February, 2023

February, 2023


I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.

I AM Ascended and Free.

I AM inclusive of all life,

living free in the Light.


From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love

uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and Thoughtform

of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


I AM the embodied fulfillment of Beloved
Sanat Kumara’s service to Earth!
I AM its completion! 

I AM the New Beginnings of Beloved Saint Germain’s
Golden Age of Eternal Spiritual Freedom!

Freedom's Holy Star is a Focus of Spiritual Limitlessness,
with Father / Mother God bringing Humanity Home
…through the Great Cosmic Inbreath!




I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the multi-dimensional
Ascension Concepts of Spiritual Limitlessness!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the multi-dimensional
Ascension Concepts of Spiritual Limitlessness!


 I AM!
I AM that I AM!
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM its Spiritual Limitlessness!
I AM the living Presence of Spiritual Freedom!

 I AM an Eternal Flame anchoring the very Essence
of Father / Mother God, and all their limitless
Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!

 I AM the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light and all
the Energy, Matter and Intelligence that is the
continuous Co-creation of the world!

The Star of Spiritual Freedom is Father / Mother God
bringing Humanity Home …through the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

I AM the completion of Beloved Sanat Kumara’s Light
Service to Earth. I AM the New Beginnings of
Beloved Saint Germain’s New Age
of Spiritual Freedom.  

The Star of Spiritual Freedom affirms:
I AM empty of self, time and space.
I AM an Eternal Flame …and
I AM Infinite Radiant Light. 

Humanity is empty of self, time and space!
Humanity becomes an Eternal Flame …and
together, we stand in its Infinite Radiant Light,
together, standing in the Star of Spiritual Freedom!   

Activating Freedom's Holy Star within Humanity restores
the thoughts, feelings, words and actions of Holy Spirit
 …as the primary Forcefield within daily life!

Come, Holy Spirit …Come!  

 I AM Ascended and Free, as a
Sun of the Sun …and as the Sun of Earth.

 I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity,
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Lifeforce,
Together, standing in the Light of the Eternal Flame! 



Beloved Friends of Freedom …the Initiation of Freedom's Holy Star is gifting the world the Divine Possibility of Spiritual Freedom …becoming tangibly aware of the Spiritual Potential of what is continuously lived in the 'wave-function' Universe, now to be made manifest in the 'particle-function' universe …through our Divine Instrument’s intended function …in becoming our True Identity.

The Star of Spiritual Freedom is an Activity of Precipitation. The Activity of Creation is the action of Energy, Matter and Intelligence poised at the precise coordinates of the Consciousness that sent it forth and at what Vibration or Frequency. What is created is determined by the Cause and Consciousness within the sender, projecting such a Forcefield into the Universe. Freedom's Holy Star is the Cause and Consciousness of the Eternal Flame of Spiritual Liberty! And its effect is the Spiritual Limitlessness of all that follows.

Any Creation begins with the Sacred Name ‘I AM’, as a declaration of whatever ‘potential’ is being precipitated. This declaration is most powerful when actively acknowledged, in full awareness of this precipitation process (but is also true even if the intelligence involved is doing so sub-consciously). The declaration ‘I AM’ is then followed by whatever intelligence desires create (good or otherwise). The Star of Spiritual Freedom now moves this process to a Higher Frequency of outer understand and participation within the masses, so that the intent of Co-creation will become more and more a Blessing for the world. Then the Light of every embodied Flame carries it forth into manifestation. ‘Let there be Light’ not only began the Universe but is also a continuous Precipitation Activity throughout Eternity! This aspect of Ascended Mastery is now activated within Humanity, to take her rightful place within her own Spiritual Agency!

Freedom's Holy Star is the Resurrection and the Life the Sacred Name of God …as the fundamental understanding of Initiating Co-creation! Divine Co-creation is declaring ‘I AM’ and following it with a Perfection Pattern or Ascension Concept! Father / Mother God began Earth and Humanity as the declaration “I AM the Perfection of Seven Root Races fulfilling their Ascension Process from within the tangible world of form!” Humanity was intended to then follow this process of Co-creation with our own continuous declaration of I AM, followed by any of the limitless Perfection Patterns contained within the Original Declaration. This remains a limitless Divine Potential to be fulfilled!

