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December 2022

December, 2022 PDF


December, 2022


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:








(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing my full Divine Capacity
as a Divine Director of Sacred Fire.

I AM Expanding and Projecting Humanity’s Divine Capacity
in becoming Divine Director of Sacred Fire.



I AM that I AM!
‘I’ is the Presence of God
‘AM’ is the Beingness of God.

‘I’ operates beyond time.
‘AM’ operates beyond space.
‘I AM’ …operates beyond self,
time and space, and thus becomes
the Eternal, Infinite Great God Self!

‘I’ Alpha …’AM’ Omega!
I AM One Being of Great Light,
the Twin Flames of Masculine / Feminine,
existing in One, Perfect, Harmony and Balance.

I AM the Flame of Immortality and its Eternal Co-creation.
I AM its Governing, God Intelligence, of Divine Love!

I AM come into the world as Revelation:
to fulfill my Divine Potential in this embodiment,
to manifest the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light,
to become a Divine Director of Sacred Fire; and to
impact the Ascension Process of Humanity
and of our sweet Earth!

I AM a Being of Spiritual Potential …of Spiritual Agency!
My Spiritual Potential contains my developed Cosmic
Momentum of Divine Power …of Divine
Wisdom and of Divine Love!

In my Light Service …I AM PRESENT!
I AM Present as the Eternity of the ‘I’ in ‘I AM’.
I AM Present as the Infinity of the ‘AM’ (OM) of ‘I AM’.
I AM Present as the Divine Director of all my Divine Potential!
I AM Present …as the Authentic Presence of God in Action!
I AM the same Spiritual Agency here and now, as I AM
in the Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light.
And when I AM, then I AM all of it!

I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM living my Spiritual Freedom!




Beloved Ones, in our Light Service we desire to have an impact on the forward progress of Humanity …towards her Divine Plan. It is said that to ‘have agency’ is to have ‘an authentic presence’, to have ‘a voice’ and to clearly ‘represent our truth’ …to be very present!  This is true on becoming our best self on a psychological level …but also true regarding our Spiritual Potential. And our Light Service is about our Spiritual Potential. We also try to do well on a psychological level in our daily life, but the primary objective is our Spiritual Potential and its impact on the Ascension Process of our sweet Earth.

Here we remember we serve First Cause …that we are Beings of Cause …knowing the effects within persons, places, conditions and things will then naturally unfold …given the laws of cause and effect.  The discipline is to ‘focus on cause’ …and not get distracted by the myriad effects we see and feel within us, around us and throughout the world. We are here to expand and amplify the Presence of God in Action …the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world …the Gathering of all Ascending Energies. Here we remember that there is much positive and uplifting thoughts, feelings, words and deeds within Humanity and we are here to expand and amplify that Forcefield through our Light Service.

We do so through our Spiritual Potential …anchoring the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Flame of Immortality and its Infinite Radiant Light of limitless Perfection Patterns. For as we learn to Master our own Divine Instrument of becoming the Eternal Flame  and radiating its Light , then we move forward to the Divine Director of all other Sacred Flames …and access the Spiritual Potential within those Forcefields.  These are the Sacred Fires of Father / Mother God, expressed the entire Spiritual Hierarchy, all Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings …and all the Cosmic Momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power …of Healing, Purity, Creativity, Peace, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness …and so many Forcefield that are ours to access. And with this training, we begin the Journey of Becoming our own Spiritual Potential …of becoming  Divine Directors of Sacred Fire.

Agency means action, power or operation …often through mediation or intercession. To have agency is to be in action and to have the means or mode of acting …of instrumentality. Divine Agency then refers to our Divine Instrument as the means and mode to create a Spiritual Forcefield of mediation and intercession, on behalf of Humanity …to forward her Ascension Process at this Cosmic Moment. We are here to facilitate Endings and New Beginnings!

And those who have chosen Light Service in this embodiment will have had such training in the Ascended Master Retreats and Temples. The Memory and Momentum of this training remains vibrant in our Causal Body …ready to be activated in daily life.  And in doing so is our Divine Agency representing our Truth and having the Voice of the Great I AM …within daily life. Reaching our Spiritual Potential is in activating our training as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire!

