November, 2023



I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.


From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:









(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure
from the Temple of Beloved Pelleur and Virgo
at the Center of our sweet Earth.

I AM Expanding and Projecting these Gates of Life for Building Divine Consciousness within Elemental Substance, establishing the Seed
of Embodied Solar Consciousness within Humanity.


I AM the embodied Immortality of Universal I AM.
I AM the embodied Immortality of the Divine.
I AM embodying Immortality, in a
temporary vessel of form.

I AM anchoring the Seed of Embodied Solar Consciousness
within myself …and on behalf of Humanity!

I AM the embodied Immortality of Solar Consciousness.
I AM its expression in the world of form.

The Eternal Sun of Even Pressure is now anchored at the
base of my spine, becoming the Gates of Life for
embodied Solar Consciousness

I AM the intermediary …the fusion of 'wave-function'
Reality, into 'particle-function' matter.

I AM the Electronic Mighty I AM Presence
expressing through the atomic matrix
of my embodied vehicles.

I AM the Seed of Embodied Solar Consciousness!




Beloved ones, this month we are gifted the Presence of Beloved Pelleur and Virgo, the Spirit of our sweet Earth. Standing together in their Magnificent Three-fold Flame, they are the Hierarchs of the Temple of the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, as Earth’s Heart Flame.

But as we contemplate this majestic Focus of Light,  let us first attend the nature of Immortality. This idea has always been the Holy Grail of Eternal Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, as well as the foundation of Heaven on Earth. We understand the nature of our embodied vehicles as a temporary housing for the Flame of Immortality …that these Elemental Bodies have a beginning, middle and end …which we call ‘an embodiment’. But the Flame of Immortality is Eternal …and thus we realize that I AM the embodied Flame of Immortality in its journey through Elemental Substance.

Science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Therefore, the Divine Potential of the Elemental Kingdom is also Immortality. On the physical plane, Elementals express as physical, etheric, mental and emotional patterns and systems. On Higher Frequencies we also discover the Devic expression of Eternal Elemental Life and all the Spirits of Nature. This includes the individual Devas of larger complex plant and animal life (Spirit of the Tiger, Spirit of the magnificent Oak Tree) and Group Devas of the animal Kingdom that function mostly in the wholeness of the group (birds, insects, bees, schools of smaller fish, etc.) …as well as the Silent Watchers of magnificent Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Lakes and Deserts …up to the great Builders of Form and the Elohim …these majestic Cosmic Beings of Great Light, who build planets and solar systems. All of this is Eternal Elemental Life!

Taken together, the Elemental Kingdom is here to assist us in Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light, within Elemental Matter! But since the ‘great fall’ in Consciousness, the expectation of Elemental expression has been at the level of ego frequency. It is akin to the farmer who grows crops in poor soil and the yield is equally poor. Poor nutrients in the soil bring poor expression of the crop. And at this lower ego frequency, karmic debt ‘takes a toll’ on  the elements of earth, air, fire and water in the complex biochemistry and physiology of the physical body, as well as its etheric, mental and emotional counterparts. And thus aging, distress, disease and death seem inevitable. This is a powerful illusion within Humanity.

But it was not always thus. Within the Divine Plan is the Truth that, in the right and perfect environment, Elemental bodies could express as Eternal Youth and Beauty as well as limitless Health and Wellness. In such Golden Ages, an embodiment was only finished when certain lessons around and within certain circumstances would have run their course and the Soul would return to the unformed, for respite between the ‘school grades on Earth’. And after time in the Temples of the Ascended Masters and Angels, the Soul returned into that same Body Elemental (a Deva of Divine Alchemy) who, after their own ret and healing, once again desired to express Perfection Patterns …but now into new circumstances, to learn more lessons in the Ascension Process from within a physical planet. This was the whole purpose of the unique opportunity to embody on Earth and gain the Ascension from within dense matter.

And in the beginning, within the Temples of Father / Mother God, seven magnificent Manus chose to express a Root Race, to ‘gain the Ascension’ from within form and matter. Each Manu would guide, guard and direct a unique evolutionary path towards the Ascension. Together, these Seven Root Races constitute the I AM Race of our sweet Earth.  Such was the Divine Potential that we now restore …returning Humanity to her correct developmental trajectory within the Solar System of Beloved Helios and Vesta. The incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races are the fulfillment of this Divine Plan.

