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December 2023

December, 2023 PDF

December, 2023

I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:










(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness of embodied Solar Consciousness!

I AM Expanding and Projecting  the Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness of embodied Solar Consciousness!


I AM that I AM!

As the Flame of Immortality embodied,
I think and see like the Flame of Immortality,
I feel and experience as the Flame of Immortality and
I have the Causal Body memories of the Flame of Immortality!

Within my Multi-dimensional Aura, the Angels and Elementals
are limitless in their Glorified Expression and Divine Potential.

I AM the experience of limitless Divine Potential,
within and all around my Multi-dimensional Reality.

I see, feel and deeply accept my Solar Consciousness,and its nature
of being here, there, and everywhere present!

With this Spiritual Agency of Solar Consciousness,
my Light Service to our sweet Earth only ever expands!

I AM One with the Gathering of Ascending Humanity,
One with the Angels / Elementals, and One with the
Great Light Brotherhood / Spiritual Hierarchy!

I AM the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness
of it all …I AM this Oneness Consciousness!

Within my embodied Solar Consciousness,
I AM embodied Eternity, Infinity and Immortality!

I AM Flame within Flame within Flame,
Light within Light within Light!

Within my embodied Solar Consciousness,
I AM in constant Co-creation of the world!

I AM One with all Energy, Matter and Intelligence
pouring into the Creation of the New Age.

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Energy; all Ascending Vibration;
all Ascending Consciousness! I AM the Initiation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom!

It begins with the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, a Three-fold Forcefield
of Constancy, just as it is in the center of our sweet Earth.

Anchoring and embodying now within the three lower Chakras,
this Sun initiates my Solar Spine, and thus begins the journey
of my Twelve-fold embodied Solar Consciousness.

Given the Three Chakras it operates through,
this Eternal Sun of Even Pressure becomes:
The Ascension
Through the Violet Fire
Into Elemental Peace Divine
Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness!

From there, my Ascension Process
proceeds into the next Chakra Suns:

The Radiant Feeling Nature of Divine Love and
Reverence for all Life …allowing it the Voice
and Presence of the Great I AM
…the Sun of Holy Spirit!

And then further Ascending into the upper Chakras
of Crystal Vision and One with the Mind of God,
creating the Sun of God Illumination!

I now begin my true Spiritual Agency and the
fuller experience of embodied Solar Consciousness!

Now in my True Identity and as my Divine Instrument,
my Eternal Flame manifests itself through these Three Suns,
these Seven Chakras and these Twelve Quadrant points.[1]

I AM the Eternal Flame of Father / Mother God …
radiating its Light of Universal Energy, Quantum
Matter and Divine Intelligence into Creation.

I AM the Eternal Flame and
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light,

I AM that I AM!

I AM Eternity and Infinity manifesting within
the world of ‘particle-function’ form!

I AM the Flame upon the Altar!
I AM the ‘wave-function’ Eternal Flame
upon the Altar of ‘particle-function’ matter!
I AM a Sun of the Sun manifesting on our sweet Earth!
I AM inclusive of all life, living Free in the Light.

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!
I AM the Gathering of embodied Solar Consciousness!
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Agents of Co-creation!

Together, standing in the Light,
I AM Building Divine Self, Building  Divine
Consciousness, and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!





Beloved Gathering of Ascending Humanity, of all Ascending Agents of Co-creation  …let us meditate upon the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self graduating into its Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self during this Cosmic Moment on Earth.  The Quest for the Holy Grail during this past Age was in becoming the Christ in Action …the True Buddha Nature …the Original Intent of Humanity expressing her Divine Potential of Purity and Love …the Divine Plan in action!

Let us contemplate what preceded this Sacred Endeavor of Humanity’s Ascension. Before embodiment in this Solar System, the Soul first proceeded through the Seven Spheres of Father / Mother God to fully inherit the True Lineage of the Great God Parents, developing one’s own Causal Body, containing Quantum State Qualities and Perfection Patterns of each of the Seven Rays …and then later, was to express these Perfection Patterns in the world of form …with all the birthrights and authority of Father / Mother God.

