September, 2020


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:


The One Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence
Piercing into the world of form

The Three-fold Flame of Immortality
which becomes

The Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim
and the Seven Chakra Suns
which becomes

The Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity
The Twelve Houses of the Sun
which becomes

The vast interconnectedness of Universal I AM,
within me …and through me into the world!



(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Celestial Awareness
and the Spiritual Acceptance of my Divine Potential!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Celestial Awareness
and the Spiritual Acceptance of my Divine Potential!


I AM the Electronic Ray of Light from the
Mighty I AM Presence, aware of itself on Earth!
I AM the Flame of Immortality, aware of itself on Earth.
I AM the Seven-fold Flame of Elohimic Precipitation
aware of itself within co-creation on Earth!
I AM the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity,
the Sun …aware of itself on Earth!

I AM empty of self, time and space.
At this level of Eternal Flame
and its Infinite Radiant Light, I AM
an expansive interconnectedness with all
cells, atoms and electrons of my Body Elemental,
as well as with all Angels, Elementals and Humanity.

I AM the Cosmic Flame of Acceptance of my Divine Instrument!
I AM the Celestial Awareness of my Divine Potential! 




Beloved Ones: in summary, the Divine Plan of Humanity was evolving perfectly until the 'great fall' when the laggards came to be accepted into Humanity, so as to evolve their Divine Plan interwoven with Humanity’s.  Such was the hope of this great sacrifice. However, as we all know, we have been recovering from the resultant 'great fall' ever since. And as we approach the Great Cosmic Inbreath and the absolute requirement to progress into the Next Life Wave Coming …it becomes clearer with each day what ‘laggard energy’ is …and how different it is from the incoming Seventh Ray / Feminine Ray Energies of circularity; justice, equality and inclusivity practiced through Ceremoniously Rhythmic Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.

We see ‘laggard energy’ all around us, personally and globally. But we remained detached, for it is important that we maintain our Light Service from the Higher Frequency Realms of Cause.  We sustain the Divine Instrument of our Eternal Flame and Infinite Radiant Light through our daily practice of ‘empty of self, time and space’. It is important that we see only Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …rather than seeing the conditions and things that manifest on an ego level. For only then can we fulfill our role as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire embodied …to raise up all energies requiring redemption and restoration from within the realms of daily life.  This is our vow of embodied Light Service.

In our training as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire, we learn to keep a Cosmic Perspective on affairs and the ‘much larger picture’ of our Cosmic Light Service with the Spiritual Hierarchy.  This is sometimes called our Crystal Vision …or, our perception of Truth from a Cosmic perspective.  It has been said that everyone has their own perspective of truth, which is correct, given free will. But one’s Ascension Path through many embodiments is determined by the correct choices of ‘seeing truth’ through the Highest Frequency lens.  This is the basis of Ascended and Free Teachings …seeing a Truth that prospers our individual Ascension Path, as well as serving the greater cause of Earth’s redemption and her Ascension, with Humanity, into the Family of Ascended Planets.

In taking such a Cosmic Perspective, let us envision the Transmission of the Flame. This is a Divine Ceremony capturing our Cosmic Momentum of vast interconnectedness …our Oneness with Universal I AM. The Eternal Flame within us (or any Being or Cosmic Focus) innately desires connection or unity with every other Eternal Flame …along any Ray of Service. This means our Eternal Flame has its lineage of goodness within this vast interconnectedness …whose Cosmic Momentum is stored in our own Causal Body.  And from there it is accessible and may then enter the world of form!

Just as the Transmission of the Flame has been visualized between Ascended Master Temples …so it is also between the Eternal Flame upon the Altar of every human heart! There the Permanent Atom blazes at the Core of Light within Humanity …the Flame Room of each of us.  Therefore, the I AM Race is a complex Multi-dimensional Matrix of every Eternal Flame within Humanity …in constant Holy Communion with every other Eternal Flame within Humanity …all at the core of our True Identity.

