September 2023

September, 2023


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:











(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Ascension Flame
of Mystic Union …through Holy Communion.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Ascension Flame
of Mystic Union …through Holy Communion.


I AM that I AM!

I AM Thy Cup, Thy Holy Grail!
I AM the One, the Eternal Flame.
And my Cup Runneth Over!

I AM the Ascension Process …the Coming
of Holy Spirit …through Holy Communion!

Holy Communion is between Chalices of Sacred Fire,
uniting in Mystic Union, unfolding in a Divine Ceremony.

I AM the Transmission of this continuous Holy Communion
from the Realm of Cause into outer manifestation.
This is the Ascension Process!

I AM the Transmission of the Flame that I AM!
I AM its Transmission into the world of form.

Even with all the clutter and noise of the outer world,
I yet abide in the Great Solar Quiet …of the
Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.
This is the Great, Great Silence
…of God in Action!

I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Peace.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Purity.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Power.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Vision.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Rhythm.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Wisdom.
I abide in this Light’s Great Solar Adoration.
I abide in this Light’s Great Spiritual Opulence!

In this Great, Golden Silence,
I AM  Mastering Energy, Vibration
and Consciousness in the physical realm.

I AM its Focus in this Universe, and I AM its
Divine Director here, in the world of form.

This Mastery expresses as the Eternal Flame.
I AM  the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light
…a Light Commanding Presence!

Here I AM Mastering the Light’s Energy, Matter and
Intelligence …anchoring its Quantum State Fluctuations,
Co-creating Limitless Physical Perfection.


I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.
I AM a limitless Gathering of such Foci of
Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!

I AM the Mystic Union of Chalices of Sacred Fire on
a global scale, as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!

I AM a Gathering of Divine Directors of Energy, Matter and
Intelligence, as together I AM abiding in the Great Solar
Quiet of the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light.

This is the Gathering of all Ascending Energy …
all Ascending Vibration …all Ascending Consciousness!

This is the Gathering of all the Goodness in the World!
I AM an Ascending Gathering, together, standing in the Light!





Dear Friends of Freedom’s Flame, let us begin with understanding the Power of God in Action in daily life. Let us begin at the origins of embodied life. It was Original Intent (God’s Will) that there be a constant Holy Communion between the embodied self and the Eternal Flame within …which in turn had direct Communion with Father / Mother God. Through this permanent Mystic Union with the Higher Frequency Realms, the Divine Potential of ‘the world of form’ would be made manifest. This is the Sacred Process of Life …termed the Ascension Process. The content of what proceeds into manifestation is the free will of the individual, but the process is unchanged. And until the ‘great fall’, it was always a manifestation of the Infinite Diversity of Divine Potential …an endless array of Higher Frequency Patterns of Limitless Physical Perfection. Heaven on Earth!

Such was the Divine Plan of the individual. But the Divine Plan of Humanity was also a Spiritual Matrix of Mystic Union …together, standing in the Light! The Divine Potential of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is the Holy Communion of Flame to FlameSacred Chalice to Sacred ChaliceDivine Presence to Divine Presence. This would produce an Indivisible Flowing Wholeness within Humanity …a perfect hologram of the workings of Universal I AM. For such is the Universal Expression of God in Action!

And further, there was to be a Mystic Union (or Sacred Process of Life) between all life everywhere present …regardless of the Dimension, Realm, Sphere of Reality in which an Eternal Flame or Divine Presence manifests within.  Hence the Divine Plan called for the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of all Angels, Elementals and Humanity, in all its diverse manifestations on Earth. The Restoration of this Reality is a foundational piece to the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

And beyond Earth, this Mystic Union included all Ascended and Free Beings within these Kingdom’s, no matter the Systems of Worlds they evolved within! This included Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Elohim, Great Devas and Silent Watchers …as well as the Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim from all Ascended Planets, their local Suns and their Central Suns. Imagine the limitlessness of such Holy Communion! Such an expanse of Solar Consciousness would come to individuals gradually, as they developed along their unique Ascension Path.

