July 2023


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity, in union with the
Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals, through the cohesive
Power of Divine Love uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges within Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:

I AM embodied, and I consciously choose embodiment.

However, in order to serve Life well,



I AM ONE WITH HUMANITY …aware of her suffering,





(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Harmony and
Balance of being in the world, but not of it
engaging it without becoming it!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Harmony and
Balance of being in the world, but not of it
engaging it without becoming it!




I AM embodied and consciously choose embodiment!
…ONE with my family, friends, community
…my race, nation, religion and culture.

I AM here to raise up all life …that which I AM in direct attunement
with, as well all Lifeforce I AM here to serve through my
Oneness Consciousness with all life.

In order to serve life well, I AM in this world but not of it

I AM of the Love, Wisdom and Power of my Flame of Immortality
and detached from imbalanced karmic patterns of persons,
places, conditions and things around me.

I AM one with Humanity …all her suffering,
as well as all the goodness in the world, as
the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.

I AM One with the Angels and Elementals and seek
to serve with these Kingdoms …especially in
the most arduous situations of daily life.

I have allies in every Domain!

I abide in the Great, Great Silence of my
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.
I AM an anonymous Light Server!

I serve within my Cloak of Invisibility.
I serve within my Mantle of Light!

But  I AM here to serve! …until
all life is raised up with me,
into her Divine Potential!

I serve the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.
I AM the Sacred Violet Fire in action, and I decree:

The Violet Fire  now takes command,
It brings perfection from God’s own hand,
God’s Light take full command today,
God’s Light is here and here to stay!

God’s Light is the 'force-carrier particles', the Powers of
Quantum Energy, Quantum Matter and Quantum Intelligence!

These Powers take full command in all that I do, think, say,
or feel …so that God’s Light is here and here to stay!

The Violet Fire transmutes all karma associated with persons, places,
conditions and things in my life ...into the Great Solar
Quiet of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light!

This is my Ascended Mastery!

I abide in Mystic Union …with my
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light!
I abide in its Mystic Stillness!
This is Life Eternal!

And in this Light, I live my ‘outer life’ in integrity, honor and
allegiance to the Divine Potential of all life around me.

This is the living Star of Spiritual Freedom!

Within my True Identity and as my Divine Instrument,
everything I do, think, say or feel, embodies
the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Energies.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Vibrations.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Consciousness.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Intelligence.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Matter.

This is the only awareness of my Eternal Flame.
And the Eternal Flame is my only awareness.
The Eternal Flame is my only experience.
The Eternal Flame is my only Reality.

All else is illusion and the duties of daily life.

And within my Eternal Flame, I live daily life with
full Spiritual Agency, as a Light Commanding Presence!

I live my life with integrity, honor and with full allegiance to
the Eternal Flame …as well as to the Divine Potential of all life.

I AM GOD IN ACTION …here, there and everywhere present!

Though my Eternal Flame …and its Infinite Radiant Light …
I AM the Transmission of Divine Potential for any person,
place, condition or thing, into its rightful manifestation!

This is my Ascended Mastery!




Beloved Ones, we continue with a theme from the previous months, but now under the purview of the World Teacher. Let us again review the Harmony and Balance necessary to live a fully engaged life in the daily affairs of embodiment, while yet serving the Light with full loyalty and integrity. Both are necessary and compatible, within the Middle Way of Harmony and Balance.  We live in the Light but have our feet on the ground.  We love, accept and engage our family, friends, communities …our nation, race and religion / culture …at one with their struggles and suffering, yet holding them in the Light of their own Divine Potential …holding for them their Immaculate Concept …until they do so themselves.

Such is the Harmony and Balance of training within the Temple of daily life. In ages past, esoteric spiritual training occurred within secluded and protected environments, safe from the outer world and its seeming imbalance (monasteries, retreats and temples). This is when personal enlightenment was the keynote.  But now the Ascension Process is transformed …offering esoteric spiritual training and development within and through daily life …with all its persons, places, conditions and things …bringing about the Ascension of the world!