Here we pause and reflect on the Cosmic Flame of Acceptance and Celestial Awareness of our Divine Potential.  Imagine the Celestial Power of seeing, feeling and deeply accepting that every other Solar Christ Flame pours its Love, Wisdom and Power through our own! This is a whole other level of vision, acceptance and awareness of Oneness Consciousness of our Divine Potential …together, standing in the Light!  Imagine the Infinite Radiant Light of billions of Eternal Flame’s composing the I AM Race.  The Spiritual Hierarchy exists in this Oneness Consciousness and they are the Divine Blueprint for Ascended and Free Humanity!  Nature reveals this. When a child bonds to its beloved parent, there are ‘millions of information packets’ passing along that ‘invisible cord’ of attachment, allowing the parent to organize the child’s mind in a healthy fashion. So likewise, the Spiritual Hierarchy organizes our mind through the attuned Transmission of limitless Higher Frequencies.

And now the same process occurs as the Gathering of Ascended Humanity emerges into Humanity. As we maintain Oneness Consciousness, there are endless Perfection Patterns of Divine Intelligence continuously passing between each one …from the level of hearts and minds, all now empowered from the Higher Frequencies of their Mighty God Presence.  Here we feel connected to each one in their True Identity …with each Eternal Flame influencing the other …together, standing in the Light!

This is Divine Alchemy! We are all aware of how the current pandemic has brought Humanity closer together in a common experience.  Now it is our intent to raise this ‘togetherness’ from a ‘biological and cultural event’ closer to a spiritual epiphany …towards the Buddhic Consciousness of expansive connectedness …as well as the endless inter-connectedness of all life.  This is an Inner Awakening …as in Gautama Buddha’s Heart Sutra: “gone, gone, gone beyond ...gone altogether beyond!  Oh, what an awakening ...All Hail!” And we have the direct assistance of Lord Gautama in this endeavor …as it is the responsibility of the Lord of the World to balance Humanity’s karmic debt in such a way as to also propel her Ascension forward into the Great Cosmic Inbreath!  Let us affirm our gratitude: All Hail Lord Gautama!

And all the Cosmic Forcefields aligned with and pouring through the Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform are formulated to produce such a spiritual epiphany …if invoked rhythmically. There needs to be a constant Cosmic Momentum, acting to balance the lower forces of laggard energy.  To become permanent, such a Cosmic Momentum must arise from within Humanity! This is one of the Foundations of this New Age …that Humanity produces the necessary Transformational Events in Consciousness herself …with the assistance of the Spiritual Hierarchy …but not entirely from the Spiritual Hierarchy!

Previous Golden Ages were a ‘gift from the Gods’ …and hence the mythology of how ‘the God’s intervened’ in human affairs. Every previous New Age came forth through the tangible, physical Presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy. And even with thorough preparation of Humanity, such a gift could not be maintained by Humanity herself. So here we are at a unique onset of a New Age …even by Earth’s standards.  If Humanity bears more responsibility, then she may bear more suffering, until she understands and practices the Law of Sacred Fire …to transmute karma before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained!  This is the crossroads Humanity is at! And in this regard, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity acts for Humanity …until she can fully act on her own.

And here we arrive at the foot of the World Teacher, Beloved Kuthumi. It is his office within the Spiritual Hierarchy that guides our anonymous Light Service on behalf of Humanity. He formulates the fulfillment of Cosmic Law and the need for Humanity to do her part.  Then, we teach Humanity at Inner Levels to understand and practice becoming Divine Directors of Sacred Fire.  We teach like we have been taught by the Ascended Masters …expanding and projecting our Ascended and Free Consciousness into mass consciousness!  Like the Spiritual Hierarchy before us, in our True Identity as a Divine Instrument, we become the unseen Forcefields that influence the outcome of daily life events. This is our Transmission of the Flame to all Humanity …our vast interconnectedness with all life on Earth!

And with this Transmission, the basic core consciousness of daily life is ascending in Energy, and Vibration …even though the ‘world of illusion’ yet seems evident.  But with Sacred Fire application and the Transformational Events in Consciousness continuing, laggard energies will soon etherealize into the Cosmic Violet Fire!  And we then stand together in the Light of Ascended and Free Humanity on her Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit!

Beloved Ones, be of ‘good Faith’ in this endeavor!



Beloved Ones, please allow a Feminine Ray perspective on current state of Humanity’s consciousness.  Beloved Saint Germain has said you may see a separation of Humanity into those desiring a rebalancing of daily life towards a New Age based ever more on Feminine Ray Principles …and, those who prefer to stay in an unbalanced Masculine Ray, expressing ego dominance.  And I think it is clear on the outer screen the divide between the two directions people are choosing. And seeing how stubborn the laggard energy is can be disheartening.

But I offer a different view based on the physics of the Feminine Ray …without the restrictions of self (little mind), time and space.  Rather than a divided Humanity consider that there are two planets co-existing in the same time and space until one of those Ascends free of time and space …and the other remains within time and space.  This is another way of envisioning the Ascended Master Teachings that Earth will Ascend with her I AM Race …and, those who choose not to come along that Path, will evolve on a different planet along a lower frequency arc of development.  As the Light Servers ever-more abide beyond ‘time and space limits’, then you too will see this …and be at Peace.

We still may see both planets in a detached fashion …‘observing’ the Beauty, Harmony and Balance of one planet, as well as the discord and imbalance of the other …seeing both realities from within the Great Golden Silence of your Eternal Flame. We choose to abide only on the Ascended Earth with her Ascended and Free Humanity …living life along the Seventh Ray / Feminine Ray principles …but we see both realities.  This is our daily practice.  And since we still see the ‘slower planet’, we also continue to invoke their Spiritual Freedom as well.  We have always desired that all Humanity join us, together, standing in the Light! There are many efforts of trying to create togetherness and inclusiveness within Humanity and our Light Service supports this.  This is where our Divine Invocation of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State …comes into play! This is accepting the Divine Potential of the Feminine Ray!

This Feminine Ray vision is akin to ‘parallel universes’ that science describes (most of which go unseen and undetected). But the imbalance of laggard and karmic energies …expressing to seek their own transmutation …is a parallel universe hiding in plain sight.  Just like when the laggards first came, we invite and invoke all various ‘evolutionary levels of consciousness’ to cross the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom …and join us on an Ascending Planet, renewing her Divine Plan.  But as was the original case, all have free will and will accept our invocation …or not!  We pray they all do and join us in Oneness Consciousness in our expansive interconnectedness of Ascended and Free Humanity with the Angels and Elementals.

We are witnessing the reality of free will and the choice by all embodied Humanity of ‘which Earth to continue to co-create’.  The outer mind is confused by the illusion of time and space. It may not fathom two planets abiding in the ‘same time and space continuum’.  But this is only an illusion of time / space restrictions …and once abiding in Solar Christ Consciousness, these barriers begin to fade and the reality of ‘lower frequency Earth’ and the ‘Ascended and Free Earth’ becomes clearas well as the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom between the two.

It has been said that the Earth will Ascend, and a new planet will be created for those who, by free will, choose not to go forward into Higher Frequency Ascension but rather stay with human ego … a slower journey towards Divine Potential.  Meanwhile we stay with our Peace …within the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Flame of Immortality. ‘Free will’ always takes its course but regardless, we now co-create a New Age of Spiritual Freedom …invoking all Humanity ‘who will listen and accept’ to abide here with us.  Affirm:

     I AM Ascended and Free, Together, standing in the Light!
Together, I AM the co-creation a New Age of Spiritual Freedom.
I AM the Cosmic Maltese Cross of Feminine Ray Energies restoring the
original all-embracing interconnectedness of Humanity …and with
the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals!

Think of it! Through our Light Service with the Angel of Restoration, we have returned to the position when the Earth first took on the laggards, restoring a Cosmic Moment in time! And Cosmic Law now allows those who desire to proceed into the Holy State of Ascended and Free Humanity on her Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit may now do so! Father / Mother God has decreed: for those who choose, the endless karmic loop is finished!

