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Foundations for an Age of Spiritual Freedom


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our Divine Origin, True Identity and the Plan of Creation.

A Primer of Ascended Master Teachings

for Ascended and Free Light Service



We dedicate this booklet to our collective responsibility in assisting the World Teacher …to hold before Humanity her Highest Potential her multi-dimensional Divine Presence.  It is vital that this occurs from within Humanity at the beginning of this New Age rather than ‘delivered from ‘on High’.  The World Teacher (also known as the Cosmic Teacher) is an Office within the Spiritual Hierarchy like the Lord of the World.  This Mighty Being generally serves along the Second Ray of Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding.  The World Teacher, serving with the Chohan of the incoming 2000-year Dispensation, develops the expression of Spiritual life for the next cycle of Humanity.  It was Beloved Lord Maitreya who performed this Office in the expression of the Christian Dispensation.  Beloved Jesus embodied as the Chohan of that incoming Age and referred to Lord Maitreya as “the Father within”

For the incoming Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom under the direction of Beloved Saint Germain, the Office of World Teacher is now held by Beloved Kuthumi, assisted by others along the Second Ray. However, as the Great Cosmic Inbreath draws ever closer, this Office now shifts to the collective Forcefield of Illumination, Intuition, Expectation and Acceptance within Ascended and Free Humanity …those of us who have come from Higher Dimensions to serve this Cosmic Moment on Earth, from within Humanity.  A parallel process has taken place with Beloved Saint Germain handing the embodied expression of the New Age to Ascended and Free Humanity, rather than embodying himself as the incoming Chohan. Instead of a singular Avatar, we now have a Group Avatar …eventually to include all Humanity …as Ascending and Free Humanity!  “I AM Ascended and Free” refers to all Humanity Ascended and Free Together, standing in the Light!

Let us understand the present Cosmic Moment. Father/Mother God had given the Earth a certain ‘time’ to prepare for complete inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath …the completion of a Cosmic Cycle where all life Ascends into its next Divine Potential, …a ‘quantum leap’, like the electron does when it is charged with Higher Frequency Energy. Quantum physics is the science of ‘potentials’ …the choices of ‘what may happen next’. The Christian Dispensation presented a Divine Potential of individually becoming the Christ. Yet Beloved Jesus stated: “Everything I have done, so shall you also do, and greater things shall you do”.

Now the Christian dispensation is ending, and the Seventh Ray of Spiritual Freedom has dawned.  This Seventh Ray Age is to restore all Humanity to complete union with her Mighty God Presence.  And to forward this Divine Potential, many Light Beings have come into embodiment and have progressed to the point of consciously understanding this process. These Souls currently form the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and may now collectively serve with the Lord of the World, the World Teacher and with the Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Spiritual Freedom …Beloved Saint Germain.

We assume our Service with these Offices through our collective Love, Wisdom and Power, which we have brought into this embodiment from various Realms of Light.  And this is very important at this Cosmic Moment. In order that Earth is fully included in the Great Cosmic Inbreath, she must govern herself spiritually …manifesting her own Spiritual Hierarchy.  The Great Cosmic Beings who have to this point served as Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy are thus set free to advance to their appointed places within the Great Cosmic Inbreath …with the Ascended Planets and Systems they originally belonged to.

But it is important that we offer all Humanity a chance to make their free will choice with clarity about the potential divergent paths ahead of them.  Thus, we present a simplified Ascended Master Teaching to offer the world.  This may be done via active teaching (individually or in groups) …or silently through projecting Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into Humanity’s consciousness, using mediation, visualization, decrees and music.  This booklet is dedicated to Ascended and Free Light Service as the collective World Teacher and to our service as the embodied representatives of Beloved Saint Germain and the Seventh Ray Wisdom of Spiritual Freedom.

Let us begin with a brief introduction and summary of basic Ascended Master Teachings for all who desire to actively align with the Highest Potential of Humanity.  Through many great efforts of ‘consciousness raising’, the great majority of Humanity are inwardly prepared for such Illumination. The Spirit of Illumination, Intuition, Expectation and Acceptance is indeed active within Humanity.  She only needs to initiate a memory of her Divine Origins. Our opportunity is to assimilate all people into their awareness as Ascended and Free Humanity …all in a relative ‘cosmic instant’.  Ascended Master Teachings have been presented throughout history, including the present century through various Activities of Light. Here we briefly present it again in the context of an illumined understanding of the present Cosmic Moment.


We begin by saying that the following presentation is delivered in humility and knowing all who hear it have absolute free will to accept or reject it, all according to their own innate wisdom …the ‘Teacher within’.  We claim no ownership on this Eternal Truth but only serve to expand its foundation within daily life.  Every human Heart has at its center our ‘Higher Self’ abiding within our Three-fold Flame. This is our greatest Teacher and will communicate to us through illumination and intuition as to which is Truth and which is not.  All we ask is that we silently contemplate the following presentation in our Hearts and in the Spirit of Grace, serenely listen for our own Guidance.

We are all familiar with ourselves enough to realize that we have thoughts, feelings, memories and a physical body.  It is sometimes said this way: we have a body but are more than our body …have thoughts but are more than our thoughts …have memories but are more than our memories …and, have feelings but are more than our feelings (certainly our most powerful aspect).  We are something beyond all of this…a ‘presence’ within and functioning through these vehicles.

The Bible and other Holy Books say that “in the beginning was the Word” and that “the Word was with God and was God”.  The spoken word is but a vibration or frequency, just like tone and notes from a musical instrument.  So, paraphrasing the Holy Books, let us say that a Cosmic Energy or Frequency is God and radiates from God …and pours into our vehicles with a certain vibration, animating our vehicles to the point of consciousness within daily life. We call this energy the Light of God that is always Victorious.

If one changes the frequency of energy entering oneself, the result experienced from that energy also changes.  It is no different from having a radio and changing the frequency of the radio wave received (‘changing the station’).  We may then receive an entirely different ‘message’ into our consciousness.  The resultant change in frequency then transforms our thoughts, feelings, memories and physical nature …sometimes to the point of an ‘epiphany’ or ‘paradigm shift’ …after which everything seems new or different.  What the Ascended Masters have taught is that Humanity was created to receive Divine Energy from ‘on High’ and that if we allow this Higher Frequency to set our level of Consciousness unimpeded by ego, then we would naturally experience Health, Opulence, Peace and Enlightenment …and thus create the world we desire, sometimes called Heaven on Earth!

Physics tells us that: Consciousness dictates reality![1]  Where we ‘look for the electron’, there it is …that is, where we place our attention, there the electron manifests.  Thus the level of our consciousness (whether ego level or its Ascended and Free level) would determine where (or at what frequency) the electron (the basis of manifestation) reveals itself! This determines our experience of reality. Thus, we have free will in setting our reality We choose Ascended and Free Reality when we see life through our Ascended and Free Consciousness!  The Ascended Master Teachings state this Truth as the Great Law of Life:

What I think and feel, I bring into form!

What I meditate upon I become!

Where my attention goes, my energy flows and my energy is my life!

Where my attention goes, there I AM for I AM my consciousness.

With this Great Law of Life, we have free will to allow this Divine Light/Energy to pass through us undisturbed and thus set a course of Limitless Physical Perfection …or, allow ego to re-set the River of Life at a lesser vibration and thus choose a lower level of experience (distress, disease, aging, etc.).  Science already knows that all things are but Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …depending on the frequency the cell, atom or electron carries. For example, the energy and vibration within water atoms will determine if it expresses as a solid (ice), liquid (water) or as a gas (steam).  Water always exists at each of these potentials but manifests according to the energy applied to it.

Imagine that we too exist at varying degrees of expression or if you will, various ‘dimensions of our own Being’.  We always exist at each of our ‘potentials’ but like water, manifest a reality according to the energy applied from our consciousness!  Therefore, let us seek out Divine Energy (through meditation, invocation, prayer, visualization, music, song, sacred movement, nature, color, and celestial fragrance) …and affirm our Highest Potential: I AM created as an instrument to transmit Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into creation …and to manifest Limitless Physical Perfection in my experience of the physical realmThis is my Divine Plan!


Centered in Peace and breathing easily and rhythmically, smiling our inner and outer smile …let us visualize Father/Mother God.  See two magnificent Divine Beings, Twin Flames of Radiant Light and Majesty, each projecting endless Cosmic Light Rays across Universal I AM! They create and sustain a Universe of Divine Potential, always presenting all their Children of God with every opportunity to express their Highest Divine Potential.  Now see Father/Mother God purposely drawing a precise Circle of Light from out the Infinite Ocean of Light of Universal I AM.  Into this individual Circle of Light, they project a Divine Spark of their own Cosmic Three-fold Flame, establishing the Holy Trinity of Love, Wisdom, and Power therein …our personal Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame.  This Divine Spark then becomes the Heart Center of our own Universe, even if infinitesimal at the time.  We took our first breath …were First Born within this Reality …and knew I AM!

It is said that we were created in the image and likeness of our Father/Mother God.  Thus, around this central Three-fold Flame was created a White Fire Being, containing the Creative Faculties of Father/Mother God. We became Children of the Universe, capable of adding to that Universe as co-creators.  These Creative Faculties allow the further expansion of Perfection through us …since, what we think and feel we bring into form.  Think of it! All points within the Universe may continually create greater Perfection for the Universe.

In describing aspects of our True Identity, it can be said that we have eight bodies …four Divine and four embodied (those required for expression in daily life).  Firstly, let us examine the Divine Aspects.  In the Central Sun we exist as a White Fire Being, most closely fashioned in ‘the image and likeness of Father/Mother God’.  This Electronic Light Being may choose to exist in these exalted Realms of Perfection within the Central Sun as a complete and whole Cosmic Being …all Masculine and all Feminine aspects of Father/Mother God. It is sometimes seen as a Perfect Circle of Blazing Light.

At some point the White Fire Being, in order to explore other Realms within Universal I AM, may also choose to divide itself into its Masculine and Feminine aspects, each an I AM Presence, each a Divine Twin. Thus, when belonging to the evolution of a planet, we also have our Divine Twin evolving along his/her own journey of developing Consciousness.  He/she may or may not be within Earth’s evolution.  Either way, we have an eternal connection with our Divine Twin.   Together we create a ‘whole’ (the White Fire Being).  If our Divine Twin is already Ascended and Free in Higher Realms, he/she is then known as our ‘Day Star’, magnetizing us relentlessly into Ascended and Free Consciousness, particularly now as we approach the Great Cosmic Inbreath and its Next Life Wave Coming.

Affirm: I AM the perfect flow of Electronic Light Substance from the Mighty I AM Presence, streaming downward (in frequency) into my embodied Three-fold Flame.  This River of Light is my Silver Cord. It sustains not only basic consciousness but the potential for full Divine Consciousness, in embodiment! It anchors in my Heart Flame, then flows into my brain to initiate and sustain consciousness for daily life in this plane.  This Light then radiates to the Chakras and meridians / organ systems …eventually flowing into every cell, atom and electron of my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.  If it reaches these cells and atoms without interference by ego, the result is Limitless Physical Perfection in my body.




