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January 2022


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the






As the Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is rebuilding Shamballa ...as a global
Temple of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness for
the completed Victory of Beloved Sanat Kumara!

The Five-Pointed Star of Beloved Sanat Kumara is the return of First Cause, just as when Beloved Sanat Kumara first came
to return the Flame of Immortality to Humanity.

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus is a
Celestial Forcefield of 'Consciousness Transformation'.

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star brings
Transformational Events in Consciousness, to
those who seek the Light and a better way forward!

I AM empty of self and the karma of self ...and I AM Flame!
My Flame is open and receptive to the Great Love Star.

I AM empty of the world and the karma of the world.
And I AM a Global Flame ...open and receptive to
the Great Love Star as a Planetary Presence!

I AM empty of time and the karma of time.
I AM an Eternal Flame ...an Eternal Global
Presence open and receptive to the Great Love Star.

I AM empty of space and the karma of space and
I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light,
constantly receptive here, there and everywhere present,
constantly radiating its Infinite Forcefield of Divine Love!

I AM empty of self, time and space, so that I AM open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming... within the 'Secret love Star', filled with Transformational Events in Consciousness for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom ...and the World!

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star contains the
Energy, Vibration and Consciousness
that NOW redeems the world!

Transformational Events in Consciousness include:
Transformational Events in Enlightenment.
Transformational Events in Divine Justice.
Transformational Events in Divine Liberty.
Transformational Events of Forgiveness.
Transformational Events in Redemption.
Transformational Events in Healing.

I AM Keepers of the Flame ...Keepers
of this Great Love Star, in the world!


Belvoed Sanat Kumara, Lord of Venus, the Eternally Youthful One, Regent within the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa, as well Lady Venus and their entire Family of Kumaras, and the entire momentum of the    I AM Race on Venus ...that Sacred Love Star whose Higher Frequency Orbit of Divine Love the Earth now Ascends into!



Here we see, feel and deeply accept standing within Lord Michael's Sword of Cosmic Blue Lightning, with the base of the sword below us (representing the Light Service that has prepared us for the Cosmic Moment), where we now stand in the full Forcefield of this Ascending Spiral of Blue Flame.

A Radiance of Pink Divine Love is all around and
about us, the results of First Cause ...the
Cosmic Love of Beloved Sanat Kumara!

Lord Michael returns to his role representing Father / Mother God ...as when he guided the New Beginning of the First Root Race onto Earth ...when First Cause was first manifest on Earth. It was a New Beginning then ...and a New Beginning now!



Accompanied by 49 Mighty Seraphim[1] in 'V' formation,
magnificent and glorious Beings from the Central Sun that accompany Joyous News, just as they appeared when
Beloved Helios and Vesta were first vested as God
Parents for this Solar System ...and First
Cause was established as the Victory
of Earth, in the manifestation of
Divine Love, in form!

[1] 49 represents the number of completion, in the full Victory of Seven Suns and their Seven Planets, all reaching their Divine Potential in the Great Cosmic Inbreath towards Infinite Source! One of these 49 Magnificent Seraphim in this Cosmic Ceremony is our Beloved Serapis Bey, Lord of the Seraphic Hosts and Keeper of the Ascension Flame, whose Cosmic Home is on the Love Star Venus!


Lord of the Ascension Flame for Humanity.
Preparer of 'the way' for Beloved Sanat Kumara,
just as when the Great Lord of Venus first came and
Beloved Serapis Bey helped build Shamballa for his coming![2]
I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...
I AM the Gathering of Mighty Seraphic Beings ...
Together, standing in the Light ...again building
Shamballa into global consciousness!

[2] Of the original forty-nine Seraphim who came at the Initiation of Earth within this Solar System, 48 returned to Cosmic Spheres of Light. Beloved Serapis Bey remained with Earth, to ensure the Immaculate Concept remained pure in the physical manifestation of Divine Love! Later, after the ‘great fall', he enabled the building of Shamballa, in preparation for the coming of Beloved Sanat Kumara

(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Victory of Cosmic Love within the Great Venus Star, bringing full redemption of Earth!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Victory of Cosmic Love bringing full redemption of Earth, as her Star of Spiritual Freedom!

