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October 2023

October, 2023 PDF

October, 2023


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.
I AM …Ascended and Free!
I AM inclusive of all life,
living Free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love
uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and
Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:







(empty of self and breathing as only Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Majestic Power
of Holiness within the Light!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Majestic Power
of Holiness within the Light!  



I AM …that I AMthat I AM!
I AM God in Action everywhere present!
I AM Universal I AM in action, here and now!

I AM Quantum States of Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness within my Eternal Flame, initiating the
Quantum Fluctuations in Energy, Matter and Intelligence
within its Light, essential to a New Age of Spiritual Freedom.
This Reality I release into all Life …everywhere present!

I AM the Eternal Flame, and I AM its Infinite Radiant Light!
This Divine Instrument becomes the Eye of Divine Liberty!

From within this Forcefield, the Star of Sanat Kumara emerges, activating
an awareness within Humanity
of her Divine Potential, uniquely
guiding each one to their Higher States of Consciousness.

This Next Life Wave now comes in a series of Transformational
Events. I AM in the Flow of these essential Quantum State
Fluctuations in the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of
present global Co-creation …until Humanity
is together, standing in her Light!

I AM within the Stream of my Christ’s own Flowing Love,
the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Higher Frequency
Fluctuations of Energy, Matter and Intelligence,
necessary for Humanity’s Ascension!

As I AM the Eye of Divine Liberty, through which
the Star of Sanat Kumara is now active,
I AM Initiating these Quantum State Fluctuations:
in my own thoughts and the mental life of Humanity.
in my own feelings and the feeling world of Humanity.
in my memories and all the remembrances of Humanity.
in my own ‘matter’ and the physical bodies of Humanity.

I AM the Majestic Power of Light!
I AM the Majestic Power of Purity!
I AM the Majestic Power of Divinity!
I AM the Majestic Power of Holiness!
I AM the Majestic Power of Sacredness!



I stand in my Ascended Mastery!
I stand in my Ascended Mastery!




Beloved Ones we now enter the ‘inner’ gestational period of the coming Solar Year 2024 …which then is ‘birthed into the world’ in the New Year. It is all part of the Next Life Wave Coming. This Ascension Process is a constant …moment to moment, year to year, century to century! And our promise of Light Service is to be ever more open and receptive to its Forcefields of Transformation …to which we add our Light …so as to quicken its Victory in the Light!

Let us begin this cycle of Light Service contemplating the Star of Sanat Kumara. This Forcefield was revealed with the opening of the Eye of Divine Liberty, which itself opened Humanity to the Divine Potentials within Solar Consciousness. In turn, this Love Star has initiated the Star of Spiritual Freedom within Humanity. This is the Theme and Thoughtform of this present Solar Year now coming to its full harvest in the Realm of Cause! And SO IT IS!

This Love Forcefield from Beloved Sanat Kumara accomplishes its Sacred Activity by ‘preparing the soil for the plant’ …by accelerating the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within the Eternal Flame of all Humanity …so that its Infinite Radiant Light may then manifest its Divine Potential as the Higher States of Energy, Matter and Intelligence. It was Beloved Sanat Kumara who first accelerated the Flame of Humanity from its lowest ever expression, when he came from Venus and established Shamballa (the City of the Sun from Venus and the Home of Beloved Sanat Kumara). And from there, over centuries of cultivation, was formed the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

This activity of accelerating the Eternal Flame within Humanity is what Beloved Saint Germain refers to as the Atomic Accelerator, stating decades ago it would be introduced to Humanity over the dawn of the Seventh Ray Dispensation. In hearing of this, Light Servers may have wished for a ‘miraculous technology’. But rather, it confirms that our Divine Instrument is central to this New Age …at the level of our Eternal Flame …which itself is the ‘Highest Frequency technology’ in the Universe!

The Eternal Flame is the Chalice, the Holy Grail for the Next Life Wave Coming. This is the Divine Instrument for the Transformation we seek, at the levels of pure Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. This is the Path to ensuring the Quantum Fluctuations in the Energy, Matter and Intelligence of manifestation, necessary to awaken Humanity to her rightful place in the Universe …as the I AM Race!  All of this flows from the Eternal Flame within … as its Divine Light entering the world, creating the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!