And so it began …that the 'particle-function world of form’ would have Holy Communion with every other Realm of Universal I AM. Here the embodied Eternal Flame, sheathed in flesh and having its Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, was to be in constant Holy Communion with that same Eternal Flame sheathed in the Electronic Vehicles of Light and Energy …the Mighty I AM Presence! They were always to be one and the same, so that Perfection Patterns of the Higher Frequency Realms may enter into the world of form uninterrupted, as Limitless Physical Perfection. This alone was God’s Will …Father / Mother God’s Love, Wisdom and Power unfolding through Humanity …into Eternity and Infinity.

And thus, in the beginning there was only One Commandment of Love: “Let there be Light!” …the Quantum State Energy, Matter and Intelligence of the Eternal Flame, directed into Co-creation. The ‘content’ of these Perfection Patterns was chosen by the free will of the individual Spirit Being embodying.  But the ‘process’ was always the same …permanent Mystic Union …constant Holy Communion …between the two Flames, each expressing in their own domain! And during the first three Root Races, this occurred perfectly …as Heaven on Earth …a powerful expression of constant Holy Communion …of a dense realm of existence, with the Divine!

Therefore, at a Great Cosmic Council, it was decided that this opportunity on Earth was the best possible situation for those on a different Chain of Planets who could not progress with their Race, as they had fallen in frequency into much more dense manifestation, than their Ascending Race. They required a slower rate of Energy, Matter and Intelligence to restore themselves to their Divine Potential …and eventually make their Ascension. The Great beings of Compassion saw that without such opportunity, the ‘second death’ might occur, where such souls might not ever find their Ascension back to Divine Potential.

But a perfect fit was found within the world of form on our sweet Earth, when the Fourth Root Race had begun its embodied journey perfectly, following the lead of its Great Manu, Lord Himalaya. And the ‘greatest sacrifice ever known in the Universe’ was given …where ‘Woman of the Flame’ would volunteer to bring such lowered frequency souls ‘through their bodies’ into Humanity, to allow them opportunity for the Ascension on Earth. This became the template for together, standing in the Lightno matter the sacrifice.  These ‘delayed souls’ were fostered into our Family of Humanity so that they may arise into their rightful domain as God in Action, and not be left to endlessly suffer in lesser states of being.

But instead of guiding these laggards toward their Ascension, curiosity took over, as to another form of relationship, instead of Mystic Union with Divine Presence. Unfortunately, this curiosity became a planetary contagion (and thus contagion is such a strong trigger for Humanity). With this, progress was stalled for all involved in the Fourth Root Race. And eventually the ‘great fall’ in Consciousness occurred …where listening to ‘ego’ usurped Mystic Union with the Divine. The ‘veil of maya’ dropped over Humanity’s consciousness, to the point of no longer believing that Holy Communion with Divinity was possible …or only for the few (the Avatars who embodied to give tangible evidence of such Mystic Union) …or, relegated to mythology. And the Fourth and Fifth Root Races have been stalled in these karmic loops ever since.

But back to Original Intent. Father/Mother God envisioned a ‘world of form’ where Perfection Patterns of every Divine Potential could manifest in the densest vibrations originally conceived of in this Solar System. And our Mighty I AM Presence had a free will choice as to whether or not to claim such an opportunity and project a Ray of its Light into this dense world of form …a unique opportunity found nowhere else in this Galaxy. The choice was to remain in the Causal Body Realms of Light around Father / Mother God …or take a new journey into the world of form. Such is the origin of our Soul journey on Earth.

Fast forward to this present moment of our Ascended and Free Light Service. Now … ‘I AM becoming a Divine Director of my own Eternal Flame’ and thus, ‘I AM grasping my Divine Plan and applying it to the Resurrection and the Life of my Sacred Process of Life. Now I AM again in Mystic Union, standing in the Ray of my Mighty I AM Presence. I AM both the Oversoul (Monad, Mighty I AM Presence) and the ‘embodied soul’ …the One who made this choice and the one actually taking the journey ‘in form’. And I can experience both simultaneously. This is my Ascended Mastery!’

As we genuinely experience living this Holy Communion, this Sacred Process of Life, then imagine the Divine Potential of our anonymous Power and Influence in daily life. Think of it. Every moment in the Realms of Light our Mighty I AM Presence is a Majestic Transmission of all that is right and perfect …sending Cosmic Rays of Divine Potential all across Universal I AM! And this same Sacred Process of Life is meant to be along its One Ray projected into the world of form …the embodied soul. And here I AM, the lived experience of this Divine Potential!