As you are aware[2], the Seven-fold Nature of perfection originated from our present Solar System …of Seven Planets under the Sun of Helios and Vesta. However, when our Sun was an Ascending Planet herself, evolving under their Sun of Alpha and Omega, there was a total of Twelve Planets, and all the Races of those Planets developed a Twelve-fold Nature of expressing perfection. So, our Ascension Process takes Humanity through her Seven-fold Holy Christ Self and then into her Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness of Universal I AM.

The Next Life Wave Coming synthesizes the Seventh Ray Dispensation; the Feminine Ray rebalancing the Masculine Ray; the Sixth and Seventh Root Races expanding their Sphere of Influence; and the Great Cosmic Inbreath accelerating Humanity into her next Higher Frequency of embodied, Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness. This becomes a Higher Frequency expression of ideas, feelings and activities will bring answers to Humanity’s apparently unsolvable problems, currently mired in ego distortion. Such expanding Spiritual Agency will assuming its rightful place within daily life, claiming the focus of Humanity away from ego distortion and onto the Original Intent of Compassion and Spiritual Liberty …until our sweet Earth becomes Freedom’s Holy Star.

This implicit Truth begins individually, with our Divine Instrument. Our Eternal Flame of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness comes directly from Father / Mother God, carrying the same Divine Potential as their Solar System carries. It then expresses itself as the Energy, Matter and Intelligence within the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light. Only by beginning at this Original Intent can we see Humanity’s Path, her Ascension Process, lead to this outcome of Spiritual Freedom. The Keynote of Spiritual Freedom is freedom from ego distortion, and freedom into Solar Consciousness.

Let us meditate on the Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness. They encompass the Creative Faculties of our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Let us contemplate becoming the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, embodied through our lower Chakras (the gates of embodied physical consciousness transforming into the Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness). This explains the Higher Frequency function of these first three Chakra Suns.

With this established, then we see the Sun of Holy Spirit (Divine Love) capturing our Heart and Throat Chakras …then the Sun of God Illumination (Divine Mind) through the functioning Third Eye and the Thousand Petaled Lotus Chakras. Then we may go forth into daily life as the Solar Christ Self in action …in all we do, think, say or feel …an Ascending Agents of Co-creation.

These Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness become the Seven Steps of Precipitation in action …what I think (Sun of God Illumination) and feel (Sun of Holy Spirit), I bring into form (Eternal Sun of Even Pressure). It includes all Seven Rays …and, as is all Co-creation, sealed by the Flame of Peace (the final Chakra in the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure after the Ascension and Violet Fire Chakras). In total, these Steps of Precipitation are the Action of Ascending Agents of Co-creation!

This is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!


ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED DIRECTORS OF THE ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS Helios and Vesta as the Directors of the Supreme Fire Elemental, Beloved Pelleur and Virgo of the Earth Elementals, Beloved Neptune and Lunara of the Water Elementals, and Beloved Thor and Aries of the Air Elementals:

Beloved Children of the Light, allow me to present myself as the Silent Watcher of Elemental Evolution in the world of form. The Earth now approaches her Cosmic Moment of Elemental Balance! The distortions within the Elemental Kingdom were brought about by human ego usurping the role of the Holy Christ Self as the embodied Director of the Elemental Kingdom. Humanity was to project before the Elementals the Perfection Patterns of Health and Wellness, Peace and Plenty …through her one-pointed focus on Spiritual Development, building an Eternal Life in the Light. Such ‘Heaven on Earth’ has expressed in previous Golden Ages and is now to ‘be born again’ within this New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

The powerful global Transformational Events that capture Humanity’s attention always involve earth, air, fire, and water Elemental Beings. These lovely Beings are also in their Ascension Process …of re-balancing eons of Humanity’s thoughts and feelings directing their expression into ego-distorted manifestation. They too desire their Spiritual Liberty. Their Original Agreement and Intent was to express that which Humanity held in her Consciousness. In the beginning, it was only Perfection Patterns revealed before them …which during the first three Root Races, was followed by the Elementals building Heaven on Earth …a manifest Eternal Life in the Light!  This is the Divine Plan!