Taking God’s Sacred Name in vain (one of the Ten Commandants) is utilizing the Power of I AM but following it with a negative or imbalanced thought, feeling, word or deed. So, Humanity takes the ‘Lord’s Name in vain’ often …mostly inadvertently, yet often! This will end when Humanity realizes the Power of I AM. Even when declared ‘in secret’ within the mind, a negative affirmation creates the downward drift of all the energy, vibration and consciousness involved…eventually creating distress, disease and eventual death …of persons, places, conditions and things involved. This Solar Year Activity is to bring Humanity to the tipping point of this understanding and then offer her the gift of Spiritual Liberty.

Freedom's Holy Star is Father / Mother God bringing Humanity Home …through the Power of its Forcefield!  The Seventh Ray Violet Fire is the Power Activity of Divine Love. Activating Freedom's Holy Star within Humanity restores the desire for the thoughts, feelings, words and actions of Home …of the Higher Frequency Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light …all of which is now to be initiated during this Solar Year!

In Light Service, we understand the Power of the Sacred Name I AM! ‘I’ is the Presence of God (Alpha) …and ‘AM’ is the Beingness of God (Omega). So, the Sacred Name ‘I AM’ is the very Presence and full Action of Father / Mother God. The tangible experience of this is now to be Resurrected within Humanity …just as the Christ Nature arose from the tomb …through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love blazing forth from Freedom's Holy Star. This Ascension Process begins to be revealed within every aspect of life …which then further creates the Reality of Spiritual Freedom within daily life.

The Initiation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom is the Resurrection and the Life of the Divine …restoring the desire for the Spiritual Potential within Humanity …remembering that she was created in the Image and Likeness of Father / Mother God …as an Eternal Flame (of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness) emitting its Infinite Radiant Light (of Energy, Matter and Intelligence) …which then goes forth to create the universe. And our ‘New Beginnings’ begins with our declaration “let there be Light our Light here and now together, standing in that One Light!”

It begins with the Star of Spiritual Freedom activated / initiated within us, becoming this Beacon of the Sacred Name …becoming I AM in its full Divine Potential.  We then clear the Way for this to become a tangible experience for all. This only requires that we apply the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Eternal Flame into this Ascension Concept …and give it our undivided loyalty. This is then our Initiation Ceremony …allowing us to see, feel and deeply accept our Divine Potential, in our personal Ascension Process …and in our collective Light Service to this sweet Earth. It is all an Activity of the Atomic Acceleration of form towards its Quantum State …the towards the manifestation of its Spiritual Potential.

The Star of Spiritual Freedom accelerates Humanity to seeing, feeling and deeply accepting a Perfection Pattern in the Spiritual ('wave-function') Dimensions …and then invoking its presence into the 'particle-function' world of form …the Act of Precipitation! And the Elemental Kingdom desires to instantly respond to such a Declaration of I AM …especially coming from a God Intelligence Governed by Divine Love, acting from the Flame of Immortality within! The purpose of such Precipitation might be a beautiful object, or the creation of a Higher Process within daily life …or, something much grander …like a New Age of Spiritual Freedom for an entire planet. But either way, it involves a Reality already present at Higher Frequencies, now to be invoked through our Light Service, specifically through an embodied Flame intentionally in action! Such conscious, aware Co-creation is our Purpose …of why I AM embodied here and now, and what I AM, through Eternity!

The ‘Initiation Ceremony’ of this Solar Year activates a Forcefield of Spiritual Agency within us …expanding our Reality of Spiritual Limitlessness. We may wonder what Spiritual Liberty may look and feel like in time to come …across the spectrum of expression within Humanity.  But it comes quicker if we anchor its fulness within ourselves …here and now in Light Service. Then individual and collective expression with arts, education, governance, business, healing, etc.  …all will follow. This Solar Year is the Initiation of this process, as we now set a Cause into motion …and the effects will unfold along every aspect of daily life …as they do.

The Permanent Atom of Spiritual Freedom was given by Beloved Alpha and Omega to Beloved Helios and Vesta when they took the Initiation of becoming a Sun (the next step after becoming an Ascended Planet) …and evolving their own Solar System.  It was a new endeavor to fully express such Higher Frequency within the world of form. And such Perfection Patterns were fully operational during the first three Root Races. But since the ‘great fall’, true Spiritual Agency has largely remained dormant. Initiating the Star of Spiritual Freedom will once again tangibly awaken this experience, especially now that Humanity is entering her Solar Consciousness, with the Twelve Houses of the Sun once again dawning within daily life. This Solar Consciousness was the birthplace of this Permanent Atom and allows it to flourish again on Earth. Humanity once again stands to inherit her Divine Birthright of Spiritual Freedom from Father / Mother God.

