February 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:



I AM transmuting the cause, core, effect, record and memory
of all imbalance in my world …and in all the world.

I AM transmuting karmic energies …
before they can act, manifest or longer be sustained!

Simultaneously, I AM Restoring the cause, core, effect,
record and memory of all that is of the Light!
…in my world and in all the world.

I AM the Harmony and Balance I desire for the world!
I AM Spiritual Freedom embodied!

I live this life under the influence of the Cosmic Violet Fire!



(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing all Perfection Patterns within
the Cosmic Violet Fire …now influencing Humanity's daily life!

I AM Expanding and Projecting all Perfection Patterns within
the Cosmic Violet Fire …now influencing Humanity's daily life!


I AM an Enlightened, Seventh Ray, Solar Consciousness!
I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity!

I AM a Mighty Forcefield of the Violet Fire in action! My
karma is but 'energy in motion' seeking its Freedom in the Light,
so that it may Ascend into my Causal Body …which is the
Celestial Momentum of all my Perfected Energies.

Now this Violet Fire Forcefield transmutes all my returning
karma …before it can act, manifest or longer be
sustained. This I do for my own Ascension!

The Violet Fire Forcefield of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity
now transmutes all returning karma for larger gatherings, for
my family, my community, my nation and the world,
traversing all time and space within seconds.
This I do for the Ascension of the world!


Every cell, atom and electron of my Being is filled with
Spiritual Freedom …its Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness,
its Rhythm and Ceremony …as well as its Transformation of all
imbalance …directing it all into an Eternal Life in the Light!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity now invoking
every Solar Christ Self on the planet to ARISE,

And together, standing in the Light we affirm:


The Violet Fire unlocks my limitless Potential for Divinity.
The Violet Fire unlocks Humanity's limitless Potential for Divinity!
I live this life under the influence of the Cosmic Violet Fire!

As I AM transmuting the cause, core, effect, record and memory of
all imbalance, I AM simultaneously restoring the cause, core,
effect, record and memory of all that is of the Light
…in my world and in all the world!

I AM dwelling in Solar Consciousness!
I AM an Eternal Flame, from which
I AM Radiating my Light!

I AM accelerating my Light.
I AM accelerating my Light!

I AM intensifying my Light.
I AM intensifying my Light!

I AM intensifying and accelerating
the Perfection Patterns within my Light.
My Light is a 'Force Carrier', expanding the Solar Year
Forcefield, ensuring the Victory of this Cosmic Moment!





Beloved Builders of Divine Consciousness: let us see that with every Holy Breath, we constantly direct the Cosmic Violet Fire into action …on the Solar Year Inbreath / Outbreath Activity. As we breathe in the Cohesive Power of Divine Love within the Maltese Cross, it concentrates inward to the center of every person, place, condition and thing.  Then on every outbreath, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire expands out as an Infinite Circle of Light from that center, enfolding our sweet Earth with the Perfection Patterns of Spiritual Freedom. Every Inbreath amplifying the Cohesive Power of Divine Love every Outbreath uniting all life in her Ascended State!  This is God in Action!

Our Solar Year Forcefield incorporates the embodied Love, Wisdom and Power of our collective Mighty I AM Presences; our White Fire Beings (the totality of our Divine Twin in Oneness Consciousness); the entire Hierarchy of the Sun and Central Sun; along with the Legions of the Archangels from their Spheres of Light …all directly working through us, moment to moment!  Think of it! With every mindful breath, I AM directing all these Cosmic Forces!  These Divine Energies have waited eons for the Flame of Immortality to activate on Earth …to become God in Action again on Earth …to open Heaven's Door into Humanity.  This is the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …the I AM Race in action!

Becoming a Temple of Alpha and Omega accelerates the Light in whatever realm it expresses …in our case the 'world of form'. Let us build the intensity of our Light …as it circles the globe and infuses every aspect of life, on every level.  We build the intensity of Light through our attention and loyalty to our Eternal Flame …and thus, it radiates its Light with greater power.  This Light is the 'miracle working Presence of God' …and we therefore make 'God in Action' on Earth a greater Reality …and a more effective accelerator of the Divine Potential in all life.  This is our Purpose …and our Reverence for all Life!  This is our 'action through non-action' …simply the application of our attention and loyalty while living a balanced life along the Middle Way.  This is Alpha and Omega …ushering in 'Completion and New Beginning'!