Within daily life, let us consider a perspective of ‘beyond self, time and space’. The Buddha described it in his Heart Sutra … “gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond; oh! what an awakening; all Hail!” Extrapolating this into daily life, we speak of ‘ordinary form’ in three dimensions (height, width and length). Scientists may then add ‘time’ as the fourth dimension. In spiritual terms, the fourth dimension is Love, and then delving deeper into Love brings the greater Dimensions beyond.[1]

In our Ascension Process we desire to pursue, and experience these Higher Frequency Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. But what if beyond self, time and space the ‘concept of various dimensions’ is itself a restriction to full Spiritual Liberty. When the Buddha described the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, he did so with formlessness in mind, unattached to Dimensions, Realms, or Spheres …only an endless journey into greater Perfection Patterns …which the mind then organizes as Dimensions, Realms or Spheres.

Of course, on one level there are countless Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Higher Frequencies, just as there are three dimensions within the world of form. But imagine in our journey into Solar Consciousness that we truly sense timelessness, spacelessness and selflessness in new ways …even empty of a ‘Higher Self’ that we are waiting to become. And here the Cosmic Violet Fire of Solar Consciousness clears ‘the Way’ for such an experience. It is completely liberating. It is the Cosmic Flame of Liberty, opened to Humanity through the Eye of Divine Liberty.  Here we enter the Ascended and Free State of our Solar Consciousness. And just as Beloved Mother Mary watched over Beloved Jesus during his Christian Dispensation, so the Goddess of Liberty watches over and guides her Cosmic Son, our Beloved Saint Germain.

Attaining and then maintaining this experience of Boundless Spiritual Liberty is the purpose of the Star of Spiritual Freedom now initiated in Humanity. A Star is a focus of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, whether in the Heavens …or within us. And revealing this Star are the Transformational Events in Consciousness bringing Harmony and Balance to Earth and Humanity. The Planetary Ascension Process is opening the Gates to this level of experience …eventually to become the Keynote of daily life.  And then, we will again have the Priests / Priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel, who assist Humanity to attain and maintain their own inner Temples of Spiritual Freedom …their own Star of Spiritual Freedom! This will Transform the nature of daily life, to a sustained focus on the Ascension Process, rather than a focus on survival and materialism.

To become immersed in this Divine Potential here and now, we enter the Great, Great Silence …immersed in the Divine Light of our Eternal Flame, with absolutely no other conceptions …simplicity itself. The Great, Great Stillness empties the concepts of self, time and space …as well as any definition / conception of Dimensions, Realms, or Spheres. The Cosmic Violet Fire is an Accelerator of this Consciousness.  It is freedom from (ego and its karmic loop) …but also freedom into  (full Spiritual Liberty) …and yes, into Higher Frequency Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. But beyond that …into the Great Solar Quiet of complete emptiness …the Great, Great Silence of absolute spiritual fulfillment.

The Cosmic Violet Fire brings about Quantum Vibrational Transfigurations in Consciousness. Such Transformation occurs to the electron; to the molecules of life in all living things; as well as to persons, places, conditions and things throughout daily life.  It is the same Quantum Vibrational Shifts that originated the Creation of the physical Universe …from ‘formlessness into form’.  These Quantum Vibrational Shifts are the Transformational Events in Consciousness …revealed through the Eye of Divine Liberty, which opened us to Solar Consciousness. They are revealed at both micro and macro levels …seen and experienced through our Creative Faculties functioning at their Divine Potential.  They enter our awareness through our Seven Chakra Suns vibrating at their Higher Frequency and take us into our unique Spiritual Freedom along our Twelve fold Solar Spine …in all that we do, think, say or feel. Imagine this!

I AM an embodied Flame of Immortality!

I AM the Immortality of my every cell, atom,
and electron …each in their own Divine Potential!

I AM this Quantum Vibrational Transformation
in all aspects of myself …and of the world!





ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE WORLD TEACHER, BELOVED KUTHUMI …a meditation on the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light:

Beloved Ones, I see you as the collective, embodied World Teacher, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.  Just as you are each a cell in the Body of the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha, you are also the global body of the World Teacher, the Sacred Fire within every cell of my Being. I see each of you standing in the full Spiritual Agency of your Eternal Flame …having the full Spiritual Liberty in the Divine Direction of its Infinite Radiant Light. And from this Divine Instrument of the World Teacher, I see the manifest Divine Potential of the world. And you are here to teach this Ascension Process to Humanity, through the example of becoming a Divine Director of Sacred Fire …opening ‘the Way’ for all those now becoming ‘open and receptive’, fully opening the flood gates of this New Age.