The Star of Spiritual Freedom reawakens Humanity to becoming a direct source of Sacred Fire ‘from on High’ …of all that is necessary for the Ascension Process of this planet. For as we consciously apply Sacred Fire to the world of form, it approaches its quantum matter state …as if ‘Etheric’, shimmering in its own Light and acting beyond the limitations of self, time and space. When under the influence of Sacred Fire, the very small aspects of manifestation (cells, atoms and electrons) then exactly mirror their identical counterparts on Higher Frequency Realms. Science might call this ‘entanglement’. In Ascension Concepts, we understand this as Divine Alignment with Higher Self …fully reflecting our Divine Potential!

This Ascension Process includes the quantum forces within Sacred Fire playing a role inside the cell, atom or electron and other building blocks that create the phenomenon called ‘matter’. Let us see, feel and deeply accept that these Sacred Fire Forces now have an Atomic Accelerator effect on DNA, that affects the cause and cure of disease …and beyond, to the acceleration into Higher Frequency Solar DNA, with such codes manifesting the Perfection Patterns of our Solar Consciousness during this embodiment, as Youth, Beauty, Health and Wellness …and Spiritual Limitlessness!

The Star of Spiritual Freedom is the 'raising up of the world’ …through the Electro-magnetic Forces within the Seventh Ray, creating Higher Frequency bonds that magnetize cells, atoms, and electrons into their orbits of Divine Potential. Meditate on this! Imagine the Elemental Kingdom in all her Original Perfection Patterns, and the Angelic Hosts in constant communication with Humanity. This is simply expressing Earth’s Divine Potential, arising from Humanity’s Eternal Flame!

It is now understood in physics that matter has no inherent properties on its own …but rather that the spin, frequency, vibratory tone and velocity of any 'particle-function' is only set the moment attention is placed upon it.  This reveals the Laws of Creation the Ascended Masters have taught for eons: “what you think and feel, you bring into form; where you place your attention, that you become”. And this was planned in the Divine Origins of the Universe. The Elemental Kingdom agreed to manifest the Consciousness of Humanity, who in turn was given free will to Co-create the Universe by transposing the Energy, Matter and Intelligence involved, from its 'wave-function' to its 'particle-function'. What has been assigned to the ‘Mystical’ is now revealed!  I AM the Age of Revelation! I AM the Divine Understanding of the Power of I AM …the Power of Attention in directing Co-creation. This is our Ascended Mastery!

Scientists may refer to this as ‘an uncertainty’ in our Universe, inherent in the nature of reality. Our Victory is in understanding Cosmic Law, knowing that ‘a particular potential is waiting to manifest itself …from an infinite possibility of potentials …and it all depends on what frequency of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is applied to it. And with our True Identity as our Eternal Flame, with the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of our Light applied, then only Divine Potential emerges from the unformed …only Perfection Patterns then manifest. This includes the minor things of daily life as well as the major cycles of the planet …including this New Age of Spiritual Freedom!




 Beloved Ones, Keepers of the Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …Sustainers of the Ascension along the Seventh Ray …welcome into the Heart of the Buddha, as it manifests now along the Feminine Ray. I too welcome the Initiation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom within Humanity, as this Activity fulfills my Service to the developing Consciousness of Humanity …along both the Seventh Ray and the Feminine Ray …and the Divine Alchemy between the two.

The Star of Spiritual Freedom ends the reign of illusion …part of Endings and New Beginnings …as it begins the Age of Crystal Vision in seeing the Truth of Life …seeing Life in the overview of Cosmic Consciousness. ‘Illusion’ emerged when the ‘world of form’ began operating at a much lower frequency than ever intended. It was like a fog over the consciousness of Humanity …acting like blinders to any reality other than itself. Thus, daily life was seen through a much smaller lens …a lens so restricted that it held up progress for eons. Our collective Service to Life is the Restoration of Humanity’s vision of herself …and her place in the Universe …back to its ‘original settings’ within the Divine Plan. This is the Ray of Compassion I serve.