The development of Spiritual Potential is greatest when we know non-attachment to the world of effects …the manifestations of persons, places, conditions and things around us …and practice loyalty only to the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. Then we cause things rather than be at the effect of things. We realize we do not always see the results ‘within time’ …but rather we know with scientific certainty we have set up a Cause that will bring to fruition its Divine Potential in the course of things. And in maintaining a constant focus on our True Identity, we come to live beyond time and space…so that the desired effects of our First Cause are already there …as we are Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!

I AM a Being of Cause alone!
I AM a Being of Divine Agency!
I AM the Presence of God in Action!
I AM becoming …my Spiritual Potential!

When we understand our Spiritual Potential …our Divine Agency acting through our True Identity and Divine Instrument …then we know the Holy Name of God, I AM!  Here we experience the Eternity of the ‘I’ in ‘I AM’ …as well as the Infinity of the ‘AM’ (OM) of ‘I AM’.  Here we know the ‘Alpha and Omega of our Eternal Being’ …and may then express this True Identity and its Divine Potential in the world of form! Here I AM the Flame of Immortality!

‘I’ is the mental, anchorage, centrifugal, inbreath side of the Great Creative Word I AM …affirming I AM Present as a Power in the Universe …an Eternal Flame. ‘AM’ is the feeling, expansion, centripetal, outbreath side of the Great Creative Word I AM …affirming I AM an Infinite Radiant Light , the expansion of continuous Divine Love into the Universe. All the ‘I’ creates, ‘AM’ holds in Divine Love …the Masculine Ray / Feminine Ray in perpetual Harmony and Balance …my full Spiritual Agency!

Our Flame of Immortality is the expression of I AM within us. Through such God Illumination we then may  direct  all the Love, Wisdom and Power within the Eternal Flame. In this Ascended and Free State, we are ‘downloading’ the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Father / Mother God. We do so through the Sacred Breath …of Inbreathing, Absorbing, Assimilating on the Inbreath …then Expanding, Projecting and Amplifying on the Outbreath.

In our Ascended and Free State, this becomes as natural and effortless and simple breathing is within daily life …not having to consciously think about it. Rather it just flows as part of ‘natural being’ …just ‘Being Present’. With our Ascended and Free training, we are (I AM) Present within our Eternal Flame …and constantly Directing its Infinite Radiant Light of Perfection Patterns …effortlessly through simply Being! Here I AM a Forcefield of First Cause, that will eventually (within time) result in Limitless Physical Perfection! Beyond time, such Divine Manifestation is already present within and around us!

It brings great Peace to realize our Divine Unity with an ultimate Field of Divine Intelligence. This is our Oneness with the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM …a connection that cannot fail …when we place our attention upon our True Identity. Connection with persons, places, conditions and things may fail us in the course of daily life …Buddha’s Law of impermanence. But this Divine Connection, this Eternal Bond, will never disappoint. See, feel and deeply accept the Peace of knowing I AM the Flame of Immortality …Eternally abiding in its Light! I was born as this Ascended and Free State, I have lived this Ascended and Free on many other Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light and now I AM remembering my Truth, my full Spiritual Potential in this embodiment of Light Service on Earth!

‘Downloading’ the Higher Frequency Aspects of our unique Spiritual Potential into the world is the development of our Ascended Mastery. This is our highest desire. Imagine that our White Fire Being or our Mighty I AM Presence is the only active participant in all we do, think, say or feel, in any situation or set of circumstances.  Then we know Ascended Mastery. Imagine our Causal Body Momentum of all previous Spiritual Training and Becoming …from any Realms of Light we have thrived within …flows through every experience we encounter. This is the Spiritual Agency we desire to gift to the world. This is who I AM …and I AM that I AM!



…on Unity with the Angels.

Beloved Ones: as we approach the season of the Feast of the Angels (Christmas), the Angels themselves rejoice and their Song of Gratitude resounds through Heaven. For this is the season where Humanity allows for the attunement to the Angelic Hosts as a natural and expected event. There have been many Spiritual Advents through the history of Earth’s redemption, and all have involved Angelic Visitation …but for the present, this season is highlighted. For it also includes the Solstice (December 21). This is a natural ‘Endings and New Beginnings’ cycle within nature, in which the Angels are also active with the Elemental Kingdom as well as with Humanity.