The principal Teaching of this Age of Spiritual Freedom is to live the Light of the Eternal Flame expressing itself! In meditation, we become empty of self, time and space …becoming only the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. We then take this experience into daily life, expressing the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of that Light, radiating its Presence through our Creative Faculties …all our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. We prepared for this in the Realms of Light, before the Temples of Birth, to bring our Light into the world. And so now we live these vows …our Promise to the World …moment to moment!


I AM empty of self, time and space.
The sound of emptiness …is quiet.

I abide in the Great Solar Quiet of my
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light!

The Light has all the Divine Intelligence I require.
The Light has all the Divine Energy I require.
The Light has all the Quantum Matter I require.

I AM present here and now …Building Divine Self, Building
Divine Consciousness, building an Eternal Life in the Light!

and, SO IT IS!

This is what is meant that “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” …for as I abide in the Light of my Eternal Flame proceeding through daily life …everything is available to me. All the Energy, Matter and Intelligence I require is within me …I shall not want! It only depends on the frequency of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness I dwell in. Therefore, I place my attention only on the Eternal Flame! Here I dwell in the Great, Great Silence of its Infinite Radiant Light. And this is my free will, to set the coordinates of my Creative Faculties at this Divine Potential! This is what I AM! And SO IT IS!

From this place of emptiness …free of self, time and space …then truly, what I think and feel, I bring into form. Here I live the Law of Life. Here I have Spiritual Freedom. Here I experience only Divinity in myself and others, with no regard to time, space and self …or ego’s view of the persons, places, conditions and things in my life. My only source of information or truth springs from the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. I AM in the world but not of it!

Let us lead the way for others into becoming empty of self, time and space. Humanity struggles with ‘in this time’ there is too much imbalance, so I cannot be free. Or ‘in this space’ there is too much restriction, so I cannot be free. Or ‘in this self’, there is too much distress, disease or aging ...so I cannot be free.  Spiritual Freedom is a Higher Frequency expression of free will …a will to be free of those restrictions and a will to accept the Eternal Flame as the only Source of Reality …the only Source of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …with the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light as the only Source of Energy, Matter and Intelligence in action. This is becoming Ascended and Free …and begins the True Journey of Humanity’s Spiritual Freedom!

Just like the saying “you are only as old as you feel” …in spiritual terms, you are equally ‘only as Divine as you accept’ …as you think, feel and experience yourself …or the world. We choose the frequency of our reality …either ego frequency or Divine Frequency. This is our manifestation of free will. God’s Will is simply the great Universal Hope, Expectation and pervading Opportunity, that all creation chooses the Divine Potential!


In the beginning of this Universe, there was only Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. This preceded time and space and matter. Scientists know that the Universe is filled with a matrix of energy, filled with sub-atomic particles in 'wave-function' (electrons and photons), constituting an etheric realm (that scientists refer as ‘plasma’ or the ‘cosmic microwave background of quantum vibrations’). From this arose ‘quantum state matter’, an invisible form of matter[2]. And from this etheric matrix, physical matter then emerged. And our physical Universe ‘arose from the unseen’.

This transformation occurred through vibrational changes directed through the Divine Intelligence of the Elohim, the Builders of Form and the Silent Watchers, during the Great Cosmic Outbreath. This was applying Higher Order Consciousness to unformed matter …which then brough about an ordered structure to the formation of Galaxies, Suns and Planets. This was the interaction of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that created the known Universe. Think of it …the vast interconnectedness of galaxies across endless space, emerged from microscopic, subatomic quantum vibrations that occurred at the earliest stages of physical manifestation. It was a choice, the free will of Father / Mother God to Co-create the Heavens …including Earth!

