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August 2023

August, 2023 PDF

August, 2023


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.


From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:

Empty of self, time and space …in my
True Identity …and as the Divine Instrument
of my Eternal Flame Radiating its Infinite Light …









(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Transmission
of the Divine Potential
, in setting all life free in the Light!

I AM Expanding and Projecting  the Transmission
of the Divine Potential
, in setting all life free in the Light!


I AM that I AM!

I AM the Transmission of the Divine Potential.
I AM the Transmission of Original Will.
I AM the Transmission of Sacred Fire.

I AM the Transmission of Love, Wisdom and Power!
I AM the Three-fold Transmission of God in Action!

I AM the Transmission of the Seven Chakra Suns, fully
into my embodied ganglionic centers, so that I may
now graduate into my Twelve-fold Solar Spine.

I AM the Transmission of my Twelve-fold Solar Spine
into my embodied seven-fold physical spine.

I AM the Transmission of the Mind of God
into my outer Consciousness.

I AM the Transmission of Cosmic Holy Spirit
into my daily feeling nature.

I AM the Transmission of the necessary Quantum Fluctuations
in the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness fields of
Humanity, and the Elemental Kingdom, in order
to manifest the Age of Spiritual Freedom!




Dear Ones, let us focus on ‘abiding’.  Abide may mean to ‘tolerate some situation or circumstance’ …yet it also means ‘to accept’ something. So, as we abide (tolerate) the outer world, let us also abide (accept) our Divine Instrument …and abide therein, living within its Field of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Let this be our visualization …our meditation.

We begin at the beginning …by abiding within the One Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence …who chose to embody in the world of form as the Holy Christ Self. It did so by projecting one of its great Cosmic Rays into the denseness of form, manifesting here as the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame …our Eternal Flame. We now realize that this is but one Ray of many Cosmic Rays that pour forth across the Universe from our Mighty I AM Presence. We are (I AM) designed as a projection of this Great Cosmic Power, in the world of form! We practice abiding in this Higher Frequency Cosmic Ray, as it surrounds and envelopes us. In Meditation, we focus solely on abiding within this Ray of Light …seeing, feeling and deeply accepting that it abides in us, it flows through us, and our Ascension is in becoming it …the Light of God flowing into the world.  The first Commandment of Father / Mother God remains “Let there be Light“! And I AM this Divine Light entering the world!

With this accomplished, we next see this Cosmic Ray express itself, anchoring as the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. We see, feel and deeply accept abiding in this Flame …this Immortality of Love, Wisdom and Power.  Let us begin with first abiding in the pink Love Plume within our Eternal Flame. Here we become the Ray of Holy Spirit, with all the diverse aspects of Divine Love from the Realms of Light  pouring through us. We focus on this until we become the River of Divine Love into the world. Here we abide in Love Eternal.

Next, we focus on the sunshine yellow Plume of Wisdom centering the Three-fold Flame. We visualize it flowing into and through us …opening our Divine Perception and Vision of the world. Here we experience the Mind of God and develop our God Illumination. Abiding within this Ray of Wisdom, we understand and become Enlightenment. We hear the Tones of the Heart Sutra, “gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond; oh! …what an awakening; all Hail”.

We finalize abiding in the Three-fold Flame in focusing ourselves within the blue Plume of Power. The Three-fold Flame is the Power of Divine Love, revealing itself in Wisdom. This Flame of Power now expresses in this New Age as the Violet Fire …the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State! The Ray of Violet represents the perfect blend of the Pink Ray of Love and the Blue Ray of Power, the perfect Harmony and Balance of the Masculine and Feminine Rays. The Ray of Power represents Divine Love in action, so it comes with a sense of Divine Influence and Spiritual Agency …a Light Commanding Presence in Action! Here we experience this Power as ‘the Light of God that is always Victorious!’ This is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love!

Now we ‘fully abide’ in our Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. Like the Buddha, we are seated on our Lotus of Sacred Fire. After abiding in this Great Solar Quiet, we then transpose this to our Ceremony and Service within daily life. Here we may visualize this activity as the Blue Ray of Power on the left, as the incoming Light Commanding Presence (left palm up to receive) …then passing through the Flame of Wisdom and Enlightenment in the center (upper chest and up into the mind) …then is released into the world through the right hand (palm facing out) as the right and perfect Activity of Love in action!