The Star of Sanat Kumara initiates a Keynote …the Sacred Tone of Transformation …steadily raising Humanity in becoming open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming. This is a Cosmic Moment of preparedness and opportunity …including our Light Service being fully aligned with Cosmic Forcefields specifically offered for this purpose. Historically, this Star of Sanat Kumara has revealed itself on many Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Existence, always announcing and profoundly assisting in preparation for the Next Life Wave Coming.

Resonant frequency

Dear ones, if we place a tuning fork a short distance from another, both built to attune to the same frequency (as is the Eternal Flame within all Humanity) …then tapping just one, the other will automatically vibrate in synchrony, at the same tone. On a larger more complex scale, likewise one object / person / situation vibrates in cohesion with another of the same general tone. This is the Law of Reciprocity: “as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me”.

Now imagine these tuning forks as Eternal Flames, each one vibrating in synchronicity with the next …Eternal Flame to Eternal Flame, a Ceremony of Holy Communion generating a greatly accelerating global expansion of the Ascension Proces. This is exactly the Action of Resonant Frequency which the Star of Sanat Kumara initiates, with its an impact upon the Eternal Flame of all Humanity. It begins with the most open and receptive within Humanity …but in the end captures even the tiniest spark within the heart of the least awakened. For every Eternal Flame within Humanity is made of the same Original Divinity, the same Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Holiness as Father / Mother God …every single one truly being Children of the Great I AM!

This is a global Initiation of Humanity’s Divinity. Such is the Power of the Star of Sanat Kumara! This entire process of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love begins in the Central Sun within the Temple of the Goddess of Liberty …from the Eye of Divine Liberty. Its Divine Action is perfectly anchored through our Ascended sister Planet Venus and, at the same Divine Love Frequency, into the Spiritual Hierarchy of our sweet Earth.

From there at Shamballa, it initiates the Eternal Flame of Humanity …each one coming into resonant frequency with the Star of Sanat Kumara …and further up, with the Eye of Divine Liberty in the Central Sun. Such is the flow of Initiation of Humanity, as the Star of Spiritual Freedom! This is the Solar Year Keynote reaching its full promise.

The global influence of the Star of Sanat Kumara follows the same Perfection Patterns that initiated the advancement of Spiritual Development on Venus, in her Ascension Process …in becoming an Ascended and Free Planet, flowering the full Divine Potential of her I AM Race. From her bosom has flowed the volunteers who assisted Sanat Kumara in the original Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth, many who yet remain …including the Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa. They had all been trained in the expression of Quantum Fluctuations in the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness within Humanity’s Inner Flames …where the Star of Sanat Kumara has its action …right at the Source of Humanity’s Spiritual existence.

Until now this dawning Seventh Ray Age, preparation of Consciousness had been through a series of ‘principal Avatars’. But in this New Age, instead of focus on an individual, this Ascension Process is centered within a planetary Group Avatar, uniting the Original Divinity of all Humanity with itself. This ensured that the necessary Transformation would come from within Humanity, thus confirming the permanency of a Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Dear Ones, Spiritual Freedom is housed in Solar Consciousness …the experience of daily life at the multi-dimensional level of Higher Frequencies. At this level of seeing all levels …Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness then flow naturally into daily life. For then we understand all things. Then we see ‘the Way’ of the Universe unfolding as it should …rather than defaulting to criticism, condemnation and judgment, as the ego prefers.

The Divine Plan calls for the electronic Stream of Light (Silver Cord) from the Mighty I AM Presence to anchor and express as an Electronic (‘wave-function’) Eternal Flame in the Heart. Originally, Humanity had this ‘lived experience’ of Solar Consciousness …in the first three Root Races. A portion of that anchored Light in the Heart then ascended to the brain, to ensure the physical nature of our being was in Harmony and Balance with itself and its environment …enough to house the Solar Consciousness of Divine Life.  The rest of that Electronic Stream of Light was used in ‘living from the Heart and offering loving service to all life‘.

But after the ‘great fall’ into ego consciousness, it instead became survival of the physical. And with this, the Light from the Mighty I AM Presence became a trickle, as more Light would have simply caused more misuse by ego. The bulk of what did flow went from the heart anchorage directly to the brain to sustain physical consciousness, rather than Heart Centered Solar Consciousness. And this ‘Spiritual Freedom potential’ went into hibernation …quietly awaiting its moment of Resurrection in the Light!

