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July 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:




(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Ascended and Free
State of Cosmic Alignment and Divine Order.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Ascended and Free
State of Cosmic Alignment and Divine Order.


I AM Sun of the Sun!
Along my Solar Spine, I AM the
Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves.
I AM all Suns in Divine Alignment, and thus,
I bring all Earth's Lifeforce into Divine Alignment
with the Next Life Wave Coming: Ascended and Free!
I AM an Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM Lord of the World / Lady of the World, and
I AM holding all life in my embrace, as
I Ascend into Solar Consciousness.


I AM the Flame of Immortality!
I AM selfless, timeless and infinite!
I AM all of this Reality, currently embodied in
physical, etheric, mental and emotional garments,
for expression in daily life on our sweet Earth!

Oh Father / Mother God / Flame of Immortality!
I AM in Thee ...my Light expands through Universal I AM!
Thou art in me ...all Universal I AM expresses within me!
I AM, I AM, I AM Earth's Victory!

I AM the Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension
...seen as the Pagoda of the Seven White Ascension Doves!
I AM the Ascension of Humanity, as well as the Angels
and Elementals who share our sweet Earth, as Home!

Oh Father / Mother God / Flame of Immortality!

I AM Radiating my Light through all Life!
all Life is Radiating its Light within me!




Beloved Ones: when the Divine Plan for Earth was set into motion, it called for the action of the Three-fold Flame ...as the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love ...to govern individuals, as well as govern their 'collective' as an enlightened civilization ...and proceeding with this Divine Potential through endless Golden Ages. Meditate on that Perfection Pattern! Embodiment was to be the Mighty I AM Electronic Presence expressed in 'density of form' ...stepped down in frequency, but still as a full Light Being embodied (the Holy Christ Self). This was to be (and remains) a new and exciting Revelation by Father / Mother God ...a new frontier of expression within Universal I AM ...for Perfection Patterns to manifest in denser form than found anywhere else. Other planets may have Etheric Form, where the Light Bodies of that Race are closer to what we might experience as Angelic Beings ...or, Divine Consciousness anchored in a 'fully wave-function Being'.

With this Divine Plan, daily life on Earth was originally organized around individuals governed by their Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power, anchored in elemental form. In that way, the Elemental Kingdom could then outpicture these Electronic Perfection Patterns as physical expressions of Heaven on Earth ...the Divine Potential of Limitless Physical Perfection! And in that Higher Frequency of daily life, 'wave-function' and 'particle-function' could easily communicate, where Angels could walk and talk with Humanity. And the Brotherhood of Angels, Elementals and Humanity would prosper, a primary principle of the Divine Plan.

So now, when the Gathering of Ascending Humanity affirms and deeply accepts the reality of 'empty of self', together we create a vacuum that is instantly filled by where we next place our focus. And through free will, we may collectively fill this vacuum with the Divine Plan ...the Solar Christ Self walking within daily life. And with rhythmic attention, the more often we experience empty of self, and focus on the Eternal Flame within, the more this Reality becomes 'the expected potential', our True Identity. And our goal is to constantly express this Reality as a Revelation within daily life ...the Christ walking and talking on Earth ...the promised return of 'Christ with the Angels' ...a return to the Divine Plan!

The same is true of 'empty of time'! When we create a vacuum of time, we leave 'now' as the only 'expected potential'. And then our Solar Christ Self exists now ...not only in some future moment, or in some past moment before embodiment. Again, the goal is the Solar Christ Self abiding in the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, on Earth ...now! Similarly, when we deeply accept 'empty of space', we also create a vacuum, and there is only 'here' ...a Solar Christ Self operating here on Earth! So, then we become a Seventh Ray Solar Christ Self here and now on Earth ...doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way...all operating together as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...inclusive of all the goodness in the world. And with a gathering momentum, this tips the scales from 'endless potential' back in favor of the Divine Plan manifesting!

And in that 'moment of here and now', we clear the path for others to do the same ...at every level within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. We know with certainty that "As I AM raised up, so is all other life raised up with me". In such moments of our own 'Perfection of Being', we become (I AM!) a Seventh Ray Solar Christ Self ...together, standing with all Humanity in the Light on Ascended and Free Earth, in her Ascended and Free Orbit ...all here and now! Then, instead of this Immaculate Concept being in the far-off future or in some past Golden Age, it is all right here, right now! Our Light Service is to establish this Inner Reality with the rhythmic constancy of conviction!

