May, 2024


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:

Within the Mystic Month of May,
I AM the Gathering of the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM the Eternal Sun of Elemental Perfection Patterns

I AM the Eternal Sun of Cosmic Holy Spirit

I AM the Eternal Sun of God Illumination

Within my embodied Solar Consciousness,




(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Power of Divine Perception
…in seeing and becoming my Original Divine Potential.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Power of Divine Perception
…Humanity seeing and becoming her Original Divine Potential.


I AM that I AM!
I AM only and entirely a Forcefield!
I AM a Forcefield of Eternity and Infinity!

I AM the embodied Flame of Immortality!
I AM its 'wave-function' of Divine Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness, operating in the 'particle-function' world of form.

I AM the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant
'wave-function' Light …creating around me an
embodied Forcefield of Quantum State
Energy, Matter and Intelligence.

I AM Divine Co-creation!

The Eternal Flame ‘I AM’ is a hologram of Ascended and
Free Humanity …and, of her Ascended and Free Earth!

At my core is the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure,
sustaining the Harmony and Balance of the Elemental
Kingdom, allowing my physical presence to naturally
evolve into its State of Divine Potential.

Around that is the Sun of Holy Spirit, sustaining the
Angels in the atmosphere of Earth, in which
Humanity lives her daily life under all
the conditions of Love Divine.

Around that is the Sun of God Illumination, in
which Humanity evolves into her Ascended
and Free State of Divine Wisdom, with
the Power of Divine Perception.

Embodied Solar Consciousness is the living testament
of the Governing, God Intelligence, of Divine Love!

This is the Divine Plan of the I AM Race!
This is the embodiment of the Twelve Houses of the Sun.

I AM the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity flowing,
into and through my embodied Forcefield of
Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!

Each day of this embodied Solar Consciousness:

I sleep in the Great Solar Quiet, of my
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.

I awaken into the Great Solar Quiet, of my
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.

Each day is one Cosmic Day …where
I continuously abide in the Great Solar Quiet
of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.

I breath with the Great Solar Quiet!
I think with the Great Solar Quiet.
I speak with the Great Solar Quiet.
I feel with the Great Solar Quiet.
I act with the Great Solar Quiet.

Every heartbeat is the Rhythm of the Great Solar Quiet.
Every breath is the Vitality of the Great Solar Quiet!
Every sound is the Keynote of the Great Solar Quiet.
Every touch is the Comfort of the Great Solar Quiet.
Every vision is the Perception of the Great Solar Quiet.

I abide in the
Great Solar Quiet,
the Great Solar Truth,
the Great Solar Peace,
the Great Solar Freedom,
of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light!

In my embodied Solar Consciousness …

Embodied’ is the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure.
Solar’ is the Sun of Cosmic Holy Spirit.
Consciousness’ is the Sun of God Illumination.

This is the Holy Triumvirate of a Seventh Ray
Solar Christ Self …made manifest!

I AM the Three-fold Flame in action!
I AM this Flame of Immortality!



Beloved Ones, lets us contemplate Spiritual equanimity, poise and calmness. For when embraced in our Eternal Flame, we know I AM certain of  Transformation … into our True Identity and functioning as the Divine Instrument …as an Eternal Flame and as its Infinite Radiant Light.

Of this I AM certain! And SO IT IS!

From this point of certainty, let us realize that Sacred Forcefields become more powerful in the Mystic Month of May.  This is why May is a mystical portal of spiritual opportunity. It is a cycle where the Divine Potential (rather than any lower potential) is presented greater opportunity to express itself. It follows on the Forcefield of the ‘Resurrection and the Life’ …and together, they offer a gift of opportunity to take advantage of. At such moments in the Solar Year there are greater Cosmic Momentums …Currents …Flow …Streams ...of all Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Contemplate this.

Forcefields are Eternal and Infinite! A Forcefield is the Power of a Divine Quality focused within a Sacred Fire …at a particular point of coordinates within Universal I AM. Embodied Solar Consciousness becomes a set of such coordinates, an Ascended and Free Forcefield on Earth. The Mystic Month of May allows greater engagement and experience of this Reality …of Divine Alignment with Eternity and Infinity …and how Energy, Vibration and Consciousness flows through the Universe waiting to be tapped, so as to be useful to the many Races of God Intelligence throughout Universal I AM.