Angels are particularly active with Humanity at all ‘Endings and New Beginnings’. Angels either bring their Divine Gifts through Visitation …or through actually embodying. Beloved Mother Mary (Twin Flame of Lord Raphael the Archangel) and Beloved Jesus (Micha the Angel of Unity) were both of the Angelic Kingdom when embodied to initiate the Christian Dispensation.  So that itself is a strong magnet draw to Angelic Energies during Christmas Season. The Angels have embodied  many times …especially at Cosmic Moments when an age is ending to assist with that …or the beginning of a New Age …to ensure the Divine Plan is fulfilled. It is the Nature of Angels to assist at these important moments.  Many Light Servers today are of the Angelic Kingdom.


Angles desire to become their full Spiritual Potential in relationship to Humanity. It is part of their Spiritual Training and Higher Purpose.  For they too know that the Divine Plan calls for the Unity of Angels, Elementals and Humanity …as it was expressed in the first three Root Races when  the Garden of Eden expressed Heaven on Earth. And Angels already see the New Age of Spiritual Freedom in action and await the attention and devotion of Humanity, so as to work together with all our combined Spiritual Potential, to see it made manifest.

Angels are attracted to Higher Frequency Spiritual Energy.  This may include Sacred Song, Ceremony, Movement, Fragrance, and Light.  But the greatest draw for Angels is a strong focus on their Reality and Presence …in an embodied presence who expresses their Spiritual Agency.  For the Angels are the constant Presence of their own Spiritual Potential …and desire to assist in developing this Reality for Humanity. For Humanity, the ultimate attraction of an Angel is to live one’s own True Identity and manifest one’s Divine Instrument …living though their Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. This is what has drawn the Angels to all Saints and Avatars through the Ages.

Let us look at the example of Beloved Mother Mary. She had a strong Faith in Angels and often invoked their Presence, even when a little girl. This was allowed for in her innocent upbringing and within Temple life at the time. This then allowed for the Visitation of Beloved Archangel Gabriel at a crucial moment in the Christian Drama …drawn by her continued innocence as a young lady and her devotion to her own Divine Potential. In her own Temple training, she was aware of being God in Action as an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light (but taught in concepts and language of that time).

Visitation comes from Higher Order Angels, having graduated into Cherubim and Seraphim ..and beyond into Archangels. Visitation by the Great Angels is Flame to Flame and Light to Light! The Angel would have already developed a great sense of their own Spiritual Agency. And if this is met with a developed sense of Spiritual Agency from the embodied one, this then creates a Oneness Consciousness between the two.  Meeting ‘Flame to Flame’ and ‘Light to Light’ creates a ‘wave-function’ hologram of an Angelic Being in the Presence of an embodied person. This is so the embodied Consciousness can bear witness to the event with some memory. The Great Angel involved may be accompanied by Angelic Hosts in training …and they may form the Spirals of Angels sometimes depicted in art …images taken from such Visitation experiences. Even tiny neophyte Angels in training desire to have closeness with Humanity, but they require a leader to stand with!

And Visitation is important now, for here we are at a Cosmic Moment of Endings and New Beginnings. This opportunity attracts Great Angels from many Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light. They all realize the ‘age of ego’ is being replaced by the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. The ‘endings’ of this are difficult to bear witness to …but within suffering is a specific closeness to Angels.  For they visited Beloved Jesus on the cross …with the cross representing the intersection of spirit and matter. Many are suffering at present, and we want to bring the same visitation to all …for more than they know, the masses suffer at a moment when spirit is intersecting with matter …with the ending of the predominance of matter over spirit.

The Angels deeply desire the opportunity for more visitation at this Cosmic Moment.  They seek out those focused on their own Spiritual Potential …in becoming their own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light …in whatever language or concepts they might see this. Angels seek union at the Higher Frequency of the Christ Self, the Buddha Nature of Peace and Enlightenment. As one attains the Christ Nature, they become ‘anointed with Holiness’ …a Forcefield into which the Angel may step into at any time …as they have with the Spiritually Awakened through history. So, as you practice abiding within the Flame of Immortality, seek the Angels …invoke us …and you will find us waiting there for you …myself included!