Let us visualize …that our bodies are simply the Chalice for the Flame of Immortality to gain entrance into the world of form. The Elemental Kingdom’s original agreement was to Build this Chalice …the Building of Divine Self …through which we would then be Builders of Divine Consciousness …and together, standing in the Light, Build an Eternal Life in the Light …Heaven on Earth!

Let us visualize…standing in the one Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence projected into the world of form …becoming only the Holy Communion with that Light …and thus becoming the Mighty I AM Presence functioning on Earth!Then we arrive at the Origin of our Soul Journey on Earth. Here we become our full Spiritual Agency, a Being of Cause (versus being a ‘victim of embodiment’). Let us see, feel and deeply accept becoming this projected a Ray of Light …feeling its entrance into the matrix of ‘form’ as an embodied Soul. Let us expand this Reality, affirm as the Soul taking this Journey, that here and now:

I AM the Mighty I AM Presence!
I AM its projected Ray of embodied Light.
My physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles
are simply the Chalice, the Holy Grail, for this Soul Journey.

I AM now my full Spiritual Agency
and my full Spiritual Liberty.

I AM its Majestic Power of Divinity,
I AM its Majestic Power of Holiness,
I AM its Majestic Power of Sacredness,
I AM its Power of the Presence of God,
just as the Mighty I AM Presence is in
Higher Frequency Realms of Light!

Oh, my Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, I AM Thy Cup
and I AM the Divine Light within that Chalice.

I AM the Holy Grail of the Original Intent of embodiment.
I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!

Such is the motto of the Great Light Brother/Sisterhood.
And I AM its representation / manifestation on Earth.

In every moment of daily life,
I AM abiding in the Great Solar Quiet
of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light:

I AM the Majestic Power of God in Action!
I AM the Power and the Presence of Sacred Fire.
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light expressed in Co-creation!

I AM the Holy Grail and my Cup runneth over
with the splendor and grandeur of its Light!


Beloved Ones, we serve from the Realms of Cause and at the level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Here we learn to become Ascended Masters in the direction of the Energy, Matter and Intelligence overflowing within our Light, adding to the Ascension Process of daily life. We abide in daily life even as we abide in the Great Solar Quiet. Here, I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed! We are here to bring Quantum State Fluctuations at the level of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …Quantum State Action that Transforms the World! We embody as our Eternal Flame, composed of the same Love, Wisdom and Power of Father / Mother God who ‘created Heaven and Earth …and all the elemental splendor therein’!

This is the same Cosmic Power with which great Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Desserts hold their Divine Majesty and Power. This same Cosmic Presence empowered all the great Movements or Causes that brought positive change to Humanity! Our Power lies in the Truth of our service from the Realms of Cause ...I AM a Being of Cause alone, that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone! Tone is the Voice of the Great I AM transforming the world. Functioning as a Being of Cause allows us to be free of expectations in the world of effects, and thus centered fully on the Cause of Creation …which eventually develops as ‘reality’ in the outer world. Such freedom from distraction of the outer world allows a Divine Power to flow through us unimpeded …and thus have its impact on the world.

We are simply an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. There will come a moment, when this planet has reached a sufficiently Higher Frequency, where our Cause of Spiritual Freedom then may fully manifests itself ‘as effects’ …in every aspect of daily life, along all the Seven Rays …living joyfully in a New Age of Spiritual Liberty! Imagine Humanity each standing fulfilled in their own Spiritual Agency. And for Light Servers, we may live there already …even as we continue to serve at its dawning, in establishing the Foundations of this New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

This is becoming a Divine Director of Sacred Fire …through the conscious control of the Creative Faculties of free will Beings in embodiment. This is our Power …the Supremacy of Sacredness, the Influence of Holiness and the Presence of Divinity …together creating an absolute Forcefield of Power! Let us have Faith, that in becoming the fullness of this ‘Power of True Identity’ will bring enlightenment to Humanity’s understanding of her Divine Origin and her True Purpose.

