August, 2020


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:








(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Flame of the Eternal Spring,
held in the Immaculate Concept of Harmony and Balance.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Flame of the Eternal Spring,
held in the Immaculate Concept of Harmony and Balance.


I AM that I AM!
I AM Universal I AM!
I AM the Eternal I AM, here, there,
and everywhere present in my daily life!

I live in the Eternal Moment of Now, always at Peace, as I
hold the Immaculate Concept for Humanity and our sweet Earth!

I AM Seeing the Permanent Atom of the I AM Race.
I AM Seeing only the Next Life Wave Coming.
I AM Seeing everything in Divine Order!

I see only that I AM!
I see only I AM that I AM!
I see a Keeper of the Flame of Immortality!
I see only the Permanent Atom of the I AM Race!
I see all life held in the embrace of Father / Mother God!

I AM a Temple of Light.
I AM the Heart of Divine Love.
I AM a Focus of the Great Silence.
I AM the Altar of Everlasting Peace.
I AM the Power and Victory of the Light!
I AM the full Perfection and Power of I AM!

I AM an Ocean of Limitless Power.
I AM the Sun of Eternal Freedom.
I AM the Throne of Infinite Life.
I AM the I AM Presence!
I AM that I AM!




Beloved Friends of Spiritual Freedom; there is an ancient Eastern philosophy where it is hoped ‘we be allowed to live in interesting times.’ This refers to being alive in a period of some difficult transformation …but from it (and because of it) springs ‘new creation’. Let us consider this our opportunity, that in pioneering Spiritual Freedom and the possibility of an Ascended and Free Life on Earth, that we are (I AM!) simply living the dream that was dreamt into reality.  We are declaring the future of Humanity with the Voice of the Great I AM.  To the outer mind, this Voice would appear small …but so is the atom, which if accelerated, gives forth immeasurable energy and changes the course of history.  This is our goal, given the current Transformational Events in Consciousness.

It is said that our Beloved Gautama Buddha had ten principle disciples and Beloved Jesus had his well-known twelve disciples. So, in the beginning, the numbers are often small.  Yet we also know (as did our Beloved Buddha and Jesus Christ) that our ‘community of Ascended and Free Beings’ includes every Solar Christ Self of all Humanity …hence the statement: ‘one with God is a majority’ …and thus, our Victory is assured. We also know from our own experience in Ascended and Free meditation, that our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light is one with the Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light of all Humanity …as well as every Cosmic Being and Ascended Master through infinity and eternity.  That is quite a large number!  That is our Victory!

Faith.  Let us have Faith, declare Faith and practice Faith …a Celestial Faith affirmed as our ‘knowing of Truth’ and then in daily life ‘lived out as our Truth!’  Our ‘interesting times’ contains the difficulty we knew would might come with the required balancing of Humanity’s karmic debt.  We trained for this in preparation for our present embodiment and attained the required Spiritual Resilience to deal with it! Yet our Truth contains the answer for all such karmic difficulty …the gift of Father / Mother God through our Beloved Saint Germain …the Cosmic Violet Fire …‘transmuting karma before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained’!

And our Faith is also in our immense unseen supports for this endeavor …that globally, in every Nation, Race, Religion and Culture …the right and perfect people are in the right and perfect place, doing the right and perfect thing at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect way.  Our Faith is the fact that even on the most difficult days, the most imbalanced of times …that two plus two still equals four; that the Sun will rise in the morning …and that the Advent of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom is dawning.  And just as assuredly as the Sun blazes in the Heavens and the Earth spins in her Orbit …the Feminine Ray, the Sixth and Seventh Root Races, the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, and the Great Cosmic Inbreath are all arising on Earth and creating the Next Life Wave Coming!

Our Faith is that these Forcefields now are active through the layers of Humanity’s Consciousness as well as through all the layers of life on Earth (the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves).  All of this is generating our unseen allies and supports …for the ‘original promise’ of Father / Mother God is that before the need arises, I have supplied the answer!  Remember dear ones, the Karmic Board has placed the right and perfect people into embodiment to initiate the right and perfect action and achieve the right and perfect results.