This ‘macro (cosmological) view of creation’ also occurs in daily life, as the ‘micro events of creation’. Energy, Vibration and Consciousness remain in constant interaction through our Eternal Flame, thus collectively creating the current persons, places, conditions and things of life. Thoughts and feelings are the Creative Faculties directing etheric (Quantum State) matter, which then expresses as a certain order and structure of the physical world. This process not only created the Stars and Planets, it also brought about the physical body required for life on Earth. The end product of manifestation is directed by the consciousness applied, whether it be ego consciousness or Divine Consciousness. The same ‘microscopic subatomic quantum vibrations’ that created the known universe continuously occur with and through our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, in daily life.

The application of Consciousness brings about the Transmission of Frequency …a change of Vibration …the expression of matter, either upwards to Divine Quantum Potential or downwards to denseness and gravity (culminating in the body as distress, disease and aging).  The Ascension is the antidote to gravity, the natural rising up through the interaction of Divine Energy (Sacred Fire), Divine Vibration / Higher Frequency (of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds), through a Divine Consciousness applied from an Enlightened Intelligence. It was the intent of Father / Mother God that the Earth be the focal point of how far into denseness the Perfection Patterns of Divine Potential could be made manifest.  And the Ascension from matter, through embodied reproductive vessels, was the goal of all the Root Races that were destined to inhabit this planet. This is a Divine Potential unique to our sweet Earth.

And the first three Root Races accomplished this Ascension Process successfully in the cycles appointed to them. Then the fourth Root Race embodied in such Great Glory! So, when planetary orphans (who could not proceed onwards within their own planetary chain) required a ‘denser vibrational level’ in which to embody to complete their Ascension Process) the fourth Root Race volunteered to foster these ‘laggards’ …as a great gift of Love, Acceptance and Sacrifice. But along the way curiosity intervened, the ‘attention on the Divine’ became usurped, and the ‘great fall’ in Consciousness occurred. And now, many millennium later, here we are at the tipping point of recovery from the ‘great fall’, proceeding into a permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom.  The Fourth and Fifth Root Races prepare for their Ascension along their Cosmic journey with their Manus …and the Sixth and Seventh Root Races now enter with the full Glory and Promise of their Manus.

Such is the advancement towards Solar Consciousness and the God Illumination of living in the Light (of Energy, Matter and Intelligence). Yet, even with such personal enlightenment, we are still consecrated to daily life and raising up all Lifeforce towards its Divine Potential.  We very much still live in the world and engage the world with our Light and Love. We each have our unique daily life with its relationships and duties, even while we continually discover and apply our Solar Consciousness. This is the Harmony and Balance of the Buddha’s Middle Way.

Beloved ones, Humanity awaits Revelation. This is part of the Ascension Process and begins in the imagination and visualization of the mind. It then invokes the feelings of that Reality …and then finally the experience of that Divine Potential.  For example, one might suffer with a particular malady and the pain of its dysfunction.  But if in that same malady, we practiced the thoughts of holding the Immaculate Concept (or Divine Potential) of that part of the body, or mind, or situation in daily life …then drew in the feelings of that Reality of Divine Potential (and here the Angels full of Divine Emotion stand ready to assist us) …then the experience of that malady or condition would be vastly changed …a Transformational Event in Consciousness on a personal level. So let us bring this Revelation to Humanity!

And with constant, rhythmic practicing this through our thoughts, feelings, we may then experience our own Divine Potential …as well as that of others …regardless of what the outer world observes, measures or experiences.  This is the Ancient Law of what we think and feel we bring into form. For our experience is then outside of the karmic loops of self, time and space …and only what our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light reports to us …as our Light Body or the Perfection Pattern of any person, place, condition or thing in our lives. This is practicing Ascended Mastery!


I AM a Divine Director of Sacred Fire …

I AM the Violet Flame, and I AM its Infinite Violet Light.

I AM the Healing Flame & I AM its Infinite Healing Light.

I AM the Flame of Peace, and I AM its Infinite Light of Peace.

I AM the Flame of God Illumination, and I AM its Vast Promise
for the embodiment of Enlightenment in this New Age!

I AM the Divine Potential of every Sacred Fire …and I AM
its embodiment on Earth, radiating within daily life.