The I AM Chart was created to visualize our Divine Origins and our True Identity.  Let us scan the Chart quickly.  Glancing at the top half of the Chart, we see the Electronic Body, or I AM Presence. Around our Electronic Body we see its Cosmic Aura, bands of color representing the Spheres of Light of our Causal Body.  From the Electronic Body blazes many Cosmic Light Rays.  We especially notice one of these Rays of Light, which anchors in the embodied self at the bottom of the chart. This Ray is known as the Silver Cord.  Around this embodied self we see a Mantle of White Light …sealing the outer self in the Perfection of the I AM Presence.  Lastly, we see a Pillar of Violet Fire, bathing our outer vehicles in the Sacred Fire of Spiritual Freedom …the Violet Fire of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and the Transmutation of all personal karma.

Let us review now in more depth.  We begin at the top with the Mighty I AM Presence or Electronic Body.  This Magnificent Being is a Divine Twin, either the masculine or feminine aspect of the White Fire Being. But like the White Fire Being, the Mighty I AM Presence is created in the image and likeness of our Father-Mother God, is whole and perfect, and only knows perfection (‘eyes too pure to behold iniquity’ …from the Bible).  It is the full, Majestic Ascended Master that I AM!  From its Cosmic Three-fold Flame flows myriad Light Rays in all directions, across many Dimensions …one of which is the Silver Cord flowing down (in frequency) through the Holy Christ Self and into our embodied Heart in the world of form.

The next Divine Body is the Causal Body, represented by the Cosmic Aura of seven bands of color around the I AM Presence.  This is a replica of the Spheres of Light (Corona) around the Sun of Father/Mother God.  Our Causal Body is a storehouse or working memory of all the Momentums of Good we have created in all our embodiments on Earth, as well as in any Realm of Light since First Born in the Sun.  Our Creative Faculties use the Divine Light loaned to us by Universal I AM for ongoing co-creation. Such energy goes out in a circular fashion with our ‘electronic stamp’ on it.   This outgoing current of energy eventually returns to us, collecting more of its own frequencies along the way (like attracts like), eventually collecting around us …orbiting its source, its Sun.

If our use of Divine Life is released as balanced, compassionate, and harmonious thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, then the return current is many-fold that Perfection. This Sacred Energy is already ascending and thus rises in frequency to be stored in our Causal Body …as our continuously expanding, Eternal Divine Aura around our I AM Presence.  This pulsating Forcefield contains untold treasures of God Illumination that we may invoke at any time to assist us in our daily life.  If however this Sacred Energy from the Mighty I AM Presence is sent out negatively as unbalanced thoughts, feelings, words and deeds (by ego), this then returns as karma. Such lower frequency energies also return with ‘more of their own’ …are not ascending and therefore cannot arise to the Causal Body …and end up stored within and around our four ‘lower bodies’.  This then is our lower aura, expressed as suffering, disease, distress, and aging.  Such was never part of the Divine Plan.[2]

We have all had many wonderful Celestial experiences during our Eternal Spiritual Development, long before we came to this planet, as well as in our sojourns in the Realms of Light between embodiments …and, while we sleep at night!  We have all studied in magnificent Ascended Master Temples and have built into our consciousness many great virtues and talents.  And as Children of Father/Mother God, we have the Divine right, opportunity, and ability to invoke from our Causal Body these talents and virtues for use in our daily life.  In fact we need only ‘get out of the way’ in order for this to naturally occur.  Hence the Taoist Teaching: I AM empty of self; I AM one with the Way; the Way is filled with Virtue.  It’s like we’ve already studied and graduated from a great University, we just remember and re-align our attention to what we already know!

Looking down along the Silver Cord from our ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, we see the fourth Divine Vehicle, the first three being the White Fire Being (not pictured), the Mighty I AM Presence and then the Causal Body. This fourth Divine Vehicle is the Holy Christ Self and vibrates at a Higher Frequency than the physical self, and thus is seen ‘above’ it.  This Holy Christ Self was not part of the original Divine Plan, as the embodied self was to have direct communion with the Mighty I AM Presence.  But because of the ‘great fall in consciousness’ with the coming of the laggards, the outer self chose to separate itself from the Mighty I AM Presence and follow ego. A Divine Mediator became necessary to bridge the chasm between ‘absolute Perfection’ and the ‘disconnected little ego’ struggling within daily life.

This is the purpose of the Holy Christ Self.  The nature of the Christ is to be fully one with Humanity and fully one with God, the Mighty I AM Presence.  The word Christ comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning ‘anointed by God’ (for this purpose!) …but also comes from the Sanskrit word Krishna, which means Divine (or totally selfless) Love.  Like every other aspect of our Being, our Holy Christ Self also evolves.  Therefore, when the outer self has mastered the seven planetary Chakras within daily life, with at least 51% of its energy ascending, then this Seven-fold Holy Christ Self becomes the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self.  And with this, the closer we are to revealing our Mighty I AM Presence on Earth …our full Ascended Mastery!

Looking downwards from the Christ Self, the Silver Cord anchors in the etheric Heart Flame located in the center of our chest (not off to the left as is our physical heart).  This anchorage of Divinity is called the embodied Three-fold Flame …the Flame of Immortality!  This Sacred Fire is also referred to as the Permanent Atom, the original manifestation of God in form, the ‘Golden Presence’ seen within the Heart …our Sun of the Sun!  Streaming into this Flame of Immortality, the Silver Cord consists of billions of tiny Light Particles, each having its own identity, intelligence, purpose, color, fragrance and musical tone.  This River of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is the Divine Essence (or Prana) by which we live, move, breathe, and have consciousness within a physical body …and the opportunity to evolve through the physical realm back into Cosmic Consciousness …a privileged opportunity adding immensely to our Infinite Journey in the Light.


We now focus on the four ‘lower’ vehicles of embodiment …lower in vibration but equally part of the Divine Plan.  The obvious first is our physical body, the ‘vessel’ we use to move about the physical planet.  Before ‘the great fall’ (in consciousness), this vessel resembled our Electronic Body …was gossamer, transparent, and stunning to behold …our Light Body.  But over time it has devolved (rather than evolved) into what we now know. Since Humanity’s fall in consciousness our physical bodies have become much denser than the Divine Plan ever called for.  With this we have lost our constant communion with our Higher Self.  We instead attend to our outer senses which, rather than radiating Perfection from ‘above’, now only report the outer environment, including suffering, pain, disease, and a host of other imbalances …something the Divine Plan never intended we experience.  In the end our physical body is but a repository for the three other bodies that follow …the ‘final effect’ of the karmic causes set up in our mind, memories and feelings.

Our physical form takes its pattern from the etheric body, the next of the embodied vehicles. This body is sometimes seen as our physical ‘aura’, contains the seven planetary Chakras and is made of the same etheric substance as the Etheric Realms around Earth (also known as the Akashic Records). This vehicle holds the personal memory of all our embodiments.  It is this Etheric body that we function in after so-called death …when we review our life on Earth. During sojourns between embodiments, we ‘live and learn’ within Ascended Master Temples, using this vehicle.

After the ending of one embodiment and when re-embodiment is eventually decided upon, a new physical body is created within the mother’s womb by the Elemental Kingdom, the Builders of Form. The Elemental Being overseeing this is our Body Elemental, a magnificent Etheric Deva assigned to us when we first were accepted for incarnation as part of Earth’s evolution.  This Deva remains wedded to us through our countless embodiments.  It took an oath to follow the ‘blueprint of the Divine’ …that is, to look to the etheric body as the Immaculate Concept it mirrors while building the physical. Our etheric body was originally designed to be a perfect replica of our Mighty I AM Presence. But after the ‘great fall’ and with all the returning karma, our etheric nature became a dim reflection of its original loveliness and beauty.  Instead, the Body Elemental must duplicate aging and disease, encoding it into our genetic makeup.

All natural or innate healing and restoration within the body is the function of this Etheric Elemental Intelligence within us.  As we give our Body Elemental recognition, gratitude and love, it makes a marvelous difference in our daily life.  Likewise, let us reverently appreciate the elemental life in all things around us …not just the form (the flower) but the Spirit holding the Immaculate Concept of that form (the Etheric Deva (or Spirit) of the Flower).  We then synchronize with a magnificent spirit world that brings us endless power, beauty and awe …in all things, everywhere around us.

The third of the lower bodies is the mental body, originally intended to be our oneness with the Mind of God.  Like a radio, it was meant to transmit the Higher Directives from our Mighty I AM Presence directly into our embodied consciousness.  Think of the Divine Potential of this!  When we turned away from our Higher Self, this mental body took on a life of its own and became the center of our consciousness, rather than transmitting Higher Consciousness.  We literally ‘changed the station’, placing our attention on lesser frequencies.

Ego then created ‘defenses’ to protect its ‘usurped throne’, which to this day cause many imbalances in our daily life.  The chief reason we have such a fear of death is that this mental body will lose its usurped ‘kingdom’.  Our mental vehicle is represented by the air elemental and is the masculine aspect of life.  When ‘empty of ego’ it brings us Divine Illumination and Loving Wisdom. When restored to original function we see the Seven-fold Flame of the Elohim at the forehead and beyond, the Twelve-fold Crown of the Elohim around our head area (or ‘halo’) …our eternal communion with Cosmic Consciousness.

The fourth of the lower vehicles, and by far the largest and most powerful, is the emotional body, represented by water, and the feminine aspect of creation.  It comprises most of our energies, just as the physical body is comprised mostly of water.  It gives power to our thoughts and is extremely powerful.   If our thoughts direct it into goodness and harmony, then our emotions empower that.  Likewise, it can empower great imbalance.  Thus, we strive to live in Harmony with all life.  The emotional body was originally intended to expand the endless variations of Holy Spirit …Divine Love expressed on Earth.

Next, we focus on the large pillar of White Light enfolding the four lower bodies, called our Mantle of Light.  It is a natural emanation from our Mighty I AM Presence and is intended to seal the embodied vehicles in Divine Perfection. But like any part of life, it requires our attention, recognition and gratitude …or it will ‘whither on the vine’.  Without it we are vulnerable to the imbalance all around us, no longer ‘sealed in Perfection’.  This ‘Mantle of Light’ was the original Cosmic Ray of embodiment from the Mighty I AM Presence, sustaining ‘Divinity within form’ through a massive release of Divine Light and Perfection.  But from lack of attention, it shrunk to only a small ‘Silver Cord’ that presently sustains but a small fraction of our Divine Potential.

By rhythmically invoking the Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to restore this Mantle of Protection, it will again become an invincible Forcefield, protecting our four lower bodies in a Mantle of Harmony.  There is an important affirmation: The Harmony of my True Being is my ultimate protection.  If our feelings can remain calm and harmonious, vibrating at a Higher Frequency, we are then ‘invisible’ to lower frequencies of imbalance.  They literally cannot find us!  Such is living Ascended Mastery …within our Cloak of Invisibility!

We next focus on the pillar of Violet Flame enveloping the embodied vehicles.  This Sacred Fire transmutes all returning energies of a lower vibration.  When invoked with spiritual passion it liberates us from the oppression of our karma …before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained …as lack, limitation, disease or aging we desire to be free of.  Think of it!  It is especially powerful when combined with the Law of Forgiveness affirmation: “I AM forgiving I AM forgiven I AM forgiveness!”  The Violet Fire causes lower vibratory energy to accelerate to the point where it throws off imbalance and returns to the State of Perfection it was intended to express. The energy so liberated returns to the Central Sun for re-polarization, never again having to serve human creation.

