August, 2022

August, 2022


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.

I AM …Ascended and Free!

I AM inclusive of all life,

living Free in the Light!


From within this Infinite Sphere of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love

uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and

Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:










(empty of self and breathing only as Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Flame of Immortality …
ever expanding Humanity's Forcefield of Goodness
into a planetary ocean of Divine Comfort.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Flame of Immortality …
ever expanding Humanity's Forcefield of Goodness
into a planetary ocean of Divine Comfort.



By the Power of the Flame of Immortality,
I AM empty of self and the karma of self.

By the Wisdom of the Flame of Immortality,
I AM empty of the world and the karma of the world.

By the Love of the Flame of Immortality,
I AM empty of time / space and the karma of time / space.

By the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Three-fold Flame,
I AM Eternally Free in the Light!

I AM, I AM, I AM the Flame of Immortality!
I AM infusing the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world
with the Quantum States of Light-Matter; the Quantum States
of Illumined Thought; the Quantum States of Unconditional
Love; and the Quantum States of Divine Memory …
until we are all together, standing in the Light!

I AM empty, empty, empty …of self, time and space,
empty of persons, places, conditions and things of the world.
Then, I AM the One (Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence on Earth);
I AM the Three (-fold Flame of Immortality); I AM the Seven
(Chakra Suns and my Ascending Kundalini Fire); I AM
the Twelve (Houses of the Sun); and again,
I AM the One (Universal I AM)!

The Flame of Immortality within Humanity,
is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, which
is the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world!

I AM infusing the Flame of Immortality into the
will to live, the will to survive, the will to improve,
the will to embody Harmony and Balance …and the
will to accelerate Humanity into her Spiritual Freedom!

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.
I hold the Immaculate Concept of all the goodness in the world.
I AM infusing this Forcefield with the Three-fold Flame of
Immortality, the Seven-fold Christ Consciousness and the
Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity from Father / Mother God.

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, global Keepers
of the Flame …in Unity with the Royal Kingdoms of
Angels and Elementals …standing together in the
Light as Keepers of this global Forcefield of
all the goodness in the world!

I AM a Keeper of the Global Flame and
Its Forcefield of all the goodness in the world!

I AM open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM the Eternal Flame, and I AM
its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM that I AM!



Friends of Spiritual Freedom: there is a certain discipline intended when embodying for Light Service. It centers on being impersonally detached from the karma of self, as well as the karma of the world …in order to be one-pointed and completely loyal to the First Cause, that of transforming the field of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness on Earth. 'Being in the world but not of it ' means our attention is on ‘the developing Souls’ within Humanity only from a spiritual perspective.  Here our attention is on 'matters of the Soul' as our central purpose …as it was with Beloved Jesus. He was beckoned by others to turn his attention to all the injustice of that moment (dealing with the Roman oppression of the Holy Land at that time). Rather, he focused his Teachings at the level of the Soul. And now, as the Cosmic Christ ‘embodied in the many’, this is our time to do the same!

Anchoring the Flame of Immortality ends all the suffering in the world.  This is the Teachings of Beloved Jesus …and of our dear Lord Gautama, Buddha …and many other Elevated Souls. The Comfort of Holy Spirit from within is more powerful than lower frequency imbalance on the screen of life if we can be loyal with our attention. So …let us maintain our attention on the Eternal Moment of now within the Immortality of Spiritual Freedom …in the Eternal Moment of Solar Christ Consciousness …forever Ascended and Free!  This is a meditation for an entire embodiment!  I AM Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness, and Building an Eternal Life in the Light.

This is what the Great Ones have done and still do …those who originally built Shamballa, the 'City of the Sun' from Venus …and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy since.  We have simply joined their Cause. They built and then rebuilt Shamballa. The Spiritual Hierarchy have taken the lead in building Glorious Golden Ages, over and over.  And now here we are, to anchor and build a permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom …permanent because it comes from the Light within Humanity and not 'gifted from above' by much Greater Beings in Higher Frequency Realms of Light. They assist us …but we fully anchor and sustain it through our own Light!

The Next Life Wave Coming is the building of this permanent Age of Spiritual Freedom! In becoming Keepers of the Flame, and Divine Directors of Sacred Fire, we Co-create the Divine Instrument for this Revelation. Great Beings do assist us …the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Light Brotherhood.  But they above all, know that to make it permanent, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is doing it for Humanity, from within Humanity …all in Union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals!

And if we falter in our path, from fears of unrelenting imbalance, personal or global …we carry on nevertheless …and continuously focus on building an Age of Spiritual Freedom. To endure in peace, to sustain a service of Harmony and Balance even under difficult circumstances …this is the Nature of the Feminine Ray. It is well known that maintaining Harmony and Balance under ideal circumstances is relatively easy in comparison to difficult conditions. This is why we desire to attend Retreats or Monasteries, so gain Momentum on one pointed service and pure devotion to First Cause. And …we have all had multiple embodiments doing exactly that.  But in this moment, we are called to the Temple of daily life, to anchor all we have trained in. We are here to bring Teachings of the Light …into the light of everyday life.  And if you were to compare the global Consciousness of today from even one generation ago, there has been much progress.

The Original Divine Plan of Helios and Vesta for our sweet Earth was to infuse the Flame of Immortality into the density of form and still find immortal life. The Gathering of Ascending Humanity is here to infuse the Flame of Immortality into the will to live within the world of form …the will to survive against strong forces of imbalance, the will to embody harmony and beauty into the world …and the will to set the Tone of Love in all things. We know this Reality in our moments from beyond self, time and space (our meditations) …thus allowing us to continue to serve life within time and space!  This is why Beloved Saint Germain asks of us: ‘Take time to be Holy’. This anchors our Mastery, our Harmony and Balance! This is us fulfilling God’s Will for the entire Lifeforce …in all her Kingdoms of nature and society …on all levels of life …until she can do so for herself!

I Am the Goodness in every human heart,
Resurrected now, active in the world,
and sustained by Grace.



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED LORD GAUTAMA …On the invitation of the Lord of the World to join him in his Light Service …at the 'Holy of Holies' within Shamballa …through our collective Enlightenment of the Crown Chakra …of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.

Beloved ones, I dwell within the Diamond Crystal Sun at the apex of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves …the Flame of Immortality …magnetizing all life upwards into its Divine Potential …all the while existing within the Great, Great Silence.

I AM the Eternal
Flame of Immortality,
within the Great Solar Quiet,
of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness.

My service as the Lord of the World is assisted by many Forces of Light. First amongst them is the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame Activity of Lord Michael. Within the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year, we find ourselves gathering within this ‘electric-Blue Lightning Flame’, standing above the base of the Sword! From here, we cut free all imbalance of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …within, through and around every cell, atom and electron …to cleanse us of all connection to any lower frequency. Then the Cosmic Violet Fire Activity takes hold as we stand within the Maltese Cross of Violet Fire (on the Inbreath, drawing this Forcefield into and around Earth) and the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire (on the Outbreath, expanding outward) where all life is included in living free in the Light.

This is becoming empty of self …literally emptying the imbalance from our embodied vehicles. Into this empty space we invoke, focus, concentrate, expand, and project the Sacred Fire as the Flame of Immortality …becoming only Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light …a Sun of the Sun! Dear Ones, I am reserved in my general nature, even with the responsibility of the Office of the Lord of the World.  But there are times when I deeply desire to move your feeling world.  This is one such moment.  I invoke Keepers of the Flame to serve with me, in holding the Flame of Immortality of Humanity during the current disturbances within the human and Elemental Kingdoms. These represent planetary karma being resolved …as well as the Transformational Events in Consciousness produced by the Higher Frequencies within the Golden Love Star of Sanat Kumara, settling into Earth's spiritual plane.

Just as I spend most of the day in meditation within the Jewel at the Heart of the Lotus (the Flame of Immortality), I invoke a Legion of Light Servers to take on this responsibility with me.  For the New Age of Spiritual Freedom is mandated to come from within Humanity, even if assisted by the Spiritual Hierarchy. And as I meditate within the Holy of Holies within Shamballa, I visualize the Gathering of Ascending Humanity with me here, each in your True Identity and functioning as your Divine Instrument …an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!