Science wonders what came before the ‘big bang’ ...the Great Cosmic Outbreath into manifestation, from the formless 'wave-function' Universe, into a universe of form. When in the Great Solar Quiet, we realize the Eternal Flame has no beginning and no end the Alpha and Omega of our Universe. This nature of Eternity and Infinity is hard to grasp within finite embodied Consciousness …but it now arises to realization with Humanity. And this is our opportunity through embodied Light Service, for this limitless Divine Nature to find anchorage. And here we are (here I AM!) as Humanity’s connection to this Nature of Eternity and Infinity …and our vast interconnectedness within Alpha and Omega ...with no beginning and no end of its Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. Let us relish this Grand Purpose, to begin each day abiding in this Cosmic Reality, within our own Divine Instrument.

The Gathering of Ascending Humanity is a planetary Holy Communion, with Chalices of Sacred Fire unfolding in a Divine Ceremony, each in Mystic Union with the others, all culminating in the Presence of the I AM Race on Earth.



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED LORD MICHAEL, Archangel of God’s Will, Power and …‘release from karmic entanglement’ through the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame Activity.

Beloved Children of the Light …I AM the Angel of Protection, with my Circle and Sword of Blue Flame Activity specifically cutting free Light Servers from all psychic and astral effluvia, all personal ego patterns and any spiritual pride. I also serve all Humanity, especially those caught in the psychic and astral realms, with my Legions of the Circle and Sword of Blue Flame. My purpose is to protect Humanity from that which has derailed her Divine Potential …and especially those in Light Service from being drawn off their chosen path. I AM here to Guide, Guard and Protect all those who give their best effort in the ongoing Spiritual Freedom of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom …in whatever field of endeavor they choose.

Some of you know that I have been here from the beginning …that when the First Root Race emerged through the veil from Realms of Light into embodied life …I was there to greet them! I said then that I would Guide, Guard and Protect their spiritual evolution and destiny …to become the embodied Christ and flourish as a Divine Civilization …to begin the I AM Race on Earth. And so it was! And likewise, I AM with you now…with the same promise to Guide, Guard and Protect your ‘Service to the Light’ until the Reality of the Seventh Ray is fully embodied …as the Solar Christ Self living in a Divine Civilization of flourishing Spiritual Freedom. I AM with you until the end …until the Divine Potential is achieved for all!

Let us visualize this Activity.  See, feel and deeply accept a Circle of Blue Lightening …within which is a Sword of piercing Blue Flame. First see and feel it around you , with your Presence as the Sword of Blue Light.  See it clearly …and feel its Majestic Power and Influence, one of great safety and protection.  Then see this same Circle and Sword of Blue Flame in front of you …in back of you …on both sides, as well as above and below you (pause).  Then see each of these Forcefields melding with the other, creating a Sphere of Divine Influence …the Ring Pass Not of Cosmic Christ Lightening! Direct it out to a great expanse around you, constantly protecting you and keeping you safe …so that you can focus wholly on your Ascended and Free Light Service. Know that I AM here with you, as this Protection Forcefield …so that you develop your own Spiritual Power and Agency …and eventually that of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, globally!

Beloved Ones, the ‘world of form’ is also the ‘world of creation’. When we affirm that our Light is the Light of the world, so too is it the Light of Creation. There are endless Realms of Creation! The ‘world of form’ is but one such world.  We are all Beings of Flame, anchoring Quantum State Energy, Vibration and Consciousness from the Sun of Father / Mother God. This Eternal Flame was designed to be a Force of Creation, continually radiating Energy, Matter and Intelligence. From it, we create those Perfection Patterns that we desire to bless the world with. For now, that world is the ‘world of form’ …but always the world of creation.

You are not a victim to creation  …rather you are a Force of Creation! This is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …and the First Ray Force I wish you to feel. Within your embodied vehicles, the Eternal Flame radiates its Energy, Matter and Intelligence as the flow of Vital Essence (Qi) through the meridian channels …reaching every organ system and eventually into every cell, molecule, atom and electron of your physical being. The Eternal Flame also regulates this flow on Energy, Matter and Intelligence on the etheric, mental and emotional levels of embodied function.

