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November 2021


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,
In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,
Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:






(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Flame of Receptivity, opening all channels for Humanity's alignment with the Divine.

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Flame of Receptivity, opening all channels for Humanity's alignment with the Divine.


I AM an Eternal Flame, and
I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!

I AM filling all the planes and levels of life on
our sweet Earth with my Infinite Radiant Light.

I AM filling all the Sister Planets of our Solar System
of Helios and Vesta, with my Infinite Radiant Light.

I AM filling all the Suns of Alpha and Omega and all their Ascending Planets, with my Infinite Radiant Light.

     I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, radiating our Light to        fill all the Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy, signaling
that Earth is ready for entrance into the Great Cosmic
Inbreath and the Next Life Wave Coming!

I AM open and receptive to the Lord of the World
and the entire Divine Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I AM open and receptive to the Cosmic Christ and
Planetary Buddha, for the Divine Peace of Humanity.

I AM open and receptive to the World Teacher and
expanding the enlightenment of Humanity's Understanding.

I AM open and receptive to the Seven Elohim and the Mighty Devic Spirits of the Elemental Kingdom, expanding the
alignment of Humanity with all Elemental Life.

I AM open and receptive to the Seven Archangels, expanding Humanity's alignment with the entire Legions of
Seraphim, Cherubim and Angelic Hosts.

I AM open and receptive to the Seven Chohans and all Ascended Master Foci within the Great Light Brotherhood, expanding Humanity's alignment with their Inner Teacher.

I AM open and receptive to the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, uniting Humanity's alignment with her own Ascended State.

I AM open and receptive to the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and the Global Forcefield of the right and perfect people, doing
the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in
the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way!

I AM an Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light,
filled with Perfection Patterns of Humanity's
Alignment with the Divine!




Beloved Friends ...month to month we stand together in the Light of each other's Radiant Flame ...as if in a vast Flame Room of a Global Ascended Master Retreat! And for this constant interconnectedness, we are (I AM) so very grateful. I AM Keepers of the Flame!

This month, let us review the concept of First Cause. In the ordinary course of 'cause and effect' within daily life, First Cause could be seen as the 'most important cause' ...or the 'primary cause'. But there was a literal first cause ...before any other cause ...from which all other effects came forth. The Original First Cause was Divine Love, and the effects were the infinite ways in which Divine Love might manifest. Then, as events unfolded, all these effects also became Cause ('second cause') and had their infinite effects ...which then became 'third cause' ...and into infinity of the cause creating effect ...and the Divine Plan unfolding endlessly ...all in the infinite vibrational manifestations of Divine Love.

This perfect unfolding manifested through the Ages of the first three Root Races. At some point during the Fourth Root Race, a Cause was set into motion out of Love, where Earth would foster fallen souls, to assist with their redemption ...to Love them Free! And from this good cause came the unexpected and unfortunate effect of the ‘great fall'. Humanity chose 'other than First Cause' and in choosing lesser cause, created a new path in her development as a Race of God Beings. This too became a cause set into motion and from this lesser cause came endless 'lesser effects', each one becoming their own cause ...and on and on it went. This left us with what we now know as a very complex karmic situation ...for Earth and her Elemental Kingdom, as well as for Humanity.

But the very First Intent within this Solar System, before any imbalance within the Law of Cause and Effect, was the manifestation of Perfection Patterns arising from the Eternal Flame ...manifesting 'in form' as a Garden of the Eternal Spring, from which then further Perfection Patterns of Divine Love arose, manifesting further diverse Perfection Patterns of Divine Love ...creating an endless Heaven on Earth. This was the Divine State from which the first three Root Races achieved their Ascension ...all according to the Original Design. And First Cause has no beginning and no end ...is now, always has been and always will be, in worlds without end. This is represented by our understanding of Alpha and Omega, the Central Sun ...Father / Mother God who generated First Cause!

And returning to First Cause is our goal. When Beloved Ascended Master Jesus walked the Earth in his Quantum Matter Light Body, he had returned fully to First Cause. There were no effects of distress, disease and disintegration. We now understand that the physics governing Quantum Matter are different than those governing 'dense physical matter'. So upon his Resurrection, the boulder blocking the entrance to the tomb was of no consequence. It simply represented those things that appear (illusion) difficult to change in daily life. But the Consciousness of First Cause changes the 'physics of events' towards the Divine! We might call these changes Transformational Events in Consciousness.