There is a saying: 'All things shall pass'. This law refers to the physical realm and is Buddha's Law of Impermanence. But the Eternal Flame is not 'a thing' ...but rather the Eternal Flame is the very Essence of Eternity ...now anchored in form / matter/ substance ...all of which will pass away around it, leaving again only Flame. When embodied, it seems to Humanity that everything is temporary or fleeting. Even the greatest civilizations and Golden Ages 'manifesting in form' have had a beginning, a middle and an end. But the Flame of Immortality, returned to Earth by our Regent, Beloved Sanat Kumara, is what is totally Transformative. It is Eternal Divine Consciousness transposed into form ...to remind us that the 'world of form' is but the temporary reflection of the Permanent, the Eternal, the Perfect.

We are here to Master 'particle-function' form and make our Ascension back to 'wave-function' Spirit ...back to our Electronic Mighty I AM Presence in the Realms of Light. The physical world was always to be temporary, to expand the Borders of the Kingdom of Heaven into its densest state ...further developing Universal I AM in its limitless possibilities. There is always Inbreath / Outbreath ...Precipitation and then Etherealization ...always the beginning, middle and end of Cycles. But the Eternal Flame is the Flame of Immortality ...and is Eternal! It proceeds through these Cosmic Cycles and may express as 'wave-function' or 'particle-function' ...or not express individually at all ...and simply exist in the Great Solar Quiet within the endless Ocean of Nirvana.

To understand and grasp this with God Illumination, let us explore timelessness ...as in living the Eternal Flame, the Flame of Eternity. Let us imagine that, with the next breath or blink of the eye, it is hundreds or thousands of years in the future ...and everything manifest in form has changed ...or, better yet, everything we have visualized and meditated on, is now made manifest ...in its Quantum Substance, in its Ethereal Light-form. When we consider timelessness, this Reality is already present without time passing ...not allowing 'time to decide' if it is true or not ...knowing it is already manifest in so many Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light ...including the Ascended Master Realms of Light known to us. This is the Reality of our Eternal Flame and how it manifests its Infinite Radiant Light through free will ...including the free will to abide in the Light ...here and now in this perfect Cosmic Moment!

Ascended Master Teaching, as well as current science, both clarify that there are endless potentials in the expression of life and creation. This leaves endless possibilities to the Law of Life: "What you think (place your attention and focus on ...meditate on) and feel (how you set the frequency of your feelings and where you direct your feelings) you bring into form!" In our Light Service, we simply offer the Highest Possible Potential ...the Divine Potential amongst all other possible outcomes. Father / Mother God granted us free will to choose which potential we work towards. Ego usurped this choice directing Humanity to a lesser potential ...even when the Divine Potential is offered to us, all the while. This is the original promise of Father / Mother God ...that all are created equal, with equal opportunity of free will to spiritually create our Highest Potential. Only ego desires the lesser potential ...for the 'lesser potential' is the domain of ego. The Divine is about our Higher Frequency Potential.

In order to see, feel and deeply accept this Divine Potential we must first 'clear the rocks from our eyes' ...becoming empty of self, time and space ...and become our original True Identity ...our Divine Instrument. It may 'appear' (illusion) we are limited to this rather small planet and its rather small Solar System, in this rather small Galaxy. It appears Humanity has its rather restricted view of consciousness and thus 'available potentials' seem scarce in daily life. But our Divine Instrument is a Traveler along an Endless Journey ...and we do have access through this Divine Instrument to all the Divine Resources of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness anywhere in Universal I AM ...within all the endless Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light ...everywhere present, here and now.

'Seeking the truth' is a commonality and binding force between science and spirituality ...always seeking and knowing the journey is endless ...and that 'the journey is the goal'. This is what creates bonds of affinity within Humanity in her quest for fulfilling Higher Potential ...a continuously better version of us individually and collectively ...as a community, a nation or a Race ...each calling our sweet Earth home!

This is our Visualization and our Constant, Rhythmic Invocation!



On the Victory of the Light in daily life

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity,
standing in the Golden Love Star of the
Spiritual Hierarchy of Venus!
And thus, Victory is ours!