Beloved Ones, on the Inner Realms we have all been in training to become Masters of the Transmission of the Flame. We applied for embodiment at this Cosmic Moment so that together, standing in the Light we might collectively apply this training in daily life …becoming the Transmission of the Divine Potential into manifestation on a planetary scale! Think of the potential of this. For this is the vision of the World Teacher, and this is your purpose as much as it is my reason for Being. And together, standing in the Light, this is the embodied World Teacher!






Children of the New Age: The Light of God brings Divine Order! It could be said the New Age is but a New Order …a bringing of Order …a return to Divine Order in the world of Humanity. This is our Angelic mantra when abiding in the Great Solar Quiet of the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. And to accomplish this, the Angels abide in the Infinite Radiant Light of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity! This is where you find us …where we reveal ourselves! We are ONE! And SO IT IS!

A New Order is perceived in the Mind as the Resurrection and the Life …and in the Heart, as a State of Grace …as if suspended in a New Reality, in a New Order.  This occurs on the level of the cell, atom and electron …but also manifests in the experiences of daily life, common to all Humanity. Higher Order manifests through Transformational Events in Consciousness. And just as I greeted Beloved Mother Mary, before giving birth to Beloved Jesus: “Hail Mary full of Grace” …now all the Angelic Hosts of Light desire to visit Humanity and restore Divine Order as a State of Grace …for what is about to come forth as a new birth. For each one is now to bring forth the Christ Child within …each one blessing all life with the Light of the world!

The Angels desire a Holy Communion with Humanity. Visualize that Higher Order Holy Communion is a Divine Ceremony utilizing Chalices of Sacred Fire. This is Humanity’s Ascending relationship with the Angels, who are these Chalices of Sacred Fire! Angels are the ‘Holy Grail’ of Quantum Emotions, derived from Solar Consciousness. Angels are a Focus of Qualified Energy, which is their gift to Humanity in assisting her Ascension Process.

The Angels serve to magnify and expand the Light called forth by any God Intelligence. The Angels exist in the Etheric Realms of Light. Humanity’s Etheric bodies also exist in the Realms of Light. It was from the Etheric Matrix of Energy, Matter and Intelligence that the physical body was formed and still contains this original Divine Order …of Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty, Simplicity and Symmetry, Strength and Stamina, as well as Harmony and Balance. Angels simply remained to serve from the Etheric Plane. This is where we visit with Humanity. And you now become the Divine Instrument, through which to visit with us as often as you desire!

Just as there are high voltage transmission lines for the electrical grid of cities, there are also High Energy Transmission ‘grid systems’ from the Spheres of Light into embodied daily life.  This is the service of the Angels and their reason for being in Earth’s atmosphere. The Angels serve through Transmission of the Divine Potential within Sacred Fire. They hear the calls, prayers and invocations …and, where there is a focus of sufficient Harmony and Balance …assist with their Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, housed in their Auras.

They serve to restore the Etheric counterpart of any manifestation back into Divine Alignment, into its Original Divine Order …re-establishing a State of Grace in that situation. And from this the ‘outer manifestation’ will transform. Imagine such Divine Order in every cell, atom and electron of your existence …through all organ systems and every aspect of daily life …any manifestation of persons, places, conditions and things. Call to the Angels often and greet them in the Great Solar Quiet of your Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light!


I AM a Child of the Light.
I Love the Light and I bless the Light!

I abide in the Great Solar Quiet of
my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.

The (object of my Healing or Transformation)
abides in the Light of an Eternal Flame.

I AM its State of Grace within that Flame’s Infinite
Radiant Light …in Co-service with the Angels.

All is in Divine Order and the Divine Potential now
has the opportunity to come forth and reveal itself!

Let us visualize the Angels as the Transmission Lines from the Heart of Father / Mother God. These lovely Ethereal Beings are created from Sacred Fire and have a form created from its Radiant Light. They are specifically designed to be carriers of Quantum State Feelings from Higher Frequency Realms into embodied experience. Their principal color and fragrance will reflect their Ray of Service.

