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August 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Limitless
Divine Potential of the Mighty I AM Presence on Earth!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Limitless
Divine Potential of the Mighty
Presence on Earth!


I stand within the Eye of Divine Liberty!
I AM entering my Spiritual Freedom
through the Cosmic Violet Fire!

The Cosmic Violet Fire now transmutes my lower ego consciousness ...my physical, etheric, mental and emotional aura of all returning energies from this day ...this year ...this embodiment and all my embodiments on Earth.

The Cosmic Violet Fire now transmutes this energy into its original innocence, allowing it to Ascend into my
Cosmic Causal Body!

I AM empty! ...empty! ...EMPTY! ...of self.
I AM empty of all defenses against ego-injury.
I AM empty of all defenses against ego-death.

I AM empty of all persons, places, conditions and things.
I AM empty of self and all restrictions of time and space.

I live in Harmony and Balance with my surroundings.
I remain empty of all issues arising in daily life.
I AM Radiating my Light into all of them,
engaging them with my Love,
silently but powerfully!
I AM empty of self and I AM Eternal Flame!
I AM my Divine Instrument and True Identity!
I AM welcoming my Spiritual Freedom in the Light!

Within this present Great Cosmic Inbreath,
I AM a spiraling River of Seven Ascending Chakra Suns!
I AM Seven Ascending Suns arising towards the Central Sun.
I AM Seven Ascending Central Suns arising
towards the Great Central Sun!
And on into Infinity!

I AM Universal I AM, embodied on Earth!
I AM ...that I AM ...THAT I AM!



Beloved Ones, let us again consider that our Service to the Light is timeless and spaceless. Like Father / Mother God Alpha and Omega, our Light Service has no beginning and no end. This embodiment is just its present, temporary form. This embodiment is not 'an arduous trek' (as it sometimes feels when trapped in time) ...it is simply one breath along an Eternal Journey. But every moment of this journey is right here and now ...so it seems timeless, while constantly developing us ever-further into a Multi-dimensional, Majestic Being of Great Light ...our Ascended and Free Presence. This Eternal Journey of Light Service is presently presenting itself here on Earth ...in the First Cause of Spiritual Freedom of Humanity. This is our reason for being embodied ...our reason for Being!

But also consider that besides being timeless, this Journey of Light Service is also everywhere present ...all at once. Light Beings are every Divine Potential of their Light Service ...all at one, simultaneously. Meditate on this concept! There are limitless Cosmic Light Rays proceeding forth from the Mighty I AM Presence ...whose Divine Potential of Light Service is limitless. And this embodiment on Earth represents just one such potential being fulfilled. Imagine the Light Service of our White Fire Being, dwelling within the Great Central Sun ...across endless Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light! Let us try to understand the nature of limitless potential ...including every Divine Potential of our Light!

Again, as embodied Light Servers we are but One Ray projecting from our Mighty I AM Presence. And there are countless other Cosmic Rays from that same Eternal Flame. Beloved Jesus described this as "being about my Father's business". We reflect this same Truth, but with the expanded Consciousness for a New Age of Spiritual Freedom. The Source of All Being has as its Foundation that Light Service is here, there and everywhere present! This is the nature of Light, of Eternity and Infinity ...a Reality present here and now through our Eternal Flame ...in this very embodiment!

Likewise, our Causal Body is limitless in its Divine Potential. The Causal Body is like our spiritual 'muscle memory' ...like when we learned to ride a bike and never forgot how. It is the same with remembering our Cosmic Momentum of Light Service. We have learned much for Cosmic Light Service before; we know it well; and we are here to teach and remind Humanity of this same Truth through our consecutive consciousness with our own full Divinity ...as has every Avatar of Father / Mother God before us!

Our Eternal Flame is on an Eternal Journey of Co-creation within Universal I AM. This Journey has no beginning and no end, no past and no future. It is only truly experienced in the Eternal Moment of Now. Contemplate this in meditation. Our Causal Body is only experienced in the ever-present moment of now ...yet it also continually changes and grows in Momentum, as the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness we radiate returns magnified with its more of its own kind. This is the Promise of our Causal Body.