I AM standing in the Five-Pointed Star of Venus. I AM its Mighty Cosmic Victory! I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, now standing together with me, in the Forcefield of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Venus ...and Victory is ours! ...Victory is ours! ...Victory is ours! Affirm with me:

I AM the Victory in the Light! I AM the personal Victory of only Divine Frequencies pouring through my Creative Faculties. I stand within the Victory of my Solar Spine, the outpicturing of the Solar System within my Divine Instrument. I stand in the Victory of my Solar Consciousness ...wherein I AM the Victory of all life on Earth, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves ...now present within this Five-Pointed Star of Venus ...and its Mighty Cosmic Forcefield of Victory! And SO IT IS!

Beloved of Ascended and Free Humanity ...I AM here with you, for the Victory of the continued Building of Divine Consciousness; Building of Divine Self; and Building an Eternal Life in the Light! I AM here for the Victory of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...in building the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves and holding the Immaculate Concept for all Angels, Elementals and Humanity, guiding them all into Solar Consciousness. And in all of this, Victory is ours!

Imagine a massive Cosmic Being capable of holding our sweet Earth in her embrace ...holding it close to her Heart. This is what the Gathering of Ascended Humanity now does ...as you embrace the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves along your Solar Spine, holding Earth's entire Lifeforce close to your collective Eternal Flame ...bathing Earth in your Flame's Infinite Radiant Light. This is a precise visualization of our Victory ...as seen from the Realms of Light ...from far beyond the restrictions of self, time and space. Within the Eye of Divine Liberty, this is exactly how the Victory of Ascending Humanity is seen!

Part of the Victory of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom is in understanding 'consecutive consciousness'. On Venus (and other Ascended Planets now fully prepared for the Great Cosmic Inbreath), when one embodiment ends it is only the outer covering that drops away. The Inner Consciousness, our sense of True Identity is continuous through 'the transition' (ending of one embodiment) and birth (the beginning of the next) including the sojourn in-between in the Realms of Light ...are all continuous, contiguous, connected and 'one stream of consciousness'. This is how it is envisioned in the Divine Plan. One of the sacrifices on Earth since the ‘great fall' is the "bands of forgetfulness" placed around a newborn Consciousness, so that the weight of karma does not negate a sense of 'fresh start' or 'new beginning'. However, this is changing with the new generations of Sixth and Seventh Root Race children entering with the Next Life Wave Coming. We are truly in a Cosmic Moment of 'Endings and New Beginnings'!

Humanity does have some sense of 'continuity of consciousness' and hence the great magnetic draw to the spiritual / religious life. Individually this comes as moments of clear intuition, 'a dream' of Heaven and a spiritual sense of 'homesickness' for our Spiritual Ancestry ...with some heart-felt awareness of our original Celestial State. And every Light Server remembers their moment of Spiritual Epiphany ...their Divine Remembrance of 'consecutive consciousness' ...and thus their dedication to ongoing Light Service as a central purpose to this embodiment. Imagine this 'same moment' becoming a world-wide Spiritual Epiphany! Then, Victory is ours!

Our Victory of Light Service is in clearing the Way for greater opportunities of these 'individual epiphanies' for all Humanity, until she focuses mainly on the 'Eternal Divine within' ...rather than striving for temporary happiness from without. Our Light Service is to stimulate the Eternal Flame of others ...until that Flame makes tangible contact with the outer mind! And with certain Cosmic Moments such as the one we are in, Edicts from Father / Mother God allow that this epiphany occur without recognition of current levels of spiritual development ...so that all Humanity may equally progress together in the Light. This is the great Victory for all the Cosmos! For then the Great Cosmic Inbreath may fully proceed ...with all Planets and Races together, standing in the Light!

This Victory of Redemption occurs through Divine Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. This is the Nature of the God Parents. And our Light Service with these Forcefields of Sacred Fire is specifically designed for such a Victory. The results may not be obvious until the final chapter is written. It was the same for the Great Kumara ...our Beloved Sanat Kumara ...when he and other Cosmic Beings from Venus arrived within his Five-Pointed Star to establish the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth. We follow in their footsteps and continue the Divine work of the Spiritual Hierarchy!

