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September, 2022

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September, 2022


I AM an Infinite Sphere of Light.

I AM …Ascended and Free!

I AM inclusive of all life,

living Free in the Light!


From within this Infinite Sphere of Light:

The Gathering of Ascended Humanity,

In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals,

Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love

uniting all Life in its Ascended State,

Now emerges into Humanity as the Theme and

Thoughtform of this Sacred Month and Cycle of the Zodiac:













(empty of self and breathing only as Eternal Flame)

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Gathering of Eternal Flames,
the global Presence of all Ascending Energies in the world!

I AM Expanding and Projecting the Gathering of Eternal Flames,
the global Presence of all Ascending Energies in the world!


of self and the karma of self …
of the world and the karma of the world,
of time and space and the karma of space / time.
(remembering that karma is Sanskrit for ‘action’ and its effects)

I AM my True Identity …my Divine Instrument.

I AM a Seven-fold Holy Christ Self.
I AM a Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self.
I AM the Mighty I AM Presence in action!
I AM the Cosmic Momentum of my Causal Body!
I AM the White Fire Being in the Highest Realms of Light!

I AM a Sun of the Sun! In my Light Service, I AM as patient
as the Sun
in the Heavens. I shine …and shine upon all
life equally…until all life is set free in the Light.

I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity.
I AM the Gathering of all Ascending Energies.
I AM the Gathering of all the goodness in the world!

I AM the Gathering within Christ Consciousness.
I AM the Gathering within Solar Consciousness.
I AM the Gathering of all Suns of the Sun.

I AM in the world but not of it.
I AM in the world, as the Eternal
Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light!
I AM in the world, as the Light of the world!

Together, standing in the Light …

I AM the vast interconnectedness of Universal I AM,
manifesting as a Forcefield learning of itself on Earth, as the
Divine Potential of Humanity and her Ascended and Free Earth.




Beloved Ones, this month let us contemplate our Spiritual Liberty. It begins with serving through our Divine Instrument and within our True Identity.  Here in embodiment, it is absolute one-pointedness …on the One (Ray of the Mighty I AM Presence on Earth), the Three (-fold Flame of Immortality), the Seven (Chakra Suns and the Ascending River of Kundalini Fire), the Twelve (Houses of the Sun) and again the One (Universal I AM)! But Divine Liberty only begins here …especially when graduating from the Seven-fold Holy Christ Self to the Twelve-fold Solar Christ Self …where the Twelve Houses of the Sun now infuse Cosmic Consciousness into daily life.

Let us imagine together within the Power of Cosmic Consciousness. Let us see and hold the Divine Potential for all Humanity, understanding and moving towards this one-pointedness on our collective Divinity within …the Divine Instrument waiting to be released. This progress occurs through thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Humanity is ready and prepared to let go of what does not progress her …and equally ready to accept the experience of Higher Frequencies in her daily reality. And with this advancement in Consciousness, she will govern daily life with Justice, Inclusiveness and Spiritual Freedom. And since Consciousness dictates reality, then Spiritual Freedom will establish every other freedom …all of which were designed for Humanity, in the promise of her embodiment on Earth.

Such imagining, thinking, feeling, and remembering is itself an act of Liberation! The Great Law of Life is what you think and feel, you bring into form.  It takes a greater momentum of such advancing Consciousness …thinking and feeling our True Identity …to overcome the momentum of ego created distress, which has governed daily life for millennia. And the most Powerful Momentum comes from our Gathering of Ascending Humanity …our gathering of Suns in Divine Alignment …our Gathering of all Ascending Energies, of all the goodness in the world! And the Greater Divine Potential is not only of self-aware Souls doing this consciously in collective union and synchronicity (our Light Service), but of calling on the Inner True Identity of all Humanity to join with us …regardless of the outer personality involved. This is full inclusiveness …and brings full the full Power of Transfiguration to this endeavor of setting free our sweet Earth!