Now we again return to Original Intent and Purity …that the Silver Cord of Light from the Mighty I AM Presence anchor fully in the Eternal Flame uninterrupted, no longer usurped by ego! This begins the re-development of Divine Consciousness, still housed in the physical temple …including sustaining the brain consciousness in a well-regulated Harmony and Balance on the physical level …but simultaneously allowing for an expanding Heart Centered Solar Consciousness …where our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds originate from the Eternal Flame, expressing our Divine Potential.

With such spiritual acceleration, let us then accept that our ‘wave-function’ Divine Consciousness operates at Lightspeed …literally at the speed or acceleration of Light.  For science already understands that at Lightspeed, time disappears. A photon that leaves our Sun (or any distant Star) and flows to Earth, is in its own experience as Light, arrives instantly on Earth …whereas observing that photon from Earth, it would take ‘some time’ to arrive here (even at the very high rate that science considers lightspeed). Our Beloved Goddess of Light will speak to more of this.

In our meditations of Light Service, let our Consciousness work at Lightspeed …that Light itself understands and experiences! Such is the ‘wave-function’ nature of Solar Consciousness. Previously consciousness was only ‘in time’ and depended on ‘particle-function’ anchorage in the brain, which limits our ability to comprehend the Multi-dimensional Nature of Higher Frequency Reality. When operating as a Divine Director from within our Electronic Flame operating at Lightspeed, we then get instantaneous results …for we see the photon of Light already at its reference point of the Divine Potential!

If observing Co-creation from lower ego frequency, we find ourselves ‘waiting on time’ for the photon to arrive at this new Reality. From the photon’s perspective beyond time, the Divine Potential arrives the instant it sees itself there. And this perspective is called ‘living free in the Light! Let our Light Service be from that reference point of Light itself …as a Light Being …a Being of Great Light!

Ascended and Free Light Service is now at the point in our Ascension Process where we may contemplate the fusion of ‘wave-function’ Consciousness into ‘particle-function’ expression, in the world of form. To understand this more, we may visualize this as a Transmission of the Flame Ceremony …as the Solar Spine transfusing into the physical spine. Solar Consciousness comes through Solar Fire. It begins with each of the Seven Chakra Suns reaching their own Divine Potential at Higher Frequencies, as well as in Divine Alignment with each other. This you have already been practicing, in preparation for this Cosmic Moment.

Following this achievement, we then direct the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of the Twelve-fold Solar Forcefield …seen as an Infinite Circle / Sphere / or Rod of Light …to settle into this embodied Seven Chakra Sun Forcefield.  This Divine Ceremony is the Twelve Aspects of Deity achieving fusion with in the Seven-fold embodied Christ Nature. It takes place upon the Altar in the Flame Room of each one’s own Ascended and Free Temple …in the Great Solar Quiet of the Eternal Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light! This is Spirit fully integrating with matter!

Then, within this Beauty of Holiness, we affirm: ‘I AM the Divine Transmission of my Solar Spine into my physical spine! I AM the Resurrection and the Life of embodied consciousness into its Solar Consciousness …the Solar Christ Self …the Sun of the Sun …the original Child of Father / Mother God. I AM Building the Gates of Life, for Solar Consciousness to be born again within my embodied vehicles …to fuse with my Divine Instrument …so that the Potential of all Solar Consciousness can then enter in and fulfill my Divine Potential! I AM becoming all of this along my own Ascension Process …as well as throughout my Light Service on behalf of Humanity’s entire Ascension Process.

I AM ‘wave-function’ Consciousness entering ‘particle-function’ life. I AM opening all my Inner Senses (sight, sound, touch, texture, taste and more) to their ‘wave-function’ natural states …exploring Solar Consciousness …open and receptive to the Next Life Wave Coming …in all its facets. I AM inbreathing, absorbing and assimilating the Higher Frequencies of Solar Consciousness …even as my I abide in Harmony and Balance with my embodied vehicles and their external environment. With this Harmony and Balance, I may then outbreath, expand and project my accelerating Service to Life! This is living Ascended and Free! This is my Ascended Mastery!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED KWAN YIN …the Feminine Ray Buddha representing the Power of the Feminine Ray and its Forcefield of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.

Beloved Friends of Freedom …let us focus on the Feminine Ray …one of the Four Foundations[1] of the New Age Spiritual Freedom. Contemplation of the Feminine Ray tends to be of the gentler, patient feminine nature.  But beneath that presentation is the Power of the Great Solar Quiet and its Forcefield of Holiness.


