December, 2020


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


 ‘I AM Present’ to initiate Oneness with the Angelic Kingdom!

I AM the Transformational Events in Consciousness, raising
Humanity into her Divine Potential of Unity with the Angels!

 This is the Majestic Potential of my Divine Instrument!

This is the Potential of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! 

Our ‘Divine Instrument’ does this perfect Light Service: 






(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Forcefield of the Feast
of the Angels…absorbing the Light of my Divine Potential!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Forcefield of the Feast of
the Angels…radiating the Light of Humanity’s Divine Potential!




I AM the Flame of my Highest Divine Potential.
I AM the Majestic Potential of my Divine Instrument.
I AM the Alpha and Omega Flame embodied!

Through this Cosmic Portal of my True Identity,
I AM Oneness with the Royal Kingdom of Angels, and
I AM unleashing Cosmic Forcefields of the Angelic Kingdom!

To you Beloved Angels, who carry Momentums of Sacred Fire,
I LOVE YOU! I AM your open door into the world of form!

I first see, feel, deeply accept the Angles assigned to my Lifestream! I AM a Divine Director of our
Daily Ceremony with Sacred Fire!

I AM the Open Door: of my Three-fold Flame of Immortality;
of my Seven Chakra Suns; of my Causal Body Spheres of
Light …and of the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity
that I now initiate and direct into the world!

Through my Divine Identity expressed on Earth,
I AM One with the Angelic Kingdom and I dwell
in the Spirit Kingdom of Quantum State Emotions
unleashing their Cosmic Forces into daily life!

When I AM One with all Angels and Elementals
I AM One with the vast interconnectedness
of all Light Service everywhere; One
with all the goodness in the world!




Beloved Co-creators within the Gathering of Ascended Humanity: Welcome into the season of the coming Solstice and the Feast of the Angels. It is Christmas Festivals that allow for greater outer recognition of the Angels and their active part of the spiritual unfoldment of Humanity.  With this in mind, let us contemplate and meditate upon our Sisterhood with the Angelic Kingdom and the entire Domain of Spirit Beings, who selflessly serve Humanity’s ‘inner’ development. Their service is now to be magnified greatly through Humanity’s attention, acceptance, invocation and gratitude …and such is our purpose during this monthly cycle.

Here we are at the Cosmic Moment of ‘Endings and New Beginnings’. This is a traditional moment when Angels play an important and more obvious role in the plans of the Lord of the World. Such was the case at the ending of the Fifth Ray Dispensation and the beginning of the Sixth Ray Dispensation of our Beloved Jesus (the Christian drama, including Angelic prophesy). Not only Archangels made their Presence known, but Angels of all Graded Orders became active participants with those attuned to the Harmony and Balance of that Cosmic Moment.

Angels themselves are ‘continuous Transformational Events in Consciousness’ when invoked into persons, places, conditions and things.  They represent Universal I AM in its ‘continuous state of change, flux and transformation’ …given the fluid nature of ‘potentials’ …‘what might be’, depending on ‘the applied consciousness to that potential’ through thoughts, feelings, words and deeds (of Humanity involved). Everywhere in nature and in daily life, there are micro Transformational Events in Consciousness already occurring (in eco-systems, individuals and organizations) that are not yet ‘known to be transformational’ until a certain moment where it becomes clear to the outer world …and then we have an ‘epiphany’…an ‘awakening’.

Helping create and sustain such ongoing Celestial Activity are the Beloved Angels of all graded Orders.  These are small events of daily life that, one by one, are tangibly transforming Consciousness on the planet, along all Seven Rays and, all Domains of Holy Spirit. In every area of daily life, Angels seek opportunity to transmit their Divine Forcefield of Celestial Emotion into that person, place, condition or thing.  Any such opportunity is their ‘Transmission of the Flame’ …their Activity of enlightening Humanity to her Divine Reality through the Angelic ‘feeling nature’.  The emotional forcefield of Humanity is, as we know, the most powerful of the Elemental Vehicles of embodiment.  It is the powerhouse of Co-creation in the physical realm …given the Law of Life: “What you think and feel, you bring into form”! This is where Angels have their influence, as Humanity makes most of her decisions based on how she 'feels'!

