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Recommended Music

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The gentle reader will notice that there is a variation of music presented, all of which bring some aspect of the Tone or Keynote of the Divine. All life has its Co-creation through Energy, Vibration and Consciousness and all of this is captured in music …as well as in art, movement, dance, fragrance and color. As to the musical choice, it may be a certain key, a particular melody, a beat or rhythm, a pitch, a crescendo or softness of sound …that draws us closer to the Divine in our Light Service to Earth and Humanity. The choice of music that attracts us will be influenced by the type of Light Service we desire to give in that moment, as well as what Major Ray we serve on …as well as which Ascended Masters, Angels or Devic Beings we seek to serve with. For if we play their Keynote it attracts their Consciousness …and thus all their Divine Momentum flows through our embodied Light Service / Ceremony at that moment. And a personal choice or favourite that has the strongest influence towards the Divine, is always best.


Suggested Music / Artists / Albums / Songs.

Can be found on any Music Streaming Services:

Iasos (several Albums)

Aeoliah (several Albums)

Constance Demby (several Albums)

Vangelis (several Albums)

Sounds of Source (several Albums)

Fernando Martinez (Guerreros de Luz)

Pablo Huascar (Ritmos Solares)

Christopher Tin (Live at Llangollen)

James Newton Howard (Flow like Water; Rosa Mystica)

Henne Becker (several Albums)

Pepper Choplin (We are not alone)

Kitaro (several Albums)

Tomita (several Albums; but especially the track Aranjuez)

Karunesh (several Albums)

Deuter (several Albums)

Montgomery Smith (several Albums)

Laize (several Albums)

R Armando Morabito (Sea of Atlas, Angels)

Audiomachine (several Albums)

Mozart (various but especially Laudate Dominum)

Chopin (various but especially Nocturne op9 #2)

Beethoven (various but esp. Ode to Joy or Adagio from Emperor)

Epic Soul Factory (Everdream)

Hans Zimmer (Interstellar, Main Theme)

Hang Massive (Luminous Emptiness; The secret kissing …)

Havasi (Prelude, Age of Heroes)

Michael Hoppe ...'Requiem'  Album


And any other Classical, New Age or Modern Music that accelerates one's Light Service from a clear Mind and open Heart.