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June 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:






(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Crown and Scepter
of Father / Mother God ...the Fire Breath of Universal I AM!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Crown and Scepter
of Father / Mother God ...the Fire Breath of Universal I AM!


I AM that I AM!
As above ...so below!
I AM God in action on Earth!

I AM the Royal Scepter of Light, with
my Solar Spine the Rod of the Great I AM!
I AM anchoring the Poles of Universal I AM, through
my Divine Alignment with Beloved Polaris and Magnus!

I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light, with my Solar
Consciousness a Jewel in the Crown of Father / Mother God!
I AM the Infinite Circle of the Twelve Aspects of Deity,
from front to back, side to side and all around me.

I AM my Ascended Master Presence, an Infinite Sphere of Light!
I AM the Crown and Scepter of Father / Mother God! I AM a
Child of the Central Sun, wearing the Crown of the Elohim and
holding the Scepter of Precipitation in the Co-creation of daily life!

I AM Master of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness!
I AM my Divine Instrument, my Eternal Flame and
its Infinite Radiant Light ...a Sun of the Sun!

I bow before the four Acolytes of my Eternal Flame ...
the earth, air, fire and water Elementals that have created my physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, so that I may activate thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and thus
follow the Laws of Creation in the world of form.

I AM Divine Spirit inhabiting matter.
I AM that I AM!

My Divine Potential is Limitless Physical Perfection!
This is my Immaculate Concept, my full Light Body
standing in the Alpha and Omega Flame, atop the
Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves.

I AM now raising all life into its next Divine Potential! I serve
the First Cause of Spiritual Freedom for an entire planet and its Lifeforce. My Seven Chakras are aligned with each level of life, and truly: As I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!

I AM preparing for my own Ascension!
I AM preparing for the Ascension of the world!

I AM an Eternal Flame that has stood before thousands of Altars,
Inbreathing and Absorbing Sacred Fire. So, now I contain the
Light of a Thousand Suns! I AM this Cosmic Momentum,
within my own Eternal Flame, upon my own Altar,
within my own Temple ...here on Earth!

I AM the Light of the World! I AM an Eternal Flame,
upon the Altar of the Cosmic Christ, within
the Temple of Cosmic Holy Spirit!

I AM the Sacred Fire of Immortality,
the Flame of Alpha and Omega on Earth!



Beloved of Light Service: not only is all the karma that yet requires transmutation presently active (as a powerful illusion, the great distortion) ...but so is all the Cosmic Powers of Light and Sacred Fire needed to resolve that karma, active here and now! In fact, it is all within the Solar Year Thoughtform ...now reaching its apex of Love, Wisdom and Power ...all awaiting the Divine Direction of Illumined Humanity. All remaining vestiges of laggard energies now present themselves for redemption and restoration. But our Faith is in the Victory of the Light ...to heal and restore these energies back into the Divine Plan.

In the Solar Year Thoughtform, the Maltese Cross of Cosmic Violet Fire is activated on the Inbreath ...and the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire is activated on the Outbreath ...revealing the Eye of Divine Liberty. This is Humanity's door ...as in "knock and the door shall be open unto thee". This is the most Powerful Activity of Divine Love, the Cosmic Violet Fire ...the gift of Spiritual Freedom!

In all Light Service, we strive to expand the development of our own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. We also strive to be the conduit for our Beloved Spiritual Hierarchy and Great Light Brotherhood, who have developed a Cosmic Momentum of Sacred Fire that we are now trained to utilize. We affirm our relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy: I AM in thee, thou are in me: I AM, I AM Earth's Victory! And in that spirit, we practice the expression of our own Divine Instrument ...affirming:

I AM empty of self and I AM Flame! I AM empty of time and
I AM Eternally Flame! I AM empty of space and I AM an
Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...
a Sun of the Sun, Ascended and Free!

Now, adding to this Spiritual Progression, let us expand our working relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Let us say we desire to be 'the open door' for a particular Ascended Master (Beloved Saint Germain or Beloved Lady Kwan Yin) or Cosmic Being (Elohim of Peace, or Archangel Michael) and their Forcefield of Sacred Fire. Here we invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project their Cosmic Momentum ...within our own unique Light Service ...when already functioning as our Divine Instrument! Here we then affirm:

Oh Beloved ___ and Thy Cosmic Flame of ___

I AM empty of self and I AM Thy Flame!
I represent your Ascended Master Focus!
I AM your Cosmic Momentum of Sacred Fire!