Our Faith is in the many previous embodiments …and Inner Training between incarnations …we undertook to prepare for this present embodiment.  Our Faith is in our Vow in the Temples of Birth …that no matter the outer circumstances of this embodiment, we would anchor and sustain the science, spiritual arts and reality of Sacred FireOur Faith is in Sacred Fire’s ability to set Humanity free from her seemingly endless karmic loopand free into her Divine Potential as the I AM Race. This is our Faith …the same Faith that inspired us into applying for this embodiment when we stood before the Karmic Board!  We re-attune with our Faith now!

Dear Ones, we remain in the early stages of this Spiritual breakthrough …but inwardly peacefull, shrouded in the Grace of Holy Spirit. We affirm our Light Service in the Eternal Moment of Now. We see, feel and deeply accept that outside the restrictions of time and space, the future of Humanity we dream of is already present …affirmed with every breath and heartbeat of our Soul! Our acquired Harmony and Balance, from all our previous Ascended Master training, is to ‘set the bar of expectation’ at the Immaculate Concept …and then, like the Elohim, hold that Perfection Pattern in Peace for as long as needed …which ‘outside of time’, is only ever ‘a moment’! Our resilience is the knowing that within our True Identity, this ‘high bar of expectation’ is already a present Reality!

All around us we see ‘lesser versions’ of ‘reality’ and of the ‘projected future’ of Humanity.  But we are at Peace as we hold our Ascended and Free Vision of Humanity and our sweet Earth.  We hold strong to the Permanent Atom of the I AM Race. For we are like the pioneers of any endeavor not yet understood by the masses and not yet accepted as plausible …like the settlers of a new land that others see only as a fantasy.  We see the future of many generations to come in our dream …and we clear the way for this chosen Reality …and nothing less! This is our free will and we are (I AM!) here to hold to our free will …on behalf of Humanity.  We ‘practice stubborn optimism’ in our united Light Service!

Our shared future is the passing of the Fourth and Fifth Root Races and all the old institutions and dogma of Masculine Ray predominance …and the introduction of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races, under the influence of both the Feminine Ray coming into its prominence, as well as the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom ‘accepting the torch’ from the Christian Dispensation now completed. And all of this in preparation of the Great Cosmic Inbreath sweeping the Solar System of Helios and Vesta, as well as the entire Galaxy of Alpha and Omega.  These are indeed interesting times …especially if we can abide within the ‘bigger picture’ of the ‘grand scheme of things’ …and not get caught in the ‘web of ego illusion’ yet manifesting within mass consciousness. Visualize this!

And we are not here in condemnation, criticism and judgment of that ego …but to set it free.  And therein is our Peace in Light Service …as if ‘strangers in a strange land’ that we observe with detached interest …yet also with a passion to set it free into its Divine Potential! That is our Balance. Our assurance is our knowing that the Permanent Atom is held within the Flame of Immortality …anchored in every human heart that yet beats within daily life.  This is the fertile ground we plant our seeds of Spiritual Freedom …and then envision the growth of ‘the Elysian Fields of our dreams’[1].

We dream this into Reality through the Cosmic Laws of Life: “what you think and feel you bring into form”.  This is the Spiritual breakthrough and the Next Life Wave Coming!  This is seeing through the Eye of Divine Liberty!  This is empty of self, time and space and becoming the Spiritual Freedom we dream of …becoming only Flame …a ‘wave-function’ Light Being working through a physical, etheric, mental and emotional ‘particle-function’ vehicles …for the opportunity of service in the world of form.