As we abide in our daily lives, we now focus on abiding in the Eternal Flame’s Seven Chakra Suns. Here we become a projection of the Cosmos, with the Eternal Flame being the Central Sun, and the Chakras being its Seven Suns. Let begin at the base of the spine. Here we abide in the Ascension Sun Chakra. We give Gratitude for the opportunity to Ascend from a reproductive vessel within the world of form …as this opportunity is only available on Earth …and is an opportunity we applied for.  On other Planets, the Ascension is from much more Ethereal Bodies, as it was in the first three Root Races on Earth. And this Cosmic Opportunity was our free will choice …to offer our Light Service to a planet requiring Redemption …or, because we were part of the Fourth and Fifth Root Races seeking our Ascension …or both.

Rising up the spine, we may now abide in the Temple of the Violet Fire Chakra. Abiding here, we further understand and secure our purpose in the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. Here the Flame of Transmutation, as well as the Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, abides. Here we experience the Violet Fire …the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State! (Pause) With this established, we proceed up the Kundalini River to the Sun Chakra of Peace Divine at the solar plexus. We abide here within our Heavenly Sanctuary from the world of form, protected from fear-based imbalance by the Cosmic Flame of Peace. (pause) Then with this experience secured,  we proceed up to the Heart Chakra and the Cohesive Power of Divine Love. We abide here in the Power of Holy Spirit we came to embody …as well as the Wisdom of how to present it …the Focus of Illumined Love.

Next, we abide in the throat Chakra of Divine Power, representing the Voice of the Great I AM.  Our Tone of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is the Word of God ‘coming into the world’ …and is projected through the voice …silently or outwardly.  Abiding in this Blue Power Chakra creates the foundation of becoming the Light Commanding Presence …in using music, affirmations, decrees, mantras and songs to bring forth the Tones and Reality of Divine Life into the world.

We next abide in the Emerald Green Sun Chakra at the forehead. Abiding here we discover Crystal Vision and experience the Seven-fold Crown of the Elohim centered here. Abiding here we truly envision and experience Co-creation …and our part in the Precipitation of a New Age of Spiritual Freedom. Here we experience the Power of Elohimic Visualization, in forwarding the Ascension Process on Earth. (pause)  And finally, we graduate up to the Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra of God Illumination. Abiding here we understand and experience Mystic Union with the Great, Great Silence …hearing again Lord Gautama’s Tones of Enlightenment …”gone, gone, gone beyond …gone altogether beyond; Oh! what an awakening; all Hail”. Here we abide empty of self …in timelessness and spacelessness …with 10,000 Buddhas smiling back at us!

And from abiding within all Seven Chakra Suns, we may then abide in the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity …abiding in the Twelve Houses of the Sun within the Solar Causal Body. This practice is magnetizing Solar Consciousness …enhancing our ability for Higher Frequency Mystic Union …even while yet abiding in daily life. Such Harmony and Balance is the Middle Way of the Buddha …as well as the Christ Nature of Service to all Life. From within the Great, Great Silence, we choose Reverence for all Life, no matter the frequency in which it currently abides. And from this Exalted Twelve-fold State of Consciousness, we then have Mystic Union with the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM!

Joy at the Gates of Birth

Beloved Light Servers, let us remember the Joy at the Gates of Birth. We came into the world to embody this Divine Instrument, desiring deeply to become the Light of the World. We knew that with daily practice of our True Identity, we could achieve the gift of Spiritual Liberty and the Power of Spiritual Agency. The Greater Promise was in doing so embodied, as then the world may Ascend with us!  ‘As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!’ We entered this embodiment with a Call to Joy, in assisting our Beloved Saint Germain in establishing the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

However, in the Ascended Master Temples before birth we could understand the Ascension Process from a deeper perspective, as a series of Quantum State Fluctuations in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. We trained for Transformational Events at the sub-atomic and molecular level … the level at which Sacred Fire transmutes negative manifestation into its Divine Potential. These Quantum State Fluctuations are the essence of Transformation in any manifestation … persons, places, conditions and things. With this Action of Sacred Fire, the cell, atom and electron all behave differently. We trained in this Reality, this Transformation though Sacred Fire and were prepared to embody it!