The Divine Potential of our physical presence may also be experienced in this same fashion. Think of the water molecule. Its expression in any moment may be as solid ice; as fluid water; or as steam (and float away). These three substances appear to have little in common, yet they are the same thing ...just with different energy frequency. Likewise, we may experience our body as a heavy 'block of matter' ...or, as effortless as flowing water ...or as 'ethereal and light' as steam and float away, no longer held by gravity. It depends on the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within that body. And the gift of our Creative Faculties allows us to determine the 'settings' of our Energy content, the Vibration of our cells, atoms and electrons, as well as the level of our Consciousness ...either at ego levels (disease and distress) ...or the levels of the Divine Presence, abiding in our Light Body of Harmony, Happiness and Balance.

The Sacred Fire is designed to accelerate these settings of our expression towards the level of our Divine Potential ...if we give our Eternal Flame our undivided invocation, focus, concentration, assimilation, expansion and projection. This requires being empty of self, time and space. And once we establish this Divine Instrument, through rhythmic practice, then our Causal Body Momentum flows effortlessly into daily life. Then all our previous training and Spiritual Mastery from other Dimensions, Realms, Spheres flows into our ever-present moment ...as our True Identity! So, it is more accurate to say, 'we then join our Causal Body' (rather than it joins us) ...and we then flow into its Eternal Moment of Now! And from there we may flow into the Eternal Moment of Universal I AM! Think of the Awe and Glory of that experience! Or, as our Beloved Lord Gautama described it in his Heart Sutra: "Gone, gone, gone beyond ...gone altogether beyond; Oh, what an awakening ...all Hail!"

Dear Ones, just as physical fire will determine if water expresses as a solid, a fluid or a gas, so too does the application of Sacred Fire determine if we express as an aging / distressed body ...or, as formed substance, but in its Eternal Youth and Beauty ...or, as an Electronic Light Body in the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light ...a full expression of our Mighty I AM Presence. This is the Divine Plan of Humanity ...to follow this course into becoming the I AM Race, on an Ascended and Free Earth! This is all determined by the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness applied through the Creative Faculties of Humanity. And we are here to teach this Truth, to set the example.

There is a saying: "The Lord prepares the back for the burden". In Ascended and Free Light Service, this now refers to our back being our Solar Spine ...along which is our Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns ...embracing the Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...with all Humanity, Nature and the Angelic Kingdom Ascending there within ...advancing through the Eye of Divine Liberty into Solar Consciousness and her Divine Potential expressed. Truly, as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me! Feel your Solar Spine as Strong and True ...as designed by Father / Mother God!

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity is the Gathering of Ascended Potential ...the Gathering of Divine Potential. Think on this concept. This is what we represent on Earth ...cells in the body of the Cosmic Christ gathering at the level of Solar Consciousness ...expressed in a global Light Body. Together, standing in the Light, we gather ...empty of self, time and space ...as a gathering of Eternal Flames and the entirety of its Infinite Radiant Light.

Together, I AM a Light Body within the physical realm...serving as Keepers of the Flame of Immortality in the world of form. We gather in the name of the Cosmic Christ on behalf of all Humanity ...at the gates of Spiritual Freedom, standing before the Eye of Divine Liberty ...and ask that all Humanity may now enter therein. As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!



representing the Keepers of the Flame of Immortality on Venus and their sustained Evolutions of Love Divine ...a Higher Orbital Love Frequency into which the Earth and her Lifeforce now Ascends, during this Great Cosmic Inbreath

Beloved Ones within the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...currently at the Gates of Solar Consciousness ...I come representing the 'Great Kumara and Lord of Venus', our Beloved Sanat Kumara ...and our Family of Kumaras ...as well as the entire I AM Race of Venus ...who together, sustain the Love Orbit of Venus. Long ago all the Root Races of Venus Ascended into the Solar Consciousness of our One I AM Race ...operating on the level of the Solar System and its expanded Consciousness beyond planetary life. This same process is the New Beginning now unfolding on Earth. All the Peoples of Venus are actively engaging their Solar Consciousness for the progression of Venus ...as well as actively preparing a Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and a planetary 'receiving home' ...for Earth.

We of Venus expect Humanity to fully join this Planetary Progression of the Great Cosmic Inbreath. For this Victory, we look to those who have reached an ability to sustain enough planetary Divine Love Frequency ...a necessary condition by Cosmic Law for Earth to make this Ascension. Hence many of the Spiritual Hierarchy serving our sweet Earth originate from Venus ...having followed the great sacrifice of Beloved Sanat Kumara. We all strive to serve our sister planet Earth in her grand redemption back into the family of Ascended Planets. And even with current outer appearances, we are closer to the desired Victory than the 'outer mind' might expect!