Here we also maintain the breathing visualization of
the previous Solar Year. On the Inbreath, visualizing the
Maltese Cross coalescing into the Flame of Immortality, as
the Cohesive Power of Divine Love; And on the Outbreath,
we visualize the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire, expanding
out from the Eternal Flame, uniting all life in her
Ascended State ...but now with the full
Victory of Cosmic Love!

And the global opening of Solar Consciousness!

I AM a Mighty Cosmic Victory!
I AM a Mighty Cosmic Victory!

I AM empty of self and the karma of self.
I AM empty of the world and the karma of the world.
I AM an Eternal Flame in the Infinite Radiant
Light of the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star!

I AM the Eternal Flame of Gratitude ...with Gratitude
the open door to all other Blessings ...open and
receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming!

As a Light Server on Earth:
I AM an embodied Eternal Flame.
I AM the Flame of Alpha and Omega.
I AM the Cosmic Flame of Immortality.
I AM a Keeper of this Flame, in daily life!
I AM the Cosmic Christ in action, on Earth!
I AM a Sun of the Sun ...the Solar Christ Self!
I AM the Sun of Ascended and Free Earth, now in
Divine Alignment with the Great Cosmic Inbreath!

I AM the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom.
I AM the Sixth and Seventh Root Races embodying on Earth.
I AM the Feminine Ray re-balancing the Masculine Ray.
I AM the Great Cosmic Inbreath of the Solar System!
I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...in
Divine Alignment with the Spiritual Hierarchy!
I AM all of this, the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM standing in the Eye of Divine Liberty.
I AM centered in the Love Star of Sanat Kumara.
I AM looking in at the Brightness of my own Quantum Being.
I AM looking out at Ascended and Free Humanity on her Ascended and Free Earth ...in its Ascended and Free Orbit of Divine Love.
This is the Crystal Vision from within Solar Consciousness.
I see it through my personal Eye of Divine Liberty!



In the previous Solar Year, we revealed the Eye of Divine Liberty! Now we open the Eye of Divine Liberty ...revealing the Star of Sanat Kumara. I AM opening a new Book of Revelation!

The Eye of Divine Liberty is seen as a most beautifully shaped Crystal-clear Eye ...through which we see into the Infinite Cosmos, now seen as countless Diamond Shimmering Stars of Light on a soft purple background. The Eye of Divine Liberty is that junction between the inner and outer self ...which can see in both directions ...the Cosmic Divine observing the mortal ...and the mortal observing the Cosmic Divine. As the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, we observe our Solar Consciousness ...but also engage with it ...Ascending into it, drawn by its Electromagnetic Presence ...and, raising all life with us!

Deep from within the Eye of Divine Liberty, the Royal Standard of Beloved Sanat Kumara appears ...a purple field with the Great Golden Love Star plainly visible, with a lovely Laurel Wreath above it. In front of this scene, Earth is seen spinning at the entrance to the Eye of Divine Liberty ...held in an orbit of Divine Love by the Love Star of Venus ...anticipating Earth's entrance into Solar Consciousness and thus into her Higher Frequency Love Orbit.

Our attention now goes to our established Solar Year Thoughtform, the Diamond Crystal Sun at the center of the Maltese Cross of Violet Fire, representing the Flame of Immortality within each of Humanity. For within Humanity's Eternal Flame is now revealed the Love Star of Venus. And from this Forcefield, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire now expands forth. Each personal Love Star within Humanity is now magnetized into the Great Love Star within the Eye of Divine Liberty ...and Humanity begins her procession into her Spiritual Freedom! In its entirety, this is a Mighty Focus of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, attracting and drawing together all Humanity into her Solar Consciousness ...together, standing in the Light!

We have revealed the Eye of Divine Liberty. We now stand at its entrance ...with all Humanity, the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms ...with all lifeforce within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. Within the Seven Chakra Suns along our Solar Spine, we carry the world into her Solar Consciousness! Together, I AM Co-creating Humanity's entrance into her Solar Consciousness and a life of Spiritual Freedom ...an Eternal Life in the Light! The Emblem of Beloved Sanat Kumara is this Golden Star surrounded by its purple background, expressing the Light of a Thousand Suns glimmering in the background! This now stands as the Master Portal of Earth's Procession into her Divine Potential.