In the beginning was the Command: Let there be Light! Light is the appearance of 'wave-function' Activity as it courses across the Galaxy, including into and through our embodied vehicles. Light is akin to a liquid, having the nature of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. It is like the currents within an ocean. Light is also like electricity, as it appears invisible …yet its power literally ‘lights up a room’ and provides freedom from the dark. Any darkness is a void of Light and the return of the Light is what we seek. Ego thrives in darkness and Light sets this confined energy free …as in our Victory Statement together, standing in the Light!

The Elemental Kingdoms seek the Light …both across the galaxy and again, within our embodied vehicles. Within greater Light, they may function at Higher Frequencies of potential …whether as organ systems, molecules, cells, atoms or electrons. The Light is composed of Energy, Matter and Intelligence which comes into form as lived Elemental Experience …from every element along the periodic table, through to all living creatures in all of Earth’s Lifeforce. But what decides Elemental expression is the consciousness of Humanity, for she is the presiding God Intelligence on Earth.  In Original Intent of Earth’s Divine Plan, the Elemental Kingdom agreed to outpicture Humanity’s consciousness, presuming it would always be fulfilling Divine Potential. Such would be ‘their joy’.

Scientists also describe the ‘fabric of the universe’ within time and space. They observe and measure massive waves passing along this fabric, affecting everything.  Let us visualize and expand such discovery into our Light Service. This universal fabric is composed of Energy, Matter and Intelligence, creating the fundamental forces in physics. Such energies have been radiated (sent forth) by a Star or Sun …itself being a Focus of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

This Co-creation process is equally true of Humanity!  Our Eternal Flame is also a Sun (of the Sun) or a Star (of Spiritual Freedom) …and its projected ‘fabric’ of Energy, Matter and Intelligence (its Infinite Radiant Light) is the fabric (or essence) of our personal lives …our ‘universe’. Our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds send out waves across this fabric …either as Perfection Patterns of the Divine Potential, or …of ego frequencies that bring distress, disease and eventual death. Humanity is a microcosm of the universe.  As above, so below.

Beloved Ones, these Ascension Concepts are placed before us to better understand the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure …that we now embody …in our expression of embodied Solar Consciousness!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED PELLEUR AND VIRGO …Hierarch of the Earth Element, and Keepers of the Flame at the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure in the center of the Earth …the Sun of Earth!

Beloved Ones embodied in the world of form, even while evolving along your Eternal Journey of the Flame of Immortality …I greet you from the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure …a magnificent Sun of Light at the center of our sweet Earth. This is our Temple, and we invite you to sojourn with us in meditation through projected Consciousness. Stand with us in its magnificent Three-fold Flame!

The Elemental Kingdom began their journey long before our sweet Earth was populated with the First Root Race.  They began their journey in the Heart of the Stars, in creating the basic sub-atomic particles, atoms and molecules of matter, that would one day allow for a Spirit Being (of 'wave-function' Light) to gain the experience of embodiment in the world of form.  This was a project of focused intent, the Divine Plan of Father / Mother God for this local system of worlds. It was the Great Manus who then brought forth the Root Races and prepared them for such an experience.

And from the Elemental Kingdom, the great Elohim and Silent Watchers created various paths of development in concert with the evolving Root Races. And all this is still happening on a scale that the outer mind (‘within time and space’) might not fully understand. But in terms of Eternity and Infinity, it is the perfect unfoldment of Universal I AM. Hence the Ascension Process moving beyond self, time and space is of vital importance in understanding our sweet Earth and our Light Service within her matrix of Energy and Matter.

The elements of earth, air, fire, and water each have their own Hierarch …Beloved Helios and Vesta for the supreme Fire Element, Beloved Thor and Aries for the Air Element, Beloved Neptune and Lunara for the Water Element and us for the Earth Element. But because of the Divine Potential of our sweet Earth in the Mastery of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within the world of form, it is us that were given the Office of Spirit of Planet Earth …and the Silent Watcher of her Divine Potential.

Let us visualize the Initiation of embodied Solar Consciousness. Let us begin with a Flaming Spirit Spark arising from our Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, now projected into the base of your spine. It becomes the foundation of Elemental Perfection Patterns, while ‘being in the world’. This Sun is a replica of the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the center or base of our sweet Earth. Let us first see this Sun’s Forcefield as the general area of the three lower Chakras …from the base of the spine extending into the abdomen.

Further, we might then see three Suns along the embodied Seven-fold spine. Above this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure along the three lower Chakras is the Sun of Holy Spirit …manifesting itself through our Heart and Throat Chakras. Above this is the Sun of God Illumination, involving our Third Eye and our Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra. The Creative Faculties of our embodied Solar Consciousness manifest through these Three Suns. Together they constitute the Star of Spiritual Freedom. They may be visualized as entwined concentric circles,[1] together forming a larger circle …our Infinite Circle of Light.

This way Humanity becomes one with the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure governing all Elemental Kingdoms …one with Holy Spirit from the Heart and Power Centers …and one with the Mind of God through the Crown of the Elohim and the Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra. Thus, we see the Divine Potential of embodied Solar Consciousness. The Angels attend this expression through the Sun of Holy Spirit …and the Mind of God[2] enters through the Sun of God Illumination. What we think and feel, we bring into form. These are the Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness. Here we build the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity …within Humanity …as was intended in the Divine Plan!

From our Temple of the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, we have awaited the day when we might draw Light Servers into our Planetary Service and ignite the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure as the Gates of Solar Consciousness, at the base of embodied being!  Such is a Cosmic Moment Now! The Foundation begins with the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of the three Chakra Suns at the base of the spine.  This then gives the upper Chakra Suns the opportunity to fully open into their Divine Potential within Solar Consciousness, through the Heart, Throat, Head and Hands. Long have we awaited this Cosmic Moment.

Let us visualize this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the base of your spine. See, feel and deeply accept this Sun as a foundation for embodied Solar Consciousness. Firstly, we abide in our Flame Room in the Center of Earth, at the Foundational Altar of our sweet Earth …Inbreathing and Absorbing this Flame. Then together, standing in this Light, we Expand and Project this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure into you …further Initiating the Star of Spiritual Freedom expressing through you. Whenever we build something, we build its foundation first and proceed from there. The Eternal Sun of Even Pressure has always been the Foundation of this sweet Earth, revealing her Divine Potential. And now we do so with each of Humanity, beginning with Ascended and Free Light Servers.


I AM the Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness!
I AM the Gates of Eternal Spiritual Freedom!

“I AM the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure manifesting through my three Chakra Suns at the base of my spine, building the foundation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom! I AM the Sun of the Sun at the Heart, Throat, Head and Hands, expressing Solar Consciousness in all that I do, think, say or feel through the Sun of Holy Spirit and the Sun of God Illumination.  Just as the Earth has its Spiritual Foundation from which there are created Spheres of Divine Thought, Feeling and Memory functioning as its Corona, so too does the Seventh Ray Solar Christ Self build its Aura. I AM Building Divine Self!

The Gates of Life begin with physical reproduction in the three lower Chakras. But at some moment in our Spiritual Development the physical becomes spiritual, generating the Spiritual Gates of Life. The term Eternal Sun of Even Pressure describes a Forcefield where the centripetal forces of Inbreath (Magnetization / Absorption) and the centrifugal forces of Outbreath (Radiation / Expansion) are held as a constant …so that other variables of Spiritual Development may have ‘a constant’ to build upon. This is why the embodied Eternal Sun of Even Pressure begins with the Ascension Chakra, proceeds though the Violet Fire Chakra and is then Sealed in the Chakra of Divine Peace!

These Spiritual Gates of Life initiate the fulfillment of Solar Consciousness within us. These are the ‘gates of spiritual re-birth’ establishing a necessary foundation in achieving the Ascension of the I AM Race on Earth. It begins at the base of the Solar Spine with the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure establishing the Divine Potential of Elemental perfection in the world of form. This encompasses the three lower Chakras. Then comes the Spiritual Freedom of Love, seen as Eternal Service to Life, incorporating the Heart and Throat Chakras. And finally, the Ajna Center and the Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra uniting as the Sun of God Illumination. Together these Three Suns constitute the embodied Seventh Ray Solar Christ Self …the Initiated Star of Spiritual Freedom made manifest! This culminates the Divine Potential of this Solar Year!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED LADY CRYSTAL …Feminine Ray Elohim of the Fifth Ray and its Temple of Truth through Crystal Vision.

Beloved Children of the Light, welcome into our Temple of the Divine Vista …our view of Reality as seen through Solar Consciousness. You are collectively graduating into this Reality as your Ascended and Free Light Service now embodies Solar Consciousness within daily life.

Let us meditate together …contemplating the formless.  Typically, we visualize ‘form’ in the three-dimensional world. Even a heavenly concept such as the Seven Chakra Suns, or a Divine Flame upon the Altar of an Ascended Master Temple …or, even the center of Galaxies far beyond our Solar System …are seen in a formed state. But now we graduate to visualizing and feeling the 'wave-function' nature of Solar Consciousness …seeing beyond form …and into Eternity and Infinity evolving within the many Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. This is the ultimate meaning of an open heart and clear mind …to see, feel and know a Divine Presence within the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM!

As an example, an Ascended Master is a Forcefield, in which there is a moving, flowing matrix of Perfection Patterns of Sacred Fire, all in their 'wave-function'. This Presence is more felt than physically seen and better perceived within the Nature of Holy Spirit and Divine Mind. This Forcefield is then assimilated into our Electronic Divine Nature, rather than just observed …and in turn we are (I AM) absorbed and assimilated into its Presence. This is the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of embodied Solar Consciousness.

It is in this fashion at Higher Frequency we might ‘see’ the Angels and Devic Spirits that abide in our auras, in our daily lives and especially within Nature. They allow a certain level of form to be appreciated by Humanity, so that they are recognized as a Presence. But again, we are experiencing a 'wave-function' Forcefield, understood as ‘the Presence of an Angelic or Devic Being’. So now we practice seeing with our Heart Flame and using our Third Eye …as to how we appreciate the Spiritual Agency of such 'wave-function' Beings and their activities that engage Humanity.

When the student is ready, the Master appears. Forcefields present themselves to us, so that we may truly ‘see’ with our Divine Instrument, feel their Electronic Presence within our atomic presence and in total, feel completely at one with their Sacred Fire. These experiences anchor within us, deep into every cell, atom and electron of our atomic matter. Yet their 'wave-function' also expands its Sphere of Influence out to the entire Solar System and Galaxy in ever-expanding Circles of Light! These Forcefields affect the entire fabric of our Being …as well as the entire fabric of the Universe. This is seeing, feeling and being Present in Solar Consciousness!

Imagine greeting the Silent Watchers who attend the many Power Points within Nature and the Elemental Kingdom, as we spiritually enter their Domain. They serve the Crystal Grid System of our sweet Earth. Their combined service is to bring 'wave-function' Perfection Patterns found in the blueprints of the Divine Plan, into 'particle-function' manifestation …all in support of Humanity’s Ascension Process on Earth. Contemplate this. Let us understand that we experience such visitation with all of our being …physically, etherically, mentally and emotionally. We feel enveloped by their Presence …and that its Electronic Light flows into and through us, even as we flow into and through its Presence. This same experience may occur with any sojourn into Nature.

This is the Joy of seeing ‘the great beyond’, that which functions beyond self, time and space. It brings us to the Buddha’s Heart Sutra …“gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond; Oh what an awakening; all Hail”. Here we enter the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light …which is one of the gifts of ‘seeing’ the formless nature of 'wave-function' Perfection Patterns. Here we become immersed in a multi-dimensional experience, which our embodied Creative Faculties may participate in. It transforms our view of reality. And with practice, this leads to a peaceful tranquility of embodied life, while abiding in Solar Consciousness!

The training of our Temple is to see well beyond our physical sight, using all Seven Chakra Suns. Let us begin this training with seeing into and through our Third Eye. Let us visualize our Emerald Green Chakra upon the forehead. This is the center of the Crown of the Elohim …with the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim blazing brightly across our Cosmic Vista. Such Crystal Vision is the key to ‘seeing the great beyond’ …seeing through all Seven Chakra Suns ...all Seven Rays piercing into the Vista of Solar Consciousness. I AM the Crown of the Elohim!

From this vantage point we then graduate into Seeing with our Divine Mind. For this we graduate from the Third Eye up to the Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra …fulfilling the ‘Sun of God Illumination’ …seeing all the Glory of Divine Existence and Reality. And with practice, this discipline brings the meditation into a ‘lived experience’ …as tangible as anything in daily life.

Next, we focus on our Heart Chakra and ‘see’ with the Heart Flame. Then our lived experience is filled with Divine Emotion …a transcendent Divine Love beyond words to describe.  This level of Celestial Love is the Home of the Angels and Cosmic Beings of Great Virtue. Such is our Home …both before and after the experience of embodiment. It is ours into Eternity and Infinity! It has only been embodied life on Earth that has separated itself from this Higher Frequency Reality. And now we enter the New Age when this separation will cease, and Oneness Consciousness is restored.

Then with our Blue Power Chakra (at the throat), we may use the Voice of the Great I AM and affirm with Love the Co-creation of Perfection Patterns with which we desire to bless the world. And in total, this is the Heart, Throat, Head and Hands in action. And sustaining this is the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, aligning all of our Elemental makeup with our developing Solar Consciousness.

Visualization: Breathing deeply and rhythmically, let us affirm: I AM the electronic 'wave-function' Solar Spine anchoring now in my atomic, 'particle-function' physical spine. I AM the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity in an electronic Forcefield, as the Rod of Power of my Solar Christ Self.  The base foundation of my spine begins with my Ascension Chakra …symbolic of an opportunity to Ascend from the dense world of form.  I stand at the Initiation of my Ascension into embodied Solar Consciousness. The base of my spine also includes my Violet Fire Chakra …as I AM the Multi-dimensional seed of embodied Solar Consciousness within the Cosmic Violet Fire! The base of my spine is finalized by the Peace Chakra at the Solar Plexus …bringing my ‘atomic presence’ in the world into Peace Divine. These Three Chakras become my Eternal Sun of Even Pressure!

This produces an embodied Serenity… the lived experience of Solar Consciousness within the world of form …a gift of Alpha and Omega given to Beloved Saint Germain as part of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom! See, feel and deeply accept this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure as an embodied Celestial Peace, the Tranquility of gently flowing along our Ascension Process.

Then we visualize the Sun of Holy Spirit, the Heart Flame of Immortality …expanding the Flame’s Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love …expressing itself as the Voice of the Great I AM! This brings supreme spiritual confidence! This Voice expresses as our Higher Frequency thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. The certainty of this confidence comes from the Holy Triumvirate …with the experience of Governing one’s Energy, Vibration and Consciousness (the First Ray) …governing with God Intelligence (the Second Ray) and thus expressing only Divine Love (the Third Ray). Together this composes the Three-fold Flame …the essence of God in Action on any Dimension of Existence.

Then comes the two upper Chakras forming the Sun of God Illumination. With the opening of this Sun, we have the Vision of the Third Eye, seeing life as an Indivisible Flowing Wholeness unfolding before us …establishing a calm understanding and Celestial Wisdom that defines our Ascended Mastery. All Seven Chakras fulfill their Divine Potential, blending into each other as an Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of embodied Solar Consciousness!

Each of the Three Suns of the Solar Spine has a Maltese Cross Activity, each with Four Quadrants. This creates the Twelve Houses of the Sun, anchoring the Twelve Aspects of Deity. And our complete Infinite Circle of Light encompassing all Three Suns thus has its Twelve Coordinates representing the Twelve Houses of the Sun!  This Infinite Sphere of Light is centered along our Solar Spine …as the Alpha and Omega (Rod and Sphere) defining the Solar Christ Self. This Activity exists only in its Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. It is the Crystal Vision of embodied Solar Consciousness along an embodied Solar Spine. Let us continuously ‘see’ this together …standing in the Light!

I AM within your Crown of the Elohim …see and feel me there!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ANGEL OF RESTORATION …an Angelic Presence / Forcefield / Frequency from the Central Sun, assisting the Restoration of the Original Divine Plan of Earth and Humanity …one of the Angelic Cosmic Protectors of this Systems of Worlds.

Beloved Ones …I AM Present here and now to Restore the Realm of Cause within the Consciousness of Humanity. This is the Age of Restoration …Ascending from the ‘age of ego’ into the ‘Age of God embodied in action’! This is the Resurrection and the Life, acted out upon the global, multi-dimensional stage of Humanity’s Ascension Process. God in Action is at the level of Cause! Humanity was evolved on Earth to reproduce the Realm of Cause within form.

Affirm with me: I AM a Being of Cause! I dwell in the Realm of Cause. I AM detached from the world of effects.  I smile at the effects I feel aligned with …and I send the Sacred Fire to the effects I see are out of balance and alignment with Divine Potential.  Abiding in the Realm of Cause, I discover that all Love, Wisdom and Power begins here. I know that a life lived here is one of Tranquility and Peace …as these are the felt, lived completion of the Divine Potential. I continuously experience this completion, even at its beginning. This is the Holiness of abiding within my Eternal Flame …and within the Great Solar Quiet of its Infinite Radiant Light. This is Divine Life restored!

Children of the Light …as we become ever-more ‘God in Action’ within our multi-dimensional Divine Instrument, then the Love, Wisdom and Power surging through us also becomes greater. This is becoming ‘a Being of Greater Light’. The Original Intent was for Humanity to follow the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love from her indwelling Three-fold Flame. The source of feeling ‘Exalted in Divinity’ was this original lived experience of all Perfection Patterns pouring though us. From this arose a daily life of Joy, Happiness and Tranquility of these Perfection Patterns, manifesting along all Seven Rays …in, through and around us.

Such was the lived experience of the first three Root Races.  Such Truth has been relegated to mythology but was ‘as real’ as daily life today.  Since the ‘great fall’, the ‘world of effects’ has become the inversion of what was the Original Intent of God’s Will.  It is an illusion …as ‘only Truth is permanent and all else is temporary’. Angels understand this illusion is powerful, when ego-vision is so restricted, and one cannot see past it.  But in the practice of becoming the True Identity of the Divine Instrument, then the Vista of Truth unfolds.  Angels are present upon your Invocation, to draw close with their Radiation of Divine Virtue, so that Humanity may firmly grasp this ‘lived experience’ of embodied Solar Consciousness.

The Angels’ relationship with the Elemental Kingdom was intended to set Cause into action. The Elemental Kingdom would manifest such effects, according to the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness setting ‘the tone of creation’ (“in the beginning was the Word, the Sacred Tone”). Humanity is the conduit through which the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals coexist …the Divine Alchemy necessary to evolve the Divine Plan. Humanity is unique, having both an Angelic Nature and Elemental Nature.

Humanity is to now understand and see with Crystal Vision, affirming:  My Eternal Flame is a Flame of Cause, and its Infinite Radiant Light is to set the Sacred Tone of this Flame flowing within and through the Elemental Kingdom. The Sacred Tone / Vibration / Frequency of the Waves of Light sent forth are filled with Angelic Virtue, aimed at fulfilling the Divine Potential of that aspect of Co-creation. This same principle is in play whether the creation is on a microscopic level …or, at the level of Solar Systems being born within Galaxies.  Daily life on Earth was simply to be the Universe expressing itself in the world of form, through Humanity!

God alone is Great and only unto the Source of all Greatness does all Glory belong.  Hence, we affirm: “I AM a Being of very Great Light”! This confirms that it is the Light that is the Glory of God …and we who send it forth are but its Divine Instrument, in the action of Co-creation.  Centering oneself ‘in Cause’ is the greatest sense of Freedom, especially the Higher Frequencies of Spiritual Freedom. Abiding in the Realm of Cause, we have a powerful ‘felt sense’ of ‘in the flow’ of Universal I AM’ …enfolded within its Indivisible Flowing Wholeness …while also knowing the vivid experience of becoming a Light Commanding Presence within that Oneness, sending forth Cause with clear purpose of Service to Life.

Such a Divine Instrument is the Co-creation of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom! Think of it!  Clearing ‘the Way’ in Cause allows the Infinite Radiant Light of our Eternal Flame to restore the Divine Plan! Whenever in Light Service one feels the weight of imbalance yet appearing upon the screen of life, remember our purpose …to transform this imbalance from within the Realm of Cause …from whence all ‘effects’ come. Constantly affirm: I AM restoring the Age of God in action …here, there and everywhere present!

This is the Age of Restoration …when the Original Intent of Humanity comes again to the fore, within the Creative Faculties of Humanity …as to where she chooses to place her attention in daily life.  Once attention is removed from ego sources and placed upon the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light …then the Perfection Patterns within the Realm of Cause pour forth freely, uninterrupted, restoring Divine Potential!

This Truth is both Spiritual Mysticism and Scientific Principle. Within the Realm of Cause there is no differentiation between the two ...simply the Co-creation of Universal I AM expressing on all levels of existence, across micro and macro levels of creation. Humanity was endowed an Angelic Nature even as they were endowed an Elemental Nature. This Angelic Nature is the Protection and Amplification of the virtues of Father / Mother God. Each one in Humanity was to do this for their personal universe of persons, places, conditions and things, while those of us who serve in the Sun and Central Sun do so for Galaxies and Solar Systems.

I AM an Angel. Angels themselves affirm: I AM empty of self and One with ‘the Way’ the Way is filled with Virtue! This is our Service …to Protect and Amplify the Virtues of Father / Mother God. Humanity is now to restore her ability to do the same, from within her Elemental vehicles, carrying the Eternal Flame within the world of form. This is Humanity’s Divine Plan, amplifying Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and all the Virtues of Divine Love. This is what we come to restore in this Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom …to abide within the endless Divine Potentials of Love in Action!


[1] In the multi-dimensional universe beyond time and space, there is no longer the limited dimensions of up and down, or left and right, but only Indivisible Flowing Wholeness.

[2] The world Elemental derives from ‘El’ meaning God …‘e’ meaning of …and ‘mental’, meaning mind. Elementals are the expressed Mind of God.