We have come into this world to establish the Liberation of Spiritual Freedom within Solar Consciousness.  It is what every Ascending Sage, Guru and Teacher has asked of Humanity through the Ages. Here we again lay out the foundations of accomplishing this, so that all may join us, regardless of race, culture, creed, nationality, or position in life. This is the inclusiveness of the Seventh Ray Dispensation …and of the Feminine Ray now rebalancing the Masculine Ray …and of the Sixth and Seventh Root Races entering in greater numbers around the globe …and in the Great Cosmic Inbreath being Initiated …all synchronized together within the Next Life Wave Coming.  This is why we gather and …why we are all embodied …to Gather!

This is ‘grass-roots’ Co-creation of Spiritual Freedom.  It comes from within Humanity …of her becoming aware …then living within her True Identity and as her Divine Instrument. It does not come from external sources, either spiritually or secularly. It proceeds forth from everyone and thus includes everyone. As we know, previous Golden Ages were organized and installed ‘from above’ by the Spiritual Hierarchy of that moment, as Gifts of Compassion and Spiritual Freedom from the great struggle with ego creation. But none found permeance, as when Humanity tried to ‘do so for herself’, she could not sustain it …and regression occurred. And the forces of regression are again active. So now we do it in the only way that guarantees permeance, from within Humanity and her own spiritual effort with Energy, Vibration and Consciousness …as Divine Directors of Sacred Fire. Such is our True Identity, and such is the Power of our Divine Instrument.

And as we liberate Humanity spiritually, we also liberate the Elemental Kingdom. This magnificent Kingdom of Nature and the physical universe was designed to take her lead from the evolving Consciousness with Humanity, to express Divine Potential within form.  Therefore, Divine Liberty within the Elemental Kingdom only comes from the Consciousness within Humanity being Liberated.

There is a Forcefield designed within the Seventh Ray Dispensation for this purpose …the Cosmic Maltese Cross of Violet Fire! This Forcefield converges into Earth from higher Dimensions, Realms, and Spheres of Light. A Maltese Cross is composed of four Grand Triangles. Within the Twelve Houses of the Sun, there are three Houses dedicated to each of the Four Elements …the Grand Triangle of Three Earth Signs, Three Air Signs, Three Fire Signs and Three Water Signs. Such was always intended to secure the Elemental Kingdom in expressing her Perfection Patterns, found within the Twelve Houses of the Sun. And this we now return to!

Thus, we visualize with every Inbreath the Cosmic Maltese Cross converging all the Love, Wisdom and Power within the Violet Fire into its center, where Earth and her Lifeforce now abide. Here, not only do layers of karma get transmuted with Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom, but each is also infused with the Solar Consciousness of the Twelve Houses of the Sun.   Then with every Outbreath, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire expands from this center at the Heart of Earth, through the Flame of Immortality within Humanity and out through the Solar System …signalling that the Cohesive Power of Divine Love now unites all life on Earth in her next State of Divine Potential. This is the indication awaited by the rest of the Universe that the Great Cosmic Inbreath may now fully proceed …and be inclusive of life on Earth!

Let us feel that we collectively become (that I AM!) this Cosmic Maltese Cross in action.  Let us feel ourselves as the Grand Triangle of Three Fire Signs bringing the Spiritual Freedom of all the Fire Elemental on Earth …as the Grand Triangle of Three Air Signs bringing Spiritual Freedom to the Air Elemental on Earth …as the Grand Triangle of Three Water Signs, bringing the Spiritual Freedom of all the Water Elemental on Earth …and, as the Grand Triangle of Three Earth Signs, bringing the Spiritual Freedom of all the Earth Elementals on Earth.  Let us train our Consciousness to hold this Cosmic Perspective with constancy and commitment.

This is our Solar Consciousness developed to the point that as I AM raised up, so is all life raised up with me!  This is our Service to setting life Free in the Light! Then on every Outbreath, the Mystic Ring of Violet Fire expands out from this Center of the Cross, declaring to Universal I AM, that Earth is prepared for the Great Cosmic Inbreath. Then may all life, everywhere present, return closer to Source, into her next Divine Potential.