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus is the Brightest Light in the center of the Eye of Divine Liberty ...and contains all the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...all the Perfection Patterns necessary in building the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom for Earth's Ascension. This 'Secret Love Star' has a background of countless other Stars from countless other Solar Systems, twinkling in their full Light ...which they also send to our sweet Earth for her inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath ...the Next Life Wave Coming! Here, on a Cosmic Level, we are indeed together, standing in the Light!

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Venus is a specific matrix of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness for this Cosmic Moment on Earth. This starry Forcefield of Divine Love has always transposed Life on Venus (our Ascended sister planet) into their next Divine Potential, across its entire evolution as an Ascended Planet. Now we stand within this 'Secret Love Star', within the Eye of Divine Liberty, and invoke this Next Life Wave Coming into our sweet Earth, accelerating her journey as an Ascending Planet.

As Beloved Lady Venus has stated: 'The Perfection Pattern of this Golden Love Star is the very Electro-magnetic Fabric of Venus ...into which the Earth now Ascends. The Pagoda of Seven Electronic Ascension Patterns now aligns with this Forcefield.' We now ascend into this Electro-magnetic Fabric of Divine Love through the Great Love Star ...as we affirm:

As a Being of First Cause and by my own spiritual free will,
I have chosen to manifest my Eternal Flame on Earth, in
service to her full Redemption in the Light. And,
by the Cosmic Law of Reciprocity, as I AM
raised up, so is all life raised up with me!

I AM an Eternal Flame in this Sphere of Influence, just as
I AM an Eternal Flame in many Spheres of Influence.

I AM an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM a Sun of the Sun, the Solar Christ Self in daily life.
I AM the Electronic I AM Presence in the Spheres of Light.
I AM a White Fire Being, Co-creating in the Sun and Central Sun.

I AM One with the Way of Sacred Fire, and I AM
its infinite expression of Perfection Patterns in daily life.
I AM in full alignment with the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star
and its Perfection Patterns of Transformation / Transfiguration!
Together, standing in the Light of my own Spiritual Freedom,
and on behalf of Humanity and our sweet Earth,
I claim the Liberty of Solar Consciousness!
I claim the Flame of Immortality!
I AM that I AM!

Beloved Sanat Kumara, I AM open and receptive to the
Divine Plan for 2022, through the Love Star of Venus!

I AM opening the Eye of Divine Liberty and
I AM revealing the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star!

I AM the Transformative Perfection Patterns ...Transformative Initiations ...Transformative Redemption within the
Five-Pointed Golden Love Star of Sanat Kumara!


The Eye of Providence has a long history in the spiritual life of Humanity. This symbol of 'observation and engagement' from the Realms of Light originates from before the ‘great fall' ...during periods of Humanity manifesting her full Victory in the Light. The Eye represents Father / Mother God observing with Joy the Co-creation of their Children of Light. The Eye sees across Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of existence ...and sees within persons, places, conditions and things ...as well as sees them from every perspective. The Eye of Providence sees all ...the All-Seeing Eye of God ...but only in the Joy and Gratitude of ongoing, eternal Co-creation!

With this new Solar Year, the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star then appears within the Eye of Divine Liberty. This Golden Star has countless Light Rays streaming from it ...but five are prominent, representing the Hand of Holy Spirit ...Love made manifest. The Star beckons us ...acknowledging our 'eternal vows' to assist in the complete Redemption of our sweet Earth. This Great Love Star evokes from us our deepest spiritual commitment and our profound constancy to this service, as exampled by Beloved Sanat Kumara himself, over millions of years. This commitment and constancy originate from deep within the Eye of Divine Liberty, within that Starry Heavens, in the Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light we have served within, and the training received on Ascended Planets and Civilizations, honored now in our present Light Service.