Simultaneously, we on Venus also are preparing for our own planetary Ascension, into our next Higher Frequency Orbit. The Great Cosmic Inbreath also takes our Home one orbit closer to our own Sun (Krishna and Sophia) ...as well as one orbit higher towards the Central Sun (Alpha and Omega). The Spiritual Hierarchy of Venus leads the masses here in our planetary preparation, in the same fashion you serve with the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth. We too are becoming our next Divine Potential! We too strive to fulfill our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...individually as Ascended and Free Beings, and collectively as an Ascended Planet.


Let us speak of the Five-Pointed Star of Venus. The Race of Venus long ago completed the Seven Rhythms of Embodiment ...fully exposed to all Seven Rays over many embodiments and have developed fully their Holy Christ Self. They have naturally then graduated into Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness ...individually, and as a Planetary Race. Such Victory is announced through the Arising Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus into the atmosphere over Venus. This central planetary Golden Star announces the Next Life Wave Coming for our Planet. This Central Star in turn communicates directly with the personal Five-Pointed Star of Venus blazing in the Aura of each of our Ascended Citizens, as well as at each of their Seven Chakra Suns. This is our representation of all Suns in Divine Alignment ...all Golden Stars in Divine Alignment!

I now ask that you join us in a visualization of the Five-Pointed Love Star of Venus. This is the Golden Star of the Great Kumara. Let us now see, feel and deeply accept this Great Love Star completely enfolding each one of Humanity ...as well as at each of Humanity's Seven Chakra Suns. With his Mighty Assistance, the Great Star will then magnetize and enfold the entire Lifeforce of Earth ...through the Gathering of Ascended Humanity. For Earth's Lifeforce is now gathered along your Solar Spine ...as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, Angels and Elementals! And as you stand now in the Great Love Star, the Pagoda of Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension now operate within the Great Love Star ...as an Atomic Accelerator for all Lifeforce on Earth.

Beloved Ones, the Love Star of Venus activates at times of Transformational Events in Consciousness. It arose above our planet when Beloved Sanat Kumara left his Home and settled on Earth (with several members of our Family of Kumaras) to establish Shamballa on Earth ...so many eons ago. From this beginning there developed Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, who would help return Humanity to her rightful place among the Ascended Races within this Solar System. First among these volunteers were Lord Gautama (who eventually became Lord of the World) and our Beloved Lord Maitreya (who serves now as the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha). And the Great Love Star activated when Beloved Sanat Kumara was released from this exile to return to Venus (in a Cosmic Ceremony at Lord Michael's Retreat).

And now the Golden Love Star activates again, in relation to its service of Earth's full redemption ...to forward Earth's Ascension within the Great Cosmic Inbreath ...heralding the Next Life Wave Coming. It again announces Transformational Events in Consciousness ...mostly personal transformative events of Spiritual Enlightenment! Here the right and perfect people, are doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way ...synchronized by God Illumination, to bring forth global Spiritual Epiphany!

This visualization is part of a Transmission of the Flame Ceremony where, as Venus moves forward upon her trajectory into Higher Orbital Frequency, it equally accelerates our sweet Earth into her Higher Orbital Frequency. The two sister planets are in Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness. And daily life on Earth then becomes much more aligned with the Principles of Divine Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. The Great Love Star radiates the Magnetic Currents of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love ...that hold all things in Divine Order and Divine Alignment, during the Great Cosmic Inbreath. But this Forcefield is particularly effective between two intricately connected objects ...like sister planets (Earth and Venus) within the Great Cosmos of Father / Mother God. It was our Beloved Sanat Kumara who built this Bridge to Spiritual Freedom ...this intricate quantum unity between Earth and Venus.

The Golden Star always announces the Solar Lords and Ladies of the Flame of Immortality! The Five-Pointed Star of Venus radiates the Voice of the Great I AM ...like a Cosmic radio station, broadcasting as a Sacred Tone / Keynote. Humanity listens to many frequencies or 'voices' ...from without and from within. Humanity responds strongly to the voices / tones she hears ...for she longs to serve a cause that predicts Humanity to be set free from her bondage to lower forces. This is a great common bond amongst all Humanity! The Five-Pointed Star of Venus now broadcasts the Sacred Tone of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State. This is a necessary condition of Cosmic Law for Humanity to be included in this Great Cosmic Inbreath!