But for eons since the ‘great fall’, the Elemental Kingdom continually kept their agreement to express Humanity’s Consciousness …with all measure of distorted ego-consciousness expressed in elemental imbalance. But through the Laws of Reciprocity, the opposite is also true. And now, the more Humanity expresses her Divine Consciousness, the more the Elemental Kingdom will express these Perfection Patterns.  Therefore, Humanity does not need to fear such re-balance ‘events’, but rather focus on her own Spiritual Development, with a one-pointed attention on her own Ascension Process towards becoming this Divine Instrument that radiates only Perfection Patterns into the Elemental atmosphere!

The Directors of the Four Elements are all Mighty Cosmic Beings who have evolved Elemental Kingdoms on many planets in various Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light.  It is from ‘the Light’ that any Elemental Kingdom on any Planet in any Dimension receives their Lifeforce and Natural Expressions …the very Cosmic Energy, Quantum State Matter and Divine Intelligence found within the Light!

Now is the Cosmic Moment for the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, in your own Divine Instrument and acting with the full Spiritual Agency of True Identity …that you may join the Directors of the Four Elements in their capacity of leading the Forces of the Elementals back to their Divine Potential.  Abiding in your Eternal Flame, join with the Eternal Flame of Beloved Pelleur and Virgo and the Forces of Earth Elemental …the Eternal Flame of Beloved Neptune and Lunara and the Forces of the Water Elemental …the Eternal Flame of Beloved Thor and Aries and the Forces of the Air Elemental …as well as the Eternal Flame of Beloved Helios and Vesta and the Forces of the Fire Elemental.

Within the Forces of Nature there is a Divine Synchronicity of all four Elemental Kingdoms.  The same Divine Matrix abides within your Body Elemental …composing your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles. The same distortions within the Nature Kingdom are found within Humanity’s bodies and are also seeking restoration of their Divine Potential. Let us meditate upon our Oneness Consciousness with the Elemental Kingdoms.


Let us first abide with Beloved Pelleur and Virgo in the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure …at their massive Temple of Light at the center of Earth. When outside time and space, our sweet Earth is but a matrix of Energy, Matter and Intelligence. Here there is no concern with temperature, depth, atmospheric pressure or other parameters of the physical universe.  Here we sojourn as Flame within Flame, in Holy Communion with the Energy, Matter and Intelligence composing the Elemental Kingdom. Here we abide in the Elemental Forcefield of Energy, Matter and Intelligence within our Light. We visit their domain in the capacity of our Light, composed only of the Energy, Matter and Intelligence radiating from our Eternal Flame. This is our Spiritual Freedom!

This Light then unites in Holy Communion with their Matrix of Energy, Matter and Intelligence. It is at this level we invoke their Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of Humanity …as well as to offer Humanity’s desire for Spiritual Freedom in the Ascension Process of Earth. Feel your Spiritual Agency and the Divine Capacity to do so on behalf of Humanity …greeting the Elemental Kingdom where they originate …before their outer manifestation as the nature, climate and weather of our daily life. And in this Ascended and Free State, we then also sojourn in the Temples of the Water, Air and Fire Elements …with their Mighty Divine Directors.

Just as Humanity does between embodiments, our Elementals attend their Temples of Healing with their Directors of the Four Elements. Between outer manifestations in ‘particle-function’, they transform back to their pure Energy, Matter and Intelligence in ‘wave-function’, resting in that Great Solar Quiet. Therefore we now understand, that when Humanity is in her True Identity, she too may offer the same Great Solar Quiet of her Light …where Elementals may rest in that Peace and yet carry on in their present service of outpicturing the Divine Potential. It is in this way that the Gathering of Ascending Humanity now assist the Directors of the Four Elements to bring Peace to all Elementals …earth, air, fire, and water.


Beloved Ones, you are gaining God Illumination about embodied Solar Consciousness. These Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness are also the Three-fold Activity in action …enhancing and accelerating Humanity’s cooperation with the Elemental Kingdom. These Gates of embodied Solar Consciousness begin with anchoring the spine. Here the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure is now secured …giving the same peace and security that this Forcefield does, from the planet’s center.  It establishes a Constancy of Balance within physical forces, which the intelligent Elementals can depend on, as they proceed in their Restoration of Harmony and Balance of the manifest world.