The ‘world of illusion’ bombards the outer consciousness with a spectrum of information. Much of this bombardment has the purpose of imbalance, to aim Humanity’s thoughts, feelings, words and deeds downward in frequency, to sway individual and collective the consciousness deeper into the realm of ego illusion. Therefore, the most compassionate view of the Spiritual Hierarchy is to develop Transformational Events in Consciousness that remove the principal source of information from ‘outside of self’ to the Inner Source of the Divine within.  And for this Transformation to be permanent, it requires the steady development of Consciousness, which requires patience as an activity of Love[1] …rather than through ‘outer phenomenon’, which would be faster but would not be sustained as it came from without.

So, the Compassion of the Next Life Wave Coming …coming as the Star of Spiritual Freedom being Initiated within Humanity …is to assist in the breakdown of old crystalized patterns …including those patterns of exploring Spiritual Liberty. The Feminine Ray now steadily removes outer barriers that restrict such Liberty …as well as serves to maintain Spiritual safety, avoiding the nefarious forces that might prey on an individual exploring the inner realms, so that Humanity only discovers the Dimensions and Realms of their own Divine Potential …and that of Universal I AM.

The Star of Spiritual Freedom is a Violet Fire Forcefield designed for both of these purposes.  Humanity is tired of outer bombardment yet wants to feel safe in her exploration of her own Spiritual Nature. When astronauts return from space, they talk of the ‘overview effect’,[2] having seen Earth from a Cosmic Perspective …in the context of the entire Universe. But in our Ascended and Free State, we also see this ‘overview effect’ from within our meditations, not needing to leave our Sanctuary. And this is the purpose of Crystal Vision, which the Feminine Ray now holds for Humanity …to expand this ‘overview’ through the Creative Faculties of visualization, affirmations and meditation.

Compassion towards self and others, brings a Cosmic Overview of current circumstances. Forgiveness and Mercy sees the etherealization of old, crystalized patterns through the Divine Direction of Sacred Fire. Compassion allows for the Perfection Patterns of Higher Consciousness to steadily take hold …seeing life through a very large lens. And it is the Compassion within the Seventh Ray Star of Spiritual Freedom that now continually unfolds a Cosmic Perspective to Humanity …pulsating from within her, allowing for such Transformation in the Ascension Process.

The Feminine Ray infusing the Seventh Ray is my domain of action within the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year. Part of this service is to specifically assist the Children of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races in awakening to their Reality as Magic Fire Beings …their very Presence as the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flames, embodied in form. For they may then lead the Fourth and Fifth Root Races Home into the Light, in a more accelerated fashion. Many of these evolved individuals have reached their majority and await the signal from the Star of Spiritual Freedom, to blossom forth into their Divine Potential. Imagine the progress! We all await Transformational Events that forward this purpose.

The Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform contains all the Spiritual Will, God Illumination and Divine Love to see the Highest Potential fulfilled …as was intended by Father / Mother God. To further initiate this Activity, let us sojourn together seated in the Violet Radiance of my Lotus Flame, in my Feminine Ray, Violet Fire Temple. Here we meditate together, exploring Buddhic Consciousness and the Nature of the Feminine Ray from great Cosmic Heights.  This God Illumination is my gift to you for your Light Service in holding the Immaculate Concept for the Star of Spiritual Freedom being Initiated here and now within Humanity!

Come to my Temple in ‘projected consciousness’ while in meditation or while asleep. Ask your Mighty God Presence to direct this Activity for you. And, at any moment where you need your ‘lens of life’ removed from its focus on the persons, places, conditions and things of illusion …and expanded to its Buddhic or Cosmic perspective …just call on my Legions of Violet Fire Angels …and call to me directly …and there I AM!

For I AM with you, together, standing in the Light, through this Solar Year!



Beloved ones, I come to announce that, with the Initiation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom, the Victory of Beloved Sanat Kumara’s service of redeeming a planet now comes to its final fruition!

This is a Cosmic Moment! Such Major Transition Points are not well understood within time, so let us expand our Consciousness to its Solar levels outside the restrictions of time and space. Let us review the fundamentals of our Victory …long sustained by the Majestic Sanat Kumara and his many co-servers …and now completed by the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, having joined the Cosmic Ranks of these ‘Upholders of the Ascension’ on Earth. Few of us grasp how close the Earth was to being etherealized back into primordial substance, before the coming of Sanat Kumara …for lack of any ability to emit its own Light. The Star of Spiritual Freedom now initiated within Humanity is the Endings and New Beginnings that we have all served towards through these many ages of Light Service, since the coming of Beloved Sanat Kumara!