There are also macro Transformational Events in Consciousness that will have very broad effects, which are yet to be fully understood as to the progress they represent.  Angels participate in these larger events as well, holding Forcefields of Sacred Fire and sustaining the Immaculate Concept of that particular Transformation. Their influence is felt and is effective if at least one embodied being is holding the Flame of Harmony and Balance therein (whether known or unknown to their outer consciousness). Angels require an embodied Flame of Immortality being open and receptive to their Forcefields, through a natural frequency of Harmony and Balance. Then their Quantum Emotions may be released into those particular persons, places, conditions and things. This is why so many miracles were attributed to Beloved Jesus, as he steadfastly maintained a Focus of the Flame of Immortality throughout his Ministry, remaining harmonious in the most difficult circumstances …allowing for the Transformational Events which the masses then only understood as ‘miracles’.

An example of a ‘macro’ Transformational Event in Consciousness is where science can now predict that the ‘magnetic flipping of the poles’ is occurring much faster than originally thought …mirroring the accelerating re-balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Rays. New and exciting progress in many areas of life are occurring, but not yet appreciated by the masses because of the thick ‘veil of illusion’ hanging over daily life.  Think of the fields of diplomacy, justice, education, healing, finances and the arts …and how much the Angelic Kingdom desires to assist Humanity to transform it all …if given the opportunity of an ‘open and receptive Flame of Immortality’ giving attention to their Service …‘opening the door’ for their opportunity.  This is the service of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity! This is the Joy of our Service!

Let us constantly invoke and accept the Angelic Kingdom in directing the Infinite Radiant Light of our Eternal Flame, filling all the separations and divides within Humanity (between all her cultures, creeds, religions, nations and peoples) with our Radiant Light …as well as all the ‘separations and divides between Humanity and the Angelic / Elemental Kingdoms. I AM this cooperative Light Service piercing deeply into the feeling nature of all involved …and changing the course of history!  And SO IT IS!

Dear Ones, there are so many levels of ‘peace and freedom’ that Humanity seeks …but Spiritual Freedom is the ultimate …and subsumes all others.  Our goal in Light Service is that we reach for ‘the pinnacle’.  Angels are a gateway to Spiritual Freedom because our feeling nature is the Highway to Heaven the Transcendence of Divine Experience.  Angels are the purveyors of Divine Emotion …experiences which can take us into the oceanic Oneness of Solar Christ Consciousness!

How may the Angels assist us? Consider that after an embodiment, the Soul is first bathed in the Violet Fire by Seventh Ray Angels, removing and transmuting the ‘ill-effects of embodiment’ …remaining in this restful state until we are prepared to go forward into the other Ascended Master Temples. After such a rest, we are then rhythmically exposed to other 'Orders of Angels' that remind us of the Quantum State Feelings of the Holy Spirit …to welcome us home into the Light and the full Spiritual Freedom we desire. Now we no longer have to wait until 'after embodiment' for such Angelic assistance. Now we may invoke and experience all of these Activities of Sacred Fire, at night when the body sleeps, or anytime in meditation / visualization, to refresh our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles …and remind ourselves of the Realms of Light within our own Causal Body. The Angels await our Invocation to perform this healing and rejuvenating Service with us!  They simply require our attention and invocation!

Consider as well that our entire existence is ‘energy in motion’.  Our Causal Body is all of our Sacred Energy in a State of Harmony and Balance, having returned to us as a Momentum of Goodness …‘energy in motion’ on the positive ledger.  Karma is ‘energy in motion’ which yet requires its freedom back to its innate Harmony and Balance. And the Angels help with the interplay of Sacred Fire (Divine ‘Energy in motion’) and karma (lower frequency ‘energy in motion’) …and the result is all our energy set free into its Divine Potential, before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained in its distressed state.