Transformation eventually becomes tangible. But the ‘foundational changes‘ occur first at the sub-atomic / molecular levels of the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness involved. And this is where our Light Service has its impact! We long for outer change, but we are Beings of Cause …and as such, we are at Peace with the ‘effects of our Light Service’ at the level of cells, atoms and electrons …awaiting in Divine Patience it’s outer manifestation, while joyfully abiding in the Radiant Light of our Eternal Flame. This is becoming Ascended and Free!

So, let us abide in this domain of sub-atomic particles in their wave function. We affirm: ” I abide in the Great Solar Quiet of my Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light“.  Breathing deeply and rhythmically, we become our Flame of Immortality …and our only environment is its Infinite Radiant Light! We see, feel and deeply sense this Forcefield all around us.  With eyes closed, we look around and as far as we can see, there is only a great sea of Light …our Light! I AM abiding in an endless expanse of Light!

And with this our Solar Consciousness is opened. We now see that each photon of Light is full of Quantum State Energy waiting to fulfill the Divine Plan.  Each photon is packed with the Divine Intelligence to manifest the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.  Each photon is endowed with Quantum State Matter, waiting the call from the Flame of Immortality to express Limitless Physical Perfection in the world of form.  This is the Transmission of Divine Potential into manifestation! This is the Realm in which we abide …in our Light Service! This is the Joy we knew at the Gates of Birth!

So Dear Ones, let us abide in the Great Solar Quiet of our Divine Instrument, as we offer our True Light Service to this sweet Earth and her Humanity. Let us abide in our Truth, in our Spiritual Agency and in our Peace …together, standing in the Light!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED LADY PORTIAGoddess of Divine Restorative Justice …leading into the Resurrection of Spiritual Freedom on Earth.

I AM the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire, bringing Restorative Justice into every person,
place, condition and thing. I abide in a Matrix of endless Mystic Rings of
Violet Fire, bringing long awaited Justice to every cell, atom and
electron of form, as well as the Elementals of
earth, air, fire, and water, who have long
endured the manifestations of ego.

Beloved Ones, I AM the Goddess of Justice …as well as the Divine Twin of our Beloved Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray. Together, we are (I AM!) the principal architect of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. I invite you to abide in our Temples of Justice within the Seventh Ray. Here,  Angelic Hosts of the Seventh Ray will deeply engage you, stimulating the necessary God Illumination for Humanity’s journey back to the Heart of her own Mighty I AM Presence. This alone is Divine Justice!

Children of the Seventh Ray …the Violet Fire has many Divine Qualities …the many faces of Spiritual Freedom. Just as you turn a crystal or jewel and see a new refraction of Light, with every turn of the Seventh Ray Dispensation, you see new aspects of Beauty and Transformation. The Seventh Ray brings the advent of Solar Consciousness into Humanity. It transmutes karmic patterns that have persisted over centuries, replacing them with the Transformational Perfection Patterns within Sacred Fire. From our Temples and through your daily spiritual practice (with ceremonial constancy and rhythmic command), Mystic Rings of Violet Fire will encompass any person, place, condition or thing, until it is set free in the Light …free of personal, family, national, racial, religious, or cultural karmic patterns.  This is the Activity of the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire. This is Divine Justice!

Divine Justice is the Ray of Invocation …the condensation, concentration and radiation of the Spiritual Energies into the world! This is the training to become the Priests / Priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel …for which you have all applied to manifest within Humanity once again. It is the Rhythmic, Ceremonious Invocation, Concentration and Radiation of Spiritual Energies. Such are the Children of the Seventh Ray. This too is Divine Justice!

Let us visualize the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire (pause) …then expand this to multiple Mystic Rings of Violet Fire (pause) …then endless Mystic Rings of Violet Fire …circles upon circles of Cosmic Violet Fire …of Divine Restorative Justice! This is the blueprint in re-establishing the Divine Potential and its subsequent Perfection Patterns within Humanity. Divine Justice is the reparative healing back to Divine Potential. Divine Justice is the return to Integrity, Righteousness (right-use-ness), Virtue and Goodness. Divine Justice is Sacred Alchemy …transforming injustice and inequality into Harmony and Balance.