So rather than be ‘at the effect of other flows of energy’ from the environment around you, focus on the Power (of  Energy, Matter and Intelligence) that flows from the Flame of Immortality into your embodied daily life. This flow of Vital Essence is structured and organized and is meant to be governed by the Divine Self. Meditating on and intentionally directing the flow of Energy, Matter and Intelligence from the Eternal Flame is becoming a Force of Creation within yourself. This is becoming a Divine Director on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels of life. This is your embodied Mastery …and will bring the Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, and Strength and Stamina that is God’s Will for embodied life on Earth. Affirm:

I AM intentionally directing the flow of Energy, Matter and
Intelligence from the Eternal Flame into my body, through
which I now express as Youth and Beauty, Health
and Wellness, and Strength and Stamina!

I AM intentionally directing this flow of Energy, Matter and
Intelligence from the Eternal Flame into my etheric, mental and
emotional bodies, so that I may know the Causal Body
Momentums of all my Celestial Experiences
flowing through my daily life.

This Vital Essence pouring into my embodied self, carries the
Quantum State Fluctuations within Energy, Matter and Intelligence
necessary to embody the Seventh Ray Dispensation of
Spiritual Freedom into my body and daily life!

I AM a Force of Creation and the Divine Director
of the Vital Essence of my Eternal Flame
…within my Ascending embodied self!

As the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, I AM
all such global Fluctuations in Energy, Matter and
Intelligence in Humanity, and the Elemental Kingdom!

I AM all of this on the Higher Frequency Realms as
the Mighty I AM Presence …and now, I AM all
of this as the embodied Solar Christ Self!

I AM the Original Intent of the embodied I AM Race!

Beloved Ones, I desire you now experience this Celestial Power. This is your Spiritual Agency  and Spiritual Liberty …all pouring forth from within! See, feel and deeply accept this Power in becoming a Divine Director of your own Atomic Acceleration into Ascended Mastery! Feel the ‘Power of Gathering’ …of all such Quantum State Fluctuations within Humanity and within the vast array of Elemental Splendor …expanding it further through the Love, Wisdom and Power of your Eternal Flame.

Before the call comes, the answer is given. Long ago I assigned an Angel of Protection to your aura. They may draw as close as your vibration allows, in any given moment. They are with you to carry you across the difficult moments of disrupted life, so that you still may act from the Great Solar Quiet of your Eternal Flame …and not from ego.  The more you practice abiding in this Sea of Light in meditation and visualization, the closer this Angel can draw to you …and thus perform their duties of protecting you from ego-based mishaps. Such is our Service to Life!



I abide in the Great Solar Quiet of my Eternal Flame’s
Radiant Light …its Infinite Radiant Love, Infinite
Radiant Wisdom, and Infinite Radiant Power!
This is who I AM …and I AM that I AM!

Beloved Angels of the Presence embodied, let us abide in a Sanctuary of the Holiness of Beauty. This is a State you too may call Home …where every love song, every love poem and every love story, is actually a love prayer to our inner Beauty and Holiness …a love song to our Holy Christ Self. Our Eternal Flame contains all such love stories and songs …and magnetically draws us into our State of Beauty and Holiness, as we abide in its Infinite Radiant Light. Such is our Eternal Youth and Beauty, as the Presence of Light and Energy …our Eternal Love Song.

All Creation is innately filled with longing …leaving us with a strong desire to be in Mystic Union with this Original State of Beauty and Holiness. Once achieving this as the embodied Holy Christ Self, we then graduate to the Solar States of this Cosmic Beauty …as the Solar Christ Self.  Here we see the Cosmic Perspective of Beauty and Holiness …the awe and wonder of Universal I AM, and its vast interconnectedness of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. Such elevated States await Humanity …as she ascends from the lower ego states into her Divine Potential.

I AM the Spirit of Illumination, Intuition, Expectation and Acceptance. I have been known by many names through many millennia. I AM an Archangel, but I serve with the World Teacher and the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe …all representing the Second Ray of God Illumination and Wisdom from the Heart of Father / Mother God.  Just as the Third Ray of Divine Love fulfils its mission with the completion of the Hand of Holy Spirit, so too does the Second Ray seek its completion in restoring Humanity to her God Illumination …knowing herself as an I AM Race!