I AM the Eternal Peace of ‘empty of time’.  For I AM Eternally Flame and therefore I worry not about my vehicles, nor my world, affairs and finances (yet I strive for Harmony and Balance in all these things)…as no matter what comes, the basis of my Being is Eternal Flame …an extension of the Mighty I AM Presence whose Light is ‘too pure to behold iniquity’.  I offered to come into embodiment and observe this karmic re-balancing, while delivering the Cosmic Forces of my own Eternal Flame, and that of all Sacred Fire Forcefields, into the world …to be the ‘Light of the World’ as the Cosmic Christ has always done …through many Avatars before this Group Avatar …the Gathering of Ascended Humanity!




Beloved Friends of Freedom: I AM of the Major Forcefield of the Divine Alignment of all Suns, the effects of which are now dawning on Earth. I AM a Divine Director of the Next Life Wave Coming!  I come at the time of major Transformational Events in Consciousness. I AM affirming that this is a time of completion …and an Eternal Moment of new beginning an Eternal Spring!  This is an Initiation of the Eternal Moment of the I AM Race and the advent of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races specifically.  So, to begin our visit, let us sojourn together, standing in the Light of our Central Flame Room in the Sun! (Pause in ‘the Alignment of Suns’)

Dear Ones, much effort in Light Service has led up to this Initiation of this Eternal Moment of New Beginning …an Eternal Spring! Our united Light Service has a history of humble ‘gatherings in the physical realm’ …which in turn allow the foundations of much more massive ‘Inner Anchorage’ of certain Cosmic Forcefields. This has been the stepwise Building of Divine Consciousness within Humanity, and especially for the advent of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races.  Spiritual Power Points globally, but especially in South and Central America, have been re-activated in the past decade.  Foci of the Will of God, of God Illumination and of Holy Spirit (and especially the Seventh Ray aspect of Holy Spirit) have been re-activated, restored and resurrected to their rightful places within the Forcefield of Co-creation of this New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Light Servers know when you ‘download’ a new software program into your computer, it asks for a re-start of the computer before the program can operate.  This ‘present moment’ within daily life is such a ‘reboot’ …where daily life shuts down and is now starting up again. The ‘new software’ is the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the Feminine Ray; of the Seventh Ray Dispensation; the advent of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races; and of the Great Cosmic Inbreath occurring across the Galaxy.  This ‘pause’ in daily life provides the necessary ‘stillness’ for acceptance on many levels (cells, atoms and electrons through to persons, places, conditions and things) of accelerated thoughts, feelings, words and deeds that capture the foundations of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. There is karmic rebalance …then there is Peace!

Some of these Higher Frequency concepts are obvious (loving kindness and equality) and others not yet revealed outwardly …yet linger just below outer awareness, close to the surface.  Watch for more Higher Frequency potentials to express outwardly …for it is our Light Service to invoke such Perfection Patterns into the realm of daily life. The entire world awaits the ‘new normal’ and this creates a Divine Opportunity for Invocation.  The Spiritual Hierarchy may then release certain Sacred Forcefields to ensure the ‘highest potential of new normal’ is achieved …rather than ego re-asserting itself.


The Next Life Wave Coming begins with the eternal acknowledgement of I AM!  Let us review the invocative, declarative power of the Sacred Mantra I AM!  We have taught Light Servers to Invoke the Sacred Fire and all its Forcefields, as is seen in the Solar Year Thoughtform.  This is the Light Service for the moment in this Solar Year dedicated to the full Power of Invocation …as many Cosmic Beings and their Angelic Hosts await the call of Humanity for their assistance.  This is important work for this Cosmic Moment of Transformational Events in Consciousness. The Creative Sacred WordI AM’ acknowledges the Authority of Father / Mother God in the Divine Potential unfolding through this Solar System …and carries the full Force of Universal I AM!

An individual Eternal Flame may then directly invoke the Power of a Universal Perfection Pattern. See, feel and deeply accept this Truth. Understanding this important aspect of Invocation leads to becoming ‘its Presence’ (of Sacred Fire and Radiant Light) here and now in the world of form.  This Activity is the inner preparation for a New World …dedicated to the Sixth and Seventh Root Races. Here we focus on all the I AM Teachings through the decades. We re-affirm the Great Creative Word, I AM!