Let us accept the Archangels and their Legions are major Teachers of Solar Consciousness in this endeavor, of the interplay of Sacred Fire with our developing Consciousness.  Let us invoke and welcome them during the Feast of the Angels …expanding this Momentum into every moment of this embodiment.




Beloved co-servers embodied as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity: I open my Celestial Wings and welcome you into the Angelic Kingdom. Come Forth Now …and enter into this Light!

Angels abide in the Dimensions, Realms and Spheres where our 'wave-form', Flame-like Bodies avail us of instant travel and communication …literally being here, there, and everywhere present, at the service of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Humanity!   We carry in our Light Bodies Forcefields of Quantum State Qualities …representing of all the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity as well the Divine Qualities of the Seven Planetary Rays.

We communicate our Forcefields through what Humanity would call ‘intuition and feelings’.  This is more powerful than you know. To us these are Higher Frequency communication pathways, like an advanced technology where on a single beam of Light there is carried the Cosmic Momentum of an entire Galaxy. Beings capable of this are the Great Archangels …of which Lord Michael is the greatest example …as well as Seraphim, of which our Beloved Serapis Bey is such a Child of the Central Sun.

Then there are the Cherubim who guide, guard, and direct Angelic Hosts in service to Cosmic and Ascended Beings. It is also such Angels that accompany the daily life of Humanity in her spiritual endeavors. Each one of Humanity has their own assigned Angels (such as the Guardian Angels and Listening Angels) who assist the individual in their spiritual path …a service which also allows that Angel to ascend through the ranks of their Angelic Order.

Angels are Beings created by Father / Mother God who chose the feeling side of existence and the interplay of Sacred Fire …rather than the co-creation of form or the expansion of the Universe.  Elementals are those Beings who enjoy the thinking, co-creation, ‘form’ side of life. ‘Elemental’ literally means Mind of God (‘El’ is God and ‘mental’ is the power of thought in creating expression). Humanity (as well as all the Races of Ascended Planets) are those beings who, in their Eternal Journey of Being, desired to master both thought and feeling in Harmony and Balance.

So, both Kingdoms of Angels and Elemental assist Humanity along her journey, especially in the present moment. And as we approach 'Completion and New Beginning' with the Great Cosmic Inbreath, it is imperative that the Gathering of Ascended Humanity become One with both Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals!

Because of the Next Life Wave Coming, soon outer attention will turn more towards the Angels and their contributions to daily life. For Angels are more aligned with the Feminine Ray and the feeling nature of Holy Spirit …a trend Humanity will experience as she completes her re-balance with the Nature Kingdom. This will compliment her 'journey inward', to her True Identity as Keepers of the Flame.  And with each Flame Temple that opens within Humanity, Angels will be there to carry, magnify and communicate that Divine Essence to all life, everywhere present!  Even now Angels serve as Acolytes and Attendants for the Spiritual Aura and Atmosphere generated by your focused Light Service. We see you as Temples of Ascended and Free which we desire to serve your Higher Purpose.

Angels would naturally choose to serve within the Flame Room of your Temple. But we also learn to communicate and magnify your feeling nature, of everything you desire for Humanity’s Spiritual Freedom, in a more globally enveloping service.  For we abide in Realms of Light that do not see the restrictions of time and space …so such global service is instantaneous with us!  We are very receptive to the acknowledgement and validation of your Attention and Invocation.  We magnify the Sacred Fire Forcefields you build within daily life.  Such ‘Temple Life’ of Angels tangibly serving Humanity was known in past Golden Ages and is the life we Angels bring in the Next Life Wave Coming. It is ‘Holiness grounded in form’; the union of spirit and matter; the perfect ‘gathering’ of the 'wave-form' and 'particle-function' on Earth!