Let us discover what becoming a Pure Forcefield of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness looks and feels like.  To feel pure energy, one becomes empty of the form and function of self, transposing oneself into 'wave-function', electronic formlessness. As an example, we do not see or feel electricity, but we know it’s there as a force that runs our appliances or other machines. Electricity is one of the natural forces in the universe that we have tapped for good.  And we have learned to use it properly. If not held in Harmony and Balance, then too little an electric current is not helpful and too much can be dangerous.

So, let us see, feel and deeply accept that Divine Love is a pure Energy Forcefield …that it flows as a Cosmic Current through Universal I AM that we can harness and make useful …like electricity. Here we affirm: ‘I AM in the stream of my Christ’s own flowing Love.’ As I become the Holy Christ Self, I become that Forcefield of Divine Love flowing too me, as well as through me. As the Holy Christ Self, I AM the Forcefield of the Cosmic Christ in action on Earth! This is the Ascended and Free State that our Beloved Ascended Master Jesus cleared the way for us to achieve! This is the culmination of the Christian Age!

Then, as we graduate now into Twelve-fold embodied Solar Consciousness, the Momentum of this Forcefield of pure Energy only expands …becoming more powerful in its Divine Potential to magnetize and radiate Divine Love. It becomes the Forcefield we now call our ‘Cosmic Sun of Holy Spirit’. We affirm ‘I AM the Sun of Holy Spirit …having the Spiritual Agency of Transformational Love in all that I do, think, say or feel.’ This Solar Year represents ‘as above, so below’ …becoming ‘as it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth’. This is awareness of our Divine Instrument beyond the restrictions of ego-self, time and space. Our True Identity is engaged wholly in the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love …the Three-fold Flame of God in Action. I AM this Flame of Immortality!

And in completing embodied Solar Consciousness, next ‘I AM the Sun of God Illumination’. This Forcefield of Higher Frequency Perception protects us from the cloud of maya and illusion …giving us the Wisdom and Discernment to negotiate daily life free of ego …that of ourselves or of others …and thus become our Eternal Flame’s Reality …a Forcefield of Divine Energy, a Vibrational Field of Transformative Potential and a Focus of Celestial Consciousness …which then allows the Ascension Process to forward itself, free of ego-based stress. This is Divine Perception!

This is the Ascension Concept that I AM! And I AM that I AM!



Beloved Ones, lets us further contemplate Spiritual equanimity, poise and calmness. This is based on the clarity of our Truth, that I AM certain of my Transformation and that of the world …regardless of the 'veil of illusion' within daily life.

Let us now ‘gather’ as the ‘tutors of Humanity’. Let us see, feel and deeply accept our True Identity through a Higher Frequency lens. Let us visualize and meditate upon these affirmations …as a remembrance[1]

I AM Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!

I AM a Convergence of Divine Energy
within a Vibrational Field of Sacred Tone
holding a Focus of Divine Consciousness! 

I AM embodied Solar Consciousness.

I AM embodied Elemental Perfection.
I AM embodied God Illumination.
I AM embodied Holy Spirit.

I AM that I AM! 

I AM empty of self empty of karma.
I AM empty of past karma and as well,
empty of generating any further karma!

I stand within a Sacred Vibrational Field.
I stand within the Spirit of the Violet Fire!

Beloved Light Servers … let us practice remembering our True Identity …becoming our Divine Instrument in this Realm, just as it functions in every other Dimension, Realm or Sphere of existence. We are reminded that in the Co-creation of the world, we are (I AM!) that Force moving from 'wave-function' Spirit into the 'particle-function' of form. Our Divine Instrument is always three foundational forces within One …the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame.

Embodied Solar Consciousness is when all three foundational forces are acting in a synchronized, united fashion ‘as one’ …One Presence of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, interacting as the foundation of Co-creation. This is becoming Keepers of the Flame of Immortality ... Keepers of the Flame of Creation!

In the beginning was ‘the Word’, the primordial OM …the Sacred Tone. Within this Vibrational Field was the Eternal Flame emitting its Energy, Matter and Intelligence of Co-creation. In our daily Spiritual Practice, let us return to this beginning! For each of us is this beginning, each moment a New Beginning, when vibrating at the Tone of our True Identity. Let us each become an emerging phenomenon, a Transformational Event in Consciousness in the worldas the Word, the Sacred Tone.  Affirm: I AM a Forcefield of Divine Energy, a Vibrational Field of Sacred Tone and a Focus of Divine Consciousness …that began everything, began all creation. It is from this Point of Origin that I live my daily life!