The Star of Spiritual Freedom is the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world …of all Ascending Energies given forth from Humanity, the Angels and Elementals and all Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings …in the service of this redemption. But it is fundamental for this New Age that all this combined Forcefield be focused and anchored ‘in the world’ through the Eternal Flame embodied within Humanity. This Victory coming through Humanity assures it is permanent …an Eternal Age of Spiritual Limitlessness!

The Gathering of Ascending Humanity are the Keepers of the Flame Upholders of the Ascension on Earth …who understand this and thus clear the way for this Reality on behalf of Humanity.  The Star of Spiritual Freedom anchored in Humanity creates the opportunity for this Divine Potential to be fully expanded and made manifest over the entire Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.[3] The Divine Potential within Freedom's Holy Star will unfold steadily within time and space as the next Major Cycle of Humanity’s developing Consciousness …but is already fully Present in Ascended and Free Consciousness, for those who enter therein at any moment.

The primary Enlightenment necessary for this completed Victory is the realization within Humanity that she is a direct lineage of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Father / Mother God.  Think on this! As we meditate upon our True Identity and thus our Eternal Flame, we begin to understand this and become its Wisdom! Beloved Jesus affirmed this as “the Father and I are One”. He knew that the same Eternal Flame in the Sun of Father / Mother God is the Forcefield anchored as ‘my Eternal Flame’, right here and now! And further, that the Infinite Radiant Light from my Eternal Flame contains all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence that originally created the Universe …and continues in Co-creation every moment. This Revelation is awakening within Humanity, with the Gathering of Ascending Humanity leading the Way in understanding her True Identity and becoming the full action of her Divine Instrument …discovering her own Spiritual Agency!

Beloved Ones, the ‘Creation of the Universe’ is ongoing and very present …in the eternal Moment of Now. Co-creation is a process involving all Lifeforce that has ever proceeded forth from Father / Mother God, is present now or shall ever be present. This is only understood from beyond time and space. This includes Mighty God Intelligences in Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light far beyond our present Consciousness, including other Planets, Stars and their Solar System and other Galaxies and their Universes. But also, it includes the Root Races of Earth, right down to the present moment when the Fourth and Fifth Root Races are seeking their Ascension back into the Light (endings) …and the Sixth and Seventh Root Races begin their Ascension Process in embodiment (beginnings). This marks a Major Transition Point in the development of Humanity’s Consciousness …Endings and New Beginnings!

Revelation is Victory! This is the Age of Revelation. The Star of Spiritual Freedom is a Revelation of our Divine Instrument …the Victory of our True Identity. This Forcefield now building within Humanity reveals our Presence on Earth as the original One Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence (One of countless Rays or Expressions of Light it sends forth into the Cosmos, like the Star of Spiritual Freedom) …anchoring on Earth as the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. Then this Flame’s Star-like Infinite Radiant Light animates Consciousness and Lifeforce within the four Elemental vehicles, on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional planes. The Eternal Flame then becomes its own Central Sun and develops Seven Chakra Suns along its Solar Spine …as the Seven Rays of the Holy Christ Self. This mirrors the Spiritual Solar System of our Sun and its Seven Planets.

And with the Seven-fold Victory completed, we are opened to the Twelve Houses of the Sun, open to the Cosmic Consciousness operating on all Stars and Galaxies, into Infinity! And finally, Nirvana and the ONE Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM! This is everything I AM! and now Humanity understands ‘I AM that I AM’ …the Holiest Name of God, made manifest!

Such Victory comes from understanding the Laws of Co-creation, where everything is Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …and all manifestation proceeds from the settings of those coordinates. Victory comes from further knowing that all Lifeforce was created equal in the eyes of Father / Mother God ...as Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. With this understanding, we gain the God Illumination of planetary Spiritual Limitlessness …within the Star of Spiritual Freedom.