In this regard, let us recall our memories that the Original Laws of First Cause governing the manifestation of Light supersede any subsequent lesser laws of the dense world of form. This is what Beloved Jesus taught ...and hence 'the miracles' (things that would not be expected according to known physics). And through these Original Laws, the Christ arose from the tomb ....as it shall be now with Humanity ...arising out of her tomb of ignorance and imbalance. The Resurrection and the Life represents a full return to First Cause ...where only perfect effects follow ...that themselves then become further Divine Cause downstream ...and the Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom is steadily made manifest ...the endless path of cause and effect, but now in its Ascension Spiral!

Becoming a Disciple of Holy Spirit is in becoming an Agent of Love made manifest ...becoming a Disciple of First Cause! The Perfection Patterns of Original Intent flow through our ancient spiritual veins ...the Cosmic River of Divine Consciousness that flows into and through our Eternal Flame ...no matter the realm we choose to express in. This Cosmic Flow occurs in Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light ...as well as within the 'world of form' here on Earth. In this embodiment, we dedicate our Creative Faculties to this Cosmic Flow by affirming that I AM open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming! This is empty of self and One with the Way ...the Flow of the Tao!

Our Light Service is our constancy to First Cause, expressing our Divine Instrument! Our aim is that all we do, think, say or feel is aligned with the Original Intent of Father / Mother God ...simply one-pointed on Divine Love. But since the ‘great fall', an assortment of lesser cause created confusion and illusion. Yet even with that, the Laws of First Cause offer a solution to all those moments not aligned with Original Intent. Every genuine Avatar of the Cosmic Christ has affirmed this return to First Cause as the primary goal.

And central to such Light Service is Sacred Fire! It offers Redemption, Transformation and Resurrection for all lesser effects that arose from lesser cause ...those persons, places, conditions and things that yet linger as "the boulder at the entrance to the tomb", asking to be removed ...so that a full return to First Cause may now arise ...and be inclusive of all Life ...living Free in the Light! Sacred Fire, especially the Violet Fire, is the answer to the complex, multi-layered karmic situation Humanity finds herself in. Thus, Light Servers have trained on Inner Levels ...and still train when embodied ...to become Divine Directors of Sacred Fire ...as Agents of Transformation within Humanity.

This is reflected in our daily spiritual practice. Our constancy of Light Service is to see, feel and deeply accept our True Identity as our Divine Instrument for First Cause. From that, our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light then set in motion First Cause ...in all we do, think, say or feel. And then in Peace, we await the results ...which we then observe become further First Cause downstream ...and on and on until all Life lives free in the Light! We may not always see the downstream cause and effect, but it does happen! And thus, we are moving steadily towards the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

First Cause is a Mighty Forcefield that pours out of the Great Central Sun, through the Central Suns, through the local Suns and their Solar Systems and into their evolving Root Races ...and finally through our Eternal Flame and its Seven Chakra Suns. First Cause pours out as the Next Life Wave Coming. And specific for Earth, this Divine Quantum Wave is composed of the Forcefields of the Seventh Ray Dispensation; the rebalancing of the Masculine Ray with the Feminine Ray; the Sixth and Seventh Root Races entering embodiment; and the Great Cosmic Inbreath now Initiated from Father / Mother God. The Flame of Immortality within all Humanity is the receptacle for First Cause ...the Holy Grail sought through all of Spiritual Seeking. This is our True Identity and our Divine Instrument ...the Solar Christ Self of the Seventh Ray Age!