Declaring I AM is the Voice of the Great I AM …Universal I AM declaring the full Power of its Presence through an individual Mighty I AM Presence …in that moment!  The Great Creative Word ‘I AM’ terminates all time and space …creating an Eternal Moment of Now in which all of the Universe assists in whatever affirmation follows. Declaring ‘I AM’ places the center of Universal I AM exactly where the declaration takes place, at that moment! And, there I AM Present! …in that Truth …of whatever Perfection Pattern is then declared …Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Opulence and Supply, Harmony and Balance, Peace and Equality, etc.

Beloved Ascended Master Jesus used this Power we he affirmed: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life!”. And it was Truth for him at that Cosmic Moment.  Every moment can be a Cosmic Moment when the Power of the Great Creative Word I AM is invoked! The Declaration / Invocation ‘I AM’ affirms the Great Eternal Fiat of Life’s existence! ‘I AM’ places the full Love, Wisdom and Power of the Flame of Immortality in that moment.  This Sacred Activity is most effective when empowered with a strong, determined feeling of acceptance of this Truth …at the precise moment of declaring the Great Creative Word. This is a declaration of our Faith and Service to our Mighty I AM Presence, that whatever follows I AM, is none of ‘me’ and all of Thee! This is the Tao: “empty of self, One with Way, the Way is filled with Virtue”!  ‘I AM’ allows the constant stream of Electronic Light of the Mighty God Presence to flow forth, allowing a Perfection Pattern following I AM, to come forth now!

In our meditation / visualizations of our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, let us see, feel and deeply accept the Presence of I AM within us …as us!  In this Great Silence, let us acknowledge and accept our expression of the Great Creative Word, the Voice of the Great I AM! In this Ascended and Free State, we affirm:

I AM the True Identity and Divine Instrument
of my Cosmic Origins with Father / Mother God!

I AM the expansive interconnectedness and the
Eternal Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM!

This is everything I desire to achieve in embodiment.
This is the Permanent Atom of Ascended and Free Humanity!

Beloved Jesus also had this Ascended Master training, as you do now. On becoming his Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, and thus the full Love, Wisdom and Power of his Mighty I AM Presence, he affirmed: “I AM the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world” …the Holy Christ Self …our personal, direct contact with all Light everywhere present!  The Next Life Wave Coming is the ‘Octaves of Life’ lived in the Higher Frequencies of the Divine!  Light Servers already affirm that I AM Builders of Divine Consciousness, Builders of Divine Self and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light! And SO IT IS!

As we come into fuller awareness of our True Identity, we see, feel and deeply accept that I AM the full Dominion of the Light …and thus we may more easily ‘let go’ all condemnation, criticism and judgment of obvious ego forces yet manifesting (personal and global), as well as all fear and rebellion regarding those lower forces. Again, Beloved Jesus also trained for this.  For in our Ascended and Free State, we see the full Victory of the Light is already upon us, as we live our Divine Instrument!  And then daily life is in patiently and calmly practicing Rhythmic Ceremonious Invocation of the Light and its Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …until the same Reality is lived by all Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom!

Soon enough (within time and space), the ‘new normal’ will be the established Seventh Ray New Age of Spiritual Freedom! It already flourishes in the Realms of Light!  Thus, it is present here and now for Ascended and Free Light Servers, living within their True Identity and operating as their Divine Instrument. Universal I AM is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent …and ours to tap any moment we are centered in the Great Silence of our Eternal Flame. Universal I AM is everywhere present! Whatever declaration follows the Great Creative Word ‘I AM’ is a Command of Divine Love …an unalterable Force that cannot be denied.  Thus, it is so important what thoughts, feelings, words and deeds follow the Great Command I AM! Think on this and practice loyalty to the Flame!