Personal reparative healing begins in becoming empty of self, time and space …and then setting free any of our life energies injured within time, space and by ego-self. Divine Justice evolves from Spiritual Discernment and God Illumination, able to see the Divine Reality behind imbalance …as to what was intended by God’s Will before the veil of maya dropped over Humanity.  Divine Justice seeks to restore that Divine Potential into its intended manifestation …our True Identity and its Divine Instrument …while abiding in the world! This is the Christ Nature in the world. Such is Divine Justice!

Divine Justice is also restored by calling forth the Children of the Seventh Ray, those Souls who have already restored the Power of Invocation and Sustaining of Spiritual Forces in other domains in this Galaxy. Divine Justice is aimed at the Light that has flowed freely through Humanity (from the Mighty I AM Presence), which has been misused …the very Light that was intended to Bless all life. Children of the Seventh Ray are those who embody to teach Humanity …in the ‘right use’ of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …through the Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …as a Rhythmic Divine Ceremony in living daily life. Living Temple Life, in a balanced daily life, is key.

Children of the Seventh Ray are those Souls that have generally embodied at the opening of the Divine Cycle of the Seventh Ray  …the ‘completion cycle’ of the larger Ray of Love, within the Three-fold Flame. The Ages of Holy Spirit, Rays three through seven, represent the Hand of Holy Spirit. And here we pass from the Sixth Ray Cycle of the Cristian Dispensation and into the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom …completing the Hand of Holy Spirit! This also is Divine Justice!

Oh, Children of Light! …the Violet Fire is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love. This Seventh Ray brings all aspects of the Third Ray (of the Three-fold Flame) to fruition (Rays three through seven). Cohesive Power is a particular Spiritual Power! (pause). Children of the Seventh Ray embody with it. The purpose of any Divine Power is to establish a robust sense of Spiritual Agency!  It is important that Service on the Seventh Ray manifest this Spiritual Empowerment …always guided by Wisdom and expressed in Love. Cohesive Love is acceleratingly inclusive and thus gathers people at a Higher Frequency of life …full of Divine Intuition, Clarity and Creativity. Such is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State. This is the Victory Statement of Ascended and Free Light Service …this is the essence of Divine Justice!

Here we remember the words of the Cosmic Christ spoken through our Beloved Jesus: ‘everything I have done shall ye also do …and greater things’. We have come into embodiment so that all Humanity may fully progress through her Ascension Process. Then together, standing in the Light, we all graduate into Solar Christ Consciousness as the I AM Race, absolutely aligned with the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM.

Imagine all Humanity understanding and accepting this …(pause) …that she is but One Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence anchored into the world, as the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. Then around that Eternal Flame was projected the Seven Chakra Suns and the Ascending Kundalini River of Spiritual Development. And around this foundation was formed the four Elemental vehicles to function in ‘particle-function’ (vs ‘wave-function’) …the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies that make up our embodied experience. Such God Illumination for all …is Restorative Justice!

In the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Agency, the Hand of Holy Spirit expresses within the Star of Spiritual Freedom …now initiated within Humanity. Within this Star, the Maltese Cross anchors the Cosmic Forces of the Four Foundations of the Next Life Wave Coming …the Feminine Ray, the Sixth and Seventh Root Races embodied, the Seventh Ray Dispensation unfolding its Perfection Patterns …and the Great Cosmic Inbreath occurring at Cosmic levels. These Forces all function in synchronicity, and taken together, constitute the Victory of the Light that cannot be denied! Now the completion of the Hand of Holy Spirit is the Children of the Seventh Ray anchoring these Cosmic Forcefields in the world!

The Seventh Ray Dispensation is the coming of Holy Spirit that will transform the world. Let us abide in this Sacred Destiny …as the ‘Children of the Seventh Ray’ and as ‘the completion of the Hand of Holy Spirit’.  See, feel and deeply accept our Gathering as the Cohesive Power of Divine Love …through which Holy Spirit now raises all life into her Divine Potential …together, standing in the Light!

It is vital that the Gathering of Ascending Humanity develop Mystic Union with the Angels and Elementals. For this too is Divine Justice! It is these Majestic Beings who work with primal energy in its ‘wave-function’. The Elementals create form but require a ‘developing Consciousness within Humanity’ to direct it into creation. The Angels work with ‘wave-function’ Forcefields of Divine Feelings, and rarely show themselves ‘in form’.  But Humanity is the key to the Three Kingdoms abiding together in synchronized alignment …as she abides in Elemental form, yet also functions in the Spirit Realm. The Three Kingdoms of Angels, Elementals and Humanity are the Original Template of manifesting the Divine Plan of Earth …each contributing to the other in creating the perfect ‘whole’. Restoring this Gathering of the Three Kingdoms is Divine Justice!