The 'Secret Love Star' is one of the many Etheric Foci unknown to all but the Highly Initiated. It originated with the coming of Sanat Kumara. It is a Forcefield from which Ascended Masters may draw forth whatever Cosmic Forces are necessary in fulfilling the First Cause of Spiritual Freedom on Earth. This Central Sun Forcefield is now within the Five-Pointed Star of Venus and seen in all the Great Divine Ceremonies of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Venus. This Golden Love Star is now Initiated in all Seven Planets of our Solar System ...and even shines within each of the Seven Suns within the Galaxy of Alpha and Omega ...all in preparation of the Great Cosmic Inbreath. But further, the Golden Love Star is now shimmering in all its Glory at each of your Chakra Suns along your Solar Spine! This is how attuned the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is with the Universe. For in our Victory on Earth, you are the Universe ...and the Universe is with you! This is our certain Victory!


When enough Cosmic Momentum of Sacred Fire has transformed the lower brain consciousness (regarding survival defenses against ego injury or ego death), then this will also generate enough silence / stillness of the mind ...allowing for the natural progression into the Higher Frequency Creative Faculties of Intuition, Crystal Vision Imagination and other sensory Memories of the Divine. This is how the Mighty God Presence within contacts the outer personality. This way the New Age of Spiritual Freedom clearly comes 'from within' ...rather than awaiting a grand external phenomenon. Self-realization will now be the discovery of the Real Self, our True Identity as our Divine Instrument ...rather than through ego achieving outer acknowledgement, fame or fortune.

The Divine sensory experiences available to Humanity include Divine sound, music and tones ...Divine color, imagery, fragrance, and movement ...Divine intuition, meditation and silence ...as well as generating Divine thoughts, feelings, words and deeds in the simple ceremonies of daily life (simple Joys and Gratefulness). The Solar Quiet of the Great, Great Silence is also a Higher Frequency Sensory Experience. For when you still the outer senses, while remaining empty of self, time and space, then all you see, hear or feel is the Divine! These experiences, combined with the Sacred Ceremonies to invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project Sacred Fire (into persons, places, conditions and things), have then initiated the Atomic Accelerator! This is our Victory!

This Seventh Ray Activity of the Atomic Accelerator is in becoming a Divine Director of Sacred Fire. This Ceremony is designed to accelerate the atomic frequency of cells, atoms and electrons towards their Electronic Perfection Patterns. By serving others, the Sacred Fire Forcefields so invoked pass through you, towards those you serve. These Higher Frequency Patterns are then housed within your Eternal Flame but also distributed through its Seven Chakra Suns to express these Higher Frequencies through your cells, atoms and electrons. Again, this is your Divine Instrument representing the Solar System ...with the Sun of Father / Mother God housing all Perfection Patterns ...but with each of the Seven Ascended Planets expressing their unique Perfection Patterns within the overall Divine Plan. You represent this Truth on Earth!

The Star of Venus houses the Permanent Atom of the Atomic Accelerator, now meant for the full return of Humanity to her Divine Potential. It was brought with Beloved Sanat Kumara as he arrived to Earth, enfolded in this Love Star ...all now to unfold during Saint Germain's Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom. So again, imagine personally standing within a Five-Pointed Golden Star of Venus, completely enfolding you head to toe, with this 'Secret Love Star' also enfolding each of your Seven Chakra Suns. Now you stand within the Atomic Accelerator! And with the Activity of the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves housed along your Solar Spine, you now become the Atomic Accelerator for all Humanity, as well as the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms! And then, Victory is ours!

This Atomic Accelerator Activity occurs outside the restrictions of time and space. And with the advancement of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, this is a more common opportunity. Therefore, this Victory is not only more probable but with ability to operate this Ceremony from the Realm of Cause (outside time and space) we also ensure it is the probable outcome for all Humanity ...all according to free will. Ascended and Free Light Service is therefore aimed at the acceleration of the atomic vehicles of Humanity, invoking and directing Sacred Fire through the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way! This multi-dimensional, global Activity ensures the elevated, accelerated internal sensory experiences for the Victory of all Humanity!