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE TWELVE HOUSES OF THE SUN through Libra, the Eye of Divine Liberty and the Voice of the Goddess of Liberty: 

Beloved Ones, stand with me! …together standing in the Light! Together, we stand for Liberty …the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity and her sweet Earth. Visualize with me!  Let us see with Crystal Vision each one becoming a Sun of the Sun …becoming a Sun like Helios and Vesta in the heavens or Alpha and Omega in the Central Sun or even Eloha and Elohae in the Great Central Sun. Standing with me in the Eye of Divine Liberty allows you to see, feel and deeply accept more of the Multi-dimensional Reality within Solar Consciousness. This is your Spiritual Liberty …and my reason for Being!

Now imagine that you stand with all Suns in Divine Alignment …in the same Infinte Circle (or along the same Solar Spine) as all the Stars and Suns in the Galaxy …all now synchronized, together standing in the Light! This is standing in the Eye of Divine Liberty, in the same Solar Consciousness as all Suns in Divine Alignment …equals, as all are an Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. All are at various stages of Cosmic Development, but all are equally included as God in Action …a Sun of the Sun!

‘Ye are Gods’ spoke Beloved Jesus[1] . He stood in his Solar Christ Consciousness like a true Sun of God …as a Sun of the Sun! And further the Master said, “whatever I have done shall ye also do …and greater things …”.  He knew there would come this time when there was a Gathering of Ascending Humanity …a Gathering of Suns of the Sun …a Gathering of Eternal Flames and their Infinite Radiant Light …in embodiment, to guide this sweet Earth into her Ascension as Heaven on Earth. Like many Omniscient Beings, he prophesied this Cosmic Moment.


Let us visualize that we stand in an Infinite Circle of Light. It is the core of our Ascended and Free Victory Statement.  It begins each of these Journals[2] …and could well begin each of our meditations. Within this Circle is Father / Mother God on every level of Cosmic Consciousness. In this Circle are the Mighty Silent Watchers, the Elohim and Builders of Form and all Devas and Spirits of the Elemental Kingdom. In this Circle are the Mighty Archangels, the Cosmic Seraphim, Cherubim and all Angelic Hosts of Light.  In this Circle is every Light Server within all Ascended and Free Races, upon every Ascended and Free Planet, Star and Solar System …including every Holy Christ Self on Earth. And now, through your Light Service this includes all the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way …within daily life. This is the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world …helping in the Ascension Process of our sweet Earth!

As we sustain this Solar Consciousness, then visualize that this Infinite Circle of Light is Multi-dimensional …functioning on many more Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light.  All Forcefields of Energy, Matter and Intelligence that are necessary and sufficient to ensure the Divine Potential is met for Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom now are seen in their Crystal Vision. We are here to Co-create Earth as a Realm of Divine Potential, even within the denseness of present circumstances.  But the electron may shine its Light whether in ‘wave-function’ (Spirit) or in ‘particle-function’ (Matter). We are here to become Divine Directors of Sacred Fire (‘wave-function’ action) into all ‘particle-function’ manifestation (of present persons, places, conditions, and things on Earth) …to re-awaken all life to this Divine Potential. Through the Eye of Divine Liberty, we see every electron in its Highest Divine Potential, as Spirit and Matter …each emanating its own Radiant Light!

Our Infinite Circle of Light begins with our own Aura of Light. It proceeds inwards …until every cell, atom and electron have their own Circle of Light, as their own Ascended and Free Aura. Simultaneously, this Infinite Circle of Light expands out from us, as every thought, feeling, word and deed, carrying our Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. Each wave of our Infinite Radiant Light becomes its own Infinite Circle of Light …circling back to us to forever enhance our Ascended and Free State …entering our Causal Body of Divine Momentum.  This is our ever-expanding Ascended and Free State!

As we stand together in Solar Consciousness, the Circle of Light becomes ever more inclusive …of all life living free in the Light.  Our Circle of Light becomes Spheres of Multi-dimensional light, color, movement and fragrance.  And as we Inbreath / Outbreath together, this Sphere of Light widens to include all Elemental Kingdom …every part of Nature and Mother Earth …all her earth, air, fire, and water Beings …Devas and Nature Spirits up to the most August Elemental Beings. And the Multi-dimensional Sphere continuously expands to include all the Angelic Kingdom …all Realms of Angelic Hosts, Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangels.