The Spiritual Hierarchy has revealed the importance of the ‘Eternal Sun of Elemental Constancy and Balance’. Let us continue this review …for this Focus becomes the basis of embodied Solar Consciousness …a hologram of the same Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the core of our sweet Earth. This Elemental Forcefield at the planet’s core originates within the Central Sun. Its purpose is to maintain the Divine Potential of planetary Solar Consciousness within the Elemental Kingdom (as a planet in this Solar System, the ‘Sun of Earth’) …as well as the Divine Potential of embodied Solar Consciousness within all Humanity inhabiting her. Each one in Humanity is a Ray of this One Elemental Sun at Earth’s core projected into its inhabitants …watched over by the Directors of the Earth Element, Beloved Pelleur and Virgo …as well as the Silent Watcher of our sweet Earth, Beloved Lady Immaculata. Mother Earth abides within her Children!

Within Humanity, the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure is comprised of the three Chakras towards the base of the spine. Let us review these and begin with the Ascension Chakra.  The Ascension Flame is the antidote to gravity (so that things ‘rise up’ in frequency) …as well as representing the Unity of the Masculine and Feminine Rays …as in the Activity of the Twin Flames.  It is the Keeper of the Promise of the Ascension from within the world of form. It anchors the Solar Spine in Humanity!

Next, we have the Violet Fire Chakra. The Cosmic Violet Flame transmutes the Cause within karmic debt. On the elemental level, the effects of karmic debt are disease, distress and aging. If one removes the cause of karma, the effects then have no standing, and etherealize into their ‘original state’ of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …as it was before being mis-directed into negative creation by ego. The energy is set free and returned to the Central Sun for repolarization, never again having to serve ego creation.

Next up the spine we have the Peace Chakra at the solar plexus. This seals the elemental level of embodied Solar Consciousness in Peace Divine. This Sealing is important, so that the Higher Spiritual Centers may open in safety, knowing the embodied consciousness is open and receptive to Divine Potential. Then finally with this Sealing, we see these three Chakras anchoring our spine in Divine Alignment, synchronized in Oneness Consciousness. Such is the foundation of embodied Solar Consciousness and the beginning of true Spiritual Freedom incarnated into the New Age. This is the Sun of Divine Potential incarnate in Elemental form!

And from there we Ascend into the Sun of Holy Spirit and further into the Sun of God Illumination …into our fully living our embodied Solar Consciousness!



The Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the Beloved Sponsors of this Solar Year …Lady Miriam, Chohan of the First Ray and Lady Amazon, the Feminine Ray Elohim of Divine Will …on the Power and Intent of the Feminine Ray, bringing a Cosmic Awakening …a Spiritual Re-birth within Humanity …

Beloved Co-servers of the Seventh Ray, welcome into the embrace of the Feminine Ray / Seventh Ray. Let us begin with including in this sojourn together, the Forcefield of God / Goddess Meru and Lord Saithru / Lady Mercedes, as we all serve from our united / synchronized Forcefields in the Etheric Planes over the Amazon basin. Here we also have our Etheric Foci of Feminine Ray / First Ray Powers. Here the full impact of Transformational Events in Consciousness, based on the Feminine Ray entering the Seventh Ray Dispensation, are building Cosmic Momentum …coalescing just below the surface of illusion.

As Sponsors of this Yearly Cycle, we also stand together with the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, in further building a Forcefield of Spiritual Endowment with the Sacred Energies of this Solar Year. We empower this Forcefield through assisting Light Servers in becoming your True Identity. We offer our Divine Powers into the Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light …for all Lifeforce on Earth.

Following the discourse of our Beloved World Teacher, we now explore and discover the upper two Suns, that together with the Sun of Elemental Constancy, constitute the three Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness. Welcome into a Meditation on these Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness, beginning with the Sun of Holy Spirit and its endless Divine Feelings.