In a two-dimensional picture such as this I AM Chart, it appears that aspects of our ‘Indivisible Flowing Wholeness’ are separated, with aspects of our God Self ‘above’ and our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies somehow ‘below’. Actually, all these ‘potentials’ of our Being are in the very same time and space! The appearance of ‘above and below’ is to delineate the different frequencies in which they exist …parallel universes of our own Being …but all very much here and now …together, standing in the Light!

In the end we are simultaneously the entire chart or visualization. Affirm and feel deeply: I AM the glorious I AM Presence; I AM its Causal Body; I AM the Silver Cord of dazzling Light Particles entering the Three-fold Flame, where I stand in full God Majesty as the Solar Christ Self on Earth; I AM very present in each of my four embodied vehicles …yet empty of self!  I AM a blaze of dazzling Celestial Light expanding out into the world as Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.  This is what I AM …and …I AM that I AM!

Let us meditate on this with expectation and acceptance, for ourselves …and on behalf of all Humanity.  Next, we shall continue this Teaching by placing this vision of our True God Identity within the larger context of the Plan of Creation.


The Ascended Masters have always promised that the complete Truth of Earth and Humanity would be revealed to the outer world when she was ready.  This now begins in earnest through Ascending Consciousness for the heart and Ascension Concepts for the mind …but also in new scientific discoveries as to the full history of our sweet Earth (watch for them).  We have just reviewed basic Ascended Master Teachings on the Mighty I AM Presence, our Divine Origins and True Identity …outlining our Ascended and Free Dimensions of ‘Self’, as well as our four lower bodies within daily life.  Now we review the Plan of Creation and the larger context of Divine Purpose …understanding why we are here, how we arrived at our present circumstances and what exactly is this decisive ‘Cosmic Moment’ we find ourselves in.

We have come to understand our Mighty I AM Presence.  It knows only absolute God Perfection in all things.  One of its projected Cosmic Rays of Divine Light sustains our embodiment, done as a conscious free will choice, in order to master the world of form along our Eternal Spiritual Journey.  But how and why did our journey begin?

In the beginning God said, “Let there be Light!”  Not only were we individually created from a Three-fold Flame projected into an Infinite Circle of Light, so was the entire Solar System (Sun), Galaxy (Central Sun) and Universe (Great Central Sun). Spiritual evolution refers to the fact that we begin as a single Flame of Creation and proceed through an infinite journey of Divine Experience into becoming Mighty Elohim, Archangels or Great Cosmic Beings capable of creating and sustaining entire Galaxies …as have our Majestic God Parents.  We are their Children and inherit their Divine legacy!

Since the story of Universal I AM is infinite and eternal, for the sake of our outer minds let us choose to observe the story from a particular point.  We begin where our Father/Mother God of this present Solar System, Beloved Helios and Vesta, were Divine Twins who at that time had grown spiritually to governing a single planet and her evolutions.  This planet was one of 12 planets in the Solar System of Sun known as Alpha and Omega, a System which had achieved its full Divine Potential.  Alpha and Omega then applied to become a Central Sun, allowing each of their planets the opportunity to apply to become God Parents (a Sun) of their own Solar System of planets.

As free will would have it, seven of the 12 planets chose this Initiation, with the other five choosing to remain in the majestic Spheres of Light composing the corona of Alpha and Omega.  When Helios and Vesta were accepted for this Initiation to become God Parents of a System of Planets, the number of planets that would orbit their Sun would thus be seven rather than 12.  Twelve had been the Sacred Number of the Solar System of Alpha and Omega but now the Sacred Number of Helios and Vesta’s Solar System would be seven.  This explains why we have seven planetary Chakras …which once mastered become the Twelve Houses of Solar Being, that of our further Divine Heritage of Alpha and Omega. The numbers seven and twelve arise often on Earth, as seven days but 12 months …seven Chakras but 12 principal meridians, etc.

Using their innate free will of co-creation, Beloved Helios and Vesta began a design of their Solar System, choosing Electronic Perfection Patterns which their Planets and Races would express.  From limitless Divine Potential, they chose which Perfection Patterns to actualize and on which planet.  They then placed this original Electronic Blueprint or Immaculate Concept in the Heart of the Cosmic Silent Watcher (of the Solar System and of each individual planet) …Great Elemental Beings invoked from the Great Silence expressly for this purpose.  The Silent Watcher of this new Solar System was to be Beloved Lady Circulata and for the planet Earth herself, Beloved Lady Immaculata. These names represent the Sacred Frequency of their service, such as sustaining the Law of the Circle and Cosmic Cycles (Circulata) …and, steadfastly holding the Immaculate Concept (Immaculata).

Earth was one of seven planets being created by Helios and Vesta. Her Divine Plan was distinctive in the entire Universe …to see how far into the 'realm of form' absolute perfection could be manifest.  Because of this Theme, the Earth was to be a denser platform than had ever been expressed before.  This Sacred Purpose was also to determine Earth’s Orbit in the Solar System.    Let us remember the development of the Solar System was multi-dimensional.  On a three-dimensional view, each planet orbited the Sun in its own circle.  This is the picture we learn in school (but now expanded to visualize a Central Sun with Seven Suns directly in a vertical line below it and then Seven Planets horizontally out from each Sun, each in their orbit).

In this three-dimensional view, during the Great Cosmic Inbreath each planet in the Solar System is inbreathed one orbit in (horizontally) towards the Sun (Helios and Vesta) …and each planet in the Galaxy one orbit up (or vertically) towards the Central Sun (Alpha and Omega).  With the Great Cosmic Inbreath, the planet currently closest to the Sun is absorbed into the Sun …and likewise the entire Solar System closest to the Central Sun is absorbed into that Celestial Glory …a full return to Source!

However, on a Fourth Dimensional (or Quantum) view, the seven planets of the Solar System expressed along an ‘arc of frequency’, creating a circle from the Sun and returning to the Sun.  This began with the planets proceeding out from the Sun as the least dense (almost formless), to most dense at the farthest point along this ‘frequency arc’ (furthest from the Sun in frequency) …and then progressively less dense again as the circle returned to the Sun.  Half the circle (the arc proceeding out from the Sun in frequency) represents the Outbreath Activity of Father/Mother God …and the returning arc the Inbreath Activity.  In this ‘vibrational view’, the Earth was still the fourth planet of seven but furthest from the Sun in frequency …and thus the densest.

In this Quantum view we see the planets as expressing beyond their physical orbits within time and space …and in their vibrational orbits along an ‘arc of frequency’ (of expression). This speaks more to the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity of Father/Mother God. This is the same view we now take of ourselves …that of multiple frequencies of expression along our Axis of Divine Being, from our physical body within time and space through to our I AM Presence of Sacred Fire and Radiant Light beyond time and space.  And knowing all of it is present in this Eternal Moment of Now.  We only need be present in all of it …all Aspects of our Divine Being …Ascended and Free!

The Outbreath Activity is expanding creation further into manifestation (the Masculine Ray of Father God) and the Inbreath Activity is holding all that is created in the Cohesive Power of Divine Love (the Feminine Ray of Mother God).  In this perspective we see that Earth is at the crossroads of both and therefore crucial to the Initiation of the present Cosmic Inbreath.  In the delicate balance of creation, Father God can only ‘breathe out’ into creation what Mother God can hold in absolute, unconditional Divine Love.  Father God equates to ‘doing’ and Mother God equates to ‘being’.  Thus, in this present Cosmic Moment, Humanity is in a fundamental shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. Contemplate this.

As an aside, let us appreciate the special lineage of our sweet Earth.  Helios and Vesta were also the fourth planet in the Solar System of Alpha and Omega before becoming a Sun themselves.  That larger Galaxy had the Central Sun of Elohae and Eloha with twelve Suns each with 12 planets (or a total of 144 planets and Twelve Suns). The fourth Sun under Elohae and Eloha was Alpha and Omega, and their fourth planet was Helios and Vesta.  So, our sweet Earth, currently being the fourth planet of the fourth Sun, has special meaning to Father/Mother God. Again, it represents the crossroads …the center of the Cross!

With the initial Divine Plan (of absolute perfection in form), the original density of Earth was akin to what we now would describe as ‘etheric’, rather than the very dense/solid form we now experience.  For the first Three Root Races, life on Earth was a garden of Spiritual Delight, filled to overflowing with manifest Perfection Patterns of every sort. The Majesty of the Mighty I AM Presence pored through every thought, feeling, action, word and relationship, to the point of endless diversity in the Perfection of Being and fully exalted experiences within embodiment. Humanity were embodied Gods and Goddesses, who walked and talked with Angels and Elemental Spirits …truly an I AM Race!  And, since the great fall in Consciousness, this is the Heaven / Nirvana all Sages point to.

Speaking of the 'great fall', embodiment on Earth thereafter became much more confusing because of returning karma (even returning several embodiments later) and much more difficult to Ascend from (the wheel of birth and death).  Yet, embodiment on Earth also became even more exceptional and (surprisingly) even sought after! It became the ultimate experience in the Mastery of Consciousness in form, as no other planet anywhere was remotely close to this very dense frequency.  Other planets in our Solar System and Galaxy are of much Higher Frequencies.

Thus, many advanced Beings came forward to apply for embodiment, to assist Humanity trapped in her karmic web.  This included, first and foremost, Beloved Santa Kumara from Venus …the True Savior of Earth. He voluntarily removed himself from his Love Star to establish Shamballa on Earth (named after his governing ‘City of the Sun’ on Venus) and to re-establish a Spiritual Hierarchy here on Earth.  His Cosmic Love sustained Earth in her orbit when Cosmic Law would have otherwise etherealized Earth back into formlessness, for lack of emitting Light into the Universe (a very dark period).  His first two pupils were Lord Gautama and Lord Maitreya …and the Spiritual Hierarchy has grown from there.

Meanwhile, the Divine Plan of all other planets were successfully fulfilled (as would have the Earth’s had Humanity not chosen to ‘foster’ the laggards …more on this later). Our sister planets remain Ascended Planets, long ago ready for the Great Cosmic Inbreath …patiently awaiting the readiness of Earth. They are patient with us because ‘accepting the laggards’ is seen as the greatest act of Compassion ever recorded in the Universe!  Again, this is why it is an honor to be accepted for embodiment on Earth, just to be part of this greatest act of Compassion and Redemption.  Many great Souls apply to the Karmic Board for embodiment and only some are accepted!  We are the lucky ones!

The Higher Vibratory life of our sister Ascended Planets is not detected by our ‘space exploring instruments’, which only measure the three dimensions of dense form.  What is detected (and thought of as uninhabitable) is their physical counterpart ‘potential’ in a much lower frequency.  Daily life on these planets is very present, with an Ascended Race of God Beings living in much Higher Light Frequencies, existing far beyond anything our outer instruments currently detect …but which we can detect and commune with through the Creative Faculties of our multi-dimensional Divine Consciousness.

Returning to our Plan of Creation …once the Divine Plan was set by Helios and Vesta and placed in the Heart of the Silent Watcher, then the Seven Mighty Elohim were invoked.  They too came forth from the Great Silence and brought with them the Builders of Form …Legions of Devas and Spirits of the Elemental Kingdom of all graded Orders, (Salamanders for the fire element, Sylphs for the air element, Undines for the water element and Gnomes for the earth element).  These Elemental Beings assist in transposing Electronic Perfection Patterns within the Divine Plan into expressed form.  These Beings train in the Temples of the Elohim to both hold the Immaculate Concept of ‘form’ …and then create and sustain the physical form itself.