In the beginning was 'the Word' ...the Sacred Tone that proceeded forth with First Cause. Like engineers use beams of steel to build magnificent structures, we build our Temples of Holy Spirit using beams of Light. We shape them through the Sacred Influence of Tones and Rhythms. We Co-create through combining our Keynotes of Creation, creating the Divine Orchestra on Earth. Each one becomes the Voice of the Great I AM! And then together, standing in the Light, one Planetary Voice is commanding primal life into the creation of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

First Cause as the Next Life Wave Coming has its own Keynote of the rhythms, tones, pitch, and melody of the Divine. We listen for Keynotes through the Listening Ears of Harmony and Balance. The more we listen for and then blend our Keynote with the Keynote of First Cause, the more our Sun is in Divine Alignment with all Suns. This is the Divine Orchestra continually playing through Universal I AM. This Forcefield anchors here through Keepers of the Flame! Our commitment is a return to True Identity and our Divine Instrument as a Conductor of First Cause ...becoming the Flame of Immortality ...the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light.

We do so by becoming empty of self, time and space ...empty of persons, places, conditions and things ...empty of the condemnation, criticism and judgment about those things and situations; empty of the negative feelings towards those persons and situations ...and only a Focus of Divine Love ...only a return current of Love towards all life not yet free. This is our Ascended Mastery!


Defining the ‘great fall', Lord Maitreya has said in earlier Teachings "curiosity and rebellion against holding true to the Divine Pattern and the use of thought and feeling in creation of imperfection, began the building of what you call the 'soul'. It is a consciousness apart from the full Purity of God. The first thought that was imperfect and impure, energized by a secret feeling, was a cause ...and that, sent out into the atmosphere, created an effect. Like a boomerang, the effect came back into the consciousness and made a record. That record was the beginning of an impression. Energy sent out in a certain manner returned to affect the Lifestream who had sent it forth and there began to be created a shadow between the I AM Presence and the human consciousness. Endeavoring to contact the Presence, the individual would find these imbalanced thoughts and feelings flowing through that line of contact, until more and more imperfect thoughts ensued. Finally, those centers got completely away from the control of the self and acted independently."

And Beloved Saint Germain has described the Ascension as "raising the outer atomic structure of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, into the Electronic Structure of the I AM Consciousness ...steadily becoming an Ascended Master, eventually a Cosmic Being, and beyond. The Ascension into Immortality through reunion with the God Self requires the transmutation of at least 51% of the records and memories of negatively qualified karma. Becoming Individualized Flames of Perfection brings the Ascension ...returning to complete Oneness with God."

When we have returned to First Cause as our only Cause, it is our return to God's Will! Then, in this Alignment with the Divine, all the causes thereafter (and their effects downstream) only establish Higher Frequency manifestation of all things ...through our application of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness in the Co-creation of the world ...Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness, Building an Eternal Life in the Light! This is the Endings (of ego cause) and New Beginnings (of First Cause) ...of Divine Love in its endless expressions of Holy Spirit.

We may stay focused on First Cause through our daily Spiritual Practice (see May 2021 Ascended and Free Journal, page 10 to 14). Becoming empty of persons, places, conditions and things brings a reality of "being in the world but not of it". This was stated many years ago when, as described in the Teachings of Djwal Khul "the Masters of Wisdom lead very practical lives on the physical plane, with an amazing indifference to physical plane factors. They think in terms of Consciousness and not at all in term of possessions. They only think and plan in terms of raising up Humanity so she may find her own way back into the Plan." Previous Ascended Master Teachings have also related that "the higher the adept, the less we are likely to hear from him /her" ...thus our present Ascended and Free Light Service is also 'anonymous' ...mostly unseen by the masses, but they will be the beneficiaries.

Such is the one-pointedness and practicality we seek in our Light Service as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity. Imagine the Peace of no longer being distracted by events and circumstances ...all the while knowing and living the Reality of True Identity ...that we are but our Eternal Flame working out its Eternal Journey, currently as a Light Ray expressed in the world of form ...as this embodiment! Our peace is knowing we are engaged with a global network of 'all the good desire in the world' focused on First Cause ...the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love and all its Eternal Principles. This 'Alignment with the Divine' asserts itself in every aspect of daily life, through ordinary people, living ordinary lives.

On a practical level, this is implemented as 'the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way'! The Ascended Masters from their Realms of Light give this global network their Intuition, their mental Achievement and Energy, their Faith and Positivity and their strong desire to see First Cause as the primary importance of Humanity. They do so via Light Rays of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness from their Eternal Flame ...which Keepers of the Flame then expand further through their Infinite Radiant Light, anchored here in daily life.