Humanity’s part of this ‘completing the Hand of Holy Spirit’ …and in the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity …is in the process of Ordered Ceremonial Service …the order of utilizing the Higher Frequency Energies of Sacred Fire. This Order of Ceremonial Service in the Precipitation of Limitless Physical Perfection …is as follows:

Invocation of Sacred Fire!

Focusing and the Concentration of these Energies.

Seeing and Moulding the desired Divine Potential with the mind.

Projecting / Transmitting such Energies into the world.

Energizing such Transmission with Divine Feelings.

Sustaining this Sacred Service over time.

The final step in this Order of Ceremonial Service is in eventually dissolving the sustained creation back into ‘wave-function’ through Etherealization. All form is impermanent and is eventually set free in the Light. Through all these steps of Ordered Ceremonial Service, we serve in concert with the Angels and Elementals …creating that Celestial Synchronization of Co-creation …the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of all Angels, Elementals and Humanity. This is a necessary Foundation for the Age of Spiritual Freedom. This too is Divine Justice!

Transforming Consciousness by Holy Spirit is announced through the Star of Sanat Kumara and the Love Frequencies of Venus. Such Higher Order Energies prepare Humanity for the awareness, understanding and enlightenment about Transformational Evolution …the many Quantum State Fluctuations influencing the forcefields of persons, places, conditions and things toward the Divine Potential. These Higher Frequency Fluctuations create change across many dimensions of life …leading to epiphany after epiphanybuilding Transformative Acceleration of the Ascension Process. The Star of Sanat Kumara aims at Revelation. It begins a cascading effect of Atomic Acceleration to the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

The Seventh Ray is a particular Forcefield of Divine Influence. Seventh Ray Service is in teaching Humanity her true place of Power …in the wielding of Energy …in the Co-creation of her Divine Potential. Each person is a God-endowed Being …who may endow life with qualities and form …through her Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …fulfilling the Cosmic Law ‘what we think and feel, we bring into form’.

Humanity already endows a variety of things in daily life. She endows work or career with the power to supply the requirements of daily life and a sense of accomplishment. She endows other things to comfort her, such as entertainment, religion, medicine, etc.). But with the Advent of the Seventh Ray, Humanity will now endow her True Spiritual Identity …as the Divine Instrument of God in Action …to bring her all the supply, healing, comfort, knowledge and every freedom from limitation. It has been said “According to your endowment, so it is unto you!” Let this Power within the Seventh Ray bring Spiritual Freedom to all! This is Divine Justice!

Accomplished Spiritual Momentums

Beloved Ones, as each New Cycle opens, it begins with the accomplished spiritual momentums of the preceding Age.  Beyond this, it draws forth all the wealth of spiritual development from all ages gone before (even before recorded history). Such is the Power within the Seventh Ray. This is a Cosmic Momentum of the entire Ascension Process across the history of Earth, to which many earnest Souls have strived to invest their Energies over many millennia. Think of this as the Gathering of our Spiritual Ancestors! This entire Forcefield desires to anchor now through the presently embodied Gathering of Ascending Humanity …as a Forcefield of Spiritual Endeavor to be tangibly felt in the Creative Faculties of all!

So, we encompass and endow all previous Divine Service into the current Ascension Process of Humanity. We also bring forth a New Impetus along the Seventh Ray to empower all these Energies towards Victory! We add to this Cosmic Momentum our personal accomplishments as a Divine Directors of Sacred Fire, anchoring these Transforming Energies into the ’embodied realm’ where they are most needed …though meditation, visualization, music, song, decrees, affirmations, fragrance, color and ceremony. All the Creative Faculties are included in Ordered Ceremonial Service, as we feel most suitable to perform. Affirm:


I AM the Flame of Cosmic Holy Spirit the Star of Spiritual Freedom Initiated …
the Seventh Ray completing the Prophecy of Holy Spirit.
And I AM its entrance into the world!

I AM the Quantum Fluctuations in Energy, Vibration and Consciousness,
accelerating life towards its Ascended and Free State … its Divine Potential.