Consider the Angels as a Guardian Presence of the spiritual development of all the Races, on all the Planets in this Solar System. We embody all the attributes of all the Seven Spheres of Earth’s electronic Causal Body (and her Silent Watcher Beloved Immaculata) …as well as all the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity within the electronic Causal Body of this Solar System of Helios and Vesta (and her Silent Watcher Beloved Lady Circulata). Our gift to developing individuals, planets or even Solar Systems, is to be Guardians of Spiritual Forcefields and then to release such Divine Qualities under the direction of the Hierarch of that Sacred Activity.  This now includes you, as Temple Hierarchs within daily life. You pioneer the Next Life Wave Coming and so live this Temple Life now! This is our Reality of your Divine Instrument!

The Laws of Life are clear …what you think and feel, you bring into form!  In this basic Truth, you see the activity of both Angels and Elementals …in the feeling and thinking side of expression.  Invocation of the Elemental Kingdom through the Silent Watchers, Elohim, Builders of Form, Devas and all Elemental Spirits, as well as the smaller elementary Beings of earth, air, fire and water (Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines) can bring Harmony and Balance to daily life.  Invocation to the 'wave-function' Flame Bodies of the Angels …from the Greatest Galactic Archangels, through the Mighty Seraphim who abide with the ‘Most High’, through to Cherubim and their training Angelic Hosts along all the Rays of Father / Mother God …will do wonders for your ‘emotional nature’ …which as you know is the most powerful of your embodied vehicles. We are Guardians of the Highest Spiritual Emotions!

To become more Angelic, Light Servers begin preparation through first becoming the Holy Grail.  This is the ‘Christed One’, the ‘Anointed One’, One who is ‘at One’ with the Electronic Stream of Light from the Mighty I AM Presence.  The Holy Grail is the symbol of Holy Communion. The Light of the Mighty I AM Presence sent into your keeping is the same Light we continuously abide within …and so is Home to us! To keep Sacred this Light is becoming a Keeper of the Flame …and thus to attract Angels into your keeping …and to become more Angelic in daily life.

Then we assist in filling your Holy Grail with Highest Spiritual Emotions of our Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. In many ancient texts and scripture, the Angels visit the anointed Ones.  We are particularly drawn by an Aura of Holy Innocence …and thus why, until a certain age, children often see or feel our Presence much easier than do adults.  Adults may return to this State of Holy Innocence through Baptism of Sacred Fire, and Holy Communion with the Divine …becoming One with the flow of Electronic Light from the Mighty I AM Presence.

In the Ascension Process, one is filled with the Quantum State Angelic Qualities of the Seven Rays.  It may begin with the First Ray of the Higher Frequencies of Faith, Spiritual Power, and the Ultimate spiritual Protection of these Higher Frequencies. These might be seen as the colored aura of Electric Blue of Lord Michael. And one might feel His Presence as the Forcefield of the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame. Next, one might feel their Holy Grail filled with the flowing Golden Liquid Light substance of Archangel Jophiel and his Forcefield of God Illumination from the Central Sun. Then the Radiant Flame of Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Zadkiel, baptize your Being. I then seal this Ascension Process in Peace Divine!

But now, through Cosmic Decree of Alpha and Omega in this present Moment, Cherubim and Seraphim of certain Angelic Orders may fill your 'Holy Grail' with the complete Holy Communion of Solar Consciousness …of all Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity simultaneously! We await your Invocation …and Revelation …of this Divine Opportunity! Beloved Ones, the Feast of the Angels may be seen as a yearly occasion …or, in the Name of the Cosmic Christ, the Path One walks in embodiment!




Beloved Ones: Welcome into the Feast of the Angels. I bow before Beloved Lord Uriel and his Teaching …and asked that I may add a few thoughts for your understanding of our Angelic Kingdom.

The Great Angelic Kingdom plays a pivotal role in all of the coming Transformational Events in Consciousness, rapidly approaching their revelation on Earth! Angels facilitate each of these great endeavors aimed at clearing Humanity’s Ascension Path, as we proceed into the coming days. Let the Gathering of Ascended Humanity review her Victory Statement: “Together, standing in the Light, with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals”. For this brings all manner of spiritual seeking closer to the Angelic Kingdom! Let us review the Next Life Wave Coming and the Cosmic Activities the Angels assist Humanity with.