I also feel deeply about the experiences of Humanity when I witness the karma of self and of the world, presently being resolved.  I see the suffering, just as I saw it as an embodied young man, when I left the Harmony and Balance of life within my father's palace and the comfort of my family and went out into the suffering of the world alone.  After gaining enlightenment about suffering, I then left a teaching as to how to persevere through sufferingand arise from it Victoriously.  Such teachings are interwoven into the Ascension Concepts you now learn. But let me assure you again …you are in this embodiment not to worry or fear, you are here to build and build a New Age of Spiritual Freedom we shall!  As the famous quote states, let us keep our “eyes of the prize”.

The Original builders of Shamballa persevered through this dilemma and so shall we.  The Spiritual Hierarchy built several Golden Ages for Humanity, and they also persevered through this …and so shall we. We are not here to worry. We serve the Light until the permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom is settled …and then we go forth and serve elsewhere in the Multi-dimensional Universe. It is simply the nature of Keepers of the Flame! We reveal the Divine Mystery within the Flame of Immortality …within limitless Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of existence …allowing Divine Potential to always find herself.

And so, I welcome you into co-service with me as you join in my meditations within Shamballa …and as I join in your meditations in your personal sanctuaries. We do so as ‘Eternal Flame to Eternal Flame’, abiding together in the One Light of the Spiritual Freedom of our sweet Earth.




Beloved Ones you are here to be Divine Directors of the Elemental Kingdom …Divine Directors of the earth, air, fire, and water. The Divine Plan of Humanity was to be the presiding Consciousness on Earth …all done within Divine Love and Reverence for all Life. The Elemental Kingdom was to manifest this Divine Potential ‘in form’, while the Angelic Kingdom was to bless it with the exquisite feeling Nature of Holy Spirit. This was intended to be accomplished along all seven Root Races during their Ascension Process on Earth …and thus done in the highest frequency of Reverence for all Life …along all Seven Rays of developing the Holy Christ Self to its full potential.

But with the ‘great fall’, the Elementals have been subject to all forms of usage less than Divine Love. Therefore, it is engrained within the Seventh Ray Dispensation from the Central Sun that such inverse or regression will cease to be in this New Age.  Today we shall focus on the Fire Element and its use as part of the redemption of Earth, in the construction of the New Age … rather than any further destruction effected upon the Elemental Kingdom through human-ego creation. Affirm:

I AM serving the Truth of Divine Potential.

I AM a Divine Director of the Air Element.
I AM a Divine Director of the Fire Element.
I AM a Divine Director of the Earth Element.
I AM a Divine Director of the Water Element.

I AM a Divine Director of Sacred Fire.
Sacred Fire is the Commanding Presence
amongst all Elemental Lifeforce!

In the Name of the Beloved Presence of God I AM,
I love and adore the Fire Element. And through the
Grace of God, I now invoke the Fire Element to
Bless Humanity with only the Love Nature
of First Cause, as originally intended!

Go forth and Love one another!
This is the great command
of the Cosmic Christ.
And nothing less!

Dear Ones, I AM the Director of the Fire Element for this Solar System. Together, standing in the Eternal Flame of Father / Mother God, we may serve together as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, with all Angels and Elementals and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy …in invoking the Fire Element to cease participating in all activity less than the Love Frequency.  This includes all thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds with intent to harm …but instead reveal the intent towards Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness within the Seventh Ray Christ Nature …the Violet Fire. And SO IT IS!


The meek are those souls that quietly and anonymously desire to be instruments of Peace, Harmony, and Balance. The meek are wealthy in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. This is the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world. And utilizing this Momentum, we may now utilize the Sacred Fire to transmute all intent or desire within Humanity to harm any part of life …and to amplify the intent to bless life and forward her Divine Potential.

Let us invoke together as the Voice of the Great I AM: Beloved Zarathustra; Beloved Mighty Elohim of the Fire Elementals; Devas and Builders of Form who govern the fire element …we invoke you to transmute all involvement and activity of the fire element in any activity to harm others …on all physical, etheric, mental, and emotional levels. As the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, we decree that the fire elemental be used only for comfort, warmth, and any constructive activity that brings Humanity closer to her Holy Communion with Divine Presence.