I AM empty of self and I AM the
Eternal Flame of the Feminine Ray.
I abide in its Supreme Influence on Co-creation!

I AM embodying the enduring Power of the
Feminine Nature
within Universal I AM!

Children of the Seventh Ray, within daily life there are already clear signs of Quantum Fluctuations in the global Energy Field, tilting away from the unbalanced Masculine Ray, towards full balance, integration and equality with the Feminine Ray …in the expression of Energy, Matter and Intelligence within daily life. Let us contemplate this Transformative Event. Let us gather together in my Seventh Ray Temple of the Feminine Ray …to understand the basis of this Power, as pure Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

The Seven-fold Holy Christ Self, with its fully developed Kundalini River of Seven Chakra Suns, was to prepare the Creative Faculties of the individual to move beyond a ‘particle-function’ state of consciousness to a ‘wave-function’ State of Solar Consciousness …Quantum State Consciousness! The Seven Chakra Suns are like the Sun in the Heavens, with the electron in its ‘wave-function’ …yet governing life in its ‘particle-function’ state! This occurs throughout the Solar System, including creating and sustaining physical life on Earth.

Then we may comprehend how Solar Consciousness expresses without form yet maintains a powerful Sphere of Influence within form. It includes the Light of the Sun, the Light of our Eternal Flame and the Light of our Seven Chakra Suns. This Truth shall now have anchorage along our ‘wave-function’ Solar Spine, itself anchored in our ‘particle-function’ physical spine. Let us practice this in daily meditation, just as we practice this Ascension Discipline within my Feminine Ray Temple. As the Seven Chakra Suns become open and receptive to their Divine Potential, we then see through the Seven-fold Crown of the Elohim …through the Eyes of all Seven Rays …and thus perceive the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of the Twelve-fold Aspects of Deity. The Seven Chakra Suns in Divine Alignment allow Solar Consciousness to flow into our lived experience …here and now in this embodiment!

In our Feminine Ray Temple, we have a direct conduit with the Goddess of Liberty in her Central Sun Temple. Here we all call forth and express the Eye of Divine Liberty to open within us, and become us! This Forcefield then reveals the Star of Sanat Kumara as Transformational Consciousness, that then flows through our Light Service. So let us practice the Divine Alignment of our Seven Chakra Suns …with each one synchronized with the whole, culminating as the Crown of the Elohim open upon the forehead and the Thousand Petalled Crown Chakra peering into the Vista of Universal I AM. Then whatever we decree through the Voice of the Great I AM is propelled instantly into Co-creation.  As our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are raised up through our Ascending Chakra Suns, then all thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are raised up with us!

This Ascension Process of Quantum State Fluctuations in our fields of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness is already living the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.  This becomes our daily practice in our Divine Ceremony of living daily life. The promise of Sacred Fire is its production of such Transformational Events …transfiguring our embodied selves, and eventually Humanity and her daily life. This begins with the Transmission of the Flame from our Mighty I AM Presence into our embodied self as originally intended, uninterruptedundisturbed by ego!

Affirm: I AM the Light of Quantum State Energy …Quantum State Matter …and Quantum State Intelligence. I AM the necessary Quantum Fluctuations in these primordial States, originating from the Star of Sanat Kumara …until all states of being within Humanity merge into their Ascended and Free State …together, standing in the Light. I abide only in Great Solar Quiet set at the frequency of Ascended and Free. I AM all of this Holiness, this Divinity, this Sacredness …through the Transmission of the Flame.

When it comes to transformation, we may think of powerful, even transformative physical events …natural movements or shifts involving earth, air, fire and water. Cataclysms on a physical level have certainly occurred through the history of Earth and still do. Yet the world is currently going through transformative events on the etheric, mental and emotional levels of life, as well as on the physical level. So let us focus on the greatest Power in the upcoming changes on Earth …Transformational Events in Consciousness! Here ‘wave-function’ Reality enters ‘particle-function’ life, bringing about global moments of epiphany and transformation.