Then with this anchorage in place, the Gates of Divine Love open with the all the Gifts of Holy Spirit in the feeling world. These gifts are given a Voice and Presence, declaring the Divine Potential to the Universe with the Voice of the Great I AM. And finally, the Gates of God Illumination and a Cosmic Vista of Reality arise and allow a full experience with Indivisible Flowing Wholeness. This is the Arisen Christ abiding in her embodied Solar Consciousness!

In this Activity, Light Servers will feel a greater Spiritual Agency in assisting Beloved Mother Earth. Let us contemplate the Air Element, with Beloved Thor and Aries. They manifest the global atmospheric currents that affect all life. As well, the water Elemental requires great re-balance, as it has carried the weight of Humanity’s imbalanced feelings for eons. Yet with each cycle of the Twelve-fold Zodiac there is a full moon of certain Quantum State Qualities, where there is a ‘high tide’ of that Quality rushing through the waters of Earth, as well as the waters of the body, mind and emotions within Humanity.  There is the full moon of Divine Love, the full moon of God Illumination, the full moon of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, etc.[3]

As to the Earth Elemental …Mother Earth is reshaping herself for the Next Life Wave Coming. She is rebalancing forces she has long stored in her bosom that are now to come to the fore to be set free in the Light …your Light! As to the Fire Elemental, part of your daily meditation is acknowledging the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire within the Outbreath of our monthly Breathing Statement. In this Mystic Ring, the Sacred Fire cycles though the Twelve Houses of the Sun …like a Violet Corona of Twelve Forcefields nourishing the Eternal Flame within all Humanity …steadily awakening embodied Solar Consciousness!

Beloved Ones, such is the Power of your Divine Instrument in the Ascension Process of our Beloved Elemental Kingdoms! Let us offer Gratitude for the awakening of our full Spiritual Agency!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE SILENT WATCHER OF OUR SWEET EARTH, LADY IMMACULATA …holder of the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Potential of Humanity, the Angels and Elementals …of all Lifeforce assigned to Earth in their Journey of Spiritual Evolution.

I AM the Gathering of all the goodness in the world!
I AM the Gathering of all goodness ever expressed in the world,
through every Root Race, all the previous Golden Ages and
every effort towards Peace, Compassion and Love ever
expressed through the eons of Humanity’s
Spiritual Development on Earth.

This is now within the Causal Body
of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!
This is the Fabric of my Being as the Silent Watcher,
holding the Immaculate Concept for the Next Life Wave Coming!

Beloved Children of the Light, I hold in my Consciousness the entire Divine Potential of all Lifeforce on Earth.  I have evolved into this position through Light Service on various Systems of Worlds …holding the Immaculate Concept so that all life may develop into their Divine Potential.  Mine is a Light Service that functions well beyond time and space limitations …yet is also very present here and now for every single atom of Lifeforce manifesting in, through and around our sweet Earth.

I tend to hold concepts that affect the whole of a system, a group or a kingdom.  My principle nature is that of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness, yet I also see the individual Divine Potential …unfolding within and contributing to the Divine Potential of the whole. If one looks at the insect Kingdom, you see the action of an individual ant or a bee that seems occupied with its individual business. But on widening the lens to ‘the whole’ of the colony or hive, you see Oneness Consciousness in operation. The same in the bird Kingdom where birds have their individual lives but gather in Oneness Consciousness to form perfect shapes of the flock or very unique murmurisms. For these Kingdoms, there is a Group Deva that oversees such activities that allow for individual growth and development but on a ‘moment’s notice’, respond ‘as one’ in the group mind …the action of Oneness Consciousness.

And for Humanity graduating into her Twelve-fold Solar Consciousness, the Immaculate Concept I hold is the Perfect Triad …of the Royal Kingdoms Angels and Elementals united with the Gathering of Ascending Humanity …each one in Service to the Divine Potential of each other …with Reverence for all Life! This is the Divine Potential within embodied Solar Consciousness, as it expands across Humanity and penetrates into daily life. Be steady in Light Service, for Indivisible Flowing Wholeness will come to the fore. And an Eternal Peace and Prosperity will enfold Humanity. This is the Immaculate Concept I hold …seeing it with Crystal Vision beyond time and space restrictions.