When our Consciousness is focused within the Eternal Flame, we already know (and have directly experienced) that only Perfection flows from the Great Creative Word.  This Truth is the basis for Ascended and Free Light Servers building the New World for our Beloved Sixth and Seventh Root Races. You have all trained for this within the Temples of Meru Gods and within the Temples of the Brothers / Sisters of the Golden Robe.  You have had the personal training of the Great Divine Director Lord Saithru and Lady Mercedes. You stand as the Golden Flame of God Illumination enfolded in a spiraling plumage of Divine Love and Cosmic Power.

The moto of the Great Light Brotherhood is “I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!”  This is Universal I AM present, in every aspect of creation, from its beginning to its completion …the Alpha and Omega of that thing or event.  This moto also begins with the Great Creative Word, I AM!  Let it be the moto of Ascended and Free Light Service …to fulfill the Declaration of Ascended and Free:

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity; I AM in union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals; I AM the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State!  In this Declaration of Truth, I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!

Beloved Ones, the Sixth / Seventh Root Race sings the Eternal Song of Joy as they stand in the full Ecstasy of Light of their Glorious Manus …awaiting their Divine Opportunity to establish this ‘new normal’ on Earth, creating an Eternal Kingdom of Peace within Humanity!  These Root Races already contain the God Illumination necessary for this Victory.  All they require is that present Light Servers ‘clear the Way’ for their entrance …through the Divine Direction of Sacred Fire.  They will then co-create a New Age of Spiritual Freedom in daily life from our pioneering efforts!

Let us sojourn with the Beloved Manu of the incoming Sixth / Seventh Root Races. Beloved Lady Nada who has served for millennia in Meru Temples of God Illumination. She shall be with the Light Servers who attend the Meru Foci in projected Consciousness.  She will reveal herself as the Golden Flame representing the ‘I’ (of ‘I AM’) enfolded within her Pink Ray plumage on each side, representing the AM (of ‘I AM’).  See her in your own meditations / visualizations.  Alternatively, you may see Lady Mercedes representing the Seventh Ray (and the Seventh Root Race) …again standing forth as the Golden Flame as the ‘I’ of Divine Being, enfolded within the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire representing the ‘AM’ or OM …the ‘Beingness’ of that Flame!

Then progressing on, feel yourself as the Golden Flame, as the ‘I’ of I AM …with your own Divine Aura as the plumage of Sacred Fire around you, as the ‘AM’ of I AM! Your Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light is the Divinely Intelligent Matter of your life, your Beingness as an Ascended Master! These ‘miracles of True Identity’ await, as you come to sojourn with us in projected Consciousness …and you see for yourself the Glory of the incoming Root Races …the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM Father / Mother God!  And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!


ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED MOTHER MARY: on Healing of the Body Elemental as well as on completion and new beginning’:

Beloved Ones, greetings from the Feminine Ray; the Fifth Ray upon which I serve with my Beloved Archangel Raphael; as well as from the Temples of Birth …all of which ‘hold the Immaculate Concept!’

An avatar is that physical presence that allows a Higher Frequency of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness to enter the world of form.  The avatar of the Cosmic Christ was Beloved Jesus, the avatar of Beloved Krishna was several great Incarnations …and the Buddha is said to have avatars who continuously embody the primary lineage of that Cosmic Teaching.  When the Plan of Creation called for entrance of the Mighty I AM Presence ‘into form’, the perfect outcome was to be the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self evolving into a Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self, walking the Earth as the I AM Race.  This Plan was to evolve through the Divine Plan of a Root Race and its Manu …during which the Consciousness was exposed to consecutive Major Cycles of the Seven Rays … presently evolving from the Sixth Ray to the Seventh Ray Dispensation.

To be allowed embodiment in order to accomplish this Divine Plan, our Beloved Body Elemental is our personal ‘elemental avatar’, the vehicle through which our Mighty I AM Presence ‘enters the world’. The Body Elemental is a Divine Alchemist.  This magnificent Etheric Deva works with the ‘four elements of form’ (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) …and through chemistry, genetics, physiology and other sciences, creates the finest possible physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles for a certain embodiment …given karmic liability of that particular Soul Consciousness …and staying as close as possible within the Original Intention of the I AM Presence.  Such a Being is a Master Alchemist!