This is the same expansion of all Perfection Patterns through Eternity and Infinity. Perfection is an absolute term and a relative term. Those just now achieving Mastery are not yet capable of governing a Solar System, as does Father / Mother God. We are all perfect at our own point of Mastery, each in our unique way ...with ego mastered and the Divine Light of Perfection Patterns flowing uninterrupted from the Mighty I AM Presence into daily life. All Ascended Mastery is promoting First Cause as the primary objective of our Service. The Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension along the Pagoda are those Energies that are currently 'right and perfect' for each level of Lifeforce on Earth in achieving its Divine Potential ...for this moment ...and thus Ascend with the current Great Cosmic Inbreath. This is all part of the Great Plan!

Let us find Comfort in our belonging to a Great Cause, in our current moment of Perfect Light Service. For this is the Divine Comfort of Holy Spirit in action!  And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!



Beloved Ones achieving 'empty of self, time and space', I come to you now as I came to Humanity with the original Krishna Teachings of the Cosmic Christ. Then, as now, I bring you the perspective of the Sun God / Goddess of the Solar System that Earth is to Ascend into ...the Orbit / Frequency of our Beloved Venus. For it is I (Krishna and Sophia, Twin Rays as one White Fire Being) who sustains the Love Frequency for every planet in our Solar System. Welcome into the Higher Frequency of the Love Orbit of Earth!

I would like to address the Power of Divine Love. I welcome you into the Realms of Reality where, empty of space, expanse does not matter ...when it comes to Divine Power. There may be a Mighty Cosmic Forcefield within a very small space ...or a much less powerful Forcefield within a very large space. The atom (which you cannot see) contains the same Divine Potential as the Universe. Likewise, the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves is a Forcefield with these same Cosmic Principles, now active along your Solar Spine. But with this Cosmic Power, all life is now raised up with you! In your 'small space', you carry the entire world with you ...yet in a Forcefield with the same Divine Potential as the Central Sun.

This Pagoda Forcefield carries the Force of the Solar System ...with its Seven Ascended Planets aligned with Helios and Vesta ...or the Galactic Forcefield, with Seven Suns all aligned with the Central Sun! The Pagoda is all of this but in a much smaller space along your Seven Chakra Suns. The Seven Electronic Perfection Patterns of the Ascension for all levels of Lifeforce on our sweet Earth is of a certain size if measured along your physical spine ...but carries the same Divine Potential as does the atom (and atomic energy) or the Solar System (and all its stupendous energy). Meditate on this!

The Eternal Flame is the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. The Eternal Flame is the Governing God Intelligence of Divine Love ...the Highest God Authority within Universal I AM. Every Eternal Flame is the exact center of the Universe ...for such Truth is outside the bounds of self, time and space. When we affirm all Suns in Divine Alignment, we might think of alignment as a linear straight line, like a physical spine or a Rod of Power. But consider a Multi-dimensional Divine Alignment that entails an infinite array of Sacred Geometry. This is closer to the Truth of our Synchronized, Quantum State Light Service ...functioning in Divine Alignment!

Eternal Flame is the anchorage of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Eternal Flame contains the clarity of the Mind of God. Eternal Flame contains the Quantum State feelings of Cosmic Holy Spirit. Eternal Flame contains the Celestial Memories and Momentums of the Causal Body. Eternal Flame contains the Perfection Patterns of Harmony and Balance, Health and Wellness, Youth and Beauty for the physical form. The Eternal Flame is all of I AM! And I AM that I AM! This is the Higher Frequency which Humanity Ascends to ...and Light Servers clear the way!

Affirm: I AM empty of self ...empty of persons, places, conditions and things. Rather than seeking outer gratification, I find my happiness in the Light of my Eternal Flame ...for there it is! I find my contentment in the Light ...I find my companionships in the Light ...in the Company of Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters. I find my Celestial Love, Wisdom and Power within my Eternal Flame ...and really, that is all I seek. I send its Light to all persons, places, conditions and things ...those that are loving and friendly ...as well as those that are not.

Quantum Coherence ...Oneness Consciousness ...the connectome of all goodness in the world ...the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness ...are all synonyms of God in Action within daily life. It is all the Keynotes of Infinity and the Keynotes of a localized Light Service (as in the redemption of our sweet Earth) ...playing together. Our Community of Light Service is truly at the Quantum Level outside of self, time and space constraints. For embodiment simply allows that 'God in Action' is a Presence within the denseness of form, like nowhere else in the universe. Let us affirm our commitment to this Truth:

I AM empty of self and I AM an Eternal Flame.
The Eternal Flame is the infinite continuation of
Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness,
where the Divine Plan flows uninterrupted.

This is daily life in the Ascended Master Realms of Light
and now the Reality of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity!

Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness
is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!
The Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light
is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!
Empty of self ...and becoming One with The Way,
...is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed!

I AM Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light.
I AM the Divine Instrument of Solar Consciousness!

I AM an Eternal Flame in the Infinite Radiant Light of the
Great Solar Quiet, the Oneness Consciousness of Universal I AM.
As an Eternal Flame, I AM an extension of this Great Solar Quiet
...this Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness,
into daily life within the world of form.

I AM the motto of the Great Light Brotherhood!
I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed
...and I AM Silent!

As we practice becoming our True Identity and function as our Divine Instrument, it becomes clear that our purpose is to be the conduit for Divine Consciousness. It is in becoming the Doer, the Doing and the Deed and remaining silent ...for this is the Great, Great Silence in action. Hence the motto of the Great Light Brotherhood and all Ascended Master Activity on Earth. It is an Affirmation of our True Identity, that we are in this Ascended and Free State. Our Eternal Flame radiates its Infinite Light in waves, and we know that within that Light, photons operate without the restraints of time and space. Particles of Light may align in full synchronicity (quantum entanglement) but so too do their 'wave-function' align in synchrony (quantum coherence) ...where all actions with the same Energy, Vibration and Consciousness then act in concert. This is the Gathering of Ascending Humanity ...this is the Forcefield of all the goodness of the world!

This was the original intent of Humanity's Creative Faculties of thoughts, feelings, words and deeds ...acting in concert at the level of Divine Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Our return to First Cause re-dedicates our Creative Faculties to the Co-creation of Perfection Patterns and their manifestation in daily life. For First Cause is the Love, Wisdom and Power of Father/Mother God acting through their Children of Light ...continuously building Divine Self, continuously building Divine Consciousness and continuously building an Eternal Life in the Light. That is the Crystal Vision of Earth and her I AM Race in the original Divine Plan ...and what she is to again become in her new Orbit of Divine Love!

This is the Ascended Planet that is to host the full Glory of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races. This is the Planet that is to see the full fruition of the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Spiritual Freedom. This is the Planet entering her full inclusion in the Great Cosmic Inbreath, the Eternal Journey towards Divine Source. This is the Planet standing before the Eye of Divine Liberty, entering her Solar Consciousness. And Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness, acting through the Gathering of Ascending Humanity, is the Initiation of all this Next Life Wave Coming!

The Truth of this Next Wave emerges from within, like the petals of a rose unfolding as the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of the New Age. Rather than awaiting a particular expression upon the screen of life, let us sense with Divine Intuition the Inner Victory that is now happening, but anonymously ...without celebrity and fanfare. We already have the inner attention of Humanity, in that the great majority of Humanity desire goodness! This is a powerful magnet for our Light to evoke a Higher Potential for Humanity and her sweet Earth. Even the unfolding rose survives the harsh winter and the hard spring rains ...and then, absolute beauty expressed from within!

In this Cosmic Moment of Endings and New Beginnings ...we remember that in the Beginning was The Word ...the permanent Tones of First Cause! Imagine your Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns as the Voice of the Great I AM ...like the orchestra members attuned to the conductor of Father / Mother God. Our part in the orchestra is where the Seven Sacred Tones, Melodies, Rhythms, Keys and Tempos, all play through us into the world.