I AM empty of time and I AM Eternally Thy Flame
assuring the full Victory of Earth's Freedom in the Light!
I live, move, breathe, and have my Being in your Sacred Fire!

I AM empty of space and I AM Thy Flame and its
Infinite Radiant Light, now filling all Lifeforce
on Earth with Divine ___, though all my
thoughts, feelings, words and deeds,
for the benefit of all Humanity!


Let us invoke through our own Divine Instrument, the Divine Presence of much Greater Beings! Let us be the open door for their Light Service on Earth. Let us invoke their Cosmic Momentum to fulfill our Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform ...on every Inbreath filling the Maltese Cross with their Divine Flame, and on every Outbreath expanding the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire with their Divine Qualities and Cosmic Momentum.

This intensified Divine Light traverses the globe in seconds ...and then: IT IS DONE! In that moment, Earth's Ascension is moved forward with absolute certainty ...and the forces of imbalance and injustice further transmuted back into their Original Innocent Energy, as when it left the Central Sun before being mis-qualified. Then we truly reveal the Eye of Divine Liberty and the Sacred Portal to Humanity's Solar Consciousness! And SO IT IS!

The Sixth Ray Christian Dispensation is now ending, and the New Age of Spiritual Freedom is in its New Beginning. Beloved Ascended Master Jesus was a perfect example of developing one's own Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light ...and then being able to perfectly represent the Spiritual Hierarchy through that embodied Flame, at any moment. He did this perfectly attuned with the Cosmic Christ, Beloved Lord Maitreya. His humility was to bow before that greater Momentum: "It is the Father within that doeth the works" ...that performs the miracles. So, in this New Age of Spiritual Freedom, we now attain what Beloved Jesus so perfectly taught us ...to develop our own Eternal Flame and govern its Infinite Radiant Light as our own Holy Christ Self ...so that we may then invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Divine Momentum of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Greater Forcefields.

Then truly, 'one with God is a majority' ...for then such Cosmic Momentum will flow directly into every level of imbalance and injustice. And as this gathers momentum, we can be assured that on a grander, global scale ...the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way ...are in place, one at a time in their own unique way ...and that the New Age is unfolding perfectly! In this way, Revelation and Transformational Events will both continue ...in the little things of daily life, as well as in impactful worldwide events. But now it shall be under the Divine Influence of global Light Service, including the momentum of 'all goodness in the world' ...rather than directed by the forces of imbalance. Welcome into the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

Let us be of the greatest assistance we desire, to any and every member of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Think of our Beloved Lord of the World Gautama, who must perfectly balance the release of certain global karmic forces ...to be revealed and then transmuted ...all according to the level of Consciousness Humanity might understand and endure ...and with this, moving the planet forward in its Solar Progression within the Great Cosmic Inbreath. Imagine the Gathering of Ascended Humanity consciously, purposely and pointedly assisting this Great Being with his Light Service. We Invoke his Great Eternal Flame and his Infinite Radiant Light pouring through our Eternal Flame and our Infinite Radiant Light! We then affirm:

Oh, Beloved Lord Gautama and Thy
Cosmic Flame of Harmony and Balance:
I AM empty of self and I AM Thy Flame!

I AM empty of time and I AM Eternally Thy Flame
until the full Victory of Earth's Freedom in the Light!

I AM empty of space and I AM Thy Flame and its
Infinite Radiant Light, now filling all Lifeforce
on Earth with Divine Harmony and Balance
...through all my Creative Faculties
and that of Humanity!


This is Healing the Earth through Ascended and Free Consciousness ...using our own Divine Instrument ...and then Invoking a much greater Ascended and Free Cosmic Momentum from within the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Great Light Brotherhood or any Cosmic Being under Father / Mother God. Here we present our own Divine Momentum of Perfection Patterns, and through that open door allow the complete Victory of the Light ...as promised by all Avatars who have represented Father / Mother God and the Cosmic Christ! Here again, one with God is a majority!




I AM the Transformative Power of the Cosmic Christ Light!
I AM open and receptive to the Next Wave of Truth coming!
I AM the Power of Divine Love revealing Solar Consciousness!