My Beloved Lord Jophiel and I came with all Seven Archangels at the beginning of Earth’s evolution, with the Great Lord Michael at the lead. From our Light Rays, the Seven Archangels collectively fabricate a Mystical Vanguard to guide, guard and direct the spiritual development of the Race  …as well as the Races on all the other planets of this Solar System. But Humanity is unique in her dense expression of 'particle-function' form. Thus, this protective etheric matrix is all the more important in reaching Humanity. For we as Archangels are assigned as the Teachers of Solar Consciousness to all the Races evolving under Helios and Vesta.

But before we can teach, we must reach …reach Humanity in her current reality. And this is where the embodied Gathering of Ascending Humanity is so vital to our Light Service. ‘Going forth to spread the Word’ is now done on a quantum level, though Transformational Events in Consciousness within Humanity, directed by Humanity! In the beginning, the Presence of the Angels was close to Humanity, as she more naturally fulfilled her Divine Plan. But after the veil of maya lowered around Humanity, the Angels had to draw withdraw, and yet leave open channels to make connection with Humanity. The Angels were always intended to teach Humanity what they learn in the control of Radiation and Energy. The Angels primarily learn such Spiritual Powers in the Temples of Lord Jophiel …as they graduate from the smallest of Angels, eventually becoming Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangels, and even greater Beings, who guide, guard and direct entire Systems of Worlds.

Thus, the Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubic Hosts desire to claim our place in teaching and assisting Humanity, guiding her into her Solar Consciousness. This means the Angles serving in our Cause attempt to get closer to Humanity and generate a direct connection. This is often done though a common affinity for Divine Virtues expressed through a serene feeling nature …on both ends of the connection (hence the meaning of ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth’).

On a global scale, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity may create a planetary Sphere of Influence, serving from within the Great Solar Quiet of the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. This is felt worldwide and allows the Angels to gather closer with all Humanity, and thus accelerate the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. As an Archangel, my Spirit of Illumination, Intuition, Expectation and Acceptance is a Forcefield I offer to fill the Great Solar Quiet  you generate on behalf of Humanity!

Let us affirm together: my expectation is that I abide in the Great Solar Quiet of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. I expect that all I do, think, say or feel comes only from that Light …beaming with the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of the Divine Potential of the persons, places, conditions and things I expand this Sphere of Influence into. All my Intuition and Creativity arise from this Flame and its Light. This expectation fulfills my Divine Potential as the Solar Christ Self. My Acceptance is that I AM the Light of God in action within and through me …inclusive now of all life Living Free in the Light!

Beloved Light Servers, I AM here to assist at the dawn of this Age just as I did with the Christian Dispensation.  With this in mind, let us also affirm: My intuition and expectancy is that of Beloved Ascended Master Jesus …that ‘I AM an expression of my Eternal Flame (points to his Heart Flame), as its Infinite Radiant Light’ …the Quantum State Fluctuations in Energy, Matter and Intelligence that produced Quantum State change …that appeared as ‘miracles’. And so shall it be with your Ministry now.

Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, I invoke your lived experience of
embodying the Eternal Flame and expressing its Infinite Radiant
Light within daily life …where I AM also empty of self and
One with the Way …of Father / Mother God within.

Just as Beloved Archangel Gabriel had ‘visitation’ with Beloved Mother Mary, I desire to have ‘visitation’ with Ascended and Free Light Service …to assist you with the lived experience of becoming the Christ in Action. Quantum State Fluctuations within the Energy, Matter and Intelligence fields of your Light produces the ‘miracles’ of Transformational Events in Consciousness …expressed as Energy, Matter and Intelligence creating  a Higher Frequency of daily life.

This is what it means to be the Miracle Working Presence …the Mighty I AM Presence in action in daily life.  This is the lived experience of Beloved Ascended Master Jesus when he too volunteered to embody the Eternal Flame …and allow the expression of its Infinite Radiant Light to bring about ‘miracles’. It may appear that ‘miracles’ then focused on phenomenon …but now we understand miracles to be the Transformational Events in Consciousness that awaken the world to her Divine Potential.

I AM the Spirit of Illumination, Intuition, Expectation and Acceptance!