The Great Love Star's gift is Unifying, Synchronizing, Aligning Humanity ...accelerating her upwards towards her Divine Potential. This then ensures the entire Gathering of Ascending Humanity is actively listening to this Love Impulse. There is endless opportunity or possibility in this expression ...but let us again summarize it as the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way! This Template allows for free will in expressing one's true self ...but now 'her Higher True Self' in her Divine Potential, from whatever station or situation one currently holds in daily life!

Let us now visualize the Five-Pointed Star of Venus functioning at each Chakra Sun along the Solar Spine of Ascended and Free Humanity. In this way we are raising up the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves and therefore, all life on Earth ...from whatever level they currently function at. Feel the magnetic pull of the Love Star upward along your spiralling Kundalini River ...upwards into the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State ...all accelerating within you! See, feel and deeply accept this visualization in its full Cosmic Momentum. For it is the completion of the Great Cosmic Dispensation of Father / Mother God given to Beloved Sanat Kumara ...in his ongoing efforts to set free this sweet Earth. This then allows for the full Momentum of the Seventh Ray of Spiritual Freedom to govern this sweet Earth ...into her New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Once empty of self, time and space ...The Five-Pointed Star of Venus also assists Humanity in removing the Bands of Forgetfulness, re-establishing consecutive Consciousness with Divine Life. You have all served on Ascended Planets (such as Venus), as well as other Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. You have these memories. Yet memories of imbalance seem far too quick in any moment. The 'Secret Love Star' arises now in our awareness to reverse that momentum ...and raise Humanity into the Divine Memory of her True Identity. This is the Spiritual Epiphany desired!

Beloved Ones, the evolution of life on Venus is centered on a great Cosmic Purpose ...far beyond what yet may appear on Earth. This One Purpose is aligned with First Cause and captures all aspects of daily life. It is best described as the evolution of the Soul along the Ray of Divine Love. This Perfection Pattern of a Golden Love Star is the very Electro-magnetic Fabric of our Orbit ...into which the Earth now Ascends. The Pagoda of Seven Electronic Ascension Patterns now aligns with this Forcefield. Together, this creates the Atomic Accelerator effect of raising all life into Spiritual Freedom! This is the Activity of Victory ...within the Love Star of Venus!

In developing as Lords and Ladies of the Flame, the Mastery of Sacred Fire includes bringing things and objects into form (Precipitation or transposing 'wave-function' into 'particle-function', including your vehicles necessary for embodiment) ...as well as removing things from form (Etherealization or 'particle-function' back into 'wave-function'). Again, this includes the elemental vehicles used for embodiment. On Venus, incoming Souls are free of any notion of karmic debt and are in full communion with the potential parents for the next embodiment. In Esoteric Buddhism, this is known as Bodhisattva Enlightenment.

But such knowledge within Buddhism is not un-expected, as Lord Gautama Buddha was one of the original incarnations of those Souls who came from Venus at the initiation of Earth's redemption. He too came within the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus. His Teaching of 'consecutive consciousness' brings an accelerated evolution of the Soul and its understanding of Divine Purpose and First Cause. The I AM Race on Venus is the Immaculate Concept of what the I AM Race of Humanity aspires to be.

As well, Beloved Sanat Kumara came to Earth with members of our own Kumara Family, plus other volunteers from Venus, to begin the arduous journey of re-establishing a Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth ...so that Humanity would again achieve their Ascension from experiences embodied on Earth. This sacrifice would be taking these Shining Souls of our Race and placing them in a very dense physical from, through physical birth. With that came the Bands of Forgetfulness, when incorporated as part of Earth's evolution. These dear Souls would accept Earth as their temporary home, even with such adverse conditions, and stay over many embodiments (accepting the 'wheel of birth and death') to assist Humanity in her struggles to find her way Home into the Light. They came with Beloved Sanat Kumara to re-affirm the Ascension of all life, no matter the current level of consciousness.

This was their sacrifice (like none other) ...many deaths, many births, over countless rounds and cycles on 'the shadow planet' ...a manvantara of Earth time ...meaning the Cycles of the Manus (Himalaya and the Fourth Root Race and Vaisasvata and his Fifth Root Race) ...until Humanity again learned to again become a Lord of the Flame and Master over Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Only then could these volunteers return home to Venus. Such was their Vow before the Karmic Board in forming the early Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Light Brotherhood. And such were your vows as well ...each of you standing before the Karmic Board.