Welcome Beloved Ones into the Temples of Truth, where we stand together in the magnificent Light of the Elohim Vista and Lady Crystal (Crystal Vision) ...as well as the Mighty Archangel Raphael and Lady Mother Mary. Into these Temples we draw scientists, healers, musicians, futurists, teachers, economists, writers, visionaries, jurists and philosophers ...into our study of the Eternal Quest for Truth ...as well as understanding the true story of Humanity's development to this point. I AM he who was transformed by the Light of the Cosmic Christ, "on the road to Damascus". We are here to offer a similar transformation by Cosmic Christ Light to all Humanity. In our Temples, we work together with the Ray of Understanding, God Illumination and Wisdom, especially the World Teacher and the Brothers of the Golden Robe.

Dear Ones, the Spiritual Hierarchy often hear the pleas and prayers from around the globe of "why do good intentions go unfulfilled and negative or imbalanced intentions seem to win the day". The Legions of Truth stand with me today in an effort to help you understand this observation ...and how to remedy it. First, we understand that the Original Divine Plan (God's Will) is simply the natural process of things following their Ascending Arc, towards their Divine Potential ...the natural process of Co-creation within Universal I AM. And this process still leaves limitless choice in the content of creation ...according to the free will of those involved. This is the pattern of the first Three Root Races and their unique Golden Ages on Earth ...as well as several Golden Ages since. These have risen and fallen ...because Humanity repeatedly defaulted to the influence of ego. Yet all Humanity has an ancient and powerful memory of 'how things are meant to be', with a strong desire to return to that state.

There are many ancient analogies of the origins of such disorder and 'downward drift in Consciousness' ...such as Adam and Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, or Lucifer disobeying God and being thrown out of Heaven. But at some point 'the tide turned' and the scales tipped slowly ...to the point where things seemed to naturally tend towards imbalance and brokenness, rather than towards the Joy and Glory of Divine Potential. The origins of this 'human condition' (entropy and drifting towards chaos and disorder) date back to the free will decision of Humanity during the Fourth Root Race ...and the ‘great fall' that descended her consciousness downward into disorder, inharmony and chaos. Given the original Divine Plan, that the Elemental Kingdom was to outpicture Humanity's consciousness (presuming it would only be Perfection Patterns), this tendency towards disorder then manifested physically, as the law of entropy ...now interpreted by science to be 'a certainty'. In this regard, Humanity owes a debt to the Elemental Kingdom ...as, since the ‘great fall', she has been forced to manifest Humanity's discord and chaos. Such was never the Divine Plan.

Consider too that other Transformational Events in Consciousness also brought entropy to its peak. These include the ending of the Great Cosmic Outbreath for this Solar System, where things had naturally proceeded into their most separate parts ...and now awaiting the full force of the present Great Cosmic Inbreath (towards inclusion and Oneness Consciousness). Another such force includes the period of the 'out of balance' Masculine Ray (which tends towards individualism and hierarchical organization) requiring a re-balance with the Feminine Ray (which again, tends towards inclusion and circular organization). Add these natural cycles of Endings and New Beginnings to 'the laggards coming', and this is where we are. But at this present Cosmic Moment, all such forces shall rise into Harmony and Balance.

Remember dear ones, 'laggards' are also Souls of Father / Mother God ...who 'lagged behind' (hence the name) in their evolution, with bad habits of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. ...but still Souls needing to eventually fulfill their Divine Potential. But these Souls brought a 'force of imbalance' (entropy) that was part of another System of Worlds (parallel universe within a multiverse) ...a System of Worlds that needed to move forward within its own Great Cosmic Inbreath. Those Souls that perpetuated this imbalance needed a home of much greater density, in order to have an opportunity for redemption, to gradually reverse the downward trend towards chaos and disorder. This force they carried within them, when expressed through individuals, is what we might now call 'human-ego'. Early in the Fourth Root Race, Earth seemed the perfect opportunity ...as the first Three Root Races had expressed their Divine Potential as absolute Golden Ages within the density of form. So, our sweet Earth fostered these Souls for their redemption ...a sacrifice noted throughout Universal I AM.

However, this force of 'entropy' proved much more entrenched than expected and became so ingrained in Humanity's daily life and her expression in the world of from, that it now appears as a scientific certainty, as something that can be measured ...as to the amount of 'entropy' in a system ...literally 'a law of physics'. Remember again dear ones the overriding Cosmic Law: that Consciousness dictates reality! And then if consciousness has a downward drift, so too does reality have a downward drift. Physics simply measures the effects of this change in the world of form ...and calls it 'a law'.