Beloved Friends of Freedom …I AM honored to have our attention and honored to be the Chohan of the incoming Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. I hold this position because of my teachers, Beloved Lord Saithru, the Great Divine Director, Lord Zarathustra (means Golden Star) as well as Lord Zadkiel the Archangel and his Beloved Lady Holy Amethyst. I AM constantly supported by my Cosmic Mother, the Goddess of Liberty …in bringing the full Liberty of Spiritual Freedom to Humanity.

It was under their guidance that I travelled in Projected Consciousness to the Great Central Sun of Alpha and Omega in preparation for this Office of Chohan of the incoming New Age. I came to make Invocation from Father / Mother God for a Dispensation especially designed to redeem a planet that had fallen into a complex karmic loop …one that even several Golden Ages delivered by the Spiritual Hierarchy had not solved …were not permanent as Humanity herself could not sustain them. Father / Mother God granted a petition that would again allow for a Golden Age as long as it came from within Humanity..and not presented to Humanity from an external source.

This meant that Humanity would have to find her Spiritual Agency to be her own redeemer, her own healer, her own savior. Therefore, a Prime Directive from Father / Mother God for the New Age of Spiritual Freedom would be in developing Humanity in fulfilling their own Spiritual Potential as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire.  For it was always known that it would be Sacred Fire Forcefields that would transmute / redeem / set free the negatively charged karmic energies that required redemption …so that Humanity would be permanently freed from the karmic loop that had ensnared her for eons.

And along the way my Beloved Teachers had set up Orders within daily life as part of Temple Life …to lead the way in Humanity becoming Divine Directors of Sacred Fire.  Lord Saithru is known as the Great Divine Director, as he had a powerful Cosmic Momentum of such service having done it on many Systems of Worlds.  This is why he is Manu of the Seventh Root Race and prepares a Race of Beings now entering Humanity who will have the functioning Spiritual Powers in the Divine Direction of Sacred Fire. They are being trained in the Seventh Root Races Temples, awaiting their embodiment on Earth.

And adding these Beings to the Sixth Root Races of God / Goddess Meru is greatly anticipated. For they too have similar training and enter embodiment ‘free of the veil’ (of forgetfulness) …with a great Momentum of their Spiritual Potential active within them. But the way must be made clear for the success of these incoming Root Races, and this is all part of the Endings and New Beginnings that we see before us. And as Lord Michael has said, the ‘ending’ of old patterns comes with suffering and difficulties, for ego has always struggled with ‘letting go and letting God’.

And our Beloved Zarathustra is a Seventh Ray Being who has taught the Ways of Sacred Fire throughout the Solar System …as well as for many Ages to Humanity. He developed an Order of Zarathustra for the Teaching of this within Temple Life which has been passed down through the Mystery Schools.  And our Beloved Lord Zadkiel the Archangel and his Beloved Lady Holy Amethyst  also developed the Order of Zadkiel, where Priests / Priestesses would learn the Consecrated Ways in wielding Spiritual Energies, as Divine Director of Sacred Fire. This Beloved Archangel has previously been the Chohan of the Seventh Ray on Earth, specifically to do such training with Humanity.

But part of the Prime Directive of our current Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom is that this training now reaches Humanity within her daily life …and no longer be contained only within Temple Life or the Mystery Schools. This is now my role, having had such support from my Teachers …who are still very active alongside me within the Seventh Ray. Such is the core of Ascended and Free Light Service! And imagine the Sixth and Seventh Root Races now entering Humanity with this training in full awareness, with no veil between …a gift from their Manus, God / Goddess Meru and Beloved Lord Saithru / Lady Mercedes.


So let us delve into this Teaching again …so as to uplift your Spiritual Confidence and  Momentum along this Service. For every active Light Server was born with this Divine Potential to express within this embodiment …as this was stipulated by the Karmic Board to gain access to embodied Light Service at this Cosmic Moment. And as we would do within Temple Life, we begin with a quiet, safe, uninterrupted space …and practice here with dedicated rhythmic application …so that one day when called upon, such skills will be ‘at the ready’ at any moment during daily life.

As always, we begin with positioning the body in a comfortable, poised state, with spine straight. Our hands represent the invocation of incoming Higher Frequency Energies (left palm facing up) …and the expansion / projection of these Energies (right palm facing out). This represents our Three-fold Flame of Immortality …with the Power of Invoking Infinite Energies on the left (if standing within the Three-fold Flame looking out) and the Love of Father / Mother God expanding outward and holding their creation eternally in Love (on the right) …with the center being the Golden Plume of God Illumination directing this entire Activity …the Holy Christ Self in action. This is the Three-fold Flame in action …as it is in the Sun of Father / Mother God …who desire to evolve their Suns of the Sun on Earth!

Let us review each step in the Order of Ceremony …the invocation, focus, concentrating, and assimilation of Sacred Fire on the Inbreath …then expanding, amplifying and projecting this First Cause into the world, on the Outbreath …into any person, place, condition or thing we desire to serve. Each step deserves its own attention. But the eventual goal is of each step flowing instantly into the next, as easily as we breath in and out in daily life, without effort and without consciously thinking about it …just the natural flow of existence in this realm.  So too, this Ceremony is the natural State of Ascended and Free Existence …with Sacred Fire flowing into and through us, having its impact in the Co-creation of the world.

Invocation is the premise that Father / Mother God has prepared everything we might need to fulfill our Divine Potential …in the Eternal Journey of Becoming. It is the promise from the God Parents that “before you ask, it is already present”. But the Invocation is the first step in our part of this equation, for we have free will and we have ‘agency’ to walk the Path of our own making. We are allowed to decide if and when we seek assistance …like we might our parents in embodiment. Invocation is a Divine Right of the Children of God and an innate aspect of our Divine Instrumentality in Co-creation.

During the Inbreath, Focus and Concentration have double meaning. First is the sustaining of attention …given the Laws of Creation that “what you put your attention upon, that you become …what you think and feel you become”. Here we sustain attention on the assimilation of Sacred Fire from Higher Dimensions. The second meaning is to ‘create a concentrate’, to create and sustain a Focus of a specific Sacred Fire, as we might see with the Flame upon the Altar in an Ascended Master Temple.  But now with our training along the Seventh Ray, the Focus I creates is that …I AM the Temple, I AM the Altar and I AM the very Flame itself. We distill this Energy so as it is fully anchored within us and within the world.

Then on the Outbreath, I AM expanding, amplifying and projecting this Sacred Fire into persons, places, conditions and things, according to my desire to serve life and set it free. To expand is to be in Co-creation with Father / Mother God, in the design of the Universe in which we abide. Since the moment of being First Born in the Flame Room of the God Parents, we have known our Divine Potential to Co-create with them. This ‘knowing’ was as innate as breathing …part of just existing. The Universe is constantly expanding, and this is our part in expanding Divine Life, rather than any further expansion of imbalance, as is the history of the ego self.

Amplifying Sacred Fire lies in the Truth that each time Sacred Fire is invoked and expanded, its Quality is intensified! Think on this. Therefore, as we become Divine Directors of Healing, Transmutation, Peace, etc., we are adding to the gifts of that particular Divine Flame throughout the Universe. And such action is even more intensified if the Invocation comes from a denser realm under difficult circumstances …such as the physical realm of Earth. Then projection is the action of our Divine Instrument sending forth a direct Beam of Sacred Fire and its Light, into the objective of our Light Service. This too requires sustained focus and attention, knowing our Oneness Consciousness with that situation.

Such training occurs in our personal or group Sanctuaries. And abiding there in the Great, Great Silence, there comes that moment where we see, feel and deeply accept IT IS DONE!  This may come after some time of sustaining this training within a meditation …or, at then end of every Inbreath / Outbreath during that Meditation.  It only requires a flash of awareness that Victory is ours …even if not yet verified by outer manifestation. For again, we serve from the Realm of Cause where verification comes from withinknowing with deep conviction the effects of manifestation will change accordingly. And ‘within time’ (as in daily life), this seems to take a disappointingly long time …but in our True Identity, we know it has already happened …and we are living the desired result here and now. This is our Peace. This is the Activity of constantly Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!  And SO IT IS!