I AM so very desirous of offering embodied Light Servers the tangible experience of abiding within my Causal Body. For then I AM also expanding and projecting my Cosmic Momentum into your Causal Body …until you feel in your own Spiritual Agency the Divine Potential of all that I hold. You are prepared for this …with the Cosmic Momentums from every Dimension, Realm, Sphere of Light in which you have trained, taught or lived within, now emerging into awareness. Let us meditate together this month, until this synchronicity is a tangible lived experience within your own Spiritual Development of embodied Solar Consciousness. (Pause)

Humanity is herself ‘a Kingdom’ for which I AM holding the Immaculate Concept of individual growth and development. I hold all the experiences necessary for an individual’s Ascension Process …but also for Humanity’s global Ascension ‘as one’.  There are also systems, groups and gatherings within Humanity for which I hold the Immaculate Concept. They form along cultural, racial and religious lines. Humanity has an innate free will beyond anything the other Kingdoms have …and because of this, there is yet the tendency to yet turn away from the Divine Potential …to much lower potentials, both individually and collectively.

But you are also aware the Earth is reaching a point where free will either takes individuals or groups on the Ascension Process with our sweet Earth …or, to a planet of specifically lower frequencies where there will be a more patient approach to lessons learned in the growth and development of a soul’s embodied journey. Humanity is complex across many domains and dimensions of daily life in the use and distribution of her innate Flame as a Light Commanding Presence. This manifests in daily life through our Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds …which then interact with the Energy, Matter and Intelligence composing ‘the world of form’. As science has described, Humanity is like a open-ended, evolving, complex system that changes from within, depending on the forces acting upon it. Our Light Service is a Divine Force acting upon Humanity …a Divine Cause that shall have effects!

But in this Cosmic Moment, there are also greater Cosmic Forcefields who turn their Sphere of Influence towards Earth. Chief among these is the anchoring of embodied Solar Consciousness within the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.  As well, the Eye of Divine Liberty opens, forwarding Humanity’s Ascension Process into Solar Christ Consciousness. The Star of Sanat Kumara is revealed in Earth’s atmosphere, introducing Transformational Events in Consciousness that now greatly assist Humanity in her response to the Invocation of Oneness Consciousness.

Humanity desires Transformation! This desire may appear spontaneously. Science refers to such events as ’emergent phenomena’. All group endeavors, including our Light Service, are ’emergent phenomena’ …or if you will, Transformational Events in Consciousness emerging from within. In the case of Ascended and Free Light Service, we hold the Divine Potential of Humanity together, standing in the Light! And when there is enough Light and its Sphere of Influence is felt at the ‘Origins of Being’ within Humanity …then she will act in concert, collectively responding in a transformative way …as a Oneness Consciousness forwarding the Ascension Process …towards the Divine Potential of our sweet Earth.

Our goal is to assist Humanity in understanding (what science may refer to as) the mystery of ‘atoms with consciousness’. We assist Humanity in seeing the potential of Higher Frequency Consciousness …levels of which allow her to see her Spiritual Freedom through Eternity. For this is her Origin …as a Spirit Spark withing the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM, presently expressing herself within the world of form, along her Infinite and Eternal Ascension Process.

The Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of Humanity is the Source of all that is required for this Victory in the Light! And the Infinite Radiant Light of each Eternal Flame then carries the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of this Divine Plan into Co-creation …ever Building Divine Self, Building Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!


Let us contemplate the nature of Light. As you are aware, the individual photons of Light operate beyond time and space. In this Oneness Consciousness, if one photon is here and another photon is there, then both photons know there are both here and there …and further, with all the infinite other photons in Universal Light, they are collectively everywhere present …with each photon knowing I AM here, there and I AM everywhere present!  As we assume our True Identity as a Light Being, then we also begin knowing ‘I AM here, there and everywhere present …through the Light that I AM!

In this experience we remain centered and present as our Eternal Flame. But through the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light, we are also here, there and everywhere present. This Reality may take you deeper into domains of daily life, but also across Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light within Universal I AM. We have free will to extend our Light centrifugally (outwardly) as long as we can sustain it centripetally (inwardly) …equal forces of Radiation and Magnetization.  This is the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity of Father / Mother God, through which the Universe is held in perfect Harmony and Balance. This is ours to learn and become, as their Children of Light. Such is the Divine Potential of our True Identity!