In physics, gravity, the electro-magnetic force and entropy are a few of the fundamental forces (or laws) in the physical universe ...as how objects relate. Physicists know 'physical laws' ...how to measure and understand energy within the physical universe. On a Spiritual level, our study is of Multi-dimensional Laws and how persons, places, conditions and things interact on a level beyond the dense state of the physical realm ...in the Spiritual Realms!

Let us review such laws of physics and understand them spiritually. In Ascended Master Teachings, the Ascension is sometimes described as the opposite (or antidote) to gravity, where the Ascension lifts things up, rather than things 'falling down' (physically, etherically, mentally and emotionally falling down). In Earth's present universe, common sense dictates that physical gravity is useful for embodiment, for without it we would fly off the Earth as it spins / rotates along its orbit. But let us consider etheric, mental and emotional gravity, where thoughts, feelings and memories fall towards disorder and chaos, rather than naturally ascending in frequency towards their Higher Expression. This law of expressing this 'downward drift of energy' is expressed as entropy.

In the physical realm, the law of entropy describes removing energy from a system, creating a 'downward drift' towards chaos and disorder. Yet the Universe itself is expanding and gaining energy ...so scientists try to understand this (including when they come to our Temples in 'projected consciousness' while they sleep or are in quiet contemplation). But beyond the physical sciences, our Temples are also dedicated to understanding Spiritual Reality ...where Sacred Fire then becomes the study of energy within 'a system'. And specifically, the Ascension Flame affects any system, setting that system spiralling upwards towards its endless, higher potentials. That 'system' in question may be the inner workings of an atom, or an organ system in the body ...or a Solar System in the Galaxy.

Entropy (rather than gravity) predicts disorder and randomness of the expression of energy within a system ...down to the level of cells, atoms and electrons. Unchecked, it manifests disorder, distress, disease and eventual death. Its counter action is the Ascension Flame, undoing entropy and guiding the process towards the original intentions of First Cause ...Harmony and Balance, Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty and an Eternal Life in the Light! The study of Sacred Fire allows us to strive towards understanding the Cosmic Laws of Building Divine Consciousness, Building Divine Self, and Building an Eternal Life in the Light! This is the Atomic Accelerator Activity spoken of by Beloved Saint Germain.

At the core of all spiritual and scientific quest for Truth is mysticism ...the 'great unknown just beyond our current understanding' ...but where we deeply want to be, or at least understand. And in religious quest, there tends to be a set of rules or dogma around certain of the original experiences of mysticism of the well-known Avatars. Likewise in science, there is built a set of laws of the physical universe around 'known truth' (that which has been studied and measured physically) ...until greater understanding replaces those laws with superseding laws. A scientific law is a certainty based on the current ability in observing and measuring the physical universe.

But in both spirituality and science, understanding 'the mystical' remains the goal ...that which seems to be 'other-worldly', as if from another universe ...which by some may be called 'Heaven', or by others 'Cosmic Consciousness' ...or Quantum Reality ...or simply Higher Frequency Dimensions, within a multiverse. Studying the mystical can seem 'mystifying' ...but there are Laws and Principles that can be understood in both science and spirituality. This is important, as the quest for 'a mystical reality' drives the motives of all religions and science, as well as most economic or philosophic movements ...all depending on what we believe we strive for ...as if seeking the next level of Truth.

There is a saying: Honor those who seek Truth, but be weary of those who declare they have found it. Such a phrase speaks to the Fifth Ray I serve on. We may well find a level of Truth that fits a 'certain juncture of time and space'. But Truth Itself is an always evolving pathway, both scientifically and spiritually. And as we enter Quantum Reality, science becomes very mystical. Physics now understands parallel universes, what spiritually we might call other Dimensions of Reality beyond our 'physical universe'. And physics is beginning to understand that in 'other universes' the laws governing how forces act or relate may be entirely different than the known physical universe. Again, Consciousness dictates reality!


So, let us review the Fundamental Principle from Ascended Master Teachings. In any Dimension, Realm, or Sphere of existence, Consciousness dictates reality (and not vice versa). The Presiding Consciousness will govern the global nature of things. Even though there is free will within every individual development of Consciousness, there is an 'over-arching' Presiding Consciousness. On a local basis this might be the parents in a family or an individual in a work setting. But for this Solar System, this Presiding Consciousness is referred to mystically as Father / Mother God. And during their Great Cosmic Outbreath, one of the Principles is that things proceed to their smallest components and out to their most manifest destiny, in their densest form (in a process of 'wave-function' transposed to 'particle-function'). But, at some point the Presiding Consciousness rhythmically changes ...and we begin the Great Cosmic Inbreath, where the Presiding Consciousness is that of 'particle-function' transposed back to 'wave-function', towards Oneness ...the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting all life in her Ascended State ...our present 'Endings and New Beginnings'.

