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Dear gentle readers ...our Ascended and Free Light Service is part of a Lineage of Ascended Master Teachings spanning more than a century. This Lineage is reflected in our daily spiritual practice, in the Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light. This lineage includes (but is not limited to) Theosophy, the Alice Bailey Books with the Master DK, the I AM Activity, the Bridge to Freedom Activity and most recently Group Avatar. The main thrust of Ascended and Free Light Service is to learn our True Identity …ourselves as a Divine Instrument …so that we may co-create our own Ascension along our own Infinite Spiritual Path …and assist Humanity along her same Eternal Ascension Journey, as the I AM Race!


Ascended and Free is best described by its Victory Statement:

Ascended and Free,
Together, standing in the Light!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all life in her Ascended State!

Ascended and Free is a Forcefield of Divine Consciousness. Its foundation is a gathering of Light Beings currently embodied on Earth, remembering above all else our origins as Children of the Great I AM …born free in the Light and evolving eternally in the Love of Father/Mother God. In silently reclaiming our Ascended and Free Reality, we serve to support Humanity's return journey back to the Heart of God. The Light of God contains all the necessary Energy, Matter and Intelligence for full Victory of this Purpose. Thus the affirmation, "Together, standing in the Light" ...with all Humanity restored as a Gathering of Light Beings, transformed into the Truth of our Divine Instrument ...our True Identity as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light.

Ascended and Free provides a Sacred Template, an outline for individual and group Lightwork. By energizing and anchoring the Theme of each month, we unify into a global service. We create an Ascending Forcefield, lifting this Sweet Earth into her eternal Spiritual Freedom. We unite and align with the global Forcefield of 'all the goodness in the world' ...all of Humanity's goodness expressed as loving or kind thoughts, feelings, words and deeds ...as all are Ascending Energies! Our Light Service is in Invoking and Directing Sacred Fire (Invincible Forcefields of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness) and its Radiant Light (composed of Energy, Matter and Intelligence in the action of Co-creation) ...but always done within the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, that is the Unbroken Flowing Wholeness of the Universe. In doing so, we are already Home in the Heart of God.

We see the Divine Potential of all Humanity. We acknowledge each ones unique gift to the Divine Plan of the Whole, including each ones unique journey back to their Mighty God Presence. We understand the Law "as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me". We realize that if one of Humanity is suffering, so all Humanity suffers. Equally, if one of Humanity is living Ascended and Free, so is all Humanity living Ascended and Free. We simply dedicate our lives so that I AM the one living Ascended and Free! This unites us collectively at our Highest Divine Potential. And together, standing in this Light, we create the Forcefield that assists all others, in every possible way, into their own eternal Spiritual Freedom.