Beloved Ones, as we proceed further into this meditation, we come to understand the quality of inclusion along the Feminine Ray. It means including everyone in the Ascension process …but also the greater inclusiveness of our Crystal Vision …the inclusiveness of totality …seeing the 'wholeness of things' and not just the addition of parts. Earlier in our development, we were trained in the individual Seven Rays, step by step. But now we enter the totality, wholeness and Oneness of the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity.  And our Consciousness expands! This is how the incoming Feminine Ray teaches us entrance into Solar Consciousness …part of this Moment of New Beginnings. We begin with its wholeness, its totality …rather than waiting for this gift at the end!

The Eye of Divine Liberty magnetizes us further into our Ascension process. We progressively see and understand more of the wholeness of Solar Consciousness. During this progression, we may look back through this Cosmic Eye …upon our own lives and the entire world of form …and see only the Divine Potential in all things.  Here we may see the Action of Sacred Fire as it flows through every cell, atom and electron …transmuting the cause, core, effect, record and memory of all imbalance …allowing the Divine Potential of that person, place, condition or thing to now be revealed! This is our Elohimic Crystal Vision, our Third Eye open!

With this same Crystal Vision, we see our Seven Chakra Suns in their Divine Potential, from bottom to top of our Solar Spine. It begins with the 'Ascension opportunity within the physical realm' as the Root Chakra of our existence in embodiment; then we learn Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, Rhythm and Ceremony of daily life; then Peace within the world of form; then Heart Centered Unconditional Divine Love; then to create and affirm life with the Voice of the Great I AM; then to see the full Multi-dimensionality of life through Third Eye Crystal Vision; and then achieve our God Illumination  …our Bodhisattva Nature as the Crown Chakra opens! And from these steps, we may now embrace inclusiveness, the Wholeness of Solar Consciousness!

Then we not only see back into our own Perfection …but see onward into the Perfection of all of Solar Consciousness and Universal I AM! And oh, what an awakening!




Beloved Ones: I AM the Spirit of Inclusiveness within the Kingdom of Silent Watchers …here to draw you further into your Ascension Process. I serve with our Beloved Lady Immaculata, planetary Silent Watcher and our Beloved Lady Circulata, the Silent Watcher of this Solar System. Welcome into the embrace of the Silent Watchers!

Silent Watchers constantly affirm "I AM my Infinite Circle of Light …where I AM inclusive of all life Living Free in the Light!" In our Eternal Journey through Universal I AM, we constantly expand this Infinite Circle of Light. And in this expanding Sphere of Solar Consciousness, we further affirm "I AM in Holy Communion with every other Consciousness". The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is a Silent Watcher for Humanity. In this Service our ever-expanding Circle of Light then establishes Holy Communion with all Humanity …and with the entire Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms …as well as with the Spiritual Hierarchy and all Cosmic Beings in Service to Earth. Through such Holy Communion, we may now bring the Holy Comforter to all other life! We affirm our Oneness Consciousness with all life …and then truly the Laws of Reciprocity apply …as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!

In this Seventh Ray New Age of Spiritual Freedom, such constant Holy Communion specifically re-affirms: the Violet Fire unlocks my limitless Potential for Divinity …and through me, that of all life! Within my Infinite Circle of Light, I AM transmuting the cause, core, effect, record and memory of all that is imbalanced in the entire world! Simultaneously, I AM Restoring the cause, core, effect, record and memory of all that is of the Light, in my world and in all the world. Transmutation by Sacred Fire leaves a vacuum that we instantly fill with Divine Potential …of that person, place, condition or thing! This is the Service of the Silent Watchers. Welcome to the Realms of holding the Immaculate Concept!


Beloved Ones, Holy Communion is a Divine State of Union with the Infinite. Whenever I AM living as my Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, then I AM in a State of Holy Communion.  Then, my intensifying, accelerating Light traverses the Earth, anchoring as a tiny Focus of Sacred Fire into every cell, atom and electron of all life it touches. That tiny Flame then emits its own Radiant Light and the Blessing of Holy Comfort ever-expands …as long as I AM in a State of Harmony and Balance. And then this process of Eternal Flame expanding itself continues on …as the Eternity and Infinity of Holy Communion with all life. And once again, you envision the true Nature of Solar Consciousness!