And finally, the Infinite Sphere widens to include all the goodness in the world. Here the Circle of Light enfolds the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves and all the Lifeforce of our sweet Earth …all sub-atomic life, all the mineral and single cell life, all the complex planet and animal life, all mass human consciousness, all elevated human consciousness, all Illumined consciousness within Humanity and finally all Ascended and Free Consciousness abiding on Earth …together, the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world!

In this Solar Consciousness visualization, let us see, feel and deeply accept the Ascension Process of our Seven Chakra Suns.  Within the seven layered Pagoda, the Chakras are the Focus of Ascension for our embodied Being and each represents one of the seven levels of all Lifeforce! Our Mastery is governing the vibrational level of our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. The Ascending River of Kundalini Fire is the most personal sensation of the Ascension …for once the Seven Chakra Suns are in Divine Alignment as the Holy Christ Self, we then open to the Twelve Houses of the Sun and full Solar Christ Consciousness!

Let us visualize our Solar Spine. See a Cosmic Current of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness pouring along the Cosmic Solar Spine that connects the Centre of Earth (at the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure) to the Central Flame of Immortality in the Sun of Helios and Vesta …and beyond to the Central Sun of Alpha and Omega. Our own personal Solar Spine stands within this Cosmic Current, bringing our Chakras into their own Ascension Process, into their own Divine Alignment …and then into Divine Alignment with all Suns within Universal I AM. See, feel and deeply accept this vision!

Once this transpires, the Twelve Houses of the Sun then flow in concentric circles into to our Ascended and Free Being with every Inbreath. Then on every outbreath, they expand out from us into the world …again in concentric Circles of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.  The Twelve Rays of Solar Consciousness act in Unity. Therefore, we see, feel, and deeply accept then all at once, all the time …all orbiting each other as Infinite Circles of Light in Twelve Dimensions …radiating the Divine Qualities of their Sacred Realms. And just for a sense of scale and the immensity of this portal into Cosmic Consciousness, we abide in a smaller (Seven-fold) Solar System, within a smaller (Twelve-fold) Galaxy. There are much greater Solar Systems and Galaxies where the Houses of the Sun measure in the hundreds or even in the thousands. Imagine such Cosmic Beings.


One specific Activity in our Liberty Retreat is along the Seventh Ray. Here we stand together within the Great Solar Disc. We see, feel, and call forth the Violet Fire Chakra Sun (at the center of the abdomen) along our Solar Spine …and at the same position along the Solar Spine of the Solar System and Galaxy. Through the sustained attention of our focus, this Violet Sun then magnetically attracts all disease, distress and imbalanced energies of the physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles …into this Sun of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness and the Transmutation of all karmic debt. And our Spiritual Freedom expands exponentially!

Let us see ourselves standing in our Violet Fire Sun, in a blaze of Royal Purple Fire and Light! Here, all sublimated energy is made Holy …releasing it into the Light of its Spiritual Freedom. This visualization represents the Great Solar Disc within the Temple of Liberty within the Sun …and within the Meru Focus on Earth (at Lake Titicaca) …and now to develop within every Ascending and Free Presence developing within Humanity!

And since our final Victory is the Ascension of all life, this Great Solar Disc now has its influence within all Lifeforce …through the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves created along our Solar Spine. We dedicate and consecrate this Ceremony of Liberation to the ending of all suffering in the Elemental Kingdom …as well as ending all disease (physical and mental) within Humanity!  The Feminine Ray and the Violet Fire work together as Divine Alchemy in this regard.  One brings the Higher Frequency of Divine Potential that initiates rebalance …and the other is then all resulting Transformational Events being processed through the Seventh Ray and its Sacred Fires of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.

In meditation, when empty of self, the Flame of Liberty along the Feminine Ray / Seventh Ray will transmute all ties to self …from this present and all previous embodiments.  In meditation, when empty of the world, this Flame transmutes all ties to the current world events, but also all global karma of the past …still stored in the psychic / astral planes of negativity and imbalance.  You see much of this past karma currently expressing within daily life, where intense patterns of ‘past misuse’ are intruding into the present, having arisen into awareness to be set free!