Within the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star,
within the Eye of Divine Liberty,
within Solar Consciousness,




Beloved Sanat Kumara is the Great Saviour of Earth, from that moment he stepped forth from a Cosmic Council of Planets, agreeing to redeem Earth by the Power of his own Light from being dissolved into formlessness ...as she could not then radiate sufficient Light on her own to remain in the family of planets within this Solar System. Shamballa is the City of the Sun on Venus, the permanent Home of Beloved Sanat Kumara. Shamballa means to 'make Sacred' ...summarizing our service with the Lord of Venus in returning Earth to First Cause ...to make Earth Sacred again, reborn in the Light. The core of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy is from this Race of Great Beings of Cosmic Love. Volunteers from Venus came to build a replica of this City of the Sun, for the Great Lord to serve from on Earth. Over the millennia after leaving Venus, he established the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, from among the volunteers from Venus who answered his call, embodied on Earth and made the Ascension from this world of form.

All who eventually came volunteered to assist the spiritual development of a planet requiring major Redemption ...and thus one day fulfill her Divine Potential as an Ascend Planet. This would then allow the opportunity for Earth to one Cosmic Day becoming a Sun in her own right ...her Divine Potential as the Star of Spiritual Freedom! Beloved Lord of the World Gautama, Beloved Lord Maitreya the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha, Beloved Kuthumi World Teacher, Mighty Victory, Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Serapis Bey and so many more Great Ones, all came from their Home Star Venus to assist this sweet Earth in her full Victory. And as the Feminine Ray comes now into prominence, much of this specific Love Nature is also focused thought this Great Venus Forcefield, for the Harmony and Balance of Humanity, lead by the Goddess of Love, Lady Venus.

The Star of Beloved Sanat Kumara contains Transformative Perfection Patterns ...Transformative Initiations ...Transformative Redemptions ...for Humanity and for our sweet Earth. This has been the intent since this Five-Pointed Golden Love Star first arose from Venus, encompassing Beloved Sanat Kumara and his Light Servers from Venus, coming to assist our sweet Earth. His Cause became Transformational Events in Consciousness, Transformational Events in Redemption, in Enlightenment, in Purification, in Healing, in Government / Diplomacy / Society, and in Spiritual Freedom! Since his coming, these efforts have established various (but temporary) Golden Ages. Now we stand on the precipice of the Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom!

Our Service as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is in anchoring this completed Forcefield into daily life. Like the Great Ones before us, we now build his Temple of Shamballa globally, within Humanity's consciousness ...serving as Builders of Divine Self, Builders of Divine Consciousness and Builders of an Eternal Life in the Light. The Gathering of Ascending Humanity is again building this Foundation of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness through which our Beloved Sanat Kumara and the Seraphic Hosts of Light can now complete their service. The Gathering of Ascending Humanity is the Group Avatar of this Age ...the New Group of World Servers ...the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way, with the right and perfect motive!

Such a dawning Golden Age is built on the foundation of Consecrated Light Service ...just as the original builders of Shamballa were so consecrated, even against great adversity. It is embodied Light Service that "doeth the works" through the Sacred Activity of 'becoming Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light' ...the expression of our True Identity and its Divine Instrument ...in the world. We are here to develop our collective Ascended Mastery ...to know, to dare, to do and to be silent! This is our vow and our unique opportunity available nowhere else in the Solar System. Beloved Sanat Kumara came to re-establish the Flame of Immortality, to return Humanity or her First Cause of Divine Love ...and here we are ...here I AM! ...its final Victory!

During our Light Service we have asked for Revelation of the Divine ...and the Love Star of Venus is such a Sign. At the dawning of the Sixth Ray Dispensation, the Three Wise Men asked for Revelation for the coming of the Christ. And the Christmas Star ...the Christ Star ...appeared to them, accompanied by Angelic Hosts. So now the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star appears to Humanity, within the Eye of Divine Liberty, accompanied by Great Seraphic Hosts ...with the Revelation of the Next Life Wave Coming!

We understand with optimism the fundamentals of our Light Service. The Ascension is in full momentum when 51% of our energies are Ascending ...51% of our Creative Faculties (thoughts, feelings, words and deeds) are 'goodness in action'. Thus, we may perform great Light Service as our True Identity ...even with karmic liability and personality issues still requiring transformation. None of that is the judge of things. Our Ascended and Free State is when our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light is 51% or more in control of our Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.This is our global Ascended and Free Victory! This is the full Cosmic Victory of the goodness of the world!