On Venus we know that any Great Activity of the Kumara's is presaged by the Presence of the Great Five-Pointed Star ...which presents itself in an intensifying aura of color and sound in the atmosphere of Venus (like the Christmas Star presaged the coming of Beloved Jesus). The Star transmits through its radiant Light, Color and Sound Rays all the God Illumination of a Cosmic Moment. Now this 'Star appearing' heralds our present Cosmic Moment ...and the Next Life Wave Coming. The Great Five-Pointed Star now presages the coming of Solar Consciousness and its impact along every level of Lifeforce on Earth.

It first required that the Gathering of Ascended Humanity embody and then evolve into Guardians of Light and Keepers of the Flame. Then eventually, each one of Humanity is to know 'Home' as Beloved Sanat Kumara knows Home ...Shamballa, meaning to 'make Sacred' ...as in becoming the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light! Each one is to become as the City of the Sun on the White Island ...a Flame of Immortality on Earth ...Building a Divine Self, Building a Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!

And now the Five-Pointed Star of Venus appears in the atmosphere of the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...beginning at each of the Seven Chakras of individual Light Servers ...built into their quest for Solar Consciousness ...thus simultaneously assisting every level of Lifeforce on Earth into its next level of Divine Potential. Let us see the Golden Star with Radiant Light, Sound and Color at each of our Chakras. See, feel and deeply accept its influence along the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. It is the Five-Pointed Star of Venus that now assists the Earth becoming her Divine Potential ...as Freedom's Holy Star ...Earth's True Inner Name. This is the Next Life Wave Coming and a necessary preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath of the Solar System.

Beloved Ones, the Great Kumara brought the Flame of Immortality from Venus, when Earth was at its lowest ebb of evolution. The Flame of Immortality is of the Central Sun. At the Original Shamballa, the first Ceremonies with the Race of Humanity were to affirm the Flame of Immortality once again active on Earth ...as the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love ...restoring the Divine Potential of Humanity. We stood together and affirmed: I AM the Flame of Immortality! I AM selfless, timeless and infinite. I AM all of this Reality, currently embodied in physical, etheric, mental and emotional garments composed of the Elemental substance of Earth ...earth, air, fire and water. And SO IT IS!

When meditating on timelessness, let us feel that we may blink our eyes once and 50 years have passed ...or, Ages have gone by ...but the Flame is Constant, Timeless and Infinite. The outer world may have greatly changed but I AM Constant in the Flame of Immortality. The greatest Freedom and Liberty on Earth is to know this Flame of Immortality ...and to live its selflessness, timelessness and its infinite space ...its Eternity ...its Constant Glory and Perfection of Existence. This is the Gift of Beloved Sanat Kumara!

Our dear Regent left his Beloved Venus protected within the Star of Love ...to present his Light Service to Earth. He entered Earth's atmosphere within the Golden Five-Pointed Star ...also known as the 'Secret Love Star' ...and brought within it all the Divine Memory and Reality of the Flame of Immortality across all the Ages of Cosmic Development on Venus ...the full Cosmic Momentum of Sacred Fire of all that is Divine. He brought this Fire Breath of the Almighty to a planet lost in ego-fear and despair. You see much of the same now as all planetary karma comes up in the present in this moment ...to be finally, permanently resolved through Sacred Fire.

And now each of you may face your Light Service within the 'Secret Love Star' ...the Golden Star of the Kumara's of Venus ...within your own Flame of Immortality ...just as He has served Earth! So, I now see you standing fully within the Five-Pointed Star of Venus ...and I see the Golden Star embracing each of your Seven Chakra Suns along your Solar Spine. And through this Activity, you embrace all Lifeforce on Earth ...the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...within the 'Secret Love Star'. And thus, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity provides all the Divine Tools for the Resurrection and Ascension of Humanity, Nature and the Angelic Kingdom. In this way you fulfill the Kumara's original mission ...to return Earth to her Family of Ascended Planets in preparation for the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

Let us continually visualize each of your Seven Chakra Suns blazing its Infinite Radiant Light from within a Five-Pointed Star of Venus. Then see your entire Being within a larger Golden Star of Venus. See only the Sacred Fire of each Chakra and its Radiant Light ...governing your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles of embodiment ...but also now governing each level of the Pagoda, the Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension, in which each of your Seven Chakra Suns blazes its Perfection Patterns.