In the beginning and through the first three Root Races, Angels were visible to Humanity …as were the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings.  Humanity then had a much ‘broader bandwidth’ than presently, in the capacity for seeing her Divine Potential. After the ‘great fall’, this bandwidth was severely narrowed by ego distortion, creating the world of illusion. But let us use our developing Solar Consciousness to envision and experience a deeply felt sense of the Angels. For there are Angels assigned to every embodiment, depending on one’s spiritual development, and specific Light Service.  Each one has a Guardian Angel from the Major Ray they principally serve, as well as several other Angels based on the momentum of Enlightenment and Light Service from previous lifetimes …or, from recent training in the Realms of Light in preparation for this embodiment.

So, let us begin with sensing the Angels on our personal aura. Invoke them and then pour your Gratitude to them, for that is the greatest elixir for Angels to draw close to our spiritual senses. Holy Fragrance, Higher Frequency Colors and Sacred Music also draw them close …especially if in the Great, Great Silence of abiding in your Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. Pause and feel their Presence …their movement …the Flame they carry in their Light Body …and what gifts they hope to transmit through you to further your personal Ascension Process, as well as global Light Service.

Then …begin to appreciate the Angels in your Sanctuary or meditation room. These Angels are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent in global Light Service …but they desire a Home to serve from in the world of form. They are the Keepers of Holiness and maintain your service as ‘Keepers of the Flame’ …when you are not there physically or get diverted by lower energies. Then visualize and sense the Angels of your Family and how this is a Forcefield that they watch over and protect. Then expand your Crystal Vision to include the Angels assigned to larger Forcefields …your community, city, state and country.

Then imagine the Angels that surround and serve the entire Earth and can hold countless Lifeforms in their Power and Protection, while gracing them with Divine Experiences required for the moment.  Then imagine Angels that serve the Solar System and even up to the Galaxy …Highly evolved Solar and Galactic Angels. Whether you see, feel or sense immense Angelic Hosts …or specific Cherubim or Seraphim …pour out your Gratitude! Remember dear ones, it is the Great Archangels, through their Angelic Hosts, that desire to teach Humanity Solar Consciousness. So, in the Great Solar Quiet, listen and learn!

Then let us do the same for Elemental Forces.  Begin with the Body Elemental that has been the governor of your embodied presence through the ages. Pour your Loving Adoration to this marvelous Deva of Alchemy …as well as the individual elementals of earth, air fire and water that serve under the leadership of the Body Elemental. Pour out your Gratitude! Then see, feel and deeply accept the Elementals of your home, the nature in your community, city, and nation …and extend this acknowledgement and gratitude to the Elementals of Earth, her Solar System and even her Galaxy.  For all of this is the Multi-dimensional Matrix of Energy Fields allows for embodiment in the world of form …an experience you chose in your Eternal Journey through Universal I AM! So let us be thankful!

Again …the Angels are a Ray of Divine Order. They function throughout the Universe and have been invoked to assist in the restoring Divine Order to our sweet Earth and her embodied Humanity! Affirm: I AM serving with the Angelic Forces to bring a New Age and New Order to my physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, to my world, affairs and finances …to my family, community, city, nation and our sweet Earth.  Within the Infinite Radiant Light of my Eternal Flame, I AM in Divine Order, in Divine Alignment and in Holy Communion with Angels and Elementals …within my aura, my sanctuary, and all life around me. And SO IT IS!

As an Archangel, I see the Gathering of Ascending Humanity in Divine Alignment with the Angels …now assuming our collective True Identity, as the Transmission of Sacred Fire. Together, standing in the Light, I AM Co-creating Quantum Fluctuations in the Energy Fields of Vibration, and Consciousness throughout daily life.  These may be imperceptible to the outer mind …but are absolutely Transformative Events in the Ascension Process of Humanity.

And affirm Dear Ones: I AM guiding, guarding and directing these Quantum Fluctuations, through my own Divine Instrument, developing Ascended Mastery! This is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. This is the Divine Order of the Angels! This is Humanity’s embodied State of Grace!



[1] Even in physics, String Theory would have us consider eleven dimensions interacting within the physical plane.

[2] unfortunately referred to in science as ‘dark matter’, meaning ‘unseen matter'.