In the previous Solar Year, we have revealed the Eye of Divine Liberty! Now we further see the path ahead into Solar Consciousness ...into the Next Life Wave Coming. Now we see the 'Secret Love Star' (previously known only to the Spiritual Hierarchy) ...the Five-Pointed Star of Venus! At its center is a blazing Crystalline White Fire ...the Ascension Flame. Around the Golden Star is the Twelve Aspects of Deity as an Infinite Circle of Light, the Great Love Star's Laurel Wreath! Its Aura is Earth's new Sphere of Light ...its Sphere of Divine Potential ...its Ascended Presence in the Heavens ...as Freedom's Holy Star!

Taken together, the Ascension Flame and the Five-Pointed Star of Venus is Divine Alchemy in action. The Golden Star signifies major Transformational Events in Consciousness now occurring. ...just as it signifies this on Venus, when Major Transformational Events in Consciousness occur there. Empty of self, time and space, we rejoice as our sweet Earth ascends into the Orbit of Venus and the Higher Frequency of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, ...uniting all life on Earth in her Ascended State! This is our Transformational Event into Divine Consciousness!

The Five-Pointed Golden Love Star contains all the Perfection Patterns which had long ago allowed the I AM Race of Venus to manifest the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self and then Ascend to the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self, within a planetary Solar Consciousness. This Forcefield of Perfection Patterns now awaits Humanity within the Great Love Star of Venus ...greeting Humanity at the entrance of the Eye of Divine Liberty. The Love Star of Venus is the 'gleam in the Eye of God' ...the Eye of Divine Liberty that holds the Keys to Solar Consciousness for Humanity.



On completing Earth's Redemption

Beloved Co-servers, I love each of you individually like a Father, ...and collectively, as my entourage in the final chapter of our Redemption of Earth. I stand before you ready to receive Earth into the family of Ascended Planets, secure in her Orbit of Divine Love. Come abide with me now, standing in the Great Love Star of Venus ...a Multi-dimensional Star with thousands of Light Rays across multiple Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light ...but with five principal points of reference, representing the five sub-Rays of the Love Ray of Cosmic Holy Spirit ...the Third Ray within the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame ...the Flame of Immortality!

The Eye of Divine Liberty and the Great Five-Pointed Golden Love Star are the Great Cosmic Inbreath in action ...absorbing and assimilating Earth and her Lifeforce into Solar Consciousness. Then on the Outbreath (or return current), this also results in expanding and projecting Solar Consciousness through 'the connectome' of Humanity, one with the Angels and Elementals Kingdom and all Lifeforce ...the entire Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves.

The principle of Quantum Coherence pertains to planets (as well as to sub-atomic particles). The laws of physics outpicture the State of Consciousness involved ...in this case the Higher Frequencies of Divine Love. It explains the Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness between our sweet Earth and her Ascended Sister Planet, my Home Star Venus. This is the purpose of the Great Love Star appearing now in the Eye of Divine Liberty ...sustaining a quantum-based Oneness Consciousness between the I AM Race of Venus and the Gathering of Ascending Humanity on Earth ...revealed as the expanding connectome of all the goodness in the world ...the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!

Join me in this visualization: The Eye of Divine Providence now centers my Seven-fold Crown of the Elohim across my forehead. This is my authority as Co-creator with Father / Mother God. Through it, I see my entire Solar Consciousness and my Light Body expressing through it. I see Humanity growing beyond her planetary Consciousness and into her Solar Consciousness ...the I AM Race in her Temple of Immortality. And then I see all Universal I AM through this Eye of Divine Liberty ...the Light of a Thousand Suns. This is the gift of Father / Mother God of my Spiritual Freedom ...of my Ascended and Free State ...for Eternity! I AM the Divine Plan of Creation made manifest!