Spiritual Liberty is the Eternal Peace of our True Identity …becoming our Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light. It graduates from being the central focus of our meditations to becoming the central focus of daily life. From this Place of Peace, I AM free to express in all Dimensions, Realms, Spheres of Light of my choosing, including the Divine Plan of our sweet Earth!



ENERGY, VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF COSMIC HOLY SPIRIT of this Solar System …AND THE LORD MAHA CHOHAN …Lord of the Seven Chohans of the Rays and the development of the Holy Christ Self …Holy Spirit on Earth.

Beloved Ones, I too serve from the Focus of Liberty on Earth[3] , as it is also the Focus of the Third Ray of Divine Love. Come with me into the Sanctuary of Grace within Holy Spirit …and affirm with me:

“I AM liberating my own Sacred Fire. I AM liberating the Electronic Flow of Light from the Mighty I AM Presence …which is my Solar Consciousness …to do its perfect work in the world. I AM liberating my Three-fold Flame allowing it to do its Divine Alchemy in the world.  I AM liberating my Seven Chakra Suns, allowing them to release the fulness of the Seven Rays of the Holy Christ Self into the world.  I AM liberating the Twelve Houses of the Sun to reveal the Transfiguration of Solar Consciousness, through my True Identity …my Divine Instrument!  I AM Liberated into becoming a full Disciple of Holy Spirit!”

“I AM empty of self, and I place my Eternal Flame within the Cosmic Flame of Liberty. I AM empty of the world, and I place the Eternal Flame of Humanity within the Cosmic Flame of Liberty. I AM empty of self, time and space and I place my Eternal Flame and that of Humanity eternally within the Cosmic Flame of Liberty! I AM liberating Spiritual Freedom from within myself and from within the world!” This Divine Ceremony is in directing the Sacred Fire of Divine Liberty. This Cause has the effects of Transformational Events in Consciousness …which arise in personal life as well as within global events …as all life is seeking and discovering her Spiritual Freedom. Such is the Activity of Holy Spirit …Love in Action to transform the world!

This Inner Liberation (manifesting as Transformational Events in Consciousness) will produce the effects we desire …of physical, social and economic freedom …which all Humanity desires in common.  The Inner Liberation is the cause, and outer liberation is the effect.  The world is but Energy, Vibration and Consciousness! Disciples of Holy Spirit remember that ‘I AM collectively embodied on Earth to Liberate all Energy, Vibration and Consciousness into its Divine Potential …Ascended and Free!  This is my personal Mastery and Humanity’s collective Mastery …and the Ascension Process of our sweet Earth into the Love Vibration of the Great Love Star of Venus…manifesting Earth’s Divine Potential as Freedom’s Holy Star.’

Together, standing in the Light, I not only witness Transformational Events in Consciousness …I AM building Transformational Events in Consciousness!  This is the promise of the Flame of Liberty.  It is the Third Ray of the Holy Triumvirate, the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame …that when unleashed, brings its five sub-Rays of Holy Spirit into action.  This forwards all the Love Nature of the Third Ray …expanding into the Spiritual Creativity and Purity of the Fourth Ray, the Healing and Truth of the Fifth Ray, the Ministration and Comfort of the Sixth Ray and then the Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness of the Seventh Ray …finalized as Spiritual Freedom!

This builds the advanced civilizations and societies found on Ascended Planets, as well as within previous Golden Ages on Earth. It brings the full blossom of Spiritual Freedom, always promised as ‘Heaven on Earth’. This is the breadth and depth of Spiritual Liberation, that “as I AM raised up into my Ascension, so is all life raised up with me into her Ascension”. This is the ultimate Transformational Event in Consciousness and the ultimate Liberation!  Building this as a Divine Director of Sacred Fire is our purpose as Light Servers. And here I AM Victorious! The answer to the prayer: “Come Holy Spirit come!” is Ascended and Free Light Service in action …liberating the world!