The Silent Watcher for Earth, Beloved Immaculata, held the Divine Plan before the Elohim like an Electronic Blueprint.  The Builders of Form then weave physical reality out of Universal Light Essence.  Hence the beginning of creation is stated with the affirmation: “Let there be Light!”  This same process is reflected in our Body Elemental weaving a new physical body out of the Light Essence available in our Etheric Body following our last embodiment.  In creating the Earth, there are Electronic Perfection Patterns for mountain ranges, oceans, lakes, rivers, continents, and all forms of Nature …as well as every person, place, condition and thing …and the relationships between all things. Each has its Perfection Pattern and thus it’s Divine Potential.  And each one of these Perfection Patterns has its own Silent Watcher …as in the Silent Watcher for a mountain range and each individual mountain, an ocean or lake and each of its rivers, a forest and each of its trees …all the way to the tiniest elemental form in any of the plant, insect, animal or mineral kingdoms.  There is so much more Lifeforce on Earth, across all dimensions, than we may outwardly appreciate!

It has been said that the only ‘animals’ originally part of the Divine Plan were birds …representing Holy Spirit, the Third Person in the Holy Trinity.  It was the nature Kingdom that was to supply all of Humanity’s sustenance, Liquid Light Essence brought into form from the Sun through plants.  This is still true today.  It was only after the ‘great fall’ that carnivores were introduced.

It had also been said that ‘God created the Earth in seven days’.  This reflects the Seven Steps of Precipitation.  The seven Elohim, drawn out from the Great Silence, gathered in a Circle around the Silent Watcher at the exact orbital frequency for the new planet.  From the Masculine and Feminine Aspect of each Elohim was projected their Major Ray, which meeting together in the center formed the spherical matrix of the new planet.   In the Center of this Light Sphere was projected the Three-fold Flame or Permanent Atom of Earth, containing the entire Divine Plan.  This Permanent Atom has since evolved as the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure in the Center of the Earth.

Each Elohim projects their Ray in the following Order of Creation, representing the Seven Steps of Precipitation:  Beloved Hercules and Lady Amazon[3] hold the Divine Will/Intent for the Immaculate Concept given from Father/Mother God.  They inspire enthusiasm and the power to decide and act …in following the Divine Potential within the Divine Plan. Next the Second Ray of Mighty Cassiopeia and Lady Minerva is projected.  They inspire Divine Wisdom, that once the will to act is set, this Force is then guided by Illumined Perception; weaving from the Mind of God endless Perfection Patterns that eventually translate Divine Will into physical creation.  Next comes the Third Ray of Divine Love of Mighty Orion and Lady Angelica. This is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love that magnetizes Universal Light Substance which then forms the planet …for such Light Substance yearns to respond to Love.  They ensure that because the Divine Plan was created in Love for an opportunity to express Love, then the Plan and the Planet created from it should always be enfolded in Love.

Next comes the Fourth Ray of the Mighty Elohim of Purity, Claire and Lady Astrea. Their Momentum is the Purity to stay with the original Immaculate Concept and not be swayed.  This is a selfless service to a greater Plan that even the Mighty Elohim practice!  Then comes the Fifth Ray of Elohim Vista (or Mighty Cyclopia) and Lady Crystal, sustaining Concentration and Consecration …staying the course with stamina and ‘seeing it through’. This is the All-Seeing Eye Activity that sees all of creation with crystal clarity …and, sees only the Divine Potential in all things.  This is also the Power of our Third Eye!

In the Seven Steps of Precipitation, the Sixth and Seventh Rays are reversed.  Therefore, the Seventh Ray next enfolds the new planet in the Violet Fire of Rhythm, Invocation and Synchronicity.  These are the Qualities of Mighty Arcturus and Lady Diana.  Their service is to precipitate Eternal Spiritual Freedom in all aspects of this new planet.  Lastly, the new creation is sealed in Peace Divine, which is why the last two Rays are reversed. This is the Sixth Ray Forcefield of the Mighty Elohim of Peace, Tranquility and Lady Pacifica.  From this Peace Divine comes the statement: ‘And on the last day God rested’ …sealing the new planet in Eternal Peace.  And only by Humanity actively turning away from the Divine Plan did anything less than Eternal Peace ensue.  The New Age of Spiritual Freedom now restores the Divine Plan and its Eternal Peace!

In the creation of Earth, once the Elemental platform with its physical atmosphere was established, Angels of all graded Orders, under the directions of the Seven Mighty Archangels, were invoked to create a Spiritual Atmosphere for the new planet.  This would be a perfect reflection of the Seven Spheres of Light around Father/Mother God.  Just as Elemental Beings hold the Immaculate Concept for all ‘form’, so too do Angels hold the Immaculate Concept for all God Qualities. Collectively this Forcefield is known as Cosmic Holy Spirit.  Thus, Humanity would not only have a serene physical form and Limitless Physical Perfection all around, she would also be continually bathed in the Spiritual Essence of our Father/Mother God through every embodiment.  We were created to continually experience the exalted feelings of Father/Mother God and of the Archangels in embodiment. This is what daily life was intended to be!  Such is Earth’s Divine Potential and the Divine Plan we now restore!

When both the physical and spiritual atmospheres were ready, then the Race of God Beings to be incarnated into this Perfection were invoked from the Great Silence.  Also known as Spirit Sparks, these newborn Cosmic Beings would have their first experience of mastering the physical realm in a Divine Plan of Limitless Physical Perfection.  Before embodiment each soul passed through each of the Spheres of the Causal Body of Father/Mother God, having Divine experiences that formed their own Causal Body of Divine Momentum before actual embodiment …to access in embodiment.

The Divine Plan called for Seven Root Races, each divided into seven sub-races, each representing an aspect of the overall I AM Race.  Each Root Race has its own Manu or Divine Archetype.  The Plan called for each Root Race to embody over a 14,000-year period, representing seven 2000-year cycles, each under the Dominion of one of the Seven Rays. At the end of this 14,000-year Cycle, with all seven planetary Chakras perfected, Humanity Ascends back into the Electronic Light of the Mighty I AM Presence.  And the Earth experience is completed.

The first sub-race of the first Root Race initially stepped onto Earth with their Manu in a magnificent ceremony overseen by Archangel Michael, in an area now known as the Teton Mountains in North America.  From this beginning, the first three Root Races fulfilled each their Divine Plan perfectly.  They lived on a crystalline planet, where one could look down and see the Flame within the Earth.  Plant life was so vibrant that ‘Flame Flowers’ were the norm, and the essence of all plant life would give Humanity Liquid Light Substance to sustain their gossamer Light Vehicles.  This is not some far off planet! This was and remains Ascended and Free Earth!  The early Root Races were victorious in mastering the density of form (albeit much less dense at the time in comparison to now).  Such a planet of Limitless Physical Perfection is what we now restore with the advent of the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.

However, at the same time as this success of the first three Root Races on Earth, there were planetary orphans elsewhere in the Universe from various Systems who, because of their self-sustained negative vibration, could not ascend with their own System during a Great Cosmic Inbreath at that time.  These souls were ‘orphaned’, without a planetary home.  Thus, a Universal Call went out to find an appropriate home for these ‘laggards’. It would require a denser form than the very much higher frequencies of their original planets.  They needed a planetary home for the opportunity to eventually gain their Ascension, which, by Cosmic Law, requires being attached to the evolution of a planet.  In a Great Cosmic Council, it was determined that Earth would be the perfect environment of density needed. Meanwhile the Fourth Root Race was progressing beautifully and thus accepted (with their Manu, Lord Himalaya) the service to guide these laggards back to the Light!

It has been said that the taking on of the laggards by Earth is the greatest act of Compassion the Universe has ever known.  For them to secure embodiment through the Karmic Board, mothers within the perfect Root Race would have to accept these much lower vibratory forms into their bodies for birth on Earth.  Think of that sacrifice!  The Spiritual Hierarchy at the time trained the embodied Fourth Root Race to maintain their attention only on their Mighty God Self and not the negative habits of thought and feeling the laggards would produce.  The Spiritual Hierarchy taught Humanity all the possible hazards to prepare for, how to hold the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan and how to avoid the negative contagion of the laggards. Hence, we understand the parable of Adam and Eve and the knowledge of the tree of good and evil (the snake being the ego, the center of creation other than the Mighty God Presence).

Humanity within the Fourth Root Race tried to sustain this Divine Plan but eventually gave in to curiosity …about a reality different than God Perfection.  Their attention drifted into ego creation rather than God Creation …and ‘the rest is history’.  Instead of leading the laggards into the Light, the ‘ego’ lead them into disease, distress, disintegration and eventual death.  Compare this to the earlier Root Races where the end of an embodiment was a beautiful ceremony, a decision between the person, their Mighty God Presence and the Manu …as to ‘lessons learned’ and ‘mastery gained’.  There was no disease and aging, only eternal youth and beauty.  At the end of an embodiment, the body was laid down in a ceremony in the Temple with family and friends present and a journey begun in the etheric vehicle for training in the Ascended Master Temples between embodiments.  Any project or ‘cause’ that individual had worked on was stored in magnificent vaults, ready for use in the next embodiment.  Angels of the Akashic Records oversaw the entire process, and all was recorded in the ‘Book of Life’.

We all know the unfortunate outcome once Humanity fell into imbalanced habits.  The Great Law of Life was inversed.  “What I think and feel I bring into form” now became the creation of disease and suffering rather than continuously creating Peace, Harmony, Balance and the endless diversity of Limitless Physical Perfection.  This inversion of the original Divine Plan is now to be finally and eternally corrected on Earth in the present Cosmic Moment …the transition from the age of karma to the Age of Spiritual Freedom, all because of the Great Cosmic Inbreath and the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom!

Thus, the Plan of Creation continues today! Certain souls still choose a lesser potential, with a small minority of Humanity stubbornly clinging to imbalance and destruction.  Thus, a plan was conceived to ‘create a new planet’ for those actively choosing not to move forward, so that the great majority of ‘simply good people’ could proceed on with the Earth into Realms of Light within the Great Cosmic Inbreath.  This new planet is not ‘some far off planet of science fiction’ but rather a platform created directly from the consciousness of this small minority of Humanity.  Free will remains supreme!  Divine Law still operates for the stubborn: “What I think and feel I bring into form.”  It will be as if Humanity awakens from a dream into the reality of their choice …continued imbalance, mistrust, lack, limitation, and fear …or, a New Age of Spiritual Freedom and Eternal Peace, manifesting Limitless Physical Perfection on Earth. These are different potentials for Earth. Our Light Service is holding before Humanity her Highest Potential as Ascended and Free Humanity on Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit

This process is and will continue to be a careful, gradual but distinct severance of the two realities …those choosing a slower path, in a ‘lower potential reality’ (on their own ‘planet’), created from their own collective consciousness …and, those who desire Spiritual Freedom now and progressive goodness and peace for all …Ascended and Free Humanity.  The latter gradually occupies Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit (or Frequency) …also created from the collective Consciousness of all good and peaceful people. Such is measured only by Energy, Vibration and Consciousness and not by race, creed, religion, culture or belief system.  This is returning to ‘Divine Earth’ where the Ascended Masters have always dwelled … representing our Divine Potential and where we now choose to live.