Please allow a moment of science. At the sub-atomic level (the base of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves), different particles have different properties. Photons are the 'force-carrier particle'. This 'electromagnetic force' creates the bonds that allow the 'particles of matter' (electrons, quarks, and others) to then bond together …standing in its Light!  This builds the atoms, creating all form, substance and matter. This is the Yin/Yang balance between the particles that are 'force-carriers' and those that are the actual 'building blocks' of matter.  In fact, this is the Divine Dance of spirit and matter! This is the Realm of Silent Watchers.

On a spiritual level, this Divine Force within the photon is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love …which has the Ultimate Potential of 'uniting all life in her Ascended State'. This is a gift of Father / Mother God in the creation of the world …a gift assimilated into creation through the Mighty Elohim and the Builders of Form. It allows that along the journey of the physical world, there is an 'ultimate outcome' (Divine Potential) in the Sacred Dance between the 'force-carrier particle' (photons) and 'particles of matter', which allow these electrons and their quarks to bond into Higher Frequency form …eventually producing an Eternal Life in the Light.  This is the sub-atomic basis of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom …creating Ascended and Free Humanity, on her Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit!

In our Realms, this all takes place in a Divine Ceremony …a fundamental aspect of the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom. Holy Communion is an example of Divine Ceremony. The Transmission of the Flame is also an Ordered Sacrament, visualized as our Eternal Flame radiating its Infinite Radiant Light …with this Light then anchoring as a tiny focus of its own Flame wherever we direct itby the power of our Attention! Then even greater Light is Radiated …and on and on it goes, into Infinity. Imagine the Causal Power of this Truth, as we bathe the planet (or any person, place, condition or thing) in that expanding God Force!  This is the Power the Silent Watchers know and practice!

On a personal level, Light Servers hold the Immaculate Concept for becoming a Sun of the Sun …becoming the Alpha and Omega Flame. Allow an analogy from the physical Solar System. The Sun of our local Solar System acts as a nuclear fusion reactor (on the physical level), taking in (Inbreathing) hydrogen and converting it into helium and light (photons) as its Outbreath.  It is this Sun Light that sustains life on all the planets. The Sun itself is the constructor (Creator), as it retains its ability to continuously cause another such fusion reaction …and thus, continuously sustain life.

So too on a spiritual level with the Solar Christ Self where, as a Sun of the Sun, she Inbreathes Energy, Vibration and Consciousness (from the Eternal Flame) and Outbreathes Perfection Patterns …the 'Force carrying photons' that can be directed into persons, places, conditions and things with the speed of light …carrying Divine Forces that could solve any problem currently facing Humanity! And the Solar Christ Self can Cause this endlessly, like the life-giving physical sun. This Activity is Humanity in Holy Communion with the Realms of the Elohim and Silent Watchers! For Ascended and Free Humanity now join us as a Sun of the Sun …continuously causing Perfection Patterns …like the Sun in the Heavens! This is the Decree of Alpha and Omega: all Suns in Divine Alignment!

As well, the Holy Communion of all life is understood in this science …that we commune with all life at the fundamental sub-atomic level …influencing the 'bonding Forcefields' between particles …and thus how life manifests!  The Violet Fire clears out effluvia between the electron bonds. Then our Light accelerates these bonds, by infusing the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State!  Think of it! We can influence these quantum forces through our Invocation and Direction of our Sacred Fire and its Radiant Light! This is truly communing with all life in a Transcendent Ceremony!  This is the Ceremony of constant Holy Communion!


Another Divine Ceremony is governing our Consciousness when we sleep. Through our Mighty I AM Presence, we may invoke admission to the Ascended Master Temples of Light …both in meditation and at the hour of sleep! This is the Ceremony of Projected Consciousness. Here, as our elemental vehicles rest, our Consciousness partakes of the Divine Ceremonies within Ascended Master Temples, along the Ray of our choosing …through Invocation to that Ray or its Hierarch …or, to your Mighty I AM Presence to guide you to the right and perfect Retreat for this moment in your development. Here we join the Great Light Brotherhood and their Angelic Legions in their constant Service to Life …and partake in their constant Holy Communion with Humanity and our sweet Earth! Ask for this at the hour of sleep!