‘Endings and New Beginnings’ now reveals the emergence of the Seventh Ray Dispensation. Let us affirm: ‘I AM empty of self and I AM in the company of Angels of Divine Rhythm and Ceremony; of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …in daily life.  I AM constantly focusing the Violet Fire into all karmic imbalance I observe. I AM complete Faith in the Quantum States of Sacred Fire to transmute karma before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained! I AM a Priest / Priestess in the Order of Zadkiel …and, I AM the Divine Alchemy of the Cosmic Violet Fire now transforming the world! Here I make the command and as I then live daily life, the Angels of the Cosmic Violet Fire sustain this Forcefield of Solar Consciousness until Victory! And, SO IT IS!

Then another Activity in the Next Life Wave Coming …the True Identity of Humanity as designed in the Plan of Creation.  In the company of Angels, I affirm: ‘I AM the Flame of Immortality embodied, bringing Harmony and Balance to all life everywhere present! The Gathering of Ascended Humanity serves only in their Divine Instrument …as Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!  I continually transmit Perfection Patterns into the world of form! I believe, see, feel and deeply accept the Cosmic Truth of True Identity!  Our Guardian Angels assigned to us, along any of the Seven Rays, sustain this Truth for us in our own Aura until we can do so for ourselves! And, SO IT IS!

Further in this Next Life Wave Coming, the Feminine Ray now comes into prominence…as well as the incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races under their Manus: The Angels of the Cosmic Feminine Ray assist in anchoring and expressing this incoming Forcefield of circularity; justice, equality and inclusivity in daily life. In the company of Angels, I affirm: “I AM empty of ego-selfempty of time and its restrictions …and empty of space and anything that divides or separates Humanity within herself (by race, culture, gender, nation or any other ‘schisms’) …or, separates Humanity from the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals. I AM together, standing in the Light of all the Angelic Orders accompanying the Feminine Ray and the incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races. Together, standing in their Light, I AM ONE Forcefield of Victory!

And next, the Great Cosmic Inbreath is now being Initiated, accompanied by legions of Celestial Angels from the Central Sun! They now assist Humanity in Ascending towards her Cosmic Consciousness …raising Humanity to envision how grand and majestic is ‘Universal I AM’ …and Humanity’s grand design as Light Beings within that Universality.  There are endless Ascended Planets, within endless Solar Systems, within endless Galaxies, all evolving endless ‘I AM Races’ of Mighty God Beings. These Celestial Angels bring Forcefields which magnetize Humanity towards her seven-fold Holy Christ Self and then accelerate this Unity into Solar Christ Consciousness and the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity of the Sun …in which we all Ascend into Great Light Beings within the I AM Race of Earth!

Beloved Ones, with the assistance of the Angelic Kingdom, we now see the Sixth and Seventh Root Races ‘just across the veil’, awaiting their opportunity to set the ‘new normal’ within the Feminine Ray …and Seventh Ray Dispensations …all seen 'coming now' as Forcefields of Perfection Patterns …which then ‘set the Cause’ of manifestation across all domains of daily life!

It is the Angels when Invoked that can ‘part the veil’ between the 'wave-function' (Spiritual Realm) and 'particle-function' (matter / substance realm) …thus ‘clearing away the mist’ to help Humanity begin to see the Next Life Wave Coming! Consciousness is the action of being conscious. Conscious beings are aware of their surroundings, themselves and their own perception. This is the definition of Consciousness.  The Angels are here to expand Consciousness within Humanity towards her Multi-dimensional Reality, beyond self, time and space.  With this assistance, an individual is more consciously aware of Angels, Elemental Spirits and Ascended Masters. These ‘moments’ multiply and then collectively become ‘a Cosmic Moment’ …taking Humanity gradually into her True Identity. The Angels are essential to the expanding Consciousness of this Cosmic Moment!