In both the presentations of True Identity and the Plan of Creation we have given full credence to the eternal gift of free will.  Therefore, we know it is up to everyone in Humanity to choose the New Age of Spiritual Freedom on some level …and inwardly, most already have.  Yet it appears that a few are steadfastly choosing imbalance, which still can spread like a contagion.  We have reviewed this dilemma concerning free will and have seen one potential outcome is for this group of continuing laggards to more slowly develop on their own planet (a ‘lower vibratory Earth’).  But we notice this potential outcome while still trying to understand the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom given to Humanity and its nature of Totally Transformative Divine Love.  Imagine that the incoming Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the Seventh Ray / Feminine Ray is so overwhelming Compassionate, Forgiving and Merciful that even those most committed to imbalance or those most lost in their destructive ego, find the Light and choose the Light! This too is within Divine Potential!

After all, our Victory Statement is “uniting all life in her Ascended State” …not most of life, but all life.  On some level we have known of this Divine Potential all along, where a Divine Power would present itself that solves even these dilemmas of ego, separateness and free will.  Beloved Saint Germain calls this solution the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom …within the advent of the Feminine Ray! Its expression is the Violet Fire the Sacred Fire and Radiant Experience of personal / collective Transformation no matter our starting point.

This Violet Fire Forcefield is a Quantum Activity of Transmutation of all that is less than Divine Potential.  The Violet Fire compresses time and space into the Eternal Moment of Now, where we eternally dwell in the Light.  Standing in the Violet Fire, all past and all future collapses into the present! This ‘past’ includes both the total Momentum of Perfection in our Causal Body and our remaining karmic debt (which can be instantly transmuted by the Violet Fire). The ‘future’ represents all potential possibilities …a dystopian future based on past karmic records …or an Ascended and Free Reality already experienced by our Mighty I AM Presence and White Fire Being!  Contemplate this! Together, standing in the Light means standing together with our past and our future of Divine Potentialall right here and now within the Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom!  This constitutes a marvelous moment to moment meditation.

The Violet Fire further transmutes all illusion of time and space and ego …allowing us to stand in our Quantum Reality …no ‘past and future’, no separation of ‘here and there’ …only our present moment of Perfection in the Light.  This is not ‘difficult science’ but rather our awakening to True Identity …the Immaculate Concept we were born as within the Sun …and what we were ‘born again’ to reveal on Earth!  We return to True Identity and to our Eternal Divine Reality.  Individually we affirm: I remember who I AM! I AM empty of self, and of time / space …and everything associated with these limitations.  I AM Ascended and Free …Together, standing in the Light!

Given this Reality and our personally developed intuition and illumination, each of us representing Ascended and Free Humanity may have a specific cause we are most aligned with that moves Humanity toward her Spiritual Freedom.  Let us contemplate this …whether our cause be raising consciousness concerning the Elemental/Nature Kingdom, economics, justice, government, educational, healing, or any others.  Let us now place this cause in the Violet Fire and know without reservation that the full Power of Divine Love within the Violet Fire is so much more powerful than any lesser or imbalanced force.  We place any ego-based effects in the Radiant Light of the Violet Fire …that now compresses its past and future (and that of every person, place, condition and thing associated with such imbalance) into the Eternal Moment of Now within the Violet Fire!

Let us remember that the Violet Fire is a Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom brought by Saint Germain from the Central Sun.  Could we imagine any ‘ego created forcefield’ stronger than this?  Therefore, we approach such invocation of the Violet Fire with assuredness and conviction …and the enthusiasm of expected Victory! The Cosmic Violet Fire is the Eternal Moment of Now of Eternal Spiritual Freedom.  What we place in this Forcefield with complete faith and conviction automatically enters its Divine Potential of Spiritual Freedom …even if momentarily.  Hence, we apply this Sacred Fire rhythmically!  And with this, every person, place, condition and thing associated with that situation needing Spiritual Freedom gradually sees the Light of its own Ascension …and we are further along towards all life choosing Ascended and Free!

As we place any cause near and dear to our hearts within the Violet Fire, we affirm:

Transmute, Transmute by Violet Fire,  all cause and core not of God's desire.
I AM a Being of Cause alone, that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone!

 I AM an arisen Solar Christ Self of complete Spiritual Freedom,                     and I expect and I accept the Ascension of this situation now!


As seen on the I AM Chart, we stand in a pillar of Violet Fire, around which we are sealed in our ‘Mantle of Light’ (or ‘Cloak of Infinity’       …also known as our ‘Mantle of Perfection’ and ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ …as within this Light we are invisible to lower frequency ego vibrations).  Claiming this Forcefield of Light allows us to exist as a Powerful Quantum Forcefield within time and space, in daily life. This Forcefield is the Light of the Great I AM localized to us …yet equally everywhere present!  This Light contains all Energy, Matter and Intelligence necessary to fulfill the Divine Potential of all persons, places, conditions and things we greet each day.  This is our Mighty I AM Presence in Action of Earth fulfilling Spiritual Freedom for all! This is us living Ascended and Free, as Ascended Masters have always served and as we may serve now …revealing our personally developed Ascended and Free intuition and illumination.

Let us remember the words of our dear St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times …and when necessary, use words”.  We extrapolate from this:  Let us go forth in daily life and tell our Truth in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …and when necessary, use words.  It is like this very Booklet …it comes as words (verbal message of concepts) but its truly transformational impact is in the domain of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!

Let us affirm: I communicate through Inbreathing, Absorbing, then Expanding and Projecting Perfection Patterns and Sacred Tones of Cosmic Energy.  If I never spoke again I still have all the Power to tell my Eternal Truth in daily life …which is ‘heard’ and ‘received’ on all levels of existence …physical, etheric, mental and emotional realms of daily life, as well as by Higher Light-forms (Angels, Devas and Ascended Beings), and in the Realms of pure formlessness …the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light!

In that sense we are each a unique path Home.  If there are billions of souls evolving through Earth experience, then there are as many paths Home into the Light.  The Violet Fire now leads us through each experience that life has in store for us …all in the development of our personal path to eternal Ascension.  The Violet Fire transmutes karmic aspects of each experience (potential or real), as these are easily identified by lower frequency patterns. Meanwhile it expands and illuminates the spiritual teaching / development of Divine Love aspect of each event!  Notice that although the Violet Fire is an Aspect of Divine Love, its complementary quality is God Illumination (Violet with a Golden Radiance).  We are loved free and illumined through the Violet Fire!

Again we affirm: I begin my day within my Flame of Immortality, at the center of my Infinite Circle of Light.  Between the two is my Universe of Divine Potential, with every person, place, condition and thing I greet this day prepared to manifest their Perfection Patterns.  I live every day within the Violet Fire and my Mystic Mantle of Light.  This establishes and sustains Peace.  I live in a New Age, where the Violet Fire is the Gift of Spiritual Freedom, Eternal Peace and the Victory of Ascension …for all life everywhere!   



Our reality is created through the process of our attention.  It begins with becoming empty of ego-self (and anything associated with ego frequencies) …and full of Adoration and Gratitude to the Mighty I AM Presence. It progresses through to Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness within all dimensions or levels of goodness in the world, from the most mundane activities to the most esoteric.  It is captured in our Victory Statement:

 I AM Ascended and Free, Together, standing in the Light!

I AM the Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love

uniting all Life in her Ascended State!

We remain consecrated to our individual and collective Eternal Momentum of Light!  We now anchor all that I AM beyond time and space, into all that I AM within time and space!  We affirm:

 All the Divine Light I have ever been or shall ever be

is the Light I AM right now!

All the Divine Love that I have ever been or shall ever be

is the Love I AM right now!

All the Divine Wisdom that I have ever been or shall ever be

is the Wisdom I AM right now!

All the Divine Power I have ever been or shall ever be

is the Power I AM right now!

All the, Opulence, Stamina, Purity, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Compassion,
Mercy and Forgiveness I have ever been or shall ever be is
the Flame I AM right now …the Light I stand within




Our True Identity is an Eternal Flame

of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness,

radiating its Infinite Radiant Light, composed

of Energy, Matter, and Intelligence, which enters

Co-creation through our Creative Faculties of

our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.


I AM the One (Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence on Earth),

the Three (Three-fold Flame of Immortality), the Seven

(Chakra Suns and the River of Kundalini Fire),

the Twelve (Houses of the Sun) and again

the One (Universal I AM)!



Glossary …of common Ascended and Free terms

ASCENDED AND FREE:  The Divine Potential fulfilled of any person, place, condition, or thing …as it stands in the Radiant Light of the Eternal Three-fold Flame of any Divine Intelligence / God Being. Ascended and Free, Together, standing in the Light is the Divine Potential of Humanity, resurrecting the I AM Race on Earth! The Ascension is off the ‘wheel of birth and death’ but the evolutionary path once Ascended from Earthly life is then an Eternity unto itself.

THE GATHERING OF ASCENDING HUMANITY: this is a gathering of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness from within Humanity. It requires a commitment to Ascension Concepts (see this heading in each monthly Journal) with our attention and Creative Faculties aligned with the Redemption of our sweet Earth given from our own evolving Holy Christ Self and its Ascension into Solar Consciousness. This gathering is of embodied people who have their own karma to transmute and love free ...but who can simultaneously maintain the Harmony and Balance necessary for commitment to planetary Light Service from their Ascended and Free State.

ASCENDED MASTER: A Mighty Being of Light that has Ascended from the ‘wheel of birth and death’ (cycle of embodiments) into permanent Freedom in the Light.  The Ascension begins for anyone in Humanity whose Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is at least 51% positive and thus ‘ascending’.  This is based only on an impersonal assessment of the vibrational frequency of the seven planetary Chakras. When 51% of Divine Energy along the Silver Cord from the Mighty I AM Presence is ascending through all seven Chakras then such a being may live Ascended and Free while in embodiment …Ascending from their seven planetary Chakras into their Twelve-fold Nature of Cosmic Consciousness.

COHERENTLY CONNECTED DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS: Divine Consciousness is, by definition, coherent within Indivisible Flowing Wholeness.  Everything within Divine Consciousness is unified within Universal Oneness, no matter the dimension, plane or vibrational sphere it manifests in.  This phrase simply captures this in summary form.  Its application however allows us (as Ascending and Free Humanity) to be instantly aligned and unified with each other at the level of the Solar Christ Self of each one …instantly aligned and unified with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals …and instantly aligned and unified with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and all Cosmic Beings assisting Earth at this Cosmic Moment.

When in Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness, we represent a Forcefield within daily life of Universal I AM revealing the Wholeness / Oneness / Union within itself …creating a global Forcefield of Harmony and Balance within daily life more powerful than any ego / karmic entity of imbalance. This term is a reminder to the outer Consciousness that when we enter Divine Consciousness we automatically become ‘coherent’ or ‘vibrate in oneness with’ Universal I AM and all forces of good therein.  All the Divine Dimensions with all the Divine Potential contained therein become aligned with and supportive of our Ascended and Free Being and the Cause we serve…and, equally, all our Divinity becomes aligned with and supportive of the Whole.  We serve the Whole through our Group Service within this Forcefield, as the rest of the Universe awaits Earth’s readiness for the Great Cosmic Inbreath, which then allows all life everywhere to ascend into its next level of Divine Potential.