Let us remember that when Beloved Sanat Kumara first came to Earth and re-established the Three-fold Flame at Shamballa, its Spiritual Fire then reconnected / realigned with the Spirit Sparks of all Humanity. This was the beginning Victory of Redemption begun millions of years ago. And now, an Initiation Ceremony completes this process. The Star of Spiritual Freedom completes a restoration, reconnection, re-alignment of Humanity with the Light within herself, the Light with each other …and a direct Reconnection / Unity with Shamballa and the Flame of Father / Mother God. This Forcefield of Spiritual Liberty has taken its first breaths now within the Consciousness of Humanity. Sanat Kumara’s original Spiritual Fire again touches and awakens every human heart, awakening Divine Potential. And the Heart of Humanity responds, once again desiring her full Spiritual Freedom!

This Victory is centered on the Initiation / Activation of Spiritual Agency …individually and collectively.  It is an exercise in meditation to envision what Spiritual Liberty may look and feel like, how it might manifest across the spectrum of expression within Humanity. For there are limitless ‘Perfection Pattern Potentials’ awaiting their manifestation, awaiting Humanity’s sustained focus upon them.  This then brings forth manifestation, ‘seeing the electron’ at that Higher Frequency.

The Victory of this New Age begins with a simple notion …that I AM the Flame of Immortality, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light! Within this Immortality of Co-creation is our Eternal Spiritual Freedom …possible within this present embodiment.  Such God Illumination is further assisted and expanded through all the Cosmic Forces within the Next Life Wave Coming …all the necessary Forces of Harmony and Balance for individuals and for Humanity in manifesting the I AM Race![4] ‘Seek and you shall find’ these Forces in action …these Revelations!

As Humanity accelerates her Spiritual Potential, the Elemental Kingdom then outpictures this.  Within individuals, this is living the Divine Potential of Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness …and globally, as all the Perfection Patterns of the sublime Nature Kingdom …taken together, an Ascended and Free Earth in her Eternal Spiritual Freedom. The Flame of Immortality offers this Truth …first to awaken within Keepers of the Flame and then to awaken within all Humanity. And this is the ever-expanding, spiritually stimulating influence of the Star of Spiritual Freedom!

Again, to summarize our Victory …our Eternal Flame is a direct line of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness to Father / Mother God! Freedom's Holy Star opens Humanity to this truth …and further that its Infinite Radiant Light contains the Energy, Matter and Intelligence that created this universe! In our Ascended and Free Light Service, we hold this Immaculate Concept for Humanity, affirming: I AM all the Light that ever was, is now and ever will be One with Universal I AM!  This is my Eternal Flame and my Spiritual Limitlessness …and that of Humanity!

Freedom's Holy Star is a Forcefield allowing Humanity to develop the full Love, Wisdom and Power of their Eternal Flame and then to manifest tis Forcefield through its Creative Faculties …as it was always meant to influence the world. Beloved Sanat Kumara re-anchored this Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame at the original Shamballa …once again restoring it on Earth. He then aligned every embodied Heart Flame with it! And as we now complete this Circle of Service, imagine the full Spiritual Agency of Love, Wisdom and Power in action, throughout daily life! This transition occurs when the Consciousness is open and receptive to its own Spiritual Agency. This we have begun these past Solar Years. It begins at subtle levels but emerges through all layers of consciousness until it becomes the guiding force of all outer affairs. This is the Crystal Vision of our Victory!

This Reality slowly, steadily enters awareness in daily life. This is an ever-expanding activity …like the Universe itself. Then the Radiant Light of the Flame transmits all the more powerfully into the world …into the personal world of individuals …as well as the larger Sphere of Influence of the family, community, city, nation …race, religion and culture. The Ascension Process now becomes tangible …very ‘real’ in the awareness of Humanity. This occurs first on the etheric, mental and emotional levels …and then eventually on the physical level of manifestation …as Limitless Physical Perfection within the fullness of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.

The Victory of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom comes from within! This Solar Year is dedicated to becoming the impetus of this Transformation, its Cosmic Momentum embodied! Humanity begins to realize her own Spiritual Agency in creating the desired outcome of our sweet Earth …as Freedom's Holy Star



[1] 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails.

[2] The "overview effect." The term was coined in the 1987 book of the same name.

[3] A Divine Dispensation of a Major Ray in the development of Humanity’s Consciousness is typically about 2000 years …like the Christian Sixth Ray Dispensation just ending.

[4] The Next Life Wave Coming unites the full Power and Authority of the Feminine Ray with the Seventh Ray Dispensation and all its Cosmic Forces; fully opens the Gates of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races and their Sacred Influence on the world; and Initiates the Great Cosmic Inbreath within Humanity!