So let us specifically turn our attention to the invocation, focus, concentration, expansion, projection and amplification of Violet Fire. This is the Sacred Fire specifically designed for this Cosmic Moment on Earth …as we end the age of ego and begin a New Age of Spiritual Freedom …Endings and New Beginnings! The training is to focus on our abilities as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire …and aware of but not  distracted by the barrage of imbalance upon the screen of life. So as we sojourn together now, let us quiet the mind and still the feelings. Let us visualize that, even abiding in our own personal sanctuary, we abide in the Violet Fire Temples of Mighty Zarathustra or of Lord Zadkiel the Archangel.

We sit quietly, poised but relaxed, focused on the Flame upon the Altar. We Inbreathe it into our Being, into our Eternal Flame. We feel our Flame absorb and assimilate the Spiritual Powers and Love of this Sacred Violet Fire. This expands within us …expanding our Consciousness in the same moment. Then on the Outbreath, we see this Violet Fire expanding out from us, amplifying its intensity of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness …then sending a direct beam of this Sacred Fire into a part of life we desire to serve, to set free.  We see, feel and deeply accept its action in that situation.

And then we know in a flash: IT IS DONE! We then rhythmically repeat the Ceremony, building a Momentum …and gradually realizing a powerful momentum of this already resides in our Causal Body. And the more we practice, the more we remember the Power of the training we have already had.  As well, we remember our capacity to bring it forth now in Service to the Light, here in daily life. Meditation in the Tempe of Light bring all the Divine Momentum of Sacred Fire within the Causal Body, developed on many Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light into our present awareness.

And then eventually it is our time to leave the Temple and return to the outer world.  This experience is duplicated by your present life …with meditations in your private sanctuary and then your return to daily life. This training may occur in the Violet Fire Temples when the physical body sleeps, as well in moments of meditation. And I invite you to make invocation for such visitation, through your Mighty I AM Presence as you place your body for sleep. We strive to reach the point where inner and outer life become one …and then there is a continuous flow of this Ceremony with every Inbreath / Outbreath wherever the Consciousness is active.  This is achieving your Ascended and Free State, your Ascended Mastery!

During such Ceremony while focused on the Violet Fire, within the Temple of our own Eternal Flame, let us affirm:

The Violet Fire now takes command!
It brings Perfection from God’s own Hand!
God’s Light takes full command today!
God’s Light is here and here to stay!

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire, all
causes and cores not of God’s desire.
I AM a Being of Cause alone, that
Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.

And with these short mantras, we invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Cosmic Violet Fire …all within a few seconds. For the Divine Plan can manifest instantaneously …with the correct understanding of the Ceremony involved and becoming its Divine Instrument of action and power. The training to get to this point may take ‘time’ of rhythmic application, But it would take that same application of self if done in your Etheric Light Body in the Temples of Light. Now we may do so here in physical embodiment within your own sanctuary in the Presence of your own Ascended Master Teachers, as well as in the Presence of the Angels and Elementals.

You create your own Temple of Light Service and then, the ‘Mystery Schools of Occult Teachings’ are finally free for all Humanity to access …through you! You are anchoring the Light of the world! Such is the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. And this is why I address you as Friends of Freedom …to bring this same confidence, this sense of Spiritual Agency / Spiritual Potential to all Humanity, so that we forever close the chapter of being victim to the ‘karmic loop’ Earth has been ensnared in …setting her free into her own Becoming …becoming her Star of Spiritual Freedom.

Let us feel that in Becoming a Divine Director of Sacred Fire, we enter into our Divine Origins …Oneness Consciousness with every Higher Frequency aspect of our Being …while in embodiment.  What science calls ‘entanglement’ (when two electrons outpicture the changes in one instantaneously in the other, no matter the distance between them) …we call Unity with our Great God Self …and all that naturally functions through our Mighty I AM Presence, within our Cosmic Causal Body and even within our White Fire Being …now happens simultaneously within our embodied Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, manifesting through our Creative Faculties of embodiment. All the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness available on any Realms of Light is now available here and now on Earth …and all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of the Light in any Dimension is also in action here and now through our daily life.

Invoke my Presence at any time and I will assist you in this endeavor of becoming Divine Directors of Sacred Fire. For that is my reason for Being and assists me in fulfilling my Divine Plan in the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.