For Light Servers, this means we are aligned with each other and with the Divine Potential of all Humanity at the level of their Solar Christ Self …attuned to the Mighty I AM Presence of each other functioning on much Higher Frequency Realms of Light. It means the Cosmic Momentum within our Causal Body shines through our Light Service but as well, that of all we are aligned with …creating a global Forcefield more powerful than any ego / karmic entity. It means we are coherent with the service of Angels and Elementals and thus we may continuously appreciate the Divine Presence of the Beings of Nature (Gnomes of the Earth, Undines of the Water, Sylphs of the Air and Salamanders of the Fire Element) …as well as the Angelic Forcefields and Momentums within and all around us. Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness means we are in Oneness with the Great Light Brotherhood and all Ascended Masters / Cosmic Beings serving the Cause of Spiritual Freedom on Earth, from whatever Realms of Light they do so from.

DIVINE DISPENSATION OF SPIRITUAL FREEDOM:  Beloved Saint Germain, in preparation for becoming the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Age of Spiritual Freedom, went in ‘projected Consciousness’ to the Great Central Sun. There he secured a Dispensation for Humanity that they may be free from the ‘ongoing yoke of karma’ that had closed off most spiritual development …and therefore be set free into the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of what was originally intended for Humanity …a return to God Consciousness and the I AM Race thriving on Earth.

DIVINE LIGHT:  refers to the emanation or radiance of Sacred Fire …of every Eternal Flame, including our own. This Divine Essence of Life contains all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence necessary for the co-creation and sustaining of all potential evolving into its Divine Potential …along its journey of Ascension to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

DIVINE PLAN:  When Father/Mother God first decided to create a System of Worlds, they conceived a Plan of how they might ‘Glorify the Light and expand the borders of Perfection’.  This would involve a limitless expression of the Light across an endless spectrum of dimensions, with infinite possibilities / Divine Potentials, for creation.  Once completed, this Plan was then placed within the Silent Watcher for Divine Consecration and held as an Immaculate Concept. From there it was then placed in the hands of the Seven Mighty Elohim for precipitation / co-creation.

The Divine Plan of Earth includes the Highest Potential of the Three Kingdoms evolving thereon …of Angels, Elementals and Humanity.  Angels maintain the spiritual atmosphere of Earth and evolve towards becoming Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangels.  Elementals provide the physical atmosphere of Earth (earth, air fire and water) and evolve from the tiniest elemental beings to the great Devas, Builders of Form, Silent Watchers and Elohim.  Humanity evolves towards Ascended Mastery in this world of form. And once attaining the Ascension into Solar Consciousness, may evolve  multi-dimensionally in endless Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light …even towards creating a new System of Worlds …if so desired.

ROOT RACES: (see the Plan of Creation above in this Primer for a description of Root Races). The Immaculate Concept of the whole of Humanity is to become the I AM Race …the God Race! The Plan of Creation called for Seven Root Races to fully express this Immaculate Concept, just as the Holy Christ Self constitutes the Seven Rays into its full development. Each Root Race has a Manu …a Majestic Being who represents the Immaculate Concept of the embodied expression of that Root Race. The evolution of each Root Race was designed to be exposed to each of the Seven Rays over a period of approximately 2000 years …or enough time to have numerous embodiments under the influence of each of the Seven Rays of the Godhead. Then at the completion of that 14,000 years, the entire Root Race Ascended, to then dwell in the Spheres of Light with their Manu, making way for the next Root Race to embody on Earth with their Manu. When all Seven Root Races had completed their Ascension, the Divine Plan of Earth was complete, and she became an Ascended Planet (as is every other planet in our Solar System).

THE ‘GREAT FALL’ IN CONSCIOUSNESS: this refers to when the Fourth Root Race adopted the planetary orphans (‘laggards’) into their evolution. But instead of raising them up to the standards required for the Ascension, the Race fell to the lower frequency of the laggards. From this point the evolution of the Root Races became very delayed ...as the ‘loop of karma’ then become a global issue, with returning energies (karma) needing to be spread out over many more embodiments than ever thought necessary, in order to redeem the many negative layers of karma that built up.

After much effort but little progress, this became so disheartening that Father / Mother God considered dissolving Earth from their Solar System, as she could not emit the required Light to sustain her place in the family of planets. It was at this point that our Beloved Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to Earth from his City of the Sun (Shamballa) on Venus, to emit that necessary Light for Humanity …until she could for herself.  This Great Lord of Love is the True Savior of Humanity, and his service is measured in millions of years …with many Ages coming and going, continents raising and sinking and nations / civilizations thriving, then regressing.  Now the Light Service of Beloved Sanat Kumara comes to its final chapter in the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. And we are part of that Light Service in this embodiment!

POTENTIAL:  a scientific term meaning a spectrum of possible outcomes of an event, whether that is a minor event between two electrons …or two people …or a major point of transformation in the life of a family, nation, planet or Solar System.

DIVINE POTENTIAL:  this is the Highest Potential or outcome in terms of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power and the greatest good for all involved …sometimes referred to as the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for that person, place, condition or thing. We are created in the ‘image and likeness’ of Father / Mother God. At our Cosmic Birth, our Eternal Flame contains the limitless potential to become Cosmic Beings of Great Light.  A tiny Spirit Spark becomes the Sun of the Sun! It is like when born on Earth, we begin as a single cell with the genetic code (DNA) to become an evolved being with limitless potential, on Earth!

FEMININE RAY:  The yin and yang of life reveals a Masculine Ray and Feminine Ray of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that taken together forms the perfect balance of creation …Divine Love and Power creating Divine Wisdom in all things.  For many ages the Masculine Ray has gone unbalanced or unchecked …creating a great disservice to all aspects of life on Earth.  Under this imbalance, ‘ego control through fear’ became the norm rather than ‘Divine Direction through Love’ which the Feminine Ray now re-establishes.  We strive to re-establish the Divine Balance of the Cosmic Three-fold Flame in all things.  Then the Masculine Ray qualities within Humanity will fall into balance with its Feminine Ray counterpart …and its qualities of Love, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness Harmony, Balance and Inclusion.

FORCEFIELD: as the name suggests, this is a ‘field of force’ of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that is created by a Cosmic Being (including our collective service as Ascended and Free Humanity), for a specific purpose or plan.  Thus, it may be a Forcefield of Protection as created by the mighty Elohim Hercules or a Forcefield of Healing as created by Archangel Raphael and his Legions of Healing Angels …or a Forcefield of Transmutation as created and sustained by Lord Zadkiel and Lady Holy Amethyst.  Our collective service through Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness is our Forcefield of Service to the Cause of Spiritual Freedom.  An Ascended Master Aura is a Forcefield of that One’s blessings to the Universe …their developed Cosmic Momentums. The Divine Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom is a Forcefield invoked from the Central Sun by Beloved Saint Germain with the purpose of clearing the way for the Divine Plan on Earth.

GREAT COSMIC INBREATH: Within Universal I AM there are Great Cosmic Cycles …sometimes called Great Cosmic Days and Great Cosmic Nights …or Great Cosmic Inbreaths and Great Cosmic Outbreaths.  As conceived of within physical time and space, these are immense cycles! But since our Solar System is but an atom within the Body of God, these are the natural rhythms of Infinity.  Our local Galaxy of a Central Sun and its Seven Suns is at a point of a Great Cosmic Inbreath and has been for some ‘time’ …only awaiting the Earth’s ‘core vibration’ to be sufficiently ascended toward Divine Love so that she may be fully included. A true ‘Gathering of Ascended Humanity’ within daily life is a signal to Father/Mother God that Earth is now prepared to join the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

A Galactic Inbreath brings each planet closer in vibrational orbit to its Sun (Source) and each Sun closer in vibrational orbit to its Central Sun (its Source).  Seen in a three-dimensional view, our Earth would first move horizontally an orbit closer towards Helios and Vesta …then (with our entire Solar System) move an orbit vertically closer to the Central Sun of Alpha and Omega. Of course the already Ascended Planets are in much Higher Dimensions than physical time and space, so we might visualize more of a Cosmic Spiraling of Planets and Suns along a spectrum of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

HOLY SPIRIT:  This is the Third Person in the Holy Trinity and is considered the full nature of the Love Ray.  Besides assisting in the development of the Love Ray in Humanity, Holy Spirit also governs the Elemental Kingdom.  It is also considered the totality of all God Qualities as embodied by the Angelic Kingdom.

THE HAND OF COSMIC HOLY SPIRIT:  This is a visualization of the Great Cosmic Inbreath, where the alignment of all Suns associated with the evolution of our sweet Earth comes into perfect balance.  This then allows the Great Cosmic Inbreath of all life in this Galaxy into its next level of Divine Potential.  These ‘Suns’ are: Father/Mother God as represented as Helios and Vesta (Sun), Alpha and Omega (Central Sun), and Eloha and Elohae (Great Central Sun), as well as the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure in the Center of Earth (Mighty Pelleur and Virgo, representing all Elementals) and the Sun of the Sun on Earth (the Solar Christ Self of all Humanity) …all in a perfect Alignment, representing the complete Galaxy finally on its Divine Axis.  This Cosmic Moment allows all life to Ascend, by Divine Grace, into its Ascended and Free State, to begin its next journey into even greater Perfection! This is all Suns in Divine Alignment!

INFINITE CIRCLE OF LIGHT: The Radiant Light of the Eternal Flame eventually forms an Infinite Circle of Light …which then defines the Universe of that God Being.  This Universe is filled with limitless potential of every person, place, condition and thing evolving within that Universe.  This is as true for Humanity within daily life, as it is for Father/Mother God creating their Universe of Solar Systems and Galaxies!

KARMA: Karma is the Sanskrit term for 'action' …as in the action of sending forth Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …as thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …and then also experiencing the action that follows. Action begets action. It is the law of cause and effect. The 'karma of self' is that lower frequency activity generated by lower frequency thoughts, feelings, words and deeds (condemnation, criticism and judgment) …that only ego self could generate. The Higher (or Original) Self can only generate Higher Frequency Energy, Vibration and Consciousness (Love, Wisdom and Power, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness) …that brings about Higher Frequency action, and its results of Spiritual Freedom …living an Eternal Life in the Light, Ascended and Free. Cause and effect.

The completion of the Law of the Circle is the action of karma …or the 'action of action'.  All Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is in motion, in action, moving towards an outcome! Free will is that Law that gives us the ability to choose the outcome of our Lifestream, becoming our own Co-creation …for better or for worse. Embodiment on Earth is intended to have our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light housed in Elemental Vehicles. These vehicles (or 'Avatar' for the Mighty I AM Presence) would have their own Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds to manifest Divine Potential within the density of form.

This allowed an opportunity (found nowhere else in the Solar System) to achieve Mastery of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness in the dense world of matter and substance. And with the ‘great fall’ in Consciousness, these Elemental vehicles became even heavier and denser than ever intended, along with the resultant suffering (distress, disease and aging) …all of which were never intended in the Divine Plan. And since the ‘great fall’, with thousands of generations of returning imbalanced energies now piling upon each other …the layered complexity of karmic return is what we see all around us.

If the Sacred Energy of the Mighty I AM Presence misused by ego through our Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, then it may return as difficult experiences.  Energy returning ‘heavy’ with negativity or ‘slow’ with low frequency vibrations cannot ascend. It therefore hovers around us in lower frequencies as our embodied aura, generating distress, disease and eventual death. If our energies return with happy, kind, loving frequencies, then it is already ascending and thus returns to our Causal Body as part of our eternal, ever-expanding Cosmic Presence.

On a global level, this same ‘Law of the Circle’ is played out in great masses of energy not yet able to ascend to the Causal Body of the planet. Instead, these energies form the lower psychic (mental) and astral (emotional) planes of thoughts, feeling and memories around the planet. Humanity can become caught in these imbalanced planes, captured by these negative forces. Thus, it is so important to be vigilant as to where we place our attention and in the use of our own Creative Faculties of thought, feeling, word and deed. As to feeling protected, remember the affirmation: the Harmony of my True Being is my ultimate protection!

In physics, creation is seen as ‘waves of potential’ appearing upon the surface of the ocean of Universal I AM …that is, in the ‘world of form’ rather than in depth of ‘formlessness’.  Once this wave has grown to full potential it then recedes back into ‘oceanic oneness’ within Universal I AM.  Karma is those waves that did not reach full potential (because of ego misuse or misdirection of this Divine Light) and thus remain upon the surface (within creation) in ways that were never intended …instead of returning into the Light.  They cannot return to Universal I AM until they reach their Divine Potential or natural Vibration of Divine Love.  Hence our Sacred Service of transforming all karma with the Violet Fire and the totally Transformative Divine Love of the Feminine Ray …which acting in unison, create the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, raising all life into their Ascended State!

LIGHT SERVICE / GROUP SERVICE: We envision that Light Service is done of free will choice …to become more and more enlightened, as if a peaceful process that takes place in our private life …in a place of sanctuary.  And this is how most begin their Ascension Process.  However, there are times when Light Service becomes a calling, as if one must declare their intention to assist Humanity and the world during a treacherous moment, lending the skills they have achieved in their spiritual growth.  Throughout history there have been moments when we truly had to gather as Light Servers to being Harmony and Balance to a very imbalanced moment.  And here we are in such a moment.

Beloved Sanat Kumara brought a 'gathering of great souls' when he took on the service of Earth's redemption. This project meant the breaking up ancient, crystalized but regressive concepts …the karmic patterns of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …and accelerating them into a Higher Frequency potential …which would reveal itself after a transition period. Therefore, the coming of the Great Love Star has brought disturbances (Endings and New Beginnings) within Humanity and within the Elemental Kingdom. But great potential is on the other side of these disturbances.

At this moment of the Next Life Wave Coming, this period of disturbance now leads into Feminine Ray Harmony and Balance …of inclusivity, circularity, equality and Reverence for all Life …Devotion to all Human, Elemental and Angelic life. This reveals the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Angels, Elementals and the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, a foundation of this New Age …manifested through the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way! And with the full power of Crystal Vision, I can assure you this is coming!

ASCENDED AND FREE LIGHT SERVICE ...is emitting 51% or more of our Energy, Vibration and Consciousness in Harmony and Balance with the Great Law of Life.  Group Service assumes that for each one, our principal attention is on our Mighty I AM Presence.  Group Service assumes that in this Union with Mighty God Self, we are then in Indivisible Flowing Wholeness with each other at Multi-dimensional Divine Levels of Light Service …regardless of whether we realize it outwardly. Group Service is coherent, in that we vibrate together in unison with the Cause of Spiritual Freedom.  This is reflected in the global Forcefield of Group Service we call Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness.

Such Group Service is the most powerful way to combine and synchronize our individual spiritual gifts, to co-create a Forcefield much more powerful than the sum of its parts.  In fact, the only safe way to do planetary service (versus spiritual work on self) is through this Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness …as it is already more powerful than any ego / karmic entity of imbalance.  Such planetary entities of imbalance should not be approached from an individual standpoint but only in Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness with all other ‘forces of good’ on the planet.

The FORCEFIELD OF ‘ALL THE GOODNESS IN THE WORLD’: This is the collective ascending, positive, loving thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of Humanity …which Light Service infuses with their Flame of Immortality, until it is more powerful than any imbalance! Imbued with our Flame of Immortality ensures this Forcefield becomes ever expanding and eternal! This Forcefield presumes our innate Faith, that the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way …are already in place and doing their perfect service to life. These are mostly unsung, anonymous, humble souls, who verify the Truth that “the meek shall inherit the Earth”!

STAR OF SPIRITUAL FREEDOM:  This is the Permanent Atom of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom …an Electronic Pattern of the perfection to be attained once the Seventh Ray Dispensation has run its full course in the evolution of Earth and Humanity.  It was given to Beloved Saint Germain by Father / Mother God in the Temples of the Central Sun. We have just completed the Sixth Ray Dispensation of Beloved Jesus as to the Divine Potential of the Holy Christ Self within each one. And now the Seventh Ray Dispensation dawns within the Consciousness of Humanity. This unique Electronic Pattern already pulsates within the Flame of Immortality of all who gain the opportunity for embodiment during this New Age, waiting to be initiated and come to the awareness of the outer consciousness as a guiding principle of this New Age.

STAR OF SANAT KUMARA: The Race of Venus long ago completed the Seven Rhythms of Embodiment …fully exposed to all Seven Rays over many embodiments and have developed fully their Holy Christ Self.  They have naturally then graduated into their Light Bodies within Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness …individually, and as a Planetary Race. Such Victory is announced through the Arising Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus into the atmosphere over Venus. This central planetary Golden Star announces the Next Life Wave Coming.  This Central Star communicates directly with the personal Five-Pointed Star of Venus blazing in the Aura of each of our Ascended Citizens, as well as at each of their Seven Chakra Suns. This is our representation of all Suns in Divine Alignment …all Golden Stars in Divine Alignment!

We ask that you join us in a visualization of the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Sanat Kumara now arising in the atmosphere of Earth. Let us now see, feel and deeply accept this Great Love Star completely enfolding each one of Humanity …as well as at each of Humanity's Seven Chakra Suns. With his Mighty Assistance, the Great Star now magnetizes and enfolds the entire Lifeforce of Earth …through the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. For Earth's Lifeforce is now gathered along our Solar Spine …as the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves! And as you stand now in the Great Love Star, these Seven Ascension Patterns now operate within the Great Love Star …as an Atomic Accelerator for all Lifeforce on Earth.

Beloved Ones, the Love Star of Venus activates at times of Transformational Events in Consciousness. It arose above Venus when Beloved Sanat Kumara left his Home and settled on Earth (with several members of our Family of Kumaras) to establish Shamballa on Earth ...so many eons ago. From this beginning, there developed Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, who would help return Humanity to her rightful place among the Ascended Races within this Solar System.  First among these volunteers were Lord Gautama (who eventually became Lord of the World) and our Beloved Lord Maitreya (who serves now as the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha).  And the Great Love Star activated when Beloved Sanat Kumara was released from this exile to return to Venus (in a Cosmic Ceremony at Lord Michael's Retreat).

And now the Golden Love Star activates again, in relation to its service of Earth's full redemption …to forward Earth's Ascension within the Great Cosmic Inbreath …heralding the Next Life Wave Coming. It again announces Transformational Events in Consciousness …mostly personal transformative events of Spiritual Enlightenment! Here the right and perfect people, are doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way …synchronized by God Illumination, to bring forth global Spiritual Epiphany!

This visualization is part of a Transmission of the Flame Ceremony where, as Venus moves forward upon her trajectory into Higher Orbital Frequency, it equally accelerates our sweet Earth into her Higher Orbital Frequency. The two sister planets are in Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness. And daily life on Earth then becomes much more aligned with the Principles of Divine Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. The Great Love Star radiates the Magnetic Currents of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love …that hold all things in Divine Order and Divine Alignment, during the Great Cosmic Inbreath. But this Forcefield is particularly effective between two intricately connected objects …like sister planets (Earth and Venus) within the Great Cosmos of Father / Mother God. It was our Beloved Sanat Kumara who built this Bridge to Spiritual Freedom …this intricate quantum unity between Earth and Venus.

The Golden Star always announces the Solar Lords and Ladies of the Flame of Immortality …now seen as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity on Earth! The Five-Pointed Star of Venus radiates the Voice of the Great I AM …like a Cosmic radio station, broadcasting as a Sacred Tone / Keynote.  Humanity listens to many frequencies or 'voices' …from without and from within.  Humanity responds strongly to the voices / tones she hears …for she longs to serve a cause that predicts Humanity to be set free from her bondage to lower forces.  This is a great common bond amongst all Humanity! The Five-Pointed Star of Venus now broadcasts the Sacred Tone of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State.  This is a necessary condition of Cosmic Law for Humanity to be included in this Great Cosmic Inbreath!

FIRST CAUSE: In the ordinary course of cause and effect within daily life, First Cause might be seen as the 'most important cause' …or the 'primary cause'.  But there was a literal first cause …before any other cause …from which all other effects came forth.  The Original First Cause from Father / Mother God was Divine Love, and the effects were the infinite ways in which Divine Love might manifest.  Then, as events unfolded, all these effects also became Cause ('second cause') and had their infinite effects …which then became 'third cause' …and into infinity of the cause creating effect …and the Divine Plan unfolding endlessly …all in the infinite vibrational manifestations of Divine Love.

This perfect unfolding manifested through the Ages of the first three Root Races. At some point during the Fourth Root Race, a Cause was set into motion out of Love, where Earth would foster fallen souls, to assist with their redemption …to Love them Free!  And from this good cause came the unexpected and unfortunate effect of the ‘great fall’.  Humanity chose 'other than First Cause' and in choosing lesser cause, created a new path in her development as a Race of God Beings. This too became a cause set into motion and from this lesser cause came endless 'lesser effects', each one becoming their own cause …and on and on it went.  This left us with what we now know as a very complex karmic situation …for Earth and her Elemental Kingdom, as well as for Humanity.

But the very First Intent within this Solar System, before any imbalance within the Law of Cause and Effect, was the manifestation of Perfection Patterns arising from the Eternal Flame …manifesting these patterns 'in form' as a Garden of the Eternal Spring, from which then further Perfection Patterns of Divine Love arose, manifesting further diverse Perfection Patterns of Divine Love …creating an endless Heaven on Earth. This was the Divine State from which the first three Root Races achieved their Ascension …all according to the Original Design. And First Cause has no beginning and no endis now, always has been and always will be, in worlds without end.  This is represented by our understanding of Alpha and Omega, the Central Sun …Father / Mother God who generated First Cause!

And returning to First Cause is our goal. When Beloved Ascended Master Jesus walked the Earth in his Quantum Matter Light Body, he had returned fully to First Cause.  There were no effects of distress, disease and disintegration. We now understand that the physics governing Quantum Matter are different than those governing 'dense physical matter'. So, upon his Resurrection, the boulder blocking the entrance to the tomb was of no consequence.  It simply represented those things that appear (illusion) difficult to change in daily life. But the Consciousness of First Cause changes the 'physics of events' towards the Divine! We might call these changes Transformational Events in Consciousness …quantum leaps in manifestation.