The Feminine Ray sees her Children only as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. Her Crystal Vision sees only limitless photons of Divine Energy containing limitless 'wave-function' Perfection Patterns of Divine Intelligence. This Light now streams into Humanity to solve the imbalance and separation of human ego! The Feminine Ray sees the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …for all! The Light Servers invoke all life to gather at their level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …and gather as Ascended and Free Humanity on Ascended and Free Earth! The Feminine Ray invokes all Humanity to stand together …standing in the Light!

Beloved Ones, I AM the Major Focus of the Feminine Ray for our sweet Earth. The Wisdom of the Feminine Ray has a long Cosmic Lineage.  Beloved Lady Vesta has long ‘vested’ this Cosmic Current of God Illumination with her Love, Wisdom and Power from within the Sun Temples.  Her Teachers (Beloved Lady Omega and Beloved Lady Elohae …the Central Sun and Great Central Sun) have cleared ‘the Way’ for her …and for us who flow in the River of Perfection Patterns created along the Feminine Ray.  This Divine River of Crystal Light was strong long before the concepts of time and space crept into Humanity with the coming of the laggards. Now is our chance to return to the Cosmic Flow of the Feminine Ray.


The Feminine Ray understanding of the Seven Chakra Suns mirrors the Cosmic Nature of ‘Inner Expansiveness and Vast Interconnectedness’.  Each Chakra is a Sun of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Together, standing in the Light of each Chakra’s Ray, they co-create our True Identity as a Sun of the Sun! Yet each Chakra has its own Realms of Inner Expansiveness and each Chakra shares the Vast Interconnectedness of Universal I AM.  Each Chakra Sun may claim ‘I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light’! Unified and synchronized, they affirm ‘I AM together, standing in the Light’! This is the Ascended and Free Victory Statement now embodied through us. This is our Seven-fold Christ Self opening to become its Twelve-fold Solar Christ Being!

Let us visualize our River of Kundalini Fire, our Seven Chakra Suns …as would Father / Mother God:

As a Sun of the Sun, I AM the
Seven Ascended Planets of Helios and Vesta!

As a Sun of the Sun, I AM the
Seven Solar Systems of Alpha and Omega!

As a Sun of the Sun, I AM the
Seven Spiraling Galaxies of Elohae and Eloha!

I AM the Vast Interconnectedness of my Cosmic Consciousness,
embodied now in daily Light Service.
I AM this Sun of the Sun!

Dearest Light Servers, meditation within the Flame of the Feminine Ray will bring Crystal Vision to our present Cosmic Moment …where past, present and future all collapse into One Moment.  This Vision is ‘standing forth Ascended and Free’! In Solar Christ Consciousness, we abide here eternally.  For Light Servers, every aspect, event or memory of this current embodiment, as well as all previous and even future embodiments …as well as all experiences between embodiments (in the Realms of Light) …all enter this Eternal Moment of Now!  It is all within our Causal Body.  It is in this Higher Frequency Consciousness that we may be at Peace with the current Transformational Events in Consciousness and see them from a Cosmic Perspective of the Feminine Ray.

On one level it has ‘already all happened’ and we live eternally on Ascended and Free Earth, within the I AM Race. On another level it is just now beginning …or it is mid-stream and we have spent the better part of an entire embodiment serving this Cause.  It is our free will as to which level we view these Transformational Events in Consciousness. We create our own reality through setting the frequency of our Vision and our Consciousness.  What we think and feel, we bring into form, is just as true within our own mind!

You are all Children of the Feminine Ray! And I AM with you always!



Beloved Ones, I come representing the Divine Intent of Father / Mother God at this Cosmic Moment …especially during these Transformational Events in Consciousness.

All of our Cosmic Momentum of preparation for this Cosmic Moment is within our Causal Body.  This Ascended and Free Vehicle is our full individual Cosmic Forcefield, representing our Divine Intent from every decision we have ever made on any dimension to serve the Light!  And it is all accessible now through attuned meditation. This Cosmic Momentum is our gift to Universal I AM …including this lovely world of form on our sweet Earth. Our Causal Body is our own individual Cosmic Lineage of Light Service …since first born from the Flame of Immortality of Father / Mother God.  Meditate on that Reality …and feel your Spiritual Freedom and its innate Multi-dimensional God Illumination.  Feel the Alpha and Omega of your Being, it’s Eternity and Infinity …and that you bring this full Cosmic Momentum into our present unified Light Service.  Beloved Jesus and many other Avatars of the Cosmic Christ have proven that one individual attuned with their Causal Body Momentum can change the course of history! Imagine then a Group Avatar of thousands of Causal Body Momentums working in expansive interconnectedness within a Cosmic Matrix designed to function within daily life.  This is the Gathering of Ascended Humanity …and its Divine ‘Design and Intent’!

Our Causal Body is like a womb that offers ‘gestation’ to Perfection Patterns that come from ‘on High’ …so they may germinate and reach full anchorage and blossom within daily life. Our Causal Body is our Higher Frequency Reality beyond time and space. Meditating on its Spheres of Light, takes us to this Realm of Co-creation where the Elohim abide!  We may leave the imbalance of daily life and through projected Consciousness, abide in our Causal Body. This is where we experience the Eternity of the ‘I’ in ‘I AM’ …as well as the Infinity of the ‘AM’ (OM) of ‘I AM’.  Here we know the ‘Alpha and Omega of our Eternal Being’ …and may then express this True Identity and its Divine Potential in the world of form!

Affirm and Visualize: I AM my Causal Body; the Cosmic Aura of my Mighty I AM Presence and White Fire Being.  Here I AM the Realms of Light of the Sun. Here, I AM the Cosmic Expansiveness of Alpha and Omega. Here I AM the vast Forcefield of Universal I AM. I AM its infinite interconnectedness, expressing its Oneness Consciousness …of all things within me, as well as with all life around me.  Here, I AM a Sun of the Sun …and like any Sun, I AM Radiating a Life Force that sustains a Higher Frequency life form …the Solar Christ Self of all Humanity …the I AM Race!   And SO IT IS!

Dear Ones; From within the Spheres of Light of my Causal Body, I AM radiating my Elohimic Life Force into all Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom!  With my Causal Body, the Alpha and Omega of my Being is both the Eternal Flame (the I or Alpha of my Being) as well as the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light, the Omega or OM (AM) of my Being.  The Creative Sacred Word ‘I AM’ then carries all the Cosmic Momentum within the Spheres of Light of my Causal Body …from my eons of Light Service over the Eternity of my Celestial Being …from ‘before even this world was’. This is the Alpha and Omega of my being and this my Enlightenment along the Feminine Ray!  This I offer to the Gathering of Ascended Humanity!

When in meditation with the Causal Body, one may be in the Seven Spheres of Light of planetary Christ Perfection …or the Twelve -fold Spheres of Light of Solar Christ Perfection found in the Sun and Central Sun. Imagine what you may invoke through such Solar Consciousness, utilizing the synchronized, united Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity. Taken together, these Twelve Aspects represent Solar Consciousness!  Now is our opportunity to anchor such Perfection Patterns from levels far beyond human comprehension directly into daily life. Such Higher Frequency God Illumination needs Invocation into Humanity, which is the Light Service of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity. Through you it may then find the most fertile individual Consciousness’s from every corner of the world, in which to flower into practical assistance for Humanity.

Let us reflect upon our Light Service along the Feminine Ray …as well as the progression of Humanity into this Seventh Ray / Feminine Ray New Age. When there is a completion and then a new beginning, there is a ‘moment of stillness’ (between the Inbreath / Outbreath) when there is unprecedented opportunity to fill this Great Silence with all the Seven Rays of the Cosmic Christ.  And now we do so with each of the Seven Rays …emphasizing the Feminine Ray and Seventh Ray Aspect of each Major Ray. Contemplate this!

The history of Major Cycles and transitions of the Ages on Earth have always included the completion of an Age, when the ‘old normal’ shuts down.  Initially, there is a feeling of a void.  This void may create distress. But our Light Service may then fill the void with the Flame of Immortality and its endless Perfection Patterns. This leads to an increased joyful awareness within our Light Service.  Humanity is awaiting her ‘new normal’ …knowing more transformation is coming.  They of course look to the outer world and what it may look like. But the Flame of Immortality now seeks its opportunity to assert a ‘new inner, Spiritual Normal’ at a Higher Frequency.  And this defines our current Light Service.

We have affirmed that I AM empty of self, time and space …and further, raising Humanity with us into this Higher Frequency.  But with Transformational Events in Consciousness, Humanity may begin to feel ‘empty of ego’ and some may rush to ‘refill that empty feeling with ego’ …just because it is familiar.  But our Light Service is steadfast …a Celestial Faith in the face of such illusion …and thus we fill this ‘inner emptiness’ with Cosmic Forcefields of this Solar Year …as well as the Cosmic Momentum of own our Causal Body!

Therefore, our Light Service is to fill that ‘waiting for new normal’ and sustain a sense of Divine Peace about current Transformational Events in Consciousness.

I AM the Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year.
I AM my True Identity as Eternal Flame.
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM filling the void of Humanity’s emptiness! (X3)
With all the Love, Wisdom and Power of Sacred Fire!

As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me! (X3)


Beloved Ones, Humanity is at a crossroads. As she becomes empty of self …empty of condemnation, criticism and judgment; empty of anger, fear, loathing …then she is left with a free will choice to return to that familiar lower frequency …or, turn to the Light and accept the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!  Our Light Service is to magnetically attract Humanity towards the Inner expansiveness and the vast interconnectedness of the Divine Self. With such assistance, their own Causal Momentum of Divine Origin will then engage, further magnetizing them towards the Light! We are here to clear the way for that Victory!

In doing so, let us expand and project the Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform of this Solar Year as an Activity of the Outbreath here on Earth. We have already dedicated Light Service to Inbreathing and Focusing this Cosmic Forcefield with every breath, every heartbeat, every ‘Eternal Moment of Now’ in meditation.  We are here to fill Humanity with a Cosmic Momentum to finally undo the karmic history of Humanity. But now we direct our attention specifically to the Outbreath …the Expansion and Projection of this Forcefield into daily life. To do so, let us delve further into the Great Creative Word I AM!  In training as a Divine Directors of Sacred Fire we stand within our own Eternal Flame, while directing any Ray of Sacred Fire and its co-creative Qualities of Perfection Patterns.  This is Elohimic Co-creation …as it began with the creation of Heaven and Earth …a Sacred Process you now carry into the world!

VISUALIZATION WITH THE ELOHIM: Breathing easily and rhythmically, I let go of self, time and space and I enter into True Identity.  Slowly and steadily I realize this Identity as becoming the ‘I’ in ‘I AM’. I stand forth as a ‘Golden Rod of Sunshine Flame’ …the Golden One …the Holy Christ Self!  Pause in this Reality!

Let us visualize ourselves as the Golden Flame of the Christed One, our True Identity as a God Illumined Being.  This Golden Flame represents the ‘I’ of I AM.   Then we see, feel and deeply accept a plumage of Flame on both sides of this central Flame …the ‘AM’ (OM) of I AM …the Harmony and Balance of the Feminine Ray of Divine Love and the Masculine Ray of Divine Power and Faith …completing the Immortal Three-fold Flame.  This is the Alpha and Omega of our Eternal Being!

We are free to transform this visualization, as is our free will! Imagine the Aura around the central Golden Flame could become completely Violet …where our True Identity stands forth as the Seventh Ray Solar Christ Self! This is still the ‘I’ and the ‘AM’ of our Being but in a different Light …for a different service. Or, the central Flame’s Aura could become a brilliant Emerald Green, where we serve the Cause of Truth and Crystal Vision.  We have almost infinite choice of how we desire to serve this New Age. Here we learn to Inbreath / Outbreath our choice of Light Service through Sacred Fire …practicing Transmission of the Flame into any person, place, condition or thing of our choice. This is our Divine Potential!