Standing Ascended and Free with my Host of Angels, I see your True Identity in operation. In the company of Angels, let us affirm: ‘I AM an Eternal Flame and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light. I AM a Sun of the Sun. The ‘Universe’ of my Sun is the Earth Plane …and its physical, etheric, mental and emotional realms of daily life. This is the Solar System of my Sun. And my Infinite Radiant Light reaches instantly into all persons, places, conditions and things within this Domain of my Sacred Presence.

Let us see the Sacred Fire as the Angels do …like Quantum Matter that fluctuates between 'wave-function' and 'particle-function'.  Thus, Sacred Fire bridges the spirit / matter divide. It composes the Foundation Pillars of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom allowing Humanity to re-enter the Temple of the Divine. Imagine a physical balm or ointment that we might apply to instantly heal a wound.  That is what the Angels carry in their Light Body …a Cosmic Balm for karmic wounds. It was designed for this purpose in Realms of Light specifically for Earth and Humanity. Sacred Fire has other purposes in other Domains or Realms of Light.  But here it is for Healing and Restoration …a return to the original Divine Plan …the Immaculate Concept of Humanity …Ascended and Free together, standing in the Light, with the Angels!

Angels hover in and around daily life in 'wave-function' …just as we know other cosmic rays from the physical sun pass through our minds and bodies continuously (X Rays, etc.). In the beginning was ‘the Word’ …the Sacred Tone of Cosmic Rays …that set the vibration of the Universe into manifestation. This Sacred Tone continues to spiral through the Solar System and is the service of Beloved Archangel Gabriel.  All Angels live in an endless Ocean of Sacred Tone.  And so again, in the company of Angels, we affirm:

I AM a Being of Cause alone,
that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone!




THE ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED ELOHIM OF PEACE  …On becoming a Sun of Peace …as we enter the Season of Peace on Earth.

Beloved Ones, greetings from the Portal of Solar Consciousness …during this Season of ‘Peace on Earth and Good Will to All’ …all in the One Family of Angels, Elementals and Humanity!

Given the history of Humanity since the ‘great fall’, attaining Peace is in the ‘overcoming of fear’.  Fear has been the ‘blockage’ point at the Solar Plexus Chakra where the Kundalini River does not ascend further up the spine into the (so called) ‘higher chakras’ (heart, throat, head and ‘thousand petalled Lotus’) …so as to become fully Enlightened. In early esoteric teachings it was encouraged to avoid (not put attention upon) the ‘three lower chakras’ so as to avoid ‘overwhelming the student’.  Early on, the focus was on the ‘higher Chakra Suns’, so as to understand the Christ Nature of Heart Love, God’s Will, Divine Truth and then full God Illumination.

But the neglect of ‘the lower chakras’ came with a price, some of which is obvious today.  One of those delays was in the nature of fear, with the emphasis on ‘seal it out’ and not ‘speak of it’.  This led to many after-effects of ‘suppression’ …on many levels.  Slowly in the past millennium, fear (anxiety) has been elevated to something Humanity is encouraged to deal with …to process and overcome …to become master of.

Yet at the very beginning of the Christian Dispensation, Beloved Jesus revealed the overcoming of fear on all levels of daily life through his Spiritual Teachings.  He overcame the ultimate fear of ‘an embodiment ending’ and proved the Resurrection and the Life.  He became the Prince of Peace …for individual attainment and for Peace on all larger perspectives.  And when he left the Earth Plane, he left a permanent gift of Peace: “I must go, so Holy Spirit can come among you”.

Holy Spirit is Peace …the Holy Comforter. Celestial Comfort stems from remembering that things related to self, time and space are temporary …and, as to persons, places, conditions and things in daily life …very temporary.  The only thing permanent is Love, in all its aspects of Sacred Fire.  This is the Holy Comforter …this is living as a true Disciples of Holy Spirit! This is becoming a Sun of Peace …to truly understand and manifest the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light in daily life.