The Healing of our vehicles therefore begins with a constant Adoration and Gratitude for this Etheric Being of the Devic Kingdom. Without the Body Elemental there would be no ‘Ascended Mastery of the world of form’.  Without such Alchemy, the 'wave-function' of Spirit would not find grounding in the ‘particle-function’ of the physical realm. This is a highly developed Elemental Being, in that it can manifest physical, etheric, mental and emotional reality in the world of form …and operate on all these levels simultaneously.  The Body Elemental develops along all these lines of expression according to the will of the in-dwelling God Presence …which is anchored and emanating from the Eternal Flame from the Mighty I AM Presence. Such is our Divine Lineage!

In our Light Service, let us sojourn daily with our Body Elemental …as we would with a loved one or dear friend. This Elemental Being has been our ‘particle-function’ avatar since we first chose embodiment as a Light Being …a very long-standing relationship indeed!  It is the finest and closest Elemental friend we have! But because of karmic liability, this Elemental Being is not always at peace and must, by Cosmic Law, manifest what is in our consciousness.  For this is the original agreement of the Divine Plan of embodiment. We came “to expand the borders of Perfection” …to manifest Heaven on Earth …creating Heaven within the world of form …spiritual 'wave-function' descending into ‘particle-function’ all according to the Plan of Creation.  Our Beloved Body Elemental agreed to manifest all these Perfection Patterns within & through us!

The first three Root Races succeeded perfectly in this Plan of Creation.  These Races of Majestic Beings all Ascended after first creating Heaven on Earth.  Then came the great sacrifice of accepting the laggard orphans who had no planetary home after failing to Ascend within their own planetary scheme.  Much effort from the Spiritual Hierarchy went into preparing the Fourth Root Race for this service of ‘raising up these Souls to their Divine Potential’.  But their ‘contagion of ego’ was strong and spread over the Earth like a pandemic. The 'great fall' in consciousness ensued with the creation of such imbalance that it could not be endured immediately …and hence the merciful role of ‘methodical karmic distribution of misused energy’ was developed …with an endless loop of karma played out ever since. Thus, the Biblical concept of each embodiment as being ‘born into sin’ (born into a karmic debt). My beautiful Son Jesus was ‘born without sin’ as he had no karmic debt …as it is now with the incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races!

This burden of karma was principally processed by our Body Elemental.  As the ego practiced condemnation, criticism and judgment, it came back to the individual through the Law of the Circle as disease, distress, aging and eventual death. Such karma registered personally, but also within families, within communities, nations, races, and cultures.  Therefore, a perfect place to begin healing, on the entire physical, etheric, mental and emotional spectrum of expression, is to become empty of self, time and space. And thus, all the effects of condemnation, criticism and judgment and the resultant feat, anger, disgust and loathing of the conditions of ‘our times’ …will no longer generate disease and disintegration. The Body Elemental can then begin the process of Healing and Restoration (instead of constantly balancing karma).

The Body Elemental also assists with the Divine Alignment …physical, etheric, mental and emotional alignment.  From Higher Frequency comes the Divine Alignment of all Suns. But in daily life, all the efforts of physical alignment (via yoga and other forms of exercise), etheric alignment (via processing memories and dreams), mental alignment (via righting our cognitive concepts about ourselves and the world) and emotional alignment (via exercises and meditations on the Harmony and Balance of our feelings) is best initiated when in loving acknowledgment of our Body Elemental.  All of these physical, etheric, mental and emotional exercises fit well within the concepts of ‘empty of self, time and space’ …and include meditation, sacred movement, music, color, fragrance, sacred icons and filling all the senses with Higher Frequency Energies.  We do all of these activities in the Fifth Ray Temples of Healing!