Beloved Ones, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves is the representation of all Lifeforce on our sweet Earth. Beloved Serapis Bey has cleared the way again for me, that I may stand now within each Dove, at each level of lifeforce on Earth, bringing the Redemptive Power of Divine Love to all. I stand with Beloved Serapis Bey, Beloved Mighty Victory and Lord Michael within each of these Seven Forcefields ...as we have stood together before in service to other planets achieving their Divine Potential. The Dove had always represented Holy Spirit. During this Solar Year, join us here in your meditations and visualizations ...together, standing in the Light with:

All sub-atomic and elemental form;
All simple cellular plant and animal life;
All complex and developed plant and animal life;
All mass consciousness of Humanity in her daily life,
All 'accelerating evolving awareness' of Humanity;
All the Wisdom Consciousness of Humanity;
All Ascended and Free Humanity!

Each level of Lifeforce has an Electronic Perfection Pattern for the Ascension of that level of life into its next Higher Potential. Such 'wave-function' Perfection Patterns appear as an ethereal Dove, composed of moving Electronic Light Patterns ...enfolding and assimilating each level of Lifeforce in its Divine Potential. The Mighty Elohim and Beloved Archangels all contribute to the creation of these Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension. But it is embodied 'Keepers of the Flame' that anchor it ...through their Flame of Immortality ...into daily life. This is the purpose of our Solar Year!

Such is the Divine Potential of our Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns. This upward rushing Spiral of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness culminates in the Crown of the Elohim ...the Crown of Co-creation recognized throughout Universal I AM! Affirm: Standing along and within my Solar Spine, I see through the Eye of Divine Liberty ...and gaze upon the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star. The Great Eye of Providence is the Crystal Vision at my Third Eye ...so that I see the Truth of this Cosmic Moment from a Celestial View ...as Father / Mother God sees it!

This is our affirmation of True Identity, as a Divine Instrument, empty of self, time and space ...becoming a Sun of the Sun! And just as Light Servers now stand within my Great Love Star, so too may I now stand in your Sun of the Sun ...your Flame of Immortality! Then every Sun of the Sun within daily life becomes a Star of Sanat Kumara, accelerating this Cosmic Moment of Endings and New Beginnings. As the Momentum of Light builds, then every Star of Sanat Kumara within every Eternal Flame is magnetically drawn towards the Eye of Divine Liberty. Affirm:

Within the Golden Love Star, in the Eye of Divine Liberty:
I AM an Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM living the Spiritual Freedom of the Eternal Flame!
I AM Humanity abiding in her Temple of Immortality!

Beloved Ones, Ascended and Free Light Service is the Sacred Keynote that will 'awaken the sleepers', awaken the 'still small voice within', awaken the Golden Presence that desires now to stir into dynamic life upon Earth. The Solar Christ Self may now take command of the outer self and the outer world ...bringing her into Divine Alignment with Universal I AM. Each one is a 'Sun of the Sun', and each Son / Daughter of Father / Mother God is now to come into Divine Alignment with every other Sun of God Intelligence, and join the Multi-dimensional, Cosmic Family of Ascended and Free!

A Keynote is the Sacred Tone and Vibration. The word Keynote implies Key (unlocking something) and Note (a vibration), which together implies that a Keynote will unlock our Divine Potential through the right and perfect Vibrational Tone. The Keynote of Redemption of our sweet Earth is ringing forth from within the Great Love Star. This is the Sacred Elixir that our Light Service brings to daily life ...the original Keynote of Redemption for a fallen planet, brought from Venus ...and now the Keynote of Spiritual Freedom for an Arising, Ascending Planet ...Freedom's Holy Star!

As Light Servers on both sides of the 'veil', we stand together in the Light, as the Multi-dimensional Key that unlocks the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity! If the Christmas Star heralded the Christian Dispensation, then the Five-Pointed Golden Love Star is the Star of Spiritual Freedom ...now heralding the New Age of the Seventh Ray Dispensation. This Great Love Star, surrounded by the Light of a Thousand Suns in its soft purple backdrop, abides in the Solar Consciousness within the Eye of Divine Liberty. It signals 'the Way' Humanity now enters her Enlightenment, as to her place amongst the Ascended Family of Planets and their I AM Races, Angels and Elementals of all graded Orders.

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life!
I AM the Cosmic Christ in action on Earth!
I AM the Flame of Immortality of Alpha and Omega
present on Earth, to ensure the Earth is fully
included in the Great Cosmic Inbreath!