Let us enter meditation together, becoming comfortable in our body posture and a focus on rhythmic breathing. We quickly become empty of self, time and space, for we remember our calling to Original Divinity.  We let go daily life and enter the Realms of Light within our own Celestial Being …and further into the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM. Here we feel the Divine, entering the Eternal Sun of Holy Spirit.

Let us pause here and understand this focus of Divine Love. The Sun of Holy Spirit is also known as the Sun of Divine Rapture. Divine Rapture is a totality of Celestial Feelings, the Original Glory of being a Focus of Father / Mother God …given to us at our Cosmic Birth as a Child of Universal I AM. Here we become a Temple of Divine Love, within their Temple of Divine Love …for all eternity! Oh, what an emotional embrace …to be fully experienced within an embodied vehicle …free from the body, free from ego-concepts, and free into the fulness of Divine Delight. And here we offer our deepest Gratitude for this Original Blessing …as Gratitude opens the door for every other Blessing.

In this Ascended and Free State of Divine Rapture, we are gathered with the Angels …who hold in their bodies, as their bodies, all the Quantum State Qualities and Virtues of Divine Delight …along all the Seven Rays of the Cosmic Christ …and now, graduating into all Twelve Houses of the Sun and all the Divine Emotional Treasures within. Here we feel, accept and manifest the full Zodiac of Divine Rapture in our Higher Frequency Emotional Nature.  Here we are fully enveloped by Divine Feelings and …fully developing our own Momentum of Divine Feelings …as a gift of our embodied Solar Consciousness. This is experiencing our Solar Causal Body!

All of this is the emotional basis of the Coming of Holy Spirit. In this Ascended and Free State, we are wholly in the Revery of our Divine Feeling Nature …absolutely free of persons, places, conditions, or things …and one with the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Divine Love! Let us pause, visualizing ourselves only as 'wave-function' Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. We remain grounded in our embodied vehicles but ‘gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond; oh what a Divine Emotional awakening; all Hail Holy Spirit’!

At our Cosmic Birth, we began as a Sacred Energy Forcefield. We may now remember this in our feelings. We focus solely on deeply accepting and experiencing what a Focus of Divine Energy feels like …a Forcefield entirely experienced in the feelings to understand it emotionally (rather than trying to first understand it in the mind) …centered completely in the Indivisible Flowing Revery of it, in a State of deep absorption of the Divine. We use the Holy Breath to inbreathe, absorb and assimilate it …then expand and project it into our daily lives through our ever-expanding feeling nature …and further into the global feeling nature. This is becoming Disciples of Holy Spirit in the Coming of Holy Spirit! This is Rosa Mystica!

Our doing so is an important awakening of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. It signals Universal I AM that our sweet Earth is finally prepared for the Great Cosmic Inbreath, because of those who abide within their Sun of Holy Spirit …as Disciples of Holy Spirit! We bask in the Flame of Holy Spirit, fully in the Divine Feelings of the Wonder of Father / Mother God, and their Focus of Divine Love. The entire Universe desires that Earth now moves forward in enough Love Vibration to ensure that more energy does not vicariously slip into the creative faculties of lower frequency evolution. Such is a mandatory aspect of the Great Cosmic Inbreath, in accelerating every Planet and Solar System into its next Higher Frequency / Orbit …further into its own Ascension Process.

Here we concentrate with our feelings.  The ability to focus is generally thought to be an exercise of the mind, but today we emotionally concentrate on what it feels like to be in the Vibrational Fields of Divinity. This is the feeling experience of Holiness, dwelling within the Sacred Fire ...becoming a Flame within a Flame and fully insulated in the safety of Eternal and Infinite Divine Feelings. We are completely immersed in Higher Frequency Vibrational Fields without any immediate concern of understanding or conceptualizing it …just feeling it! Here is our True Power. Here is where the Feminine Ray meets the First Ray! Here, I AM!

Once centered in the Sacred Fire, we move on to the emotional nature of Cosmic Consciousness. We tend to think of consciousness as ‘in the mind’ but now let us feel Divine Consciousness in our emotions. Let us here invoke our Mighty I AM Presence to embrace us with the feelings of Divine Consciousness. During our Ascension Process in daily life, we may yet feel an array of feelings associated with the ups and downs of the world …but always with the Spiritual Freedom to return to the Divine Feeling Nature within our Sun of Holy Spirit. And SO IT IS!