Here I discover also becoming the Holy Christ Self. Here I AM both the Eternal Flame …as well as its Multi-dimensional Infinite Radiant Light! It is as if the Quantum State ‘plumage’ around the central Flame were my Angel Wings …forming circles, spheres and spirals of multi-colored Light, instantly enfolding the entire globe and all life thereon.  Steadily I realize I AM both the Alpha and Omega of my True Identity …the ‘I’ as the central Rod of Divinity as God in Action …and the ‘OM’ of any of the various expressions / colors / qualities of Holy Spirit. In this meditation, I may always choose to complete this visualization as the Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power and thus present the Flame of Immortality and the very Presence of Alpha and Omega within daily life!

This visualization is how it was ‘in the Beginning’, is now, and ever shall be …world without end, Amen! As ‘Alpha and Omega’, I AM actively ‘God in Action’! Rather than waiting ‘for assistance from above’, I AM the active co-creative process beginning within Humanity …the Power of Invocation here and now … initiated in this ‘world of form’.   Let us ‘be Cause’ in the world …rather than awaiting effects.  Affirm ‘I AM the change I desire for the world’!

Our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light contains all the Perfection Patterns possibly desired …so that we may then express ‘Original Intention’ …the Solar Christ Self, a Majestic Being of Light, walking the Earth in an Eternal Life in the Light! Yet, let us also remember that as we reveal our Elohimic training, we sustain it with the Elohimic patience …that comes from Light Service within the Eternal Moment of Now! Patience in Light Service also comes from understanding that Humanity goes through stages of developmental transformation …from under-developed, immature beings in their early stages through to Majestic Beings of Great Light in their mature stages. This same developmental process occurs with the Angels, as well as the Elemental Kingdom of Nature[1]. Both the ‘I’ (individualized God Being) and the ‘AM’ (active Presence of Divinity) of our eventual Immaculate Concept goes through many stages of development.  The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is the final stage before the Ascension off the wheel of birth and death and into an Eternal Life in the Light!  We are here in Light Service to all the levels within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves …all of Nature and all of Humanity …in all of their stages. This is Elohimic patience in service to Father / Mother God!

Beloved Ones, the Elohim see the Gathering of Ascended Humanity from Celestial Realms as a Mighty Forcefield pushing up through the Gates of Heaven …opening Doors, Portals and Levels of Higher Consciousness …so that others may follow in this Light! You open the opportunity to enter these Realms of Cause for all Humanity.  This is the anonymous, unseen Light Service of Ascended and Free!

Meanwhile, our Spiritual Freedom rests in letting go of all the ego aspects of separation and divisiveness.[2]  When Ascended and Free Humanity feel and know a good and perfect thing, let us immediately affirm if for all other life! We serve in the Laws of Reciprocity:  As I AM raised up, so is all other life raised up with me! This Divine Law is also captured in our Victory Statement, as we affirm the Cohesive Power of Divine Love lifting all life into their Divine Potential …Humanity, Angels and Elementals Ascending together! We steadily become the I AM Race, …the Oneness Consciousness of every good and perfect thing manifesting equally through all Humanity, Angels and Elementals.



[1] Example: the butterfly Kingdom goes through five stages of transformation before the egg becomes the caterpillar, which becomes the chrysalis, which becomes the lovely butterfly. None of the early periods of development predict the wonderous and beautiful outcome waiting at the end of the transformation process! And so it is with Humanity!

[2] ‘Empty of space’ also includes the hidden dimensions of separation, represented by all the ‘isms’ …racism, nationalism, sexism, culturalism, ageism, dogma-ism, etc.  …any ‘ego concept’ that separates. And we fill all such schisms with the Light of Love.