The Ascension Process involves all Seven Sacred Fires ...the Seven Tones and Rhythms of the Holy Christ Self. Again, this is the Light of the Cosmic Christ that transformed me on the 'road to Damascus'. All Seven Rays are studied in our Temples of Truth. Here we study the Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns ...and why at present, the Ascension Flame Chakra Sun is the base of the Kundalini River. It is the root of this 'ascending process' ...the unique opportunity to express Perfection Patterns in the world of form. You will notice it is followed by the Violet Fire Chakra Sun. The Violet Fire is a Sacred Energy that gets between objects and their interactions, transforming entropy and re-initiating the Ascension Process. This is a Spiritual Law superseding known physics. And then our studies carry on up through all Seven Rays to the Crown Chakra, experimenting with various combinations and permutations of using the Seven Sacred Fires along the Solar Spine.

If we visualize an atom, it has its tiny central nucleus and even smaller particles in orbit around that center. Most of the atom is space. It is the same with this Solar System. The world of form is built from atoms and yet most of its density is space ...where electromagnetic forces makes things 'feel solid'. But it is into this 'space of energy' that we invoke the Sacred Fires. And it is the photons of Light (which we invoke from Sacred Fire) that carries the Electromagnetic Force. And eventually, we can dictate its level of expression from solid to etheric (Quantum matter is how our Light Body expresses) and back to solid, when we choose ...when in our Ascended and Free State, mastering precipitation / etherealization. We simply invite Sacred Fire into that space to change the nature of Electromagnetic Forces, balancing gravity and undoing entropy. This is the power of transmutation / transformation through Sacred Fire ...bringing its own Forcefield of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, ascending that person, place, condition or thing towards its Quantum State ...Ascended and Free in the Light ...literally free in the Electromagnetic Force of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love! This we study together in our Temples of Truth.

The Ascension is the opposite of entropy, chaos and brokenness. Together, standing upright in the Light means that all intentions to do good ...to be a good person ...be God in Action ...that all such intentions are held in place by the Cohesive Power of Divine Love ...as the most Powerful Forcefield in action at any moment. This is our Solar Year Theme and Thoughtform! This is the Purpose and Power of this Forcefield of Divine Love throughout Universal I AM. This Cohesive Power is the 'bonding force' of all things proceeding into Oneness ...of all things achieving Divine Potential, together in the Light! And whether in a small moment of daily life, or in a major event of the Great Cosmic Cycles, it is the same Divine Principle.

This is why we can state that Love is the most Powerful Force in the Universe. Ascension currents within the Cohesive Power of Divine Love overcome 'downward drift' in consciousness ...governing the less powerful forces and reversing entropy. The Ascension undoes ego tendencies to devolve our intentions, motivations and purpose downward in frequency ...descending towards chaos and brokenness. Thus, our collective application of Sacred Fire is fundamental to the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity!

This tendency of 'downward drift' has always been disheartening to positively intentioned people and the ideas they stand for. In all life, there is a deep, natural expectation that something good and uplifting will occur. Now, in this New Age of Spiritual Freedom, we stand at the precipice of 'the scales finally tipping' back towards the natural Ascension Process ...towards the Divine Potential of all persons, places, conditions and things. Again, in summary, this is called the Ascension ...or the expected 'Second Coming' of the Divine Plan and how things 'were always meant to be'!

Regardless of our understanding of physics, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves captures all the knowledge we need to know in Earth's Ascension. Here we give all planetary 'systems' ...along every level of Lifeforce on Earth ...the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of its Divine Potential. We do so through the Seven Chakra Suns of Sacred Fire within our own Divine Instrument ...plus the Cosmic Forcefields of Sacred Fire offered for this purpose through the Theme and Thoughtform of the Solar Year. We are here to change this fundamental nature of things away from disorder and chaos ...towards good intentions and the higher potential naturally holding sway in any interaction or event. This is our study of Truth, in our Etheric Temples, affecting every aspect of daily life!