The more we develop Divine Consciousness, the more our feelings hold constant with Tranquility and Quiet…with Reverence for all Life …with unconditional Divine Love …with Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …as well as with a calm Kindness and Empathy towards those yet suffering. Here we also develop the practice of self-compassion …for when we still yet suffer the ill feelings associated with our embodied vehicles and our daily life. We apply the Law of Forgiveness, Mercy, and Compassion to ourselves and gently return to our Divine Instrument …once again empty of self, time and space …and all persons, places, conditions and things in our awareness. This is Healing at its Higher Frequency! This is the Feminine Ray of Holy Spirit!

The feeling nature of Divine Consciousness is one of constant equanimity, tranquility, sublime peacefulness, as well as a measure of serene happiness. We do visit periods of joy and ecstasy at the heights of Higher Frequency, but otherwise daily life is a constant tranquility of detachment from the world and a calm peaceful centeredness in our True Identity. Embodied Solar Consciousness allows us a constant Revelation of Divine Feelings.

Our daily emotional focus is on becoming a Presence of the Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Father / Mother God. We know with certainty in our feelings that we are a constant Light, emanating the creation of the world. We affirm “I AM feeling the quantum states of Light’ …as the Energy, Matter and Intelligence in the Co-creation of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom. And in doing so, we feel the Power of the Feminine Ray and of the First Ray meeting within us …with its serene yet confidant sense of Victory in the birth of a New Age!

We feel the Wisdom of Illumined Love and the calm Celestial understanding of unconditional Divine Adoration for all life …in its innate states of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. And with this we embrace the Feminine Ray as it desires its expression on Earth. Here we Initiate our feelings into the Star of Spiritual Freedom along the Feminine Ray. Here we understand the Illumined Love of becoming a Sun of Holy Spirit …one of the three Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness!

Let us visualize and feel the Cosmic Dove hovering within our Sun of Holy Spirit. We see it centered in our Heart and Throat Chakra …as this Cosmic Dove becomes the Presence and Voice of Reverence for all Life! It radiates the equanimity, tranquility and peacefulness of unconditional Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of Universal I AM.  We feel deeply this Cosmic Dove radiating its Divine Love into our Eternal Sun of Elemental Constancy (below it, along our Solar Spine). This Cosmic Dove wishes to bless our physical nature with elemental harmony, balance, comfort, health, and wellness …in our present journey of anchoring Holy Spirit through elemental vehicles.

And above the Cosmic Dove is the Sun of God Illumination. Let us focus our attention here, where we remember the Buddha’s promise of embodied Solar Consciousness:

“gone, gone, gone beyond gone altogether beyond;
oh, what an awakening
; all Hail
…all Hail the Divine Feeling Nature
…all Hail the Flame of Immortality, which I AM!

…And I AM that I AM!

Dear Ones, this is abiding at the Heart of the Great Solar Quiet of the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. Imagine the Divine Rapture of the Mighty I AM Presence in the Electronic Realms of Light …which is now much more accessible from embodied Solar Consciousness.  Imagine experiencing the Vibrational Fields of Causal Body Momentums, stored from eons of experience in Higher Frequency Realms. Such Quantum State Qualities may now pour into daily life …through embodied Solar Consciousness!

Then the ultimate vision to imagine …the Bliss of seeing, feeling and deeply accepting the White Fire Being …our Unity of the Twin Flames as the ultimate of our Divine Instrument, our Truest Identity.  This is ‘as we were first born from the Eternal Flame of Father / Mother God’ …truly the ‘image and likeness’ of all that is Divine!

All of this Glory is now more accessible through embodied Solar Consciousness.  Such is the Divine Expectation of personal development through the full Cycle of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. The Gathering of Ascending Humanity are the pioneers of this exploration …the voyagers of ‘Inner Space’. These Higher Frequency Electronic Vehicles are usequally us as is our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles in the world of form.  This is the promised Awakening of Spiritual Liberty …attaining our full Spiritual Agency …within daily life!  Our Ascended Mastery is becoming the Truth that I AM the Miracle Working Presence of God in Action! And, SO IT IS!

Laws of Life and Co-creation:

Where my attention goes my energy flows,
and my energy is my life.

What I think and feel, I bring into form!