There is no greater Peace than fully knowing “I AM Eternal Flame” …before embodiment, during embodiment and after embodiment …and that there is ‘nothing in embodiment’ that can alter this Truth of my Eternity and Infinity as a Child of God …nothing!  Therefore, there is nothing to fear as long as our attention in on our Celestial True Identity …rather than attention on the persons, places, conditions and things of ‘the little self’ within time and space.

Let us put our attention on True Identity and especially the Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns. And let us begin with the lower three centers …one of which is the Chakra Sun of Divine Peace at the Solar Plexus. For understanding and mastering the lower three chakras then presents a better foundation of raising fully and successfully into the upper Chakra Suns …and thus Ascending into Solar Christ Consciousness.  So …we begin at the root of the spine at the White Ascension Chakra.  The notion of the Ascension Flame being at the root of our physical embodiment is confusing to some …so allow an explanation.

The Root Chakra began as the Portal of the Ascension Flame which allowed us to enter the world of form …and gain the Ascension available nowhere else in the Solar System! The opportunity to Ascend from within the ‘density of form’ is unique in all the Solar System …and, since the ‘great fall’ in consciousness, an even more ‘extraordinary endeavor’ than ever designed for.  So, the Ascension Currents at the root of our 'embodied being' keep us grounded in this Divine Opportunity (hence Root Chakra).

Once we have gained sufficient God Illumination and, with more than 50% of our energies returning with their Divine Potential fulfilled, this Ascension Chakra begins to release us from embodiment. Until then, energies returning as less than their Divine Potential express as karma (an energy in motion), which then is experienced as ‘learning opportunities’ in daily life. But as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is now trained to do, such karma may be transmuted by the Sacred Fire before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained! This too is a foundation of Peace Divine!

Let us visualize the White Ascension Chakra Sun at the base of the spine as sustaining our opportunity for the Ascension that was granted by the Karmic Board.  Remember dear ones that only one in three Souls that apply for embodiment are granted this opportunity. Then once settled in the Truth of …and expressing Gratitude for … our Root Chakra, let us ascend the Solar Spine and visualize the Violet Fire Sun Chakra (just below the navel).  This Violet Fire Radiance is just what is required to transmute fear that blocks the chakra just above it, at the solar plexus. Not only does this Seventh Ray Chakra Sun radiate Transmutation, and the Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness to overcome fear …but also what comes after the full release from fear, all the attributes of Spiritual Freedom and Ascending into the Higher Chakra Suns.

Then after the Violet Fire Sun, comes my Focus at the solar plexus center, where I AM the Golden Chakra Sun of Divine Peace.  This Center is aimed at calming the individual in embodiment, regardless of circumstances, so that a complete focus can be placed on the upper Chakra Suns and, proceeding through them, Ascending into full God Illumination.  This is what our Beloved Lord Gautama so wonderfully described in his Heart Sutra:

“Gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond;
oh, what an awakening; all Hail”!

Beloved Jesus also moved through the upper Chakra Suns as laying down the Foundations of the Christian Age …Divine Love (heart chakra), God’s Will speaking as the Voice of the Great I AM (throat chakra), Divine Truth (Third Eye chakra) and then the Ascension into Cosmic Consciousness (through the Thousand Petaled Lotus) …and thus One with the Cosmic Christ (“the Father within”).   So, like these Great Teachers, let us also see our solar plexus Golden Chakra Sun blazing brilliant with its Ruby Radiance, as the validation of our acceptance of becoming True Identity …knowing oneself only as the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light.

This is how Beloved Jesus became the Prince of Peace and how the Gathering of Ascended Humanity now ‘clears the way’ for all Humanity to proceed through her upper Chakra Suns, freed from fear, and free into her Holy Christ Self and then Ascending together into her Solar Christ Consciousness! And here I AM to greet you, as a True Child of the Sun!