Divine Light …then each electron of energy or matter at the receiving end of our Light Service will act as if directly influenced by our Eternal Flame. .  This quantum principle[1]  is what Ascended Masters utilize in their Service across the Cosmos, as it is not bound by the restrictions of time and space. Science is trying to understand this principle through incredibly complex instruments. Yet in developing our Divine Instrument, we already master it …as we Invoke, Focus, Concentrate, Direct, Expand and Project the elevated Consciousness of our Eternal Flame through its Infinite Radiant Light …to influence anything …and everything …in the world!

The Feminine Ray is inclusive of all life living free in the Light.  This is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …where all life seeks to ascend, to raise up, to progress forward into its next Higher Frequency!  This is the Solar Year Forcefield we now serve …the Inbreath of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love (Maltese Cross) and its Outbreath uniting all life in her Ascended State (Mystic Ring of Violet Fire).  This inclusivity of all life is defined as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …initiated by the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …those living their True Identity and functioning as their Divine Instrument …the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!  Welcome Beloved Ones, to the Feminine Ray Age!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN … On what we may now 'see' through the Eye of Divine Liberty …on 'looking in' and on 'looking out'

Beloved Friends of Freedom, in my service as Chohan of the Seventh Ray, I AM in Oneness Consciousness with our Beloved Goddess of Liberty.  Under her Divine Guidance, the Eye of Divine Liberty is a Forcefield from previous Golden Ages that is now Resurrected and brought to Life into a global Momentum through our present Light Servers. And for this, I AM so very grateful! For abiding within this Eye of Divine Liberty, each Light Server may now realize …I see the Truth! …that I may now affirm with full Power and Authority that I see, feel and deeply accept all Perfection Patterns that I desire for the Ascension of all life. And SO IT IS!  (pause)

Dear Ones, in the Christian Dispensation the Ceremony of Baptism was with Holy Water, originally from the River Jordan.  Baptism is to cleanse the soul so that an individual may walk the Path of the Christ …eventually to become the Anointed One and prepared for the Ascension into Eternal Light.  Now, in this New Age of Spiritual Freedom, Baptism is through Sacred Fire! And the river from which it is drawn in this Seventh Ray New Age is the outpouring of Cosmic Forcefields offered Humanity at this Cosmic Moment, visualized in the Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform.

As Ascended Mastery develops, this Baptism River of Sacred Fire is the rising of Kundalini Fire …the River of Seven Chakra Suns …which signifies that one is complete with Seven-fold Holy Christ Self development …and ready for the Path into Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness. This completion (Endings and New Beginnings) is done through Higher Frequency use of the Creative Faculties …bringing ever greater Harmony and Balance into one's individual universe, as well as into the greater Whole of Humanity. Once this spiritual development is near completion, then New Beginnings presents itself …as the Path of Solar Consciousness …into a much greater Multi-dimensional Reality …the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light!

I AM Baptised by the Cosmic Christ
in my own Sacred River of Kundalini Fire!

I AM made Pure as my Holy Christ Self.

I may now walk the Path of Solar Consciousness,
as the Solar Christ Self, one with the Mighty I AM
Presence, standing in the Eye of Divine Liberty!

Baptism means Initiation, New Beginning, an Induction Rite and the Ceremony of Launching a New Endeavor.  The Eye of Divine Liberty is the Cosmic Baptism for the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …so that she may then Initiate the Baptism of all other levels of Life into their next phase of spiritual development …all within this Cosmic Moment of the Next Life Wave Coming!

Let us visualize the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves as the entire world Ascending into her next Divine Potential! Each Dove is actually a 'wave-function' Perfection Pattern governing one of the seven levels …with the entire Pagoda representing the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom …with Ascended and Free Humanity gathering as the Crystal Sun at its apex …standing in her Alpha and Omega Flame of Immortality …drawing all life upward in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

Let us see this Pagoda of Electronic Light forming along our Solar Spine, with each Chakra Sun radiating our unique Christ Blessing into, through and around that specific level of Lifeforce on Earth. From the base of your Solar Spine to the Crown Chakra at the top, feel that you now embrace the entire Pagoda:

From sub-atomic life,
to simple cellular plant and animal life,
to complex and developed plant and animal life,
to mass consciousness of Humanity in her daily life,
to 'accelerating evolving awareness' of Humanity,
to the Wisdom Consciousness of Humanity,
to Ascended and Free Humanity!

Pause and see, feel and deeply accept this Reality from
within the Eye of Divine Liberty …as if you are the
Lord of the World, enfolding Earth and her
entire Lifeforce along your Solar Spine!

Beloved Seventh Ray Spirits, the Eye of Divine Liberty contains in her bosom the Crystal Vision of the Elohim …as well as the River of Celestial Liberty and Spiritual Freedom that flows through Universal I AM …and is now fully directed into our sweet Earth. The Elohim created this Universe, this Solar System and this dear planet. They know its full Divine Potential held in the Heart of the Silent Watcher.  All of this is in the Forcefield of the Eye of Divine Liberty.  And this River of Cosmic Light now flows directly into and through the Holy Grail of Ascended and Free Humanity …and then further into the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves (each Electronic Dove representing our Perfection Patterns) …the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, Ascending Elementals and Ascending Angels …all serving Earth here and now.

And so Beloved Ones, the entire 'world of form' is Baptised within you …made clean and pure to enter now into Solar Consciousness.

As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!



[1] In quantum physics, 'entangled particles' remain connected so that actions performed on one affects the other. In our Light Service, what 'connects two particles' is our attention …whether upon persons, places, conditions and things in order to offer a blessing of our Light …or, our attention upon an Ascended Master or a Focus of Sacred Fire, in order to receive a Blessing from that Source. It is part of the vast interconnectedness of Universal I AM!