In this regard, let us recall our memories that the Original Laws of First Cause governing the manifestation of Light supersede any subsequent lesser laws of the dense world of form.  This is what Beloved Jesus taught …and hence 'the miracles' (things that would not be expected according to known physics). And through these Original Laws, the Christ arose from the tomb ….as it shall be now with Humanity …arising out of her tomb of ignorance and imbalance. The Resurrection and the Life represents a full return to First Cause …where only perfect effects follow …that themselves then become further Divine Cause downstream …and the Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom is steadily made manifest …the endless path of cause and effect, but now in its Ascension Spiral!

Becoming a Disciple of Holy Spirit is in becoming an Agent of Love made manifest …becoming a Disciple of First Cause!  The Perfection Patterns of Original Intent flow through our ancient spiritual veins …the Cosmic River of Divine Consciousness that flows into and through our Eternal Flame …no matter the realm we choose to express in.  This Cosmic Flow occurs in Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light …as well as within the 'world of form' here on Earth.  In this embodiment, we dedicate our Creative Faculties to this Cosmic Flow by affirming that I AM open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming!  This is empty of self and One with the Way …the Flow of the Tao!

Our Light Service is our constancy to First Cause! This is reflected in our daily spiritual practice. Our constancy of Light Service is to see, feel and deeply accept our True Identity as our Divine Instrument for First Cause.  From that, our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light then set in motion First Cause …in all we do, think, say or feel. And then in Peace, we await the results …which we then observe become further First Cause downstream …and on and on until all Life lives free in the Light! We may not always see the downstream cause and effect, but it does happen! And thus, we are moving steadily towards the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

First Cause is a Mighty Forcefield that pours out of the Great Central Sun, through the Central Suns, through the local Suns and their Solar Systems and into their evolving Root Races …and finally through our Eternal Flame and its Seven Chakra Suns.  First Cause pours out as the Next Life Wave Coming. And specific for Earth, this Divine Quantum Wave is composed of these four, uniquely occurring at present, Major Forcefields …the Seventh Ray Dispensation; the rebalancing of the Masculine Ray with the Feminine Ray; the Sixth and Seventh Root Races entering embodiment; and the Great Cosmic Inbreath now Initiated from Father / Mother God.  The Flame of Immortality within all Humanity is the receptacle for First Cause …the Holy Grail sought through all Spiritual Seeking.  This is our True Identity and our Divine Instrument …the Solar Christ Self of the Seventh Ray Age!

In the beginning was 'the Word' …the Sacred Tone that proceeded forth with First Cause. Like engineers use beams of steel to build magnificent structures, we build our Temples of Holy Spirit using beams of Light. We shape them through the Sacred Influence of Tones and Rhythms. We Co-create through combining our Keynotes of Creation, creating the Divine Orchestra on Earth. Each one becomes the Voice of the Great I AM! And then together, standing in the Light, one Planetary Voice is commanding primal life into the creation of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

First Cause as the Next Life Wave Coming has its own Keynote of the rhythms, tones, pitch, and melody of the Divine. We listen for Keynotes through the Listening Ears of Harmony and Balance. The more we listen for and then blend our Keynote with the Keynote of First Cause, the more our Sun is in Divine Alignment with all Suns. This is the Divine Orchestra continually playing through Universal I AM. This Forcefield anchors here through Keepers of the Flame! Our commitment is a return to True Identity and our Divine Instrument as a Conductor of First Cause …becoming the Flame of Immortality …the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light.

We do so by becoming empty of self, time and space …empty of persons, places, conditions and things …empty of the condemnation, criticism and judgment about those things and situations; empty of the negative feelings towards those persons and situations …and only a Focus of Divine Love …only a return current of Love towards all life not yet free. This is our Ascended Mastery!

PAGODA OF SEVEN WHITE ASCENSION DOVES. This is a visualization of all Lifeforce on Earth …seven major expressions of evolution within daily life on Earth in the physical realm …from the base of the Pagoda, through to its upper levels. Each layer of the Pagoda is enfolded by a shimmering White Ascension Dove and is represented by one of our Seven Chakra Suns. The Pagoda begins at the base of the spine and ascends to the top …as the Crown Chakra of Ascended and Free Humanity. In this visualization, we hold all Lifeforce on Earth along our Solar Spine.

sub-atomic and elemental matter;

to simple cellular plant and animal life;

to complex and developed plant and animal life;

to mass consciousness of Humanity in her daily life,

to 'accelerating evolving awareness' of Humanity;

to the Wisdom Consciousness of Humanity;

to Ascended and Free Humanity!


INDIVISIBLE FLOWING WHOLENESS: this is a term borrowed from a well known physicist …describing the nature of the Universe as “everything happening all at once” …in what we may refer to as “every aspect of life in its Eternal Moment of Now”.  It considers the multi-dimensional nature of Universal I AM, and how everything is synchronized …how everything affects the outcome of everything else (sometimes called ‘chaos theory’) …which is why we carry on in our Light Service, as it will (eventually, within time) affect the outcome of everything else …and outside of time, already has, is now and forever will!

TRUE IDENTITY: Our True Identity is an Eternal Flame of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, radiating its Infinite Radiant Light, composed of Energy, Matter and Intelligence …which enters Co-creation through our Creative Faculties of our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.

DIVINE INSTRUMENT:  our visualization of ourselves as the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of our Multi-dimensional Nature …seeing the Spiritual Aspects of our True Identity as …the One (Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence anchored on Earth; the Three (anchors as the Three-fold Flame of Immortality at the Heart Center); the Seven (Chakra Suns and the River of Kundalini Fire ascending our Solar Spine, duplicating the Solar System of the Sun and its Seven Ascending Planets); the Twelve Houses of the Sun, anchored through the completion of the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self which then opens us to Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness); and again the One …the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM!

Our Eternal ELECTRONIC PATTERN: Our Divine Instrument and True Identity, taken in full, is our Electronic Pattern, known through the Universe as that which I AM and I AM that I AM! This is my unique signature across the Universe, in whatever Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light I choose to serve or exist within, including our sweet Earth. It was given to be a First Breath when I First born as an invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project from the Flame of Immortality of Father / Mother God and is unique like every snowflake is unique.  When in my Ascended and Free State all I create is in this pattern. And all I create from an ego state will return to be set free so it can return to this Electronic Pattern, through the Divine Direction of Sacred Fire.

CAUSAL BODY: these are the Spheres of Divine Qualities revealed as Cosmic Momentums, seen as the Aura around our Mighty I AM Presence in the Higher Frequency Realms of Light. It is sometimes thought of as our higher memory body (with our Etheric body its counterpart in embodiment). It is a Forcefield of our Momentums of Divine Qualities and Talents, Gifts and Blessings along any path of service since we became an Individual God Presence.  It expresses as a Spheres of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness with specific colors, tones and fragrances.  When these Spheres of Light become strong enough, with certain God Qualities along any of the Major Rays, then other novice Lifeforms desire to inhabit these Spheres of Light to learn that Divine Quality …like we might gather in the Aura of an Ascended Master.  We have all done such learning in the Causal Body Spheres of Father / Mother God …preceding any embodiment on Earth.

ROYAL KINGDOMS:  The Original Divine Plan of Earth calls for a Brotherhood / Sisterhood of the Three Kingdoms that were to flourish on Earth …Angels, Elementals and Humanity …serving in complete Harmony, Balance and Peace with each other …towards the Divine Potential of every aspect of life. In the Original Plan of Creation, the Elemental Kingdom first built a physical platform and atmosphere for Humanity, in order to learn Mastery of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness in the world of form! This only occurs through the cooperation of the earth, air, fire, and water Elemental Beings. Then the Angels provided a ‘spiritual atmosphere’ of Divine Qualities, for Humanity’s mental and emotional development, to grow into Majestic God Beings. And then with both accomplished, the First Root Race of Humanity descended into this Garden of Eden …a Divine physical and spiritual atmosphere …and began her Ascension Process through the world of form.

ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS: this is all there is!  All manifestation is created from this matrix …as depending on the quality of Energy involved and the Tone of its vibration, as well as the level of Consciousness directing it into creation, determines what manifests …what potential of creation (out of an infinite spectrum of possibilities) expresses.

THREE-FOLD FLAME:  This is our Flame of Immortality. All Divine Intelligence is centered in this Flame of Father/Mother God …the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom and Power or …the Father (Power) and Mother (Love) creating the perfect outcome of Divine Wisdom (the Christed Son / Daughter of God) …who then directs Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into Divine Manifestation.  This Flame abides in our Spiritual Heart Center, where the flow of Electronic Light from the Mighty I AM Presence (the Silver Cord) anchors.

This Flame of Immortality is sometimes called the Atomic Accelerator, as when we allow it full dominion in the world of form, it will accelerate all atomic substance into its Pure Light Form (our Light Body).  The spiritual foundation of this is that when, through our attention and adoration to the Three-fold Flame, its Radiant Light expanding outward and meets that of our Mantle of Perfection (Tube of Light) surrounding us from the Mighty I AM Presence (see the I AM Chart picture). Then we become self-luminous or transfigured, as did Beloved Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration.

THE VIOLET FIRE:  In the original Divine Plan, our sweet Earth was to come under the influence of one of the Seven Rays every 2000 years (a Minor Cycle, as in the 6th Ray Christian Dispensation just ending).  At the end of 14,000 years (or Major Cycle) the Seventh Ray is the final application of Sacred Fire into Humanity’s Consciousness, assuring her Ascension.  It brings completion to the Ascension Process, through its powers of Divine Alchemy and Invocation.  Presently what is needed most to complete this Major Cycle (that was immeasurably delayed) is the Qualities of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …so that ego-based karma may be fully freed through Transmutation.  Hence the Violet Fire principally contains this Forcefield, released through the ongoing Ceremony of Rhythmic Invocation. Violet is a mix of Blue (representing Divine Power) and Pink (representing Divine Love). So in the end it is a Divine Synergythe most Powerful Activity of Love.  Depending on the synergy (or mix) of Love and Power, the Violet Fire may express from a light mauve to the deepest Royal Purple.

NEXT LIFE WAVE COMING: this speaks for itself and is composed of four Major Forcefields now aligning at this Cosmic Moment on Earth …the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom …the Feminine Ray prominence, rebalancing the Masculine Ray …the Sixth and Seventh Root Races embodying on Earth, with Solar Consciousness already thriving within them …and the Great Cosmic Inbreath of all Planets, Stars and Solar Systems ascending towards Source …into their Higher Frequency Divine Potential.


[1] See ‘the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle’. We influence the outcome of an event simply by applying our consciousness to it.   Quantum physics says that a quantum particle doesn't exist in one state or another, but in all its possible states, all at once. Contemplate this!  It's only when we observe its state that a quantum particle is essentially forced to choose one of its many potentials, and that's the state that we observe and / or experience.  Thus, we strive to continuously see the Divine Potential in all things and choose to experience this Reality!

[2] Here the words of Beloved Jesus come into sharper focus … “Go forth and sin no more …what you sow shall you also reap …store up your treasures in Heaven.”

[3] The names of Cosmic Beings have been passed down through the Ages by Seers and Sages.  Their names represent Divine Qualities taken from different languages.  Their actual Cosmic Names are closer to Sacred Tones / Frequencies of Divine Music, their ‘Spiritual Keynote.