This Invocation then leads to a rhythmic Ceremony. Consider that when Humanity passes from embodiment, such souls are continuously bathed in Sacred Fire to transmute any desire less than the Light from the previous embodiment. Such individuals gradually accept their Etheric Light Body, living in the Realms of Light and attending Ascended Master Temples, to forward their Ascension Process. So now in this New Age, let us now preform the same Ceremonies of Sacred Fire for Humanity …before she passes on, while still in the ‘Temple of daily life’! And in doing so, the Elemental Kingdom is released from manifesting such imbalance, right here and now! And then there will be only the Original Intent for the Elemental Kingdom in serving Humanity …an abundance of clean and pure air, water, earth, and energy for all …and the use of the four Elementals for only the progress of Humanity’s spiritual development …as was the Original Intent (First Cause)!

Between embodiments, the Elementals also experience Endings and New Beginnings. All Elemental life associated with an embodiment of an individual (that has ended) also gather within the Temples of their Group Deva for Restoration and Resurrection of their Etheric Light Bodies[1].  And as we may now do with Humanity in our Ceremonies of Sacred Fire, so we also do in assisting the Elemental Kingdoms …again transmuting distress right here and now …through the Power and Authority of our Flame of Immortality …using the Forcefield of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves …now a Pagoda of Sacred Fire!

Abide with us in our Sanctuary of Father / Mother God! Join us in knowing and experiencing all Lifeforce evolving along our Solar Spine …the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves! Then affirm with us to all these Elementals and all levels of Humanity’s consciousness: “By the Power of the Three-fold Flame vested in me, I bless you and release you back to your Divine Potential never again having to serve human creation.” This Restoration / Ascension Ceremony unfolds within us, both in our Temple of the Sun (of Father / Mother God) …as well as in your Eternal Flame embodied on Earth …in revealing a Higher Frequency Plane of accelerating earth, air, fire and water elementals …until Humanity has an clear vision of Ascending into her Quantum State Light Bodies! Thus, Humanity Ascends with her Elemental family, as they also make their Ascension. This then manifests the original Divine Plan of Earth!

Let us continuously meditate on the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world.  It includes the Divine Qualities needed for Precipitation of the Divine Plan …Rhythmic Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of the Seventh Ray; Peace and Ministration of the Sixth Ray; Healing and Crystal Vision of the Fifth Ray; Purity of Intent and the Resurrection and the Life of the Fourth Ray; the Cohesive Power of Divine Love of the Third Ray; the God Illumination of the Second Ray and Divine Faith in First Cause of the First Ray. Any one of these Quantum States could be a lifetime of meditation and service …yet they are all present in this Forcefield right here and now …so that we may forever sustain and amplify all the goodness in the world!

But allow me for a moment to focus on Faith.  This Divine Quality is often confused with 'the content' (the persons, places, conditions, and things) that one has Faith in …rather than seeing the process of Faith as a Forcefield by itself (no matter the content).  You see around you much faith in many things, some of which you may agree with and some not.  The content of faith may divide us but the process of Faith, that there is 'a greater cause' worth striving for, may unite us.  Faith sometimes is put on the devotional / spiritual / religious spectrum. But there is faith in family, in science, in the arts, in government, and many others.  But it is always Faith …and within the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world, we claim this Forcefield of Faith, with all its First Ray Power, to see us onto Victory! Let us see that the Divine Process of Faith unites Humanity, rather than ‘the content’ of that faith that might seem to separate her.

Let us detach from the content and claim the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of that Divine First Ray Quality into our Global Forcefield.  Let us take all Faith within Humanity and place it in the Atomic Accelerator of the Violet Fire and the Ascension Flame. And then this Activity unites the Royal Kingdoms of Angels, Elementals and Ascending Humanity in a global Presence of the Flame of Immortality …in action on Earth! This is our Faith …in the Global Presence of the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!