Filling the senses with Harmony and Balance helps the Body Elemental with its ‘alchemic solutions’ …as to dissipating karmic influences with as little disruption to Health and Wellness as possible. As we come further into Oneness Consciousness with our Body Elemental, we learn our personal Deva’s preferred attunement to frequencies of color, sound, fragrance and touch that initiates the Healing and Restoration of the mind and body. As to music alone (a Fifth Ray Activity), there are the elements of tone, rhythm, melody, beat, and cadence that play through the notes, intervals, scales and chords of a particular piece of music, that are ‘a calling to the Body Elemental’, assisting its service to a lifestream.  This is our embodied Keynote! Practice attunement to the Body Elemental, to discover the attributes of the healing process best for you, …as well as for your families, cities, nations and for our sweet Earth!

Between embodiments, our Beloved Body Elemental goes first to recover within the Elemental Temples of Healing. The Deva then joins ‘the Soul’ before re-birth.  The Soul meanwhile has stood before the Karmic Board, applies to the Temples of God Illumination for lessons learned towards Ascended Mastery and eventually invokes another embodiment …to both balance personal karma debt and move forward the Cause of Spiritual Freedom on our sweet Earth. Then in the Temples of Birth, we again sojourn with our Body Elemental, and in these Sacred Fire Flames become truly united in Oneness Consciousness …together, standing in the Light! Our Body Elemental has the task of working with our karmic debt and our injured Earth, Air, Fire and Water Elementals from the previous embodiments …and then compose the most fitting body, mind and memories …as well as patterns of health and disease …given our ‘karmic genetics’. This all occurs in the Temples of Birth.

And so now we extend this ‘Vision of an eternal relationship with an Elemental Being’ from the Etheric Temples into our daily life.  We introduce this ‘Vision of Divine Relationship’ into our personal life through our daily meditations. As the principle God Intelligence in this relationship, we then invoke and direct through the Body Elemental the Sacred Fires of Adoration and Gratitude …that this lovely Devic Being has ‘stayed the course’ with us …on a much longer journey than anticipated …as well as through much more imbalance and distress than ever conceived of when first ‘sealed’ in an eternal relationship before our first embodiment.

Then we direct the Violet Fire of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness through this Deva, as well as into the entire Elemental Kingdom.  And we do so for all Humanity …as well as all the misuse of the Elemental Kingdom and God’s Holy Energy since the beginning of time …since Humanity entered the realm of limitation of self, time and space.  We then Invoke the Eternal Flame of Divine Healing and Restoration.  Here we call forth the Angels of Adoration, and Violet Fire …and then the Angels of Healing (as well as the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Healing along the Fifth Ray) …and finally, the Majestic Angel of Restoration.  This is a Solar Year of Invocation and one principle desire among all others is Healing and Restoration …an aspect of the Next Life Wave Coming!  And SO IT IS!


I AM empty of self, time and space! My Beloved Body Elemental carries only an Eternal Flame and radiates only its Infinite Light!  My Body Elemental is the Holy Grail transporting the Sacred Waters of Life. As I AM Ascending, so too is my Body Elemental!

Dear Ones, let us see, feel and deeply accept the completion of the disease, distress and disintegration …and a powerful new beginning of the Divine Potential within the Healing Ray.  Pause and contemplate this ending and new beginning …like an Outbreath ends and an Inbreath begins.  Our expectation and desire of Sacred Fire Invocation is of Healing and Restoration of the Divine Plan …a return to the Immaculate Concept!  On one hand, we know we enter a 2000-year Cycle of Humanity exposed now to the Seventh Ray and all the Mysteries of Divine Alchemy.  But on the other hand, outside of time, we may enter this ‘new beginning’ immediately …through our seeing, feeling and deeply accepting our Immaculate Concept.

Just as we affirm to the Cosmic Christ:

I AM in Thee, Thou art in me,
I AM, I AM Earth’s Victory!

So now we affirm with our Body Elemental:

I AM in Thee, Thou art in me,
I AM, I AM my personal Victory!
I AM Healed into my Divine Potential!
I AM the Immaculate Concept Restored!



[1] "Elysian Fields" is said to be a true paradise, where ‘gods who are gifted immortality’ abide.