The Transmission of the Flame …is a Powerful Event …also a Love Event …culminating as a Wisdom Event! Here a majestic Forcefield of Divine Flame …a Majestic Cosmic Being, or our own Eternal Flame, may transform the world through its radiantly powerful Energy, Matter and Intelligence …going forth as the Light of the world. This is far more powerful than one may imagine, as it is also the process in the birth of Stars and Galaxies. But Light Service brings this Celestial Power into the world …through an individually embodied Flame of Immortality …through its Love, Wisdom and Power Perfection Patterns flooding the field of creation.

Dear Ones, the ‘world of illusion’ has existed since the ‘great fall’ and may sometimes appear too difficult to overcome. Instead of a focus on such ego forces, let us celebrate that illusion now becomes more obvious to Humanitybut also accompanied with a growing desire to see past it. The word ‘desire’ means ‘of the father’ (de-sire). This is an aspect of God’s Will now emerging within Humanity …a desire to see truth clearly through a Higher Frequency lens. As to our Ascended and Free Light Service, let us focus on the instrument we see and experience reality through …our Divine Instrument …our lens of Solar Consciousness!

The Children of the Seventh Ray are those who lead the way into embodied Solar Consciousness. This is also the basis of the Seventh Ray Archangel Lord Zadkiel re-establishing his Order of Zadkiel within Humanity …as Priests / Priestesses in the Mastery of Sacred Fire. The ability to invoke, focus, concentrate, expand and project the Power of the Eternal Flame, or of any Divine Ray, is within the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony. This Spiritual Momentum is in the action of Holy Chalice to Holy Chalice …the Holy Communion of ‘Flame to Flame’as it is done in the Ascended Master Realms of Light.

Thus, we lead Humanity out of the wilderness of illusion and into the Light of their own Divine Instrument …the Infinite Radiant Light of their own Eternal Flame.  This is the lens of Solar Consciousness. This is seeing life at its ‘wave-function’ Perfection, even before it expresses in the ‘particle-function’ world of form, where our sustained Light guards and protects it from distortion by ego intention (the creation of illusion). We see the Realm of Cause and let the effect manifest as they do. It is the allegory of Moses leading his people out of oppression (of illusion) into Israel (meaning that which ‘is real’), into the Holy Land …the daily experience of life at the Higher Frequency of the Solar Christ Self …the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light. And from there, Humanity creates a new life of Spiritual Freedom.

The Feminine Ray now expanding within Humanity is central to this success, one of the foundations of its Co-creation.  I AM so very grateful for the inclusive, loving nature of Ascended and Free Light Service along the Feminine Ray …and its purpose of ‘all Life living Free in the Light’. And along this Ray of Gratitude, I desire that you feel the Power of the Feminine Ray in accomplishing this Victory!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF BELOVED  GODDESS OF LIGHT … on the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity and the Cosmic Power of Light.

I AM known as the Goddess of Light. In my Temple, I serve with many Beings, both fully Ascended and Free and those in embodiment actively pursuing their Ascension Process. Our Temple is dedicated to understanding the full power of the Light …to experience its Source as the Sun of the Sun within …the Eternal Flame within Humanity. Those who attend our Temple include scientists, healers, leaders of commerce, technology and inventors …as well as those in Light Service seeking God Illumination in the Power of Light. For this Sphere of Influence is now ever-more revealing itself across many endeavors of daily life.

Allow me to offer a small experience of our training. Imagine yourself as a photon, the ‘force-carrier particle’ containing all the Energy, Matter and Intelligence available throughout Universal I AM. From this view as a single photon, we would experience that “I AM an Infinite Circle of Light, filled to overflowing with the endless potential within all Light! And as I AM gaining ever-more awareness within Humanity, then the Divine Potential of my Infinite Circle of Light also expands …until I AM  inclusive of all life living free in the Light!

Functioning as this photon of Light, then all my thoughts, feelings, words and deeds are at lightspeed. I AM a photon from the Sun! This could be seen as a photon from the physical sun in the heavens …or a photon from our Sun of the Sun, the Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light, embodied.  These two analogies are one and the same. For in both the celestial and embodied activities, I AM the Flame’s Infinite Radiant Light with every photon sent into creation with endless Divine Potential!

A photon functions from a perspective beyond time and space restriction, having a sense of individuation yet equally being the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Universal I AM. This is ‘the Way’ of life experienced by the photon in the Spheres of Light and now to include experience on Earth. As we increasingly become a Being of Light created from photons of Light, we steadily understand what it is to contain all the Quantum State Energy, Matter and Intelligence within every photon that I AM composed of …as well as within all Light, everywhere present! This is a Powerful Awakening within the Ascension Process!