The Great Love Star of Venus and the Third Ray of Divine Love are the same Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. The Holy Triumvirate is the First Ray of Divine Cause of Father / Mother God; the Second Ray as their Children of Light (Sons/Daughters of Christ Illumination); …and then the coming of Holy Spirit …the Third Ray of the Three-fold Flame. The coming of the Great Love Star signals the Liberation of Holy Spirit on Earth …just as the Cosmic Christ has always promised. The Star of Sanat Kumara now signals the Liberation of the Star of Spiritual Freedom. This is the ‘raising up of the world’ …through the Electro-magnetic Forces within the Love Ray, creating Higher Frequency bonds that magnetize all cells, atoms, and electrons into their orbits of Divine Potential. Meditate on this!

This is the Love Ray within the Star of Sanat Kumara.  This is the Love Ray within the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power.  The First Ray of God’s Will and the Forcefield of First Cause …leads to the Second Ray of God Illumination, Wisdom and the Understanding of this Cosmic Moment …which taken together, leads to this coming of the Third Ray of Holy Spirit, …the Five sub-Rays of Holy Spirit that together, manifest Spiritual Freedom across the spectrum of daily life.

The infusion of the Feminine Ray into the Seventh Ray Dispensation liberates Solar Consciousness within Humanity. The Sixth and Seventh Root Races enter life in this Harmony and Balance.  Let us each affirm: ‘Standing with the Next Life Wave Coming, I AM Holy Spirit liberating the Flame of Immortality within me.  I AM the Gathering of Ascending Humanity liberating the Flame of Immortality within Humanity.  I AM, I AM, I AM the Flame of Liberty …unleashed into the Consciousness of the world! I AM come to Liberate the world!  Come, Holy Spirit, come! Come through me, come through my Solar Christ Consciousness …and liberate the world!’

As Disciples of Holy Spirit, we operate in timelessness and spacelessness. We are the future …from the New Earth of Divine Love, operating in the ever-present moment of now, in daily life. We observe the past, coming up for Resurrection, to be loved free by the power of the Cosmic Violet Fire.  Holy Spirit is the Grace of God, a moment of Divine Stillness, where ‘future and past’ come into Oneness.  The final cycle of Holy Spirit is the Seventh Ray, with the Violet Fire being the most Powerful Activity of Divine Love …bringing future and past into their Harmony and Balance within the Cosmic Moment of Now.  This too is Endings and New Beginnings …ending of ‘the past’ (and all its karma of imbalance) and beginning of the future …as the Gathering of Ascending Humanity co-creating the Star of Spiritual Freedom …Building of Divine Self, Building of Divine Consciousness and building an Eternal Life in the Light …all right here and now!

The Coming of Holy Spirit is the Next Life Wave Coming …it is ‘four square based’ so that it is stable.  In the worlds of the Cosmic Christ …’it is the rock upon which I shall build my church’ …church being the gathering of the faithful …now the Gathering of Ascending Humanity and the gathering of all Ascending Energies. This is the global gathering of ‘Sacred Community within a Sacred Space’.  The Coming of Holy Spirit is (1… the Feminine Ray rebalancing the Masculine Ray; (2… the Sixth and Seventh Root Race Children reaching maturity and guiding daily life along all avenues of endeavor; (3… the Seventh Ray Dispensation of Beloved Saint Germain, bringing in the Keynote of Spiritual Freedom …and (4…the Great Cosmic Inbreath, Ascending the entire Solar System and Galaxy upwards in Consciousness …towards Source!




Holy Spirit comes from within the Eternal Flame …its final outcome as the Immortal True Identity as a Being of Great Light. When standing in the Eternal Flame, we feel its Immortality …the Immortality of Joy, of Serenity, of Peace, of Strength and Confidence, etc.  The Eternal Flame does not know of lesser states, as they belong only to ego-based creation. Holy Comforter is the action of focusing only on First Cause (our True Identity as Eternal Flame and its Infinite Radiant Light) …experiencing only the Perfection Patterns of Father / Mother God …then knowing all ‘results’ will fall into Divine Order. This Peace is Holy Spirit offering its Comfort to those still suffering from the illusion of karmic circumstance. This is anchoring the Comfort of Holy Spirit, while also serving First Cause.