Dear ones, this ‘River of Life’ flows both ways …that if our attention is on lower frequency activity, then we give our Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into that vibrational field, depending on motive. If the motive is criticism, condemnation and judgment, this may bring more of that lower frequency on the return current. But if the motive is Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness or any aspect of Holy Spirit, then you may bless any activity with your Light.  On the return current of such Blessings brings more Love, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Spiritual Freedom back onto our life.

So yes, let us bless activities of daily life with our Love, Wisdom and Power as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire …while remaining ‘in the world but not of it’.  I AM but an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light desiring to set life free. When our attention explicitly flows onto the Divine, then all we would ever receive back is expanded Divinity in our experiences! This includes the Cosmic Momentums within our Causal Body …in our feelings and in our mind …as well as Health and Wellness in the body. Such is the Circle of Life …which is the Law of Life!

Imagine the Spiritual Agency and felt Victory of directing a Pure Vibrational Field of Love, Wisdom or Power to any person, place, condition or thing that you desire to Bless. This comes directly from our Eternal Flame …our Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame! It will resonate with the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world, and thus be multiplied many times over in its effectiveness …at the level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of our Flame it was sent forth from …blessing all involved in that situation.

We serve to open Humanity’s Vibrational Fields. Holy Spirit will come to those who are open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming. Notice it is a ‘wave’, and such 'wave-function' will present itself to Humanity’s Consciousness along any and all of the Seven Rays …along any of the avenues of human endeavor trying to make this sweet Earth a better place. This will be initiated principally through the incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races …who may respond to life more on a feeling level than might the Fifth Root Race, whose Masculine Ray nature has been predominate for many ages. Children of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races are already embodied and eager to open their Sun of Holy Spirit …to guide and lead Humanity through Illumined Love.

The Guardians of the incoming Feminine Ray are deeply and profoundly aligned with these Children of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races, as well as all aspects of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.  The Unity of the Feminine Ray with the new Root Races as incoming Vibrational Fields is a mark of the Cosmic Christ …announcing a Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom!

Beloved Ones, contemplate that Ascended and Free Light Service is encoding a message of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into the Vibrational Fields of our sweet Earth. These Forcefields of our making now awakens the Illumined Love Nature of Humanity, and in particular, the Children of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races be brought forth into daily life through their developed Spiritual Agency …all in the decades and centuries to follow. Current Light Servers are the pioneers creating the Sacred Space within Humanity’s Consciousness for this to occur! This is the nature of current Light Service.

The Jewel of the Teachings

 Dear Ones, the Ascended Masters and especially Cosmic Holy Spirit have always taught that the Jewel of the Teachings is centered in Divine Consciousness.[2] The Eternal Flame is a Cosmic Energy, within a Vibrational Field, anchoring a Divine ConsciousnessMeditate on this Truth and let it become a mantra. The Radiant Light of this Sacred Fire is a Forcefield synchronizing all Quantum State Matter, Energy and Intelligence into the action of current Co-creationMeditate on this and allow it to become a repetitive affirmation. Let it guide your daily life.

Light Service simply offers this Truth of our Divine Instrument to the world. We then entrust it to others …with full (First Ray)Faith that the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way, with the right and perfect motive …will co-create an ever-expanding global phenomenon of rapid Spiritual Development …through a series of Transformational Events in Consciousness …that brings us firmly into the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. These are our Feelings this is our Vision such is our Victory!



[1] In Islam there is a “call to remember” (dhikr). The Quran reminds us there is an innate knowledge of God that Humanity has always possessed. Islam uses the term dhikr to denote this ‘reminder from God’. In many religious / spiritual practices this reminder of our True Identity is conveyed through Call to Prayer, repetitive affirmations, mantras and chants …each time signifying a reciprocal interaction with the Divine, building a powerful momentum within daily life.

[2] Lady Miriam, our Feminine Ray Chohan of the First Ray (with our Beloved El Morya) and Co-Sponsor of this Solar Year, was last in embodiment as the channel Geraldine for the Bridge to Freedom Activity in the 1950’s and 60’s. She had an especially close relationship with her Guru, Beloved Aeolus, who holds the Office in the Spiritual Hierarchy of Cosmic Holy Spirit. The Lord Maha Chohan holds the Office of planetary Holy Spirit, assisting all the Chohans of the Seven Rays in fulfilling the Divine Plan through Humanity!