This way the Spiritual Hierarchy knows the dawning Golden Age will be permanent, as it would have come through Humanity ...rather than be presented to Humanity, as in past Golden Ages that have come and gone. And such a planetary Spiritual Epiphany now builds steadily to its apex of God Illumination. A progression of this positive transformation / spiritual evolution can spread as rapidly as does a contagion of fear, as has ruled the planet for ages. Our united Light Service clears the Way for this Victory!

Oh, Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, reach your great
loving arms of Light into my Flame of Immortality,
and draw forth the Sacred Fire of Freedom's
Holy Light ...for all Humanity!
Standing in the Love Star of Mighty Victory,
I invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project
the Cosmic Violet Fire, into all fears related to ego
survival ...lodged in Humanity's brain consciousness.

I AM the Light of the Holy Christ Self within,
now Radiating into the Higher Creative Faculties
of Intuition, Crystal Vision, Imagination, and all such
Memories of the Divine, originally intended for Humanity!

I AM True Identity ...I AM the Divine Instrument!
This is the Cosmic Victory of our sweet Earth!
This is living Ascended and Free!

Victory is mine! Victory is mine!
Victory is ours! Victory is ours!




Beloved Ones and Friends of Spiritual Freedom ...you and I have served on various Planets, expressing within various Dimensions, Realms and Spheres of Reality ...and here we are together again in the service of setting life free. I have served as Chohan of the Seventh Ray before, but now I have the honor of directing the Legions of the Violet Fire in our service of planetary redemption. I wish to begin with an exercise of you feeling yourself a conduit for the Cosmic Violet Fire ...as do the Legions of the Seventh Ray ...and as do all within the Order of Zadkiel!

Stand erect with arms outstretched and feel the presence of the Maltese Cross of Violet Fire over-lightening you ...streaming in from above, below and both sides. See, feel and deeply accept a Maltese Cross around you, front to back, side to side and in a circumference around you. On each slow Inbreath, see, feel and deeply accept the Violet Fire pouring into your Central Eternal Flame ...affirming on the slow inbreath: "I AM the Cohesive Power of Divine Love". Then on the slow Outbreath, see the Cosmic Violet Fire expanding out as an Infinite Circle of Light ...the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire ...through your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles and further out into the world around you ...until it embraces the globe ...slowly affirming on the outbreath: "I AM uniting all life in her Ascended State"! And SO IT IS!

As our Light traverses the globe in seconds, the Violet Fire transmutes lower frequencies and offers Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness in its place! It transforms all imbalance with the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Eternal Flame, now contained in every photon of our Infinite Radiant Light. Our Flame of Immortality carries the Perfection Patterns of all solutions to any problems, small or global. This is God in Action acting through us on a global scale! We become the Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform ...the Maltese Cross inbreathing and absorbing, the Cosmic Violet Fire ...and then the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire expanding and projecting this Forcefield ...as our personal and collective Sphere of Influence, freeing all life!

And again, the more we dissolve lower frequency consciousness (ego-survival), the more natural will the Higher Frequency Creative Faculties of Intuition, Crystal Vision and Divine Imagination be utilized by the Holy Christ Self. Then the feeling nature becomes more akin to Holy Spirit and the Higher Frequency Emotions of the Angelic Hosts. Then the doors to Spiritual Freedom, guarded by my Legions, swing open and Humanity may freely enter therein!

Since the ‘great fall', time has been a 'invention of ego'. For most of Universal I AM does not struggle with 'how long something takes' ...as Divine Life occurs in the 'ever present moment'. Like the Mighty Elohim, the experience is one of 'being in the moment' with the current development of Divine Consciousness and, 'Being at Peace' with that ...whatever that Light Service is at present, for as long as needed. Imagine the coming of Beloved Sanat Kumara ...who left his Home Star Venus for our sweet Earth ...about four and one-half million years ago and was only recently released from this self-exile.

His Victory was to establish a Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, to hold sufficient Light for Earth. He slowly gathered the assistance of embodied Light Servers who anchored such Light into embodiment. His Service was and is one Eternal Moment of Now ...with no impatience of 'how long does this take' and completely at Peace with that choice ...his exercise of his free will. We have the same choice, the same free will and the same Eternal and Ever-present Peace ...when our Light Service is done outside of time restrictions.