Again, the Ascension undoes etheric, mental and emotional gravity ...all while allowing us to govern physical gravity. This leads to the 'Gifts of Holy Spirit' as promised by the Cosmic Christ (such as precipitation and levitation). Remember the words of the Master: "I AM leaving you now so that Holy Spirit may come among you". Pictures of the Ascension reveal an Avatar 'ascending upwards into the sky'. But in truth, this is simply reflecting an ascent in the frequency of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Thus, the Ascension occurs within daily life and does not require 'lifting off the ground', but rather experiencing our Light Body and walking the Earth in that Ascended and Free State, which gravity no longer governs! This Mastery we also study in our Temples of Truth.

We shall continue our Light Service in earnest, as entropy has built a strong forcefield of imbalanced thoughts, feelings, memories and deeds, manifesting as the aura around persons, places, conditions and things. Such imbalanced energies need to be cut free (with an Invocation to Lord Michael and his Legions) from the hold of entropy and regression ...and set free on its promised journey of Spiritual Freedom ...its Ascension into Divine Potential. Such lower frequency forcefields anchor in the lower centers of brain consciousness ...where 'ego' long ago found anchorage in Humanity's development. We are here to set free (with Invocations to the Violet Fire and the Ascension Flame) the entire consciousness of Humanity, inclusive of all life living free in the Light!

In Co-creation within daily life, the Heart Flame now once again governs the brain ...as the Presiding Consciousness of our Individual Being ...the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love ...the Three-fold Flame of Immortality! Affirm this Truth with me and the Legions of Truth I stand with! (pause in affirmation).

Beloved Ones, may I remind you that Divine Light is the 'force-carrier particle' ...where photons carry the electro-magnetic force affecting the interconnectedness of persons, places, conditions and things ...accelerating their frequencies of expression. Photons carry Higher Frequency Energy and Momentum which create their own gravitational bonds. This becomes a Spiritual Force accelerating life upwards in potentials ...a magnetic force towards the Divine! This is the Power of the Ascension Flame ...governing gravity and undoing entropy ...part of the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love. The Electromagnetic Fields of Celestial Light undo the basic problem of 'imbalance and disorder' being the 'default mode' in daily life ...to an attraction and momentum towards the Divine ...part of the Next Life Wave Coming!

In our Spiritual Progressions as outlined by the World Teacher, we strive to become empty of self. Lower frequency self is ego ...and it will defend itself. If there is a threat of ego injury or even ego death, then the defense will be condemnation, criticism and judgment on the mental level ...and anger, revenge and destruction on the feeling level. All of these ego characteristics produce the downward drift of consciousness. Light Servers then realize the need to focus on the Divine Direction of Sacred Fire towards these defenses of ego ...both in ourselves, and in the general consciousness of daily life. And as we build a momentum of 'empty of self', it becomes easier to realize this Spiritual Freedom! Then we arrive at our Divine Potential ...our True Identity ...our Divine Instrument of Co-creation as intended ...our Ascension in the Light!

Consciousness determines everything! Physicists see this physical universe as having pre-set, determined laws of physics ...some yet to be discovered. But there is an interplay between Consciousness and the laws of physics. And since a greater Law is what you think and feel you bring into form, then Consciousness does indeed dictate reality. The raising of Consciousness does change the laws of physics as to how forces are expressed. And eventually this will be measured (by science) and described as higher 'law of physics'. A greater understanding of those Laws governing the Higher Frequency Dimensions is upon us. This is all part of the Transformational Cosmic Inbreath and the Next Life Wave Coming!

All Beings maintain a Quantum link with our Source of Being (Father / Mother God). Our Eternal Flame came from their Eternal Flame ...and their Eternal Flame came from much greater God Parents in Realms of Light beyond ...into Infinity! There is always a Higher Presiding Consciousness. As well, we know the scientific principle that 'like attracts like'. But here the 'likeness' is the identical Energy, Vibration and Consciousness between two Eternal Flames. Here the Principle (or Law) is that the Radiation of the Eternal Flame maintains Oneness Consciousness (a 'quantum link') with its Original Source. This occurs with no regard to time or space between the two Flames. This is our Eternal Oneness with our Twin Ray, as well as with Father / Mother God. This is also our Faith in the Gathering of Ascended Humanity ...that you arrive at this point of the Ascension Process together ...on behalf of all Humanity.

And again, we study all of this in our Temples of Truth. For our Temples are synchronized with the Temples of Truth in the Sun, Central Sun and even our Great Central Sun! And as I stand with you now, the Gathering of Ascended Humanity is invited into this process ...of understanding ever higher levels of Cosmic Truth!

Let us study together the Transformational Events in Consciousness upon us ...the Next Life Wave Coming!