Lightspeed as measured by science is very fast within time and across space. But beyond time and space, if the photon sees herself in any Dimension, Realm, or Sphere of Light, then there I AM instantly! There is no ‘time to take’ and no ‘space to cross’, to being anywhere, or everywhere! A Being of Light declares here I AM! And instantly, it is so!

This is living beyond the time and space restrictions of the material universe and rather, living free in the Light! This is in the Victory Statement of Ascended and Free. Imagine the Source of all joy, happiness, tranquility, peace and contentment emerging from the Eternal Flame …experienced as its Infinite Radiant Light. Such cultivated calm happiness is then expanded though our family and friendships …and further, expanded and projected into the world through our Light Service.  This can indeed generate a very large Sphere of Influence.

This ‘Way of Life’ is the Inbreath / Outbreath Activity of Life. … a calm, joyful Reality absorbed, and assimilated from the Eternal Flame on the Inbreath …and then expanded and projected into the world on the Outbreath through the Flames Infinite Radiant Light. In doing so, I AM the Light of the world!  This occurs individually and collectively, as it does to the photon itself …a single point of Light …as well as all the Light everywhere present …both occurring simultaneously, and eternally!

The symbols of God Authority have been the Orb and Rod. In Ascended and Free terms this refers to the Infinite Sphere of Light of the Eternal Flame’s Radiance, our Infinite Circle of Light inclusive of all life living free in the Light …combined with the Rod of Power, the Solar Spine of Light …the ‘wave-function’ of Cosmic Consciousness anchored through that Presence …declaring HERE, I AM! This is the Alpha and Omega of God in Action …the Orb (Omega) and Rod (Alpha) of Divine Influence and Co-creation!

This too is the Inbreath / Outbreath of life …from the creation of cells, atoms and electrons, through to Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies. The outcome of graduating from our Temple of Light is in truly experiencing ourselves as Children of the Great I AM, inheriting all the Rights, Orders and Powers of Father / Mother God! Here we become a humble being, of very great Light!

And this is how I see you, as embodied Ascended and Free Light Service.  I see your Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light as the Orb of Omega. And I see your Solar Spine as the Rod of Light …the Mighty Alpha Presence of ‘wave-function’ Cosmic  Consciousness, enveloping your universe in its Light Commanding Presence. I see the Light within you and all around you …from each individual photon of Light existing within and through you …to the global Sphere of Influence generated through Ascended and Free Light Service.

This Divine Light is the Source of all Energy, Matter and Intelligence required to fulfill every good and perfect desire …to set free Humanity and our sweet Earth into her Divine Potential. You are awakening to the Reality of embodied Light Beings …here to fulfill the Divine Potential of Ascended and Free Light Service!  It is called ‘Light’ Service for a reason! The New Age of Spiritual Freedom is built upon the Foundation you currently build …Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and Building an Eternal Life in the Light!


What our attention is upon, that we become. This is the Law of Life. Our attention is our Inner Sight, our Third Eye in action. We seek to become its Multi-dimensional Crystal Vision. Many Ascended Masters, representing the Cosmic Christ, have embodied as a Lord or Lady of Light! Beloved Jesus affirmed (Mathew 6:22) “the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are pure, your whole body will be full of Light!” So let us put our focus, our attention, our Crystal Vision upon the Light …and become its Quantum State Energy, Matter and Intelligence …in action within and through us!

Let us live free in the Light as did every Ascended Master in attaining their Ascension. For Beloved Jesus also stated, “everything I have done so shall ye also do …and greater things”. The greater thing is to now collectively becoming Lords and Ladies of Light …and further, to fill Humanity with Light so as to quicken the Ascension Process of the world with us!  This fulfills the promise of the Cosmic Christ. This ends the ‘age of ego’ and begins the Seventh Ray Dispensation of limitless, eternal Spiritual Freedom together, standing in the Light!


[1] The four Foundations of the Next Life Wave Coming are: the incoming Seventh Ray Dispensation; the incoming Feminine Ray balancing the Masculine Ray; the Sixth and Seventh Root Races coming to the fore within Humanity; and the Great Cosmic Inbreath, affecting the entire Solar System progressing along its own Ascension Process. These are the four arms of the Maltese Cross, symbolizing the Star of Spiritual Freedom!