When 'empty of self, time and space' we are thus at Peace with our Light Service in this Eternal Moment of Now. We constantly offer all life our Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness ...our Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State! These Seventh Ray Cosmic Forcefield are endless ...through Eternity and Infinity ...and the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is simply the continuation of this Eternity and Infinity into daily life on Earth. Hence our Flame of Alpha and Omega ...our own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, is the Center of our Timeless Service ...and is our constancy in developing our Ascended Mastery.

Beloved Sanat Kumara honored such Light Service when in an address upon leaving on his return to Venus, he addressed the Light Servers, as well as the Great Light Brotherhood: "To You who have answered my call to Service, I give my Heart and Hand and remain as close to you as you desire to have me. You have lived and died and lived again countless times in this Service to First Cause. There is no time in Loving Service! Thank you, Beloved Earth for allowing me to share in your redemption. God be with you!"

What greater Peace than His ...to invite the ego-self to 'let go' and melt into the Eternal Flame ...knowing that this Reality simply reflects Eternity and Infinity ...and finally, the ego is 'laid to eternal rest' and finds its Eternal and Infinite Peace. And, SO IT IS!


Solar Consciousness comes from the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity within the Twelve Houses of the Sun. The Gathering of Ascending Humanity now represents this Solar Consciousness as the unique 'House of Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension' ...of all Angels, Elementals and Humanity on Earth. Think on this, on becoming a House of the Sun! For it is the Divine Alchemy of the Twelve coming together for the Ascension of the Seven! Within Solar Consciousness, we affirm 'I AM this Solar House of the Sun created for this purpose on Earth ...the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves anchored on Earth ...a Divine Alchemic composition of Twelve Tones into One Sacred Keynote for the Ascension of our sweet Earth'! With this we honor Beloved Sanat Kumara and his endless, Celestial Light Service.

When enough Ascension Momentum arising within the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves, Universal I AM is then signalled that Earth is prepared for inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath. And just as Beloved Sanat Kumara came to ensure Earth not be removed from this Solar System (because of insufficient emanating Light), so too do we gather all Humanity within the Light of the Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension ...ensuring her place in the Ascension of the Solar System ...the Great Cosmic Inbreath! Here we assist in the completion of Beloved Sanat Kumara's service. All Hail his Great Love and Light!

We too have come from other Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light to join the Family of Humanity. We too have endured the hardships of embodiment, just as did those who came from Venus, especially our Beloved Lord Gautama and Beloved Lord Maitreya, and a great many more of our Beloved Spiritual Hierarchy. Now it is our turn to serve in this capacity. And like them, we have held the Light ...as Keepers of the Flame! And like them, Victory is ours! My Legions stand as Guardians of the Sacred Fire to ensure this Victory!

Beloved Ones, Ascended Masters exist as a Sphere of Influence ...in their Sphere of Light! Light Servers develop a Sphere of Light, especially now with the visualization and acceptance of the Circle of the Sacred Twelve around us ...from front to back ...from left to right ...and in a circumference around our Heart Flame horizontally. This is our Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform. In these three dimensions it forms your Sphere of Light on Earth ...your Ascended Master Presence! Then imagine the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and our one global Sphere of Light! This is our planetary Victory, with Legions of the Seventh Ray standing guard!

Beloved Ones, the Universe is not so much the things or objects within it, but rather the bonds between those things. In the Divine Plan, it is the Cohesive Power of Divine Love that is the binding force creating interconnecting bonds between all things in the Universe. This is the Force of Creation! And this Forcefield is within the photons composing our Light. As we Co-create the Universe through our Creative Faculties, the frequency at which we place our attention in the use of this Light is our choice ...within our evolving Consciousness. The more Divine our Consciousness, the more Divine our Co-creation! This is the Order of Zadkiel! Affirm:

I AM a Priest / Priestess of the Order of Zadkiel!
I invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project
the Cosmic Violet Fire ...and I affirm:

The Violet Fire now takes Command!
It brings Perfection from God's own Hand.
God's Light takes full command today!
God's Light is here and here to stay!

I AM expressing as my Ascended Master Presence,
my Ascended and Free Sphere of Influence,
in all I do, think, say or feel.

I AM the Flame of Immortality, the Governing God
Intelligence of Divine Love, the Immortal
Victorious Three-fold Flame!