Given this potential of Light, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is an ’emergent phenomenon’ …emerging as a Transformational Event in Consciousness …as the gateway to a Golden Age of Spiritual Liberty and Freedom. Such emergent phenomena are the transformative change in Consciousness Humanity awaits. We already witness the emergence of the two basic paths of Humanity …as to those who choose the Ascension Process with our sweet Earth into the New Age of Spiritual Freedom …and those who by their own free will, choose a slower path of growth and development spiritually.  This too is an emergent phenomenon.

The incoming Sixth and Seventh Root Races are Transformational Events in Consciousness …an ’emergent phenomenon’. As well, the incoming Feminine Ray rebalance is a Transformational Event in Consciousness, an ’emergent phenomenon’. These rebalancing Forces slowly but steadily emerge within the consciousness of Humanity. Let us also visualize the Harmony and Balance of the Masculine / Feminine Ray rebalance, as we might see the Symbol of Yin / Yang …where yin grows from within yang, and yang grows from within yin … each supporting and nurturing the other. In contrast to a competitive relationship, we visualize a synchronization of expansion and contraction …the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity …where the Masculine / Feminine Rays first appear within the other …but also expands to envelop the other.

Our Ascended and Free Light Service is to raise up the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within all emergent phenomena …raising it up to Higher Frequencies of its Divine Potential …until there is only the Gathering of Ascending Humanity across all facets of daily life, flourishing a global Spiritual Freedom! This is the I AM Race restored …the Original Intent of the Divine Plan!

This is not only possible here and now, it already exists here and now! This is because the Cohesive Power of Divine Love is the magnetic power of attraction, setting the vibration of sub-atomic particles into particular patterns! A ‘cohesive gathering’ of Light began the origins of matter and substance, beginning with the Etheric Plane of Quantum Matter[4]. Then, as the vibrations slowed into the denseness of the Earth’s manifest plane, the actual matter of atoms, molecules, organ systems and ‘life on Earth’ formed into life as we presently know it.  And because this vibration originated from an Eternal Flame (of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness) then its Infinite Radiant Light become these ‘atoms with consciousness’.

It is only when ego usurped the action of setting the vibratory activity on Earth did a much more dense manifestation occur than was ever intended. Instead of the Divine Potential of an Elemental Vehicle that reflects Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness …our bodies began to reflect the ‘karmic return’ of negative vibrational fields …of aging, disease, distress and eventual death.  In my Office, I hold for Humanity the Immaculate Concept for an Eternal Life in the Light …through embodied Solar Consciousness with all its glorious Perfection Patterns …manifesting this within individuals, families and societal life.

With this innate Cohesive Power of Divine Love, Humanity becomes ‘a cohesive gathering’, just as sub-atomic particles gathered at the creation of matter. This gathering within embodied Solar Consciousness becomes the Gathering of Ascending Humanity! I hold the Immaculate Concept of the I AM Race coming to its full fruition, within the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom now upon us! This is the Next Life Wave Coming.

It is the Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness …the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure, the Sun of Holy Spirit and the Sun of God Illumination that then manifest Humanity in her Quantum Matter Nature …as Light Beings, one with all Light Beings living within their Divine Potential …all within the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM!



[1] Each of the Three Suns of embodied Solar Consciousness has the Maltese Cross Activity, each with Four Quadrant Points, each representing one of the Twelve Houses of the Sun. Our Infinite Circle of Light around all Three Suns also presents itself as the Maltese Cross Activity as the Star of Spiritual Freedom, where each of the four arms ends with three Quadrant Points, again totaling Twelve. These Quadrant Points flow within multi-dimensional time and space and form specific Sacred Geometries …are of which are aspects of Solar Christ Consciousness. Just like sub-atomic particles act both in ‘particle-function’ and ‘wave-function’ depending on the forces of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness acting upon them, so too do these Twelve Quadrant Points exist in Quantum States of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness.

[2]  See ‘Foundations for an Age of Spiritual Freedom’ on the Ascended and Free website, for a deeper explanation.

[3] Indigenous Peoples have named these full moons in various languages over many centuries …and have graciously appreciated the Divine Qualities offered through their Radiance.

[4] Science refers to this as ‘quantum foam’