We may then do the same with any of the Divine Qualities along all the Seven Rays …claim it all …detached from the content …and placed in the Sacred Fire's Atomic Accelerator Activity as inclusive of all Lifeforce together, standing in the Light! From this level of Christ Consciousness, the Twelve Aspects of Deity are then infused into the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world …Solar Christ Consciousness infused into a Forcefield generated by Humanity! And then we have a global Forcefield more powerful than any imbalance.  This is the Resurrection and the Life of Humanity building her own Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom! The Gathering of Ascending Humanity is the Divine Instrument for this Resurrection!

Our Faith is in the Law of Reciprocity …that as I AM raised up into my Flame of Immortality, so all Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom is further raised up into their Divine Potential. And it continuously expands as more of Humanity add their Sacred Fire of Immortality into this global Forcefield. Consider that the Avatar (or embodiment) of the Cosmic Christ is a Forcefield (rather than a person) …a Forcefield that infuses the 'world of form' with the Flame of Immortality. Previous individual Avatars did exactly that, whether it be Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, or Lord Gautama, or countless other Avatars dating back to the original Krishna Energies embodied from Cosmic Realms of Light. Now the Cosmic Christ is represented by the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …the Group Avatar, a New Group of World Servers …Keepers of the Flame on a global scale …infusing the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world with their Cosmic Flame of Immortality!

As Directors of the Fire Elemental, I invoke you to Come forth now and rhythmically invoke and focus the Sacred Fire into these Ceremonies …daily, hourly, moment to moment …until Victory is ours!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE BELOVED ELOHIM OF CREATION …in the Co-creation of New Earth and her Age of Spiritual Freedom:

Beloved Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light …

Spiritual growth is somewhat like science.  Science continually gathers more data or information to assimilate into the scientific knowledge base, whereupon there is greater understanding and steady forward progress. A similar process occurs in spiritual development …where the Soul continually gathers ever greater Perfection Patterns to assimilate into her Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …her Causal Body Presence in the Universe.

It is generally accepted that science only believes something as 'true' if it can be measured or observed (and such observation or measurement takes the correct instrumentation …which itself is ever evolving). But in tracking spiritual development, the highest instrument for observing and experiencing spiritual growth is the Divine Instrument …our True Identity as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. This instrument assimilates Higher Frequency Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …reveals and manifests this to our senses and our experience …as the Truth of Higher Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. This is what we mean by Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness, and Building of an Eternal Life in the Light!

There is a scientific law …that energy cannot be created or destroyed …only transformed.  In Light Service, we see the Universe created from …and by …Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. And the same principle unites these three aspects of creation ...that consciousness cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed …that vibration cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.  Since the ‘great fall’ on Earth, there are forces that seek to decelerate the energy, vibration, and consciousness of the planet …particularly the imbalance of control, domination, hierarchy, and exclusion. This requires rebalance and harmonization by the Feminine Ray (inclusion, circularity, compassion, and service) gaining its ascendency. Through this re-balance, all Energy, Vibration and Consciousness manifesting within Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom naturally accelerates towards its Higher Potential …its finest outcome at this juncture of the Great Cosmic Inbreath.  This captures the entire nature of Spiritual Development …of a Race, its Planet, and its Solar System …ever onward to its Higher Potential.

The Flame of Immortality is the expression of the perfect Harmony and Balance within the Holy Triumvirate of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …all in ONE.  It is designed to be the 'charging station' …the Atomic Accelerator …for physical life in the world of form, to remember and realign with the Divine. This 'Way Station' is within every human heart, or it would not be beating. It is the ‘dwelling place’ of the Holy Christ Self. The River of Divine Light (the Silver Cord) pouring in from the Immortal Flame of the Mighty I AM Presence, enters through the top of the head and anchors in the Heart Flame …and from there animates all Energy, Vibration and Consciousness on the physical level …allowing conscious activity within daily life.

In the unenlightened, this embodied Eternal Flame may only be a tiny spark. But once the outer mind sees, feels and deeply accepts the Flame of Immortality, with the full power of daily rhythmic attention, love and adoration, it grows into a Mighty Flame …from below the feet, to above the head, and encircles the physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles in its Divine Presence. It transforms the four lower vehicles (physical, etheric, mental, and emotional) into their Divine Potential …mirroring the four Higher Frequency vehicles in their Heavenly Divine Expression …but right here on Earth! These Higher Frequency Vehicles are the Solar Christ Self, Mighty I AM Presence, the Causal Body and the White Fire Being. When the Eternal Flame expands to touch ‘the hem of the garment’ of the Mantel of Light form the Mighty I AM Presence surrounding us …to enfold every aspect of the embodied vehicles (from below our feet, to above our head, to our outer most reaches), this is the moment of Transfiguration …the Christ grown to full stature, clothed in the Immortal, Victorious Three-fold Flame!

Think of it …that all the goodness in the world is from someone’s Eternal Flame …and can only arise into awareness from this Source functioning within daily life. This includes every positive, uplifting, loving, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving thought, feeling, word and deed …from any person towards any other person, place, condition, or thing.  Each small event is Ascended and Free in that moment …as Ascending Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. In that moment, each one involved is a Sun of the Sun …active as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. And with enough of this momentum expanding globally, then we see Suns in Divine Alignment across Humanity! And the Ascension only requires 51 % of Energy to be Ascending to begin to manifest!

Another aspect of ‘Suns in Divine Alignment’ is the Sun of the Sun (individuals accelerated into their Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light) …aligned with the Sun of Earth (our planet accelerated into her Ascended and Free State) as the Star of Spiritual Freedom. This Divine Alignment allows the ‘Ascension in tandem’, as Oneness Consciousness within the Great Cosmic Inbreath.  This is Ascended and Free Humanity, on her Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit …the focus of Light Service of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …Keepers of the Flame!

This Ascension in tandem is why the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves was created. This Forcefield ensures that as each of Ascended and Free Humanity is raised up, so too do they raise up all Lifeforce on Earth. With each positive thought, feeling, word and deed, with each mediation, visualization, and affirmation, we have just raised up every level of Lifeforce …from subatomic life through to the God Illumination developing within Humanity. This Ascension in tandem applies to all the goodness in the world, generated by most of Humanity.  Think of this. Instead of fearing change or transformation (even with the disturbances that might accompany such change) Humanity begins to welcome the shift to Higher Consciousness.

Transformation pours out eternally from the Realms of Light of Father / Mother God.  This great River of unfolding Perfection Patterns streams through the Electronic Presence and then into the Eternal Flame in the Heart, anchoring as the Three-fold Flame. From there it arises into the brain, sustaining Consciousness and keeping all life-giving energies flowing through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies (organ systems and meridians) for an opportunity to live life in the world of form and gain the Ascension from the physical realm. Transformation takes place at the level of the cell, atom, and electron …up to the highest levels of Consciousness and beyond …all streaming though, and coordinated by, the Flame of Immortality!

The Heart Center of Humanity is the same Eternal Flame in all life, everywhere present …in all other Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Life. Great Cosmic Cycles of spiritual development forward all life, everywhere present. Contemplate this! Standing within your Flame of Immortality, you stand in the same Flame as every Being in all Ascended or developing Races throughout the Cosmos …you stand with all life everywhere …together, standing in the Light! Assimilate this into your visualizations of True Identity within Oneness Consciousness!


I AM One with the Seven Mighty Elohim …in the
Co-creation of this New Age of Spiritual Freedom on Earth!

I AM empty of space …because I AM all of space. My Light is
here, there and everywhere present.  I AM the Indivisible
Flowing Wholeness that has always manifested
within Universal I AM …here and now!

I AM the Eternal Flame,
in the Great Solar Quiet, of
Indivisible Flowing Wholeness!

As I visualize Humanity Ascended and Free,
then I AM Humanity open and receptive
to the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM a Divine Director of the Fire Element.
I AM a Divine Director of the Sacred Fire.
I AM a Divine Director in Co-creation!

I AM my Divine Instrument, in the Co-creation
of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, as
the Flame of Immortality in action!



[1] These Etheric Light Bodies of the Elementals are sometimes seen with physical eyes if we are fortunate …revealed as Elves or Fairies or other Nature Spirits.