In this Realm, we are all the composer, the conductor and the musician of our Divine Keynote. Here we develop endless Perfection Patterns that pour forth through us. This Keynote becomes 'The Word' of Father / Mother God being spoken ...the Voice of the Great I AM ...which then becomes the New Age Testament of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that has come to redeem the world. Our embodied Solar Spine was created to 'hold the entire world' in our unique Keynote. Then even greater, through our combined, collective Keynote, we co-create that Forcefield which raises all Humanity into her full Glory ...of Heaven on Earth.

Part of our practice of becoming Solar Consciousness, is the affirmation: I AM empty of self ...empty of persons, places, conditions and things! Think on this. Everything about us, our circumstances, our health, our finances, our families and our world ...is either a person, place, condition or a thing. Our age or our health status or our finances is but 'a condition'. When we invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Sacred Fire into any of these conditions, and affirm with great God Authority that we are empty of 'the condition', then the Infinite Radiant Light of that Sacred Fire fills that vacuum with Perfection Patterns of Youth and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Opulence and all the resources we could ever need. When we have the Opulence of Divine Consciousness ...the opulence of everything we need for genuine happiness. For we have become empty of all persons, places, conditions and things that created unhappiness.

And with the Laws of Reciprocity, where 'as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me', then Ascended and Free Light Service is an anonymous group effort of 'clearing the way' ...clearing The Way ...as in I AM empty of self and One with The Way. This is a Taoist view of an embodiment well lived. This is achieving our Ascended and Free State and then, allowing this Supreme Consciousness to set First Cause as the Initiation of all Co-creation in daily life. Then all the 'effects' and further 'secondary causes' that follow will set a New Path. And this new course of cause and effect will bring forth a New Age ...a literal 'Ending' ...with a 'New Beginning' of the Ascension Path of all things on Earth.

The Eternal Flame, through its Infinite Radiant Light, inbreathes, absorbes, expands and projects endless Perfection Patterns into the physical, etheric, mental and emotional realms of daily life. This only requires the will, attention, intelligence and desire of the Gathering of Ascending Humanity to transpose these Perfection Patterns into resolving anyone of Humanity 's problems ...small or big ...gradually raising her into a Higher Frequency life. Beloved Jesus said: "Go forth and sin no more ...go forth and be the Transfiguration, Resurrection and the Ascension of an Eternal Life in the Light!"

There are small and big Transformational Events in Consciousness. But they all have something in common in the process of the Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension. We all know of the global events that gain the attention of all Humanity. And as well, we all know of personal Transformational Events, within our own daily life. Let us think of both as 'a shutdown and restart of a computer' ...with a new update of software being offered. There are many karmic reasons for planetary events, as the Lord of the World is busy balancing planetary karma ...while also allowing for free will choice in Humanity ...while managing this planet!

But after such Transformational Events in Consciousness, you have an updated computer. You had to 'shut it down and restart' ...Endings and New Beginnings. Then gradually 'a new update downloads' and everything functions at a Higher Frequency. This is the purpose of Transformational Events in Consciousness ...where the outer affairs seem difficult, bringing up many concepts and emotions ...but the result is progress towards a Higher Frequency planet. You may see a 'great divide' before you in the population, but remember that each one has free will ...and may choose to Ascend into the Orbit of Love or stay on a slower frequency planet prepared for this purpose. But even with free will, all is moving towards Divine Order! Let us be assured that there is always a Higher Purpose in all things. Affirm:

I AM a Keeper of the Flame
but I AM also the Eternal Flame itself.

I AM the Flame upon the Altar.
I AM the Altar upon which the Flame resides.
I AM the Flame Room of Sacredness for that Altar.
I AM the Temple of Light in which the Altar and Flame resides.

I AM the Flame of Immortality,
upon the Altar of the Cosmic Christ,
within the Temple of Cosmic Holy Spirit!

Let us use the concept: I AM thinking Cosmically, I AM acting locally! Thus, the Gathering of Ascending Humanity continually attunes to all the Sun Gods / Goddesses governing all the Solar Systems ...all Suns in Divine Alignment. And with enough of this Momentum established on Earth, then the entire Cosmos moves forward within the Great Cosmic Inbreath.

I stand with you in the Light, awaiting to receive Humanity and our sweet Earth into the Love Orbit of Venus! And SO IT IS, BELOVED I AM!