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The Gathering of Ascended Humanity occurs in Consciousness and “in the flesh.”  Our Conferences fulfill our covenant to gather, where we give collective service and receive the friendship/support of like-minded and like-hearted co-servers.  Given our international scope, we periodically host Conferences in different countries around the world.

Ascended and Free Conferences are in the form of a Retreat, always meditative and always attuned to Cosmic, Angelic and Elemental Forces.  They include group visualizations, music, ceremony and affirmations, all aimed at the greatest expansion and anchorage of Light.  The focus is on all humanity and the forward progress of the entire planet.  We work only with Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, utilizing the Power of the Sacred Fire.

Anyone aligned with our Purpose and embodying our Theme is welcome.  The nature of our Conferences mirrors the monthly Journal/web-presence, so the gentle reader will know if it is right for him/her to attend.  The only verification needed is from one’s own Great God Self.

2004 Salzburg, Austria.

2005 Monterey, California.

2006 Salta, Argentina.

2008 Niagara Falls, Canada.

2009 Monterrey, Mexico.

2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012 Hawaii, USA

2014 Puerto Rico

2015 Brazil

2017 Bolivia

2018 Mexico

2019 Brazil