The office of Maha Chohan as planetary Holy Spirit has much to do with the Elemental Kingdom.  The Flame of Immortality for the Elemental Kingdom is the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure at the center of Earth.  It aligns with the Flame of Immortality in every human heart and with every Elemental Being (earth, air fire and water) at the level of their Group Deva. It further unites with all matter at the level of the Light within the nucleus of the atom …a living Sun!  Hence Holy Spirit is at the core of all atomic substance. And thus, the Atomic Accelerator Activity is an aspect of Holy Spirit.  When Beloved Jesus told his disciples that he would go “so that Holy Spirit would come unto them” he ensured that instead of relying on him and his Light, they would now focus on their own Flame of Immortality and allow its Action of Love (Holy Spirit) to come forth …and eventually grow a global activity over the centuries.

This is where the Gathering of Ascending Humanity is now …to turn to its own Flame of Immortality and to the collective Global Flame of ‘all the goodness in the world’. This activity is akin to the planetary Buddha.  Here Lord Maitreya holds the Spiritual Fire in the Hearts of Humanity, sustaining an incubator for Divine Love …stimulating Spiritual Powers within the Race in order that Love again find its way into the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of Humanity, raising her Consciousness towards that of the Cosmic Christ within them. Similarly, Holy Spirit sustains the Spiritual Fire in the tiny Elemental Beings that sustain the physical presence of Earth and its atmosphere …so that Humanity may have a platform to fulfill its Divine Potential of Ascending from matter, back into the Electronic Realms of Spirit and Light …from whence she came.

Loving Adoration of the Elemental Kingdom is an aspect of Holy Spirit …Reverence for all Life. Humanity is well acquainted with this ‘drive to love nature’, in all its forms. Holy Spirit can be found in those efforts to live in Harmony and Balance with the Elements. Holy Spirit is defined as “Love in action”. Just as Lord Maitreya maintains an ‘incubator of Divine Love for the souls of Humanity’, so then does Holy Spirit stimulate the expression of Love in the manifest world. This is the Third Ray and its Five sub-Rays, expressing throughout all aspects of daily life.

I AM a Pink Sun of Radiant Love at my heart.
I AM a softly glowing Golden Silence in my mind.
This is Father / Mother God within me. And then truly,
I AM a Disciple of Holy Spirit and the Christ in action!

Within the Flame of Holy Spirit, visualize with me all Lifeforce evolving along the Solar Spine …as the Pagoda of Seven White Ascension Doves. Daily we immerse this Lifeforce in the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world. Daily we walk with all Lifeforce, within the Sacred Space of ‘all the right and perfect people, doing the right and perfect thing, at the right and perfect time, in the right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way!’ Daily we build this Ceremony of aligning this Forcefield with the Holy Christ Self developing in all Humanity.  We offer the Power of our Attention to this Activity …empty of self, time, and space.

We have come to understand the Gathering of Ascending Humanity as the gathering of all ascending energies …the Forcefield of all the goodness in the world. Therefore, we see the Gathering of Ascending Humanity as a global Forcefield of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness, rather than a gathering of people. Now imagine that this Forcefield is in Divine Alignment with the Momentum of all the goodness in the Angelic Kingdom and all the Cosmic Momentum of Holy Spirit these Majestic Bings carry …as well as unified with all the goodness in the Elemental Kingdom, all the original desire of the Elemental Kingdom to manifest Perfection Patterns on Earth. Then you see all the goodness in the world in all Humanity, all the Elemental Kingdom and all the Angelic Kingdom …all synchronized in One Powerful Forcefield of Spiritual Freedom for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and our sweet Earth. This foundation manifests the Star of Spiritual Freedom …and the Ascension of all Three Kingdoms into their next Divine Potential!



[1] Psalm 82:6 I have said, ‘You are gods; you are all sons (Suns) of the Most High.’

[2] Our Journals are Forcefields of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness that we enter into by simply reading and assimilating such Higher Frequencies

[3] Located since the fall of Atlantis in an area of southern France near the Rhone River.