We already know that between embodiments, Humanity is included in Divine Ceremonies in the Spheres of Light. Now we are invited to do the same between the days of our current embodiment. Here we may spend the night, for example, resting in the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire …in a Celestial Ocean of Sacred Fire. These Spheres of Light are within our Solar Year Forcefield.  Through our 'period of repose', we may Invoke and Direct that the Sacred Fire gently brings Transmutation / Transformation of all our negative or imbalanced thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …and through the Laws of Reciprocity, that of all Humanity, further releasing the world from present karmic influences.  This generates the Peace of a Perfect Sleep, free from personal, national, cultural, racial or global karmic energies that otherwise may plague us during rest and sleep.

This is exactly what happens when first released from embodiment, in the Sacred Fire Temples …released from the immediate impact of the past embodiment …finding Peace. This Ceremony is now readily available to Humanity during embodiment …as has been manifest before in the Temple Life of previous Golden Ages.  By doing so Humanity assumes more and more responsibility for the Ascension of our sweet Earth …as the present Cosmic Moment calls for. For example, with every inbreath during sleep, we may concentrate the Maltese Cross of Solar Year Forcefield into ourselves and Humanity …then on every outbreath, expand and project the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire through our personal energies and that of all Humanity …all the while opening and revealing the Eye of Divine Liberty into Solar Consciousness …for all life! Imagine the Power of this Divine Ceremony all night!

Let us affirm during sleep that "I AM transmuting by the Power of the Violet Fire, the cause, core, effect, record and memory of all imbalance within persons, places, conditions and things in the outer world. I sleep in the Peace of the Great, Great Silence!" The Violet Fire assists us in so many ways. Let us sleep in the arms of the Violet Fire Angels, within the Solar Realms of Great Cosmic Beings. Think of it …all through our rest we are actively transmuting all ego attachment …and finding Peace! Just as fire changes water to steam (which rises and floats away), this Sacred Fire Ceremony is Higher Frequency Energy transforming lower frequency energy and releasing it into its Ascension (floats away)!  This is the Transformational Realm of the Silent Watchers!

We may also do this in every moment of meditation …and eventually, every mindful moment of daily life becomes Divine Ceremony. On every inbreath of daily life is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love coming into the world …and on every outbreath, I AM uniting all life in her Ascended State.  I AM opening the Eye of Divine Liberty for all Humanity and hence I AM opening the Flame of Alpha and Omega, opening the Gateway of Immortality!

VISUALIZATION: As a 'Silent Watcher in training' for current Ascended and Free Light Service, let us see a White Ascension Dove hovering over each of our Seven Chakra Suns.  Then see and feel a larger Cosmic Dove of Holy Spirit over our entire being, with a much large wingspan. These Doves radiate Divine Love in, through and around our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles; our world, affairs and finances; and all persons, places, conditions and things in our awareness.  This Cosmic Dove represents the Lord Maha Chohan and the completion of the Holy Christ Self, the perfected Seven-fold human.  Here we may now do our perfect Light Service, but now from Solar Consciousness …one with the Mighty I AM Presence and all Cosmic Forces it commands! Become the Silent Watcher of your own Ascension!

This visualization represents the Completion of our Seven-fold Holy Christ Self and the New Beginnings of our Solar Christ Self and the totality of the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity. These Seven Lotus Chakra Suns now align perfectly along our Solar Spine, declaring ‘I AM PRESENT’! Our Kundalini Fire spirals upward to the Frequencies of God Illumination and Buddhic Consciousness.

Superimposed over this completed Solar Spine is the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. This Pagoda represents all life on Earth. Each level of the Pagoda has our corresponding Chakra now radiating into each level …our Perfection Patterns radiating through that entire level of life …as well as a Dove of Cosmic Holy Spirit shimmering over each level and the entire Thoughtform. The Pagoda also proceeds upwards from the base of our spine (representing basic life structure in the sub-atomic world), proceeding through all the other levels until reaching the cap of the Pagoda at the Crown Chakra. Here a Dove shines her White Radiance representing the Gathering of Ascended Humanity and the Sun of Alpha and Omega …drawing all life upwards into her Divine Potential.

Taken together (our Ascending Solar Spine and the Pagoda of all life), these two Activities hold the Immaculate Concept for our own Ascension and that of all life, simultaneously fulfilling the Laws of Reciprocity, "As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me".  Now we see and feel this in a visualization! As I Ascend my Solar Spine, so too does all life Ascend into their next Divine Potential within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves! Here all life is Ascending! And SO IT IS!


Beloved Ones I wish to grant you the detachment of the Silent Watchers. Like the Elohim and all of the Elemental Kingdom, we practice 'sustained expectation without impatience'. This is an Elevated State of active, anticipatory peace, through non-action …the epiphany of knowing a fulfilled Divine Potential before it manifests in form. This is holding the Immaculate Concept!  This service is our Peace, our Poise and our Equanimity. This is what we exist for. Now we offer this Cosmic Peace to the Gathering of Ascended Humanity, for your service of holding the Highest Divine Potential for Humanity.

Such poise in Light Service is essential. For much of Humanity has experienced living "many lifetimes" during this one lifetime ...as waves of unredeemed karma come back into daily life for final transformation. When Humanity looks back at this present moment, she will see many transformations personally and globally …as if 'not the same person in not the same world', over and over. Humanity as a whole is having this experience …of collectively experiencing multiple lifetimes in one. In the past millennium alone, so much ancient karma has surfaced to be loved free. You see, read and hear about this, as we come to know about all lives …and of all the struggles within Humanity revealed.

And more than any other time in Earth's history, all that Humanity needs to transmute and transcend from her imbalanced past is present here and now!  Think on that. And when this process is complete, the Way will be paved for the Next Life Wave Coming. In training to become Silent Watchers within Humanity, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity now firmly holds to Highest Divine Potential. This is the Cause you were born into, your Light Service …and why you are embodied here and now. Along with all Silent Watchers, you hold those Sacred Keynotes / Perfection Patterns of Love, Wisdom, Beauty Order, Compassion, Comfort, Truth and Justice.  All of this is the Realm of the Silent Watchers! Welcome to our Service!



Lord Maitreya’s Blessing to the Multitudes, 'on Love' continued…

Beloved Ones, here we present the second half of Lord Maitreya’s Blessing to the Multitudes, 'on Love'.  (The first half was given in the November 2020 Journal.) This ‘library of past Teachings’ is part of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ‘getting our Celestial bearings’ around Completion and New Beginning …and the Next Life Wave Coming!

Lord Maitreya:

“Oh, Beloved Ones, if all of this Love has been drawn and invested in you, then do you not think that you are an important part of creation?  When the Great Cosmic Intelligence, Whose Heart and Consciousness has come into being and formed bodies for eons of time, Who enfolds you with Love to sustain and develop those bodies and assigns the Members of the Angelic Host, the Devas, the Cherubim and the Seraphim to guard this Star, and keep it in its orbit; when Mighty Beings like Sanat Kumara should choose to remain in exile century after century …do you not think that the Light in your heart is loved? Do you not think that you have been created for some great Cosmic Destiny? Do you not feel that Love so invested should now have fit return?

Now is the hour when the  sons and daughters of Humanity shall rise and, turning their attention to their own God Self, ask that they may be shown without mistake what they, as individuals, shall do …and for what purpose each one was created! Is it time that the knee of the ‘outer self’ bend before the Holy Christ Self! I AM the Cosmic Representative of the Holy Christ Self and in all humility, ask that the Will of that Holy Christ Self now be done through the outer self! I think we have come to that day of self-surrender when Humanity bares her head before God, bends the knee before the Inner Christ, and accepts the joyous, happy, harmonious responsibility of fulfilling the Divine Plan …for which Love has sustained us for millions of years!

It is not enough to be harmless! It is not enough to be passively good …to cease to do evil! Those who respond to the Banner of the Cosmic Christ must actively be doing good!

The Second Coming of the Christ is individual! The shining Christ Self of each one stands waiting to externalize …through the physical and inner bodies which It has sustained, purified and guarded for centuries …a portion of that Great Divine Plan which cannot be manifested through any other Lifestream. Each of you holds a thread of the Tapestry of Life which must be woven into daily life. And great will be the hour when the Cosmic Words shall be spoken: It is finished!

And I may then offer to the Universal Source this Planet Earth and all upon Her and say: "Into Your Hands, Oh Father Eternal, do We commend this Earth and these Immortal Spirits!

Oh, My beloved ones, within your heart beats Life! That Life is the magnetic pull which cannot be denied by any intelligence in this world. It is the Master Power of the Universal cradled within your physical heart! Look upon that Life for a moment! Stand before the Holy Tabernacle within your heart! Say, as Beloved Jesus did, "For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever” … and FEEL it!

It is   the   Master Presence of Life to which every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being, every Archangel and Deva, every Cherubim and Seraphim in Heaven will respond. It is the motivating Agent of the Primal Substance of Life …which makes the Sacred Fire of Creation.

What is this Sacred Fire you use so freely in your worded expression? Merely qualified Life! Your human creation is also qualified life, imperfectly qualified through thought and feeling. The Sacred Fire is the same Life but qualified with Harmony, with Faith, with Peace, with Healing. It is neither mystic nor magic!

Sanat Kumara is a Lord of the Flame. He came to make each one a Lord of the Flame of Life within your heart …in order that you may qualify the Sacred Energy that flows into your heart pure, harmonious and perfect, with only constructive qualities …and then send it forth to fill your aura with Light.  This Sacred Light Energy is Substance; It is Supply; It is Healing; It is Peace; It is the Master Power of the Universe! If you do not qualify this Life constructively; if you allow It to flow forth into your thought and feeling worlds and there be crushed into forms of discord, you are not the Master, but rather the victim of your own life energy!

Let us now rise and be practical in our understanding! Life is flowing! Every electron that enters your body becomes your responsibility to the Universe and takes on the stamp of your own Divine Pattern. It flows out into the Universe through your world, and through the Law of the Circle, returns to you. So be mindful as to what you are contributing to the Universe. If it is shadow, depression, irritation, annoyance, or confusion, STOP, in the Name of God! YOU are the HOPE of this world!  You have signified before the Cosmic Law that you are desirous of becoming Lords of the Flame.

Accept joyously the ‘free Energy of Life’ which is yours to share. When in Higher Spheres you are privileged to look with open eyes at the Electronic Stream of Pure Energy that flows through the Lifestream and could affect an entire city, you will understand something of Our feeling, when We must stand silently by and see that reservoir of God Intelligence and Energy - pure and perfect - sweep into the qualifying centers that create an aura which I shall not describe. The power of a city or nation is in the hearts of its people. The power of a Sanctuary is in the hearts of the worshippers. The power of your Life is in your own heart! The Peace of a home is in the hearts of the family.  The healing of the sick is in the hearts of the afflicted!

Won't you help Me to release that Flame within the heart? Let It flow as easily as you turn on the switch and illumine your home. Rest on the Bosom of your own God! Lean on those Everlasting Arms! Stop trying mentally, but rather earnestly, humbly, honestly and sincerely stand before that Light! Place your hand over the beat of your heart and accept the Truth in the words of the Avatar you have followed for centuries, "For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever!" THERE IS THAT POWER …yours to use …yours to redeem a city, a nation - a planet!

In the Name of Beloved Lord Gautama, Lord of the World …in the Name of this Sacred Office I hold …in the Name of Beloved Kuthumi, World Teacher and of our Beloved Ascended Master Jesus …I Bless you now and forever!


And from our BELOVED MAHA CHOHAN, a 1956 Discourse from the Bridge to Freedom: SILENCE IS THE WAY OF PEACE

"In the Great, Great Silence, we cannot incite another to anger nor draw unnecessary impediments to our own progress. In the Silence, we do not set up causes that reverberate destructive effects down the road.  The Breath of God is too pregnant with Power to be used so lightly.  Much outer turmoil would be avoided if the breath were conserved within the body until it could be sent forth with good purpose.

For an individual to enter the Great, Great Silence, I would suggest a simple formula by which to become a silent mentor of our own Lifestream.  Let us think of the Great, Great Silence as our Kingdom of Heaven, the habitation of the Gods and Angels, the Highest Frequency of Beauty, Culture, Love and Light that our heart / mind can conceive of.  Let us consider that to dwell in such a Realm, we must fit ourselves at a frequency so as to not desecrate the Silence by any vibration unbefitting this Kingdom of Heaven. Let our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds always be chosen so as to deserve entrance into this Kingdom!

Let us learn that every action will create a vibration affecting the entire Kingdom …that our every thought and feeling are, in like manner, either adding to its Beauty or distracting from its Harmony and Balance. It will then be seen that our every moment is imbued with the firm understanding that only the Radiance of Harmony is the entrance to this Kingdom …and we will then become the Law of Love in action!  This is attaining the Ascension.

Humanity may silence the tongue, but it is the action of Sacred Fire through the Grace of God that will forever change the rebellious thoughts and feelings that cause distress and suffering. Thus, the Wise will detach from the outer tumult and rather fill their mind and heart with the Voice of the Great I AM and its Holiness.

And so, practice and practice the Great, Great Silence …and live in the Ascended Masters' feeling of Peace and Power eternally.