As the Star of Spiritual Freedom embodied,
I AM a Tonal Sea of Quantum Vibrational Fluctuations
at the levels of every cell, atom and electron of my being!

I AM the Quantum Fluctuations of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness
at the cellular biological level, the atomic material
level and the sub-atomic electronic level
of my four Elemental vehicles.

I see, feel and deeply accept the Quantum Fluctuations of
… the Quantum Fluctuations of Vibrations
the Quantum Fluctuations of Consciousness
flowing within and through me.

I AM a Force of Holy Spirit moving upon this planet!
I AM an upwards rushing Force of Divine Potential!
I AM an accelerating Forcefield of Energy,
Vibration and Consciousness.

I AM a Being of very Powerful Light
Creating an accelerating Radiation of Energy,
Matter and Intelligence from my Eternal Flame!
I AM the Ascension Process of Co-creation
…of the Divine Potential for Humanity!


Coming of Holy Spirit

Dear Ones, the Coming of Holy Spirit is known in different religions and cultures by different names and generally occurs for an individual in a step wise fashion, given the development of Consciousness. The Sacred Purpose for the Initiation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom is to enfold all Humanity in an Aura of this Spiritual Awakening …so that this aspect of the Ascension Process is absolutely inclusive across Humanity. Light Servers hold the Immaculate Concept of this process …acknowledging and validating this Spiritual Aura around themselves and Humanity …until Humanity’s own awareness allows her to do so for herself.

The Coming of Holy Spirit individually generally evolves steadily over several embodiments. But with the Next Life Wave Coming with the full Force of Seventh Ray Impetus, there will be acceleration, with more  ‘epiphanies’ …where several steps are ‘jumped’. Physics understands ‘quantum jumps’ and we are created from the same sub-atomic material that make such quantum jumps, from one form of matter to another. The Coming of Holy Spirit relates to the five sub-Rays of Holy Spirit and are unique to the individual. In order, these five steps are: Belief  > Acceptance > Knowing > Illumination > Wisdom!

This Coming of Holy Spirit begins with Belief, a mental concept. All Humanity has some mental concept of the ‘spiritual aspect of life’ …from atheism to the dogma of religion …to one’s own unique spiritual path. Imagine the Quantum State Fluctuations now in action, accelerating all mental beliefs towards the common ground of Reverence for all Life …reverence for other people and their mental concepts of ‘the Divine’, as well as reverence for the Original Innocence of the Elemental Kingdom.  This would be a baseline standard to begin experiencing the Coming of Holy Spirit.

Acceptance engages the feeling nature, the most powerful of the vehicles integrated into this process. Now it becomes more than a mental concept …where the awareness itself generates an increasingly powerful feeling experience. Here the Angels are allowed to pour more of the Divine Feeling Nature into this process.  And once the feelings are positively accelerated, then the journey quickens …as ‘to taste the goal, is to chase the goal‘. Here one begins to make transformational changes in their daily life …away from a focus on materially succeeding, towards one’s spiritual growth. Here these changes may appear across families, communities, and even larger gatherings  …towards the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!

Knowing means having accepted these changes toward spiritual awareness enough to regularly experience them.  Here Rhythm and Ceremony gain strength, which transforms one’s sense of the purpose of this embodiment. This brings a certain peace of mind …but also further accelerates the process, as one desires to continually experience more of this Higher Frequency Reality!

Illumination begins when one experiences their Divinity often enough to feel they are living this Ascension Process …understanding their Spiritual Liberty and effectively applying their Spiritual Agency. Here one feels Mystic Union with their own Light, with their own Divinity! Here the Path for becoming Disciples of Holy Spirit centers one’s life. Now we truly understand how much we may impact the outcome of our sweet Earth and the evolution of Humanity. Now we see the Divine Potential of an I AM Race evolving on Earth …as the culmination of the Hand of Holy Spirit …as the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom fulfilled!

Wisdom is the final step. Here one becomes the Presence of that Eternal Flame …allowing its Infinite Radiant Light to Bless the Planet. Such are those that graduate into their own Ascension …and yet abide on Earth as anonymous Ascended Masters, who continually serve those yet further back in their Ascension Process. Here the Keynote is Loving Service to all Life. This is Divine Justice!

Beloved Ones, all of this is Divine Justice Restored …and the Coming of Holy Spirit!