Then the entire Earth and her Lifeforce is within the larger Golden Star. And thus the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the Kumaras and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy of Venus and of Earth ...are within this Forcefield ...sustaining the world in Sacred Fire Breath, through you!

The Next Life Wave Coming has arrived, within
the Five-Pointed, Golden Love Star of Venus!



On...Consciousness is the gift of Co-creation

I present myself before Father / Mother God empty of self.
I present myself as the Flame of my Eternal Being.

I present myself before Father / Mother God empty of time.
I present myself as my Eternal Flame.
I AM Eternally Flame!

I present myself before Father / Mother God empty of space.
I present myself as my Eternal Flame and its Infinite
Radiant Light ...where my Light fills all space
until there is only the Oneness of all life
within my Light, everywhere present!

Beloved Ones, thank you for presenting yourself as the One True Child of God, as your True Identity and as your Divine Instrument. I too live at the center of the Flame of Immortality, our Three-fold Flame. This is the 'Holy of Holies'. It is within this Temple of Flame and upon its Altar of Light where Consciousness enters matter ...where Conscious Co-creation enters awareness. This is the gift of Father / Mother God. This is the gift of free will ...where you may then proceed forth and create the Universe you desire ...as a Child of Father / Mother God ...our Children of Light!

The Law of Life is: What you think and feel you bring into form. The observation (or visualization) of the desired event brings the electron from 'wave-function' into 'particle-function' ...and thus the creation of matter and substance occurs. Then, when our attention is not directed towards it, the electron slips back into 'wave-function' and awaits the attention of Humanity before it manifests again. In this way, the Spiritual Hierarchy awaits Humanity's sustained attention upon the Perfection Patterns of the Next Life Wave Coming ...and its New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

But Humanity's attention is also drawn towards the energy patterns of imbalance that yet require redemption ...that have populated the so called 'psychic and astral realms' ...which pollute the spiritual atmosphere of our sweet Earth. And thus, it appears to have drawn the attention of some of Humanity towards the 'dark side'. But they are simply sensing imbalanced energies yet requiring salvation through Sacred Fire. And they deeply desire to defeat it (even if in a misguided way). The better way to accomplish such Victory is the very purpose of Light Service at this Cosmic Moment ...to use and use the Sacred Fire, especially the Cosmic Violet Fire! Here we transmute the cause, core, effect, record and memory of such imbalance from previous ages ...that now comes up for redemption!

The Divine Plan for Earth invokes Reverence for all Life. In this regard, let us visualize the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals as integral to the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. Let us invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project their Sacred Presence to be with all the 'right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way! With their assistance, we hold the Immaculate Concept, ...knowing that 'unseen miracles' are occurring throughout daily life ...with all good people in Unity with the Angels and Elementals at every turn, known or unknown to them, but always when the motive is based in Love.

Beloved Ones, what you see in daily life right before you are very strong desires for something better. The content of these issues differs and sometimes seem opposite of the other. Our Light Service is to take all strongly held beliefs / desires for a better life into their Higher Frequency Emotion ...and eventually unite all such strong feelings at the 'top of the mountain' ...the Apex of the Journey ...at Cosmic Holy Spirit. The paths Humanity may take getting there will have curled around the mountain, as they wound their way up ...but will unite at the top! It is foreseen!

Humanity has desire. Desire is "of the father". Light Servers must again place their Desire and Faith in our Solar Year Forcefields of Sacred Fire being stronger than the collective nature of ego-imbalance ...and that as Light Servers we can empty ourselves of the 'content issues' (these strong issues that divide Humanity) ...but rather invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Sacred Fire into these feeling energies ...and raise them to the top of the mountain ...to Higher Frequency Emotions ...where all Humanity desires the One Great Desire ...together, standing in the Light of Spiritual Freedom!

This process may be visualized as the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves along our Solar Spine. I too hold the entire Lifeforce of Earth along my Scepter of Power, along my Solar Spine! And, just as our Ascending Kundalini River takes us into Solar Consciousness, so too do all Humanity raise up in the Divine Nature of their desires ...Ascending along these currents so beautifully into their own Spiritual Epiphany! This Ascension takes Humanity into the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light ...just as we have always seen her ...as Ascended and Free Humanity, on Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit!